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PETA Offers Alberta Residents Urgent Information for Safeguarding Animals During Wildfire

As a wildfire continues to threaten your area, PETA is offering important advice for ensuring the safety of animal companions. Please use the following information, which could help save... The post PETA Offers Alberta Residents Urgent Information for Safeguarding Animals During Wildfire appeared first on PETA.

No, Seeing a Transgender Person is Not a Reason to Call 911

Listen to this hotel manager call 911 after checking in transgender women “dressed a little bit over the top” “911, what’s your emergency?” There are a lot of situations that may warrant calling 911. But seeing a transgender person is not one of them. Show More Summary

Staunchly Anti-Choice Lawmaker to Run for U.S. Senate in Colorado

Colorado state Sen. Tim Neville, who last year introduced a bill requiring a doctor to perform a vaginal ultrasound on a woman seeking an abortion, is a leading GOP contender so far to take on pro-choice Sen. Michael Bennet next year. Image: ColoradoSenateGOP / YouTube The post Staunchly Anti-Choice Lawmaker to Run for U.S. Senate in Colorado appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Congress-backed Interstate Oil Commission Call Cops When Reporter Arrives To Ask About Climate

On October 1, I arrived at the Oklahoma City headquarters of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission ( IOGCC )  —  a congressionally-chartered collective of oil and gas producing states  —  hoping for an interview. There to ask...Show More Summary

Extremist Heartland Institute Attacks Pope Francis On Climate, Claims Paganism Has Entered Catholic Church

Attachment Size Heartland Institute Press Conference Sept 17 2015.mp3 44.76 MB A string of mystical and dire warnings about the Catholic Church were issued by Heartland Institute officials and supporters at a press conference last week...Show More Summary

Let’s learn from mistakes

The publication ‘Learning from mistakes in climate research’ is the result of a long-winded story with a number of surprises. At least to me. I have decided to share this story with our readers, since it in some aspects is closely linked with RealClimate. The core of this story is the reproduction and assessment of […]

Secret Ohio Department of Health Documents Reveal 47 Horrific Botched Abortions

Ohio recently made headlines with reports that half the abortion clinics in that state have closed and several others have curtailed services, reducing abortion numbers to the lowest since 1976. “When abortion clinics close, abortions decline and lives are saved. It’s as simple as that,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and co-author of […]

What one farmer learned from surviving the ’80s farm crisis

Farming changes may be inevitable, but that doesn't make their human cost any easier to bear. You can hear it in this farmer's voice.

Listen as James Cullen talks about how hard it is to determine whether Hil, Christie and Rubio are saying what they believe or what the pollsters tell them to say

Hillary Clinton changes her position on gay marriage – slightly – now that she’s a candidate. She also misrepresents the birthplace of her parents (will she say “what difference does it make?). Chris Christie changes his position on vaccinations. Show More Summary

The Next Wave of Contraceptive Challenges Hits the Appellate Courts

So far, the Obama administration has been undefeated in defending the accommodation process to the birth control benefit in the Affordable Care Act. How long will that streak last? Image: Shutterstock The post The Next Wave of Contraceptive Challenges Hits the Appellate Courts appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Anti-Choice Bills Fail to Gain Support in GOP-Dominated South Dakota

South Dakota lawmaker Rep. Isaac Latterell (R-Tea) was unable to revive a bill that would have banned a medical procedure that is commonly used for abortion care. Image: South Dakota Public Broadcasting via YouTube The post Anti-Choice Bills Fail to Gain Support in GOP-Dominated South Dakota appeared first on RH Reality Check.

South Dakota Lawmaker Targets Clinic With Quixotic Bill, Calls Planned Parenthood ‘Worse Than ISIS’

A bill introduced by a South Dakota lawmaker would ban a medical procedure that is commonly used for abortion care, but which is not offered at the state's one abortion clinic. The bill’s vague language and the lawmaker’s heated anti-choice...Show More Summary

South Dakota Republican Introduces ‘Medically Inaccurate,’ ‘Inflammatory’ Anti-Abortion Bill

The bill targets dilation and evacuation (D and E) procedures, which may be used in a second-trimester abortion. The D and E procedure is often used when it is the safest means of preserving the life, health, and perhaps the fertility...Show More Summary

Wyoming Senate Creates Religious Exemption in LGBT Protections

Wyoming lawmakers in the state senate passed a bill Wednesday that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's non-discrimination employment laws, although religious companies and organizations will still be legally...Show More Summary

One of Carvin’s Gaffes

In some recent posts, I’ve observed that Carvin made a couple of astonishing gaffes in his oral argument.  In today’s post, I’ll comment on the worst one.  First, I’ll report the exchange without context.  I presume that 99.99% of Climate Audit readers will spot the gaffe immediately.  Below the fold, I’ll explain Carvin’s goof and […]

Baby Whose Mom Dumped in a Trash Can Survived and Has No Brain Damage

After a woman named Alicia Englert gave birth, she abandoned her newborn baby by putting the infant in a neighbor’s trashcan. When the Utah woman’s neighbors realized they had discovered the child, they frantically called 911 with an urgent message: “There’s a baby in our garbage can!” The family told the 911 operator that the […]

They Sang Christmas Carols at an Abortion Clinic, You’ll be Amazed What Happened

Since 2003, the Pro-Life Action League has held an “Empty Manger” Christmas caroling day outside abortion clinics in our headquarters city of Chicago and the surrounding area, and Saturday we continued that tradition, visiting eight area facilities—five in Chicago and three in DuPage county. Over the years women have occasionally chosen life for their babies […]

Oral Argument 1: Context

I have an audio copy of the oral argument in Mann v Steyn, which I’ve posted up (see link at the end of this post). One of things often under-estimated by those readers (especially at WUWT) who are bloodthirsty for litigation as a means of settling scores is that it’s not easy for litigation lawyers to […]

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