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Soros kicks in to save Brit expat lifestyles

Billionaire George Soros has been outed as the money man behind efforts to negate Brexit. Campaign groups working to either block or water down the UKâ??s divorce from the EU are believed to have received some £700,000 from anti-Brexit billionaire George Soros. News about his donations surfaced earlier this week when it was reveled... Expats Blog -

Expats retreating from Cape Town real estate market

The purchase of real estate in Cape Town by expats and foreign investors is slowing down, with some believing the cityâ??s unusual drought conditions are responsible. Formerly a popular choice for expats and investors from overseas, Cape Town and its surroundings are now a no-go area as regards property purchase. The cooling of interest... Expats Blog -

Unusually severe winter weather hits French nationals and expats alike

Expats in France are experiencing record levels of snowfall causing chaos on roads around the entire country as well as paralysing other means of transportation. Since Tuesday, record levels of snowfall not seen since 1987 have caused major disruption to road, rail and air transport, and motorists are being urged not to use their cars.... Expats Blog -

Brit expats in Oz flocking to invest in build to rent apartments

UK expats living in Australia are increasingly investing in British build-to-rent apartment complexes. Build-to-rent developments are the latest trend for UK property developers, helped along by the British governmentâ??s coming out in favour of strongly supporting the sector by initiatives such as the Build to Rent Fundâ??s loans of 50... Expats Blog -

The real Dubai behind the glitter and gold

The average expat professionalâ??s view of Dubai before he or she arrives as part of a considered career move is normally centred on the cityâ??s luxury, amazing skyline and the high life as lived by those fortunate enough to have secured permanent employment. Given that Dubai is all the above and more, opening your mind as well as your... Expats Blog -

Immigrant born students in Canada gain more degrees than local students

Newly released data shows immigrants in Canada have high aspirations for their childrenâ??s academic success. Recently released statistical data has shown immigrants have been a strong force behind Canadaâ??s status as one of the worldâ??s most educated countries. It seems the vast majority of new arrivals have a degree or its equivalent... Expats Blog -

Brit expats in Europe urged to submit Brexit stories for new book

British expats stuck in limbo whilst the great and not so good argue over their futures are being invited to submit their own stories for inclusion in a new book. Brexit is set to affect different people in different ways, but the stories told will prove a lasting memory of how British expats coped with the uncertainty surrounding the... Expats Blog -

Expats in Saudi fear for the future as permitted job sectors shrink

Major changes in Saudi Arabiaâ??s job market are causing expats to fear for their futures in the Kingdom. At the present time, Saudi has the biggest percentage of citizens in the workplace of any GCC country, and is looking to increase the numbers still further. Some 66 per cent of Saudiâ??s total population are nationals, 70 per cent of... Expats Blog -

US expats caught in repatriation tax net

Yet another hit at US expats living and working overseas has emerged as a result of the controversial Trump tax reform bill. Growing concern within the American expat community overseas is focused on the â??deemed repatriation taxâ?? calculated on profits made overseas by US businesses, whether or not the gains are repatriated. The format... Expats Blog -

New UAE expat security checks start today

The UAEâ??s stringent new security checks mandatory for expats are due to begin today. From today, expats living and working in the UAE will be required to present a document stating they have no criminal convictions either in their home countries or in countries where theyâ??ve lived during the past five years. The mandatory requirement... Expats Blog -

British expat kids football team thrown out of local Spanish little league

An expat kidsâ?? football team in Mijas has been thrown out of the local football â??little leagueâ?? for being too British and too good. Matt Gore, the teamâ??s head coach, was informed by telephone the team was no longer wanted in the league just as the kids were training hard for their upcoming match in Mijasâ??s Liga Escuelite. He... Expats Blog -

Life gets tougher for expat motorists in France

New French laws against mobile phone usage as well as increased motorway tolls are making motoring expats' life harder. Following a Court of Appeal ruling this week, itâ??s now illegal to use your smartphone in your car at any time, even if your vehicle is stationary, pulled over at the side of the road with the engine switched off and... Expats Blog -

China to block VPNs by end of March

The anticipated block by the Chinese government of all popular VPNs is now confirmed to begin at the end of next month. All attempts by netizens to circumvent the controversial Great Firewall of China with the use of VPNs will fail after the block is put in place, leaving almost all of the overseas services used by Chinese businesses,... Expats Blog -

Elderly UK expats returning home caught in social care trap

British expats returning to the UK with serious health problems are facing a funding lottery harming their care home and social service needs. Itâ??s sad but true that expat life as a retiree with health problems can result in an unwelcome but forced return to the home country, but the state of social care in the UK is a lottery at best... Expats Blog -

How to survive as an expat in Thailand

In spite of Thailandâ??s political instability, itâ??s still a popular destination for expat retirees from Europe and the USA. According to local forums, many long-term expats who chose Thailand as their favoured overseas location believe the countryâ??s changed out of all recognition since their arrival a decade or two ago. Everyday... Expats Blog -

Expat males win out on finding love overseas

A new survey has revealed some 33 per cent of men who become expats find the loves of their lives in their new countries. The survey rated different races for their likelihood of finding a partner and making an intercultural marriage, with expats from Finland the most likely to fall in love with a local female. Over half the total of... Expats Blog -

Buying your retirement home in Costa Rica

Popular with expat retirees from the USA for decades, the charms of Costa Rica are now being appreciated by an increasing number of retirees from the UK and Europe. Purchasing a new home is always an exciting project, especially if itâ??s in a new, fascinating country. Costa Rica is one of those destinations expats fall in love with on... Expats Blog -

Oman rentals to fall due to expat visa cut off

Omanâ??s announcement of expat worker bans in specific sectors is expected to cause yet another rental price fall in the emirateâ??s already struggling property sector. Local Omani media are reporting a perfect storm in the emirateâ??s property sector due to a combination of a glut of rentals and the recently-announced banning of expats... Expats Blog -

Settling in as an expat in Hong Kong

Hong Kongâ??s cosmopolitan ambience and still-booming economy continues to be a major hub for expat professionals. Fast-paced, vibrant and utterly fascinating, Hong Kong is high on most expat professionalsâ?? lists of preferred locations, but settling down may be confusing at best and stressful at worst, especially if youâ??re relocating... Expats Blog -

Misselling of financial products by dodgy IFAs still rampant in the UAE

In spite of UAE regulations on compensation for financial irregularities involving investments, expats in the UAE are still at risk from dodgy IFAS. A recent report in Dubaiâ??s English language media confirms many expats living and working in the Emirates are losing tens of thousands of dirhams to unprincipled independent financial... Expats Blog -

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