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Warren Buffett is driving truckloads of money into electric companies.

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is pushing for a more interconnected electrical system across the American West

Rainforest metropolis casts 1,000 km shadow on wildlife

Urban food demand in the Amazon could be hitting wildlife up to 1,000 km away from the city, according to new research.

New study challenges prevailing theory about how deep-sea vents are colonized

An article just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B describes two remarkably different hydrothermal vent fields discovered in the southern Gulf of California. Despite being relatively close together, these vents host very different animal communities. Show More Summary

A tattered band-aid: Senate GOP's $200-billion Obamacare cushion would run out in two years

As Senate Republicans rush pell-mell toward a Tuesday vote on an Obamacare repeal bill that most, if not all, still haven’t seen, a new study examines one of the givebacks the GOP leadership has offered anti-repeal senators to bring them on board. The sweetener is a $200-billion fund for the 31...

Storms in Argentina to slow last weeks of wheat sowing: crop experts

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Storms in Argentina over the coming two weeks will slow the final stages of 2017/18 wheat planting, crop weather experts said on Monday, adding that flooded areas will likely be sown with soy once the moisture evaporates later this year.

NASA sees Typhoon Noru raging near the Minami Tori Shima Atoll

NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite captured an image of Typhoon Noru raging near the unpopulated atoll of Minami Tori Shima in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. Minami-Tori-shima or Marcus Island is an isolated Japanese coral atoll about 1,150 miles (1,850 kilometers) southeast of Tokyo.

Pioneering Paris canal swimming spot closed due to pollution

A new public bathing area on a Paris canal that has been helping residents keep cool during the summer was temporarily closed Monday due to pollution concerns just a week after opening.

Guest Blogger Gregory Dotson: Is Scott Pruitt Calling for an Amendment to the Clean Air Act?

Since he was confirmed to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency six months ago, Administrator Scott Pruitt has relied on three points when discussing the issue of climate change. He has cast doubt on the science by claiming it’s difficult to know the human role “with precision.” He has questioned the ability of the agency […]

Sea level rise could bring costly flooding in coastal communities within decades

As glaciers melt amid the heat of a warming planet, scientists predict that coastal communities in the United States could eventually experience flooding from higher tides.

Campaign group Avaaz calls on EU to block Bayer's Monsanto deal

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Online campaigns group Avaaz has called on European Union antitrust regulators to block Bayer's purchase of Monsanto, saying it would hurt innovation and competition and push up prices.

Scientists synthesize research, evaluate model on coastal armoring

For nearly a century, the O'Shaughnessy seawall has held back the sand and seas of San Francisco's Ocean Beach. At work even longer: the Galveston seawall, built after America's deadliest hurricane in 1900 killed thousands in Texas.

NASA flights gauge summer sea ice melt in the Arctic

Earlier this year Arctic sea ice sank to a record low wintertime extent for the third straight year. Now NASA is flying a set of instruments north of Greenland to observe the impact of the melt season on the Arctic's oldest and thickest sea ice.

Have what it takes to be a Grist fellow? Don’t miss the application deadline!

Early-career journalists, now's your chance to hop on Team Grist. The deadline to apply is July 31.

Home sweet home: islanders stay put even when the sea invades

OSLO (Reuters) - Islanders in the Philippines have stayed in their homes even after an earthquake caused subsidence and floods, according to a study on Monday that questions how far global warming will trigger mass migration as sea levels rise.

West Virginia orders Energy Transfer to stop work on Rover pipeline

(Reuters) - West Virginia environmental regulators ordered Energy Transfer Partners LP to stop work on the Rover natural gas pipeline in the state due to alleged water and waste management violations of its permit.

Strength of tectonic plates may explain shape of the Tibetan Plateau, study finds

Geoscientists have long puzzled over the mechanism that created the Tibetan Plateau, but a new study finds that the landform's history may be controlled primarily by the strength of the tectonic plates whose collision prompted its uplift. Show More Summary

Atlantic hurricane season in 2017 seen more active than normal

(Reuters) - Most meteorologists project the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season will have more named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes than normal.

Spain's Balearic Islands vote to outlaw killing bulls at fights

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's Balearic Islands on Monday banned matadors from killing bulls in the ring, becoming one of several Spanish regions to move toward criminalizing the centuries-old blood sport.

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