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UAE Expats shortlived euphoria pver WhatsApp VoIP return

Expats in the UAE were over the moon last Thursday as formerly blocked WhatsApp free phone calls suddenly returned, but their jubilation was shortlived. Local UAE social media posts were the first to pick up on the return of free phone calls via the formerly popular WhatsApp VoIP service, with mobile phones buzzing all over the emirates... Expats Blog -

Research shows transfers from UK defined benefit pensions hit record highs

Transfers from UK defined benefit pension schemes now total a record amount of around 50 billion sterling, according to figures released by Mercers to the Financial Times. The total cash pulled from DB schemes since pension freedoms were brought in two years ago represents the pension savings of some 210,000 members of final salary... Expats Blog -

Expats join UK Brits offering free holidays to former Grenfell Tower residents

British friends Kay Gilbert and Angie Mays have set up an online initiative offering free holidays to victims of the Grenfell Tower inferno, with the offer also extended to members of the emergency services who risked their lives during the worst London fire since the blitz. Angie and Kay say they were motivated simply by a wish to help... Expats Blog -

Expats in Qatar see leave cancelled and travel restrictions imposed

Expats living and working in Qatar are being banned form leaving the country after their agreed holiday periods were cancelled. According to expat engineers and executives working at Qatar Petroleum, the ban and cancellations began just one day after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt severed all links with the emirate due to its... Expats Blog -

May offers EU citizens in UK chance to build up citizenship rights

Billed as a â??generous offerâ??, Theresa Mayâ??s Brexit statement on EU nationals in the UK gives those arriving lawfully before June 2019 the chance to build up similar rights to British citizens. The right to work and the right to claim healthcare and benefits will be offered to EU expats already in the UK and those who arrive before... Expats Blog -

Survey shows Gulf states rising costs of living

In spite of readjustments in their local economies, Abu Dhabi and Dubaiâ??s survey rankings have moved up, indicating more expense for expats in the region. The Mercers cost of living survey found that Dubai had risen one point to 20th most expensive world city, with Abu Dhabi following on at 23rd, two points up from last yearâ??s study.... Expats Blog -

The Quest For Dutch Nationality

Technically I have been lying to you all for a very long time. Theoretically I have taken your trust and miss used it. I claim that I have been living in The Netherlands since 2001 but that is not true. To make matters worse it is a lie I didn’t even know I was telling. Show More Summary

Shifting global economy good news for expat living

The oil price crash combined with increasing global nationalism over the past year has caused the global economy to shift, thus decreasing the cost of living in London and other expensive expat destinations. As a result of the global changes, the latest survey of the worldâ??s most expensive cities has produced some surprising results... Expats Blog -

Massive increase in immigrants to New Zealand

New Zealandâ??s net immigration figures have hit an all-time high as 73,000 more arrive than leave. According to figures for the month of May 2017, immigrants are still flooding to New Zealand in increasing numbers, led by would-be expats from the UK and Australia as well as migrants from China. Las month's net migration figures show an... Expats Blog -

Expat fury as votes for life left out of Queens Speech

Despite its being a Tory party promise in the last two UK elections, the long-awaited expat â??votes for lifeâ?? was not included in the Queenâ??s Speech at the opening of the present parliament. The traditional Queenâ??s Speech, read out by the monarch at the opening of each new UK parliament, is somewhat of a misnomer as itâ??s written... Expats Blog -

Kuwaiti doctor speaks out on blaming expats

Expats tired of being blamed for the emirateâ??s demographic imbalances will appreciate a recent statement protesting their innocence by a prominent Kuwaiti doctor. Honesty seems to have been the best policy for Dr Adel al Ibrahim, whose hard-hitting statement in todayâ??s Kuwait Times tells it like it is regarding attacks on the expat... Expats Blog -

Survey shows advantages of expat life in Vietnam

Would-be expats keen to experience the road less travelled could find Vietnam is the answer to their dreams of a totally different lifestyle. Known as the â??Land of the Rising Dragonâ?? and Southeast Asiaâ??s only Communist state, Vietnam doesnâ??t immediately spring to mind as a haven for Western expats and entrepreneurs. However, a... Expats Blog -

Mass exodus of Brits from Valencia as Brexit negotiations start

Around 20 per cent of the British expat community in the Spanish city of Valencia have already returned to the UK rather than wait to hear the results of the Brexit negotiations. The exodus has mostly taken place over the year following the Brexit referendum, headed up by a number of British expats whoâ??d already decided to return home... Expats Blog -

IRS Crackdown on Foreign Accounts and the Future of the Tax Amnesty Programs

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA With the recent heavy focus on Congress and the Trump’s administration’s tax reform proposals, it can be easy to forget that the IRS continues to proactively crackdown on offshore tax evasion. Show More Summary

Hong Kong expat exodus opens doors for Chinese investment bankers

Two decades after the Hong Kong archipelago was given back to China, investment bankers and financiers from the mainland are taking over as Western expats leave. Following an exodus of Western expat bankers, Hong Kongâ??s elite financial ranks are now being swollen by an influx of professionals from the Chinese mainland. Western banksâ??... Expats Blog -

Brexit impact on expat property owners

Brexit negotiations are now underway, but a lack of first-hand information on the UK governmentâ??s position is weighing heavily on UK expat property owners in EU member states. Divorce talks between the UK and the EU are now ongoing, with Brexit Secretary David Davis stating the UK is seeking a â??deal like no other in historyâ?? â??... Expats Blog -

Expats plight high on the agenda as Brexit talks kick in

EU expats in the UK and British expats living in EU member states are seeing their plight set at the top of the Brexit agenda. Britainâ??s EU divorce negotiations began Monday in Brussels, with both sides stating a reciprocal rights deal should be finalised as soon as is practicable. According to the UKâ??s Department for Exiting the... Expats Blog -

Chaos for expats departing Qatar due to shipping ban

Qatarâ??s ongoing sea blockade is making things difficult for expats leaving the emirate. As a result of the UAE ban on Qatari vessels, expats whoâ??ve planned to leave the emirate this summer are now unable to transport their possessions either by sea or by land. Many are trapped, with no option but to sell off their household goods and... Expats Blog -

Expat retirement in the UAE

As retirement approaches for expats working in the UAE, many would like to stay and enjoy their golden years in the place they now call home. At present, some eight thousand expats live and work in the UAE, with many long-stayers approaching their retirement dates but wishing to stay in the Emirates. After many years in the region, the UAE... Expats Blog -

Major expat howlers and how to avoid them

Taking on a new job in an unfamiliar environment for the first time is about as stressful as life gets, but itâ??s reassuring to be told that almost every new arrival makes the same, obvious mistakes. When newbie expatriates drop obvious cultural clangers, theyâ??re mostly forgiven by seasoned expat workers, simply because the blunders... Expats Blog -

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