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UK and USA uncertainties spur expat interest in Australian job market

Aspiring expat jobseekers are turning their attention to Australia due to Brexit uncertainty and the political and economic effects of the Trump presidency. A 30 per cent surge in the numbers of job seekers from overseas hit Australiaâ??s recruiters at the beginning of April and shows no signs of slowing down. The biggest increases in... Expats Blog -

Life after a failed expat assignment

Being offered an international assignment is an exciting challenge for career-oriented professionals, and can be very rewarding both for the expat and the employer. Taking on a new position in an unfamiliar location is a welcome challenge for many expat professionals, with the financial rewards just one of the career benefits on offer.... Expats Blog -

EU expats flee UK in fear of Brexit

A dramatic fall in net migration since the Brexit referendum is sparking fears for the British economy. New official figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed a massive fall in net migration in 2016, sparked by a surge in EU expats relocating to their home countries. Business groups are warning a labour... Expats Blog -

Expat retirees in France can expect a longer life

A recent study has confirmed the French are living longer than those in most other countries, making it the perfect destination for expat retirees. According to a French study of life expectancy across the world, French elder citizens are fortunate they were born there due to the fact that life expectancy is at one of the worldâ??s... Expats Blog -

LibDem leader Farron calls for MPs for Brit expats in Europe

The leader of the Liberal Democrat political party is urging increased parliamentary representation for the 1.2 million British expatriates living in EU member states. LibDem leader Tim Farron is suggesting new constituencies with their own members of parliament should be drawn up in order to represent British expat communities across... Expats Blog -

US expat survey notes increasing dissatisfaction with US government

The latest version of an annual US expat survey has revealed a growing number of respondents are unhappy with their government. The US Expat Opinion Survey was based on expats' feelings about taxes, the 2016 presidential election, government representation, citizenship renunciation and more, including the new guy in the White House and... Expats Blog -

Thailand worlds deadliest country for motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are the Thai choice for personal transport, but the countryâ??s annual total of accidents and fatalities involving two wheels is the highest in the world. For the majority of Thais as well as a huge number of tourists and expats, motorcycles provide a practical, inexpensive mode of transport both in the countryside and in the... Expats Blog -

Survey shows favourite countries for expat professionals

Uncertainly about where to relocate is beginning to haunt expatsâ?? lives, but some countries are still attractive for professionals determined to make the move. Immigration issues are causing uncertainty in many former expat hubs including the USA and UK, but determined expat professionals can still find a home for their talents and... Expats Blog -

EU demands lifetime protection for all expats rights

The EU is demanding a lifetime guarantee of rights for all expats affected by Brexit. The demand was made as part of the EUâ??s negotiation directives, and is focused on the rights and status of all expat citizens and their families, both in the UK and in the 27 EU member states. Safeguarding those likely to be affected due to... Expats Blog -

UK expats in UAE speak out on Manchester terrorist bombing

British expats living and working in the Gulf States are appalled and saddened by the news of the devastating Manchester terrorism attack. The suicide bomb attack is being considered by many to be the worst of the many terror attacks in the UK, simply because of the number of deaths and the fact that the British-born bomber deliberately... Expats Blog -

UK expats still disallowed from voting in general election

Last October, the British government promised British expats whoâ??d lived overseas for more than 15 years they would be able to vote in the next general election. Next monthâ??s shock UK general election is perhaps one of the most significant of the past several decades, as itâ??s clearly linked to Britainâ??s divorce from the EU. In... Expats Blog -

SEC probe hits international FA firm targeting UK expat pension pots

An international financial advice firm specialising in targeting British expatsâ?? pension funds and investments is now being investigated by the USA Securities and Exchange Commission. The DeVere Group has long been active in retirement destinations favoured by expats from the UK, with its high fees and aggressive marketing tactics... Expats Blog -

Court Revisits Willful Requirement in Applying Enhanced FBAR Penalties

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA A recent U.S. District court case has again shone a spotlight on the lack of a clear statutory or regulatory definition of “willful” for purposes of applying the more severe penalties for failure to file the FBAR. Show More Summary

Taking your dog with you when relocating

Relocating expats whose dogs are a precious part of their lives need not be nervous about the process, as many world countries will make both of them welcome. Expats with much-loved dogs could be forgiven for panicking when itâ??s time to relocate to another job in another country, but thereâ??s no need to worry. The practicalities of... Expats Blog -

Expensive Asian cities worth the price for ambitious expats

The worldâ??s most expensive cities for expats are still regarded as dream destinations by ambitious professionals. Asia is the latest Shangri-la for international companies looking to expand their influence even further, although the average cost of living in the most favourable destinations is continuing to rise. Being posted to one of... Expats Blog -

British retirees in Spain face crisis over bad Brexit deal

An increasing number of elderly British retirees living along the Spanish coastline are already feeling the pinch and are terrified of a hard Brexit. For several decades, Spainâ??s Costa del Sol has been a favourite retirement hub for British state pensioners. Many chose the warm, inexpensive lifestyle over having to decide between heating... Expats Blog -

100 Expat Tips For Being Happy In Holland

1) Hug a tall Dutch person. 2) Embrace the language mistakes. 3) Say the word gezellig as much as possible. 4) Go to gay pride parade even if you are not gay. 5) Visit the inside of a windmill. 6) Talk in a silly Dutch accent. 7) Put Hagelslag on chocolate spread. Show More Summary

Buying your expat dream home in Canada

Canada is a popular choice for expats from across the world, with many deciding to buy a home rather than rent. For new expat arrivals in Canada, buying a home is a long-term, cost effective option to renting. The purchase programme is reasonably straightforward, and thereâ??s a great choice of varying locations with properties costing... Expats Blog -

Expat entrepreneurs in China crazy about WeChat

A user behaviour report by Chinaâ??s popular social media app WeChat has revealed itâ??s become an essential part of life for expat entrepreneurs, students and business owners. WeChatâ??s user report, revealed on Wednesday, is the result of a survey of the appâ??s millions of users and covers all its functions including its stickers and... Expats Blog -

Kuwaiti lawmaker calls for mass sacking of expatriate teachers

In yet another attack on Kuwaitâ??s expatriate community, a local lawmaker is calling for all foreign teachers to be sacked and replaced with Kuwaiti nationals. MP Osama al Shaheen believes there is now an urgent need to address the emirateâ??s demographic imbalance, suggesting that removing all foreign teachers would contribute strongly... Expats Blog -

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