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Money and Marriage: 5 Financial Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship

By: Kyle Strozier It’s been said that the number one cause of strife, arguments and eventual breakdowns in marriage is…money.  I’m sure we all know of personal accounts that will corroborate this.  I’m here to say, that needn’t be the case for you. Marriage is a union of two people.  However, for many couples, that Keep Reading ?

In Metro Atlanta: An Escaped Tiger Walking Down The Street Is A Newsworthy EXCEPTION. A "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" Is Commonplace, But The OFFENDEDNESS Is Not Propagated Because The Event Can't Be Used To Advance 'Black Con-Man-Ism' Drive For 'Progress


"We find value in this Art" -- A Conversation with Pierre Bennu

'Artist Pierre Bennu of Exittheapple talks about growing up in New York, being inspired by graffiti and hip hop in the modern age.' -- Stay Up

Best 4K TV Boxes for Watching NBA Games

We all have been holding our breaths and patiently waiting for October to start. Not because of Halloween but because one of the best sports seasons is about to start, NBA. We can never ever watch a Golden State Warriors versus Houston Rockets game on a small screen with bad resolution. Show More Summary

Over 5 Million Families Are At Risk Of Being 'Divided By Deportation'

You can watch the first “Divided by Deportation” film now on Facebook and share it with your community today. And please

Ending DACA Isn’t Just Bad Politics, It’s Bad Policy

By nearly every measure the program has been a successful exception to an otherwise broken immigration system.

The ‘4:44’ Syllabus For Black Men Is Here

Based on Jay-Z's groundbreaking album, the syllabus features readings on themes like masculinity and mental health.

Washington National Cathedral To Remove Windows Honoring Confederate Leaders

After two years of deliberation, the Episcopal hub has decided to take down representations of Gens. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

The Fraud Of "Selective Black Political Nationalism": Urban View's Karen Hunter UNITES BLACK AND BROWN In Support Of DACA. What Was Her View On "Descendants Of American Slaves" Who Look Past The BOMBING OF LIBYA AND SOMALIA IN AFRICA (And Yemen)?

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY is planning a new series: "The Damage To The Global Black Diaspora At The Hands Of The FRAUDULENT TRIBAL CONSTRUCT Called 'The Descendants Of American Slaves'. This serves as a SELF-IMPOSED CONTAINERShow More Summary

Fix These Top 10 Areas of Wasteful Spending to Reduce Debt and Build Wealth

When it comes to money, it seems we’re all wasteful. According to a recent Hloom poll, more than 8 out 10 Americans admit to squandering money. At the top of the list of wasteful spending is eating out, with 68.9% of survey participants admitting to spending too much money on meals away from home. The US Keep Reading ?

When The Black Rank & File Speak Their CONCERNS Are Most Frequently NOT The Same As 'Black-Faced Progressive ACTIVISTS' So They Team Up With Their 'White Gentrification Neighbors': Diverse Southeast Atlanta Residents Are TIRED OF STREET PIRATE CRIME

In Southeast Atlanta: They are not focusing on "Police Killing Unarmed Black Males". THEY HAVE SUFFERED From The SHOOTINGS OF Black Males By OTHER Black Males (Earlier this year an AK47 was used to shoot up a car) They are not giving...Show More Summary

CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK UNIVERSITY: The State Of "RACIST-NESS" Of A President Has Been Proven IRRELEVANT. Only The CONTAINERIZED PACIFICATION Of A Small Collection Of GLOBAL BLACKS Determines If They Will Use Their 'Black Struggle' Meme To PROTEST AGAINS

WHY is "GETTING TO 'RACIST' " so PSYCHOLOGICALLY important to you? This is because YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED to believe that once YOUR ENEMY is labeled "RACIST" that YOUR THOUGHTS have been AFFIRMED.This is why the "Constructive Feedback...Show More Summary

Sandra Cisneros Defines What It Means To Be A Chingona

"I was trying to find a way to place a woman in her place of power when she’s following her camino.”

3 Black Murder Victims Shot "Numerous Times" In Dekalb County GA Did Not Trigger A "Charlottesville VA Is Dekalb County" Activist Rally Against The HATRED That Produced MURDER

THE FAKE RELIGION OF 'BLACK POLITICS' Centrally Involves The 'Nationalized Martyrdom Of' DEAD BLACK BODIES That Service Their Secular Progressive Political Opportunism And The SYSTEMATIC PASSOVER Of 'Dead Black Bodies' Whose Memory Serves...Show More Summary

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