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Affordable Malaysia becoming a favourite with relocating expats

Expatriates in Malaysia are more than happy with the countryâ??s comparatively inexpensive cost of living. Malaysia is increasingly popular with expat professionals from Western countries, mostly due to its lower cost of living including healthcare and private education. A recent survey revealed many thousands of newly-arrived expats are... Expats Blog -

US expat havens in France

France is famous for being a number on destination for British expats, but itâ??s now becoming equally popular with Americans since Trump was elected. The day after the US election result was released, web pages on relocating to Europe saw a stunning surge in interest, with France one of the most-researched destinations. Since then, the... Expats Blog -

Brit expats on short trips back home warned over Ryanair and Swissport

UK expats in Spain travelling via Ryanair for short visits to family in southern England are being warned over the airline and airport's appalling treatment of a British grandmother. British expat and artist Pamela Lipman, now resident in Granada, had been paying a pre-Christmas visit to her family in the UK, flying with Ryanair between... Expats Blog -

US expat volunteers provide worldwide warden services to Americans in trouble

In these days of international travel all over the world, thereâ??s a considerable risk of being unable to cope alone should disaster strike. The freedom to travel is one of the most noticeable developments of the past 50 years or so, spurred by cheap flights and an increasing curiosity about unfamiliar lands. Travellers on business or... Expats Blog -

Dubai dogs get home cooked dinners thanks to expat dog owner

A Dubai-based expat dog-lover is now supplying freshly home-cooked, nutritious meals to local dog owners. Egyptian expat Nael Basilyâ??s pet dog provided the inspiration for his masterâ??s development of healthy dog food recipes when he fell sick with cancer late last year. The local vet attributed the illness to an unhealthy diet and... Expats Blog -

UK state pensioners in Oz seek PM help to reverse frozen pension law

Long-suffering British retirees who emigrated to Australia many years ago are urging PM Malcolm Turnbull to confront the UK government over the issue of the frozen UK state pension. Vice-chairman of the British Pensions in Australia group Jim Tilley has requested Mr Turnbull raises the issue of the â??grossly unfairâ?? law with the... Expats Blog -

British residents and expats have the power to stop Brexit

An online poll launched following MP Anna Soubryâ??s interview on the Andrew Marr Show is now showing 92 per cent in favour of dumping Brexit. Soubry, a Tory pro-EU Remainer, appeared with Labour MP Chuka Umunna and stated unequivocally that she believes Brexit should not be allowed to happen, but adding itâ??s the British people who have... Expats Blog -

Al Hashem exorbitant expats fees voted down by Kuwaiti lawmakers

â??Oh, no, sheâ??s at it againâ?? could well be the response of expats working in Kuwait after the controversial politician hit out again at foreigners with a proposal to charge exorbitant fees to expat drivers. Al Hashemâ??s latest attack on Kuwaitâ??s expat community concentrated on would-be drivers applying for local licenses. The... Expats Blog -

Expats and tourists take note of hefty US Mexico travel warning

Tourists heading for Mexico as well as expats already resident might be alarmed by the inclusion in the latest US travel warning of what seems to be most of the country! Mexico is an all-time favourite for US expats due to its climate, inexpensive cost of living and ease of travel to and from America. In addition, itâ??s now being... Expats Blog -

Dealing with loneliness as a newly arrived expat

How do expats deal with feelings of loneliness once theyâ??ve made the move? Expat life can be difficult to adjust to, especially in countries not known for their friendly welcomes to strangers, with loneliness setting in and spoiling the exciting new experience of living in an unfamiliar country. For example, surveys have shown Germany... Expats Blog -

Why We Can’t Watch Buurman en Buurman With My Father

If you’ve ever watched Dutch children’s television you are probably familiar with Buurman en Buurman. It’s a stop animation show about two neighbors who (in each episode) try to build, fix or invent something. It almost, always goes horribly wrong. Show More Summary

Cambodia deports seven out of ten arrested for pornography and sexy dancing

After having been released on bail, seven of the ten young expats accused of â??pornographic dancing and producing lewd pictures have now been deported. According to a Siem Reap court official, seven of the ten young expats arrested after police raided a private party have now been deported after they were released on bail. All deny... Expats Blog -

Gibraltar PM says he will use veto on Brexit is necessary

British expats on Gibraltar are being encouraged to envision the brighter side of the Brexit debacle. According to the Chief Minister of the â??Rockâ??, Fabian Picardo, Brexit need not be an unmitigated disaster for Gibraltarâ??s expat and local population. The British Territory of Gibraltar recorded an almost unanimous Remain vote, with... Expats Blog -

American dual nationals in France urge government help on unfair tax practices

A group of American/French citizens are seeking French government support to end US dual taxation. The group is the latest of several attempts by dual nationality American expats to get help to end the US taxmanâ??s grip on their finances. The plan so far is to collect enough signatures on a petition in order to have a motion tabled in the... Expats Blog -

British government vows to give long term UK expats the right to vote

A press release from Westminster seems to confirm the government is now resigned to lifting the hated 15-year disenfranchisement rule for long-stay UK expats living overseas. British expats unable to vote Remain in the Brexit referendum due to the ban could well be forgiven for believing the vow is just another promise to be relayed or... Expats Blog -

Gibraltarian former soldier attacked, robbed, drugged and detained in Thailand

The family of a British expat former soldier are begging for assistance after he was arrested whilst in hospital in Thailand. Former Royal Gibraltar Regiment lance-corporal Adam Williams had been holidaying in Thailand with a group of friends when he was robbed, hospitalised and later arrested by Royal Thai police. Heâ??s been living in... Expats Blog -

Plans for expatriate retirement may be hit by pension black holes

As many as two-thirds of the UKâ??s pension schemes may be at risk of failure. According to a recent report by the Pensions Protection Fund, (PPF), by the end of last year some 3,710 schemes were in deficit, with shortfall totals hitting £210 billion. In percentage terms, 66.4 per cent of the 5.588 PPF-monitored pension pots are at risk... Expats Blog -

US expats hit by missing IRS letters and more scrutiny

As increasing numbers of US citizens opt for expat life abroad, the IRSâ??s incompetence is causing serious problems with tax returns and compliance. US expats living and working overseas seem nowadays to be the undeserving targets of endless tax-related crackdowns and rule changes across the board, with compliance campaigns aimed at... Expats Blog -

Briton in UAE accused of causing death of Arab pensioner in lift

A female British tourist has been detained and ordered not to leave the UAE after a fellow lift passenger died of a heart attack. The 32-year old British visitor to the UAE was in a hotel lift in Sharjah with a 60-year old Arab woman and brushed against her whilst leaving the lift. Just a few moments later, the older woman collapsed and... Expats Blog -

Brit expats on porn charges in Cambodia released on bail

Four of the five Brit expats arrested in Cambodia on pool party porn charges have now been released on bail. Five British expats living in Siem Reap were recently arrested along with five others when police raided a pool party on alleged porn charges. The story hit the world media, with conflicting versions alleging they were responsible... Expats Blog -

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