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Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker FloraFlora: "What is something you do all the time that you sometimes forget whether you have done yet and so you have to check in some way? (e.g., Did I brush my teeth yet this morning? When I now have coffee soShow More Summary

How Did a “Men’s Rights” Supporter End Up in New Hampshire’s Women-Friendly Legislature?

In the popular Reddit community “The Red Pill”—a subreddit devoted to pickup artistry and “men’s rights”—browsers can find such helpful threads as "There is no Friendzone!,” and “The need to return to a more measured, Machiavellian frame...Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Maryland recently became the first state to pass a law reimbursing its Planned Parenthood clinics if Republicans in Congress cuts their funding.  Stars of The Handmaid’s Tale on why the story is relevant today. Pennsylvania House Rep. Brian Sims, an openly gay lawmaker, went after an internet troll by calling his grandmother. Sonia Sotomayor refuses to […]

Where are the Women? Not in this Issue of “The Tax Lawyer”

According to its website, “The Tax Lawyer and The State and Local Tax Lawyer are published by the Section of Taxation of the American Bar Association with the assistance of the Georgetown University Law Center and its students.” Check out … Continue reading ?

Well, I Don't Like the Optics of THIS

.@SenWarren: I was ‘troubled’ by @BarackObama’s $400,000 speaking fee from a Wall Street firm — POLITICO (@politico) April 27, 2017 I don't think any Dems need to be conceding that optics is the only metric that matters right now. Show More Summary

Stanford Becomes the Most Prominent School Yet to Adopt a Sexual Assault Reporting App

On Wednesday, Stanford University became the most prominent college yet to announce that it will use a reporting system called Callisto to combat sexual assault on campus.

Video: Las Cafeteras’ “If I Was President”

Our favorite feminist Chicanx/Latinx band is back with another video, this time criticizing our new administration and its attacks on marginalized people. In “If I Was President,” the band imagines what would happen if brown folks, low-income communities, women, or immigrants had control of our country’s destiny.  They would “take from the rich, give to […]

Daily Dose of Cute

Feeding time at Shakes Manor just got a lot cuter. Wee Sophs having breakfast. I originally got the bowls because I was tired of there never being small plates in the cupboard when we needed them, because they'd all been used for cat...Show More Summary

Massachusetts Governor Proposes Bill Protecting Teen Sexters From Felony Charges

The Massachusetts state legislature will consider a bill that protects teen sexters from excessive prosecution while imposing harsher punishments on people who share nude photos with others without the subject’s consent. Filed by Gov. Show More Summary

We Resist: Day 98

One of the difficulties in resisting the Trump administration, the Republican Congressional majority, and Republican state legislatures is keeping on top of the sheer number of horrors, indignities, and normalization of the aggressively abnormal that they unleash every single day. Show More Summary

Butch Goes to Stays in Trumpland to Talk to Hillary Voters

Hey, my favorite assortment of feminist bats! It's me, Butch Pornstache, here with some more pearls of wisdom for ya!Except this time, they aren't coming from my brain, but the brains of a bunch of ladies!See, since that dipshit Trump...Show More Summary

Trump's War on Immigrants

[Content Note: Nativism.]Last month, I wrote about White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon rhetorically asking "Don't we have a problem with legal immigration?" before answering his own question: "Twenty percent of this country is immigrants. Show More Summary

We Are So F#@ked

There is a dynamic in lots of public schools so common that it's a pop culture fixture: Students get assigned a group project, and they're jumbled into groups they don't choose themselves. Everyone hopes to get put into the group with...Show More Summary

Feministing Films: In “Colossal,” Misogyny is the Real Monster

“Colossal” is a monster movie about real monsters: men who hate women. They are human monsters, so redemption is not impossible, but this movie, written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, like countless monster movies before it, isn’t interested in redemption — neither for the monsters nor the heroine, an out-of-work writer aptly called Gloria and […]


Please enjoy this video of Schnitzel the Dachshund leading her friend Chief the Connemara Pony on a nice little walk! Video Description: A wee black-and-tan dachshund holds a red braided lead in her mouth, which is attached to a harness being worn by a white Connemara pony. Show More Summary

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker airbornemihir: "If your favourite music artist put on a show in your city for your birthday and asked you to pick the opening act, whom would you choose?"

The Gender Pay Gap In Medicine Is Abominable. Here’s Where It’s Worst.

A newly published survey of more than 36,000 U.S. physicians has pinpointed the metropolitan area where doctors experience the widest gender pay gap: Charlotte, North Carolina. There, the average female physician gets paid only two-thirds as much as the average male physician, making for an annual gap of about $125,000.

The Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by violets.Recommended Reading:Libby: FCC Chair Ajit Pai Announces Bullshit Plan to Destroy Net NeutralityAnne: [Content Note: Discussion of suicide ideation; disablism; hostility to consent] If You'reShow More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Yesterday, a California judge blocked Trump’s efforts to withhold money from cities which provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. This video reminds us how violence and harassment put girls’ education at risk. The Munduruku people of Brazil demand that the Brazilian government stop destroying their territory with hydroelectric megadams. Show More Summary

Why It Matters That Karen Pence Pursued Medical Assistance When Trying to Get Pregnant

Mike Pence and Karen Whitaker’s courtship was a whirlwind. Nine months after they started dating, the future vice president hollowed out two loaves of bread to hold a small bottle of champagne and a ring box, and presented them to his girlfriend while they were feeding ducks at an Indiana canal. Show More Summary

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