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Expat investors urged to buy now as Spanish property market soars

Would-be expats whoâ??ve been sitting on the fence as regards committing themselves to a Spanish property are being urged to buy now as the market soars. Local property reports are forecasting yet another year of property price increases, with at least a six per cent rise by the end of 2018 following on the increases over the past four... Expats Blog -

Aussie househunters looking overseas for affordable properties

Is this a new twist to global mobility â?? citizens of first-world countries moving overseas simply to be able to afford a home? Following on from the rise of the digital nomad phenomenon, increasing reports are coming in of first-world nationals moving overseas in order to afford to buy a home. The difference between nowadays and several... Expats Blog -

Brit expat couple win over Spanish villa demolition order

A British couple are finally celebrating their victory over a demolition order on their Spanish villa. Valerie and Patrick Jubb, now returned from Spain and living in the Scottish Border country, purchased the four-bedroomed Vina de Linan in 2008, turning it into a luxury bed-andâ??breakfast nestling on a lush, green hillside in Jimena de... Expats Blog -

Normandy to offer a local currency from March

Normandy is planning to stimulate its economy via the introduction of its own currency. Expats living in five Normandyâ??s departments will soon have the option of using a dedicated new currency in addition to the euro. By the end of March, Calvados, Manche, Seine-Maritime, Eure and Orne will offer the as yet un-named currency as an... Expats Blog -

Needs not wants now the post-VAT priority for expats in UAE

Just three weeks after the introduction in Abu Dhabi of VAT, shoppers are cutting back on impulse buying. Both expats and locals in Abu Dhabi are reducing their spending on luxuries and cutting back on impulse purchases in an attempt to balance their household budgets since the introduction of VAT at five per cent. A Gulf News survey of... Expats Blog -

Explaining the legal reasoning behind the anti Brexit Amsterdam court case

When news of the anti-Brexit court case taking place in Amsterdam broke, details were sketchy and may have seemed somewhat confusing. The profound consequences of a positive judgement following a referral of the case to the European Court of Justice need to be fully understood, according to Jolyon Maugham QC, the British barrister who is... Expats Blog -

Spanish NHS nurse and family leaving the UK due to racial abuse

A Spanish nurse whoâ??s worked in the NHS for 15 years is uprooting her family and moving back to Spain after having been the victim of post-Brexit referendum racial abuse. Alaya de la Ignesia, a Norfolk-based nurse working in the NHS, is relocating to her home country with he family after facing â??unchallengedâ??, continual racial... Expats Blog -

British expats rushing to become citizens of France

Figures from Franceâ??s ministry of the Interior have confirmed rumours of a huge increase in applications for citizenship from UK expats. The French governmental departmentâ??s figures of around 3,173 British expats whoâ??ve applied to become French citizens donâ??t come as a surprise, as the anecdotal evidence has been around for a good... Expats Blog -

Spain beats out USA as second most visited world country

Spainâ??s popularity as a destination both for tourism and expat life looks set to continue. Always a popular destination for both holidaymakers and expats, Spain is now officially the worldâ??s second most visited country, beaten only by France and overtaking the USA. During 2017, an astonishing 82 million visitors arrived in the... Expats Blog -

British expats in Spain approve Farage second referendum call

The anti-Brexit campaign group Bremain in Spain is supportive of Nigel Farageâ??s call for a second Brexit referendum. Bremain in Spain are in partnership with European Movement and Britain for Europe, and are fully in support of a second referendum based on the facts in an outline of a possible deal. Chair of Bremain in Spain Sue Wilson... Expats Blog -

Husband of missing British mother arrested for boiler room fraud

Paul Muldoon is to be extradited to face boiler room fraud charges after being detained by police using a European Arrest Warrant. The abusive husband of missing British mother Rebecca Muldoon is to be extradited to the UK under a European Arrest Warrant for running a boiler room investment scam which defrauded British pensioners. Before... Expats Blog -

UAE blocks Skype then blocks Skype petition website

As if losing access to Skype over the holiday season wasnâ??t enough, the UAE government is now blocking the website set up to protest the ban. Skype is perennially popular for expats and citizens wanting to stay in touch with friends and family across the world, especially during Christmas and the New Year celebrations. A wave of anger... Expats Blog -

Dutch court judgement may determine the rights of 1.2 million UK expats in Europe

A court case brought by five UK nationals to a court in the Netherlands could mean citizenship rights for 1.2 million British expats. The aim of the court case is to persuade the Dutch judge to apply for clarification of UK expatsâ?? citizenship rights to the European Court of Justice. Should the judge agree this course of action and ECJ... Expats Blog -

Fake degree scammers back in UAE business with a new twist

A Pakistani online purveyor of fake university degrees is now back in business with a new scam. Axact, a Pakistani fake degree company boss whose tentacles reached all over the world and made millions from selling degrees from non-existent universities is now back in business. Boss of the Karachi-based software firm Shoaib Shaikh was... Expats Blog -

Expats in Kuwait admire police but avoid police stations

In their dealings with expats, Kuwaiti police are suspected of having two faces â?? one positive and the other bordering on the negative. Expats living and working in Kuwait have nothing but praise for their local police, usually for their positive reactions to problems occurring outside the confines of their local station. However, the... Expats Blog -

Kuwatization ramps up as government prepares to terminate expat jobs

Expats working in a number of Kuwaiti government sectors are to be sacked in order to provide jobs for locals. In accordance with a Kuwait government plan to fully Kuwaitise government jobs by 2022, foreigners working in the IT, information, development, public relations, admin and statistics, admin support, arts and marine sectors will... Expats Blog -

Cala Romantica fraud victims get their money back in court

Spanish bank Sabadell Solbank has been ordered to reimburse damages of hundreds of thousands to expats who lost out over a failed off-plan real estate development. The scam began in 2006, when the Cala Romantica development was launched as an off-plan opportunity due to be completed by 2008. Construction had stalled long before the... Expats Blog -

Expats to benefit from changes in Federation of European FAs

FEIFA now has a new associate membership sector developed to meet the needs of the European expat community. FEIFAâ??s new sector is aimed at professional advisors who arenâ??t IFAs but who are working with global employees with a cross-border lifestyle which complicates their financial affairs and needs. Included are expats from overseas... Expats Blog -

Expats at risk from Dubai immigration scam

A new scam targeting expat workers is doing the rounds in Dubai, with a good number of already losing money. Posing as Dubai immigration officers, the scammers are calling expats and telling them thereâ??s a pending residency case against them which can only be resolved in their favour if a fine of between Dh 1,000 and Dh 4,000 is paid... Expats Blog -

Expats account for a quarter of all Portuguese property purchases

Portugal is as popular as ever with expats, whoâ??ve accounted for 25 per cent of 2017 property purchases. Foreign buyers are becoming even more active in Portugalâ??s property market, with data showing a 30 per cent increase in 2017 sales over the same period in 2016. Some 152,000 homes found buyers from France, Brazil, the UK and China,... Expats Blog -

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