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Here's What You Need To Know About Trevor Noah, The New 'Daily Show' Host

Meet Trevor Noah, the new host of "The Daily Show." There's no set date for when he'll start hosting for good, but Jon Stewart is expected to step down sometime between July and December of this year. In the meantime, we've got six-or-so months to get to know Noah, the 31-year-old South African comedian readying to take Stewart's place. Show More Summary

Rihanna Rocks 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards In Versace Green Fur Coat & Thigh-High Boots

When Rihanna posted a photo of Lil' Kim on her Instagram account Thursday, we had no idea that she'd recreate the rapper's style at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Riri looked like she stepped straight out of the 1997 music videoShow More Summary

It's Great Mo'ne Davis Had It in Her to Forgive That Guy. But Still, Fk That Guy.

Around this time last week, news first began to circulate that Mo'ne Davis helped unveil a new sneaker line -- with 15 percent of the proceeds going towards impoverished girls. A day or so later, more great news about the 13-year-old appeared: From Variety: The Mo'ne Davis story is coming to Disney Channel. Show More Summary

On the "A" w/Souleo: Derrick Adams Merges Radio And Art With A Focus On Community

Before the Internet, there was the oral tradition of sharing knowledge, wisdom, and history through the spoken word. It remains. Acclaimed visual artist Derrick Adams' new solo project THE HOLDOUT taps into that tradition and combines...Show More Summary

When "Thingness" Stages the Terms of Their Freedom: J. Cole's "G.O.M.D.

When "Thingness" Stages the Terms of Their Freedom: J. Cole's "G.O.M.D. by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan n Exile) | #MicroTheory If we are to think of chattel slavery as the attempt to reduce Black humanity to a "Thingness,"...Show More Summary

This 'Harry Potter' Parody Of 'Uptown Funk' Is Everyone's New Patronus

Time to shut down the Internet: KFaceTV released the "Uptown Funk" parody to end it all. It imagines what the toe-tapping hit from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars would sound like if sung by Lord Voldemort. "Caught the kid, Boy Who Lived, Harry's out of luck," Voldemort sings. Show More Summary

Let the Hispandering Begin. Ted Cruz Launches Ad in Spanish

The anti-immigration, anti-gay Canadian immigrant dude (aka Ted Cruz) today confirmed he will be running for President in 2016, which is like sad, since I don’t think he is even remotely aware he has a zero chance of going anywhere with that. Still, … Continue reading ?

These Brilliant Innovations Are Bringing Clean Water To People Worldwide

A little thinking outside the box can go a long way in helping bring clean H2O to those who need it most. About 89 percent of the globe had access to improved sources of drinking water in 2012 -- up significantly from 76 percent in 1990,...Show More Summary

Nevada GOP Lawmaker Says Voter ID Bill Can't Be Discriminatory Because Obama Was Elected President

A Republican lawmaker in the Nevada legislature said Tuesday that proposed voter identification legislation couldn't have a disproportionate impact on minorities because President Barack Obama was elected to office. State Assemblywoman...Show More Summary

What 'Empire' Got Right (And Wrong) About Music Therapy

Perhaps one of the most stirring and sympathetic characters in Fox’s hit show “Empire" is Andre, who suffers from Bipolar disorder. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past three months and haven’t watched the hottest TVShow More Summary

This Mexican Mayor Lifted a Woman’s Skirt in Public at a $1-Million Party, Because Mexico

Awwww Mexico… The land of the collective smooch and the “coold cocnuts” is also the Global Headquarters of mustachioed, sombrero-clad disgusting politicians. In the latest Kafkaesque episode of our never boring political telenovela, Mexican Mayor Hilario Ramírez Villanueva this week jumped to the spotlight after a video … Continue reading ?

Why I Teach Feminism at an Urban High School

Like many of my days spent teaching, today feels hard, but important. By 10 a.m. I've already had some awesome, small victories. A student ran upstairs 10 minutes before class to make sure that he understood what the word "vixen" meant and wanted to discuss if he could use it in a feminist context within his "Be A Man" poem. Show More Summary

Ludacris Greets Jeb Bush With Some Southern Hospitality

Jeb Bush received a welcome to Atlanta from its very own Ludacris on Thursday. The former Florida governor bumped into the Atlanta-based rapper -- and, some would say, the city's real mayor -- at the Georgia Statehouse. Ludacris wasShow More Summary

Black UVA Student Martese Johnson Bloodied During Arrest By State Liquor Agents

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Wednesday asked state police to investigate the arrest of a black University of Virginia undergraduate by state liquor agents that left the student bloodied and needing 10 stitches in his head. McAuliffe was "concerned by the reports of this incident" and wants an independent probe, his office said. Show More Summary

MSNBC Panel On Race Gets Painfully Uncomfortable: 'I'm Actually Black'

Things got a little awkward on MSNBC's "All In with Chris Hayes" Tuesday night. During a segment on Starbucks' new and controversial "Race Together" campaign, which seeks to have employees start open conversations about race with customers,...Show More Summary

On the "A" w/Souleo: Emerging Artist Creates Interactive Paintings You Can Touch And Hear

Most visual artists prefer that viewers do not touch their completed works on display at a museum, gallery or studio. Thomas "Detour" Evans is not of that mindset. In a series dubbed Art and Decibels, the 30-year-old emerging artistShow More Summary

Trinidad James Dismisses SAE Fraternity, Discusses His Usage Of The N-Word (VIDEO)

Last week Trinidad James found himself in the midst of the controversy surrounding a viral clip showing a University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house mother repeating the N-word several times as his 2012 single “All Gold...Show More Summary

Watch Mike Tyson's Knockouts And Try Not To Wince

To celebrate the announcement that Martin Scorsese and Jamie Foxx will make a movie about his life, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson posted a compilation of his knockouts. He's asking fans to pick his 10 best for the film -- and it's no easy task. The one-time "Baddest Man On The Planet" recorded 44 knockouts in his professional career. Show More Summary

 ‘Free From Their Chains,’ Says the Marvin Gaye Estate. But What About All Those Samples Robin Thicke Already Cleared?

Soul singer Johnnie Taylor recorded a disco hit in 1976 called “Disco Lady.” Another artist of the era liked the song so much that he felt compelled to compose his own version. It was constructed as an answer, so to speak, to Taylor’s smash hit. And the other artist’s rendition also had listeners crooning about a sexy lady getting down on the dance floor.

Why am I Surprised? A perspective on the OU incident from an African-American member of the Dallas Jesuit-Ursuline Community

"Why are you surprised?" is the response I get when I bring up the OU incident in my suburban New York City household or among my Northeastern friends. Followed by questions like "what's wrong with YOUR state?" They're talking about Texas, of course. Show More Summary

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