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NBC, CBS Praise “Brave” Brittany Maynard After Her Assisted Suicide, Hail “Freedom of Choice”

NBC’s Today and CBS This Morning both led their broadcasts on Monday with euthanasia advocate Brittany Maynard’s drug-induced suicide. The morning shows’ anchors sang the praises of the “beautiful, brave young woman,” as Gayle King labeled Maynard. Charlie Rose touted how the cancer patient’s “short and meaningful life is over.” Savannah Guthrie gushed, “What a […]

A Colorado Catholic Speaks Out Against Amendment 67

Amendment 67 flies in the face of all my Catholic values. By banning birth control, abortion, and in vitro fertilization, this dangerous measure would prevent women from following their consciences when making critical moral decisions. Image: Shutterstock The post A Colorado Catholic Speaks Out Against Amendment 67 appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Conservatives Not Amused by NARAL Colorado Condom Shortage Ad

Conservative commentators are teeing off at an ad campaign depicting a world in which birth control is banned and condoms are in short supply. Image: Truth Revolt/Youtube The post Conservatives Not Amused by NARAL Colorado Condom Shortage Ad appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Caught Red-Handed: New Mexico Abortion Business Was Operating Illegally

A new abortion facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico, operated by the Texas-based Whole Women’s Health abortion chain, was caught “red-handed” operating without a valid business permit in an area that may not be properly zoned for that business. Seeking to avoid safety standards in Texas that shut down two of its five Texas abortion […]

Crazy Pro-Abortion Ad Warns of a Condom Shortage if Pro-Life Candidate Wins

The pro-abortion group NARAL has released a new ad that takes the cake when it comes to the phony war on women tactics the pro-abortion side has launched against the pro-life Senate candidate Cory Gardner in Colorado. The ad is quickly becoming the laughingstock of Twitter as more people hear it and realize NARAL has […]

14 of 23 Texas Abortion Clinics Close or Stop Doing Abortions After Pro-Life Law Enforced

On the first Monday after an appeals court ruled that Texas abortion laws could be enforced, Operation Rescue has confirmed that 14 of 23 abortion facilities in Texas that were open for business before last Thursday’s ruling are either closed or no longer accepting abortion patients. Operation Rescue called each of the 23 remaining Texas […]

Activists Exploit Tragic Stillbirth Case to Try to Legalize Abortion in El Salvador

NPR’s Jason Beaubien spotlighted a woman’s “nightmare with El Salvador’s abortion law” on Monday’s All Things Considered. Beaubien zeroed in on the case of Christina Quintanilla, who served four years of a thirty-year prison sentence, after a dubious conviction for the death of her unborn child. He also cited unnamed “activists who are pushing to […]

The Quiet Moment That Shocked an Abortion Worker Into Leaving Planned Parenthood

It happens all too often that a person’s ideology and moral conscience are in deep conflict. This is exemplified in the story of Catherine Adair, who was so entrenched in her “pro-choice” philosophy that she couldn’t see that the guilt and depression she so regularly experienced stemmed from an abortion in her youth. Her way […]

6 Resources on Whether or Not Birth Control Pills Cause Abortions

Here are the six most helpful resources I know of for trying to assess whether or not birth control pills and/or Plan B definitely cause abortions or not. The most common question I get emailed to me goes something like this: I’m trying to figure out what contraception is morally acceptable to use and would appreciate […]

A Simple Pro-Life Gesture Made This Woman Quit Her Abortion Clinic Job

As pro-life activists we have to remind ourselves from time to time that not every individual in the abortion industry is fully aware of what they are participating in. This was the case for Ruth Yorston, who worked as a receptionist at her local abortion clinic, the Fort Wayne Women’s Health Organization, where her mother […]

The Kapparos Campaign: A Good Example of What’s Wrong with Single-Issue Campaigns

On June 12, 2014, I spoke on a panel at the New York City Bar Association as part of a panel on Kapparos, which involves ritual use of chickens. An animal advocate, Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns, gave a presentation in which...Show More Summary

Stop lying! Enviros are fed up with false ads about Obama’s power plant rules

The National Mining Association is playing inaccurate radio ads, so a coalition of green group is asking the FCC to investigate.

The fight is on: Obama’s climate rules aren’t out yet, but both sides are already slugging

The Chamber of Commerce claims the rules will result in economic losses of $50 billion a year. Enviros and the Obama admin say that's baloney.

Houston Planned Parenthood Caught Attempting to Hide Botched Abortion in 911 Call

By now abortionists around the nation are well aware that Operation Rescue and other pro-life organizations are accessing public 911 records to verify and document abortion-related medical emergencies that are often witnessed by street activists outside American abortion clinics. Show More Summary

John Redwood MP and David Hart QC debate environmental rules

Is environmental regulation unnecessary and is it crippling our economy? This was the debate which raged last Thursday between a senior Conservative backbencher and one of our regular 1 Crown Office Row contributors to the blog – thanks to the UK Environmental Law Association who organised it and city law firm Simmons & Simmons who […]

Democratic Lawmaker: Aborting Down Syndrome Babies is Okay Because Jesus Would be “Pro-Choice”

Pierre, SD (LiveActionNews) — Last year, North Dakota became the first state to ban the abortion of babies with Down syndrome. It was a small but important step in protecting the lives of those with disabilities, who are often the most vulnerable among us. Unborn children prenatally diagnosed with a disability are, without question, the […]

Fracking infrastructure? Not in my backyard, says Exxon CEO

Public utility Cross Timbers Water Supply Corp. has had the nerve to plan a water tower right next to Rex Tillerson’s own horse ranch!

Pro-Life Group Criticizes Only Republican to Vote Against Ban on Tax-Funded Abortions

Faith Family Freedom Fund, a super PAC associated with the Family Research Council (FRC), launched a radio ad campaign today targeting Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) for voting against the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2014. The radio ad will run on four radio stations across Rep. Hanna’s district: […]

Responding to the “I’m Pro-Life But…” Arguments for Abortion

I was asked to give an apologetics speech at the Students for Life of America 2014 West Coast National Conference. I was given a title, “I’m Pro-Life, But…” that I was allowed to do anything I wanted with, so I chose to respond to these four common statements and questions: “I’m pro-life, but people tell me I come […]

Vatican Blasts UN Panel Demanding it Change It’s Position Against Abortion

The Vatican (CFAM/LifeNews) — The Vatican accused a UN committee of interfering with Church doctrine and violating religious freedom after it was asked to change its teaching on abortion and homosexuality. The Church should change its teaching on abortion, according to a UN committee that monitors the rights of children. The Church should no longer […]

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