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Brit expats lose chance of compensation for missold Spanish homes

An Almeria expat campaign group whoâ??ve been fighting for compensation in a mis-selling scandal are furious over a court judgement that millions lost to British investors will not be reimbursed. The plight of British expats whoâ??ve lost their Spanish homes due to illegal dealings between construction firms and local authorities is well... Expats Blog -

The Missing Nave

This is a different view of the St. Martin’s Cathedral than I usually get, but it does give you a better sense of just how big the cathedral was when it was complete (or close enough). The part that remains … Continue reading ?

The Pieten Games

“What are the Pieten Games?” I asked my wife while looking in confusion at the school letter my daughter had just handed me. “It’s a morning where the children take part in different Sinterklaas games and activities,” she replied. “They probably want you to look after a small group of the children and guide them around.” “Me?” “Yes. Show More Summary

Common sense tips for expat newbies in Dubai

Newcomers to Dubaiâ??s dramatically different culture can be excused for making all the usual mistakes whilst settling in to their new lives, but most issues can be easily resolved with common sense and advice from long-stayers. Relocating to any foreign country can be stressful in itself, but when your new location is as different as it... Expats Blog -

Trumpland escapees head south for retirement

Once retirement sets in, the wanderlust which turns citizens into expats is hard to resist, especially when shocks such as the Trump victory change established views of the home country. The recent US presidential election will go down in history as the most polarising and contentious ever, and has left Americans worried as to its... Expats Blog -

Where in France is best for British expats

France has long been a popular destination for British expats looking for a new life, but where are the most popular areas for property purchases? A recent snapshot of the most popular French regions with Britons looking to buy homes showed the coastal areas south of Normandy, the Rhone-Alpes and the far south eastern coastline as holding... Expats Blog -

UAE expat investor risk aversion survey gives interesting results

New research on UAE expatsâ?? investment preferences has identified professionals from the UK are the least likely group to take chances with their savings. The survey, undertaken by an international insurance company and a local investment management firm, identified the highest risk-aversion attitude to investment as a British... Expats Blog -

Shanghai steps up calls for talented expats

Last week, the Shanghai government unveiled fresh efforts to attract more young graduates and highly-qualified professionals from overseas. The Chinese city is planning to become a global hub for technological innovation by the year 2030, and is now stepping up its efforts to attract the brightest and best in the field. The new rules will... Expats Blog -

As Christmas approaches, will UK expats in EU be celebrating

Britons in Europe have been on a knife edge since the Brexit vote left their futures hanging in the balance, but recent legal moves may give reason to at least celebrate the upcoming festive season. As the Supreme Court considers its verdict on the recent Article 50 challenge, a number of other anti-Brexit lawsuits are in preparation. In... Expats Blog -

See You Later Alligator

Not my usual picture of Utrecht or the Domtoren. This one’s a bit grey and gloomy, especially when you look at the Domtoren’s clock and see that it’s 12:30, as in midday. That’s about as bright as it got yesterday, … Continue readin...

Expat court cases and property transactions at risk from Spanish ruling

A possible Brexit backlash by Spanish government legal advisors is set to threaten many hundreds of court cases brought by expats. Spainâ??s Directorate General of Registrars and Notaries, the equivalent regulatory body of the UKâ??s Notaries Society, recently issued a ruling cancelling the validity of powers of attorney issued by UK... Expats Blog -

Expat QROPS at risk as HMRC delists Canadian schemes

A Canadian QROPS provider hard hit by HM Revenue and Customsâ?? delisting of a large number of expat pensions is claiming the regulator has accused local providers of breaking the rules. Canadian QROPS provider Mackenzieâ??s business is threatened by HMRCâ??s placing of all but three of Canadaâ??s QROPS funds under review, thus freezing... Expats Blog -

Hard Brexit forcing expats in UAE to change long-term financial plans

According to advisors in the UAE, the possibility of a hard Brexit is forcing UK expats to drastically re-evaluate their long-term investment plans. Daily rhetoric from UK government sources still suggests a hard Brexit is the preferred option even although the likely result is financial hardship and a drastic fall in the value of... Expats Blog -

Brit expat survives brush with death in flooded lift

A British expat stuck in a flooded lift during last weekendâ??s devastating Costa del Sol storms believed his life was over until his dramatic rescue. UK expat Dan Dawson found himself in a nightmare scenario when the lift heâ??d taken during the storm began to flood. When the massive storm broke heâ??d headed for the basement to rescue... Expats Blog -

Dubai property market still popular with UK expats

The Dubai real estate market has remained buoyant through 2016, with UK property investments forming a large part of its success. Recent reports from Dubaiâ??s Land Department show property investments of AED 57 billion involving 26,000 investors during 2016, making the emirate one of the worldâ??s most popular property investment hubs.... Expats Blog -

France the best place for expat home ownership

A recent and wide-ranging study on residential property across Europe gives good news to UK expats owning French homes. Eight European countries were compared for their number of home owners, costs of homes versus salaries, property price variations, sizes of homes, construction costs, mortgages and rural versus city locations. The... Expats Blog -

Expat families hit by more increases in tuition fees

The increasing financial burden of international standard education for the children of expats is now a major problem. As the world economy stutters and relocation packages are replaced by local contracts, the ever-increasing fees changed by international schools overseas are becoming a major problem for expat families. As a result,... Expats Blog -

UK pensioners overseas to face tax increased tax bills

A hidden message in the Chancellorâ??s Autumn Statement indicated a government plan to align the process of taxation on overseas pension with that of UK pensions. At the present time, pensioners living overseas and taking their income from the so-called Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Schemesâ??, (QROPS), are only paying income tax... Expats Blog -

Community minded expats volunteer unpaid help in China

Volunteering to be of use in their local communities is the latest trend amongst long-stay expats in Chinaâ??s mega-cities. Following the tradition of senior Chinese citizensâ?? unpaid community patrolling, expats in several Chinese cities are offering their services as well. Elderly Chinese can be seen wearing their distinctive red... Expats Blog -

Wordless Wednesday: Prison Blues

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