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What 8point3 Energy Partners, SunEdison, and SolarCity Have In Common [Revised]

[Editors note, March 28: GTM published a contributed article yesterday that contained an error regarding the number of shares eligible for distributions. The corrected verson follows. GTM regrets the error.] Solar Yieldco 8point3 Energy...Show More Summary

Seasonal warming leads to smaller animal body sizes

(Queen Mary University of London) Changes in the body size of animals measured under controlled laboratory conditions have been shown to closely match changes in body size with seasonal warming in nature, according to research from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

New research disproves common assumption on cranial joints of alligators, birds, dinosaurs

(University of Missouri-Columbia) Researchers from the University of Missouri School Of Medicine recently discovered that although alligators, birds and dinosaurs have a similar skull-joint shape, this does not guarantee that their movements are the same.

Asian dust providing key nutrients for California's giant sequoias

(University of California - Riverside) Dust from as far away as the Gobi Desert in Asia is providing more nutrients than previously thought for plants, including giant sequoias, in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, a team of scientists, including several from the University of California, Riverside, have found.

AeroVironment Picks EMotorWerks as Smart EV Charging Platform Provider

Startup eMotorWerks, which makes software and hardware to turn EV chargers into networked nodes of a cloud-connected, grid services platform, has landed a big EV charging equipment maker to put its version of smart charging to the test...Show More Summary

Researchers discover dust plays prominent role in nutrients of mountain forest ecoystems

(University of Wyoming) This study shows that dust may be crucial in mountainous forest ecosystems, dominating nutrient budgets despite continuous replacement of depleted soils with fresh bedrock via erosion.

ACP decries devastating impact of climate change order

(American College of Physicians) President Trump's executive order on climate change will have a devastating impact on public health, said the American College of Physicians (ACP) today.

Tiny bacterium provides window into whole ecosystems

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT research on Prochlorococcus, the most abundant life form in the oceans, shows the bacteria's metabolism evolved in a way that may have helped trigger the rise of other organisms, to form a more complex marine ecosystem with overall greater biomass.

Dust contributes valuable nutrients to Sierra Nevada forest ecosystems

(National Science Foundation) Dust from as close as California's Central Valley and as far away as Asia's Gobi Desert provides nutrients, especially phosphorus, to vegetation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a team of scientists has found.

Can intergenerational cooperation defeat climate change?

(The Gerontological Society of America) Older adults are powerful allies in addressing climate change, according to 'Gray and Green Together: Climate Change in an Aging World,' the latest edition of Public Policy & Aging Report (PP&AR) from The Gerontological Society of America (GSA).

It's not too late to conserve water resources in rapidly urbanizing areas

(University of Massachusetts at Amherst) As climate change and population pressure intensify in suburbia, a new study by watershed scientist Timothy Randhir at UMass Amherst suggests that threats such as water shortages and poor quality can be met if managers begin to act now. Show More Summary

MSU, Shedd Aquarium partnering to create healthier aquatic homes

(Michigan State University) Viruses are the most abundant living organisms on the planet, yet we know very little about them, especially in aquatic environments. Michigan State University's Joan Rose is partnering with Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to better understand how viruses affect plants, fish and aquatic mammals in human-built and controlled aquariums.

Forests fight global warming in ways more important than previously understood

(Ohio State University) Trees impact climate by regulating the exchange of water and energy between the Earth's surface and the atmosphere, an important influence that should be considered as policymakers contemplate efforts to conserve forested land, said the authors of an international study that appears in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Trump Action on Clean Power Plan threatens air quality, health, and economic benefits

(Syracuse University) 'If we overturn the Clean Power Plan we will forfeit important health benefits and undermine the longstanding American tradition of energy innovation and clean air progress, at a time when we need it most.'

A basis for the application of drought indices in China

(Science China Press) The definition of a drought index is the foundation of drought research. It is of great importance to evaluate the applicability of drought indices in drought monitoring, forecasting systems and research. Performances...Show More Summary

Study: Dust helps regulate Sierra Nevada ecosystems

(University of California - Merced) A new study released March 28 in the journal Nature Communications indicates it's important to understand how dust helps vegetation thrive, especially in light of the changing climate and land-use intensification.

Donald Trump Jeopardizes America’s Global Position By Reversing US Climate Policy

During the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, a common theme among the candidates was that the U.S. needed to scale back efforts to combat climate change because one country can’t go it alone. The candidates’ thoughts were that other countries were still polluting, so why should the U.S. Show More Summary

Trump Kingmakers Rebekah and Robert Mercer Attended Heartland Institute's Climate Science Denial Conference

Standing in front of a crowd of influential climate science deniers and conspiracy theorists, Myron Ebell was in a triumphant mood. “ It’s the people who have worked persistently against global warming alarmism that made this election possible,” said Ebell, referring to the election of Donald J. Show More Summary

Herpes STDs: From chimps to humans to cold sore cousin mixing before worldwide spread

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) Evolutionarily, Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 are considered cousins, and are thought to have evolved independently, Now, an entirely new picture is emerging. While scientists...Show More Summary

As Exxon Pushes Gulf Refinery During March Madness Ad Blitz, Facility Offered $1.4B Tax Break

ExxonMobil has engaged in a March advertising blitz, repeatedly airing a new commercial during national cable news channel breaks and prominently, during TV timeouts during the National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA ) Division...Show More Summary

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