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In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...[Content Note: Religious extremism; violence] The Islamic State terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack on "a Prophet Muhammad drawing contest" in Garland, Texas, over the weekend. Show More Summary

Google Doodle Honors Nellie Bly, Stunt Journalist Extraordinaire

50 minutes agoIssues & Causes / Feminism : DoubleX

Today’s Google Doodle honors the 151 st birthday of Nellie Bly, a woman who proved that stunt journalism isn’t always a bad thing. The remarkable Bly (whose real name was Elizabeth Jane Cochran) embodied gumption—she famously traveled the world in 72 days, for instance. Show More Summary

SNL and Scarlett Johanson parody Marvel’s sexism with Black Widow rom-com

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sexism within the superhero movie genre, and particularly when it comes to Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johanson) is a well-documented phenomenon. The first Avengers films had far too many gratuitous “butt-shots” of Black Widow to deny that objectification was anything but a key component to her […]

Fun with Hashtags

[Content Note: Anti-feminism.]Currently trending on Twitter: #HowToSpotAFeminist. I'm sure you can imagine all the SUPER FUN entries from anti-feminists, but feminists are, of course, nothing if not experts at reclaiming narratives from misogynist shitlords, so let's have some fun in comments, my humorless friends!My entry:

Any Immigration Reform Needs to Address This

[Content Note: Anti-immigrationism; sexual assault; transphobia.]I just coincidentally read these two stories back-to-back:1. "Hillary Rodham Clinton to call for path to citizenship for immigrants."During a campaign visit to Nevada today,...Show More Summary

Morning Reading

[Content Note: Racism; police brutality.]Jay Caspian King for the New York Times: "'Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us'—How a group of black social-media activists built the nation's first 21st-century civil rights movement."I'm not even going to excerpt it. Show More Summary

An Observation

[Content Note: Choice policing; misogyny.]Every time I see someone sneering about how young women who take selfies are narcissists reflective of a sick culture blah blah fart, this is the Google search that loads itself into my brain.(If...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Termination of a wanted pregnancy; description of abortion.]"In that moment, I had to shift my thinking. I was hoping for special ed, and had been focusing on questions like: How much should you save to know your special-needs daughter will be okay after you die? I was thinking about long-term care and mild to moderate disability. Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Half of Ohio’s abortion clinics have closed since 2011. Under pressure for years, Smith College has announced they’ll accept trans women.  “Ask if birth control is right for you.” A Missouri hospital may have stolen babies from their young, poor, Black mothers in the 1950s and ’60s. John Oliver on that absurd Bud Light ad. “I felt like I was […]

The Monday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by robins.Recommended Reading:TLC: [Content Note: Police brutality; racism; transphobia] Transgender Law Center Solidarity with BaltimoreDigby: [CN: Misogyny] A Special Form of SexismRagen: [CN: Fat hatred;...Show More Summary

Daily Dose of Cute

This big goofy face! It needs all the kisses! As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

TV Corner: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

[Content Note: Discussion of rape culture trope; spoilers for Brooklyn Nine-Nine; disablist language.] When Brooklyn Nine-Nine first premiered two years ago, I gave it a tentatively positive review. And, well, two years later, I'm still...Show More Summary

Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

[Content Note: There is a strobe-light effect in this video.] Leo Sayer: "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"

Lean In Isn’t Just About Professional Fulfillment. It’s Also About Worst-Case Scenarios.

David Goldberg was the CEO of SurveyMonkey. But after he died unexpectedly Friday night while exercising on vacation in Mexico, most headlines referred to him in terms of his wife, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, and her famous women-in-the-workplace philosophy. Show More Summary

The Feministing Five: Christopher Purdy

For this week’s Feministing Five we spoke with Christopher Purdy, president of carafem, an abortion clinic that recently opened in the Washington DC area. With his team, he’s envisioning a new way to provide abortions in the United States, one that is bold, unapologetic, supportive, and affordable. Carafem is incredibly intentional about elevating the standard of […]

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...Something something Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. And that is all I will ever say about that, because good fucking god the intense interest and judgment and scrutiny that child will face and...Show More Summary

Carly Fiorina Will Steal All Your Gender Cards

After running a lengthy shadow campaign, former Hewlett-Packard CEO and sheep demonizer Carly Fiorina has formally announced her presidential candidacy. Among the growing crowd of no-chance-in-hell Republican contenders, Fiorina stands...Show More Summary

Satanists Claim Abortion Waiting Periods Violate Their Religious Beliefs

Conservatives are increasingly citing their right to religious liberty to defend using state property to proselytize and disobey laws protecting women and LGBT people from discrimination. But those efforts are getting a little more complicated, thanks to a group of pranksters who claim to worship Satan.

Discussion Thread: Personal Style Changes

How would you describe your personal style? When was the last time you changed it up, either partially (a haircut, a couple of new blouses in a style you hadn't worn before, etc.) or totally (a complete makeover or wardrobe overhaul)?...Show More Summary

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