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What Is Rokjesdag?

In the Netherlands there is only one true way to know when Spring has arrived. It is not the blooming of the first tulip or the birth of the first baby duckling. It is quite simply Rokjesdag. Rokjesdag (also known as skirt day) is the name given to the first day of the year when […] The post What Is Rokjesdag? appeared first on Invading Holland.

Pesticide Deaths in KSA: "It's Allah's Will..."

One day when we left our apartment shortly after to moving to Saudi Arabia, we were engulfed by a thick misty smoke-like fog. I suddenly couldn't breathe. I quickly covered my mouth and nose with my scarf. My husband was furious as he knew all too well what it was. Show More Summary

One Last Nijntje

On the Jaarbeurs side of the train station there was yet another Nijntje on parade last summer. She had a view of the recently completed new town hall building. This splatter version of Nijntje (called Nijntje!) was by Jurriaan van … Continue reading ?

Oma Nijn

I never finished posting some of the Nijntje statues that were dotted around the city last summer as part of the celebration of Nijntje’s (Miffy’s) 60th birthday. Seeing as today is Easter, I thought today might be a good day … Continue reading ?

Dutch Easter Egg Hunt

Dutch Easter Egg Hunt This cartoon first appeared in the March/April edition of DUTCH:The Magazine The post Dutch Easter Egg Hunt appeared first on Invading Holland.

Yanbu Flower Festival 2016

The 10th Annual Yanbu Flowers and Gardens Festival is in full swing and is scheduled to end next weekend, unless it is extended as it has been in years past. The entrance reminds me of Universal Studios or Epcot Center, with a big globe of flowers with "Flower Festival" written around it. Show More Summary

Things I’ve Learned from Ten Years of Blogging

Ten years ago today I made the very first post on Invading Holland. Wow! Ten years! Please forgive me if I freak out a little bit for a moment. I can’t believe that I’ve been writing this blog for ten years already. Even writing that sentence does not seem real. Show More Summary

Trijn van Leemput

In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d do a quick post about Trijn van Leemput. She’s considered a heroine of the 80 Years War against Spain, particularly here in Utrecht. The story revolves around the Vredenburg fortress that … Continue reading ?

Invading Holland T-Shirts Available in Shops Now

Exciting news! You can now walk into a physical shop and buy a physical Invading Holland T-Shirt for your physical body. During the month of March I’ll be taking part in what has become known as Loppisstores, rent your own table. Loppis...Show More Summary

Frisian Independence

Dear people of Holland, As you know I successfully declared myself the king of your country sometime ago. This happened when I put up flyers around Amsterdam announcing the news and no one objected (thus making it official). It has been sometime since my last royal update so allow me to issue the following news. Show More Summary

The Great Speculoos Mystery: Part 4

…………………………. Case File #113d …………………………. My secret admirer mysterious speculoos supplier has struck again. I arrived at work one morning this week to discover another surprise gift on my desk. Last time it was a jar of Speculoos spread...Show More Summary

Wordless Wednesday: Cathedral Colors

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Message In A Bottle

Most regular readers will already know that about a year ago my wife and I moved up to Friesland. At the time of the move we had got as far as buying an empty field but it was still going to be a few months until a house was built on it. Not wanting to […] The post Message In A Bottle appeared first on Invading Holland.

Translating My Dutch Father-In-Law #1

My Dutch Father-In-Law is extremely enthusiastic about speaking English. He’ll dive into an English sentence with the kind of fearless confidence I wish I had when speaking Dutch. It’s the kind of fearlessness where sentence structure, past/presence tense and pronunciation do not matter. Show More Summary

Top 100 International Exchange and Expat Blogs

This is just a quick update to let you know that Invading Holland has been nominated for the Top 100 International Exchange and Expat Blogs of 2016 (or IX16 for short). If you would like to vote for Invading Holland or one of the other great blogs on the list it’s very easy. Show More Summary


Knowing my luck it will now freeze enough for there to actually be an Elfstedentocht this year since I’ve drawn this cartoon (which, by the way, first appeared in the January/February edition of DUTCH:The Magazine). The post Elfstedentocht appeared first on Invading Holland.

My New Year’s Expat Resolutions

We’re already three weeks into the New Year which means we are passed the point where you can comfortably still wish people ‘Happy New Year’ without them giving you a strange look in return. It’s also far enough into the New Year that...Show More Summary

Frozen in Friesland

This week I found myself suddenly trapped in Friesland as snow and ice descended upon the province, transforming it in to Freezeland. Our first warning of the approaching winter weather had actually happened on the Sunday, a full day...Show More Summary


Metaphorically speaking, if any group of people in the world epitomizes the West African proverb "Speak softly and carry a big stick," which was popularized by Teddy Roosevelt, it is the women of the GCC countries.If you have any doubt...Show More Summary

A Taste of New Orleans in Utrecht

This morning, before lethargy and two jobs could distract me, Charlie and I headed out to the market at Vredenburg in search of some okra. I knew that there used to be a vegetable stall there that always had okra, … Continue reading...

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