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Why We Must Speak Out

57 minutes agoIssues & Causes / Feminism : fbomb

I love Sara Bareilles’ Brave. Who doesn’t love a message about overcoming fear in order to express one’s opinions? Say what you wanna say And let the words fall out Honestly I wanna see you be brave With what you want to say And letShow More Summary

Missouri lawmaker compares getting an abortion to buying a new car or re-carpeting

The Missouri legislature is considering an ultrasound bill that would triple the waiting period before having an abortion in the state to a whooping 72 hours. During a hearing the other day, the bill’s sponsor Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger made his case by drawing on his personal experience with an unintended pregnancy buying a new car and [...]

Equal Pay Day Roundup

Today marks the day in the new year that women have finally earned what men made in the previous year. So, more accurately, Unequal Pay Day. The average woman continues to make 77 cents to the dollar, which means the gap hasn’t narrowed all that much since 1963, when women made just 59 cents. The pay gap various considerably by race: Black [...]

Having body hair will literally turn you into a dude, according Veet’s new ad campaign

I seem to remember a time when sexism in advertising was subtle enough that critiquing it involved some skill — or least a keen eye. It was fun, truth be told, to tease out the sexist subtexts of so many of the commercials that inundate media consumers every day. Perhaps I’m romanticizing the not-so-distant past, [...]

Your Daily Poem: Lauren Zuniga

Ed. note: For National Poetry Month, we’re highlighting one feminist poem each day in April. See the whole series here. Your poem of the day is “To the Oklahoma Lawmakers” by Lauren Zuniga. Stay for the patriarchy-busting shoulder shrug at the end. Syreeta McFadden is a co-curator of Poets In Unexpected Places.

New documentary: Mexican women incarcerated for “homicide” after aborting gain their freedom

This is the story of how Mexican organizers and lawyers were able to free six women incarcerated for homicide for terminating their pregnancies.  In 2008, I attended the School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico as a student for the first time. Last week, I attended the school for the 5th time and for the 4th [...]

Girls: Do We Run The World?

I love Beyonce’s song Girls Run The World, it has an awesome chorus, a pumping beat, and a great message about the power of women. But unfortunately I think James Brown more accurately depicts our society today: it’s a man’s world. The majority of leadership positions across the board are held by men. Show More Summary

Weekly Feminist Reader

Sex education in Mississippi is abysmal. In Texas, the return of the back-alley abortion. The three men convicted in the gang rape of the Mumbai photojournalist have been sentenced to death. Where are the stories about female war veterans? Young black musicians changing the face of classical music. Where are the stories about female war [...]

Fashion Tech: Who Wore it First?

Tue April 01, 2014 Fashion Tech: Who Wore it First? By Padmini Parthasarathy  In old movies, the fashion of the future was tin foil and clunky gadgets. But today's designers have created something a little more interesting. Those on the cutting edge are using everything from LED displays to 3-D printers to push fashion forward. Show More Summary

Fashion Tech

Tue April 01, 2014 Fashion Tech By Padmini Parasarathy In old movies, the fashion of the future was tin foil and clunky gadgets. But today's designers have created something a little more fashion forward. Those on the cutting edge are using everything from LED displays to 3-D printers to push fashion forward. Show More Summary

Feministing Jamz: Feminist Country Edition

Last week I got a tweet from someone telling me that they liked my Best Feminist Music Videos of 2013 post, saying they weren’t surprised that there was no country on that list and pointing me to an article on the marginalization of women artists in country. While women country artists these days definitely are [...]

Another Reason Not to Go to Jared: Female Employees Say They're Paid Less Than Men

In the ubiquitous television commercials for Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, women erupt with joy and gratitude whenever they come into contact with one of the company’s diamond rings. The rewards are less sparkling for the women whoShow More Summary

A Great Artist Kills His Wife—Now She's Just a Quirky Footnote in His History

Poet Joan Vollmer was killed by her husband, William S. Burroughs, before she even turned 30. This year is the hundredth anniversary of the birth of celebrated novelist William S. Burroughs. The date, as centenaries do, occasioned new...Show More Summary

So…where’s Dolores Huerta’s movie?

This Friday, March 28th, the Diego Luna-directed film that documents the life and times of Cesar Chavez is set to hit theaters across the country.  Chavez was an incredible man and one of the co-founders of the United Farm Workers — a male co-founder, to be more specific. The movie looks pretty amazing, and I [...]

This F#@king Guy

[Content Note: Misogyny; leering; dress policing.]A semi-retired federal judge in Omaha, Nebraska, US District Court Richard Kopf, wrote in a blog post found by Talking Points Memo that he "appreciates" a female lawyer in his court who...Show More Summary

“Royals” parody video takes aim at typecasting of women of color in Hollywood

Lorde’s “Royals” continues to be an eminently re-makable song. In this lolsob-inducing parody, “Typecast,” actress Tess Paras highlights the frustrations of being a non-white actress in an industry that — despite the popularity of recent shows like Scandal and The Mindy Project — still doesn’t give women of color the opportunity to be much more than the white [...]

What Exactly Do We Mean By Equal?

I am a feminist. I wear shirts that say “Riots not Diets” and tweet articles about women’s issues. I am the founder of the feminist club on the campus of my women’s college. I could probably take someone down with my feminist, pro-equality, social justice rhetoric. Show More Summary

The new Anita Hill documentary and speaking in public as a woman

Perhaps what was so deeply gratifying about watching then outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s testimony before both the Senate and House Foreign Relations committees in January 2013, was her confident and authoritative voice as she fielded questions of asinine scrutiny over the Obama Administration’s response to the attacks in Benghazi in September of [...]

R.I.P. to Obituaries? Evolving Generation Mourns Online

Tue March 25, 2014 R.I.P. to Obituaries? Evolving Generation Mourns Online By Dalila-Johari Paul A keepsake of  an obit clipping from the local newspaper may not be enough these days for some millennials. In yet another observation of...Show More Summary

Feministing Five: Elisa Kreisinger

 Cutting, splicing, and reattaching her way through pop-culture, Elisa Kreisinger is a vibrant artist of the 21st century. Elisa, through her work at Pop Culture Pirate, creates feminist multi-media remixes of popular culture which lucky for us, she shares with the web. For example, she’s created works that reinvent shows like The Real Housewives of [...]

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