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Dear Glenn Loury (Brown University) and John McWhorter (Time, Columbia University) - The Solution To "Ta-Nehisi Coate's REPARATIONS: "Micro-Reparations Charged To WHITE FOLKS WHO GIVE A DAMN"


This Latino Car Dealership in California Wants you to Buy a Nissan, Bash Donald Trump

The world’s awesomest car dealership has produced the world’s awesomest commercial, in which we see the dealership’s general manager bashing a Donald Trump piñata, after which he declares: “Aquí en Van Nuys Nissan, los latinos mandan.” (“Here at Van Nuys Nissan, … Continue reading ?

Achieving A "More Perfect Union" Requires Acknowledging Our Past Injustices

July 29th marks the 7th anniversary of the passage of H.Res.194, the first-ever official Congressional apology for slavery and Jim Crow. In Charleston, President Obama underscored the need for our nation to acknowledge past injustices and take action to rectify their consequences so we can live up to our founding ideals. Show More Summary

On the "A" w/Souleo: Black Lives Matter Movement Inspires New Season of Hit Show Lexus Verses and Flow

When spoken word poet, Rob Gibsun was invited to perform on the TV One show Lexus Verses and Flow for the second season in a row, he felt compelled to address the tense climate of racial and social injustice. On the season five premiere...Show More Summary

Oscar Grant's Mother Tells Church 'Our Lives Matter'

The 2013 film Fruitvale Station, directed by Ryan Coogler, is based on the events leading to the death of Oscar Grant III. Grant, age 22, was fatally shot by BART Police officer Johannes Mehserle in the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland, Calif. Show More Summary

The Second Deadly Assault on Sandra Bland

It started within moments after Sandra Bland was found hanging in a Waller County jail cell. And it hasn't let up for one moment since her dubious death. The "it" is the non-stop litany of of veiled and not so veiled hints, innuendoes,...Show More Summary

GOP Economics: Export American Jobs Rather Than American Products

Earlier this year, GOP standard-bearers Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal highlighting their support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, two massive trade deals with Asia and Europe. Show More Summary

My Feminism Is Inclusive

When Beyoncé released the song "Flawless" and I heard Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's speech roaring over the airwaves, that's when I knew I truly identified as feminist. It made me happy to see a woman, especially a woman of color, speak to everything I've been feeling throughout my entire life. Show More Summary

Getting as Serious About Prevention as We Are About Punishment

President Obama recently shone the national spotlight on our criminal justice system; a system which has historically and disproportionately impacted communities of color, is costing taxpayers too much money, and hasn't been smart or efficient enough in addressing the factors that push people to come in contact with the system in the first place. Show More Summary

Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Is Suing Him in Assault and Defamation Claim

The executives over at Fox are going to have to do something very soon about Terrence Howard’s character on Empire if allegations keep popping up that he beats women.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Planned for Saturday in Ga.; She’ll Be Buried in NJ Next to Mother

Bobbi Kristina Brown's final arrangements have been announced, and the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston will be remembered Saturday in Georgia. Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral will take place at 11 a.m. at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, according to 11Alive.

Ga. Corrections Officer Forced Female Inmates to Have Sex With Him, Investigators Say

A now-former Georgia corrections officer at a women’s prison is facing criminal charges after allegedly using his high-ranking position to prey on inmates and force them to have sex with him, investigators have revealed, according to the Associated Press.

You Can Now Bid on Michael Jackson’s White Glove  

Michael Jackson’s birthday is Aug. 29, so why not gift yourself with a piece of M.J. memorabilia in celebration? If you have some spare cash lying around, you may be interested in one of Jackson’s white, studded gloves up for auctio...

Separated for a Season? Creative Ways to make it Through the Time Apart

Separation can be tough. When you get married, the anticipation is to be together for the rest of your life. However, life’s events, such as the following can cause temporary separation and take you apart for a season: Military deployment Job re-assignments Work travel Caring for aging parents Rather than tear you apart, the temporary separation Keep Reading ?

How to Overcome Emotional Spending in 4 Critical Steps

Life may be beautiful, but we all know it isn’t always easy. When life gets tough, many of us resort to hitting the malls and online sites to help ease the jabs and punches of life. But looking for happiness or relief through spending only brings about temporary happiness and permanent debt. So before you Keep Reading ?

Jesus Is Not Your Man: 3 Myths That Keep Christian Singles Stuck

“That’s ok. Jesus is my spiritual husband.” This sister’s comments stopped the Bishop dead in his tracks. He had just finished teaching a series on marriage and I guess the single woman was feeling left out, so she made a statement that so many of us in the church have been taught through the years. Keep Reading ?

This 76-Year-Old CrossFitter Will Inspire You Beyond Words

Constance Tillett is 76 years old. She's had hip replacements, knee replacements and shoulder replacements. On top of all that, she has arthritis and a cardiac problem. But that's not keeping her down. CrossFit South Brooklyn's touching commercial "Keep Hope Alive" features Tillett sharing her story, and explaining why she keeps moving. Show More Summary

New York Summer Camp Gives Homeless Children A Chance To Just Be Kids

For most kids, summer is a time of year to look forward to. But that's not typically the case for the 23,000 children who live in New York City’s homeless shelter system. With children out of school, shelters and temporary housing alike often become more crowded and stressful and the kids themselves are left with little to do during the day. Show More Summary

Downtown Julie Brown Reminisces About The Glory Days Of MTV

The '80s brought us Discmans, big hair and the birth of a music-video channel that helped change the face of American television. MTV, which celebrates its 34th birthday on Saturday, was a powerful platform for emerging and seasoned artists alike, and even helped launch the careers of more than a few popular video jockeys, like Downtown Julie Brown. Show More Summary

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