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EU expats in UK to get free NHS treatment whilst UK expats must pay

British expats living and working in EU member states post-Brexit could be faced with expensive healthcare bills whilst EU nationals still living in the UK will get free NHS treatment. In yet another blow to UK citizens now living within the European Union, it seems a no-deal Brexit would mean they would be forced to pay for healthcare... Expats Blog -

Heartbroken UK dog owners in Spain lose their pets to deliberate poisoning

As many as 20 pet dogs have now died due to a toxic substance deliberately spread around two local parks. Spanish police are now probing two popular local parks on the Costa del Sol for clues as to who is responsible for the deliberate poisoning of a number of pet dogs. According to the Olive Press local English language newspaper, two... Expats Blog -

Expats and tourists astonished by Thai beaches smoking ban

Expats and tourists alike were stunned by todayâ??s announcement that smoking will be banned on 20 of Thailandâ??s main tourist beaches. It seems the ban was introduced after a report from the countryâ??s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources that employees had picked up tens of thousands of butts from one beach. The report claimed... Expats Blog -

May says no protection for UK expats should Brexit talks fail

The British Prime Minister has finally admitted she has no idea what may happen to UK expats living in Europe should Brexit negotiations fail. In an admission which illustrates the total lack of preparedness of the British Brexit negotiating team, Therese May has stated she has no idea what the fate of British expats in EU countries will... Expats Blog -

Expat professionals in Singapore facing increased resentment

In spite of a recent policy change favouring local workers, resentment against expat professionals in Singapore is at an all-time high. Singaporeans are claiming expat professionals are stealing jobs which should go to locals, in spite of Augustâ??s new Fair Consideration Framework, aimed at ensuring foreigners donâ??t get jobs which... Expats Blog -

What to do and not do as a new expat in Dubai

Almost 70 per cent of Dubaiâ??s population is made up of expats from across the world, with all making the same, often comic, mistakes when they first arrive. Relocating to an unfamiliar country is a succession of new experiences, most of which are based on a totally different culture and way of life. Dubai is the perfect example of... Expats Blog -

Netherlands not exactly welcoming entrepreneurial expats

For years, the Netherlands has been known for its entrepreneurial culture, but would-be self-employed expats are experiencing real problems getting residency visas for their start-ups. Local entrepreneurs in the Netherlands are playing a huge part in growing the economy by providing new jobs as well as innovative ideas and generally... Expats Blog -

British expats in Catalonia fear outcome of independence referendum

British expats living in the Spanish province of Catalonia are dismayed at the chaos and political tension following last weekâ??s independence referendum. British expats living and working in Barcelona and the rest of the province are shocked and unhappy over the botched referendum and its ensuing violent response, with many considering... Expats Blog -

EU expat rights and UK expat pensions confirmed by British Brexit secretary

Brexit minister David Davies has confirmed the post-Brexit rights of EU citizens in the UK and British expatsâ?? pension rights are secure. In a briefing session with UK parliamentarians, Britainâ??s chief Brexit negotiator said the EU had agreed on the two principles, although he gave no details of the exact contents of the agreements.... Expats Blog -

UK expat dreams of France can turn into nightmares

France is a favourite destination for UK citizens mesmerised by the dream of great food, cheap wine and a romantic rural haven, but the Gallic lifestyle can cause problems. The majority of British expats who leave the UK for a new life in France settle in without much in the way of problems, but for a few the initial experience is much... Expats Blog -

Majority of expats in UAE planning retirement back home

New research has shown the majority of expat professionals working in the UAE are planning to enjoy their retirement in their home countries rather than staying in the emirates. Contrary to the perceived wisdom that every single expat approaching retirement age in the UAE canâ??t wait to get back to the home country, a recent survey has... Expats Blog -

Design and décor doâ??s and donâ??ts for a quick property sale

Selling your home is one of lifeâ??s most stressful experiences but, by making sure youâ??ve the most marketable chunk of real estate in the area, getting a higher than expected price makes it all worth while. For most of us, having our own home gives the chance to indulge our personal tastes by decorating and furnishing according to our... Expats Blog -

Spousal programmes help trailing partners of expats relocating to Switzerland

Switzerland is a favourite for expat finance professionals for its pay scales and career-boosting opportunities, but unhappy spouses and families can lead to assignment failure. According to a recent survey, Switzerland does a less than successful job of making spouses and families of expat professionals feel at home and welcome. Work in... Expats Blog -

What to do when a UK expats dies abroad

With retiring outside the home country becoming ever more popular, itâ??s common sense to be aware of protocols needing to be followed when a UK citizen dies abroad. Death isnâ??t considered a suitable topic of conversation for many, including elderly expats, but according to the old saying itâ??s as inevitable and unavoidable as income... Expats Blog -

Kuwaiti lawyer demands court repeal expat heathcare cost increases

Kuwaitâ??s Administrative Court is expected to give a ruling on the legality of the recent expat health charges increase by 25 October. Kuwaiti attorney Hishim al Refai recently filed a case for consideration by the Administrative Court against the swinging increases in expat healthcare charges, citing illegality and unconstitutional... Expats Blog -

Good news for expats as Spanish property market stabilises

After a wild ride down, up and down again during the past decade, the Spanish property market is now stable. Over the past five years, the real estate market in Spain has undergone a remarkable transformation resulting in its becoming attractive to a far wider range of buyers. Whether purchases are made by newly arrived expats, Brits... Expats Blog -

Israel based US expats clamour for citizen based taxation reform

Regardless of whether they voted for Trump or not, the majority of US expats resident in Israel are hoping and praying the upcoming tax reform bill will end their unfair tax burdens. American Israelis, including the â??Accidental Americansâ?? who inherited US citizenship, are full on in the fight to repeal Citizenship-Based Taxation and... Expats Blog -

Singapore beats Norway as best world destination for expats.

For the third year running, the city state of Singapore has taken the crown as the best expat destination on the planet. The 2017 HSBC Expat Explorer survey is one of the most reliable and respected of the annual â??best placeâ?? expatriate studies. Singaporeâ??s top rating isnâ??t a surprise, as itâ??s been at the head of the pack for... Expats Blog -

Expats invited to finance and run Omani private schools

The Oman government is to offer expats the chance to invest in the Sultanateâ??s private education facilities. Foreign investors may establish new private schools under certain conditions, according to an official representative of Omanâ??s Ministry of Education. Regulations and management requirements, the spokesman said, have been... Expats Blog -

Kuwait expat healthcare costs rise sees patient numbers drop by 30 per cent

Following the introduction of increased charges for expats using Kuwaitâ??s health services, Kuwaiti hospitals have seen expat patient demand fall by 30 per cent. The swinging increases in medical charges for expats attending Kuwaitâ??s public hospitals were introduced at the beginning of this month, with some categories of expatriate... Expats Blog -

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