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Introducing Caitlyn Jenner

This week, Caitlyn Jenner made her public debut via a stunning, Annie Leibovitz-shot Vanity Fair cover and profile. "Call me Caitlyn." Yes, ma'am. Continue reading ?

Spillover #28

Time for our twenty-sixth #spillover thread. Some reminders: 1. #spillover is part of our comment moderation system for keeping other threads on-topic by providing a separate constructive space for side-discussions. 2. Commentors are encouraged to respect the topic of each post and cheerfully volunteer to take off-topic side-discussions into #spillover. Continue reading ?

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker Diverkat: "What song can you listen to, over and over and over, without getting sick of it?"

Today in America 2.0

[Content Note: Surveillance.]An AP investigation has determined that the FBI is responsible for a "mysterious fleet of aircraft conducting surveillance over US cities."Scores of low-flying planes circling American cities are part ofShow More Summary

Lauren Conrad’s “Body Positive” Message Is a Good Start, But Misses the Mark

Lauren Conrad has come a long way from her beach-bum days on Laguna Beach. She’s a fashion designer with a huge following and a great deal of influence—three fashion lines, several books—which is why many were thrilled to see her take...Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Are you wearing orange today? A book that inspired a generation of black feminist thought. As Jos said this morning, “Laverne Cox has such a classy way of saying we shouldn’t be focusing all our attention on how pretty a rich white republican is when she’s been photoshopped to look like Jessica Lange.” Texas politicians […]

Quick Hit: Happy Birthday, Abby Wambach!

It’s American soccer superstar Abby Wambach‘s 35th birthday!  Abby Wambach has been a legendary soccer player for over two decades. Her skills as a forward (particularly those impeccable headers) have helped lead the national US Women’s National Soccer Team to victory since 2003. Show More Summary

Why I Dig Melissa McCarthy

by Shaker Lysis[Content Note: Fat bias; misogyny.]Since appearing in Bridesmaids, for which she received an Oscar nomination, Melissa McCarthy has become one of Hollywood's most bankable stars. She has done so in the face of rampant misogyny and fat shaming. Show More Summary

Daily Dose of Cute

Silly earsies! As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

It's Not Just You

Some people are currently unable to get comments to load for them; instead, the loading screen is just hanging forever. I've tweeted at Disqus to let them know about the problem, and hopefully it will be quickly resolved. My apologies for the inconvenience.

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...[Content Note: Policing] So now Hillary Clinton is a monster because her southern accent came out during an appearance in a southern state. Never mind that she lived in Arkansas for 18 years and...Show More Summary

This Is Your Irregularly Scheduled Reminder That Laverne Cox Is Awesome

[Content Note: Body/gender policing; cisnormative beauty standards.]Laverne Cox, with all the thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover, one year after her own cover on Time magazine:Many have commented on how gorgeous Caitlyn looks...Show More Summary

Watch: Student film demands Barnard admit trans women

Early this month, the Board of Trustees of Barnard will decide whether the women’s college will admit trans women. If the Board votes in favor, Barnard will join a handful of other women’s colleges, like Smith and Mt. Holyoke, who only now, after long histories of cissexist exclusion, have begun to respect applicants’ gender identities. Luna Adler and […]

Today in Fat Hatred

[Content Note: Fat hatred; bullying; body shaming; child abuse.]Some of the external commentary, and the dehumanizing "headless fatty" picture, accompanying this interview with Harvard University anthropologist Susan Greenhalgh, author...Show More Summary

Consent: A short victory story

Ed. note: This post was originally published on the Community Site. I wouldn’t say we were kissing; that implies a continuous action. We had kissed. We could kiss again. We could do a lot of things. My synapses were inundated with red wine. We were at a decision point. I’d been in this moment many times. There’s a lot […]


[Content Note: Misogyny; coercion.]I have previously written about my issues with the "Draft Warren" campaigns, in which people organized in order to try to convince Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president, despite her repeated...Show More Summary

A Photo Series Celebrates Modern-Day Rosie the Riveters

During World War II, Rosie the Riveter became a cultural icon symbolizing women at work in manufacturing. The hit 1942 song “Rosie the Riveter” paid homage to a tireless assembly line worker while government photographers captured striking photos of women at work building airplanes and ships for the war. Show More Summary

Question of the Day

Whatcha got in your pockets right now?"Nothing" and "I don't have pockets" are, of course, perfectly cromulent answers.

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