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Jury in Ellen Pao Case Doesn’t Find Gender Discrimination

The jury returned on Friday with what appeared to be a verdict in the high-profile lawsuit filed by Ellen Pao against Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers. Pao, who is currently the interim CEO of Reddit, accused her former employer, a venture capital firm, of gender discrimination. Show More Summary

Open Thread with Temple Dragon

This brilliantly coloured dragon on the roof of Longshan Temple features for this week's Open Thread. Please natter/chatter/vent/rant on anything you like over this weekend and throughout the week. with a few netiquette exceptions

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Cops shouldn’t be above the Americans with Disabilities Act. Arkansas is one step closer to passing a “right to discriminate” law. In Connecticut? Thus Tuesday, come see “Sliver of a Full Moon,” staged in tribute to legal progress made to combat violence against Native Women. Not in Connecticut? You can watch the event live-streamed on […]

Good F#@king Grief

[Content Note: Anti-semitism.]"Lena Dunham faces criticism over article comparing Jewish men and dogs." Sounds about right.

Wet Nursing Is Back! Sort Of.

These days, the idea that "breast is best" is a given. Even though the scientific evidence is lacking, many people continue to believe that breast milk is a superfood that creates smarter, stronger babies, and mothers should do everything in their power to keep a steady supply coming. Show More Summary

Schools must address the financial costs of sexual violence

Sexual violence costs. And under civil rights law, colleges and universities are obligated to address it. Title IX — the 1972 law that mandates schools remove gender-based barriers to education — requires colleges and universities to address the financial barriers to educational access that violence creates. That means that if you’re a survivor of sexual violence […]

What is Life Like for Deaf People in Prison?

Talia Lewis, center, speaking to the FCC about the rights of deaf people in prison. We’ve reached a critical moment in our history. As we incarcerate more people than ever before, we can no longer put off having honest conversations about the effects of police brutality and abuse of people in prison. Show More Summary

The Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by snow more snow omg snow.Recommended Reading:Shena: [Content Note: Misogynoir; gendered violence] Regardless of Election Outcome, Girls Are the Future in NigeriaEmily: [CN: War on agency; class warfare]...Show More Summary

Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Pink: "Try"This week's TMNS brought to you by DANCING!

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...[Content Note: Class warfare; eliminationism] I'm still fighting it out on Twitter over #BoycottIndiana, and some of the responses have been absolutely extraordinary. Not in a good way. Here is a perfect example of the shit with which I'm dealing. Show More Summary

Critics are pissed that people of color are finally being represented in media

In this week’s episode of “Not Surprising,” we’re hearing from white actors and talent agents in Hollywood who think that the increase in roles available for actors of color are a threat to their success in the industry. The recent success of shows like “Scandal,” followed by “How to Get Away with Murder” and, most […]

Religious Bigotry Bill Stalls in Georgia

[Content note: homophobia, domestic violence, anti-Semitism, Christian supremacy.] There is a little bit of good news coming from the South: Georgia's version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has stalled in committee, and there is a reasonable chance it will not revive before the end of the session on April 1st. Show More Summary

Meet The Comedy Duo Asking Strangers “What Do Feminists Look Like?”

What does feminism look like? If you identify as a feminist, you probably feel trained to not care about appearances and encourage others not to as well. But maybe you still wonder: What does my appearance tell the world about who I think I am? The truth is we all judge people based on what they look like and they judge us, too. Show More Summary

Instagram bans photo for showing menstruation

What violates Instagram’s community guidelines? Periods, apparently. Instagram has an ugly history of policing bodies. Over the last year the social media site has come under fire for banning images of women’s pubic hair — even though, according to Mic, Instagram has tolerated men’s pubic hair. This week, Instagram told visual and spoken word artist Rupi Kaur that her […]

Open Thread

Hosted by coral.This week's Open Threads have been brought to you by the letter C.


[Content Note: Homophobia; Christian Supremacy; class warfare.]Yesterday, after my garbage governor signed Indiana's "religious freedom" bill into law, the predictable progressive backlash began with an outpouring of blanket generalizations...Show More Summary

Four Feminist-Friendly Video Games to Seek Out

A still from Life is Strange, a new game about a girl who can stop time. The game designers faced pressure to make the main character male. While the past year has revealed rampant harassment and sexism in gamer culture, many video game fans I know are fired up to seek out and support feminist-friendly games. Show More Summary

Question of the Day

What's for dinner? Or whatever the next meal of the day is in your part of the world.I don't even know yet, lol. I've got to go look in the fridge and see what we've got. Probably chicken of some description.

Congratulations, Aisha Moodie-Mills

National LGBT org the Victory Fund and Institute has chosen Aisha Moodie-Mills as its new president and CEO, making her the first black woman to lead the organization: Both within the organization and among leaders of other nationalShow More Summary

Quote of the Day

[Content Note: White Supremacy.]"In indie rock, white is the norm. While indie rock and the DIY underground, historically, have been proud to disassociate themselves from popular culture, there is no divorcing a predominantly white scene from systemic ideals ingrained in white Western culture. Show More Summary

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