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“I’m the Head the Nigger in Charge…”: The Legacy of Robert Guillaume

“I’m the Head the Nigger in Charge…”: The Legacy of Robert Guillaume by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile) The above quote is taken from the film Lean On Me (1989), a biopic of New Jersey educator Joe “ bat man ” Clark. Show More Summary

Unbought and Unbossed: A Conversation with Filmmaker Shola Lynch

'Shola Lynch is arguably one of the most groundbreaking Black female filmmakers in recent history. She is best known for profiling Angela Davis for her documentary, Free Angela and all Political Prisoners, and Shirley Chisholm for her Peabody award winning film Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed. Show More Summary

Why Diversity Is More Important Than Meritocracy: Quotas, Talent, Wall Street

'We need to rethink our diversity strategy, says Sallie Krawcheck. What we've been trying for the last decade hasn't been working, but what exactly is the problem? Research reveals that diversity is actually worse in meritocracies. Managers—and...Show More Summary

What the World Needs Now … is Dwight Trible -- Review by Mark Anthony Neal

What the World Needs Now … is Dwight Trible by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile) There’s an urgency to “ What the World Needs Now is Love ”, the opening track of Dwight Trible’s latest release Inspirations, that suggests that it could have been recorded only days after Charlottesville. Show More Summary

Filmmaker Katina Parker’s CALL:RESPONSE Explores Police Aggression Against People of Color

'Southern writer Clyde Edgerton once wrote that it’s almost impossible “to write about race in America without bombast, outrage, or satire.” How else, he asked, can one “confront a system of structural inequality that has savagely circumscribed lives for generations?” This is true for filmmakers as well. Show More Summary

The Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project Celebrates First Anniversay [video]

'The Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project (IPHP) was founded on July 19, 2016, to recover and restore the Black Panther Party’s (BPP) history and womens’ critical roles within the organization. This reel is an overviewShow More Summary

White & Woke? Chevara Orrin on the Role of Whites Dismantling the System of White Supremacy They Created

'The SNCC Digital Gateway invited young activists to address questions that SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) grappled with back in in the 1960s.Activist Chevara Orrin discusses the role of Whites in dismantling White Supremacy.' -- SNCC Digital Gateway Created and Dismantled By White People - Chevara Orrin from SNCC Digital Gateway on Vimeo.

The Blackest Moses: The Hot-Buttered Soul of Isaac Hayes

The Blackest Moses: The Hot-Buttered Soul of Isaac Hayes by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile) That the career of Isaac Hayes could be neatly packaged into generationally specific references like Shaft, the Comedy Central animated series South Park and Scientology says volumes about the man’s longevity. Show More Summary

Judge Declares Second Mistrial For Former Ohio Cop Who Fatally Shot Sam DuBose

An Ohio judge declared a mistrial Friday in the case of former University of Cincinnati police Officer Ray Tensing, who faces charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Sam DuBose during a 2015 traffic stop. The...Show More Summary

Aubrey Plaza Spent Some Quality Time Smoking Pot With The Weed Nuns

Aubrey Plaza plays a foul-mouthed Medieval nun in her new film “The Little Hours,” so it’s only natural that the actress recently spent some time with the unconventional Weed Nuns. Plaza spent close to an hour smoking pot with Sister...Show More Summary

Ice Cube Dishes On How He Got His Cold Rap Moniker

We all bopped our heads as Ice Cube taught us his meaning of a good day in '92 ? but did we ever stop to wonder just how O’Shea Jackson became Ice Cube? During Cube’s guest appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Tuesday,...Show More Summary

Heartbreaking Video Shows Girl Comforting Mom After Philando Castile Was Shot

Diamond Reynolds watched a Minnesota police officer fatally shoot her boyfriend Philando Castile seven times during a traffic stop in July 2016. Then she was handcuffed and placed into the back of a police car with her 4-year-old daughter. Harrowing...Show More Summary

Police Chief Urges 1-Day Suspension For White Cop Who Kicked Handcuffed Black Man's Head

An Ohio police chief has recommended a 24-hour suspension for a white officer accused of kicking a handcuffed black man in the head ? a burst of violence an internal review called “unreasonable.” Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs wrote...Show More Summary

Demi Lovato On Her Career: I Wouldn’t Start So Young If I Could Do It Again

At 24, Demi Lovato feels she’s “lived a lot longer than I have.” The singer spoke briefly about her more than 17 years in the entertainment industry during an interview at Cannes Lions on Monday. Lovato attended the event to discussShow More Summary

Costa Rica's President Inhaled A Wasp On Live TV Like It Was Nothing

Somehow, this wasn’t a buzzkill for Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera. He accidentally swallowed a wasp during a live TV interview with reporters on Thursday, then laughed it off like it was NBD. Instead of gagging, the president was in stitches about his stunning snack. “I ate it. Show More Summary

Why We March

Tomorrow morning, a diverse coalition of North Texans will gather in downtown Dallas at the historic St. Paul United Methodist Church to march. What would compel this body to exchange a lazy Saturday morning for a public demonstration...Show More Summary

How Hermione Granger Went From Literary Witch To Powerful Feminist Symbol

The Women’s March on Washington was littered with references to Hermione Granger. “When Voldemort is president, we need a nation of Hermiones!” read one sign, which was posted on Twitter on Jan. 22, 2017, the day after more than 3.5Show More Summary

Wait, Is That Taylor Swift In Selena Gomez's 'Bad Liar' Music Video?

Selena Gomez may be a bad liar, but there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between her and Taylor Swift. If you haven’t seen Gomez’s music video for “Bad Liar,” allow us to break it down for you. In the clip, Gomez stars as all four...Show More Summary

Loving Hard Like a Bill Withers Song: Five Albums

Loving Hard Like a Bill Withers Song: Five Albums by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile) The thing that is important to remember about Bill Withers, is that when he officially “arrived” in the spring of 1971 with his debut album Just As I Am, he was a fully-formed 32-year-old. Show More Summary

Kerry Washington: Being An Artist 'Doesn't Mean I Should Have Less Of A Voice'

Kerry Washington may not have the same sway over Washington D.C. as Olivia Pope, but the “Scandal” star is politically engaged in her own right. Washington chatted with the cast of “The View” on Tuesday about her commitment to political...Show More Summary

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