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How the DNC Is Subtly Rebuking Donald Trump’s Mockery of a Disabled Reporter

Last fall, in a campaign stop in South Carolina, Donald Trump imitated a New York Times reporter who has a congenital condition that limits the movement in his joints. “You've got to see this guy, ‘Ah, I don't know what I said! I don't remember!’” Trump jeered, jerking his hands around and distorting his voice. Show More Summary

Cut To: The Beach

The significance of the beach is not found in its metaphor but in its expanse. If you are lying on the beach on your belly—whether you’ve positioned yourself or emerged violently from the water like so—beyond you, horizons emerge like short valleys of beige and blue. There is no better place to wonder about presence […]

From the Wayback Machine: Clinton Owns Pence

[Content Note: Video may autoplay at second link.]I originally posted this way back in 2009, when Mike Pence was merely the worst congressman from Indiana and not the vice-presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Have a look atShow More Summary

Does Fergie’s “M.I.L.F. $” Music Video Have A Feminist Message?

M.I.L.F. $ The first time I heard Fergie’s “M.I.L.F. $,” I genuinely thought it was a joke. “Wow, Fergie’s just desperately trying to stay relevant,” my friend declared. I laughed in agreement. The song’s blatant auto-tuning, remixed...Show More Summary

A Note to White Feminists Following Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s Deaths

In the wake of the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police and the following waves of Black Lives Matter protests, all white people have had to take renewed accountability for the perpetuation of racism. No less white feminists and survivors of sexual assault (like me), whose goals of ending sexual and intimate […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Who invited all the cops to the Gay Pride parade? Teach for America has gone global. President Obama and members of the Cabinet will no longer visit colleges that don’t take sexual violence seriously. Metaphor and philosophy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Essential Viewing: the Films of Agnès Varda

The reason why it is essential to sing the praises and recommend the films of Agnès Varda — even when there’s no anniversary or birthday or award to celebrate or death to mourn — is that her work is consistently exceptional yet criminally underseen. Varda has her fair share of admirers and retrospectives, but I’m not sure […]

The Problem With Gossiping About Beyoncé and ‘Lemonade’

We missed the point. We are now almost two months into the post-Lemonade universe, and it still seems the biggest public conversation the album has inspired is a debate about the true identity of “Becky with the good hair.” Look, I can’t...Show More Summary

In the Face of Homophobia and Islamophobia, Queer Touch Persists

After the carnage at Pulse nightclub in Orlando I saw a lot of “love is love” messages from well-meaning straight people. Who do you love? It doesn’t matter! They seem to say. It’s all love!  But to me, it would seem to matter more who you touch. Who you feel, not only whom you feel […]

The Choice Is Clear

by Shaker Alison Rose, a fierce queer feminist, avid book lover, and proud cat lady who lives in the northern SF Bay Area. [Content Note: Pulse Shooting; guns; terrorism; homophobia; racism; Islamophobia.] [Transcript available here.]...Show More Summary

Jamila Woods’ Music Video For “Blk Girl Soldier” Might Be Perfect

Singer, songwriter and poet Jamila Woods released the music video for her song “Blk Girl Soldier” yesterday, and it’s kind of perfect. When Woods dropped the audio back in January, we all prepared to be blown away by the video – but this? This is even more than I could’ve imagined. The visuals for “Blk Girl Soldier” […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

The state of New York is considering a bill to ban the tampon tax. This new public service announcement campaign features children of immigrants talking about fearing that their parents will be deported. Brazilians feminists take to social media to call for justice for a teenage girl who was gang raped by 33 men. Naomi Klein on why […]

Women Can Now Drink Beer Named for Ladies’ Shoes. Yay?

In a few weeks, women will have the perfect beer to sip while writing diary entries with dainty Bic “For Her” pens and blocking out the ugly noise of an unrefined world with “Pretty in Pink” earplugs. Rather than chugging unisex swill...Show More Summary

Suggested Viewing: Hannah Black’s “Team Jolie”

Hannah Black is an artist and writer who intertwines multiple disciplines so that text and image, matter and sound are not in opposition, but tangled up in each other. Bodies are especially important to Black, as are all their messy and even queer associations and implications. “Team Jolie,” released online three years ago, slams two images up […]

Quote of the Day: “You’re a Bigot, Lady”

All hail Zoe Lofgren, congresswoman from California’s 19th district, and queen of my heart. On Tuesday, during a congressional hearing, Lofgren took down one of the witnesses for her blatant transphobia.   The witness, University ofShow More Summary

Comedians Are Finally Taking on Motherhood—but Not Everyone Is Happy About It

A few months ago, I wrote about my consternation that the women’s comedy revolution has been mostly bereft of moms. But now, quite suddenly, we appear to be entering a miniature golden age of comedy about motherhood. There’s Ali Wong’s...Show More Summary

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

At Hampshire College’s commencement, Reina Gossett asks, “What do we want to grow?” Do you have student loans, after suffering violence or other forms of discrimination in school? Take Know Your IX’s survey. The Supreme Court reaffirmed yesterday that federal agencies have wide latitude when it comes to implementing their own regulations. Show More Summary

Fresh Juice: Stephanie Sarley Reimagines Erotic Touch

Artist Stephanie Sarley’s Instagram mainly features videos of her delicately fingering fruit. Sarley chooses citruses, cantaloupes, papaya — anything brightly colored and that, when sliced in half, looks and acts like a vagina. MuchShow More Summary

Video of the Day: Amy Schumer’s “Size 12”

Amy Schumer’s hit TV show Inside Amy Schumer returned a couple of weeks ago with an incisive sketch about purchasing guns. While Schumer certainly has her short comings, she is at her best when she critiques society based on her experience as a (white, cisgender, heterosexual) woman. In her most recent episode, she tackles the difficulties […]

Pretty in Pink and Lemonade’s Conciliatory Third Act

It seems that when we talk about ‘Lemonade’, we love it, at least primarily, for its tenacity, its power, its anger, and so, for its validation of the tumult black women often experience just by daring to exist. It was the righteous first two acts of ‘Lemonade’ that friends gushed about over text, that colleagues […]

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