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DeSmog Responds to Misleading Allegations From Edelman and Alliance For Northwest Jobs & Exports

The Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports issued a misleading statement to the Seattle Times in response to last week's guest post by contributor Mike Stark: Why Are Coal Industry PR Pros Laughing About Climate Change in Private Talks on Export Terminals? The Alliance statement accused Mr. Show More Summary

Obama's Former Communications Director Anita Dunn Pitches "Ethical Oil" Keystone XL Ad

Ezra Levant is the man behind an attempt to re-frame the Alberta tar sands as "ethical oil." "Ethical" - Levant's deceptive public relations campaign argues of the tar sands "carbon bomb" - because it doesn't come from the war-ridden...Show More Summary

Green ole opry: Susan Werner sings sweet songs of sustainability

Her songs about pesticides, frankenfoods, climate change, and selling the family farm have struck a chord with farmers both old and young.

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Former Rep. Joe Walsh mocks MLK’s “dream” with his own racist rant about how black people need to take care of their kids.  Yes, the same Joe Walsh that was sued for $100,000 in back child support while in office. We are preparing to strike Syria after President Obama says the U.S. government concludes regime [...]

Pennsylvania Faces a New Threat: Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia is something I don’t think about too often. Maybe it’s because I’m under 30 and healthy. Maybe it’s because assisted suicide is illegal in Pennsylvania and most of the U.S. But now that there’s a euthanasia group lobbying here in Pennsylvania, I’ve been reading more about this pro-life issue. In his book “Assisted Suicide […]

Huffington Post Working With NARAL to Attack Pregnancy Centers

Richmond, VA (LiveActionNews) — NARAL’s history of misrepresenting or lying about pro-life issues is well-documented. Remember when they erroneously claimed that they had expressed dismay at Kermit Gosnell’s actions long before theyShow More Summary

New Evidence Warrants Permanent Closure of Illegally-Run Alabama Abortion Biz

Life Legal Defense Foundation has provided the State of Alabama with evidence of illegal abortion activity at the unlicensed New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham. The state seeks a permanent injunction against the illegal clinic, operator Diane Derzis, and abortionist Bruce Norman, whose deliberate violations, despite a March 2012 agreement with the Alabama [...]

911 Call: Abortion Clinic Worker Downplays Woman Bleeding From Botched Abortion

Operation Rescue has obtained a heavily redacted copy of a 911 call placed on July 9, 2013, from Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, Maryland, for an abortion patient that was suffering from heavy bleeding. In what appeared to be an over-redaction of public information, questions concerning the nature of the medical emergency were deleted [...]

Why coal has a hit on “America’s Got Talent”

A Kentucky boy has hit big on "America's Got Talent" with a song called "Coal Keeps the Lights On." Why does coal mining continue to wield such resonant power in U.S. culture?

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

In Milwaukee, a 76 year old man was found guilty of the murder of a 13 year old boy. Just read this piece from Blair L. M. Kelley. Also, read Robin D.G. Kelley’s piece from Counterpunch. Also, listen to Esther Armah’s “Wake Up call” on all women media panel with Blair Kelley, Joan Morgan and Charisse Jones [...]

The Iranian Government Locked Me in Solitary Confinement for 410 Days. Today, My Thoughts Are with the Hunger Strikers.

Sitting in a nearly empty cell – a metal sink, the blank stare of the white walls, fluorescent lights that never turn off – all you have are your own thoughts. Sometimes they race through your head like freight trains; other times aShow More Summary

Debating Abortion 101: The Best Way to Expose Logical Fallacies

In my last post I talked about something I’ve been noticing recently, that people, especially pro-life nerds like me, are tempted to talk about logical fallacies all the time in conversation. There are several dangers to this. I’ve argued already that the first danger is accusing somebody of a logical fallacy when they didn’t actually [...]

Why climate change has Darwin down for the count

Birds, reptiles, amphibians, and many other animals may not be able to adapt to rising temperatures.

Why Climate Change Has Darwin Down for the Count

If you live near water in the American southeast, you may have run across the green tree frog—or at least heard the species as it croaks (in a sound that kind of resembles rapid fire quacking). It's a small frog that's often found in pet stores. Show More Summary

How Can Pro-Lifers Encourage People to Sidewalk Counsel at Abortion Clinics?

This is a clip from an episode of Life Report called “Shawn Carney on the State of the Pro-Life Movement.” In this clip I asked 40 Days for Life co-founder Shawn Carney how pro-life organizations could better persuade people to participate in sidewalk counseling.   Click the embedded video and it will start at the right place in the interview. [...]

My Plenary Talk (Audio) at the Animal Rights 2013 National Conference

On Saturday, July 29, I gave the plenary talk at the Animal Rights 2013 National Conference. You can listen to the audio here. The title of my talk: “The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights.” I understand that a video will be available at some point, which will allow you to see the PowerPoint presentation. I [...]Show More Summary

Networks Fawn Over Pro-Abortion Filibuster in Texas, Ignore Pro-Life Voices

ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning newscasts on Wednesday spotlighted Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster against pro-life legislation, hyping how she stood for hours in “comfortable pink sneakers” to stop a vote on the bill. The networks trumpeted how “the unfolding drama topped the list of worldwide Twitter trends”, but ABC and NBC failed to [...]

Superman, Obama, and limits on power

As Obama prepares to give a major climate speech on Tuesday, remember: he isn’t Superman.

Pro-Life Groups Were Wrong to Fight the Ban on Late-Term Abortions

A lot of people have asked me about Georgia Right to Life’s response to the 20-week abortion ban. In case you didn’t know, they made national news by asking the pro-life legislators of Georgia to vote against the pro-life bill when a rape and incest exception was added, a necessary condition of getting it passed [...]

Gosnell Was Bad But Abortion Is Wrong Because It Kills Babies

This is a clip from an episode of Life Report called “Using Gosnell to Start Productive Dialogues About All Abortions.” In this episode Megan Almon from Life Training Institute joined Gabi and me to discuss how pro-lifers can have productive conversations about Gosnell. In this clip, I discussed the common mistakes pro-lifers should avoid when talking about Gosnell.   [...]

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