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EU to restrict UK expats residency rights post Brexit

According to David Davis, the European Union is planning to restrict residency rights for British expats living in European member states once the Brexit divorce is finalised. In a report issued by the UKâ??s chief Brexit negotiator David Davis, the EUâ??s stance on Britons living in Europe will only allow the right to remain if expat... Expats Blog -

Cypriot expats in UK condemn media outlets for glorifying Northern Cyprus

Protest letters have been sent to two major UK media outlets over an article recommending holidays in Cyprusâ??s Turkish-held north. The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is as popular with holidaymakers as it is with British retirees â?? or at least the southern part of the island is. Since 1974, the northern region has remained in Turkish... Expats Blog -

What makes a successful expat

Personality traits are all-important to our view of life, with the qualities needed to make a success of the expat life not always the most obvious. Since humans first stood on two legs and found a comfortable cave for shelter, the need to broaden our horizons has ensured the raceâ??s spread throughout the entire world. Curiosity and... Expats Blog -

Stay or Go is UK retiree dilemma

EU member states and Spain in particular are still on the retirement agenda for UK would-be expats. Britons coming up on retirement are still favouring European destinations in spite of the uncertainty surrounding the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations. A recent survey has revealed one in every 10 UK citizens over 50 years of age is... Expats Blog -

Saudi dependents tax sees rents plunge and apartments empty

The newly introduced Saudi tax on expatsâ?? dependents is causing stress to landlords as many expats have opted to send their families home. Larger apartments are now being left empty, with â??to letâ?? signs appearing on the buildings. According to one rental agent, landlords are now being forced to use his companyâ??s services in order... Expats Blog -

UK expat retirees urged to do homework before emigrating

Spainâ??s position as an all-time favourite retirement haven for older Brits seeking sunshine and sangria is still unrivalled, but France, Italy, Portugal and Far East destinations such as the Philippines and Thailand are still getting attention. A recent survey of Britons approaching retirement has revealed the main attractions of... Expats Blog -

Buy to let loans even more popular with UK expat investors

Following on from last yearâ??s considerable increase in expat applications for buy to let mortgages, 2017â??s total to date is even higher. Over £500 millionsâ?? worth of enquiries for UK buy-to-let mortgages have been made to one lender since the beginning of this year. The amount represents a 130 per cent increase on the same period in... Expats Blog -

Expat international money transfers made easy

Wherever youâ??re working as an expat and however much youâ??re earning, you might need to transfer money back home. If youâ??re working overseas and supporting your family back in the home country, youâ??ll need to be able to make regular transfers without their costing you a fortune. The same goes for mortgage payments and savings... Expats Blog -

Number of US expats renouncing citizenship is soaring

In the first half of this year, over 3,000 UK expats cancelled their citizenship, an increase on the entire number in 2016. Last year, just 2,999 Americans abroad gave up on their country and renounced their citizenship. During the first two quarters of 2017, 3,000 more followed, indicating that increasing numbers of American expats are... Expats Blog -

Pension scams still a major concern for elderly expats

A new report reveals some five million older Britons have been approached by pension scammers, with one in every six handing over money. The shocking report, based on a survey issued by AgeUK, refers to UK-resident victims of fraudulent IFAs and so-called pension advisors, but its findings are equally relevant for UK expats living outside... Expats Blog -

Mongolia mining sector boom spurs luxury developments for expat professionals

Expat professionals in the mining sector are flocking to Mongoliaâ??s capital Ulaanbaatar, fuelling demand for high quality apartments. Due to vastly increased financial commitments by international mining conglomerates, Ulaanbaatar is becoming the latest boom-town destination for expat professionals in the sector. Following the collapse... Expats Blog -

Dozens of British expats made homeless by Torch Tower blaze

Torch Tower residents allowed into their apartments on Saturday to collect their valuables found everything from water damage to burnt-out interiors. Expats and Dubai nationals whoâ??d fled Fridayâ??s huge fire at the prestigious skyscraper were allowed to return to their homes to collect valuables and essential documents before an... Expats Blog -

Brit expat on Mallorca vows to end cigarette litter

A British expat now living on the Spanish island of Mallorca has started a campaign to rid the streets of litter caused by discarded cigarettes. Itâ??s not just the mess on the streets that prompted Ben Cattell to turn environmentalist, it was his own careless behaviour whilst living in Australia. After a night of heavy drinking, heâ??d... Expats Blog -

Qatar offers expats residence status to encourage them to stay

As the diplomatic and trade blackout of Qatar continues, so does growing concern about its effect on the large number of expat professionals working in the emirate. Foreigners in Qatar account for a huge 88 per cent of the emirateâ??s entire population, but the continuing dispute between the UAE and the tiny country is causing concern... Expats Blog -

Best expat retirement destinations on the planet

As moving overseas for retirement becomes ever more popular, a recent survey has identified a number of the most attractive locations worldwide. Whilst surveys involving varied expat destinations are undoubtedly useful, the majority are based on the needs of relocating expat professionals, making many of the criteria non-relevant for... Expats Blog -

Dubai residential skyscraper becomes towering inferno again

In a chilling reminder of Londonâ??s Grenfell Tower disaster, Dubaiâ??s Torch Tower residential skyscraper burst into flames for the second time, sending expats and tourists running for their lives. The 86 storey, over 330 metre-tall residential towerâ??s first conflagration was in 2015, with its flammable cladding blamed for the fast... Expats Blog -

Brit expat entertainers in Spain wooed by Britainâ??s Got Talent

Talent-spotting bosses from the popular TV show are scouring Spain for British entertainers to fill the audition listings. Less than two months after the 2017 Britainâ??s Got Talent contest ended, its talent-spotters were on a plane headed for Benidorm in an effort to recruit new talent able to halt the showâ??s declining viewer ratings.... Expats Blog -

Bill to give UK expats votes for life passes first reading

A private membersâ?? bill aimed at giving all expats the right to vote in UK elections no matter how long theyâ??ve been away has sailed through its first reading unopposed. After many years of contesting the hated 15 year lockout of UK expatsâ?? voting rights, a private membersâ?? bill passed its first reading in Westminster unopposed... Expats Blog -

British expat couple forced to demolish their Malaga home

A retired couple from Cornwall have been ordered by a Spanish court to demolish their Malaga home due to a technicality during its renovation. In yet another heartbreaking result for an expat couple caught up in a building licence scandal, this sad tale involves a retired British couple who bought a derelict Spanish farmhouse and paid a... Expats Blog -

IRS Releases More Details on Passport Revocation Rule For Unpaid Taxes

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA In our blog from back at the end of December of 2015, we discussed a newly-enacted Code Section 7345 of the Internal Revenue Code, which authorizes the denial, revocation, or limiting of a delinquent taxpayer’s U.S. Show More Summary

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