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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

At Hampshire College’s commencement, Reina Gossett asks, “What do we want to grow?” Do you have student loans, after suffering violence or other forms of discrimination in school? Take Know Your IX’s survey. The Supreme Court reaffirmed yesterday that federal agencies have wide latitude when it comes to implementing their own regulations. Show More Summary

Fresh Juice: Stephanie Sarley Reimagines Erotic Touch

Artist Stephanie Sarley’s Instagram mainly features videos of her delicately fingering fruit. Sarley chooses citruses, cantaloupes, papaya — anything brightly colored and that, when sliced in half, looks and acts like a vagina. MuchShow More Summary

Video of the Day: Amy Schumer’s “Size 12”

Amy Schumer’s hit TV show Inside Amy Schumer returned a couple of weeks ago with an incisive sketch about purchasing guns. While Schumer certainly has her short comings, she is at her best when she critiques society based on her experience as a (white, cisgender, heterosexual) woman. In her most recent episode, she tackles the difficulties […]

Pretty in Pink and Lemonade’s Conciliatory Third Act

It seems that when we talk about ‘Lemonade’, we love it, at least primarily, for its tenacity, its power, its anger, and so, for its validation of the tumult black women often experience just by daring to exist. It was the righteous first two acts of ‘Lemonade’ that friends gushed about over text, that colleagues […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

In 1996, Bill Clinton signed a bill that set the stage for the mass deportation machine that is our immigration system today. Today, a coalition of immigrant rights groups are calling on Congress to restore due process for immigrants and end local police and ICE collaboration.  A Mapuche woman in Argentina named Relmu Ñamku could be […]

Jennifer Lopez’s New Video Is a Sad Premonition of the Future of Feminism

Jennifer Lopez has done a bang-up job convincing the world that her latest single is some kind of feminist manifesto. Since the video for “Ain’t Your Mama” dropped on Friday morning, outlets have applauded Lopez for her “stereotype-smashing” and “politically charged” art, saying she “stands up for women” and “starts a women’s revolution.”

Bump Your ‘Becky’ Beef

Part of me knew Beyonce’s “Becky with the good hair” line would cause a wave of uninformed, poorly thought out responses, but for some reason I still hoped for the best. British fashion, beauty and style magazine, Glamour UK, may have had the worst public blunder (to put it mildly) so far, but their antagonistic […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

“The criminal law has a monopoly on our imaginations” of what justice should or could look like. Our own Sam spoke at BCRW’s salon in honor of Maggie Nelson(!) and you can watch it here. Trickle-down feminism, revisited. “Cruelty is intimate, and can feel, perversely, like a form of care.” When robots are an instrument of male […]

Feministing Reads: The Spitboy Rule: Tales of a Xicana in a Female Punk Band

Many of us have dreamt of starting a badass girl band. Few of us have been as public and reflective about the process as Michelle Cruz Gonzales, who had no idea picking up a guitar in rural Toulumne, California would lead to a life-long journey in punk feminism. So who better than to write about […]

What The Boss got wrong about “cool”, class, and capitalism

If you don’t want spoilers but want my abbreviated take on the film click here. In 2016, I reached a new level of maturity and began to take myself on solo dates to the movies, #adulting. In addition to most of my community being dispersed across the country, I like the freedom that comes with […]

Ted Cruz’s Post-Honeymoon Stockpiling of Canned Soup Isn’t Weird. It’s Endearing.

On Wednesday night, CNN hosted a town hall in New York City with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his family. The event was alternately cute (his daughters love Taylor Swift!) and cringe-inducing. Here’s what Heidi Cruz said about the early days of their marriage:

Why These Two Feminists Aren’t Voting For Hillary

Last night Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin primary, building on recent victories in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington, and closing in on his delegate deficit with Hillary Clinton. What seemed like a predictable election is now a little less certain for Clinton, who has had widespread support from mainstream feminist movements since the beginning of her […]

Dear Mr. Drumpf, I #WontBePunished

Ed. note: This post was originally published on the Community site. Dear Mr. Drumpf, Well, I guess it was just our time. Since you’ve said asinine and offensive things about Latin@s, Muslims, immigrants, Black communities, the people of Iowa, your competitors, Black Lives Matter activists, NATO, reporters, most other countries, people with disabilities, women in […]

Police Detain 27 Students, 2 Teachers from Indian University as Protests Continue

This article is part of Feministing’s continued reporting on the current Indian student movements for the rights of minority students and the right to dissent. You can find a complete report from the initial days of the movement, including context, here, and subsequent reporting on the movement here. Coverage of the JNU students’ release is here. […]

REVIEW: “Hunting the Hacker”

Welcome to the last episode of this miniseries! Regardless of whether you’ve seen our prior episodes, we’ve learned plenty from doing this project, which we’ll be sure to apply to our next project. But first, let’s finish that final episode... Read more ?

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

A new report highlights a quote from a Nixon official acknowledging that the real reason for the war on drugs – which is still devastating communities of color on both sides of the Border today – was to criminalize Black people and hippies.  This series of animated stories are helping to record and revitalize indigenous languages […]

Sedition-Accused Indian Student Activists Granted Bail

This article is part of Feministing’s continued reporting on the current Indian student movements for the rights of minority students and the right to dissent. You can find a complete report from the initial days of the movement, including context, here, and subsequent reporting on the movement here. Holi, the Hindu holiday that brings in […]

Bust Ghosts, Not Women: Sexist Responses To The ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer Have Got To Go

The new Ghostbusters cast. From Fantastic Four, to Zoolander 2, to Disney’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book, it seems that 2016 might be the year of cinematic reboots, remakes and sequels. Perhaps one of the most anticipated reboots of the year, however, is the all-female Ghostbusters. Show More Summary

Highlights from Gov. Snyder’s Testimony Before Congress About Flint Water Crisis

On Thursday morning, Governor Rick Snyder–the Governor of Michigan whose series of absurd fuck ups (in conjunction with others in his administration) caused the Flint Water Crisis–testified before Congress in D.C., about his role in the lead poisoning of the city’s water. Show More Summary

Why President Obama’s Decision to Call Out Online Harassment Is So Important

Obama giving his Women History Month speech. President Obama could have discussed any number of pressing issues during his recent speech given in honor of Women’s History Month. A significant portion of his speech, however, was devoted...Show More Summary

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