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Poetry Break: Warsan Shire’s “Home” and the refugee crisis

“You have to understand, that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”  This morning, Katherine wrote about Europe’s violent treatment of refugees and why American feminists should take note if it. I absolutely agree. So to take note, I’m starting off by sharing the writings of […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

“What should I do with my face while I walk down the hallway alone at school?” Tuesday is Native American women’s equal pay day. Here’s what you should know on last week’s NLRB ruling. Everything is bigger in Texas… except for abortion access. Congrats to Callisto, the survivor-centered online campus GBV reporting system, which launched this […]

Quote of the Day: “You should not get rich over people getting raped”

This week, 23 faculty and administrators released an online campus climate survey to improve universities’ understanding of the problem of gender violence on their particular campuses. Various climate surveys have been on the market for years; the difference with this one? It’s free. Show More Summary

Boss Wives, Boss Chicks: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s sexual scripts and binaries

This season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was underwhelming to say the least. The character storylines were edited down to the most basic level, relying on petty gender and sexuality binaries (straight/gay, single/married, etc.). And it’s because of these petty nuances that I can always count on LHHATL to provide layer upon layer of […]

CBS Denver tries to cover sexism against journalist, is sexist

Chase Olivarius-McAllister is an accomplished journalist. As an award-winning reporter with the Durango Herald, she wrote about issues from labor exploitation to environmental disaster. She also took down the previous Sheriff of La Plata County when she exposed his history of domestic violence. Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Mysterious Italian novelist Elena Ferrante is annoyed about speculation that’s she’s actually a man. A Catholic woman who’s had an abortion on what the Pope’s new order means to her. “Emotional labor isn’t a silly fluffy girl skill. It’s a life skill.” And more men need to practice it.  Some female Muslim superheroes to check out. “Beyond […]

Rick Scott’s Office Caught Manipulating Reports on Planned Parenthood Investigations

After the now-discredited videos accusing Planned Parenthood of selling fetal tissue came out, Republican politicians rushed in, demanding investigations and defunding efforts with an eye towards marginalizing or even destroying the women's health care provider. Show More Summary

Texas abortion clinics take their appeal to the Supreme Court

Pro-choice advocates and abortion providers in Texas have filed a formal petition asking the Supreme Court to hear their case against the anti-choice restrictions that threaten to close all but ten of the state’s clinics.The New York Times reports: Abortion providers in Texas asked the Supreme Courton Wednesday to reverse an appeals court ruling that […]

The Truth About Gamergate and Online Harassment

“GTFO” directed by Shannon Sun-Higginson Despite composing the majority of video game players, women are frequently attacked within the gaming community. Though it has persisted for years, this horrifying treatment entered the public...Show More Summary

In this together: Pay attention to Europe’s refugee crisis

For weeks now the so-called “Migrants Crisis” has dominated headlines in Europe. While I traveled across the continent a few weeks ago it was a top story again and again in the UK, Sweden, and Denmark, with headlines blaring out from airport and railway newsagents’ in a dozen languages. But it has garnered considerably less attention […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

American workers’ wages have been stagnant for 40 years. The Pope’s comments are just stigma masquerading as understanding.  5 music videos set in Africa that are at least better than Taylor Swift’s. Dear filmmakers: Stalking is not romantic. Netflix gives 12 months paid maternity leave to its highly paid employees but just 12 weeks to its […]

This Labor Day Weekend, Beware of the Naked 3-Year-Old Menacing a Beach Near You

One of the great joys of summer in childhood is the freedom to strip off your clothes and frolic shame-free-naked on the beach. On a recent family vacation to North Truro, Cape Cod, without thinking twice, I let my three-year son disrobe to his natural state and enjoy this pleasure, knowing that one day soon social norms will challenge his sense of modesty.

Why Would Anyone Fake A Pregnancy?

The Washington Post reports a strange story out of Michigan, where a teenager duped her small town of Wyandotte—including her 16-year-old boyfriend—into believing she was pregnant with triplets, even past her supposed due date. She pulled off the deceit with the help of a website called—and this is not a joke— Show More Summary

Feministing Jamz Video of the Week: Kali Uchis’ “Loner”

Kali Uchis is no slacker. The Colombiana via Virginia released an excellent EP full of soulful gems back in February, and is back with gorgeous visuals for her latest single, “Loner.” Kali Uchis doesn’t wanna be used and thrown out — nope, she’d much rather be a loner. A most excellent breakup song for that person who’s […]

Why the Conversation About Domestic Violence Needs to Change

Domestic violence awareness is crucial. “Why does she stay?” It’s a question outsiders continue to ask about those in abusive relationships. The situation may seem black and white to many: If someone is assaulting you, then you should leave them. Show More Summary

Let’s pledge to remember the 2015 VMAs

The 2015 VMAs were amazing in the best and worst of ways. Nicki came at Miley, Kanye is running for president, Taylor won all the awards…again, and Rebel Wilson made a tasteless joke. It was an evening. I love the VMAs for all of the drama they produce, and this year did not disappoint. More […]

Programming Note

Well, I've definitely pushed myself too hard, and now I'm paying for it: I've got some sort of awful flu or cold, which is triggering the autoimmune reaction, i.e. dizziness and numbness and tremors. I am not used to this new normal yet. Show More Summary

Math disparities the result of unconscious teacher biases

So, here’s a report from Israel via NPR demonstrating pretty conclusively that disparities in math achievement in school between girls and boys are an artifact of sexism, not any innate differences between the sexes. Turns out that if teachers who … Continue reading ?

Q&A: Dating When You’re Fat?

Can you imagine a society where 75 per cent of folks are gay, yet society is still as homophobic as the Duggar clan? That’s pretty much what fat people deal with every day, so we’ve made this far-reaching topic the … Continue readin...

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