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Totals of UK expat pensioners winter fuel payments slashed following crackdown

The recent crackdown on payment of winter fuel allowances to UK expat pensioners living overseas has resulted in the total cost of providing the benefit falling by two-thirds. The British governmentâ??s bill for winter fuel payments to pensioners living outside the UK has fallen dramatically since new rules for its entitlement were brought... Expats Blog -

Hints on healthy living in your expat paradise

Whether youâ??re a retiree, an expat professional, a backpacker or just looking for a permanent change of scenery, itâ??s wise to look out for common illnesses and their causes in your chosen destination. No-one expects to move to a new country and find themselves in an unfamiliar hospital being treated for a local bug, but it does happen... Expats Blog -

Survey suggests a city for every type of expat

The difference and diversity of the worldâ??s most popular cities means there is one perfect urban retreat for every potential expat. Expats come in all shapes, colours and desires, with finding the dream destination especially important as it ensures the expat experience is all it can be. Each world city has its own original sense of... Expats Blog -

Research shows international schools hard hit by oil price crash

Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern international schools are facing an enrolment crisis due to the drastic fall in oil prices. Redundancies as well as shortened contracts in expat professional hubs are expected to have an unprecedented effect on enrolment in international schools. The Middle East is predicted to be worst hit, as contracts... Expats Blog -

Happy International Peace Day

Today is International Peace Day. A few years ago, Utrecht held some special events, which included a bunch of balloons with a Dick Bruna-designed peace logo. World Peace Is Possible. I certainly hope so! Be kind to everyone today (and … Continue reading ?

Thailand Tourism Authority holds Bangkok event to attract more expats

The Expat 2016 fair is due to take place in Bangkok on October 1 and 2, aimed at attracting more expats as well as wealthy tourists. The Tourist Authority of Thailand, (TAT), better known for its imaginative predictions of massive increases in tourist numbers, is holding a two-day event in Bangkok aimed at attracting more long-stay expats... Expats Blog -

US expat activists hoping expat voters will tip the election

As polls continue to predict a tight finish for the US presidential election, activists on both sides believe expat voters can make all the difference. Expat Americans living overseas are a massive, mostly untapped reservoir of voters numbering in their millions, the majority of whom rarely, if ever, bother to vote. Activists from both... Expats Blog -

91 year old UK pensioner in Canada fights for pension indexing

One of the 150,000 British state pensioners living as expats in Canada is carrying on her fight to have frozen pensions outlawed. Anne Puckridge served her country during the Second World War, receiving two medals for her exceptional contribution to the war effort, but is now living on a knife edge due to the British governmentâ??s refusal... Expats Blog -

New Oz rules for pension cap to affect UK expats

A confirmed Australian government rule change has raised the lifetime pension contribution limits to $1.6 million, and is likely to complicate pension planning for UK expats. After scrapping a previous plan aimed at capping lifetime pension contributions at AU$500,000, the Australian government has done a u-turn and increased the cap to... Expats Blog -

Oman clamping down on work visas for female expat professionals

Female expat professionals whoâ??ve been offered jobs in Oman are either having to wait over a year to be approved or their visa applications are simply being refused. According to the Times of Oman, female professionals whoâ??ve applied for work visas in the Muslim country are facing long waits before the correct paperwork is provided,... Expats Blog -

Brexpats in Spain protest group expands to thousands of members

Whilst politicians in the UK fight over the effects and even the legitimacy of the Brexit referendum, a protest group in Spain has expanded to include thousands of UK expats. Begun several months ago in the Spanish town of Mijas, the group evolved almost overnight into â??Brexpats in Spainâ?? due to a huge response from UK expats across... Expats Blog -

Two dead and 20 injured in Indonesian fast ferry explosion

A modern, Australian-built fast ferryboat has exploded during a run between Bali and the island of Lombok. The Gili Cat ferryboat was carrying around 40 people when it blew up after smoke was seen pouring from its engine. Itâ??s not yet certain whether the dead and injured are all tourists holidaying in Bali or whether expats were caught... Expats Blog -

Oil price crash threatens Qatar economy and expat jobs

The effects of last yearâ??s dramatic fall in energy prices are now threatening to change the face of Qatar and the lives of both locals and expat workers. Qatarâ??s formerly thriving economy relied on its position as the worldâ??s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas until lower oil prices kicked in due to a surplus of the â??black... Expats Blog -

UK expats wanting snow as well as sun should head for Canada

For UK would-be expats with post-Brexit worries about settling in EU states, Canada is the perfect answer, especially if snow as well as sun is a requirement. The vast expanses of Canada are no strangers to Britons, as the first UK citizens arrived in the 15th century and have been arriving ever since. Nowadays, ultra-modern cities nestle... Expats Blog -

Practical help for new expat arrivals in Brussels

Brussels is a hotspot nowadays for professional expats from the UK, with settling in made easy via everything from a Welcome Desk to newsletters and practical guides. Settling in to a totally new environment is perhaps the most confusing aspect of becoming an expat, wherever in the world youâ??ve landed. Those heading for Brussels,... Expats Blog -

Expats in Hong Kong score bargain apartments with bad Feng Shui

Expats in Hong Kong have found the way to bag a bargain rental apartment is to find one where someone has recently died. Many traditionally superstitious Chinese strongly believe that when a death occurs in a private home, the result is bad Feng Shui or â??to put it in a Western context â?? the home will be haunted by the spirit of the... Expats Blog -

Furious British couple up sticks and move to Malta after Brexit result announced

One British couple were so incensed by the Leave victory in the Brexit referendum they immediately sold up, left the UK and are now permanently settled in Malta. Like many millions in the UK, Nigel Lippard and his Hong Kong-born wife Linda didnâ??t believe the Leave campaign had even half a chance of winning the June 23 Brexit referendum.... Expats Blog -

Expats in North Cyprus may get their evening entertainment back

Popular with tourists and a smaller number of expat residents than in the southern part of the island, North Cyprus was a desert last year as regards evening fun due to restrictions on visiting entertainers. Many Brits considering emigrating to Cyprus after their retirement kicks in may not even be aware that North Cyprus is also a... Expats Blog -

British expats in Spain say NO to Brexit

British expats in Spain are still reeling from the shock of the Brexit result, plus the fact theyâ??ve been left in limbo ever since. The strength of feeling and resentment against the chaos resulting from the referendum result is ramping up in Spainâ??s expat communities as time passes and no reassurances as to their status are being... Expats Blog -

New French universal heathcare system to benefit expats

Earlier this year, the French government introduced a new universal system giving automatic and continuous healthcare rights to permanent legal residents. The new Protection Universelle Maladie system is available to all permanent legal residents in France including expat retirees. To qualify, expats need to have been living in France for... Expats Blog -

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