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Is It Cultural Appropriation? I’ll Be the Judge of That

Much as it pains me to admit aloud, maybe there’s something to all those stupid-ass memes that your “woke” Facebook friends like to share that compare real-life “ignored” atrocities to the asinine s–t that makes BuzzFeed headlines. That Blake Lively’s delusional Instagram post dominated an entire Wednesday lends credence to their gripes. Even I couldn’t […]

A Sanders-vs.-Trump Debate Is a Horrible Idea, Unless You Want Trump in the White House

In the entirety of American political history, there has never been a good idea that stemmed from a late-night talk show. Talk shows are for stupid pet tricks, evolution of dance segments and odd recurring characters. So the idea that a debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump was essentially passed like a junior high […]

Russell Westbrook Shouldn't Be Laughing At Stephen Curry's Defense

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has never been a player who's minced words or given much thought to reporter's questions. He's upfront with his dislike for the media, and in turn, laughing off questions (as seen above) isn't surprising behavior from him. Show More Summary

Qiaobi Detergent Ad Might Be The Most Racist TV Commercial Ever Made

While most marketing executives would be thrilled to see an ad go viral around the world, this one's getting attention for all the wrong reasons. The spot for China's Qiaobi laundry detergent is being called the most racist commercial ever made. Show More Summary

How to Stop Jay Z From Threatening Us With New Music

For the past two years, malicious rumors of a joint Beyoncé-Jay Z album have terrorized us on the Internet. Vague “sources” have been quoted everywhere from Rap Up to Vanity Fair, claiming that the cursed release is set to have a surprise stream on Tidal. This is a particularly harmful threat to a longtime Jay Z […]

A Burlesque 'Purple Rain' Is The Ultimate Tribute To Prince

Burlesque star AuroraBoob Realis came up with the idea behind "Quintessential" last year. The New York City-based artist wanted to create a series of burlesque shows, each centered on a full album. "An iconic album," she explained to...Show More Summary

Watch This Stanford Grad Student Tell Ad Execs How To Stop Colorism

Colorism -- the discrimination of people with dark skin -- has been a hot-button issue for years, with documentaries like "Dark Girls" being one of the more recent projects tackling the topic. Even in Black feminist spaces, there are discussions about the role colorism plays in omitting the images and contributions of dark-skinned feminists. Show More Summary

10 Powerful Women Who Turned Insults Into Gold

Never underestimate a woman's ability to clap back -- especially a heavily-scrutinized woman in the public eye. From body-shaming and slut-shaming to straight up bullying, famous and visible women have to deal with a consistent onslaught of public insults. Show More Summary

Rapper McKinley 'Mac' Phipps Re-Emerges In 'The Truth, The Way, And The Light'

NEW ORLEANS -- Hip-hop artist McKinley "Mac" Phipps, who rapped his way out of New Orleans' 3rd Ward and into a recording contract with famed music mogul Master P, is emerging from 16 years of dormancy with a new music video that showcases...Show More Summary

The Model Minority Myth Is Hurting Struggling Students

Senior Savenaca Gasaiwai is only one of around 30 Pacific Islander undergraduates out of over 24,000 at the University of California, Irvine. That's why he was surprised last year when a senior administrator at the school told him that...Show More Summary

All Hail Bismack Biyombo!

One of the more tired clichés in sports goes something like this: An athlete gets injured at a critical point in a team's season, forcing a nervous head coach to call in a lesser-known player off the bench. The player quietly, perhaps stoically steps in, knowing the people around him believe the season to be over for all intents and purposes. Show More Summary

A Chicago Teacher's Struggle to Get Kids to College in a Culture of Violence and Fear

Not so long ago, I learned that one of my former students, a fun-loving, academically strong kid who is now in high school, had a handgun stashed underneath his clothes in his dresser drawer. Some boys in the neighborhood had threatened...Show More Summary

Serena Williams Hits Some Awesome Trick Shots In New Video

Serena Williams' shots are remarkable enough in a real match. But in a video with Dude Perfect posted Monday, the tennis queen shows she can also hit cool trick shots without an adversary on the other side of the net. Watch her slamShow More Summary

MC Hammer Is Actually Afraid Of Hammers

As someone who grew up in the 1990s and started going to the movies with friends around the time MC Hammer made an appearance in 2003's "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," I assumed the man was obsessed with hammers. Turns out, the "Hammer" in "MC Hammer" has nothing to do with hammers. Show More Summary

5 Things We Learned At 'EmpowerHer Conference' That All Black Girls Should Know

Blavity's inaugural EmpowerHer Conference hosted in New York City on Saturday was insightful, inspiring and downright magical. More than 300 participants gathered at the sold out conference for a day of panels, workshops, discussions...Show More Summary

Sexologist/YouTube Personality Shannon Boodram Talks Sex Taboos, Porn And Her Dislike of 'Netflix & Chill'

Shannon Boodram Shannon Boodram, certified sexologist, journalist, TV host and YouTube personality, is candidly entertaining and her approach to sex is no different. Embodying her mantra, 'I own it, they love it," where it's about her...Show More Summary

These Dancers Take Adele's 'Love In The Dark' To A Magical Level

Beautiful. Breathtaking. Ethereal. Those are just some words we'd use to describe Will B. Bell's latest choreography to Adele's "Love In The Dark." Bell shared the stunning video, featuring dancers DJ Smart and Zola Williams and shot...Show More Summary

Johnny Gill On His Return To The Top Of The Music Charts

This is the latest installment in “Black In The Day,” an occasional HuffPost series about black entertainers taking an introspective look at their careers from back in the day. Three decades since releasing his self-titled debut album,...Show More Summary

One Of Hip-Hop's Greatest Sports Mysteries Has Been Solved

It's a mystery that's hung over the New York Knicks since 1997. Fans have debated its answers online for years. Former players have kept quiet. For nearly 20 years, fans of hip-hop and basketball have waited for their "Deep Throat" to this burning question: Which New York Knick was Notorious B.I.G. Show More Summary

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