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What A Hijabi Beauty Contestant Means To Hijabi Teens

Halima Aden Ever since reading the work of authors such as bell hooks, Simone de Beauvoir, and Naomi Wolf, I have dismissed the concept of physical beauty as a trivial social construct. The mainstream narrative of beauty glorifies Eurocentric...Show More Summary

On the Ground: An Interview With The Founders of Columbia University’s First South Asian Feminism(s) Alliance

The Founders of SAFA In the fall semester of 2015, the first ever South Asian Feminism(s) Alliance (SAFA) was introduced to Columbia University. SAFA founders and Barnard alumnae Sarika Kumar, Mallika Walia, and Kaavya Mahajan created...Show More Summary

Bask in the Bracing Unsentimentality of Vesna Vulovic, the Only Person to Survive a 1972 Plane Crash

In 1972, Vesna Vulovic was a 22-year-old flight attendant working for JAT Yugoslav Airlines. One January day, there was a mixup with another flight attendant named Vesna, and Vulovic was mistakenly assigned to the crew for a trip between Copenhagen and Belgrade. Show More Summary

Daily feminist cheat sheet

My heroines Jamilah Lemieux & Amber Phillips spoke with The Breakfast Club to talk about Black feminism and it is not to be missed. How Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio is fighting back against their state’s dangerous abortion ban. Thousands of civilians were able to leave Aleppo today, but thousands are still facing freezing temperatures as they […]

Don’t Teach Women To Hide The Abuse They Experience, Teach Men Not To Abuse

The commercial in question On November 23, the Moroccan state broadcaster ‘Channel 2M’ broadcast a segment on their daily program ‘Sabahiyat’ that exhibited a smiling makeup artist demonstrating how to disguise the aftermath of domestic violence on a woman’s face. Show More Summary

The Exploitation Of Women Of Color In Music Videos Needs To End

Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ music video As a black feminist who is usually conscious of how normalized our misogynistic and often racist pop culture is, I am mostly displeased by the portrayal of black women in music videos. From Taylor...Show More Summary

Sex-Positive Superhero: Sunny Leone

Today’s sex-positive superhero: Indian-Canadian porn-star-turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. A documentary about her life is about to drop on Netflix, so now is the time to revisit the star-powered sex-positive goddess that is Sunny. Never heard of her? Then you’re probably not living in contemporary India/have not been hip with the porn world for the last […]

This New Music Video Powerfully Took On Police Brutality

YG in One Time Comin’ In 2012, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. He was later acquitted of the crime. Two years later, Eric Garner was killed after being placed in a chokehold by police officers, and Michael Brown had been shot to death by a white police officer in Missouri just a month later. Show More Summary

Fighting Asian American Stereotypes

It’s time to end the stereotypes once and for all There’s a common myth that Asian Americans do not experience racism on as grand a level as do other people of color. While many Eastern Asians experience light skin privilege, and violations...Show More Summary

Wifey Material

Wifey. It has been almost one hundred years since the Women’s Bureau was established in the Department of Labor. The Bureau aimed to promote the welfare of wage-earning women and for their rights to be respected in the workforce. But...Show More Summary

Gwen Ifill Exposed the Stupidity and Racism of Anti-P.C. Activism Long Before Trump

More than a decade before Don Imus was booted from CBS Radio in April 2007 for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hoes,” he took a jab at Gwen Ifill, who worked as a New York Times White House correspondent in the ‘90s. “Isn’t the Times wonderful,” Imus said on his radio show. “It let's the cleaning lady cover the White House.”

The Crucial Lessons Solange Teaches In ‘A Seat At The Table’

Credit: YouTube 2016 was Beyoncé’s year. Her album Lemonade is inarguably one of the most profound cultural expressions of black femininity produced this year (and, let’s be honest, ever). Her thought-provoking lyrics and beautiful visual...Show More Summary

Forget Hillary and Trump – People of Color and Women are the Stars of This Election

HAPPY ELECTION DAY! Have you voted? Are you on your way to vote? Did you watch Joe Biden’s silly video on voting? Do you believe that democracy is a ruling class farce and are thus too busy organizing to vote? In case you were wondering, I sent my absentee ballot from Delhi two weeks ago […]

Hollywood First Imagined a Female President in 1964. What’s Changed?

Before the concept of a woman winning the American presidency became a real possibility, it was fodder for popular entertainment. In 1964, Kisses for My President arrived in theaters, receiving middling to negative reviews. It was the...Show More Summary

Amy Schumer Has a Tormented Relationship With Criticism

Last weekend, Amy Schumer released a video promotion for her untitled movie project with Goldie Hawn. In it, the two actresses lip-synch to Beyoncé’s “Formation,” grinding in the forest in a dirt-smeared dress and an “¡Hola!” T-shirt, mimicking the dance moves from a music video about police brutality and racial oppression.

Our Guide to Fall Movies

Fall is movie season. There’s the New York Film Festival, which just ended on Sunday, having run over a fortnight. There’s its cousin across the ocean, the London Film Festival, an 11-day affair, which ended Sunday as well. And there’s the looming specter of the Oscars, and the many film that will be released in these next few […]

If You Want Your Teenage Kids to Eat Healthy, Try Reverse Psychology

The problem with many public-service campaigns aimed at young people is that they are based on lies. Not all users are losers, and drug dealers do not tend to be dorks. Driving fast is actually very fun. And smoking is not lame; in fact, it is cool.

Overcoming Internalized Misogyny

Credit: YouTube “Wow, they’re beautiful,” I thought to myself at nine years old as I watched yet another music video by yet another girl group for the hundredth time. I admired these women, in all their scantily clad glory. I aspired...Show More Summary

Both Candidates in a Maine Congressional Race Come Out Against Body Shaming

Last week, the National Republican Congressional Committee released an ad suggesting that Maine congressional candidate Emily Cain once promoted body-shaming young women. The accusations were a reference to Cain’s sponsorship of a bipartisan bill that would have attempted to combat childhood obesity with measures including weighing kids in school. Show More Summary

The Problem With Criticizing Emma Watson and Justin Trudeau’s Feminism

Credit: YouTube On September 29th, two influential individuals had a very public meeting of the minds: Justin Trudeau, current Prime Minister of Canada, and actor/activist Emma Watson. The two met in Parliament in Ottawa on September 28, 2016, ahead of the One Young World summit, and reportedly discussed their efforts regarding gender equality. Show More Summary

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