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My Plenary Talk (Audio) at the Animal Rights 2013 National Conference

On Saturday, July 29, I gave the plenary talk at the Animal Rights 2013 National Conference. You can listen to the audio here. The title of my talk: “The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights.” I understand that a video will be available at some point, which will allow you to see the PowerPoint presentation. I [...]Show More Summary

Networks Fawn Over Pro-Abortion Filibuster in Texas, Ignore Pro-Life Voices

ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning newscasts on Wednesday spotlighted Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster against pro-life legislation, hyping how she stood for hours in “comfortable pink sneakers” to stop a vote on the bill. The networks trumpeted how “the unfolding drama topped the list of worldwide Twitter trends”, but ABC and NBC failed to [...]

Superman, Obama, and limits on power

As Obama prepares to give a major climate speech on Tuesday, remember: he isn’t Superman.

Pro-Life Groups Were Wrong to Fight the Ban on Late-Term Abortions

A lot of people have asked me about Georgia Right to Life’s response to the 20-week abortion ban. In case you didn’t know, they made national news by asking the pro-life legislators of Georgia to vote against the pro-life bill when a rape and incest exception was added, a necessary condition of getting it passed [...]

Gosnell Was Bad But Abortion Is Wrong Because It Kills Babies

This is a clip from an episode of Life Report called “Using Gosnell to Start Productive Dialogues About All Abortions.” In this episode Megan Almon from Life Training Institute joined Gabi and me to discuss how pro-lifers can have productive conversations about Gosnell. In this clip, I discussed the common mistakes pro-lifers should avoid when talking about Gosnell.   [...]

A Pro-Life Refutation of the Bodily Rights Argument for Abortion

This is a recording presenting the “de facto guardian” argument at the Students for Life of America Regional Leadership Summit at the University of Southern California (see picture below). During my presentation, I describe both types of bodily rights arguments, discusses the most common pro-life responses to the violinist analogy and why they are unpersuasive [...]

"FrackNation" Part Two: The Koch Industries Ties That Bind

Part one of the DeSmogBlog investigation of "FrackNation" - a film made in response to "Gasland 2" - honed in on the past track records and funding streams of co-directors Phelim McAller and Ann McElhinney. We revealed that Donors Trust/Donors...Show More Summary

Pro-Lifers Should Consider Adopting Kids From the Foster Care System

This is a clip from an episode of Life Report called “Local Experts Clarify Domestic and International Adoption.” In this episode I interviewed Stephanie Grant, Executive Director of Infant of Prague Adoption Services, and Laurel Boylan, Founder of God’s Waiting Children. In this clip, I asked them to explain how adopting children from the foster care [...]

Should Pro-Lifers be “Open-Minded” on the Issue of Abortion?

Tim and Gabi and I discuss what it actually means to be open-minded, (it does NOT mean being wishy-washy,) and whether pro-life people should be open-minded too. Bonus Audio: After wrapping up four Life Report episodes, Tim and Gabi and I hung out to cover some material we didn’t have time to get into earlier in [...]

Pro-Choice Person Becomes Pro-Life After Thinking About Gosnell Case

This is exactly what I’ve been hoping would happen: pro-choice people that think about abortion in a new way because of the Gosnell case, but not stopping there, but then asking a key question: “Is there a morally relevant difference between what Gosnell did and other abortions that are less obviously barbaric?” A Redditor just [...]

Frackalypse Now: Mark Fiore Spoofs Oil Industry's PSYOPS Campaign To Derail Fracking "Insurgency"

DeSmogBlog partnered with Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore to produce this spoof video in the vein of Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now." Making its debut today in honor of Gasland 2, which features the details of the...Show More Summary

"Gasland 2" Grassroots Premiere in Illinois Highlights Industry PSYOPS and Ongoing Fracking Fights

"Gasland 2" screened yesterday in Normal, IL and DeSmogBlog was there to gain a sneak peak of the documentary set for a July 8 HBO national premiere.  Josh Fox's documentary played at the Normal Theater, the second-ever screening since...Show More Summary

Why Do Families in International and Domestic Adoptions Resent Each Other?

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — This is a clip from an episode of Life Report called “Local Experts Clarify Domestic and International Adoption.” In this episode I interviewed Stephanie Grant, Executive Director of Infant of Prague Adoption Services, and Laurel Boylan, Founder of God’s Waiting Children. In this clip, I asked them to talk about the common [...]

Networks Give Angelina Jolie 27 Minutes, 56 Seconds for Gosnell Verdict

ABC and NBC led their morning shows on Tuesday with nearly 10 minutes of “breaking news” coverage of Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. This celebrity-driven story was apparently deemed more important than abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell being found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, as Good Morning America and Today devoted just 38 seconds to [...]

“Doctor” Who Killed Women in Abortions Lies About Their Deaths

A new video released by Live Action catches late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart denying that he has ever sent a patient to the hospital and rejecting responsibility for the documented deaths of two of his late-term abortion patients, Jennifer Morbelli and Christin Gilbert. It reveals practices that are similar in nature to those of accused murderer [...]

Even in the best-case scenario, climate change will kick our asses

In his new book, 'Overheated,' Andrew Guzman looks at the realities of human survival in an age of climate catastrophe. It's not going to be pretty.

Podcast: Bipartisan Support to Crack Down on Animal Fighting

I was a guest this week on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel, to discuss the need for the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act. With all the divisive and partisan issues in Congress, here’s an example of Republicans and Democrats coming together to...

Smiley & West: In the Face of the Vegan Truth

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are on a journey to the truth. Perhaps that journey will lead them - and the world - to veganism.

Stop trying to save the planet, says ‘urban ranger’ Jenny Price

Want to make a real difference? Get in touch with your local environs, gritty though they may be, and help build a more sustainable future for everyone.

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