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Gas Utilities Reduce Leaks of Methane, Study Finds

Researchers suggested that the reduction was largely a result of equipment upgrades, including replacement of leaky old cast-iron or unprotected steel pipe.

Recent and future impacts of ocean warming on marine biodiversity

I am a (relatively junior) member of an NCEAS/NSF funded international working group that is assessing how climate change is affecting ocean ecosystems.  Today, we published our third major paper (in Nature; Burrows et al. 2014), that predicts how ocean warming will affect global patterns of Biodiversity. Show More Summary

California getting 'second-hand smog' from Asia, researchers say

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - California is suffering from "second-hand smog" drifting in from Asia and other places, researchers said on Tuesday, even as the state's prolonged drought has made air quality worse.

Knight Foundation gives cities $5M for floating farms and fuzzy hats

The Knight Foundation just wrote $5 million in checks to support all manner of urban awesomeness.

Easy Upcycling: Turn an Old Crib Into a Porch Swing

Have your kids outgrown the crib? Our easy upcycling expert walks you through the process of converting it into a porch swing for the whole family The post Easy Upcycling: Turn an Old Crib Into a Porch Swing appeared first on Sustainablog.

THEESatisfaction makes music about the planet that actually sounds good

The ladies behind rap duo THEESatisfaction break down a few choice cuts on their latest album, EarthEE.

Coral reef resilience: a biogeographic perspective

Coral reefs are affected by a large range of disturbances including disease, bleaching, storms, and Acanthaster planci, also known as crown of thorn starfish (COTS) outbreaks.  There appears to be a lot of variation of how much coral cover is affected by physical and biological disturbances and in how quickly coral communities recover from it. Show More Summary

EPA will require weed-resistance restrictions on glyphosate herbicide

(Reuters) - U.S. regulators will put new restrictions on the world's most widely used herbicide to help address the rapid expansion of weeds resistant to the chemical, Reuters has learned.

Agribusiness giant tells suppliers to stop cutting down forests

The move by Archer Daniels Midland is the latest in a heartening procession of corporate commitments to protecting rainforests from devastation.

After Cesar Chavez: The fight for farmworker rights isn’t over

Chavez helped win farmworkers basic human rights, but they still face unacceptable dangers every day.

This bloody whaling documentary could teach you something about sustainable food

If you eat meat -- even the humanely raised, locally butchered, lullabied-to-sleep-at-night kind -- there will always be blood, and lots of it.

Even climate villain Australia might be thinking about cleaning up its act

Tony Abbott committed to signing on to the next major international climate accord. But let's not get too excited.

Obama makes climate pledge to world, Republicans snipe in background

The president has unveiled his plan for cutting emissions as part of a U.N. deal. Mitch McConnell is just as supportive as you might imagine.

Interview with Abel Valdivia about lionfish and biotic resistance

I LOVE this interview PeerJ just posted (and excerpted below) with Bruno lab PhD student Abel Valdivia about our new paper on lionfish and biotic resistance.   PJ: What were your motivations for undertaking this research? AV: TheShow More Summary

Here's What President Obama Just Promised the World in the Fight Against Climate Change

This morning, hours ahead of a looming deadline, the United Stats released its formal submission to the UN in preparation for global climate talks that will take place in Paris later this year. Known as an "intended nationally determined...Show More Summary

United States submits formal plan for Paris climate talks

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States on Tuesday formally submitted its climate change strategy to the United Nations, outlining domestic measures it is taking to achieve up to a 28 percent greenhouse gas emissions cut by 2025.

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality [Infographic]

Got sniffles, congestion, or itchy skin? Poor indoor air quality may be the cause. Learn more about the sources of & fixes for indoor air pollution The post How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality [Infographic] appeared first on Sustainablog.

EU lawmakers back plan to end overfishing in the Baltic sea

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union lawmakers backed on Tuesday a long-term plan to end overfishing of cod, sprat and herring stocks in the Baltic Sea, the first such plan to be adopted under the EU's reformed common fisheries polic...

When sponges take over

Below is a guest post by UNC student Kati Moore: Overfishing, pollution, and most of all, climate change, are destroying corals, causing the collapse of ecosystems and fishing industries around the world. “Corals are the backbone of...Show More Summary

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