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Superhero Vaginal Bacteria Species Traps HIV, Could Be a Natural Condom Someday

The benevolent powers of the vaginal microbiome are even greater than we thought. In addition to aiding fertilization and protecting fetuses during pregnancy, healthy vaginal mucus that’s full of good bacteria can trap and immobilize HIV particles. Show More Summary

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker DesertRose: "Do you remember the first adult (as in 'not written for kids,' not as in 'sexy') book you read? If so, what was it? How old were you? Have you re-read it in more recent years?"I'm sure this wasn't actually the first "grown-up" book that I read, but the first one I can remember is Pet Sematary by Stephen King. Show More Summary

This Fu@#ing Guy

[Content Note: Guns.]Your Republican front runner, on why he's changed his mind and now believes assault weapons should be legal: Donald Trump, on the telephone with CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo, who keeps trying to interrupt Trump but Trump...Show More Summary

Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Racism; white supremacy; erasure.]"Only a T-shirt, strident and boastful, hip and simple, that cuts right to the chase: We don't see you. We don't see you as rebels, and we don't even see you as slaves."—Rebecca Carroll, in a must-read piece about "Suffragette's publicity campaign and the politics of erasure."

On Women Being Expected to "Tame" Men

[Content Note: Toxic masculinity.]I tweeted a few thoughts about toxic masculinity and the idea that women are expected to "tame" (straight) men. For those who aren't on Twitter, and to open a place for further discussion, here are those tweets. Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Stephenie Meyer has released a gender-swapped version of Twilight. Women are underrepresented in clinical trials for HIV drugs.  Staceyann Chin and her daughter, Zuri, do a living room protest in support of Planned Parenthood. Girls, many of whom have suffered a range of trauma at home, make up a growing share of children arrested and detained […]

In Chantal Akerman’s Films, Women’s Domestic Lives Are More than Meets the Eye

The great feminist filmmaker Chantal Akerman, who died today in Paris at the age of 65, once made a movie in which the act of cooking potatoes achieves an almost unendurable significance.

Daily Dose of Cute

I caught Sophie sitting on the top of the piano, having neatly tucked herself just behind a figurine, given to me by a friend who knows me well, of a cat reading a book. So freaking cute!As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

Beyond the headscarf: The issues Muslim-American women actually care about

Ed. note: This article is by Sarah Harvard and was originally published at Bitch Magazine. Sarah is a journalist based in Washington, D.C focusing on national security, civil liberties, and Islam.  Three months ago, I found myself in the middle of an FBI interrogation. Josh, a white gay male Republican Christian friend of mine who loves Ann Coulter, […]

All Washington, D.C., Residents May Get 16 Weeks of Paid Family Leave

A new bill introduced in the D.C. Council on Tuesday would make the District the first U.S. city to fund paid family and medical leave for nearly all its residents. It would mark a victory for the Obama administration, too—D.C. received a $96,000 grant from the Labor Department to help construct the plan, which stands to provide footing for future U.S. family-leave policies.

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...[Content Note: Guns; death] I just read these two stories back-to-back: "Suspected gunman at Philly college in custody" and "11-year-old 'bully' murdered 8-year-old neighbor with a shotgun after dispute over puppy: police." For fuck's sake. Show More Summary

3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters Offers an Opportunity to Connect and Act to End Violence Against Women

by Bina Shah, a writer and columnist living in Karachi, Pakistan. She blogs at Bina Shah and can be found on Twitter @binashah.[Content Note: This post contains discussion of violence against women and girls. Below the fold, there is an image of a woman with injuries from domestic violence. Show More Summary

Watch: Indian teenagers explain why boys should do housework

My parents are progressive folks. They’re feminists, they didn’t bat an eye when I talked about my bisexuality in front of my entire college graduating class, and they didn’t vote for Bush, not once, not even in 2001. But from childhood I always did notice one thing: My mother, besides having a full time job, […]

The Media Is Failing Women

[Content Note: Toxic masculinity; violent misogyny; disablism.]Today, I read this AP headline [video may autoplay at link]: "In Writings, Ore. Gunman Ranted about Having No Girlfriend." And I thought: I'm glad at least one mainstream media outlet is finally going to dig into the toxic masculinity underwriting this shooting. Show More Summary


[Content Note: Military aggression.]Hey, remember when Russia launched airstrikes in Syria last week? Well, over the weekend, Russia's fighter jets violated Turkish airspace during its air campaign, and Turkey is not happy about it.Show More Summary

Spoiler Alert: “Sicario” fails the Bechdel test…by a lot

This post contains information and spoilers about the film Sicario. It is a well-documented fact that I love movies. I love writing about movies and talking about them, and I’ll be honest, most of the time I criticize films based on a lack of representation and otherwise gender-based fuckery. So clearly, I needed to see […]

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker Drazil: "If you had a virtually unlimited budget for a public education campaign, what would you want to educate the public about?"

Joshi, “The Respectable Dignity of Obergefell v. Hodges”

Joshi, “The Respectable Dignity of Obergefell v. Hodges” Yuvraj Joshi, the Peter and Patricia Gruber Fellow in Global Justice at Yale Law School, has posted to SSRN his essay, The Respectable Dignity of Obergefell v. Hodges, forthcoming in the California Law Review’s Circuit (online publication).  Here is an … Continue reading ? Feminist Law Professors

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