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UK expats choose Spanish citizenship as Brit interest in Spanish property crashes

A new study, released at the same time as news of a fall in British enquiries on Spanish property, has revealed Brits are now reluctant to choose Spain as their retirement. destination. For many would-be expats, Spain is no longer the favoured choice for a comfortable retirement due to fears over Brexitâ??s effects. According to a new... Expats Blog -

Offshore account benefits for UK expats

Deciding how to organise expat banking needs in order to give easy access to cash held outside the new country of residence can be a trying aspect of planning for a new life abroad. Offshore accounts are often the first option on the to-do list necessary for a smooth transfer from the home country to the chosen expat destination, whether... Expats Blog -

Expat owner of Dubai rogue relocation shipper now arrested and charged

Expatriate victims of a rogue packing and shipping company operating out of Dubai have been promised their belongings back by Dubai police. Following the arrest of Lionel Davis, owner of Expat Relocations, expatriate families who fell victim to the rogue removal company have been reassured by police their household goods will be returned.... Expats Blog -

New 10 year Kuwaitization plan causes concern amongst expatriate professionals

Expat professionals working in Kuwait might well be forgiven for having a hard time making sense out of the recent conflicting statements by various government representatives as regards their long-term futures in the emirate. The latest report, issued by the Public Authority for Manpower, affirms serious attempts are being made to... Expats Blog -

Perth wins out for Brits over other OZ cities

Australiaâ??s welcoming reputation as an expat hub goes back decades, but most relocation-aimed websites concentrate on Sydney and the continentâ??s larger conurbations. The British have traditionally favoured Australia as a retirement or relocation hub for the contrast between its balmy weather and superb outdoor lifestyle with the... Expats Blog -

Expats in Southeast Asia still struggling with corruption

Expats living and working across Southeast Asia may or may not be fully aware of the â??in yourâ?? faceâ?? corruption seen to be an inalienable part of life in the region, but those who are affected by it wonâ??t be thrilled by the results of an authoritative new study. The latest annual survey by Transparency International has named... Expats Blog -

Brit expats in China devastated as M&S pulls out

At first glance, China would seem to be the perfect place for Marks and Sparks, as the companyâ??s affectionately known in the UK, but todayâ??s announcement comes less than a year after the brand lunched its tenth store. The surprising news may well come as a blow to the high number of British expats living and working in Chinaâ??s huge... Expats Blog -

Favourite expat hubs for nursing professionals

Nursing is a specialisation always in demand, as qualified nursing professionals can work anywhere in the world they wish provided theyâ??ve obtained the relevant certifications in their chosen country. Mobility as a qualified, experienced nurse is normally far more straightforward than in many other professions, meaning the world is... Expats Blog -

Female expat professionals rejecting Hong Kong gruelling working hours

Once a popular hub for expat women professionals, Hong Kong is now being replaced by Taiwan due to its gruelling work hours and spiralling cost of living. According to the recent InterNations poll aimed at female expat professionals, Hong Kongâ??s appeal as an expat hub has crashed from 12th to 29th place over the past year. After years... Expats Blog -

EU expats in UK aghast at MPs rejection of Upper House amendment

A wave of resentment and anger swept across the UKâ??s EU expat community after MPs voted against the House of Lordsâ?? amendment to Mayâ??s Brexit paper. EU expats flooded social media with their fears and fury after hearing the House of Commons had rejected the Upper Houseâ??s amendment unilaterally guaranteeing their post-Brexit rights... Expats Blog -

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Welsh expats in EU air their concerns

Of the 1.2 million British expats living and working in EU member states, just below half a million are originally from Wales. Amongst the 1.2 million British citizens whose lives overseas have been put on hold by Brexit, the 470,000 from Wales may well have have more to be concerned about than the rest, due to the still-declining... Expats Blog -

Expat compound lives compared to luxury prison with perks

Expats living and working in Saudi Arabia mostly live in walled compounds where the kingdomâ??s strict regulations are eased, but whatâ??s it like for families existing in a parallel society? For decades, Saudi Arabia has been a popular destination for expat professionals working in the oil and gas industry as well as in other economic... Expats Blog -

Proposed increases in expat heathcare costs slammed by Kuwaiti medical professionals

Kuwaiti medical professionals are rejecting as racism an MPâ??s call for increased heathcare charges for expats. Last week, a recently elected female member of the Kuwaiti parliament called for new restrictions for expats aimed at forcing them to buy prescription medicines from private pharmacies rather then getting them direct from... Expats Blog -


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19 Strange Dutch Habits

If you’ve only just arrived in The Netherlands or been in the country for a while there are a lot of strange Dutch habits and traditions to discover. Here are just nineteen of the weird things the Dutch get up to. 1) Cycle everywhere...Show More Summary

Best Aussie enclaves in expat destinations

The Australian diaspora is one of the expat worldâ??s most impressive, with at least a million Aussies living and working outside the home country at any given time. Adventurous as Oz expats undoubtedly are, thereâ??s still the human need to be with like-minded souls, thus creating enclaves of Australian nationals in diverse locations... Expats Blog -

Brit retirees favour Italy for its choice of idyllic locations

Italy has traditionally been highly popular with British retirees wanting to combine spectacular scenery, great food and wine and relief from the UKâ??s miserable weather. Expat property hunters have an amazing choice of location, whether itâ??s beachside, lakeside, in fertile valleys or rustic villages or even in the heart of ancient... Expats Blog -

New Kuwaiti female MP called racist for her attacks on expat rights

Anti-expat female MP Safaa al Hashemâ??s latest attack on foreigners working in Kuwait urges her parliament to ban them from using government clinics and hospitals. Al Hashem, the only female MP in the Kuwaiti assembly, is becoming infamous amongst Kuwaitâ??s expat community for her continued attacks on their position within the emirate.... Expats Blog -

Avoiding financial worries as an expat in Singapore

Managing money as a newly arrived expat in Singapore has its inevitable pitfalls, but itâ??s easy to find ways around just about every aspect of budget control. Singapore is one of the worldâ??s most popular expat hubs, and is also one of the most expensive as regards maintaining a comfortable lifestyle, whatever your salary level. The... Expats Blog -

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