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Nationwide International closure narrows expats offshore bank choice

Nationwide International, the offshore branch of the well-known high street chain, will close some time in the summer. The closure of the offshore bank is certain to hit thousands of expats, as the brand is popular with retirees living overseas as well as expat workers. Shutting down of customer accounts is already in progress, giving... Expats Blog -

EU expats in UK at risk of deliberate government hostility post Brexit

Leading immigration lawyers are sending a disturbing message suggesting possible deliberate governmental hostility to EU citizens living and working in Britain after Brexit. According to the Guardian, an immigration specialist lawyer with London firm Kingsley Napley is suggesting the possibility of a nightmare scenario for expats in the UK... Expats Blog -

Kuwaiti MP demands special debate over increasing expat numbers

A Kuwaiti opposition MP is to demand a special debate on the demographic dangers resulting from the high level of expat numbers in the emirate. Opposition MP Abdulkarim al Kandari is collecting signatures from other MPs in order to force a debate on the so-called dangers of allowing an ever-increasing number of expats to enter the... Expats Blog -

Student video defines expat reasons for loving Thailand

An award-winning video depicting Thai university studentsâ?? views of why expats come to Thailand is causing smiles amd a few raised eyebrows within the countryâ??s expat community. The group of five Communication Arts students from Lampangâ??s Nation University won the coveted 50,000 Thai baht prize in a government-sponsored competition... Expats Blog -

Expats watch and hope as more Brexit legal challenges are launched

Courts in Ireland and the British high court are set to hear two fresh challenges to Brexit as it's being put forward by Theresa May and her cronies. Expats are following the chaotic government manoeuvres and the various attempts to either reverse the referendum result or ameliorate its effects on their lives. The two latest challenges... Expats Blog -

Scottish expats work to feed refugees in freezing Budapest

The severe cold weather in Europe is hitting hardest on refugees and the homeless, but a group of Scottish expats are doing their best to help. Dozens have already died in the life-threatening -19 Celsius freeze, many of whom were refugees from the Middle East or homeless Hungarians. Unable to watch the suffering without attempting to do... Expats Blog -

Ten Awkward Situations for Expats Living in Holland

1) Getting the words gefeliciteerd and gecondoleerd mixed up. One means congratulations. The other means condolences. You can get away with the mistake at a birthday party but not at a funeral. 2) Accidentally buying vla instead of milk and only discovering the mistake when you are serving tea to guests (and the resulting splosh lands in their laps). Show More Summary

New study offers clues to successful expat hirings

A new study has identified which character traits are common to expats with successful careers overseas. Many professionals and entrepreneurs are keen to try their luck as expats in countries across the world, but many donâ??t succeed and are forced to return to their home countries for a rethink. A recent study has identified the... Expats Blog -

Tremlett petition may give hope to long term UK expats in Spain

Long-term British expats in Spain are watching in hope that Giles Tremlettâ??s efforts on their behalf will succeed. As the information-starved Brexit saga rumbles on, British expats living in Spain are stuck in no-manâ??s land with no-one to turn to for answers. Long-term Brit residents originally came to EU member state Spain with the... Expats Blog -

Can UK expats rely on state pension to cover bills

The UK state pension is one the most ungenerous in the developed world, forcing many British retirees to relocate in order to take advantage of lower costs of living elsewhere in Europe or Asia. Taking into account that UK pensions are frozen unless the relocation is to countries whose governments have an agreement with the UK, even those... Expats Blog -

Expats make a difference for Estepona stray dogs

A dedicated team of expat dog-lovers are working together to rehabilitate and rehome Esteponaâ??s stray dogs. Spain is just one of several Mediterranean countries with a stray dog problem, a situation which causes distress to UK expats whoâ??ve been brought up with the saying â??a dog is for life, not just for Christmasâ??. As a result,... Expats Blog -

UAE expats rush to relocate currency as pound falls again

Following yet another fall in the value of sterling on Wednesday, British expats working in the UAE rushed to transfer funds back to the UK. Sterling fell a further 0.7 per cent against the US dollar, the local currency to which the dollar is pegged, starting a rush by UK expats to send even more money back home and causing remittance... Expats Blog -

British expat retirees not responsible for failing NHS

In spite of the perceived wisdom that elderly Brit expats are wrecking the NHS, aided and abetted by EU pensioners living in the UK, figures show the vast majority use heathcare provided by their countries of residence. Using numbers provided via a freedom of information request, the BBC has published an article with figures proving that... Expats Blog -

Expats in UAE to undergo criminal record checks

The UAE parliament is expected to make a favourable decision regarding the need for expatriate workers to undergo criminal record checks. Security checks for criminal records are about to become the norm for expats working in the UAE after the scheme was approved in principle by the emiratesâ?? cabinet. The move is believed to be a result... Expats Blog -

Anti Brexit movement ramping up in the UK and abroad

As parliament dithers and no clarification has yet been received on the Supreme Courtâ??s judgement, resistance to Brexit as a done deal is growing in the UK as well as in British expat communities across Europe. As protest groups continue forming in major European expat destinations, EU expats living in the UK are getting together in... Expats Blog -

Exiting EU Committee to hear rights retention arguments from expat group

January 18 will see the formal recognition of a group fighting for Brit expatsâ?? rights after Brexit when their evidence is given to the Exiting EU Committee. The committee, chaired by MP Hilary Benn, will hear that UK expats in Spain are living in fear of Brexitâ??s effects on their lives. According to the Olive Press, the Madrid-based... Expats Blog -

Kuwaiti MP hits out at expat right to change employers

Expat professionals working in Kuwait are under attack again regarding their right to change employers and residence permits. Kuwaiti MP Mubarak al Hajraf is being quoted in the Arab Times as attacking his government for not nationalising the jobs market as a tool to assist Kuwaitization of the workforce. Other oil-producing states are,... Expats Blog -

Austrian idiosyncrasies and their effects on expats

In general, expats in Austria are more than happy to be there, but some local habits can cause frustration in the overseas community. Expats across the world are the first to admit that nowhereâ??s perfect, with those living in Austria finding the locals welcoming, helpful and supportive. Even so, some Austrian habits can cause... Expats Blog -

Lifestyle changes for expats in Italy

Italyâ??s ancient culture is one of the many reasons why itâ??s popular with long-stay expats, but living the Italian dream can result in serious lifestyle changes. Italy is a draw for many would-be expats disenchanted with their countries of origin, with its milder weather, ancient history, wealth of delicious foods and laidback lifestyle... Expats Blog -

Expats and retirees paid in sterling feel exchange rate pinch

The shocking decline in the value of the pound sterling against major currencies is hitting UK expat pensioners as well as expats working overseas and being paid in sterling. The majority of UK expats are either retirees drawing pensions originating in the UK or professionals working on overseas contracts including sterling payments. Both... Expats Blog -

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