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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Mic’s new interactive feature, “Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives,” is an important database tracking trans murders in the U.S.  Please take a moment to sign the petition to help save Chelsea Manning’s life. Another interactive from the New York Times shows us what impact Trump could have on U.S. carbon emissions and worldwide climate change. In more terrifying news: […]

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker lupinella12: "Which actor/actress makes you immediately change the channel?"LOL! I love this question. Mel Gibson. Nope.

Quote of the Day

"I'm telling you, there is no one, no one, no one better to have in your corner than Harry Reid."—Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who will be replacing the retiring Harry Reid as Senate Minority Leader, at Reid's portrait unveiling and send-off party today.Hillary Clinton also made an appearance at the event. Show More Summary

I Mean


An Observation

First, some background, which serves as preface to my observation: A must-read from @tommyxtopher: — Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) December 8, 2016 And now my observation: And further note, tho it's rarely pointed out, that Trump affecting stock prices also RISKS PEOPLE'S JOBS. Show More Summary

Hundreds of Women and Children Just Released From Immigrant Detention Need Support

Nearly five hundred women and children were released from family detention centers in Texas this week after a judge ruled these facilities were unsuitable for children. While the decision is a victory for advocates, the unexpected release has left families and aid organizations scrambling. Show More Summary

Paula Broadwell Says the Military Will Let David Petraeus Move On, But Not Her

Watching David Petraeus come under consideration for Secretary of State has made Paula Broadwell question the double standards that leave her in military limbo while he continues to rise in his field.

Daily Dose of Cute

Olivia is subtle when she wants something. As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

A Bit of Recommended Reading

[Content Note: White supremacy] Jennifer Palmieri at the Washington Post: "Our campaign lost the election. But Trump's team must own up to how he won."Maggie Haberman and Jo Becker at the New York Times: "Donald Trump is said to intend to keep a stake in his business."[CN: War on agency] Dianna E. Show More Summary

Sofia Vergara’s Frozen Embryos, “Emma” and “Isabella,” Are Suing Her

Actress Sofia Vergara is said to have broken up with her fiancé after she took him to the White House and he tried to get President Obama to pose for a photo with a container of the hot-dog topping he invented. One would think, especially if one were one of the most beautiful and well-paid actresses in the world, that things could not get worse, relationship-wise.

The ACA Coverage Gap and Its Deadly Implications

As the December 15th deadline approaches to sign up for 2017 market exchange plans, affordable health insurance remains out of reach or at-risk for too many Americans. Since Donald Trump was elected, progressives have been preparing to fight tooth and nail to protect what they see as hard-won gains in increasing access to healthcare for Americans. Obamacare […]

TV Corner: This Is Us

This Is Us aired its midseason finale on Tuesday night, so, as promised, here is a thread for discussion! I have MANY thoughts on MANY of the different threads of the show, and I know some of you do, too, so let's head to comments and have a chat about it!

Is Roe v. Wade Really Doomed by Donald Trump?

On Tuesday night, the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature passed a “fetal heartbeat” bill effectively banning abortion after six weeks. As my colleague Ruth Graham has explained, the bill’s sponsors recognize that the measure is unconstitutional under current precedent. Show More Summary

Extreme Anti-Abortion “Heartbeat” Bill Passes Ohio State Legislature in Wave of Trump Optimism

An Ohio bill that would ban abortion as soon as the fetus’ heartbeat can be detected passed the legislature on Tuesday night and is waiting on the governor’s desk. Fetal heartbeats are detectible around six weeks, which is well before many women even realize they’re pregnant. Show More Summary

Time Magazine Really Just Said the Election “Didn’t Hinge on Gender After All”

On Wednesday, Time magazine named the Radioactive Space Monster—excuse me, Donald J. Trump—its Person of the Year. This is not really an outrage: The magazine’s editors aim to select an individual who “embodied what was important about...Show More Summary

Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Women With Kids Shouldn’t Take Jobs in the White House

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said that mothers should not accept high-powered career opportunities—a standard that does not apply to fathers, in Conway’s opinion.

The Genderless Nipples Instagram Proves That Nipples Are Universally Weird-Looking

Nipples, in addition to being funny and occasionally useful, serve as reminders that, despite the civilizations we’ve built and cultures we’ve created, underneath it all humans are just animals with weird nubbins sticking out of their chests. Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

The Ohio State House and Senate passed the most extreme abortion restriction in the country last Tuesday, and the Republican behind the bill was accused of domestic violence by his wife in 2011. His response? “She got a little upset. Girls do that.” Trump didn’t kill the TPP – social justice movements did. If you need a […]

The Feministing Five: Mary Mahoney & Lauren Mitchell of The Doula Project

In 2007,  New York City-based reproductive justice activists Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell founded The Doula Project, the first full spectrum doula organization that supports people across the spectrum of pregnancy outcomes. Based...Show More Summary

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