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What one farmer learned from surviving the ’80s farm crisis

Farming changes may be inevitable, but that doesn't make their human cost any easier to bear. You can hear it in this farmer's voice.

Stop lying! Enviros are fed up with false ads about Obama’s power plant rules

The National Mining Association is playing inaccurate radio ads, so a coalition of green group is asking the FCC to investigate.

The fight is on: Obama’s climate rules aren’t out yet, but both sides are already slugging

The Chamber of Commerce claims the rules will result in economic losses of $50 billion a year. Enviros and the Obama admin say that's baloney.

Fracking infrastructure? Not in my backyard, says Exxon CEO

Public utility Cross Timbers Water Supply Corp. has had the nerve to plan a water tower right next to Rex Tillerson’s own horse ranch!

Meet the anti-government conspiracy theorist behind GOP environmental policy

By day, Doyel Shamley helps congressional staffers understand natural resource law. By night, he's an Illuminati conspiracy theorist.

Do 1 Thing to Save Energy at Home: Change a Light [Infographic]

Little acts do add up over time, and they're much easier to turn into habits than big changes. ENERGY STAR is celebrating the power of small acts with its "Do 1 Thing ENERGY STAR" campaign. This week's theme: lighting.

Green ole opry: Susan Werner sings sweet songs of sustainability

Her songs about pesticides, frankenfoods, climate change, and selling the family farm have struck a chord with farmers both old and young.

Why coal has a hit on “America’s Got Talent”

A Kentucky boy has hit big on "America's Got Talent" with a song called "Coal Keeps the Lights On." Why does coal mining continue to wield such resonant power in U.S. culture?

Why climate change has Darwin down for the count

Birds, reptiles, amphibians, and many other animals may not be able to adapt to rising temperatures.

Why Climate Change Has Darwin Down for the Count

If you live near water in the American southeast, you may have run across the green tree frog—or at least heard the species as it croaks (in a sound that kind of resembles rapid fire quacking). It's a small frog that's often found in pet stores. Show More Summary

Superman, Obama, and limits on power

As Obama prepares to give a major climate speech on Tuesday, remember: he isn’t Superman.

Even in the best-case scenario, climate change will kick our asses

In his new book, 'Overheated,' Andrew Guzman looks at the realities of human survival in an age of climate catastrophe. It's not going to be pretty.

Stop trying to save the planet, says ‘urban ranger’ Jenny Price

Want to make a real difference? Get in touch with your local environs, gritty though they may be, and help build a more sustainable future for everyone.

Is ‘Twilight’ influencing our environmental imagination?

Wonder what’s shaping our warped relationship with the natural world? Look no further than popular literature, says ecocritic George Handley.

Are humans really the planet’s top dogs? Geologists will make the final call

Meet the scientists who have been charged with deciding whether humans have been so harmful to the Earth that we've kicked off a new geologic age.

Stick a fork in it: The American meat industry is ripe for a restart

The director of ‘American Meat’ talks about the good food revolution, the rise of veganism, and why contemporary audiences aren’t prepared for scenes from slaughterhouses.

Cheap Solar Power at Hangin’ with sustainablog

Missed today's Hangin' with sustainablog live broadcast? Not a problem - we've got recordings that you can listen to or watch.

Another Roundup of Crowdfunding Projects at Hangin’ with sustainablog

Missed today's discussion of current crowdfunding projects at Hangin' with sustainablog? Not a problem - we've got audio and video recordings for you.

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