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Speculoos Biscuits

A few days ago my wife and I were in a show room arranging what the new kitchen for our yet-to-be-built house will look like. We had to get up pretty early and the process took most of the morning but luckily there was a steady supply of tea to keep us going. Each cup […] The post Speculoos Biscuits appeared first on Invading Holland.

Wordless Wednesday: Plompetorengracht

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Misty Morning Walk

I used to joke about taking Pippo on “death marches”, when we’d go for extra long walks around town. This morning, Charlie was the one who took me on a death march. There was no stopping him today. Though for … Continue reading ?

Foto Vrijdag: Reflections in a Window

I used to do a weekly Foto Vrijdag (Photo Friday) thing, but that morphed into Wordless Wednesday. Maybe now I’ll do both. This was a reflection of the Domtoren and part of the Pausdam in a window early this morning. … Continue reading ?

Morning Light

I remember taking a similar picture not that long after moving here, when I would take Pippo out in the mornings. The light on this section of the Wittevrouwensingel is often like this in the morning. Slightly misty and dreamy, … Continue reading ?

Charlie and the Golden Calf

The annual Nederlands Film Festival is going on right now, and since the Stadschouwburg is undergoing renovation, the Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) statue has been moved to Neude this year. Neude has always been one of the spots for the … Continue reading ?

Introducing Charlie

So, a few of you noticed that I haven’t blogged in quite a while. I appreciate you reaching out and apologize for not responding directly. I’m ok, but various things meant that I had no desire to blog and didn’t … Continue reading ?

Land Owner

I think I might be an adult… Yesterday we signed some papers and now I own a house, a whole house with a roof, walls, doors and other house like bits. As far as responsible adult like actions go this is quite a big one. The only problem is that the house does not actually […] The post Land Owner appeared first on Invading Holland.

Een Beetje Moeilijk

A few days ago I was sitting on the sofa with my (almost) three year old daughter Sophie as we watched one of her favourite children’s shows. It’s called ‘Chuggington – Medaille Race’ and features talking trains who try to do good deeds every day to earn badges. I’m not quite sure if it’s teaching […] The post Een Beetje Moeilijk appeared first on Invading Holland.

Emotional Reactions

The Five Emotional Stages of trying to understand a Dutch conversation This cartoon first appeared in the September/October edition of DUTCH:The Magazine The post Emotional Reactions appeared first on Invading Holland.

How To Spot Tourists in Amsterdam

The post How To Spot Tourists in Amsterdam appeared first on Invading Holland.

The Chiropractor Gods Are Angry

I think I made the Chiropractor Gods angry with my last post. Two days after sharing the story (of the bizarre chiropractor ad) I woke up from a normal night’s sleep and discovered that I could not move. Technically I could move if I chose to, but since doing so caused me incredible back pain […] The post The Chiropractor Gods Are Angry appeared first on Invading Holland.

Review: The Novice: Why I Became a Buddhist Monk, Why I Quit, and What I Learned

Stephen Schettini has written another Buddhist memoir, The Novice, to add to my list of Westerners writing in this sub-genre. This book carries some of the main themes I have already noted in my extensive reading of Western Buddhist memoirs (see post). His book reveals themes that are consistent with other Western monastic tales. He […]

Dhamma Talks of Ajahn Gavesako

The dhamma talks of Ajahn Gavesako can be found in three books published by the Maya Gotami Foundation. Two are separate volumes of dhamma talks titled A Fragrance of Dhamma. And the third is a well-illustrated book titled The Seven Practices of a Healthy Mind. The Seven Practices of a Healthy Mind focuses on happiness […]

Review: Practicing the Jhanas: Traditional Concentration Meditation as Presented by the Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw

Practicing the Jhanas by Stephen Snyder and Tina Rasmussen is a typical, practical meditation guidebook with a unique (for many modern English-speaking practitioners) set of instructions—the ancient Samadhi practices of absorption meditation or the jhanas. In the foreward to this book, the well-known Pa Auk Sayadaw writes that this book he hopes will be a […]

Review: American Buddhism as a Way of Life

American Buddhism as a Way of Life by Gary Storhoff and John Whalen-Bridge is part of the SUNY University Press series on Buddhism and American culture. These editors are not Buddhist Studies scholars but rather English professors who also have published SUNY’s The Emergence of Buddhist North American Literature. American Buddhism as a Way of […]

Review: Turning the Wheel of Truth

Ajahn Sucitto’s recent Turning the Wheel of Truth: Commentary on the Buddha’s First Teaching by Shambhala Publications follows a recent trend of scriptural commentaries for the modern reader. However, this commentary is different in that it is not about meditation or the intricacies of the Buddha’s teachings on practice, but rather it is a commentary […]

Wordless Wednesday: A Whole Lotta Architecture

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Wordless Wednesday: Dog Days of Summer

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A Dutch Guide to Camping

During the summer months (or at least the part of summer that has good weather) the highways of Holland become filled with caravans as Dutch people make their way to camp sites all over the country (and nearby countries if they have enough petrol). The Dutch love to go camping but it is not camping […] The post A Dutch Guide to Camping appeared first on Invading Holland.

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