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“ThanksKilling”--Remembering the Origins of a National Holiday

“ThanksKilling”--Remembering the Origins of a National Holiday by Lawrence Ware + Ashley Nicole McCray | NewBlackman (in Exile) It’s Thanksgiving once again: that day, every year, when we are all gluttonous to celebrate the fact that ‘Pilgrims and Indians’ had a harmonious meal — at least that is how it has been framed historically. Show More Summary

Obama Sends Thanksgiving Message About Teen Shot By Chicago Cop

President Barack Obama on Wednesday said he was "deeply disturbed" by police video showing a white Chicago cop fatally shooting a black teenager, but praised the "overwhelming majority" of officers for their service. Obama, in his first...Show More Summary

How 2 Independent Journalists And A Lawyer Held Chicago Police Accountable For Teen's Death

The shocking police dashcam video that shows a Chicago teen gunned down by a city cop came to light because a couple of dogged independent journalists and a lawyer pried open government records. Chicago's mainstream media barely flinched when police and union officials claimed Laquan McDonald, 17, was shot after lunging at officers with a knife. Show More Summary

Racial Standoff: Chicago Failed Laquan McDonald

By: Lawrence Wilks-Roger via The Youth Project I am a young black man from the Southeast Side of Chicago, and I want to express my views about Laquan McDonald, a 17-year-old boy who was shot 16 times. The dash cam video of his death was released last night, but it took a whole a whole year. Show More Summary

Misty Copeland Is Helping To Bring Dance Lessons To Rwandan Kids

Ballerina Misty Copeland has made a name for herself breaking barriers for black dancers in the United States, and she's taking her passion abroad to do the same in Rwanda. This month, Copeland teamed up with MindLeaps, a nonprofit organization that brings dance instruction, vocational training and academics to the children of developing countries. Show More Summary

12 Reminders To Be Grateful For Your Ex This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we asked HuffPost Divorce readers to reflect on what makes them grateful for their exes. In the roundup below, they share the reasons they're thankful to have met their former spouses, even if their marriages didn't last.  1.  "I definitely came out of my shell while with him. Show More Summary

Racial Standoff: Chicago Failed Laquan McDonald

By: Lawrence Wilks-Roger for The Youth Project, a part of Chicago-based The News Lab I am a young black man from the Southeast Side of Chicago, and I want to express my views about Laquan McDonald, a 17-year-old boy who was shot 16 times. Show More Summary

How To Ask Your Spouse For A Divorce, According To Experts

As far as nerve-wracking conversations go, asking your spouse for a divorce is about as hard as it gets. The goal is to broach the subject in a way that honors the marriage while setting the stage for a peaceful divorce process. But let's face it: that's easier said than done. Show More Summary

Journalist Who Filed Suit For Laquan McDonald Video Horrified By Its 'Mundanity'

The video of Laquan McDonald being shot horrifies in its banality. I’ve been seeking the video since April and, prompted by my lawsuit, it was released Tuesday, shortly after the officer who allegedly shot him was charged with murder. Show More Summary

Don't Bring Your Tablet To A Concert, And Other Things Learned From Seeing The Weeknd

The Weeknd performed at Barclays Center on a Thursday, which seemed appropriate as "Thursday" is the title of the artist's 2011 mixtape. The concert, which also featured rapper Travi$ Scott and Banks, was packed to the brim with a good-looking...Show More Summary

Thankful for Young Black Men

In the recent wake of the video release of the killing of Laquan McDonald--- a Thanksgiving Thankful Open Letter to Young Black Men: Dear Young Black Men- This Thanksgiving as we gather with family and loved ones to give thanks for the...Show More Summary

North Little Rock's Knight in Black Armor Breaks Down Stereotypes and Changes the World Using Social Media

"Go Kendra! Go! Get out!" screamed the young accomplices of four-year-old Kendra while filming her premature arrest. Their high-pitched voices echoed down the street like a siren as Kendra sat restlessly in her pink Mini Cooper, poking her pencil at the steering wheel to stay calm. Show More Summary

Have You Ever Heard Inner-City Chicago Children Cry?

Have you ever watched a person die? Bullet holes protruding through red glistened, black skin as if on a recon movie set in your own back yard. Have you ever stood on blood spotted concrete, underneath the spotlight of the sun, in the...Show More Summary

This Is Why Misty Copeland Embraces Being Labeled A Black Ballerina

Misty Copeland is a black ballerina, and she doesn't want you to call her anything different. The dancer, who was named the first black female principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre, sat down with HuffPost Live on Monday and explained why she proudly embraces being called a black ballerina. Show More Summary

Lil Boosie Has Been Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer

Lil Boosie revealed on Instagram Wednesday that he's been diagnosed with kidney cancer. He took the post down, but a few outlets took a screenshot of the post.

Activist Malcolm X. London and 4 Others Arrested During Protest in Chicago 

A tense standoff between protesters and Chicago police reportedly led to a 15-minute shoving match between the two groups that ended with five protesters, including activist Malcolm X. London, arrested.

'Black Card Revoked' is the Game Every Black Family Needs Right Now

Has anyone ever tried to take your 'black card' away when you didn't know certain black pop culture facts?

NYC Cabbie Says Not Picking Up Al Roker Was a Misunderstanding  

Al Roker, like so many other black people in New York City, has beef with a New York City taxi driver who snubbed him last weekend. Roker says that the driver bypassed him to pick up a white customer, and now the taxi driver is speaking out.

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