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Battle to Rebrand NFL 'Redskins' About More Than Just Name

Fri January 31, 2014 Battle to Rebrand NFL 'Redskins' About More Than Just Name By Marc van Gurp This campaign from Oneida Indian Nation is about the use of the name and the mascot of the NFL team Redskins.  The name of Washington’s NFL team has become a prominent civil rights issue. Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Former Rep. Joe Walsh mocks MLK’s “dream” with his own racist rant about how black people need to take care of their kids.  Yes, the same Joe Walsh that was sued for $100,000 in back child support while in office. We are preparing to strike Syria after President Obama says the U.S. government concludes regime [...]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

In Milwaukee, a 76 year old man was found guilty of the murder of a 13 year old boy. Just read this piece from Blair L. M. Kelley. Also, read Robin D.G. Kelley’s piece from Counterpunch. Also, listen to Esther Armah’s “Wake Up call” on all women media panel with Blair Kelley, Joan Morgan and Charisse Jones [...]

Weekly Feminist Reader

Nineteen year old Proscovia Oromait is Uganda’s newest lawmaker. Apparently men are “going Galt” because feminism won, or something. The backlash against Mindy Kaling’s new series “only shows why it is so important to have more more voices like hers on television.” Spectra Speaks on the Nina Simone biopic and racism in Hollywood. “The working [...]

The Feministing Five: Gay Partington Terry

Gay Partington Terry is a writer from West Virginia. She writes short stories, mixing science fiction, fantasy and real life. Her stories have been published in e-zines, anthologies, and small fantasy magazines. Her story, The Toxic Avenger, was even made into a movie! This year, Terry released her first book, Meet the Dog Girls. It’s [...]

What We Missed

Really, HuffPo? On WBAI, the amazing Janna co-hosted a conversation on SlutWalk, women of color and moving forward with guests Andrea Plaid, Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Michelle Crentsil, and Janeen Mantin. Thomas MacAulay Millar at Yes Means Yes talks to Jaclyn Friedman about her new book, What You Really Want. Michelle Obama launches Women for Obama. [...]

Isn't He Lovely: The Body Politics of Male Balding

When I started dating a bald man, the first questions my friends fired my way about him had nothing to do with his background, employment or interests. Repeatedly, they'd bypass the pleasantries and skip straight to his hair: So, isShow More Summary

Revenge of the Feminerd: Interview with Stuff Mom Never Told You

If you’re the type of person who watches shows like MythBusters or Daily Planet you might also have come across, a Discovery-owned website that aims to be a resource for people to get credible, accessible information...Show More Summary

Women: Should they have autonomy?

[Trigger warning for sexual assault, misogyny, and slut-shaming]Spoiler alert: I say yes. More to the point, I say we do have autonomy, if only more people would respect it.--Earlier this year, lots of people (including Liss) wrote about...Show More Summary

Question of the Day

When was the last time you heard a song for the first time and got instantly addicted to it? Today I got an e-mail for a new show that's playing in NYC called We're Gonna Die by playwright Young Jean Lee, and she posted a demo of one of the show's songs.I cannot stop listening to it, and I think I have to see the show now.

No Kidding: Barbara and Oprah Admit it Ain't Always Easy

Oprah and Babs talk about how tough it is to have kids as a working woman—or in Oprah's case, the unambiguous lack of regret in regards to opting out. Skip to 7:30 in the video, where the discussion about having kids starts. Transcript...Show More Summary

No Kidding: Where's My "No Baby" Shower?

When I think about the idea of celebrating children, I come back to the same question again and again: Why shouldn't an intentional choice be celebrated? When feminists talk about reproductive justice, it's often within the context of...Show More Summary

Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you from Shaxco, currently located at the bottom of a snow mountain.Recommended Reading:Sady: #DearJohn: Taking It Big [TW for rape] Related: Listen to Jaclyn Friedman on the Rick Smith Show last night here.Rachel:...Show More Summary

Radio Shakesville

New Podcast: A Grand Day Out Here is a link to the podcast blog where you can download the show. You can also play the show in a pop-up. Track list is available here. The show is available via Feedburner. The RSS is here, if you need it.

Radio Shakesville

Boba Fett's Star Wars Dance Party Here is a link to the podcast blog where you can download the show. And this is the list of all songs used in this week's ep. You can also play the show in a pop-up. (Which is the recommended way to read Shakesville, just FYI.) The show is available via iTunes, and on Feedburner. The RSS is here, if you need it.

Lost Finale Open Thread

By request, an open thread for tonight's finale of Lost.(Just FYI, there will be the usual postmortem thread tomorrow morning too.)And if anyone wants to get warmed up, give the proverbial spin to the Lostcast. Download it here, or play it in a pop-up if you're inclined. The show is available on iTunes.Have fun, kids!p.s. Squeeeee!

Hey, Losties!

Radio Shakesville:Episode Twenty-Three:The Lostcast In honour of Liss's birthday, and the impending finale of Lost, this week's show is a collection of songs featured throughout the series. Press the button, download, listen. Songs: 15. Show More Summary

In Which I Debate Lionel Tiger on “Male Studies”

Apparently, my extensive punning work on the topic of Male Studies has qualified me to comment internationally on the nascent academic discipline. Yesterday, I appeared on Canadian CBC radio program “Q with Jian Ghomeshi“ in order to provide the yin to Male Studies founder Lionel Tiger’s yang on the phenomenon of the “male as male,” and [...]

Radio Shakesville

One-Year Anniversary ShowI play some old stuff, some new stuff, and generally waste your time. Enjoy!Here is a link to the podcast blog where you can download the show.And this is the list of all songs used in this week's ep. You can also play the show in a pop-up. Show More Summary

Radio Shakesville

Episode 17: Burn, Baby, Burn Melissa McEwan of the Shakesville Gazette calls this podcast "so awesome it's like wearing pants made of fire and having them not burn you."Here is a link to the podcast blog where you can download the show.And this is the list of all songs used in this week's ep. Show More Summary

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