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Eco-Friendly Branding Must Be Super Manly to Attract Manly Men, Study Says

Men are more likely to buy eco-friendly products and donate to environmental charities if the branding strokes their fragile masculine egos, according to new research in the Journal of Consumer Research. A series of seven studies from researchers at universities in the U.S. Show More Summary

Appeals Court Issues Scathing Ruling Against Michigan Sex Offender Penalties

Like so many states, Michigan is addicted to punishing sex offenders—not just once, but over and over again, through a series of measures designed to shame, stigmatize, and ostracize even those offenders who have been fully rehabilitated. Show More Summary

Nate Parker Supporters Use His Rape Accuser’s Mental Health History to Defend Him

Four people who knew Nate Parker in college have released a lengthy statement in support of the director, who’s come under fire in recent weeks for rape charges levied against him 17 years ago. A jury acquitted Parker, then a Penn State...Show More Summary

Robot Babies Meant to Prevent Teen Pregnancy May Actually Promote It

At my high school in Tallahassee, Florida, every student was required to take a class called Life Management, which was largely about not getting pregnant (or not getting someone pregnant) before marriage. As far as these courses goShow More Summary

Hard at Work: “Diverse Bodies” and the Olympics

The celebration of bodies—specifically of women’s bodies—in the Olympics, has not necessarily been progressive or benign. Throughout this year’s Olympic Games, we have seen media coverage—from short plugs to robust interactives—thatShow More Summary

Things We Hope Will Happen When Justin Trudeau Meets William, Kate, and the Royal Babies

Prince William and Duchess Kate are set to visit Canada in September with their very photogenic children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and boy are we excited. Not because of the impressive itinerary Kensington Palace has released,...Show More Summary

Burkini Ban Violates Basic Human Freedoms, Rules France’s Highest Court

A French burkini ban that has enraged observers around the world was suspended by the country’s highest court on Friday in a decisive ruling that painted the laws as blatant affronts to basic human rights and liberties. The court’s action...Show More Summary

This Women’s Equality Day, Let’s Remain Vigilant

Today is Women’s Equality Day August 26th is Women’s Equality Day. First designated by Congresswoman Bella Abzug (D-NY20) in 1971, the day marks the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which formally granted women the right to vote. Over...Show More Summary

A Guide for White People on the #BurkiniBan and Discussing Muslim Women

This week pictures emerged of French police forcing a Muslim woman to remove clothing on a beach at gunpoint. A number of French cities have recently passed bans against burkinis—or more specifically, against full body wetsuits when worn by Muslim women. And while France has long criminalized Muslim women’s choice of dress—they cannot cover their face in public or […]

CFP: Applied Feminism and Intersectionality

CFP: Applied Feminism and Intersectionality From colleagues at the University of Baltimore: CALL FOR PAPERS APPLIED FEMINISM AND INTERSECTIONALITY: EXAMINING LAW THROUGH THE LENS OF MULTIPLE IDENTITIES The Center on Applied Feminism at the University of Baltimore School of Law seeks paper proposals for the … Continue reading ? Feminist Law Professors

Researchers Find That Female CEOs and Senators Are Disproportionately Blond

It’s rare for a woman to make it to the very top of a large corporation these days, and it’s rare for an adult human to have blond hair. But blond women are far more likely to end up a chief executive or U.S. senator than women with any other color hair, according to recent research from two business-school professors at the University of British Columbia.

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

A first-of-its-kind lawsuit filed today seeks to restore DACA and DAPA, providing relief for millions of families. Wealthy New Yorkers on the Upper East are spending millions to disrupt elections in Brooklyn and the Bronx. “Instead of talking about PhD ‘oversupply,’ we should be wondering what’s happened to all that theoretical demand for PhD labor, and who’s […]

Pro-Life Activists Sue Chicago for the Right to Use Disturbing Tactics Outside Abortion Clinics

Anti-abortion activists in Chicago filed a federal lawsuit this week arguing that a law designed to protect abortion-clinic patients and employees from harassment is a violation of activists’ right to free speech. The city’s 2009 law...Show More Summary

Swan on Title IX, the Criminal Law, and the Campus Sexual Assault Debate

Swan on Title IX, the Criminal Law, and the Campus Sexual Assault Debate Sarah Lynnda Swan, Columbia University Law School, is publishing Between Title IX and the Criminal Law: Bringing Tort Law to the Campus Sexual Assault Debate in volume 64 of the the Kansas Law Review (2016). Here is the abstract. In … Continue reading ? Feminist Law Professors

The Anti-Gun Dildo Campaign Has Finally Begun at the University of Texas

Dildo-wielding college students are facing off against gun-loving gun lovers at the University of Texas’ flagship Austin campus, where a statewide campus carry law went into effect on August 1. In protest of the new law, which forces...Show More Summary

Feminist Fuck Yeah: Women Throw Beach Party to Protest French Islamophobia

This morning, protesters gathered outside the French embassy in London, poured bags of sand, and staged a beach party complete with deck chairs, inflatables, and women in a wide array of clothing, from bikinis to burkinis, to protest France’s racist ban on “religious swimwear” in its coastal towns. Participants held up signs deriding the Islamophobia implicated in […]

U. Chicago Sent Incoming Freshmen a Letter Decrying Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings

The dean of undergraduate students at the University of Chicago has sent a very odd letter to the class of 2020—one that seems more designed to strike a blow in the culture wars than to edify incoming freshmen. It starts with a bunch...Show More Summary

Colorado’s Universal Health Care Proposal Could Axe Abortion Coverage

Progressives in Colorado are battling over a ballot initiative that would create a single-payer universal health care system in the state. According to some abortion rights advocates, the state-funded program would eliminate insurance...Show More Summary

“Cocks Not Glocks” Protest at University of Texas

“Cocks Not Glocks” Protest at University of Texas Jon Herskovitz writes for Yahoo, “Texas Students Use Sex Toys to Protest New Gun Laws On Campus“: To protest a new state law that makes the carrying of concealed handguns legal in college classrooms, students at the University of Texas … Continue reading ? Feminist Law Professors

Quick Hit: Crippledscholar on that Paralympics Ad

In the UK’s trailer for the 2016 Paralympics, “We’re the Superhumans,” a number of disabled musicians perform a cover of Sammy Davis Jr.’s, “Yes I Can” while clips are shown of paralympians training, competing, and doing mundane tasks. Also included are non-athletes. As Dan Brooke, Channel 4’s Director of Marketing and Communications, explains, the trailer “was […]

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