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Tour de Gracht

Although I haven’t listed it on my “things to do in Utrecht” posts, others have recommended renting one of the pedal boats on the Oudegracht. I’ve come close to doing it, but for various reasons, never have. Still, it does … Continue reading ?

Colorful Caryatids

Yellow is a tough color to wear, but the caryatids at the Winkel van Sinkel on the Oudegracht seem to be pulling it off. I guess if you’re going to wear such a vivid shade, it’s not surprising that you’d … Continue reading ?

Bicycles Instead of Fireworks

Even after many years here, when I see the date of 4 July, my mind turns to the American Independence Day, even though I’m now more likely to write the date the way the rest of the world does. Typically … Continue reading ?

The Move That Almost Didn’t Happen

They always say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. I’ve always found that hard to belive because I can think of a lot of things I would find far more stressful. Trying to defuse a bomb with only child safety scissors for example, or trying to make […] The post The Move That Almost Didn’t Happen appeared first on Invading Holland.

Bicycles and Rainbows

A rainbow bicycle seems the perfect image of my thoughts these days. With the Tour de France Grand Depart fast approaching — and more and more decorations going up around town that I hope to photograph tomorrow — it’s hard … Continue reading ?

Eight More Things to Do in Utrecht

Last November, when I had friends from three countries visiting at once, I wanted to make a list of things they could do when I wasn’t available for sight-seeing — and some I wanted to do but hadn’t gotten around … Continue reading ...

Superguppie Hearts Nijntje

Next stop on the Nijntje Parade is the Domplein, where two of the decorated, larger-than-life statue of Nijntje (Miffy) can be found. Even amid festivals and markets, the statues stake their claim. This one seems a particularly good pairing. It’s … Continue reading ?

Honeybun Nijntje

The vismarkt (fish market) might not seem the obvious spot for a somewhat glam rabbit, but that’s just where you can find this almost exotic looking version of Nijntje/Miffy. She’s certainly got a great view of both the Oudegracht and … Continue reading ?

Multiplying Nijntjes

The rabbits in Neude are multiplying. As part of the celebrations of Nijntje/Miffy’s 60th birthday, statues — decorated by a variety of artists — are showing up all over the city. Our Thinker on a Rock rabbit has been joined … Continue reading ?

A Room With a View

Today is supposed to be very warm — around 29C — so the terraces around the city will be packed, and windows will be flung wide open. With all the open windows, it’s not unusual to see a few people … Continue reading ?

It’s Official

I don’t think it gets any more official than this; a Friesian passport and country sticker (given to me by my parents-in-law). I had no idea that I had been illegally visiting Friesland without official documentation for all these years. I now keep my Friesian passport with me at all times when I am crossing […] The post It’s Official appeared first on Invading Holland.

Taking it too far?

Perhaps it’s just as well that there’s now less than a month to go before the Grand Depart of the Tour de France here in Utrecht. Bicycles are obviously a common sight, but the amount of yellow popping up is … Continue reading ?

More Goodies from the Zelfgemaakte Markt

I’ve posted before about my love for the Zelfgemaakte Markt (Handmade Market), so I was thrilled that it was back in Utrecht this weekend. This time, it was in the Domplein, instead of its previous spot at Mariaplaats. It was … Continue reading ?


So it seems that 600,000-800,000 tourists are expected here in Utrecht for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in July. The city’s population will double or nearly triple. That’s a LOT of people. I thought the Domplein seemed … Continue reading ?

The Zoo Mishap

It was our last weekend in Rotterdam and we had decided to take a break from packing boxes by taking our daughter to the zoo. The day was a great success. Our daughter had a great time running around from animal to animal. We saw big animals, small animals, flying animals, crawling animals and everything […] The post The Zoo Mishap appeared first on Invading Holland.

The Burden of Being Female in Saudi Arabia

I had read the following article back when it first appeared on Muftah in March 2014 and should have shared it with you back then. But I just reread this piece again and felt compelled to share it this time. Written by Bayan Perazzo, a young Saudi-American university instructor who is also a PhD candidate in International Law and Human Rights. Show More Summary

Zeven Jaar in Utrecht

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Time for a Change

Every once in a while it is time for a change. It was just such a change that brought me to The Netherlands fifteen years ago and I have enjoyed every moment of it. However, it is time once again for a change, a new location and a new challenge. It is time to move […] The post Time for a Change appeared first on Invading Holland.

Klein New Orleans Recap

As I mentioned yesterday, Sunday was a warm, sunny day with plenty going on throughout the city. It was also a holiday, as was Monday, so lots of freedom to stay out and enjoy the day to the fullest. The … Continue reading ?

Klein New Orleans Intro

Sunday was a glorious day and perfect for all of the festivals going on throughout the city that day. There was a food truck festival over at Griftpark, a Jazzfest over at Janskerkhof, and of course, the first Klein New … Continue reading ?

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