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Vietnam hosts festival celebrating local friendships with expats

In a move well ahead of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is hosting a Development and Integration Festival aimed at integrating expats into the Ho Chi Minh community. Ho Chi Minh Cityâ??s annual Development and Integration Festival kicked off yesterday for its three-day run aimed at introducing the countryâ??s culture and... Expats Blog -

Shanghai expats lose another English language voice

Popular English language online newspaper The Nanfang is set to close. Expats living and working in Shanghai are about to lose yet another favourite English language online news source, with the announcement of the Nanfangâ??s closure after seven years isure to sadden European expats living in working in the city. Launched in 2011, the... Expats Blog -

Survey shows high number of expats call UAE their home

A new survey indicates that the vast majority of expats living and working in the UAE are proud to call the region home. From career opportunities through cultural diversity to feelings of safety and security, the UAE would seem to offer an unparalleled life experience for expats. Recently released results of a survey conducted by Xpress... Expats Blog -

Utca’s Finest

As I mentioned in my last post, Utrecht’s former red-light street — Hardebollenstraat — is now the place to find lots of local and indie shops selling clothing, designs pieces, and much more. The large windows that were de rigeur … Continue reading ?

Uncertainty continues for UK expats in EU

Theresa Mayâ??s failure to fast-track a reciprocal deal on the status of both UK expats in Europe and EU expats in the UK has left several million migrants in a continuing state of uncertainty. Donald Tuskâ??s and Angela Merkelâ??s tough responses to Mayâ??s attempt at an expat amnesty seem to have made it clear that the European... Expats Blog -

UK expats shock at worldwide Marks and Spencer closures

Following the UK companyâ??s decision to close its stores in China due to lack of demand, the quintessentially British retailer has now announced it will close100 stores in Europe. Known as a link with home for Brit expat shoppers, M&S has seemingly overreached itself with its huge expansion in Europe as well as its 10 stores in China.... Expats Blog -

Study shows culture shock affects expat health and wellbeing

Would-be expats are underestimating the effect of culture shock on their physical and emotional wellbeing. The popular perception of relocating overseas is that moving to a totally different environment and taking on a new job and lifestyle is an exciting adventure. However, a new study has revealed culture shock is a very real threat to... Expats Blog -

EU clamps down on MPs call for UK and EU expats rights

A request from pro-Brexit UK members of parliament to prioritise a fast deal on the rights to remain for UK and EU expats has been rejected by the EU. Just as media reports began suggesting May had finally faced up to the post-Brexit plight of UK expats in EU member states and EU expats in the UK, European Union authorities have clamped... Expats Blog -

Frozen pensions force repatriation on UK expats overseas

Over the past year, over two thousand retired British expats have been forced to repatriate to the UK due to their state pensions being frozen. Official figures from Britainâ??s Department for Work and Pensions show several thousand British citizens whoâ??d chosen to live overseas In retirement were forced to return to the UK due to their... Expats Blog -

Survey shows Thailand losing popularity as an expat destination

Thailandâ??s overall position in the well-known HSBC Expat Insider survey has dropped in one year from seventh position to 18th, with its positions in several sub-sections of the poll dropping still further. Once a dream destination for expats, whether working or retiring, Thailandâ??s reputation now seems to be on the line as regards... Expats Blog -

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Everyone knows about the “coffee shops” in the Netherlands (and yes, it’s not just Amsterdam), where you can purchase various forms of hash, weed, pot, marijuana, etc. Voorstraat/Wittevrouwenstraat have a couple of places where you can purchase, but there are … Continue reading ?

Expats relocating from Dubai chasing missing shipments

Despite paying a local shipper thousands of dirhams to transport their belongings back to their home countries, former Dubai residents still havenâ??t received their shipments. The situation strongly resembles the 2014 Dubai Relogulf incident, where expats were left without their personal goods and household items for many months. Those... Expats Blog -

Thailand woos elderly, sick and wealthy foreigners with new visa

Thailandâ??s ruling military government last week approved the issuing of a new 10-year visa aimed at wealthy expats with heathcare needs. The requirements for the new 10-year visa have created controversy amongst Thailandâ??s large expat community, many of whom are retirees from Europe and the USA at present on the so-called annual... Expats Blog -

What the UK Autumn Statement means for UAE expats

Last week, the new UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond presented his 2016 Autumn Statement to the British parliament. The contents of the statementâ??s full 69 pages arenâ??t all relevant to British expats working in the UAE, but those that are may need to be carefully considered, especially where financial matters are concerned.... Expats Blog -

Spanish police urge UK expats to help find dangerous criminal

Expats in Spain are being urged to assist Spanish police in their hunt for a dangerous British criminal at present on the run from three arrest warrants. Gareth Bryan Edwards has been placed on Spainâ??s top ten most wanted list for his crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation, and is believed to be hiding out somewhere in... Expats Blog -

Expat investors warned against Uber boiler room fraud

The latest investment fraud warning to expats in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia involves two fake companies with misleading websites. Expatriates retiring, living and working in Asia Pacific countries are the latest to be targeted by British boiler room fraudsters located in Bangkok, Manila and Cebu. According to an online... Expats Blog -

EU MEP proposes individual EU citizenship for British expats

Following a huge post-Brexit rise in applications by expat Britons for citizenship of other countries, the European parliament will review a plan for individual EU membership. If adopted, the proposal put forward by a Luxembourg liberal MEP would allow UK expats and British citizens free movement and the right to remain in EU member... Expats Blog -

The joys of expat life in Ireland

Ireland has been a safe haven for foreign direct investments for decades, along with thousands of expat professionals and managers who find it the preferred place to live and work. In spite of its troubled past, the cool, green Republic of Ireland has become a popular refuge for expats from across the Western world. Since the financial... Expats Blog -

Expats in China react to Sichuan cuisine

Of all the diverse cultural differences between China and the West, its exotic range of regional cuisines is one of the most controversial for expats. New arrivals from Western countries believe they are familiar with Chinese cooking due to the growth of Chinese restaurants across the entire Western world. What they maybe donâ??t... Expats Blog -

US expats having a tough time explaining Trump

American expats living and working in Europe are having a hard time explaining Trumpâ??s presidential election victory to their European friends and co-workers. Many Americans living in Europe are facing awkward questions form their local colleagues and friends about the shock result of the recent USA presidential election. Europeans and... Expats Blog -

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