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Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker Kathy_A: "What was your most useful class that gave you lifelong abilities?"That's a really good question! I'm not sure of the answer, to be honest, but the first thing that comes to mind is geometry. Learning how to do proofs was really influential in teaching me how to think through problems. And that has hung with me in a big way.

Daily feminist cheat sheet

Don’t be a passive observer of last night’s terrorization in Standing Rock. Even if Trump doesn’t overturn Roe, he will still be a nightmare for abortion rights. And, worryingly, it’s not just American women who may be harmed by Donald Trump’s presidency. We can’t let Trump control the press. So, here are sixteen writers on Trump’s America. And […]

Trump Reportedly Assured Vaccine Skeptics at a Donor Event in August That He Will Advance Their Cause

As president-elect Donald Trump carries on with his transition to the White House, our country waits to see which parts of his campaign rhetoric were the swirly-twirly ideas of a callow populist, and which parts were substantial and considered enough to evolve into actual policy.

Interview with Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, New York Attorney and Menstrual Equity Advocate

Interview with Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, New York Attorney and Menstrual Equity Advocate Bridget J. Crawford recently spoke with Jennifer Weiss-Wolf of Period Equity, a non-profit organization located in New York City focused on all aspects of menstrual fairness. Show More Summary

It Gets Even Scarier

I've got a new piece at Shareblue about how Donald Trump's comments about not pursuing further investigations of Hillary Clinton and/or the Clinton Foundation are very troubling: Trump is asserting a power the United States president...Show More Summary

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s TV Show Proves That Snoop Would Be the Better Thanksgiving Guest

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party is VH1’s glimpse into the unlikely friendship of Martha Stewart, domestic goddess, and Snoop Dogg, rapper and weed enthusiast. Like a nature documentary depicting cross-species animal friendships,...Show More Summary

Recommended Reading

David A. Fahrenthold at the Washington Post: "Trump Foundation Admits to Violating Ban on 'Self-Dealing,' New Filing to IRS Shows."Sydney Ember at the New York Times: "Trump, After Canceling, Attends New York Times Meeting."Jodi Jacobson...Show More Summary

Fight For $15 Workers Plan Massive Strike for Labor Rights, Against Racism

Fight for $15 is about to go on strike–and baby, is it gonna be awesome. The organization announced on Monday, in a press release that literally gave me happy chills (and seriously how often can you say this about a press release), that on November 29 they will take nationwide action. Their demands are for […]

Ivanka Trump Attempts to Distract Nation From Conflicts of Interest With Banana Bread Tweet

You might think of Ivanka Trump as the villainous mastermind of the Trump campaign, the photogenic face of nepotism and corruption on his transition team, the Cersei Lannister to her father’s Tywin—but you’d be wrong. Ivanka Trump is...Show More Summary

Daily Dose of Cute

Sometimes playing tires you out so much you just collapse with your toy on your nose. As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

An Observation

It's one I've made plenty of times before, but, given the rounds and rounds of "Democrats are doomed from playing identity politics!" garbage going around, I am going to make it again.Hillary Clinton did not "play identity politics" by treating people other than straight, white, cis, Christian, able-bodied men as human beings. Show More Summary

Thankful For Planned Parenthood

Thank you, Planned Parenthood 100 years ago, a young woman named Margaret Sanger opened the first-ever birth control clinic in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Only ten days later, police raided the clinic and arrested Sanger and her staff. Show More Summary

Stay Engaged

[Content Note: Anti-Semitism.]Last night, Donald Trump continued his hostility toward the press and circumvented them entirely by releasing a video online detailing his First 100 Days agenda. And he described that agenda as "a list of...Show More Summary

Open Thread

Hosted by a turquoise sofa. Have a seat and chat.

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker Odalis Aiza: "What has been your most life-changing paradigm shift (as in when a popular myth is convincingly debunked)?"

The People Who Make Ivanka's Life Run Are as Absent From Her Politics as They Are From Her Instagram

Ivanka’s #WomenWhoWork lifestyle brand is designed to help women whose biggest burden is to navigate abundance. Her website publishes profiles of women who share advice on things like running a business on one’s own terms and tips on how to look “impossibly stylish” while mixing work and family. Show More Summary

Mermaid Stuff, the Hottest New Trend That You Mustn’t Let Distract You From the Resistance

In response to the election results earlier this month, some Americans vowed to move to Canada. Others, it seems, want to take to the sea—and become mermaids. This is an understandable response: Our country’s political situation grows darker by the day, whereas mermaids are totally on-trend and #goals. Show More Summary

Wondering How to Discuss Trump and Race at Thanksgiving? There’s a Hotline for That.

Since the election, the anti-racist group Showing Up for Racial Justice has seen a surge of interest from white people concerned about the effects of a Trump presidency on marginalized communities. A meeting of the New York City chapter...Show More Summary

Sounds Terrific!

[Content Note: Video may autoplay at link.]Everything is going great!Executives and anchors from the country's five biggest television networks are meeting with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower on Monday afternoon.The meeting...Show More Summary

Pope Francis Extends Abortion Forgiveness Powers to Regular Priests

Abortion is a sin that can be forgiven by any Catholic priest, Pope Francis announced Sunday. Like many of this pope’s previous newsmaking moves, it’s a subtle bureaucratic change with profound implications.

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