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My First Attempt At Dutch Lessons

When I first attempted to learn Dutch (back in 2001) I took up the offer of a free course from my employer. The Dutch lessons took place twice a week, an hour before work, in a meeting room in the office basement. The office itself was an old Dutch bank which added to the strange atmosphere. Show More Summary

Expat educators in Kuwait to be replaced by Kuwaiti nationals

Beginning in the 2017/2018 education year, the Kuwaiti Education Ministry will replace 25 per cent of its expat workers with Kuwaiti nationals. The purge will stop all recruitment of expat teachers whose specialities are covered by Kuwaitis. According to the Arab Times, the names of more than 450 teachers and 150 technical supervisors and... Expats Blog -

US citizens discover the advantages of moving abroad

With increasing numbers of disenchanted US citizens making the move to overseas locations, itâ??s no surprise that most find their lifestyles and living costs are far better than in the home country. Media reports of an increase in the number of Americans desperate to emigrate after the Trump inauguration are prompting stories of actual... Expats Blog -

US expats with IRS tax debt to lose passports

New IRS rules introduced earlier this year mean that Americans living overseas who have unresolved tax debts will no longer be allowed passport renewals. According to the IRS website, certification of details of US citizens with seriously delinquent tax debts is now to be passed to the State Department. Those in this situation will not be... Expats Blog -

Portugal named top of world retirement hubs

Already a favourite holiday and relocation destination for the British, Portugal has been named as the top retirement hub on the planet for three years running. Well-known expat relocation website Live and Invest Overseas considers the attractions of the country to be the perfect draw for retirees, especially single women. The Algarve is... Expats Blog -

New poll shows four out of five UK expats live in fear of Brexit effect

Survey shows 80 per cent of respondents fear for their post Brexit lives. A survey initiated by the Brussels and Europe Lib Dem group reveals that the vast majority of respondents are living in fear of the devastating effect of Brexit on their families and their lives. The survey, taken by 5,170 Britons living in EU member states, took... Expats Blog -

One million signatures needed for push to legalise EU passports to UK expats

The UK expat campaign group Bremain in Spain is joining forces with Choose Freedom Campaign in promoting a European Citizens Initiative seeking a million EU citizensâ?? signatures. Active in fighting for UK expatsâ?? rights to remain in Spain after Brexit is finalised, Bremain in Spain spokesperson Sue Wilson told the Olive Press the move... Expats Blog -

Best Chinese cities for expat alternatives to Beijing

Expats wishing to settle themselves in China but who donâ??t like the idea of Beijingâ??s smog, crowds and fast, expensive pace of living might like to consider a few smaller, more laid back Chinese cities. Whilst Beijing is Chinaâ??s expat hub for foreign starts-ups and lifestyles, not every new arrival in this ancient land wants to... Expats Blog -

Spain concentrating on wealthy investors to replace UK expats

Serious concerns about their post-Brexit positions in Spain are forcing an increasing number of UK expats to sell their homes and relocate. The double whammy of Brexit and the falling sterling exchange rate is resulting in many UK expats being forced to give up their chosen lifestyles and sell their Spanish homes. Since the referendum... Expats Blog -

Leaked EU document warns backlash against UK expats overseas

As the British governmentâ??s total lack of commitment to the plight of UK expats overseas and EU expats in the UK continues, applications for UK permanent residency continue to soar. A leaked EU document is warning the British governmentâ??s poor treatment of EU expats in the UK could well result in a concerted backlash against British... Expats Blog -

Record number of US expats renounced citizenship in 2016

From a record high in 2015 of 4,279, US expats giving up citizenship and returning their passports surged to 5,411 in 2016, setting a new record. The figures issued by the US Treasury Department show annual increases for the past four years and are thought to be tied to increased activity by the Internal Revenue Serviceâ??s hunt for... Expats Blog -

Costa Blanca expats meet with British Consul over Brexit

British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris has been touring locations across Spain in an attempt to keep worried Uk expats informed about Brexit. At a meeting in Playa Flamenca Town Hall, Morris did her best to reassure concerned British nationals. but admitted there is much she doesn't know as yet about the progress of Brexit negotiations and... Expats Blog -

Scots couple take the 44,000 mile high road from Australia through 35 countries

A Scots couple returning home after spending 11 years living in Australia are taking the self-drive scenic route and visiting 35 countries on the way. After some years working in Australiaâ??s banking and finance sector, Phil and Lisa Armstrong decided it was time to return to Scotland. Unlike most homesick expats whose first priority is... Expats Blog -

A Flamingo in Italy

The site is still a work in progress, but you can follow my new adventures in Italy at A Flamingo in Italy. The best way to keep up is to subscribe through email. Then you get a message in your … Continue reading ?

Financial mistakes to avoid when emigrating

Moving overseas, whether itâ??s for a new job or retirement, is challenging at best and terrifying at worst, but care and common sense can make sure financial errors donâ??t ruin the entire experience. The majority of those intending to stay overseas for a good while are stuck with the necessity of packing and shipping their personal... Expats Blog -

US expats wait on Trump to keep his FATCA repeal promise

Expat members of lobby group Republicans Abroad as well as their Democrat countrymen are waiting to hear whether The Donald will keep his campaign promise to repeal the unpopular FATCA tax reporting laws. The brainchild of former president Barack Obama, FATCA was introduced in its full form in 2014, with the overall result that American... Expats Blog -

Top financial talent set to flee London for Ireland

The Republic or Irelandâ??s capital, Dublin, is expecting a surge in the number of wealthy expats fleeing the UK after Brexit. For those wishing to remain in an EU member state without having to learn another language, Ireland is the natural alternative and is being talked up by relocation agents as a destination for EU and UK... Expats Blog -

Finland tops survey for expat kids education

One of the most important aspects of moving overseas en famille is the childrensâ?? safety, education and quality of life. Expat parents looking to settle in an unfamiliar country in order to take up a new job or start a small business need to put their childrensâ?? welfare high on the list of preferences. Finding a good, affordable... Expats Blog -

Cambodia surpassing Thailand as expat Shangri La

Overshadowed for years by its next door neighbour Thailand, Cambodia is coming into its own as the preferred destination for expats looking for friendliness, natural beauty, an inexpensive cost of living and straightforward visas. Famed for decades for its spectacular Angkor Wat temples, Cambodia has drawn tourists to its mostly unspoiled... Expats Blog -

Top expat professionals deserting Abu Dhabi as economy falters and costs rise

Once the holy grail for top expat professionals, Abu Dhabiâ??s stuttering economy is now the cause of an exodus of the brightest and best. Top-paying jobs in the emirate were the most sought-after employment prizes for top bankers and other expat professionals during the oil boom at the turn of the 21st century, Nowadays itâ??s a totally... Expats Blog -

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