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Ashley Madison Updates, with Additional Thoughts on Josh Duggar's Latest

[Content Note: Privacy violations; misogyny; homophobia; victim-blaming; sex abuse.]There have been some updates over the last few days on the Ashley Madison hack and subsequent leak of users' information. The first lawsuit has beenShow More Summary

Feministing Reads: Household Workers Unite by Premilla Nadasen

There are just a few people who have come to symbolize the American civil rights movement in the popular imagination — Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Rep. John Lewis.  We forget sometimes that a movement is built by thousands and thousands of remarkable people. And too few scholars or academic courses frame the movement for […]

How Television Continues to Normalize Eating Disorders

Source: “Please don’t hurl too much, because if you get any thinner I’m gonna start looking fat,” Brooke, the head cheerleader in the show One Tree Hill, nonchalantly says to her best friend in an early episode. Show More Summary

Primarily Speaking

Good question! If you think former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is just THE BESTEST Republican candidate that has ever candidated in the history of candidates, please check this box: ?And if you noticed something a little weird about that...Show More Summary

Today in Rape Culture

[Content Note: Rape jokes; sexual assault.]Rape on college campuses has become such a visible issue in the US that even the White House has made it a priority (though imperfectly). And yet college men still don't seem to be getting the...Show More Summary

Open Thread + Programming Note

Hosted by a xylophone. Note: I'm going to see how the day goes, and I'll keep working as long as I feel able. Please bear with me over the next little while; I'm gonna do the best that I can to keep a regular schedule. Thanks so much for your patience, understanding, and support. ?

Scott Walker Has a Lady Shirt for Lady Patriots Designed Just for Ladies  

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker—who has framed the fight for equal pay as "pit[ting] one group of Americans versus another," who has called abortions performed to save a woman's life the result of a "false choice," who has indicatedShow More Summary

This 13-Year-Old Proves That Intersectional Feminism Just Isn’t That Hard

Teen actress Rowan Blanchard, best known for starring in the Disney channel reboot Girl Meets World, just proved once and for all that intersectional feminism isn’t really all that difficult to grasp.

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Ban frats. Black Lives Matter organizers will hold rallies across the country tomorrow calling attention to the black trans women who have been murdered this year.  Pregnancy is painful, difficult, and dangerous, and no one should be forced into it. Laughing while black will apparently get you kicked off a train. Meet the protestors who want Planned […]

The Link Between Sad Puppies and Donald Trump

They've seen the world they knew and loved crumble under their feet, undone by diversity, feminism, and "political correctness." Over the weekend, they tried to hold an event intended to celebrate the populist everyman. Instead, they watched in horror yet again as democratizing mobs stole away their privilege.

Doctor pens anonymous essay recounting sexual misconduct in operating rooms

In an anonymous essay published in the Annals of Internal Medicine last week, a physician gives us a sickening — and potentially triggering — look behind the operating room curtain.  The short but powerful piece describes a discussion in a medical humanities class, in which the author and a med student each recount witnessing horrifying behavior by male doctors […]

The Ashley Madison Hack Is a Peephole Into “Traditional” Christian Marriage

When Christian conservatives talk about "traditional" marriage, they often don't just mean a man-woman marriage, but one in which each spouse has different and supposedly complementary roles. "Male and female were created by God as equal...Show More Summary

What You Need To Know About the Planned Parenthood Controversy

We need to support Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a reproductive health care provider that is “dedicated to offering men, women, and teens high-quality, affordable medical care,” according to its website. The organizationShow More Summary

Actress Rowan Blanchard shares her views on feminism and intersectionality

Rowan Blanchard is the thirteen-year-old actress playing Riley Matthews on Girl Meets World. Along with being a TV star, she apparently moonlights as a badass feminist. When asked about her views on how white feminism can be exclusive of women of color and queer and trans people, she responded beautifully. Check out her Instagram posts below. […]

The Feministing Five: Kayla E. of Nat Brut

Earlier this month, we were excited to see an infographic that connected well-known feminists with those emerging feminists who inspire them. The creators behind that infographic were literary and arts magazine, Nat. Brut.  This week, spoke to Editor-In-Chief Kayla E. to learn more about Nat Brut’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion in literary arts. Nat. […]

Update + Open Thread

Thank you so much for all the warm wishes and to everyone who asked after me. I'm feeling a wee bit better—at least the dizziness has subsided to some degree, but the rest of my symptoms remain pretty much the same.I've got an appointment this morning, and I've got to schedule some follow-up tests. Show More Summary

Open Thread with Clouds and Lake

Some fluffy clouds reflected in a placid lake (photo taken by moi during a walk last week) feature for this week's Open Thread. Please natter/chatter/vent/rant on anything you like over this weekend and throughout the week. with a few netiquette exceptions Continue reading ?

Mind your business, Ohio legislature

Let me make this perfectly clear: I just went through a pregnancy for a much-wanted child. I endured morning sickness that lasted throughout the entire pregnancy. I became so short of breath that I had to stop and rest partway … Continue reading ?

High school students: How are you fighting rape and harassment in your school?

This week’s news has got me down. On Tuesday the trial began in the St. Paul’s rape case. The plaintiff alleges that Owen Labrie, a St. Paul’s senior soon to head to Harvard, raped her as part of an end-of-year tradition called the “Senior Salute.” According to Buzzfeed: [O]ften times student groups, such as athletic […]

First Female Soldiers Graduate From Ranger School. Now They’re Waiting for the Army to Catch Up.

On Friday, Capt. Kristen Griest and 1 st Lt. Shaye Haver became the first female graduates of the U.S. Army Ranger School. Beyond the dozens of pounds of weight expected to be carried by the course’s grads, these women shouldered an extra burden as they struggled to change gender expectations and break the “camo” ceiling.

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