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Watch Rory (Christiane) Aman-Pour It Up With Michelle Obama In 'Gilmore Girls' Teaser

Where the Obamas lead, Rory Gilmore will follow. When "Gilmore Girls" aired what was originally intended to be its series finale in 2007, Rory bid Stars Hollow adieu to follow Barack Obama on the campaign trail as a political reporter. Nine...Show More Summary

Teen Who Asked To Carry Groceries In Exchange For Food Gets Good Karma In Return

A GoFundMe page inspired by a viral Facebook post raised over $72,000 for a teen in need. Mike White, 30, was in the produce section of a Kroger in Memphis, Tennessee, when 16-year-old Chauncy Jones Black approached him and asked ifShow More Summary

Election 2016: Do Black Lives Matter to 3rd-Party Options?

On June 22, I attended CNN’s Libertarian Party town hall featuring Govs. Gary Johnson and Bell Weld. I was hesitant to attend because I am exhausted by this election. Chatter that privileges certain voices, monetizes certain platforms and disparages those who can recognize the bulls–t is the white noise that my black ears refuse. Black […]

Broken Bezels and Squashed Beef: The 10 Best and Worst BET Awards Moments

BET: So easy to make fun of, and yet black people still watch it. Thankfully, between the showings of Baby Boy and reruns of Eve, the network also gifts us with award shows. Beautiful, terrible, car-crash-quality-with-moments-of-spectacular-brilliance award shows. This Sunday, all of Twitter will be watching to see if BET delivers on its promise to […]

A Short List of the Smartest Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said

Donald Trump is an idiot. I mean, he has to be right? The amount of vitriol that has spewed out of this man’s sorry excuse for lips over the course of his run for the White House is the thing of legend. Trump has offended Mexicans, “the Blacks,” Muslims, women, our intelligence, entire countries, just […]

Viola Davis Almost Pepper-Sprayed Jared Leto For His Freaky 'Suicide Squad' Behavior

Jared Leto took method acting to a whole new level while portraying the Joker on the set of "Suicide Squad." "It was a little worrisome," Viola Davis, who plays Amanda Waller in the flick, told E! News after Leto sent his castmates bullets as a gift. Show More Summary

Charles Barkley Insists LeBron James Isn't A Top-5 Player

LeBron James is great, just not that great. That seems to be the familiar refrain from NBA analyst and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, who once again denied James a place among the highest immortals of the game. In a visit with Bill Simmons...Show More Summary

Mexican-American Slam Poet Schools Donald Trump On U.S. History

Donald Trump may want to bust open a U.S. history book because he's about to get schooled. Chicana slam poet Mercedez Holtry gave the GOP presidential candidate a lesson and a piece of her mind with her poem "We're Here to Stay," recently published by Button Poetry's YouTube channel. Show More Summary

Everything You Need To Know About The Michael Jackson Police Report

More than a decade ago, Michael Jackson was interviewed by Martin Bashir for the documentary “ Living With Michael Jackson," and admitted to sleeping in the same bed with other people’s children. In December 2003, he was charged with...Show More Summary

How Incarcerated Youth Are Making Their Voices Heard Through Art

In 2001, artist Lauren Adelman and juvenile defender Francine Sherman began offering art workshops to girls incarcerated at the Spectrum Detainment Center in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The goal was to empower these young women, so often...Show More Summary

#PulseShooting: A Homegoing for Our (Queer) Dead

Last week I attended a church member’s funeral. Hues of black and brown formed a beautiful palette as the saints marched in their white-and-black vestments. White for the sacredness of the one to whom the service was dedicated, and black for their anguish. The preacher read Scriptures as the family processioned into the church. This […]

My Juneteenth Moment

On June 19, 1865, two and half years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves in Galveston, TX were finally freed. They were the last to be informed of their free status and to commemorate this moment...Show More Summary

Stop What You're Doing And Look At Beyonce's Incredible Bathing Suit

Sorry (I ain't sorry) to break this to you, but Beyoncé just brought back long-sleeved bathing suits in a major way. Bey took a moment from vacationing in Hawaii with husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy to remind us that she is the queen,...Show More Summary

LeBron James Quiets the Haters and Cements His Legacy

LeBron James isn’t an Alpha, a Kappa, an Omega or a Sigma. But his tale of rising and falling and rising yet again reads like a classic Greek drama that fraternity brothers might study in college. The plot twists have been numerous and surprising. In a work of fiction, they would strain our ability to […]

Big Sean Donates $25K Towards Student Homelessness

Big Sean wants to “Change the World” by helping to alleviate student homelessness. On behalf of his Sean Anderson Foundation, the Detroit-native has committed $25,000 to Wayne State University’s HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) program...Show More Summary

Niecy Nash Is 'Getting On' With Her Career, And She Has One Gospel: 'Being Of Service'

Last December was a big one for Niecy Nash. Within the span of a week, the final season of HBO's "Getting On" and the debut season of Fox's "Scream Queens" came to an end. Nash was a highlight of both. She earned her first Emmy nomination...Show More Summary

5 Ways the Game of Thrones Pre-Finale Was More Satisfying than the NBA Finals

Sunday night was a tough decision for me. Two major television events; overlapping with each other; each with huge consequences that would drive social media conversation for days. Would I go to a bar with friends and yell at the TV for 2-and-a-half hours watching NBA Finals Game 7 between the Cleveland LeBrons and the […]

Kylie Jenner, Star Of Tyga's Music Videos, Apparently 'Overshadowed' Him

Oh sweet, misguided Tyga. When will you learn? The rapper, who put ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner front and center in two music videos, is now claiming that she "overshadowed" his talents over the course of their almost two-year relationship. As...Show More Summary

Three South African designers hit New York with 'Deep Settle Movement'

'Asanda Qumelwana, Christopher Mayiji and Fezile Retyu met at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa where they studied graphic design and developed the Deep Settle Movement clothing line, which is featured in Wordsmiff's video for "BarXzam 3".-- AfricaNews

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