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Historic Laguna Seca track to remain under control of Sports Car Racing Assn. of Monterey Peninsula

A concerted effort by a group of deep-pocketed motoring enthusiasts to take control of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca has been rebuffed. For now, the historic Monterey Peninsula racetrack will remain under the stewardship of the Sports Car Racing Assn. of the Monterey Peninsula, or SCRAMP. The Monterey...

Adjusting fertilizers vital in claypan ag soils

All soils are not equal. Rich loams support the world's most productive agricultural regions, including swaths of the American Midwest. But in some parts of the Midwest, including areas in Missouri and Illinois, claypan soils dominate. Show More Summary

Research at Lake Baikal—for the protection of a unique ecosystem

Lake Baikal, with its exceptional species diversity and unique wildlife, is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. As part of the Helmholtz Russia Research Group LaBeglo, UFZ researchers are studying the impact of climate change and environmental toxins on the lake's fauna. Show More Summary

Trees can make or break city weather

Even a single urban tree can help moderate wind speeds and keep pedestrians comfortable as they walk down the street, according to a new University of British Columbia study that also found losing a single tree can increase wind pressure on nearby buildings and drive up heating costs.

Atlantic/Pacific ocean temperature difference fuels US wildfires

An international team of climate researchers from the US, South Korea and the UK has developed a new wildfire and drought prediction model for southwestern North America. Extending far beyond the current seasonal forecast, this study...Show More Summary

Former Fox News executive files $48-million lawsuit over sexual assault scandal

A former Fox News executive fired after he was accused of sexually assaulting a female on-air commentator is suing parent company 21st Century Fox for going public with the matter. Francisco Cortes, who ran Fox News Latino, was fired in February after Tamara Holder, a Fox News on-air contributor,...

Trump loyalist Andy Puzder looks at the last six months, and wonders why more hasn't been done

Andrew Puzder, the former CEO of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardees fast-food chains, was President Trump’s highest-profile cabinet nominee to fail the Senate confirmation process — in fact his appointment as Labor secretary didn’t even come to a vote before he withdrew under an onslaught of negative press....

'The Emoji Movie' is expected to beat 'Atomic Blonde' in box office face-off

Sony's animated movie about the secret lives of emojis may top Charlize Theron's super-spy action movie "Atomic Blonde."

The Arctic is unforgiving; riding in this icebreaker isn't

While it may be frigid and wet on deck, the crew of a modern icebreaker can expect creature comforts inside the ship, even saunas.

People and wildlife now threatened by rapid destruction of central America's forests

Central America's largest remaining forests are disappearing at a precipitous rate due to illegal cattle ranching, oil palm plantations, and other human-related activities, all of which are putting local communities and the region's wildlife species at high risk.

Danish fund to track CO2, may exclude some firms from portfolio

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark's biggest commercial pension fund will soon track carbon emissions by companies it invests in, and exclude those it finds breach the Paris climate accord, its CFO told Reuters.

Zinc link in safer roof catchment rain

A new study of Wellington roof catchment rainwater has found that zinc in galvanised steel roofs can kill some bugs. But households concerned about the safety of emergency roof catchment rainwater in the event of an earthquake still need to disinfect it before drinking it.

German official labels excessive focus on diesel bans 'unimaginative'

BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly warned against "demonizing" diesel traction, a German government spokeswoman said on Wednesday in response to the announcement of Britain's plan to ban combustion-powered cars by 2040.

Study projects deaths from heat and cold for 10 U.S. metros through 2090

A new study projects that if climate change continues unabated, heat-related deaths will rise dramatically in 10 major U.S. metropolitan areas compared to if the predicted increase in global warming is substantially curbed and cities take steps to adapt.

Conductivity key to mapping water inside Earth

Hydrogen at elevated temperature creates high electrical conductivity in the Earth's mantle.

NASA solves a drizzle riddle

A new NASA study shows that updrafts are more important than previously understood in determining what makes clouds produce drizzle instead of full-sized raindrops, overturning a common assumption.

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