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China rejigs visa system in favour of highly skilled expats

Chjna is planning to upgrade its visa system in order to give priority to attracting more top-level expat professionals and limit the numbers of low-grade workers. At the present time expats wishing to work in China have two visa options â?? the foreign expert work permit available from the State Administration for Foreign Affairs or an... Expats Blog -

Post Brexit expats may need residency visas to live in Europe

According to the Home Office, Britons planning to emigrate to European Union member states may well need long-term residency visas. European countries are favourite destinations for British citizens wishing to retire overseas, with the EU freedom of movement laws allowing easy access. The Brexit vote takes away freedom of movement,... Expats Blog -

Expat experiences during the attempted Turkish coup

The night of July 14 will remain in the memories of expats in Turkey as a time of frightening uncertainty underlined by the realisation they could abandon the country if necessary. The bloody, thankfully unsuccessful coup began on the evening of an average working day, just as citizens and expats were settling down for a normal eveningâ??s... Expats Blog -

Can You See This?

Tagged: graffiti, hidden message, utrecht graffiti, wordless wednesday, words

Early Morning in the Park

I thought I’d take advantage of the panoramic option on my phone this morning and get a shot of the park where I take Charlie (he’s in the midground on the path on the left, by the way). The sun … Continue reading ?

IRS Data Book Reveals Chances of Being Audited

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA Earlier this year, the IRS published the 2015 version of its annual IRS Data Book, which contains statistical information about the IRS and taxpayer activities during the previous year.  The IRS Data Book helps illustrate the breadth and complexity of the U.S. Show More Summary

New Pressure Put on FATCA Countries to Comply

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA Over the past several, years, the U.S. government has signed intergovernmental agreements (“IGAs”) with dozens of partner countries (83 altogether at latest count), which are designed to...Show More Summary

Back to School Festivities

There have been signs since this weekend that our park was going to be hosting some sort of event. By Monday morning, our usually empty park with room for Charlie to meander suddenly got a lot smaller and less conducive … Continue reading ?

Foto Friday: Anne Frank

As is so often the case on Sunday mornings, the day after the large flower market in Janskerkhof, the statue of Anne Frank is awash with flowers placed in remembrance. This particular Sunday saw an extra large display. Tagged: anne … Continue reading ?

Domstad Pride

Hi! It’s me again. I haven’t been doing anything interesting, so there’s been a lack of drive to post anything. This post, though, is all about the potential to finally get some content for this blog again! There’s a new … Continue reading ?

Rainbows and Nijntje

Sunday morning, while walking with Charlie, I thought I’d get another shot of the rainbow street crossing over by Vredenburg. It’s always good to see and the colors seem to pop a bit more after the rain. Unfortunately, I only … Continue reading ?

My Thoughts On The Brexit

Well… fk! A few people have asked me my thoughts on the Brexit and that about sums it up. Fk! The Brexit is a much more serious subject than I would ever normally write about so this is going to be a step out of my comfort zone. I’m usually the guy that writes the […] The post My Thoughts On The Brexit appeared first on Invading Holland.

The Return of the Canal

Historically, a canal has ringed the old city center of Utrecht. I posted last year about how a section along the western/northwestern side of town was drained and turned into a highway back in the late 1960s/early ’70s. Fortunately, they … Continue reading ?

Tourists in Utrecht

One of the great things about Utrecht is that it isn’t overrun with tourists, especially in a city that is relatively small. Not that there is any shortage of things to see and do in Utrecht; it’s all just easier … Continue reading ...

Dutched Up: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style

There are many benefits to being a blogger. One of them is getting to know other bloggers who then write a book and ask if you would like to read it. That’s how I found myself reading Dutched Up: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style. The book is written by a few bloggers who you might […] The post Dutched Up: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style appeared first on Invading Holland.

Modern Stripes in an Old Neighborhood

The first time I wandered into Pieterskerkhof, a cul-de-sac-like area next to one of the churches in town, my eye was drawn immediately to this unusually modern, striped building set amid a wealth of traditional Dutch brick homes and buildings. … Continue reading ?

This is Rietveld

Gerrit Thomas Reitveld was born on this day, 24 June 1888, here in Utrecht. The son of a joiner, he would go on to become a world-famous architect, designer, and principal player in the development of De Stijl artistic movement. … Continue reading ?

Utrecht’s Urban Greenery

All on one short section of a street. Tagged: gardening, photography, street plants, urban greenery, utrecht scenery

Photo Challenge: Curves

Fifteen hours of solid rain is expected today. Maybe more. This pretty much sums up how I feel today. Topsy, tangled, broken, with flashes of violent red and a tag marking it to be taken away as junk, and curves … Continue reading ?

Pride and Remembrance

Cities around the world have been remembering those who were murdered at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last week. While it is heart-warming to see the outpouring of support and love, it is heartbreaking that atrocities like these continue. I … Continue reading ?

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