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New ad campaign celebrates #QTPOCLove this Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the TOD@S Collaborative is broadening our public understanding of what intimate partner violence is and who it impacts, while also depicting, promoting, and celebrating healthy relationships among queer and trans people of color. Show More Summary

‘Til It Happens to You: In Staunch Support of Campus Sexual Assault Survivors

The Hunting Ground documentary   The Hunting Ground is an unabashed and damning portrayal of the still crucial and widespread problem of rape culture on college campuses. In fact, an estimated 20 to 25% of women in higher educational...Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Stephenie Meyer has released a gender-swapped version of Twilight. Women are underrepresented in clinical trials for HIV drugs.  Staceyann Chin and her daughter, Zuri, do a living room protest in support of Planned Parenthood. Girls, many of whom have suffered a range of trauma at home, make up a growing share of children arrested and detained […]

Why Do Sexists Hate The New ‘Ghostbusters’?

The new ‘Ghostbusters’ cast. The announcement that a gender-swapped reboot of Ghostbusters will soon be in theaters has generated quite a bit of excitement. Considering the top-notch comedy actresses at the project’s helm, including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, the hype is likely justified. Show More Summary

Quick Hit: Meet Kanya Sesser, Lingerie Model, Athlete, and Badass

Kanya Sesser is an athlete and model who is redefining what it means to be sexy. Sesser started modeling sportswear at age 15 and switched to lingerie when she realized she could help change the way people see beauty and sexiness. And she certainly fits the bill. Her Instagram page is full of flawless candid […]

An Interview with Photographer Ashley Armitage

21-year-old Seattle-based photographer and filmmaker Ashley Armitage’s work is largely a tribute to female friendships and femininity. Her dreamy, nuanced photography lets viewers into the intimate, magical moments of girlhood. They depict beauty routines and sleepovers. Show More Summary

True story: A sexy Donald Trump costume

In what might be either the most brilliant satire of Halloween ridiculousness since Sexy Mustard or the most flagrantly absurd manifestation of it yet, I present to you Donna T. Rumpshaker.Yes, for just seventy American dollars you can have the (dubious?) distinction of being sexy Donald Trump! You’ll be “Making America Great!” this Halloween in […]

Watch: “Who cries for the black girl?”

“I don’t think I perceive myself differently than the rest of people perceive me. I think I’m so… aware of how other people perceive me that it’s hard for me to separate the two.” — Daejione Jones, “who cries for the black girl?” In the past week, I’ve rewatched my friend Abigail Bereola’s film “who […]

Open Thread with Siberian Husky and Leaves

This Siberian husky "helping" his human rake the autumn leaves features for this month's Open Thread. Please natter/chatter/vent/rant on anything you like over this weekend and throughout the next four weeks. with a few netiquette exceptions Continue reading ?

Girlpool: The Feminist Band You Need To Know

Girlpool The musical duo Harmony Trividad and Cleo Tucker, also known as “Girlpool,” have a lot to say about the rigid expectations girls face growing up in America. Through unsettling harmonies and raw, creaking voices — accompanied...Show More Summary

Stop excluding Black women in fat acceptance movements

I think it’s time for me to start publicly talking more about what it means to be a fat Black girl in today’s cultural climate. Many people have probably heard about Nicole Arbour’s fat-shaming rant on YouTube, and more notably, how quickly fat positive activists like Whitney Way Thore and Lindy West responded, calling out its […]

New documentary on the Indian queer movement will make you feel warm and fuzzy

Hello, want to take a two minute break from whatever else you’re doing and feel warm and fuzzy about the Indian queer movement? Because I sure do.  You’re in luck: Check out this trailer for a new documentary on the Indian queer movement, In the Mood for Love, which will be screened for the first […]

Here Are the Parts of the Miss America Pageant That Actually Didn’t Suck

At last night’s Miss America pageant, the organization that chooses recipients of its paltry scholarships by judging their adherence to conventional beauty standards earned points by giving 1983 winner Vanessa Williams—who was forced to resign over a nude-photo scandal—a long-overdue public apology.

Feministing Reads: You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine by Alexandra Kleeman

“It’s bad luck to compare hands.” This is what the nurse Alma tells her patient, the actress Elizabeth Vogler, after she grabs her hand at the start of Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 film Persona. The visual irony is that the camera has already compared their hands  moments earlier for us, panning down Alma’s back to reveal […]

Why We Can’t Simply Ban Microaggressions On Campuses

Source: “Where are you really from?” “What are you?” “You don’t look Latina.” “Microaggressions” are “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional...Show More Summary

The Everyday Sexism of Dating

In theory, dating can be an incredible opportunity for two individuals to model gender-based equality and mutual respect. In practice, however, women are still frequently degraded and regarded as submissive sexual objects — especially...Show More Summary

From Girl to “Princess”: Experiencing Sexual Harassment for the First Time It happened a couple of weeks after my 12th birthday. I hadn’t entered high school, I didn’t have my period or a crush on anyone. I was too young to experience the best, empowering parts of...Show More Summary

Let’s pledge to remember the 2015 VMAs

The 2015 VMAs were amazing in the best and worst of ways. Nicki came at Miley, Kanye is running for president, Taylor won all the awards…again, and Rebel Wilson made a tasteless joke. It was an evening. I love the VMAs for all of the drama they produce, and this year did not disappoint. More […]

Q&A: Dating When You’re Fat?

Can you imagine a society where 75 per cent of folks are gay, yet society is still as homophobic as the Duggar clan? That’s pretty much what fat people deal with every day, so we’ve made this far-reaching topic the … Continue readin...

What Justin Bieber’s VMA Performance Can Teach Us About Modern Masculinity

Justin Bieber At the end of his VMA performance on Sunday night, Justin Bieber began to cry. This image has already launched debates about his motivations and as someone who has spent the past 4 years immersed in a movement to end men’s...Show More Summary

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