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Large-scale Bicycle Parking

If you’re walking, or better yet, cycling around Utrecht, you may start noticing more and more of these signs. Despite my photo, which was taking in strong morning sunlight, the green numbers positively glow, even from a distance. This is … Continue reading ?

Sunny Sunday and St. Augustine

After a frequently grey and misty week, this morning was a real stunner with pure blue skies over Utrecht and nary a cloud to be seen. With the trees slowly turning their summer greens to autumnal reds, oranges, and yellows, … Continue reading ?

Is property purchase a good idea for expats in China

Although apartments in Chinaâ??s main cities are becoming more expensive, some expats are taking a chance on capital gains by purchasing now. The Chinese government has recently eased laws governing expat property purchase, encouraging more long-stay expats to take the plunge and buy a home. Although owning an apartment gives a feeling of... Expats Blog -

French parliament Brexit meeting told Brit expats face cataclysmic changes

A special meeting dedicated to the effects of Brexit on British expats in France heard the UKâ??s divorce from the EU would have cataclysmic effects on expat rights. Members of Franceâ??s National Assembly were told Thursday that Brexit was on track to wreck the lives of tens of thousands of Britons living in the country. EU law... Expats Blog -

Harlequin Property insolvent after scamming expats out of millions

Harlequin Property SVG, infamous amongst expats for its Caribbean and Thailand property scams, is now insolvent and has appointed a professional trustee. The company is based on St Vincent and the Grenadines, a Caribbean offshore location for many companies with doubtful legitimacy, and is the offshoot of another company with the same... Expats Blog -

Fun with Canals

Which way is up? Tagged: canal reflections, Dutch canals, utrecht canals, visual games, water reflections

Ladies First: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates

I just watched “Ladies First: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates,” a short New York Times video documentary regarding the historic elections in Saudi Arabia last December. The film features three different Saudi women who were not only...Show More Summary

Inexpensive European cities give expat quality of life

Everything in life, including food and shelter, needs to be paid for, but expats on a budget can still get quality of life in a number of European cities. Every expat knows the â??best things in life are freeâ??, but the reasonable cost of living in your chosen destination isnâ??t as important as a friendly community. Given that, itâ??s... Expats Blog -

USA still expat land of opportunity in spite of survey results

A recent survey placed the USA at a poor 30 out of 45 countries considered global destinations for expats, spurring a chorus of complaints from entrepreneurs who still consider the US is tops for business. The HSBC survey is considered as one of the most reliable guides to expat relocation, but expatriates living and working in Boston and... Expats Blog -

Research states US expats in UK could hold deciding vote in US election

A scholarly paper recently issued by a US institute based at Oxford University revealed US expat voters in Britain could hold the key to the result of the US presidential election. The research paper, entitled â??Americaâ??s Overseas Voters: how they could decide the US presidency in 2016â??, stresses the power of overseas voters in the... Expats Blog -

Will Polish plumbers be replaced by Brit expat retirees after Brexit

A hard-hitting article in a Scottish newspaper is suggesting tax-paying, hard-working Polish plumbers may have to be replaced by retired Britons reluctantly returning from a life in the Spanish sun. The newspaperâ??s report on a Westminster debate concerning the many petitions for a second referendum wasnâ??t meant to be hilarious, but... Expats Blog -

Disillusioned Brits rush to become expats in Irish Republic

Spurred by the ubcertainty following the Brexit result, a huge number of disillusioned Britons are seeking to become expats working overseas. Ever since the result of the Brexit referendum was announced, online international recruitment sites have been deluged by huge numbers of British workers seeking a new life abroad. A recent analysis... Expats Blog -

Kuwait expats face 165 per cent compulsory heath cover increase

From 2017, expats living and working in Kuwaitâ??s private sector will have to pay 165 per cent more for their compulsory heath insurance. The recent announcement of new independent healthcare provisions for expats included news that the cost of coverage would increase, but gave no details of the exact figure to be charged. At present,... Expats Blog -

Expat returnees from Europe taking the road to the isles

The anticipated expat doom and gloom of Brexit is already seeing a trickle of Brit returnees boosting trade for estate agents offering homes on the Scottish islands. As uncertainty continues to dog British expats living in EU member states, one national estate agency is experiencing a rush of enquiries from overseas about Scottish island... Expats Blog -

Bahrain mulls ban on expat kids cricket matches

A recent shock/horror announcement on a Bahrain news website has suggested expats an their kids will be banned from playing cricket on waste grounds. Bahrainâ??s Northern Municipal Council voted on Monday to disallow cricket in its constituencies, according to local media. The council accused fans of the popular game as well as its players... Expats Blog -

BBCs Thailand video slammed by expats and tourists

The BBCâ??s tourism video on changes in Thailand since the Kingâ??s death last Thursday is being rejected and ridiculed by expats and tourists in the country. Uploaded onto Facebook last Saturday and slammed by netizens as misleading and inaccurate, it was viewed over 2.3 million times before being withdrawn. Aimed mainly at tourists... Expats Blog -

Bad news for expats as Singapore labour market shrinks

Human resources consultants in Singapore are warning tighter labour market and slowing economy may reduce demand for expat professionals. Although the market for top jobs is expected to stay strong, expats looking for middle managerial or more junior positions are likely to be disappointed. Singaporean employers are now opening up such... Expats Blog -

Expats in Thailand mourn the death of King Bhumibol

The death last Thursday of the Thai King has plunged the nation into mourning, with many expats suffering along with their Thai friends and colleagues. Some expats are in pain because they admired and appreciated everything the King was to his subjects and his love for them, and others are unhappy as they see their Thai friends and... Expats Blog -

British expats across UAE still cashing in on weak sterling

After the pound sterling fell to a 31-year low last week, British expats working in the UAE rushed to remit currency to the UK. Remittance volumes from the UAE to UK banks have soared by 135 per cent over the same week in September as expats took advantage of the fall in sterling. The cashing in is likely to continue as major banks are... Expats Blog -

Five Ways To Fake Speaking Dutch

After many years of living in The Netherlands I have mastered the ability to fake speaking the Dutch language. It is something that came in handy when I first arrived in the country and is still useful to this very day (more so than it probably should be at this point). Show More Summary

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