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Son Of Imprisoned Rapper Mac Phipps Says 'It's A Good Feeling' Dad May Be Home Soon

Hip-hop artist McKinley "Mac" Phipps Jr., imprisoned 15 years for a murder he says he didn't commit, could be home for the holidays if his lawyers can negotiate a time-served deal with the newly elected local prosecutor. Phipps, whose...Show More Summary

Getting as Serious About Prevention as We Are About Punishment

President Obama recently shone the national spotlight on our criminal justice system; a system which has historically and disproportionately impacted communities of color, is costing taxpayers too much money, and hasn't been smart or efficient enough in addressing the factors that push people to come in contact with the system in the first place. Show More Summary

This 76-Year-Old CrossFitter Will Inspire You Beyond Words

Constance Tillett is 76 years old. She's had hip replacements, knee replacements and shoulder replacements. On top of all that, she has arthritis and a cardiac problem. But that's not keeping her down. CrossFit South Brooklyn's touching commercial "Keep Hope Alive" features Tillett sharing her story, and explaining why she keeps moving. Show More Summary

When Cops Get Caught Sanitizing And Flat-Out Lying About Brutality

Few aspects of policing attract more scrutiny than an officer's use of force. And as people around the nation continue to voice concerns about the sometimes contentious relationship between citizens and law enforcement, it's become clear...Show More Summary

Jaden Smith Walks Around Italy With A Giant Mug In New 'Scarface' Video

Jaden Smith dropped a new video for his track "Scarface" on Tuesday. Without any previous promotion, the rapper-actor posted his video on the website, 490tx, and then tweeted about it. Directed by former "Hannah Montana" star and Smith's...Show More Summary

Ending Apathy from African-American Entertainers

Some would argue that the Millennial attitude is lazy, entitled, and apathetic. Millennials are currently in young adulthood and therefore should be privy to the current events and issues of America and around the globe. However, this...Show More Summary

21 Documentaries Every Arts & Culture Lover Should Stream Right Now On Netflix

There are only so many hours in the week you can spend streaming old episodes of "Seinfeld," staring at a glowing screen while the faint echo of a bird tweeting reminds you that life on the other side of your apartment window still exists. Show More Summary

Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Are All Over Each Other In 'All Eyes On You' Video

Ever wonder what a night hanging around Nicki Minaj and ??boyfriend Meek Mill would be like? Now you can see in Meek's new video for "All Eyes on You," in which the hip-hop couple are literally all over each other. There's a lot of kissing, ear-licking, cuddling and Chris Brown being an awkward third wheel in the hallway. Show More Summary

Cory Joseph Picked The Perfect Jersey Number After Drake Shoutout On 'Charged Up'

Drake may catch deserved flack for his sports team bandwagoning, but when it comes to his hometown Toronto Raptors, he's fiercely loyal.  Newly signed Raptors point guard Cory Joseph learned that firsthand this weekend after Drake shouted him out on "Charged Up," a new song released on Saturday. Show More Summary

You're Asking the Wrong Questions About Sandra Bland

Originally published by Slant on July 23rd. It's been another one of those weeks: one that starts with the news of a Black sibling dying in "suspicious" circumstances, where every day my heart hurts more and more as I discover something new and something more haunting about the case. Show More Summary

Young Couples Try Handwritten Love Letters For The First Time

  When was the last time you wrote anything down? Like, pen-to-paper?... Oh, well, a "pen" was an analog writing device used many years ago, eventually replaced by computers, and then later replaced by abandoning the written word all together with emojis and GIFs. Show More Summary

Camille A. Brown with Tracy Wormworth in BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play (excerpt)

BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play reveals the complexity of carving out a self-defined identity as a Black female in urban American culture. In a society where Black women are often only portrayed in terms of their strength, resiliency, or...Show More Summary

David Adjaye--'Collaborations' with Lorna Simpson (dir. Oliver Hardt)

Collaborations is the second documentary film by director Oliver Hardt on the work of British-Ghanaian architect David Adjaye. The film features interviews with Adjaye’s collaborators, a roster of influential figures in the art and cultural...Show More Summary

10 Reasons Why Privilege Doesn't Exist

I'm tired of people talking about privilege like it's a real thing. I mean, come on - it's a socially constructed concept to make the dominant groups in society feel guilty. As a skinny person, I've been told I have some type of thin privilege in this country. Show More Summary

Paul Mooney On Bill Cosby's Legacy: He Got His 'Nr Wake-up Call'

Paul Mooney is no stranger to incorporating social commentary into his brand of comedy. Throughout the course of his career, the legendary comic has pushed the envelope on race relations with the release of his projects such as “Race...Show More Summary

25 Photos Of Big Athletes Holding Small Animals

Being a pro athlete is tough work. Lots of acting macho. Lots of pretending you're superhuman in front of the cameras.  So when athletes need to chill out and get in touch with their gentler sides, it's no surprise to see them turn to the companionship of small animals. Show More Summary

Watch Pharrell Dance Across The Globe In Gorgeous 'Freedom' Video

In Pharrell's new music video for his single "Freedom," the singer travels across the globe with a positive message about liberation. There are shots of workers in sweatshops and men working in a mining camp, interspersed with stunning imagery of landscapes, oceans and horses running wild. Show More Summary

Azealia Banks Slams VMAs, Says 'America Doesn't Like Opinionated Black Women'

Azealia Banks is once again speaking up about racial issues and misogyny in the music industry -- this time by calling out the MTV Video Music Awards. She took to Twitter to express frustration about the fact that none of the videos from her acclaimed album, ?"Broke With Expensive Taste," ?received VMA nominations. Show More Summary

The Secret To Unlocking J.R. Smith's Best Work Is A New Lil Wayne Album, According To Math

Known as one of the NBA's streakiest and most confounding players, J.R. Smith has one thing in this world that can truly bring out his absolute best. It's not the leadership of Cleveland Cavaliers teammate LeBron James or the friendship of former New York Knicks teammate Carmelo Anthony. Show More Summary

Say Her Name: Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old Black woman who had recently moved to Texas from Chicago, Illinois was pulled over for a routine traffic stop this month. Subsequently after being pulled over she was arrested and charged with assaulting a public servant. Show More Summary

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