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Klein New Orleans Recap

As I mentioned yesterday, Sunday was a warm, sunny day with plenty going on throughout the city. It was also a holiday, as was Monday, so lots of freedom to stay out and enjoy the day to the fullest. The … Continue reading ?

Klein New Orleans Intro

Sunday was a glorious day and perfect for all of the festivals going on throughout the city that day. There was a food truck festival over at Griftpark, a Jazzfest over at Janskerkhof, and of course, the first Klein New … Continue reading ?

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

This Sunday, come rain or shine — just like Mardi Gras — I’m gonna laissez les bon temps roulez! Utrecht is getting its very own Klein New Orleans (Little New Orleans) for one day. Breedstraat is going to be turned … Continue readin...

Bicycles on Display

It’s almost impossible to take a photo at street level here in Utrecht without a bicycle in it. And on the rare occasion that there is no bicycle and you want one, you only have to wait a few seconds … Continue reading ?

Wordless Wednesday: Hercules and the Domtoren

Tagged: architecture, art, domtoren, hercules, hercules statue, nieuwegracht, photography, utrecht canals, wordless wednesday

Speculoos Rehab Fail

Most of you already know about my unhealthy Speculoos/Speculaas addiction and about the many Speculoos products that I have tried. I’ve written about them so many times that I am in danger of becoming Holland’s leading expert and reviewer of Speculoos products. Show More Summary

Amsterdam with #NoFilter

No, this isn’t me with no filter complaining about Amsterdam getting all the attention. Utrecht’s starting to get enough attention, especially with the upcoming Tour de France. No, this is me highlighting a few of my photos of Amsterdam without … Continue reading ?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

I was looking through past May photos to find one for my new header when I saw this shot and remembered that the Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is motion. I like the blur of the scooter, like something … Continue reading ?

Wordless Wednesday: Cat and Bird

Tagged: achter de dom, birds, cats, photography, sculpture, wordless wednesday

Competition Time: Undutchables Party

It’s competition time. The nice people from Undutchable have given me two tickets to give away for their annual Eurovision party. Not only will the party include a live viewing of the Eurovison Song Contest (already exciting in its own...Show More Summary

A Message To All Collectors of Censored Music CDs

Since I first wrote about a censored Katy Perry music CD that I had purchased for my son in March 2009, I have received dozens of requests from total strangers around the world asking me to acquire Saudi censored CDs for them. I hadShow More Summary

Junk in the Trunk

Wednesday, I showed you a bakfiets, useful for carting around kids, groceries, pets, household goods, etc. The ability to transport more than just yourself from place to place is an important part of making cycling an everyday mode of transport, … Continue reading ?

The Importance of Bike Lanes

Last night, while scrolling through Twitter, I came across a post with a picture of a bike lane in New Orleans. It was a post celebrating Bike to Work Day. Great, right? Noooooooooooooo! As I looked more closely at the … Continue reading ?

Earth Day|Bike Life

As today is Earth Day, what better time to celebrate the oh-so-useful bakfiets. Obviously, it’s environmentally friendly, requiring only pedal power. No fossil fuels required for daily running. More importantly, for anyone who complains about cycling not being convenient when … Continue reading ?

My InterNations Interview

InterNations is a great tool and support system for expats around the world. With communities in almost 400 cities worldwide, InterNations provides a way for people working in foreign countries to socialize and network. It also provides information useful for living in and adapting to another country. Show More Summary

Two-Wheel Transport

I couldn’t resist the juxtaposition of the scooter and the motorcycle when I came across them near Lepelenburg Park. Both may be motorized, but they have very different associations. One putters along, while the other zooms. (Though anyone who has … Continue reading ?

Koningsdag Search

This cartoon first appeared in the March/April edition of DUTCH:The Magazine ——— Check out The Invading Holland Guide to Koningsdag ——— The post Koningsdag Search appeared first on Invading Holland.

Bike Week

I remember visiting my grandparents in Daytona Beach during Bike Week, when hundreds, nay, thousands, of motorcyclists would invade the city, roaring up and down the streets. There was no missing their arrival! I’m not going anywhere in particular with … Continue reading ?

The Art of Nature

This little park area is a favorite of mine. As well as being next to the Nieuwegracht, it’s also the home of my beloved Spoetnikkijker statue. It’s also home to some really beautiful trees that are sometimes even more interesting … Continue reading ?

The Epic Search For The Lost Keys

Five months ago I lost my car keys. In my attempts to find them I searched every corner of our apartment. I looked through every draw, checked every coat pocket, emptied every bag but found nothing. Luckily my wife still had her car keys so started ‘borrowing’ them whenever I needed to go somewhere. Show More Summary

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