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An Adorable Dumbo Octopus Stretches Its 'Wings'

See this little guy? He's just emerged into the world, but the appropriately-named Dumbo octopus is already taking his first flaps. Resemblance to a certain flying elephant notwithstanding, Dumbo octopuses actually live far below the ocean's surface. Show More Summary

Congo approves logging on carbon-rich peatlands, say environmental groups

KINSHASA (Reuters) - Democratic Republic of Congo has reinstated thousands of square kilometers of logging concessions in its equatorial forests, environmental groups said on Tuesday, a move they fear could cause huge volumes of greenhouse gases to be released.

Sexual misconduct allegations leave a swath of Los Angeles County without representation in the Capitol

For Maria Camacho-Rodriguez, a special-education teacher and a trustee of Cerritos Community College, a monthly education roundtable convened by her Assembly member provided crucial insight into legislation, grant opportunities and other important things happening in Sacramento. This month, she...

The plastics industry is leaking huge amounts of microplastics

The problem of plastic pellets in marine environments has been reported since the 1970s and the first recommendations for legislation were introduced in the USA back in the 1990s. However, in Sweden, these spills have only received attention in recent years.

Seas to rise about a meter even if climate goals are met - study

OSLO (Reuters) - Sea levels will rise between 0.7 and 1.2 meters (27-47 inches) in the next two centuries even if governments end the fossil fuel era as promised under the Paris climate agreement, scientists said on Tuesday.

More predicted sea-level rise for each delay in peaking emissions

Peaking global CO2 emissions as soon as possible is crucial for limiting the risks of sea-level rise, even if global warming is limited to well below 2 degrees C. A study now published in the journal Nature Communications analyzes for the first time the sea-level legacy until 2300 within the constraints of the Paris Agreement.

As the Trump administration retreats on climate change, US cities are moving forward

Despite almost universal scientific consensus that climate change poses a growing threat, President Donald Trump's recent infrastructure plan makes no mention of the need to build resilience to rising global temperatures. Instead, it actually seeks to weaken environmental reviews as a way of speeding up the infrastructure permitting process.

Volcanic blast reshaped summit of Indonesia's Mount Sinabung

The eruption of Indonesia's Mount Sinabung that shot ash 5 kilometers (3 miles) high also blew away much of the mountain's summit.

Global grazing lands increasingly vulnerable to a changing climate

Some 800 million people around the world depend on livestock that graze on natural vegetation for their livelihoods and food security. In a good season, grasses and other plants flourish, supporting robust herds. In a bad season, the system suffers - as do the people who rely on it. Show More Summary

Toxic emissions down, but people still dying from air pollution – it's time for something radical

The UK has made much progress in its efforts to clean the air of toxic pollutants, but while the thick, dirty haze of the 1952 great London smog no longer fills the city streets, air pollution remains a silent killer. In the UK, poor air quality is responsible for some 40,000 deaths each year. Show More Summary

Investing in Aussie wines

For the first time in over 300 years, wine is getting an update. Here's how the CSIRO are future-proofing our industry and making wine even more delicious (if that's even possible?).

A switch to plant-based protein could help tackle climate change and hunger

Agriculture – both victim and cause of climate change. New research shows moving away from animal protein towards legumes makes sense nutritionally and environmentally.

UK promises post-Brexit agriculture plan as farmers demand more clarity

BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) - The British government will publish a consultation paper on future agriculture policy "very shortly", Environment Minister Michael Gove said on Tuesday, as farmers demanded more clarity on their prospect after the country quits the European Union.

Why your tourist toilet habits are bad for locals – and the environment

,While many prospective holidaymakers actively seek a change in cuisine or climate when choosing their destination, standardised sanitation usually remains a must.

Trump's energy dominance and the future of fossil fuels

The Trump Administration is doing everything it can to encourage drilling for fossil fuels on federal lands and everywhere else. They are reversing regulations on methane release, deep-sea drilling rigs and anything else they can think of to lower the cost of drilling and decrease its occupational and environmental safety. Show More Summary

Lasers revolutionise mapping of forests

New laser scanning technologies developed at the University of Salford are being used to map forests in more detail than ever before.

Pesticide traces in three-quarters of French fruit: report

Almost three- quarters of fruit and more than two-fifths of non-organic vegetables contain traces of pesticide in France, with grapes and celery the most affected, a report said Tuesday.

Deposit schemes reduce drink containers in the ocean by 40 percent

Plastic waste in the ocean is a global problem; some eight million metric tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year.

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