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Doha residents and expats get used to reality of daily living

As the Gulf States consider Qatarâ??s reply to their demands, expats and Qataris are adjusting their lifestyles to suit the unwelcome reality of their new situations. Almost a month after the emirateâ??s Gulf neighbours cut off diplomatic relations and imposed an embargo, Qatari nationals and the tiny countryâ??s large expat population... Expats Blog -

Expat in Lloret kidnapped and drugged by Eastern European mafia gang

Expats in the Spanish seaside retirement hub of Lloret de Mar were shocked to find out one of their community had been kidnapped and held for ransom by an Eastern European mafia-style gang. The scary episode began when a Dutch expat living in the beachside resort of Lloret del Mar was kidnapped, drugged and held for ransom by a gang... Expats Blog -

New Zealand takes over from Oz as expats favourite

International relocation companies are reporting a surge in expats expressing interest in moving to New Zealand. For the first time in over 20 years, more Australians are leaving the home country and heading south, and the surge in British interest after the Brexit referendum is gathering even more momentum. New Zealandâ??s uniquely... Expats Blog -

Buying expat property in Cyprus

Popular for decades with British expats, the island of Cyprus is known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean for its sunny weather, long history, friendly locals and glorious scenery. A former British colony, Cyprus offers a good life for retirees including reasonable accommodation costs, more than adequate healthcare and a laid-back... Expats Blog -

Kuwait expats and locals in outcry over driving license suspension

The decision of Kuwaitâ??s Ministry of the Interior to deny expats the right to driving licenses has prompted an outcry involving both foreigners and Kuwaitis. The recent announcement suspending driving licenses for expats working in the emirate has resulted in foreigners affected by the ban as well as Kuwaiti nationals having their say... Expats Blog -

World banks and exchanges rejecting Qatari riyals

A report published yesterday has confirmed banks and currency exchange providers are now refusing to accept Qatari riyals, causing problems for expats being paid in the currency. Following a directive sent out to US bank branches across the globe which forbade the acceptance of the Qatari currency, expat residents employed in Qatar and... Expats Blog -

Kuwait plans new city to house 20,000 expats

The Kuwaiti government is to invite bids for the construction of a brand new city to house expats. To be known as the â??Southwest Al Jahra Labour Cityâ??, the massive conurbation will provide homes for foreigners working in the emirate and will be located in the Northern Al Jhara region. According to the Arabic language newspaper Al... Expats Blog -

UK expat breakfasts in New Zealand wrecked over Weetabix scandal

300 boxes of the much-loved British breakfast cereal Weetabix are languishing on a pallet in Kiwi customs due to a complaint from a rival Australian cereal manufacturer. A container load of British favourites arrived in New Zealand last week, including a pallet of Weetabix destined to be delivered to a grocery serving UK expats. The... Expats Blog -

Report reveals EU expats in UK outnumbered by UK expats in Spain

A special report issued by the Office of National Statistics has revealed there are 300,000 Britons in Spain as against just 116,000 Spaniards in the UK. The report was designed to give accurate information about both expat categories before Brexit negotiations began. Almost half of UK expats are retired, with the numbers increasing... Expats Blog -

Kiwi dream replaces the American dream for US expats

New Zealand is world-famous for its spectacular landscapes, with many US expats seeing it as a resurgence of their parentsâ?? American dream. New Zealandâ??s magnificent mountains, rolling green hills and rugged fjords became famous as the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and its follow-up, The Hobbit, causing many US... Expats Blog -

Expats in Vietnam enjoy its unique cuisine

The growing popularity of Vietnam as an expat hub is being helped along by the countryâ??s delicious, healthy cuisine. One of the obvious attractions of becoming an expat in an unfamiliar land is the inevitable exposure to a completely different culture with diverse beliefs, customs and cuisines. Vietnam is somewhat of a late-comer on the... Expats Blog -

EU drops roaming charges for calls within its borders

Citizens of all EU member states can now make calls to persons and businesses across the EU without incurring roaming charges. Since 2007, the European Union has acted as a regulator for roaming charges in order to ensure phone companiesâ?? fees arenâ??t extortionate. Since that date, the number of calls made using mobile phones in EU... Expats Blog -

Expat salaries in Singapore falling fast as prices soar

Singapore is now one of the worldâ??s costliest cities for expats, with salaries falling as the cost of living rises. Even although expat wages in Singapore are still some of the most generous on the planet in spite of recent cuts, the city-stateâ??s soaring cost of living is leaving over a million foreign workers struggling to make ends... Expats Blog -

Spain concerned over impact of Brexit on expats and tourists

UK expats living and working in Spain arenâ??t the only ones living in fear of Brexit effects. According to a leaked report, the Spanish government is almost as worried about the negative effects of Brexit as are the huge numbers of expats and tourists whose cash contributes to the countryâ??s gross domestic product. The report was... Expats Blog -

Tips for expats on renting property in China

Arriving in a strange land and attempting to find a good place to live is stressful enough for most expats, but language difficulties and lack of knowledge of laws can confuse even the most enthusiastic newcomer. Renting a home is the convenient way to begin a new life in an unfamiliar location, but how to do this without any knowledge of... Expats Blog -

EU and UK expat campaign groups furious over pathetic May offer

Representatives of both the EU expat community in the UK and UK citizens living in Europe are angry about the â??fair and seriousâ?? rights offer made by Theresa May. Rather than relieve tensions amongst expat communities in the UK and Europe, the Prime Ministerâ??s much publicised offer regarding expat rights has been branded as... Expats Blog -

Expats evacuated as firefighters battle huge Costa del Sol blaze

A massive wildfire is threatening Marbella and Donana National Park, whilst over a thousand people including expats have been forced to evacuate the area. Believed to have started after midnight near the town of Coin, near Malaga, the blaze spread across the AP7 highway and threatened to engulf Ojen before it entered the limits of Donana... Expats Blog -

UAE Expats shortlived euphoria pver WhatsApp VoIP return

Expats in the UAE were over the moon last Thursday as formerly blocked WhatsApp free phone calls suddenly returned, but their jubilation was shortlived. Local UAE social media posts were the first to pick up on the return of free phone calls via the formerly popular WhatsApp VoIP service, with mobile phones buzzing all over the emirates... Expats Blog -

Research shows transfers from UK defined benefit pensions hit record highs

Transfers from UK defined benefit pension schemes now total a record amount of around 50 billion sterling, according to figures released by Mercers to the Financial Times. The total cash pulled from DB schemes since pension freedoms were brought in two years ago represents the pension savings of some 210,000 members of final salary... Expats Blog -

Expats join UK Brits offering free holidays to former Grenfell Tower residents

British friends Kay Gilbert and Angie Mays have set up an online initiative offering free holidays to victims of the Grenfell Tower inferno, with the offer also extended to members of the emergency services who risked their lives during the worst London fire since the blitz. Angie and Kay say they were motivated simply by a wish to help... Expats Blog -

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