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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Religious Imagery

A moment captured in the Pandhof next to the cathedral. My continuing photographic goal is to get a photo of a wittevrouw (literally “white woman”, but referring to the cloister of nuns who wore a white habit) on Wittevrouwenstraat/brug. Someday! … Continue reading ?

Utrecht Wijnproeverij Woensdag

Excuse me while I do a bit of work promotion. We’ve got a lot of great wines at Vino Veritas that are only available by the bottle, due to being a bit pricier. That means that many people don’t get … Continue reading ?

The Real Reason Why I Cannot Drive in Saudi Arabia

This is the video I made for the Women's Driving Campaign movement. Some people might be shocked at my use - twice - of the "P" word. But basically it is the real reason why I am denied the right to drive here in this country.

Tour De France 2015 Route Presentation

Today is the grand announcement of the route of the 102nd Tour De France taking place next summer. It’s relevant to Utrecht, because Utrecht is where the race begins next year! We’ve known that for a while, but the official … Continue reading ?

Wordless Wednesday: Cruising the Drift

Tagged: drift canal, photography, utrecht canals, utrecht tour boat

Send in Your Video in Support of Saudi Women Driving

I have written so many times about the fact that women are banned from driving here in Saudi Arabia. I have been very vocal about my objections to this unfair driving ban based solely on gender discrimination. I personally drove safely...Show More Summary

Wordless Wednesday: Urban Scenery

Tagged: photography, urban architecture, utrecht architecture, Vredenburg, wordless wednesday

Caturday: Winkelpoes Edition

My photo on Wednesday of the mask and sewing machine was from a window display of a tailoring shop on Voorstraat. In the past, I’ve noticed their window display more for the cat that is sometimes in the window. When … Continue readi...

Wordless Wednesday: Tailor dell’Arte

Tagged: masks, photography, sewing, Voorstraat, window display, wordless wednesday

The Oudegracht from Above

I’ve often mentioned Utrecht’s famed multi-level canals, with the wharves down below street level. However, it’s not always easy to get a good photo that really shows both levels in one shot. Fortunately, while getting a bird’s-eye view of the … Continue reading ?

Sexualizing Children in Saudi Society

Jenna Al Shammary (photo credit: Saudi Gazette) Jenna Al-Shammary, a young Saudi school girl, excitedly dons bright red lipstick for her singing debut performing a Saudi National Day song in a theater play in the conservative city of Hail, Saudi Arabia. Show More Summary

Powerful Words about Saudi National Day

I try to focus on the positives about living here in Saudi Arabia. Admittedly there are many things I must suck up, overlook, or ignore - otherwise it would drive me crazy. September 23rd is Saudi National Day here in Saudi Arabia - the day when in 1932 the country officially became a unified kingdom under King Abdulaziz. Show More Summary

Wordless Wednesday: Stormy Silhouette

Tagged: domtoren, gargoyles, gothic architecture, photography, things to see in Utrecht, utrecht cathedral, weather

Utrecht Skyline

Friday I posted a teaser of a photo with a view of Neude square from above. Today, the grand reveal. Thanks to the post I did a couple of weeks ago about the Neudeflat building that is considered an eye-sore … Continue reading ?

Progress Makes Me Happy!

There have been many times living in Saudi Arabia over the past seven years when I have gotten the impression that having fun is forbidden or at least frowned upon, that being happy is not something that people here aspire to. WhileShow More Summary

Sneak Peek

Guess where I went today? If you live here in Utrecht or have been paying attention to the red building on the right that has been popping up in recent posts, you may be able to guess. If not, you’ll … Continue reading ?

High Praise Indeed!

This evenings scene! I had the most delicious wine and plank this evening at @vinoveritas030 on the Biltstraat. Prosecco that tasted like the best champagne, white wine with a hint of tropical flavour soft and not sweet. Matched with a … Continue reading ?

Wordless Wednesday: Fairytale Setting

Tagged: achter de dom, crenelation, Dutch architecture, photography, rooftops, towers, wordless wednesday

Pretty Ugly Take Two

Last week I posted a photo with the top of the Neudeflat rising above — some would saying ruining — the skyline that typically features more traditional Dutch buildings and rooftops. While out wandering around on Sunday, I couldn’t help … Continue reading ?

Foto Friday: Pretty Ugly

Utrecht is full of traditional Dutch architecture, with brick galore and stepped roof facades. But we also have a few more modern buildings, including the Neudeflat seen in the distance. This building, in particular, is pretty reviled throughout the city … Continue reading ?

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