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Question of the Day

[I have to wrap up a little early today, because I've got some stuff to do later. I'll see you back here tomorrow!]Suggested by Shaker austxgal: "What is your favorite cocktail?" Virgin cocktails count, too, natch!

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...[Content Note: Bombing; terrorism; self-harm; injury and death] Fucking hell: "Three blasts killed at least 17 people and wounded more than 50 in predominantly Shi'ite Muslim districts of Baghdad on Tuesday, police and medical sources said. Show More Summary

Why Did Trump Bring Up Rosie O’Donnell of All People in the Debate?

In Monday night’s debate, Donald Trump ticked off some of the accomplishments that qualify him to lead our nation: He has had big-league success in the business world, he was against the Iraq war (ish), and he and he alone has protected our country from the longstanding threat that is Rosie O’Donnell. Show More Summary

Clinton Made Me Proud; Trump Made Me Scared

[Content Note: Misogyny; assault; fat hatred.]I've got a new piece at Shareblue about the debate last night, and the stark difference made evident once again between the two candidates on issues of concern to women (and anyone who doesn't hold women in contempt):Monday's presidential debate opened with a question about jobs. Show More Summary

Daily Dose of Cute

"Get your tail out of my face!"(A thing I say one million times a day.) As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

Helpful Critiques of Hillary Clinton’s Mouth Shape From Men Watching the Debate

Monday night’s presidential debate looked and sounded like a tiff between a petulant, sociopathic toddler and the world’s most patient, cool-headed teacher. Hillary Clinton was unflappable, maintaining a calm, slightly condescending smile while Donald Trump dribbled out bits of wordstuff. Show More Summary

Post-debate open thread

This open thread is brought to you by Hillary Clinton openly laughing at Donald Trump's buffoonery. Read more ?

Lawsuit Challenging Improper Sales Tax on Toilet Paper

Lawsuit Challenging Improper Sales Tax on Toilet Paper A New Jersey couple has filed a class action lawsuit against retailer Costco for improperly charging sales tax on toilet paper, when the state law specifically exempts toilet paper from the tax.  See the CNBC story here. This case is … Continue reading ? Feminist Law Professors

I Mean

Trump attacked Clinton over trade and her emails. Clinton portrayed Trump as unqualified and lacking facts. — NYT Politics (@nytpolitics) September 27, 2016 Clinton did not "portray" Trump that way. Show More Summary

Presidential Debate #1 Wrap-Up

Here's the Clinton reaction GIF you're all looking for #debatenight — Circa (@Circa) September 27, 2016 Well. She mopped the floor with him. I don't really have much more to say besides that. Show More Summary

This Ice Cream Shop Came Up With Two Candidate-Themed Flavors That Don’t Trivialize the Election

Every fall of an election year, like clockwork, the candidate-themed food and drinks start appearing. In 2000, 7-Eleven introduced its unscientific 7-Election poll, allowing customers to choose between Bush- and Gore-labeled cups for their coffee. Show More Summary

Muslims Should Praise Hijabi Journalist Noor Tagouri, Not Criticize Her

Last year, Playboy made a public decision to shake nude photographs from the brand. The announcement was initially met by skepticism, but since then, the magazine has successfully enhanced the place of actual journalism within its pages. Show More Summary

At the First Presidential Debate, Hillary Proves She’s Got This

When Democrats started panicking in the fall of 2008, a popular meme emerged showing a steely-faced Barack Obama and the words “Everyone chill the fuck out, I got this!” It spoke to liberals’ admiration, at times bordering on awe, for his temperament, his deep abiding steadiness. Show More Summary

Clinton Shaming Trump for His Alleged “Miss Piggy” Comment Was Maybe Her Best Moment

Near the end of Monday night’s first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton had one of her best moments of the night when she called out Donald Trump for his long history of horrible statements about women.

In a Debate-Long Power Move, Clinton Only Called Trump “Donald”

Donald Trump has never held political office, which explains a lot of his misconceptions about executive power and his forgetfulness re: the existence of Congress. And, since that means he's never held an official title, it also gives Hillary Clinton a nice tool for undermining Trump’s swagger. Show More Summary

Chemerinsky on the Tampon Tax

Chemerinsky on the Tampon Tax Erwin Chemerinsky (UC Irvine) published a column in last week’s Los Angeles Daily News.  Here is an excerpt: If the government were to say that only men or only women had to pay an additional tax of several hundred dollars … Continue reading ? Feminist Law Professors

Open Thread: Presidential Debate #1

Well, it's finally here! The first presidential debate between the most qualified presidential candidate in the nation's history and the most unqualified presidential candidate in the nation's history. A history-making candidate and a legendary bigot. Show More Summary

Leave the Hot Moms Alone

Like a good many New York Post trend pieces, the recent one about “hot moms [who] love to strut their stuff at school drop-off” has a whiff of manufactured controversy about it. The thesis of the story—that more and more moms these days...Show More Summary

An Arizona Boys’ Soccer Team Refused to Play a Team With Girls for Religious Reasons

God has offered many divine tips about how people should conduct themselves here on Earth. According to the heavenly stewards of Faith Christian School in Mesa, Arizona, one of God’s ground rules for life is that mankind should not engage in sport with or against womankind.

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