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Wordless Wednesday: Still Can’t Fit It All In

Tagged: architecture, domplein, domtoren, photography, wordless wednesday

Castellum Lights

The Domplein — the square in the heart of the city where you will find the Domtoren and the cathedral — has a long history. The square was originally the site of the Castellum Trajectum, the Roman fortress established nearly … Continue reading ?

Personal Belongings

My morning train ride was going smoothly. The train had arrived on time, it was heading in the correct direction and I’d even managed to get a seat. As we arrived at our final destination the intercom crackled to life and the conductor...Show More Summary

Variations on a Theme: Trajectum Lumen

I’ve written before about the Trajectum Lumen light art installations to be found throughout the city. From simple to grandiose, they put the spotlight on Utrecht’s rich history. One of my favorites is the Ganzenmarkt tunnel. The lights are constantly … Continue reading ?

Wordless Wednesday: Updated Vredenburg

Tagged: architecture, music hall, photography, street life, street scenes, tivoli vredenburg, Vredenburg, wordless wednesday

Utrecht, The Hidden Gem

It seems that with the upcoming start of the Tour de France in July and Nijntje/Miffy celebrating her 60th birthday this year, Utrecht is starting to get a bit more international attention. The latest article to make the rounds is … Continue reading ?

Claustrophobia – Wake Up

When I receive an email from someone offering to lock me in a room for an hour I am normally a little hesitant to reply. However, when the team from Claustrophobia invited me to play their latest escape room game (titled Wake Up) eager to let them do just that. I’ve always wanted to try […] The post Claustrophobia – Wake Up appeared first on Invading Holland.

Time Travel: Kromme Nieuwegracht 1900 | 2013

(photo via Het Utrechts Archief) This canal is the Kromme Nieuwegracht and as the name suggests, it’s essentially the Nieuwegracht canal after it takes a curve in front of the Paushuis (Pope’s House), which is part of the building on … Continue reading ?

Wordless Wednesday: Golden Utrecht

Tagged: architecture, birthday, cathedral, cultural sunday, domplein, Dutch light, golden sunshine, photography, utrecht cathedral, utrecht in spring, wordless wednesday

Another Flamingo in Utrecht

Look who I ran into today while out looking for a birthday cake for myself (thank you, Bijenkorf!). Tagged: birthday, cultural sunday, culturele zondag, flamingo, photography, utrecht culture

Breaking The Law In Holland

I have broken the law. I am a criminal. I might even be a master criminal. It is hard to tell at this moment since my criminal career has only just begun. However, there is no doubt that my downward spiral into a life of crime has begun. I did not mean to break the […] The post Breaking The Law In Holland appeared first on Invading Holland.

Little Stuart’s Amsterdam Adventure

Allow me to introduce Little Stuart, Invading Holland’s latest guest blogger (I could not name him Stuart Little for legal reasons). - As you can see he has a striking resemblance to yours truly. That is because he was made by my Mum as a Christmas present (not as voodoo doll). Show More Summary

The Dutch Language Race

I am thirty five years old. I have been learning Dutch for the last fourteen years. During that time I have gone on courses, attended classes, filled out homework and taken exams. My daughter is two. She has been learning Dutch for two years (the first year mainly involved listening). She has not gone on […] The post The Dutch Language Race appeared first on Invading Holland.

How To Queue Like A Dutchman

As a stereotypical Englishman I have a particular (and some would say unhealthy) interest in queuing. Most English people do. It is a natural instinct for us to wait in lines. We might complain about the amount of time it takes to reach the front of the line once we are in it but this […] The post How To Queue Like A Dutchman appeared first on Invading Holland.

Bloggies Finalist 2015

Yippy! Thanks to you amazing people I am a finalist in the Best European Blog category of the Annual Weblog Awards (otherwise known as the bloggies) once again this year. I cannot thank you enough. It is always an honour to be included. Thank you. If you are visiting this blog for the first time […] The post Bloggies Finalist 2015 appeared first on Invading Holland.

Wordless Wednesday: The Towering Toren

Tagged: architecture, cathedral, domplein, domtoren, Dutch architecture, photography, utrecht street lamps pyke koch lamps, wordless wednesday

Art That Was

While I was out last week and caught the reflection of the lamp in a puddle, what had originally caught my eye was a fragment of a wall painting. One of the things I love is the fact that you’ll … Continue reading ?

First Wives Club

I used to be able to count on one hand the number of women I personally know whose Saudi husbands married a second wife. Those days are gone. Sadly now that number exceeds all the fingers on both hands and all of my toes as well. As many of you know, Saudi Arabia is governed by Sharia Law which comes from the Quran, the holy book of Islam. Show More Summary

How much is that kitty in the window?

While I was out the other day dodging hail, the weather took a breather long enough for me to notice the window display at the bookstore on the Stadhuisbrug. (Polaris? Selexy & Broese? Something else completely?) Of course, a window … Continue reading ?

A Watery World

People are always surprised when I say that the Netherlands and Florida are similar in many ways. Both are flat, lots of water, lots of humidity, and as the past few days have proven, the weather can change in a … Continue reading ?

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