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Lena Dunham, Shonda Rhimes And More Celebrities Band Together To Defeat Donald Trump

Just one week after Donald Trump was formally nominated for president, a group of Hollywood heavyweights have banded together to defeat him. Lena Dunham, Shonda Rhimes, Mark Ruffalo, Kerry Washington and over 100 other celebrities released a signed initiative Tuesday pledging to unite against the hate that Trump promotes. Show More Summary

We, America?

This post was originally posted on There is a tendency, after instances of violence against black Americans at the hands of white Americans, for people to passionately suggest "we" are one, and that if only "we" loved...Show More Summary

TV Psychic Miss Cleo Dead At 53

TV psychic Miss Cleo, whose real name is Youree Harris, died Tuesday morning at a Palm Beach County, Florida, hospital, her rep confirmed to TMZ. She was 53 years old. Miss Cleo was known for her outrageous commercials. This is a developing story. Show More Summary


TO BE CLEAR!! I Do Not Watch "Political Speeches". When I Do Consume Them I PRINT THEM OUT And Read The Words I DID NOT WATCH The "Republican Propaganda Convention" - I Watch The PEOPLE'S REACTIONS I AM NOT WATCHING The "Democratic Progressive...Show More Summary

Michelle Obama And The Auntie Contingent

Shelly, Shelly, Shelly. You always know how to get us together. You slay on the national stage with your flawless, yet subdued makeup. You give us fashions and flair in your couture designs, which are modern enough to be fly but demure enough for your position as First Lady. Show More Summary

Widely Criticized Olympian Says His ‘Arrogance’ Was Actually Intentional

There’s no denying the talent and speed of former track and field star Carl Lewis. Once the fastest man in the world, Lewis completed in four Olympic Games, earned nine gold medals and broke several world records. He was good ? and he...Show More Summary

PolitiFact Schools White People Who Refused to Believe White House Was Built By Slaves

It seems some people might have failed history. Or maybe it’s more of a sign of how broken the education system is that PolitiFact actually had to go out and fact check if the White House was built by slaves, after first lady Michelle Obama’s rousing DNC speech, where she referenced the fact. “I wake […]

Trump Is Right. He Doesn't 'Know What Is Going On With The Women.'

On Monday night, in the midst of some self-delusional word vomit, Donald Trump ? the presidential candidate who has approximately zero regard for facts ? stumbled upon one nugget of truth: He is completely clueless about women. During...Show More Summary

Storm Clouds Over Hillary Clinton's Election as POTUS

Email revelations indicate that the Terry McAuliffe-John Podesta-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Clintons' "government in exile" wing of the National Democratic Party were unwilling to risk the possibility that Hillary Clinton WOULD NOT be their presidential nominee. Show More Summary

An Open Letter To Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump: By the time you read this letter, delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio will have voted to make you the party's nominee as the 45th president of the United States. I'm sure that delegates...Show More Summary

Dallas Police Applications Almost Quadruple in Numbers

Applications for employment in the Dallas Police Department have more than tripled since Police Chief David Brown told protesters, “We’re hiring” at a news conference shorty after the ambush that left five officers dead, according to the Washington Post. As reported by the Post, from July 8th to July 20th, the Dallas Police Department received nearly 40 applications […]

Trump Disses Cory Booker on Twitter, Booker Responds with Love 

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker isn’t at all disturbed by Donald Trump’s recent attack on him, following Booker’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. In fact, Booker has taken to responding to Trump with love, CNN notes. “I love Donald Trump,” Booker said Tuesday on CNN’s New Day. “I don’t want to answer his hate with […]

Michael Jordan: A Day Late and a Million Dollars Short

On Monday, Michael Jordan decided to break his Clarence Thomas-like silence on race relations in this country to denounce the killings of unarmed black men, women and children at the hands of police. In a piece for The Undefeated, Jordan also condemned the killings of cops and donated $1 million each to the NAACP Legal […]

Dear Michelle Obama, Never Leave. Sincerely, Everyone

I am not unique when I say I have had a long and special relationship with First Lady Michelle Obama. It started way back in 2008 when I got so many robocalls from her to get out and vote that I thought Barack might get jealous. In the last eight years that non-existent fantasy relationship […]

For 15 Minutes, Michelle Obama Brought Peace To A Chaotic Convention

Yesterday, the Democratic National Convention began with a bang -- well, a loud cacophonous clatter of pots and pans crashing to the ground. Boos, jeers and protest chants interjected speeches becoming the overbearing brass to the symphony of scandal. Enter Michelle Obama. Like the eye of the storm, she brought peace to a crowd divided. Show More Summary

6-Year-Old's Act Of Kindness Touches Hearts Everywhere

After witnessing her daughter’s act of kindness for a homeless man, Kenyatta Lewis learned how selfless kids can be. According to Today, Kenyatta and her 6-year-old daughter, Janiyah, were leaving a store in Virginia on July 10 when they walked by a homeless man who was crying. Show More Summary

How To Trick A Colonized Americanized So-Called Negro Into SILENCE Over The US/NATO Military Action In 'Nations Of Color", And Complicity In American Military Spending To Protect 'Historically White Nations'? ANSWER: Like DONALD TRUMP With The RUSSIAN BE

A LESSON: How To Retain The Present Order Among The "Historically White Nations", While Luring Your 'Colonized Subjects' Along?ANSWER: AFTER LEARNING WHAT THEY LOVE MOST - KEEP USING IT AGAINST THEM!!! THE COLONIZER'S GOAL Keep The People...Show More Summary

Ind. Mom Finds Racist Messages Scrawled All Over Property 

A southern Indiana mom is trying to get herself out of a lease after waking up to hateful messages written all over her property last week, WDRB reports. On Wednesday, Mia Frias-Russell woke to a disturbing sight that she said left her no longer feeling welcome in Campbellsburg, Ind. “I was just shaking and in so much […]

Daily Headlines: July 26, 2016

Brazil: Amid the plethora of negative news on the upcoming Rio Olympics there’s a small glimmer of hope –Brazil’s economy could emerge from a deep recession by the end of this year. Mexico: In light of free trade becoming a hot topic in the U.S. Show More Summary

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Announces Plans to Step Down by End of 2017

New York Police Department Commissioner William Bratton confirmed Monday that he had no intentions to stay at the head of the police department past the end of 2017, CBS News reports. “I do not intend to stay into a second term,” Bratton said at an unrelated news conference with the mayor. According to CBS, Bratton, […]

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