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The Internet Was OK. And Then This xoJane Article Happened.

On Tuesday, XoJane, whose central mission is to convince writers to share personal stories that would be better left untold, outdid itself: It published an essay called “It Happened to Me: My Friend Joined ISIS.” No, it’s not satire...

Daily feminist cheat sheet

Using the handle @twowomentravel, two Irish women live-tweeted their five-hour journey to Great Britain to secure a legal abortion. Sadly, their long journey is far from unique. Read Dallas Goldtooth on how the fossil fuel industry shuts out public input to push through dangerous fracking and oil projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline. And authorities have removed […]

Young Helen Mirren, Sexism Crusader of Our 1970s Dreams

You’ve probably always wondered: How does award-winning actress Helen Mirren manage to perform and have boobs at the same time?

The Controversial Judge in Brock Turner’s Sex-Crime Case Has Recused Himself From Another

Aaron Persky, the Santa Clara County judge who faced nationwide backlash earlier this year when he sentenced convicted felon Brock Turner to only six months in prison for sexually assaulting a woman, has recused himself from a different sex-crimes case.

Gossip as an act of resistance

When we talk about women and gossip, we must speak, first, about the bathroom stall. Brown University, 1990. A list springs up on campus. “Beware of [blank], he doesn’t take no for answer,” the first entry says. It grows from there — reams of names, a record of rape that cannot be said. The janitors […]

Baby-friendly Hosptials Can, Paradoxically, Be Unsafe for Newborns

A new paper in JAMA Pediatrics is the latest in a series of critiques of the so-called "baby friendly" hospital movement. Previously, the global pro-breastfeeding initiative has been questioned for its effectiveness and for its unfair treatment of new mothers. Now, doctors are questioning its safety.

Fox News “Operates Like a Sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like Cult,” Says New Lawsuit

The changing of the guard at Fox News—where founding chairman Roger Ailes resigned last month after a former anchor accused him of sexual harassment, and of retaliating when she refused his advances—has not ended the ongoing scandal...

The Feministing Five: Renee Bracey Sherman

For this week’s Feministing Five, I had the pleasure of catching up with the utterly inspiring writer, organizer, and reproductive justice advocate Renee Bracey Sherman. Renee is the author of Saying Abortion Aloud: Research and Recommendations for Public Abortion Storytellers and Organizations, and co-author of Speak Up & Stay Safe(r), a multi-lingual digital guide on […]

The Wage Gap Between White Women and Women of Color May Be Getting Worse

Black, Hispanic, and Native American women saw their annual earnings decline by significant margins between 2004 and 2014 when adjusted for inflation, according a forthcoming report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Get Ready, Lawyers, New Study Says Divorce Season Is Here

Imagine that you and your spouse have just returned from a summer beach vacation, kids in tow. The sunny glow is fading, the new school year is just days away, and reality is setting in: You’re not happy in your marriage. Maybe you’ve...Show More Summary

Dieting and Weight Talk Are Bad for All Adolescents, Says American Academy of Pediatrics

On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics published new recommendations for “Preventing Obesity and Eating Disorders in Adolescents.” The recommendations, which will appear in the September issue of Pediatrics (the academy’s flagship...Show More Summary

Husbands Who Have Wives Who Outearn Them Are Happier Than Those Who Don't

A new study suggests that young men are weathering the gender revolution just fine. Relying on data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sociologists at the University Connecticut have found that when women take on greater financial responsibility in their marriages, both wives and husbands tend to experience a boost in well-being. Show More Summary

Is Patriarchy to Blame for the Way Women Drink?

Patriarchy explains a lot about our world. That belief is pretty much the juice that powers a blog like this one. Most Double X stories wouldn’t make sense to aliens from a planet without sexism. Wait, what? those extraterrestrials might say. Show More Summary

How I Fit Into Mainstream Pride Events As A Queer Black Woman

Pride I realized that I wasn’t straight when I was about 15 years old. Soon after, I got involved with my high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. During one of the club’s meetings, the steering committee chair of an organization called PFLAG (Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians of Gays) joined us as a guest speaker. Show More Summary

The Troubling Contradiction at the Heart of the Nate Parker Controversy

Two weeks ago, Variety published a story re-surfacing rape allegations made against the actor, writer, and director Nate Parker, whose much-anticipated The Birth of a Nation, about Nat Turner and the slave revolt he led, is being released on October 7th. Show More Summary

These 24 Poems May Help Women Survive The Border Crossing

Over the next few weeks, Truthdig will be publishing twenty-four different poems to highlight the The Desert Survival Series / La Serie de Sobrevivencia del Desierto, a free cellphone tool designed to aid migrants in their border-crossing journeys. Show More Summary

Today in the Bronx: New Music Festival Celebrates Latinx Art

Today in the Bronx, The Mi Gente! Music Festival will bring all-women bands and local vendors to the borough for a day of (free!) family fun. Mi Gente! is a community collaboration aimed at highlighting the traditional and contemporary music rhythms of Latin America, particularly in the Bronx, which is home to the majority of New York […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Today the Justice Department promised to end the use of private prisons. How will it actually affect prison reform, though? Why the misleading campaign against the judge who sentenced Brock Turner will only make our system less fair. Human Rights First released a new brief called “Long-Term Detention of Mothers and Children in Pennsylvania,” concerning the […]

That Explicit Donald Trump Statue Is Insulting to a Lot of People Who Aren’t Trump

Lurid clay-and-silicone statues of Donald Trump popped up in five U.S. cities on Thursday morning, depicting the Republican presidential candidate in a pasty, veiny state of complete undress. Built by guerrilla art collective Indecline, the statues are titled “The Emperor Has No Balls.” Indeed, the likeness features no testicles, and a miniscule penis at that.

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