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Trojans counting on several graduate students in 2015

USC is expected to receive major contributions this season from several members of its heralded 2015 recruiting class.

California unveils improved campaign finance search site

Californians will have an easier time determining who is contributing money to political candidates and causes starting Thursday when Secretary of State Alex Padilla begins operation of a new searchable website.

Organic Waste Diversion: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

If a landfill operator has invested in a landfill gas operation, that might be the most economically feasible place to send organic waste The post Organic Waste Diversion: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished appeared first on Sustainablog.

National Book Awards to honor Don DeLillo for lifetime achievement

Because of its popularity on college syllabi, most people know Don DeLillo from his book "White Noise." But reading his other novels -- "Libra," "Ratner's Star," "Great Jones Street," "The Names," "Falling Man," "Americana" and of course "Underworld" -- prove DeLillo's astonishing breadth and depth. 

Grey swans are extremely rare, damaging storms. How will climate change affect them?

A new study finds that storms with no historical precedent might become more likely over the coming century.

Earth has 3 trillion trees but they're falling at alarming rate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Earth is home to just over 3 trillion trees - the redwoods of California, the olive trees of Tunisia, the cherry trees of Japan, the eucalyptus of Australia and so many more - but they are being lost at an alarming rate because of human activities.

Here's what you need to know about the European migrant crisis

The architects of the European Union set out decades ago to create an alliance free of national obstacles to the movement of people and the products of their labor.

The court ruling that could blow up Uber's business model

The ride-hailing service Uber has been dancing as fast as it can to fend off a legal challenge that could upend its business model, which depends on its classifying its drivers as "independent contractors" rather than "employees." This legal loophole allows Uber to saddle them with almost all the...

Man charged in connection with '94 theft of O.J. Simpson's Heisman from USC

Prosecutors have charged a man in connection with the theft of O.J. Simpson's 1968 Heisman Trophy from a display case at USC more than 20 years ago.

You can now order a Mindy Kaling burger at Umami Burger. And yes, it's spicy

Actress and writer Mindy Kaling designed a burger for Umami Burger, and it's called the Mindy Burger.

River Song returns to 'Doctor Who' for the Christmas special

Spoilers! The Doctor is about to be reunited with longtime "Doctor Who" character River Song. But how will the new Peter Capaldi Doctor interact with the incredibly clever, delightfully flirtatious Professor River Song? And at what point in the Doctor's timeline will they actually be meeting?

No third novel from Harper Lee, expert says after examining manuscript

The publication of Harper Lee's "Go Set a Watchman" this summer rocked the publishing world and dominated literary conversations around the globe. But it looks like there won't be a repeat anytime soon.

Football: Newbury Park, Camarillo dedicate seasons to fallen player

The football teams at Newbury Park and Camarillo are dedicating their seasons in honor of Daniel Morales, a 16-year-old fullback who died Tuesday morning after being stabbed  Monday in an altercation.

U.S. restaurants are terrible at getting wasted food to the hungry. Can we change that?

It makes a lot of sense for restaurants to donate uneaten food to the poor, yet most throw it out.

It's not a joke. Amazon expands Dash buttons

Need some Ice Breakers breath mints but don't want to leave your house?

Canada shows the U.S. how to run a good election

To the editor: For those of us who have studied parliamentary democracies, it's no surprise that our northern neighbor has a stable, well-run and efficient democratic system. Limited election seasons, limited money expended on campaigning and national broadcasters obligated to offer free on-air...

A Chinese-Korean mashup? Here are 5 restaurants to try in L.A.

Love both Chinese and Korean food? Maybe when you're going out to eat next, try them at the same time. Korean-Chinese cuisine is a hybrid that developed at the end of the 19th century, when Korea and China had, well, closer relations than they do now. Although derived from Chinese cuisine, Koreans...

The Obama administration's post-Ferguson rhetoric and attacks on police

To the editor: Obviously The Times is right that the police are now facing a new foe, the public. But what is missing in this article is the root of this animosity. To me it's a no-brainer. ("Police worry about their own safety after killings: 'It's a different world,'" Aug. 31)

An inspiring account of the busboy who helped Robert Kennedy

To the editor: What a deeply moving and phenomenal column from Steve Lopez about the life of the busboy who tended to the mortally wounded Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. ("The busboy who cradled a dying RFK has finally stepped out of the past," Aug. 29)

It's not 'the environment vs. jobs' anymore

To the editor: The conclusion in the UC Berkeley study that stronger requirements for renewable energy would create jobs is another piece of evidence that California has known for a long time. Renewable energy regulations have helped to make California a leader in the country in creating jobs,...

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