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Hawaii’s Clean Energy and Oil Consumption Report Card

Hawaii is on a mission to be powered 100 percent by renewable energy by 2045. For this remote group of islands, achieving a fully renewable electricity system also means dramatically reducing the state's dependence on oil. Reaching the...Show More Summary

US Air Quality Improving but White House Looking to Reverse That Progress

The American Lung Association ( ALA ) released its “State of the Air” report last week, and the organization found that air quality in U.S. cities has improved in the time period from 2012–2014. The ALA report specifically cites the increased air quality protections and emission reduction programs that first began popping up in the U.S. Show More Summary

Sonnen’s US Factory Now Open, but Eco Compact Home Battery Won’t Come Until Late 2017

Sonnen completed its arrival on American shores by opening a factory in Atlanta. Collocated with the company’s research and development lab, the facility began shipping the second-generation Sonnen Eco battery storage system last week. Show More Summary

Was that climate change?

(Stanford's School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences ) A new four-step 'framework' aims to test the contribution of climate change to record-setting extreme weather events.

NASA's Fermi catches gamma-ray flashes from tropical storms

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) A thousand times a day, thunderstorms around the globe launch fleeting bursts of gamma rays. Now scientists have studied dozens of these events fired off by Earth's biggest weather: tropical storms, hurricanes and typhoons.

Energy Jobs: Rhodes Replaces Zibelman at NY PSC, Plus Enphase, Trina, Vivint, Dr. Moniz at Emerson

Another week brings moves and shifts at the upper levels of renewable energy. Jing Tian has been promoted to president of North American region at Trina Solar. Trina Solar CEO Goa Jifan was recently quoted in Handelsblatt Global as saying...Show More Summary

The Radiohead ant: A new species of 'silky' ant grows fungus gardens for food

(Pensoft Publishers) A new species of silky ant has been named after the famous British band Radiohead in honor of the musicians' environmental efforts, especially in raising climate-change awareness. Two scientists from the Smithsonian's...Show More Summary

What can we learn from dinosaur proteins?

(Experimental Biology 2017) Researchers recently confirmed it is possible to extract proteins from 80-million-year-old dinosaur bones. The discovery sparks hopes for new insights about evolution and environmental change and could even offer useful clues for drug discovery or the search for extraterrestrial life.

Climate change predicted to increase Nile flow variability

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) The unpredictable annual flow of the Nile River is legendary, as evidenced by the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh, whose dream foretold seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine in a land whose agriculture was, and still is, utterly dependent on that flow. Show More Summary

Eneco and Mitsubishi Plan Europe’s Largest Battery, Pitching Storage Against Coal and Gas

Dutch developer Eneco and Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi are developing a record-breaking battery designed for Germany’s primary reserve market, which will compete against coal and gas units. The two companies have formed a GermanShow More Summary

How a Cold Day in Texas Exposed the Value of Grid Flexibility

As the sun rose over Dallas on March 3, 2014, thermometers read 15° Fahrenheit. Across the state, Texans turned their heaters on full blast as they prepared to head to work. Meanwhile, at the operations center for Texas’ electricity system, ERCOT, operators saw the price of electricity skyrocket. Around 8 a.m. Show More Summary

The initial collision between Indian and Asian continental

(Science China Press) A recent research reveals that India-Eurasia continental collided first in central Tibet at about 65 Ma (SCES, No.3, 2017). The earliest peripheral foreland basin related to the collision has been recognized, which...Show More Summary

NASA satellite animation shows Tropical Storm Arlene 'eaten' by weather system

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) An animation created by NASA using imagery from NOAA's GOES-East satellite shows the North Atlantic Ocean's first tropical storm of the season being "eaten" by a large frontal system.

Middle Eastern Oil Companies Look Beyond Earth: ‘Water Is the New Oil of Space’

Bloomberg: Space May Be Next Frontier for Earth's Crude Oil Giants The Middle East has an outsize impact on energy here on Earth. One analyst thinks some regional powerhouses may leverage that role into the development of natural resources...Show More Summary

Ambulances respond more slowly in summer and winter -- study

(University of Birmingham) Ambulance response times in London worsen when air temperatures rise or fall beyond certain limits in summer and winter, according to a new study.

March for Science Organizer: 'Titans' Like Einstein, Galileo, Carson Engaged With Politics

On Earth Day, tens of thousands turned out for the March for Science in Washington, D.C., despite the rain, celebrating ideas, facts, and empirical data while chastising climate science deniers. Celebrity science educator Bill Nye, honorary...Show More Summary

An intimate look at the mechanics of dolphin sex

(Experimental Biology 2017) Using CT scans, researchers visualize the internal dynamics of sexual intercourse in marine mammals. The research sheds light on evolutionary forces and has practical applications for conservation efforts...

Newspaper Owned By Fracking Billionaire Leaks Memo Calling Pipeline Opponents Potential "Terrorists"

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) has published a report titled, “Potential Domestic Terrorist Threats to Multi-State Diamond Pipeline Construction Project,” dated April 7 and first published by The Washington Examiner.  The...Show More Summary

US Business Schools Failing on Climate Change

By Nancy E. Landrum, Loyola University Chicago Coca-Cola and Nestlé have recently closed facilities, and Starbucks is bracing for a global shortage of coffee — all due to effects from climate change. Climate change impacts every resource used by businesses: from agriculture, water, land and energy to workers and the economy. Show More Summary

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