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Renouncing US Citizenship and the Dual Citizen Exception to the Exit Tax

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA According to Treasury Department numbers, 2016 broke the record for annual U.S. citizenship renunciations with a grand total of 5,411 renunciations. As we’ve noted previously, possible reasons...Show More Summary

Bad news and worse news for relocating UK expat property owners

British expatriates at present living in Europe and planning a return to the UK may well be out of pocket due to an unexpected rise is UK property prices. As the Brexit-related uncertainty about rights to remain, healthcare and pensions drags on, many formerly settled UK expats living in EU member states may be considering a return to the... Expats Blog -

Dubai expatriates on Palm Jumeirah needed for reality TV show

A London-based production company is seeking UK expats with homes or businesses on Dubaiâ??s iconic Palm Jumeirah complex to star in a new reality TV show. Arrow Media, the production company responsible for the popular Ultimate Airport Dubai show, is working with the UKâ??s commercial TV network ITV on what is expected to be a... Expats Blog -

Good and bad Brexit news for UK expats in Europe

At long last, real news concerning UK expats in Europe is leaking out of the Brexit negotiations, but it isnâ??t all good. The almost total lack of anything resembling concrete information for expatriate Britons caught in the Brexit fiasco has caused concern and fury across Europeâ??s favourite expat hubs. Squabbles between parliamentary... Expats Blog -

Paris preparing to poach EU expat bankers from London

Now under its new President, Paris is planning to attract EU expat bankers and financial experts from post-Brexit London. Newly elected President Macronâ??s previous dislike of the banking fraternity seems to have evaporated under the necessity to up Parisâ??s game as regards attracting the brightest and best the City of London has to... Expats Blog -

Dealing with the new Chinese work permit system

Chinaâ??s new work permit system for expats divides applicants into three tiers, dependent on point scoring of qualifications and experience. Although the new system combines the two previous permits, making it easier for expats to decide which to use, as well as allowing employers to submit applications, itâ??s still causing confusion.... Expats Blog -

Europe losing out as expats prefer Asian Tiger states

Increasing numbers of British professionals are shunning traditional European expat hubs and heading east to the four Asian Tiger states. South Korea's capital Seoul, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are the new now for ambitious Britons looking to boost their careers in unique, exotic environments. In a recent survey, Asia holds five of... Expats Blog -

US retirees in Mexico may be illegal immigrants

Mexicoâ??s recently revealed position as US expatsâ?? favourite retirement hub may have concealed the fact that the majority are illegal immigrants. After some 20 years lurking in the lower listings, Mexicoâ??s now topping the charts of International Livingâ??s best places for American retirees. In addition, the sheer numbers of US expats... Expats Blog -

Kids activities in Singapore make expat families glad they came

Becoming an expat in an unfamiliar land can be challenging enough, but taking the family along for the ride gives totally different problems. Thereâ??s no rule which says family men canâ??t be as effective as single guys on new overseas assignments, but one thingâ??s for certain, taking the family along adds even more new challenges,... Expats Blog -

Is the Dubai concept based on expat professionals

Dubaiâ??s popularity as an expat professional hub draws foreign workers across the globe, but is the Dubai dream a cover-up for an unpleasant reality? On paper, and for new arrivals, life in Dubai is little short of a dream, with luxurious accommodation, maids, drivers, a great social life, international cuisine, all year-round sunshine,... Expats Blog -

Kuwaiti female MP takes aim at expats again

Kuwaitâ??s anti-expat parliamentarian hits out again at foreigners working in the emirate. Expats living and working in Kuwait could have been forgiven for hoping MP Safa al Hashem would find another cause to sensationalise after her initial anti-expat rants in the countryâ??s parliament. Unfortunately, foreign professionals and other... Expats Blog -

Country cost comparisons for thrifty expats

Given the vast number of surveys citing various costs of living in countries across the globe, expats should find it easy to decide which countries match their financial situations. For would-be expats, the cost of living in their preferred destination is perhaps the most important aspect of planning a life overseas. Whatever the... Expats Blog -

US expat retirees head for the simple life

In spite of endless expatriate-aimed internet pages extolling global 21st century attractions, it seems many older USA citizens are emigrating in order to live the simpler life they remember from their childhoods. Websites offering comparisons of expat destinations across the globe are perennially popular with would-be expats, whether... Expats Blog -

Survey shows expats likely to experience mental health problems

According to a recent survey, mental health problems amongst expatriates are increasing, involving those relocating for their companies as well as independent relocators. For many, becoming an expat is a dream well worth turning into reality. Moving to an exciting new location, taking on a challenging, financially rewarding job, pursuing... Expats Blog -

British expats in Alicante not bothered by Brexit

In contrast with a number of media reports to the contrary, Brit expats living in Alicante seem to be not at all bothered by the possible outcome of Britainâ??s divorce from the EU. According to the Madrid-based National Institute of Statistics, Alicante is home to Spainâ??s largest British expat community, at present holding some 73,000... Expats Blog -

Bahraini government debates dumping expat workers over 50 years old

Bahrainâ??s House of Representatives will debate a bill prohibiting expat workers over the age of 50. The bill, due to be debated this week, will not only end the hiring of expat professionals over 50 years of age, but will force contract terminations for those already over the age limit. The controversial measure will see its second... Expats Blog -

The IRS Tax Amnesty Programs – Fact or Fiction

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA Despite the overall success of the IRS tax amnesty programs in recent years, many expats remain hesitant to enter the programs due to a number of misunderstandings surrounding their requirements and their outcomes. Show More Summary

Explosion in Fuengirola shopping mall sends expats and tourists fleeing

Hundreds of shoppers fled screaming after a loud explosion shook a crowded Fuengirola shopping centre. British expats, tourists and locals ran for their lives after an explosion at the popular Miramar mall spiked fears of a terrorist attack on the Costa del Sol. The beachside resort located some 20 miles from Malaga has long been a... Expats Blog -

Becoming localised as an expat in Thailand

Thailand may not be top of the tree for expat professionals looking for the ideal assignment, but it can be a fascinating experience for those seeking something different. Southeast Asia is crammed with countries once considered to be either third world or remnants of the British Empire, but much has changed over the past several decades.... Expats Blog -

American expat volunteer physiotherapist is saving lives in Vietnam

An American woman who sold her home 10 years ago and came to Vietnam to volunteer as a fully qualified and experienced physiotherapist has now been celebrated in a local TV documentary. Virginia Lockett and her artist husband David first came to Vietnam 22 years ago to adopt two children, and were saddened by the plight of the disabled in... Expats Blog -

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