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Three questions climate science must answer

The signing of the Paris agreement in 2015 may give the impression that the major questions concerning climate change have at last been answered and that climate science has met its challenges.

Trade-offs between economic growth and deforestation

Economic growth in poor countries increases along with deforestation rates, but the effect disappears in wealthier economies, according to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Air polluters more likely to locate near downwind state borders

Indiana University research reveals a pattern of companies strategically locating facilities where wind will carry pollution across state lines.

88 million tons a year: Auditors decry EU food waste

The sheer waste of food had been bothering teacher Marijke De Jongh for so long that two years ago she set up a pop-up restaurant to serve perfectly good groceries and meat that were approaching their expiry date.

The Owls in the Vineyard

At night, you can hear the hooting of owls in the vineyard.   The owners have deployed owls and falcons to control the pests that threaten the Kendall Jackson vineyards due to milder winters.  But birds of prey aren’t the only things flying above the vineyard.  There are also drones, which are used to observe small differences […]

Meet the Latinos who voted for Trump

Good morning. It’s Tuesday, Jan. 17, and here’s what’s happening across California: TOP STORIES Latinos for Trump Latinos who voted for Donald Trump are in a distinct minority — and some have faced criticism from family and friends for their choice. They don’t like everything Trump has to say,...

Rock samples suggest oxygen levels during 'Lomagundi Event' were high enough to support life development progress

(—A small team of researchers in the U.S. has found evidence in rock samples that suggests that oxygen levels during the Lomagundi Event were high enough to support the advancement of life on Earth. In their paper publishedShow More Summary

Allowing concealed weapons on college campuses is a silly, and dangerous, idea

College, we like to think, is a time of intellectual inquiry. But it is also, as anyone who has spent any time on a campus knows, a time of boundary-testing, experimentation and alcohol-fueled parties. Not exactly the kind of place where it makes sense to let folks wander around carrying hidden...

California has gone from drought to deluge, but our woes aren't over yet

To the editor: California’s current bountiful rainfall is a welcome but uncertain reprieve. Weather is becoming less predictable and more disruptive all around the world, validating the warnings of climate scientists. It’s basic physics, they explain: more atmospheric CO2 means a warmer planet....

California's latest boycott is well-meaning but ill-conceived and ineffective

Boycotts are having a moment. There is a boycott by liberals against retailers who carry the Ivanka Trump clothing line, for example, and another by conservatives against Kellogg’s for removing its advertising from an alt-right website. Macy’s has been hit from both ends: President-elect Donald...

Today: To Live and Build Big Buildings in L.A.

I’m Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don’t want you to miss today. TOP STORIES To Live and Build Big Buildings in L.A. Orson Welles called Los Angeles “a bright and guilty place.” (Read the book with that title. It’s a romp.) No wonder developer...

Films that look back at post-war America like 'Fences' and 'Hidden Figures' are digging deeper this year

Stop by the movie theater this awards season and you might wonder exactly what decade we’re living in. From “Fences” to “Hidden Figures,” “The Founder” to “Loving” — and even on some level “20th Century Women” — the mid- to late-20th century remains compelling turf to filmmakers. Consider the number...

Ok, just call it 'Trumpcare' then, but don't deny health coverage to average Americans

To the editor: So, Donald Trump and the GOP want to repeal and replace the ACA, or Obamacare, quickly? I see a very simple solution that could be implemented as soon as tomorrow without any new bumps in the road. Congress should pass a law that simply renames the ACA as the ATA, or the Affordable...

Don't listen to the backers of Measure S. Los Angeles isn't overdeveloped; we're in a housing slump

You’ve seen the cranes over Hollywood. You’ve read the stories about new development downtown. If these neighborhoods’ changes are any indication of growth citywide, Los Angeles is adding new housing at an unprecedented rate. Or so the people behind Measure S would have you believe. Measure S is...

From a scandal-free admistration to, well, who knows what's next?

To the editor: When Trump says that “nobody cares” about his tax returns, he gets it half right. Or, rather, 46% right. He is probably correct that the people who voted for him do not care about his taxes, though I bet that number is smaller than he’d like to think. When he makes sweeping generalizations...

The effects of melting glaciers on tropical communities

A Penn State professor is researching the trickle-down effects that melting tropical glaciers have on food security and biodiversity, and what regional communities, like Cusco and Huaraz in Peru, can do about it.

Protecting soils to mitigate climate change

If you were an ant, you would see that soil has networks of pores and channels that weave through the soil like interconnected straws. They're formed underground by the different minerals that compose soil and as a result of movements or growth by roots, insects, and other living organisms. The pores in soil house gases and liquids, such as soil organic carbon and water.

Biologists investigate deaths of 82 stranded dolphins in Florida

(Reuters) - Biologists were on Monday investigating the death of dozens of false killer whales that became stranded in Florida's Everglades National Park over the weekend, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) s...

A hard rain to fall in Australia with climate change

Dorothy Mackellar's classic view of Australia as a country of droughts and flooding rains is likely to get a further boost with just a 2°C rise in global warming, new research suggests.

Simultaneous water and nitrogen use can enhance sustainability

The results of a study carried out by two researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid show that management practices oriented toward reducing nitrogen losses and maintaining farm productivity should rely on optimizing nitrogen and water inputs at the same time. Show More Summary

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