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Record number of US expats renounced citizenship in 2016

From a record high in 2015 of 4,279, US expats giving up citizenship and returning their passports surged to 5,411 in 2016, setting a new record. The figures issued by the US Treasury Department show annual increases for the past four years and are thought to be tied to increased activity by the Internal Revenue Serviceâ??s hunt for... Expats Blog -

Costa Blanca expats meet with British Consul over Brexit

British Consul Sarah-Jane Morris has been touring locations across Spain in an attempt to keep worried Uk expats informed about Brexit. At a meeting in Playa Flamenca Town Hall, Morris did her best to reassure concerned British nationals. but admitted there is much she doesn't know as yet about the progress of Brexit negotiations and... Expats Blog -

Scots couple take the 44,000 mile high road from Australia through 35 countries

A Scots couple returning home after spending 11 years living in Australia are taking the self-drive scenic route and visiting 35 countries on the way. After some years working in Australiaâ??s banking and finance sector, Phil and Lisa Armstrong decided it was time to return to Scotland. Unlike most homesick expats whose first priority is... Expats Blog -

A Flamingo in Italy

The site is still a work in progress, but you can follow my new adventures in Italy at A Flamingo in Italy. The best way to keep up is to subscribe through email. Then you get a message in your … Continue reading ?

Financial mistakes to avoid when emigrating

Moving overseas, whether itâ??s for a new job or retirement, is challenging at best and terrifying at worst, but care and common sense can make sure financial errors donâ??t ruin the entire experience. The majority of those intending to stay overseas for a good while are stuck with the necessity of packing and shipping their personal... Expats Blog -

US expats wait on Trump to keep his FATCA repeal promise

Expat members of lobby group Republicans Abroad as well as their Democrat countrymen are waiting to hear whether The Donald will keep his campaign promise to repeal the unpopular FATCA tax reporting laws. The brainchild of former president Barack Obama, FATCA was introduced in its full form in 2014, with the overall result that American... Expats Blog -

Top financial talent set to flee London for Ireland

The Republic or Irelandâ??s capital, Dublin, is expecting a surge in the number of wealthy expats fleeing the UK after Brexit. For those wishing to remain in an EU member state without having to learn another language, Ireland is the natural alternative and is being talked up by relocation agents as a destination for EU and UK... Expats Blog -

Finland tops survey for expat kids education

One of the most important aspects of moving overseas en famille is the childrensâ?? safety, education and quality of life. Expat parents looking to settle in an unfamiliar country in order to take up a new job or start a small business need to put their childrensâ?? welfare high on the list of preferences. Finding a good, affordable... Expats Blog -

Cambodia surpassing Thailand as expat Shangri La

Overshadowed for years by its next door neighbour Thailand, Cambodia is coming into its own as the preferred destination for expats looking for friendliness, natural beauty, an inexpensive cost of living and straightforward visas. Famed for decades for its spectacular Angkor Wat temples, Cambodia has drawn tourists to its mostly unspoiled... Expats Blog -

Top expat professionals deserting Abu Dhabi as economy falters and costs rise

Once the holy grail for top expat professionals, Abu Dhabiâ??s stuttering economy is now the cause of an exodus of the brightest and best. Top-paying jobs in the emirate were the most sought-after employment prizes for top bankers and other expat professionals during the oil boom at the turn of the 21st century, Nowadays itâ??s a totally... Expats Blog -

The challenges of expat relocation to Sweden

Sweden may not be the most popular expat destination as it has its challenges as well as its charms, but its quality of life is one of the best on the planet. As an expat destination, Sweden tops international survey rankings in the majority of sectors including the all-important global competitiveness and quality of life. However,... Expats Blog -

Paris pushing its claim to City bankers

Just as the strong possibility of a hard Brexit looms closer, a French charm offensive has arrived in London to woo financial professionals and bankers. Itâ??s no surprise Paris is putting itself forward as an alternative hub to London for financial services once Brexit severs the passporting ties which come with European Union... Expats Blog -

Brexit, austerity and rising taxes likely to increase number of UK expats

Whether Britain faces a hard or soft Brexit, the consequences may drive yet more UK citizens to emigrate overseas. A recent report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies predicts the UKâ??s tax burden will hit highs not seen for 30 years, causing extended austerity measures, spending cuts and punitive new tax laws. Balancing the nationâ??s... Expats Blog -

Expats in Dubai praise the best transport system in the world

Whilst living and working in the UAE isnâ??t always a breeze, expats in general are more than happy with the inexpensive, convenient and ultra-efficient public transport system. Getting around an unfamiliar city, especially for recent expat arrivals, is almost always a stressful experience, but those lucky enough to land a job in Dubai... Expats Blog -

Scottish government fights for rights of EU expat workers

A study on the economic benefits of migration undertaken by a Scottish parliamentary cross-party committee has determined young migrants are essential for expanding both Scotlandâ??s work force and its population. The committeeâ??s report has backed Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeonâ??s stance on immigration, which contrasts with... Expats Blog -

Expat professionals still in high demand across Africa

As Africa struggles to find its place in the 21st century world, expat professionals are in high demand due to skills shortages and a lack of local talent. Many African countries have severe economic challenges even although commodity prices are still very low, with expat professionals in addition to local talent needed to allay skill... Expats Blog -

British PM closer to deal on UK expat rights in Spain

Last Fridayâ??s meeting between Theresa May and Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy is giving hope to over a million British expats at present living in Spain. The brief meeting in the Maltese capital Valetta during the EU summit gave the two leaders an opportunity to discuss the fate of an estimated 1.2 million British citizens now living in Spain,... Expats Blog -

Five Key Tax Considerations for U.S. Expats Living in the U.K.

By Ephraim Moss, Esq. & Joshua Ashman, CPA According to a report published by the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the number of Americans living in the United Kingdom was estimated at 212,150 in 2015.  This represents a sizable group of Americans living in just one foreign country. Show More Summary

French expatriate numbers increase as election looms

As the French general election draws near, more and more French nationals are voting with their feet and leaving for foreign climes. Unlike the British, the French are not so well known for emigrating, with even those who do traditionally choosing known quantities in Europe where French is spoken. However, over the last several years, not... Expats Blog -

New FCA alert focuses on domestic and international investment irregularities

The British Financial Conduct Authority is planning to crack down on both domestic and international investments and pension transfers, in a move which may benefit expats in the UAE as well as in the rest of the world. Information on the long overdue move by the FCA comes in the form of an alert based on the growing number of expat... Expats Blog -

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