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"Free Wildin": Teen Picked Up by ICE on His Way to High School Faces Deportation to Honduras

'Students at Riverside High School in Durham, North Carolina, are gathering on Capitol Hill to demand the release of their undocumented classmate, 19-year-old Wildin Acosta. Acosta was detained by immigration agents in January while he was on his way to class. Show More Summary

Nas on His 12th Album & 'Ghostbusters' Collaboration

'Nas was recently featured on remixes with The Weeknd, Future, French Montana, and Kanye West, and this week he caught up with +Complex News in Los Angeles to discuss his new collaboration for the Ghostbusters movie. The fashion and accessories collaboration includes pieces from Nas' own clothing line, HSTRY, plus additional brands. Show More Summary

How to Stop Jay Z From Threatening Us With New Music

For the past two years, malicious rumors of a joint Beyoncé-Jay Z album have terrorized us on the Internet. Vague “sources” have been quoted everywhere from Rap Up to Vanity Fair, claiming that the cursed release is set to have a surprise stream on Tidal. This is a particularly harmful threat to a longtime Jay Z […]

Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone And Alfre Woodard Share A Potent Message

Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone and Alfre Woodard have been in the Hollywood spotlight for decades, but they say it's only now, after age 50, that they're having the time of their lives. The three actresses are the covergirls on AARP Magazine's...Show More Summary

Differently-Abled Hip-Hop Artists Remind Us That Rap Has No Limits

Hip-hop group Zulu P is a passionate collective of musicians who enjoy expressing themselves through music and serve as a reminder that rap has no limits. What makes this Queens-based group stand out in the world of rappers and musicians...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Clinches GOP Nomination

Well, what we’ve all known has finally become official, as Donald Trump received enough delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, Thursday. Although California and New Jersey will hold their primaries on June 7, according to CNN, Trump has reached the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican spot. The news station notes that Trump […]

For A Second Day In A Row - As A Migrant Boat Off Of The Coast Of Libya Capsizes And The Former Italian Colonizer Is Dispatched To Save "#Black Lives" - The Black American Media


Has Integration In Schools Done More Harm Than Good for Black Learners?

For years I have openly pondered whether integration in education might have been a hindrance for black learners. Admittedly, for me to even pose this question comes with an entire troth of ironies. First, I'm a civil rights attorney by trade and I have dedicated my life toward the pursuit of equal access to institutions regardless of one's race. Show More Summary

Calif. Father, Accused of Setting House Fire That Killed 5-Year-Old Son, Surrenders to Police

A California father who is accused of purposely setting fire to his house—and  ultimately killing his 5-year-old son as a result—turned himself in to authorities Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reports. Darrylone Shuemake Sr. reportedly...Show More Summary

Lena Dunham Is 'Sorry Not Sorry' She's Stopped Apologizing

Lena Dunham penned an impassioned plea for women to stop saying sorry and apologizing for their existence in a new post on LinkedIn called "Sorry Not Sorry." The Lenny Letter creator cites Beyoncé's "Lemonade" as well as a challengeShow More Summary

For All They've Been Through This Year, The Thunder Deserve This

In the NBA, mid-February is supposed to be a kind of reprieve -- All-Star Weekend lets players and coaching staffs catch their breaths, before gearing up for the final push of the regular season and the climbing pressure of the impending...Show More Summary

She Doesn't Look Like Me: The Decline of Black CEOs in Fortune 500 Companies

In January 2015 Jillian Berman wrote a compelling yet shocking piece about the decline of African American CEOs at Fortune 500 Companies entitled Soon, Not Even 1 Percent Of Fortune 500 Companies Will Have Black CEOs. In an amazing country...Show More Summary

Watch: Misty Copeland Bedazzles the World and Offers Food for Thought

Misty Copeland has gone from living in a motel to dancing on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House. Literally. In June 2015, Misty Copeland became the first African-American woman to be promoted to principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. Still, she strives for more. At 33, the prima ballerina has amassed innumerable accolades, […]

Harvard Grad Delivers Powerfully Poetic Speech On Overcoming Injustice

A recent Harvard graduate just gave a poetic speech that every student and teacher needs to hear. In his poem entitled "Lift Off," Donovan Livingston stepped up to the mic at his Harvard Graduate School of Education convocation on Wednesday...Show More Summary

Dominican Artist Celebrates Her Natural Hair And Curves In Empowering Comics

Dominican artist Crystal Rodriguez has made it her personal mission to deconstruct and decolonize her relationship with her hair and body. Now, she wants to share that mission with others through beautiful and empowering works of art. The...Show More Summary

Lingerie Has A Diversity Problem. Here's What One Brand Is Doing About It.

The concept of "nude" has long referred only to pale tones when it comes to cosmetics and clothing. Thanks to efforts by both small and large brands, the term has started to become more inclusive of what's nude for everyone. But theShow More Summary

College Affordability is Ideal Cover for GOP Playbook on HBCUs

Legislators in North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida have made headlines over the last two weeks for introducing or signing into law bills designed to help families more easily afford college. These bills, not-so-coincidentally all happening...Show More Summary

Is The Face Of Young Black Feminism Light Skinned And Biracial?

(Photos: Porter Magazine, EBONY, Teen Vogue) By Abi Ishola It's true-the face of the young, celebrated, modern-day black feminist is light skinned, or biracial. Think Amandla Stenberg, Willow Smith, and Zendaya Coleman. It's also true that it's been the the aesthetic of popular black feminists in the past. Show More Summary

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