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Marbella pensioner scammed by fake driving license seller and fined by police

An American pensioner living in Marbella has been fined by police for using a fake international driving license purchased in good faith from a prominent expat businessman. Andrea Barnett was fined a total of â?¬500 by local police after she was found with a fake international driving license sheâ??d bought from local expat businessman... Expats Blog -

British ambassador to travel round France hearing British expats woes

In an attempt to gather information about British expatsâ?? Brexit concerns, the British ambassador to France is to undertake a meetings tour around the country. According to the embassyâ??s website, ambassador Lord Ed Llewellyn is preparing to tour around France meeting with UK expats worried about their post-Brexit status in the... Expats Blog -

Dutch Things – Horror In Holland

Greetings dear readers and welcome to a spooky edition of Invading Holland. As the nights grow darker and All Hallows Eve creeps closer it becomes customary to share horrifying tales designed to scare and delight. Stories of ghosts and ghouls, goblins and daemons, of the unknown things that go bump in the night and the madness that they bring. Show More Summary

Mystery fortune found in Mijas town hall coffers raises suspicion

Expats living in the Costa del Sol resort of Mijas have discovered the local council is sitting on funds of about â?¬64 million but arenâ??t doing anything to spruce up the town. Mijas town hall is now the subject of demands from expats to deal with urgent local issues after it was revealed the authority is sitting on â?¬64 million of... Expats Blog -

Bremain in Spain calls for clarity on post Brexit provisions for UK expats

Following Alfonso Dastisâ??s pledge that UK expats resident in Spain will be able to stay no matter what the Brexit result brings, campaign groups are calling for reassurance as regards healthcare and other rights. Bremain in Spainâ??s chairperson Sue Wilson is claiming the right to remain without assurances on healthcare and other... Expats Blog -

Trump tax bill just might include the end of citizen based taxation

In spite of recent news reports to the contrary, Republican lawmakers are believed to be considering measures linked with residency-based taxation for US expats. According to Republican leader of the Houseâ??s Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady in an interview for the Financial Times, lawmakers are carefully looking into the... Expats Blog -

Follow me to Italy

I’ve noticed a number of new followers here on my Flamingo in Utrecht blog recently, and while I appreciate it, it’s kind of pointless. I don’t update here any more. If you want to follow one of my blogs, you … Continue reading ?

Famous Fuengirola expat owned oyster bar forced to close for roadworks

Former chef to the stars Larry Oâ??Rourkeâ??s oyster bar and restaurant is likely to be forced to close due to local government road works slated to take until December to complete. The famous Irish expat, formerly the private chef for Irish traditional dancer Michael Flatley, was devastated when he arrived at his premises to find a local... Expats Blog -

US expat helicopter pilot granted exclusion from foreign earned income tax

In a sudden departure from the usual result of cases relating to foreign earned income exclusion, an American helicopter pilot living and working in Iraq has been allowed to claim the exclusion. The decision is considered to be notable not only for its taxpayer-friendly result, but also because the court failed to take into account... Expats Blog -

Living sensibly and saving money in the UAE

For new arrivals in Dubai, itâ??s easy to get caught up in the endless overspending common to the emirateâ??s expat community. Given that expats who relocate to Dubai are awarded high salaries and relocation packages for their trouble, itâ??s not surprising that most see their new job as an opportunity to save a good deal of money for... Expats Blog -

UAE locals accused of having expats arrested for fun

The strange case of the Western expat sentenced to three months in a Dubai jail for touching a man in a bar is now being recognised as a popular sport for Emirati locals. Scot Jamie Harron was arrested for â??public indecencyâ?? after he accidentally touched a local man on the hip whilst carrying his drinks through a crowded bar. Even... Expats Blog -

Expats grieve with the Thai nation on Royal cremation day

This Thursday marks the cremation of Thailandâ??s much-loved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who ruled the kingdom for 70 years. The beloved monarch died last October 13, leaving the Thai nation mourning his passing and celebrating his extraordinary life spent serving his country and its people in a manner unique in Southeast Asia. Many Thais... Expats Blog -

Financial firms log a deluge of complaints from clients

Consumers are lodging millions of complaints with the UK's Financial Services Agency over poor and unsuitable financial services. Allowing a financial advisor to manage investments and savings can be seriously detrimental to the heath of your wealth, according to consumer watchdogs. IFAs, financial firms and banks have been hit with a... Expats Blog -

Expats in Madagascar warned about plague outbreak

The international expat community in Madagascar are being warned of a rapidly spreading outbreak of plague. Government departments in Madagascar are warning all expats, residents and visitors to take care as the countryâ??s health authorities rush to stem the rapid spread of the disease known historically as the Black Plague. The plague... Expats Blog -

Jobless and homeless expat mom living on Dubai streets

A 45 year-old former HR manager is now living on the streets in Dubai, separated from her two children and facing prison. Romanian national Leiga Michael lived happily in Dubai with her two children for a number of years until she lost her job in 2015. She had a small apartment and was working as a successful HR manager until her life... Expats Blog -

Spanish foreign minister pledges UK expats can stay post Brexit

Spanish foreign minister Alfonso Dastis has reassured British expats their post-Brexit lives will not be interrupted, even if the Brexit no-deal option is taken by the UK government. With the first official comment on the fate of some 300,000 Britons living, working and retiring in Spain, Dastis has done more than Theresa May or any other... Expats Blog -

Fake news causes expat panic in Nanjing

Expats in Nanjing and along the East Coast are in a state of panic due to fake news on an internet chat room. An article on Expatlifeâ??s WeChat page has caused expats living in Nanjing to panic in case the restrictions described were true. Rumourmongering targeting Chinaâ??s expat communities is a fairly new phenomenon, but itâ??s always... Expats Blog -

Kuwaiti MP urges exit visas for expats

As Kuwaitâ??s government and lawmakers continue proposing and introducing measures hostile to foreigners working in the emirate, a law is being introduced requiring exit visas for all expats. Kuwaiti MP Waleed al Tabtabaei has proposed a measure imposing exit visas for all foreign workers intending to leave the emirate. The law, if... Expats Blog -

State pensions not enough for comfortable expat retirement

New research reveals state pensions worldwide donâ??t provide enough for a comfortable retirement in any country. A study by the Swiss bank UBS has made it crystal clear that relying on a state pension anywhere in the world makes no sense, as all pay the minimum amount necessary to cover basic expenses. The bankâ??s research identified a... Expats Blog -

How to Exit a Dutch Conversation

How to Exit a Dutch Conversation This cartoon first appeared in DUTCH:The Magazine The post How to Exit a Dutch Conversation appeared first on Invading Holland.

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