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My Name is Bilal

This post was sent to me by the author's mother, who is a friend of mine here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her son, 25 year-old Bilal Raychouni, wrote this powerful letter to the current US President, in which he expresses himself and his feelings articulately in ways that Americans can understand what it's really like to be a Muslim today in the USA. Show More Summary

Expatriates deserting Beijing for commuter belt small towns

Rocketing real estate prices, overall cost of living increases, poor air quality and the chaos of the massive Chinese capital are resulting in an expat exodus to commuter belt towns 30kms and more away. For many Western expat working in Beijing, the cityâ??s soaring cost of living is becoming unsustainable on average wages. The giant city... Expats Blog -

Expats in Singapore should go for shorter rental leases

Singapore is an all-time popular expat professional destination for its modernity, ultra-cool image and fantastic food, but new arrivals are being advised to take short-term rental leases rather than committing to several years in the same city location. The single, most important downside to Singapore is its incredibly expensive cost of... Expats Blog -

Saudization and poor economic growth spells disaster for Western expats

Slowing economic growth and increasing Saudization are hitting hard on expats in the Kingdom. For several decades, a white-collar expatriate job in Saudi Arabia has been seen as a path to wealth and a luxurious lifestyle as well as a sure way for career advancement. Since the dramatic fall in oil prices and the upswing in Saudization,... Expats Blog -

UK expats forced back home by Brexit may not have NHS coverage

British MPs have been told UK expat returnees post-Brexit may not be allowed immediate access to the National Health Service. Once Britain leaves the EU and cancels the reciprocal EU health scheme coverage, British pensioners may be forced to return to the UK but may not be entitled to immediate treatment via the National Health Service.... Expats Blog -

Cambridge University database to inform UK expats on Brexit progress

As a much-needed response to confusing media coverage and the lack of concrete information from the UK government, Cambridge University researchers are creating a factual information database aimed at keeping UK expats in the EU informed about the Brexit process. The new initiative will contain reliable and timely information in order to... Expats Blog -

New media and lobbying campaign attempts to force FATCA repeal

A Washington-based campaign headed up by Nigel Green, CEO of the controversial De Vere financial advisory and insurance group, is attempting to force repeal of Obamaâ??s unpopular US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Virtually unknown to the majority of the American public, FATCA has been the cause of havoc in the global financial... Expats Blog -

Didi to offer expat aimed English language ride sharing app by summer

Expats in China who were devastated when Uber removed its English language interface after its sale to Didi can take heart that ride-sharing will again be a reaiity in the near future. Some three months after Uber was taken over by Didi Chuxing, its English language interface, ability to work overseas and option to pay with credit cards... Expats Blog -

Private dental insurance a must for expats in China

Relocating to many world destinations is easy of thereâ??s a job waiting, together with housing, health and other packages, but itâ??s not so straightforward if youâ??re going it alone. Many independent expats are now aware of the need to research healthcare standards in their chosen country, with a good number deciding on private health... Expats Blog -

Expat property investors routinely rejected by UK mortgage brokers

At a time when sterling is falling against a basket of foreign currencies, British expats wishing to invest in UK property are being routinely refused mortgages. The recent sharp rise in interest in UK properties by British citizens working overseas is being fuelled by the falling pound and is resulting in increased interest in cheaper... Expats Blog -

Survey reveals expatriate feelings about Japanese heathcare

A recent survey involving expatriates working in Japan rates the Japanese heathcare system as better and less expensive than healthcare in their home countries. Just over half the respondents to the Japan Times online survey were more than happy with Japanese healthcare provisions, rating the service higher than that of heathcare in their... Expats Blog -

Multiple reports claim post Brexit expats legal status a mess

As the legal problems facing UK and EU expats after Brexit become more acute, multiple media reports suggest the British government will face huge headaches. UK citizens living in EU member states as well as EU nationals in Britain are due to be mired in a terrifying legal quagmire as regards their rights, according to the Financial Times.... Expats Blog -

Expats in Kuwait protest law restricting them to thre private hospitals

Legal experts and politicians as well as affected expats are criticising Kuwaitâ??s new law restricting expat healthcare to just three private hospitals. Kuwaitâ??s new law obliges expats working in the emirateâ??s private sector to use only heathcare provided by three named hospitals, but politicians and lawyers are saying the rule is a... Expats Blog -

EU expats in UK without private health insurance denied residence permits

As if getting residency in the UK post-referendum wasnâ??t tricky and time-consuming enough, EU expats desperate to stay in the UK post-Brexit are now being told theyâ??ve been refused because they havenâ??t bought private health insurance. A little-known piece of legislation requiring EU citizens to purchase private health insurance is... Expats Blog -

Singapore scores as favourite UK expat professional destination

The city-state of Singapore is again hitting the headlines as the best destination for relocating expat professionals. Singapore has long been a hub for UK expatriates seeking high salaries, first-world amenities and opportunities to develop their careers, and is a high scorer in related surveys as a result. The latest survey by an... Expats Blog -

Spanish PM believes UK expat rights can be preserved

In spite of Mayâ??s January rebuttal by EU leaders over UK expat rights, the Spanish Prime Minister still believes a deal to protect Britons wishing to remain in the country post-Brexit can be achieved. Following last weekâ??s report that Spain is luring wealthy expats with generous deals in the hope the revenue will make up for the loss... Expats Blog -

Tax Court Upholds Penalties on Expat Who Failed to Disclose Foreign Corporations

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA In a new decision, the Tax Court upheld heavy penalties imposed by the IRS on a U.S. expat taxpayer who failed to report his ownership in two foreign corporations.  The decision certainly serves...Show More Summary

Americans in Japan join to fight against Trumpism

As the political chaos in the White House continues, American citizens living overseas are rejecting the Trump administration and getting together to fight against its possible consequences. Whilst Americans in the home country are becoming aware that all is not normal at the top of the Washington political tree, US expats living overseas... Expats Blog -

UK expat frozen pensions still under fire in Australia

In spite of many legal and political knock-backs, the fight against the British governmentâ??s stance on frozen pensions is still alive and kicking in Australia. The disgrace of frozen pensions has continued over many years, with many thousands of elderly UK long-stay expats living overseas being forced into increasing poverty by the rule.... Expats Blog -

Crime spree targets expat businesses in Marbella

British expats living and working in the popular resort of Marbella are pressing local police for information about a recent and still ongoing crime wave. Laura Tona, owner of a local sex shop, is the tenth victim of an organised gang active in the area over the past three months. During the break-in, nothing was taken, but others have... Expats Blog -

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