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Climate change scientists predict Spain as desert hotspot

Although the results of current scientific research into the worldwide effects of global warming may not affect the majority of British retirees now spread across Spain, itâ??s still set to be a disaster. Climate change experts now believe the â??point of no returnâ?? is being approached at an alarming rate, with the results combined with... Expats Blog -

Is Saudi Vision 20 30 Saudization gone mad

Saudi Arabia holds an estimated 10 million expats, 100,000 of whom are citizens of Western countries and all of whom are likely to be affected by the new rules. Since the release of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salmanâ??s plan for the future of the kingdom was released, a number of changes have taken place, the majority of which are making... Expats Blog -

Expats put their lives at risk working in Delhi

For decades, India was regarded as a must-have posting for senior executives at multinational companies in the West, but health risks due to pollution are killing its attraction. Nowadays, India is regarded as a proving ground for major talent as well as an important international market, but its rise as an expatriate hub has been all but... Expats Blog -

Dubai free fall real estate prices now bottoming out

Given that it hasnâ??t gone unnoticed in Dubaiâ??s expat community that real estate prices are falling, whatâ??s on the cards for foreign property investors next year? Unsurprisngly, property values in Dubaiâ??s residential enclaves continued to fall during this yearâ??s second quarter, with the average decline set at about 1.5 per cent.... Expats Blog -

British expats in Zimbabwe playing it cool after coup

British citizens living and working in Zimbabwe are keeping their heads down as the military coup gains strength. The militaryâ??s move took place on Tuesday, with soldiers immediately deployed to place 93-year old president Robert Mugabe under house arrest. Although an army spokesperson later denied rumours of a coup and cited the... Expats Blog -

Sinterklaas vs. Santa – Eight Humorous Differences

November and December can be a very confusing time of year for expats in The Netherlands, especially for those who have never heard the name Sinterklaas or seen a Zwarte Piet before. Who is Sinterklaas? If you were to ask a Dutch Person...Show More Summary

Oz coastline popular with Brit expats may be hit by massive tsunami

Brit expats warned global warming could trigger a massive tsunami along the east coast of Australia. The east coast of the continent of Australia has always been a major destination for expats, with a good percentage of the hundreds of thousands of Britons in Oz happily settled in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. A... Expats Blog -

YouGov polls demystify the difference between Remain and Leave voters

Almost a year and a half after the Brexit referendum, British citizens as well as UK expats in Spain are still at odds over the potentially devastating result. When taken together, a series of YouGov surveys on the differentials and increasingly wide divide between Remoaners and Brexiteers becomes clearer, although itâ??s not likely the... Expats Blog -

Soaring cost of living matches soaring number of Brits leaving the UK

As the cost of a comfortable life in the UK rises, itâ??s being matched by the number of Britons opting to live and work overseas. A combination of Brexit uncertainty, the ever-rising cost of living and potential job insecurity has led to increasing numbers of UK citizens making the decision of their lives in order to secure their... Expats Blog -

Dublin disappoints due to pricey housing and cost of living

The Irish capital has now been rated as one of the worldâ??s worst cities for expat life due to its soaring cost of living and unaffordable housing. Once famous for its traditional pubs and friendly locals, the Republic of Irelandâ??s capital, Dublin, is now seen as a disaster for expatriates. The survey ratingâ??s timing may well be... Expats Blog -

EU court blindsides UK Home Office in landmark ruling

In a significant judgement, the EU Court of Justice has ruled the UK cannot prevent a woman with dual Spanish/British citizenship from living with her Algerian husband in the UK. The ruling may well have significant effects on the Brexit negotiations, as it enshrines the rights to live in the UK of EU citizens married to non-British... Expats Blog -

Hundreds of thousands of expats leaving as Saudization takes shape

Since the beginning of 2017, more than 300,000 expats have left Saudi Arabia as the new Crown Princeâ??s vision for the kingdom begins to bite. More than a thousand foreign workers are losing or quitting their jobs and leaving the Gulf State every day, whilst the numbers of jobless expatriates now increased to around 66,000 by the end of... Expats Blog -

Expat healthcare and medical tourism in Mexico

Mexico is perhaps the most desirable destination for USA expats, and is now becoming popular with expat retirees from other Western countries as well as an affordable destination for medical tourism. One essential component of relocation overseas is healthcare, especially for expats over or approaching retirement age. In addition, a... Expats Blog -

Risks of earthquakes in the UAE

Reports of the effects of the powerful earthquake which struck along the border of Iraq and Iran include a death toll of at least 452, injuries to thousands and massive damage to villages. Tremors were felt across most of the UAE due to the shallow epicentre of the quake along the Iran/Iraq border, sending expats and nationals fleeing... Expats Blog -

US expat group in Manila rejects Trump administration during presidential visit

As Donald Trump flies back to Washington after his Asian trip, a group of American expats living in the Philippines are expressing their opposition to his presidency. The groupâ??s chosen name of TeamMuellerManila says it all about their allegiance against the Trump administration. Itâ??s named for Robert Mueller, the chief of a US... Expats Blog -

Teaching your expat kids to become money wise

Expats on assignments with their families are in the perfect position to teach their young ones the importance of becoming familiar with the need to save and manage money. Expatriates working in countries where high salaries and affluent lifestyles are the norm should first teach their children not to take large amounts of ready cash for... Expats Blog -

EU leader promises expat her rights will be protected

European Union leader Tono Lopez-Isturiz has promised the rights of a female expat who sent am appeal to the European Peoplesâ?? Party will be protected. The Spanish European Parliament Member had been approached by a female expat via a letter telling of her concerns about losing her rights once Brexit is finalised. Speaking directly to... Expats Blog -

Expatriate pupils in Dubai learn to love Arabic lessons

Expatriate pupils at one of Dubaiâ??s international schools are newly enthusiastic about learning Arabic due to the Living Arabic Forum. Until very recently, expatriate children were far less than enthusiastic about learning Arabic, as they considered the language was far too â??foreignâ?? and likely not to be much use to them in their... Expats Blog -

Kuwait residents and expats evacuate as strong Iraq earthquake shakes buildings

Last night, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck Iraq, with tremors in Kuwait forcing panicking residents and expats onto the streets. The huge earthquake hit large areas of Iraq, including Baghdad, and was centred around Halabja on the countryâ??s border with Iran. Shocks were felt in Kuwait, sending frightened residents onto the streets as... Expats Blog -

Expats in Bangkok mourn loss of street food stalls to creeping gentrification

Bangkok is a favourite expat destination for those looking for a unique experience both at work and at play, but the city is changing its focus in a frantic rush to modernise and Westernise. Bangkok has been a hub for expats seeking a totally unique experience combining comfort with tradition and a comparatively low cost of living. The... Expats Blog -

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