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Shanghai still tops for Western expats

For the fifth year in a row, the Chinese city of Shanghai has been voted the best place in the vast country for foreigners. Results of the annual study were released by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs during a Shenzhen-based conference on the international exchange of professions. For the fifth year running, Shanghai was... Expats Blog -

Stricter driving laws in UAE to cause problems for expat professionals

Seen as yet another hit on expat professionals living and working in the UAE, the new driving regulations include a limit of five years on expat driving license renewals and two year licenses for new drivers in the emirates. Expat professionals with several yearsâ?? service or more in the UAE could be forgiven for feeling less than... Expats Blog -

Spain loses position as Brit retirement haven due to Brexit

A new study has revealed that Spain, traditionally the favourite retirement hub for British expats, is now losing out thanks to the Brexit vote. The survey, conducted by Anchor, a retirement care and housing provider, is bad news for Spain, once the most attractive destination for many thousands of British retirees. Almost half the... Expats Blog -

Brit expat arrested for burglary following a two year crime spree

A British expat has been arrested by French police, ending his two-year crime spree of burglaries at the unattended homes of other British citizens. The as yet unnamed Briton was arrested at his rural home in a small village outside the Western France town of Civray, a popular destination for British expats and holiday home owners. The... Expats Blog -

Expats in Oman get bargain rentals due to oversupply and falling demand

The rental market in Oman, reeling due to Omanization, the shrinking economy and expat departures, is now the scene of manipulation by wily expats looking to save on rental charges. The plot is simple and involves swapping their accommodation for a similar but cheaper home in the same enclave or street. According to a major real estate... Expats Blog -

Brit nationals rush for Irish passports to retain freedom of movement

Applications by Britons for Irish passports have increased by more than 60 per cent since the Brexit referendum result was announced. As the outcome of the Brexit referendum for Brits needing freedom of movement gets gloomier, applications for Irish passports as well as for citizenship of other EU member states has soared. According to... Expats Blog -

Survey reveals worlds most child friendly countries

The prospect of moving overseas as a family with younger children inevitably raises parental concerns over safety, education, healthcare and how easy it is for children to feel welcome in their new surroundings. Results of a recent expat survey included important comparisons of over 190 countries as regards the welcome given to children... Expats Blog -

US expats in UK living in fear of IRS discovery

An accountancy firm working with US expats living in Britain has revealed a strong increase in the numbers of Americans declaring UK assets to the IRS for the first time. Fears of a Trump crackdown on the amnesty declared by former President Obama would seen to be the reason for a 75 per cent increase in the number of US expats coming... Expats Blog -

Yet more of the same from Brit Foreign Office to UK expats

Tuesdayâ??s British Foreign Office Facebook question and answer session repeated more of the same to UK expats, but failed to dampen fears of the future by giving straightforward answers. The session, held on the Foreign and Commonwealth Officeâ??s Facebook travel page and led by Julia Longbottom, offered no new guarantees but seemingly... Expats Blog -

SIPPS advantages over QROPS for UK expats

Whilst QROPS have been seen as the answer for expats of pensionable age, numbers of retirement savers shifting their money to a self-invested personal pension (SIPPS) have soared since pension freedom was introduced. The numbers of retirement savers choosing a SIPPS has doubled since the start of pension freedoms, with some 43 per cent of... Expats Blog -

Brit expat couple lose military medals and jewellery to Costa del Sol thieves

A British expat war hero devastated by the loss of his war medals to Spanish thieves is asking local people to let the police know if they spot the medals. David Russell captained HMS Sheffield during the Gulf War, served in the Falklands War and was also active during the Northern Ireland conflict. He and his wife Sally, formerly a... Expats Blog -

Brit expats trapped in pensioner poverty due to sterling fall and frozen pensions

Britons who decided to retire overseas and live in modest comfort with the help of their UK state pensions are now facing a poverty-stricken future as a result of the frozen pension rules and Brexitâ??s effect on sterling. Living with the knowledge that oneâ??s life savings will soon run out, oneâ??s pension payments are shrinking due to... Expats Blog -

Freak accident while gardening kills British expat in Phuket

A 53 year-old British expat living on Thailandâ??s Phuket island was declared dead at a local hospital after being electrocuted whilst pruning bushes close to an electricity supply box. Paul Wilkinson was cutting back the fast-growing bushes outside his Phuket villa when he paused for a rest and leaned against his concrete garden wall,... Expats Blog -

Everything expats need to know about available healthcare in Germany

Navigating healthcare requirements and availability in a new country is many expatsâ?? worst nightmare, but the German system is reassuringly straightforward. One of the most important issues for expats, wherever theyâ??re planning to call home, is the availability of healthcare and its bureaucratic requirements. Itâ??s also a subject... Expats Blog -

Online help for depression felt by trailing spouses in UAE

British would-be expats are clamouring to find jobs in the UAE in order to enjoy a fresh start but, for many, adjustment to the totally different way of life can lead to serious depression. Research by the World Health Organisation has revealed some three hundred million world citizens are suffering from ill health caused by depression,... Expats Blog -

Is Canada the dream location for Brit expats

Canadaâ??s thriving jobs market, strong economy and world-beating quality of life make it one of the most rewarding locations for relocating professionals looking for the expat dream. The contrasting beauty of Canadaâ??s many regions has made it a hub for tourism as well as emigration from the UK for decades, but many professionals... Expats Blog -

British expat landlords to be outed in public identity registers

As part of a proposed attack on money laundering by means of UK property purchase, UK expat buy-to-let landlords working through offshore companies are to be included in a public register showing full names and details. British business minister Margot James is proposing the scheme as a means to identify money launderers using property... Expats Blog -

MumAbroadSpain website founder rejects relocation to small minded Britain

As uncertainty over the fate of UK expats in the EU continues unabated, a furiously angry expat Mum is refusing to relocate her family to â??small-mindedâ?? Britain. Enraged mother Carrie Frais is raising her family in Spain and has totally rejected the possibility of moving back to the UK as itâ??s in no way the Britain she left. Sheâ??s... Expats Blog -

The Time I Was Almost Arrested By Dutch Police

It took me by surprise when the police car suddenly pulled up alongside me. Two Dutch police officers quickly exited the vehicle with the determination of movie cops on their way to stop some nearby crime in progress. Looking around I didn’t see any bank robberies or shoot outs going on. Show More Summary

Hong Kong expats relocating from hi-so districts due to soaring rentals

Soaring real estate prices in Hong Kongâ??s traditional expat areas are spurring moves to less expensive districts. The traditionally favourite enclaves for the expat community in Hong Kong including Mid-Levels, Discovery Bay, the Peak and Southern District are now no longer affordable for the bulk of foreigners working in the island... Expats Blog -

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