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What To Expect When You're Expecting To Be Slayed By The 2016 Video Music Awards

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards are only days away, so why don’t we ready ourselves for the glitz, glam and Godney with a quick refresher course on what to expect Sunday night? Much like the changing winds of Britney Spears’ career,Show More Summary

Nate Parker’s ‘R’ Scarlet Letter Belonged to Mike Tyson 25 Years Ago

Twenty-five years ago this summer, black America had to deal with a very serious allegation: that boxing powerhouse Mike Tyson, in Indianapolis to lend public support to the Miss Black America pageant, raped one of the contestants, Desiree Washington. A late-night encounter between the two in Tyson’s hotel room clearly went the wrong way, and […]

A Treatment For The Poison: Real Talk About Race Relations In America

The night the Dallas officers were killed I told my daughter that I felt as I did the night Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot. I was that emotional. I was that fearful. Fearful for my country. Fearful for my family. Fearful for my daughter who is marrying a white man. Show More Summary

[Trailer] Agents of Change -- on Black Student Activism in the 1960 (dir. Frank R. Dawson + Abby Ginzberg)

'From the well-publicized events at San Francisco State in 1968 to the image of black students with guns emerging from the takeover of the student union at Cornell University in April, 1969, the struggle for a more relevant and meaningful...Show More Summary

MTV Decoded Answers The Question ‘Are Hispanic People White?’

When it comes to matters of race and ethnicity, things can get very complicated. Thankfully, Franchesa Ramsey is always ready to decode everything. In a new episode of MTV News, the host of “Decoded” tackled the question “Are Hispanics...Show More Summary

70 Times Fox News Was Sexist AF, In 6 Minutes

Got six minutes? Then you have time to witness 70 instances of sexism courtesy of Fox News. Last August, non-profit organization Media Matters for America released a video that rounded up 70 times Fox News was really freaking sexist. Here’s...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand White People

After a year and a half of dog-whistling so loud that even Blue Dog Democrats held their ears, Republican nominee Donald Trump has switched gears. First he was going to “Make America great”; then he was going to “Make America safe”; and now he’s pitching “What have you got to lose?” to African-American and Latino […]

A Damn Gorgeous Poem About Passing Feminism Onto Our Daughters

A stunning new slam poem, “Mom,” by Alyesha Wise and Aman Batra explores the complicated relationship between mother and daughter ? and what feminist motherhood can actually look like. “If my daughter is anything like me, raising her...Show More Summary

Sisqó Finally Explains The Real Meaning Of 'Dumps Like A Truck'

The year was 2000. My cousins and I had just been dropped off at the mall, a sick $20 bill in tow. After waving goodbye to our parents chauffeurs, we bolted to the nearest Wet Seal, where we proceeded to select matching pairs of thong underwear, each adorned with a rhinestoned butterfly. Show More Summary

Black Lives Matter, Peter Sellars, Street Dance, Cops... It's A Long Story

Relations between law enforcement and the African American community are perhaps the most complex and painful issue facing the nation today. Dance, of all things, to the rescue. Reggie "Reg Rocc" Grey invented a dance form based on Jamaican...Show More Summary

This First-Year Teacher’s Rap Is Now On Our Playlist, No Joke

This Illinois teacher’s rap is just too cool for school. Instead of sending out a traditional back-to-school newsletter, first-year teacher Dwayne Reed created a song and video to get his students pumped for the upcoming year. Reed,Show More Summary

Simone Biles, Serena Williams And More Look Fierce AF In New Nike Ad

A new Nike ad is highlighting the hard work and dedication it takes to be the best. The 40-second clip titled, “Unlimited Pursuit” is the most recent installment from Nike’s Just Do It campaign “Unlimited.” The ad features some of our...Show More Summary

This Virtual Reality Device Nails 'The Real Latino' Experience

The Latino virtual reality experience may just be a prototype but it should help everyone see the community a bit more authentically. The hilarious but fictional device is the subject of a recent Flama video, the new technology offers...Show More Summary

If You Don't Get The Problem With Cultural Appropriation, Listen To This

If you want the definitive word on the appropriation of black culture, look no further than this clip of slam poets Crystal Valentine and Aaliyah Jihad performing the poem, “Hide Your Shea Butter.” In a video posted by Button Poetry on Aug. Show More Summary

To Every White 'Ally' Who Has Racist Friends

“I know some really fking racist people, friends I vehemently disagree with,” actor Danielle Radcliffe recently declared in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter. “They’re not white supremacists, they would never be that extreme, but...Show More Summary

Nick Cannon Reveals A Little TMI About Sex With Mariah Carey

Back in 2012, Nick Cannon told Howard Stern that he and then-wife Mariah Carey made love while listening to her music. (TMI, Nick.) On “The Amber Rose” show last Friday, Cannon was asked about the subject again. Apparently, the on-air...Show More Summary

Usain Bolt Is Just Too Flippin' Quick For This Flipbook Artist

Even flipbook artists struggle to keep up with Olympic champion Usain Bolt. Ben Zurawski ? a.k.a. The Flippist ? paid tribute to the fastest man on the planet this week by illustrating an amusing hand-drawn booklet (see above). But instead...Show More Summary

Al Roker Goes In On Ryan Lochte, Becomes Internet Hero

If Ryan Lochte is looking for a sympathetic ear, Al Roker is not his guy. The NBC weather anchor did not leave viewers wondering how he really felt about the Olympic gold medalist’s debunked story about being robbed with his teammates...Show More Summary

Simone Biles Fangirls Over Serena Williams Just Like You Do

Simone Biles makes breaking records look easy. In Rio, the 19-year-old won four Olympic gold medals, making her the first U.S. gymnast to do so. To top it off, she also earned a bronze medal for her performance on the beam. Did we mention...Show More Summary

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