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British expat parents in Spain appeal for O negative blood

A British expat family living in Mallorca are appealing for O negative expats to donate blood to save their daughterâ??s life. Originally from Yorkshire and now living in Valldemossa, John Chappell and his wife Sarah have appealed through the local English language newspaper Olive Press for expats with O negative blood to come forward and... Expats Blog -

Ramadan rules for expats in Saudi

Newly arrived expats in Gulf State countries are often concerned about how to deal with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in the workplace, but following basic rules will ensure the faithful arenâ??t offended. Saudi Arabia is known for its stricter approach to Muslim laws, but is an attractive destination for expat professionals. As the... Expats Blog -

Expat tips for saving money whilst working overseas

Many would-be expats accept overseas positions as it gives a sufficiently increased salary to be able to save money during the term of the contract. One of the best reasons for moving to an overseas job on a fixed term contract is the opportunity to save a good deal of money due to an increased salary and benefits such as paid... Expats Blog -

Anti Brexit group tells EU MEPs expat lives matter

At a recent meeting, the 3million group, one of the major anti-Brexit expat groups, presented a briefing paper detailing its pre-Brexit demands to members of the European parliament and its Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt. Before the meeting, co-chair of the group Anne-Laure Donskoy told the media they are pressing for an early,... Expats Blog -

Foreign finances and FATCA for US expats

American expats are far moré likely to up sticks and move between various international destinations than other nationalities, but managing finances can be tricky, especially where taxation is concerned. The result of this constant sampling of new destinations can result in a variety of bank accounts in different countries and... Expats Blog -

Brexit trap stalks Brit expats in Europe

As the Europe-based clamour for fair treatment for EU expats in the UK accelerates, UK citizens at present living in EU member states are being left out in the cold. Analysts are saying the Brexit negotiations will result in disaster for Britons living in Europe, whilst EU expats in the UK are likely to get a far better deal. Last Monday,... Expats Blog -

Survey reveals majority of Brit expats determined to stay put

As the UK digs itself ever deeper into the hole of a hard Brexit, a small survey by a financial services company has revealed a distinct lack of British expat enthusiasm for ever returning to the home country. The survey, although clearly initiated for marketing purposes, stated that out of the small number of 808 expat respondents, 70... Expats Blog -

Saudi to dump all expat public service workers and dentists

A meeting between the Saudi Ministry of Civil Service and representatives of other organisations saw a request that all expats be removed from government departments and ministries by 2020. According to the Kingdomâ??s Ministry of Civil Service, there were 70,000 expats working within the public sector at the end of 2016, resulting in... Expats Blog -

Paris beckons Brit financiers

Paris in the springtime, as well as for the rest of the year, might well be the favoured post-Brexit destination for British and EU expats working in Londonâ??s massive financial services sector. Given that itâ??s now well understood in certain circles that Canary Wharf is due to empty out well before Brexit becomes a reality, whereâ??s... Expats Blog -

Dubai expat scandal of discarded dogs

Dubaiâ??s unique, luxurious expat lifestyle is being blamed for the large number of abandoned pet dogs being housed in the Stray Dogs Centre an hourâ??s drive from the city and its gated communities. The Stray Dogs Centre is found deep in the desert surrounding Dubai, with its rudimentary facilities home to 123 dogs. At least 25 per cent... Expats Blog -

Indonesia as an expat destination

For expats with a sense of adventure looking for a decidedly different destination, Indonesia is far more than just Bali, Papua and Jakarta, but care should be taken when travelling with limited knowledge of the archipelago. Arriving in Jakarta gives the first taste of Indonesia to expats looking to find a haven outside the usual haunts.... Expats Blog -

What do expats miss most about Britain

Expats working overseas often canâ??t simply take a trip back when theyâ??re experiencing homesickness or missing everyday things they canâ??t get in their new countries of residence. In the real world, most expats experience bouts of homesickness however long theyâ??ve been away, but few have the total freedom to up sticks and return for... Expats Blog -

EU negotiator blames Britain for expats predicament

The EUâ??s chief Brexit negotiator is blaming Britainâ??s hardline stance for the uncertainty surrounding the rights of millions of UK and EU expats. Former French minister Michel Barnier put the blame for the continued uncertainty facing both EU and UK expats squarely on the shoulders of the British government, adding that Brussels will... Expats Blog -

UAE expat views about Trump first 100 days

A recent debate held by US expats living and working in the UAE focused on differing interpretations of the Trump presidencyâ??s first 100 days in office. The debate, organised by the GCC Business Council, was held at Dubaiâ??s International Financial Club and featured four speakers â?? two Republicans and two Democrats. Moderating the... Expats Blog -

Avoiding expat property purchase pitfalls when moving overseas

Whether would-be expats are planning to invest in property as a retirement home, for buy to let or simply to benefit from rising prices, one thingâ??s for sure, purchasing overseas is a popular idea. No matter where in the world or for what reason property purchase is being considered, itâ??s essential to be aware of possible pitfalls as... Expats Blog -

The Trump Tax Plan and Its Potential Consequences for US Expats

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA The Trump administration has revealed its official tax reform plan.  While it’s clear that the plan would make drastic changes to the current U.S. tax system, the brevity of the plan leaves a host of ancillary issues and details either unclarified or unaddressed in the one-page document. Show More Summary

Expat pros and cons of choosing a financial advisor

Expats looking to start a profitable relationship with a local independent financial advisor should cover their backs as far as possible when making the choice. Apart from death and taxes, thereâ??s one other certainty in expat life â?? employing an independent financial advisor is going to cost money. Provided you havenâ??t made the... Expats Blog -

Survey reveals the truth about expat family life in Switzerland

When Switzerland as a destination springs to mind, would-be expats tend to concentrate on its media image of massively wealthy, high-level executive professionals with kids in private schools and cash in Swiss banks. Surprisingly, the Swiss people share the same perception as many would-be expats, but a recent survey gives an interesting... Expats Blog -

UK tax reforms affecting expats put on hold until after election

Changes to the UKâ??s domicile laws about to take place have now been shelved until after the snap general election. The move to temporarily axe several clauses in the 2017 Finance Bill took place at the end of last month, by which time the new rules should have already been activated. Key clauses affecting British expatriates resident in... Expats Blog -

Abu Dhabi cost cutting moves send expats searching for new horizons

As the price of oil still refuses to rebound, Abu Dhabiâ??s stringent cost-cutting measures are causing long-term expat professionals to desert the sinking ship. One of the worldâ??s major top-paying destinations for expat professionals, Abu Dhabi has long been the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for a generation of expatriates.... Expats Blog -

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