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Bonnie Glaser on the Security Dimensions of the U.S.-China Relations

In the third installment of the virtual roundtable, Bonnie Glaser discusses the security dimensions of the U.S.-China Relations. The post Bonnie Glaser on the Security Dimensions of the U.S.-China Relations appeared first on Foreign Policy Blogs.

Nisid Hajari on the Impact of U.S.-China Rivalry in Southeast Asia

In the second installment of the virtual roundtable, Nisid Hajari discusses the impact of the U.S.-China rivalry on the rest of the region. The post Nisid Hajari on the Impact of U.S.-China Rivalry in Southeast Asia appeared first on Foreign Policy Blogs.

Amb. Kishore Mahbubani on U.S.-China Relations

In the first installment of this 6-part virtual roundtable, Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani, gauges the 'temperature' of U.S.-China relations. The post Amb. Kishore Mahbubani on U.S.-China Relations appeared first on Foreign Policy Blo...

No, Seeing a Transgender Person is Not a Reason to Call 911

Listen to this hotel manager call 911 after checking in transgender women “dressed a little bit over the top” “911, what’s your emergency?” There are a lot of situations that may warrant calling 911. But seeing a transgender person is not one of them. Show More Summary

Listen as James Cullen talks about how hard it is to determine whether Hil, Christie and Rubio are saying what they believe or what the pollsters tell them to say

Hillary Clinton changes her position on gay marriage – slightly – now that she’s a candidate. She also misrepresents the birthplace of her parents (will she say “what difference does it make?). Chris Christie changes his position on vaccinations. Show More Summary

John Redwood MP and David Hart QC debate environmental rules

Is environmental regulation unnecessary and is it crippling our economy? This was the debate which raged last Thursday between a senior Conservative backbencher and one of our regular 1 Crown Office Row contributors to the blog – thanks to the UK Environmental Law Association who organised it and city law firm Simmons & Simmons who […]

The Iranian Government Locked Me in Solitary Confinement for 410 Days. Today, My Thoughts Are with the Hunger Strikers.

Sitting in a nearly empty cell – a metal sink, the blank stare of the white walls, fluorescent lights that never turn off – all you have are your own thoughts. Sometimes they race through your head like freight trains; other times aShow More Summary

The Change in Maine: The Pine Tree State Leads the Way on Solitary Confinement Reform

The world will get a glimpse this week into how the United States treats those we lock in solitary confinement, when the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hears ACLU testimonies on how our treatment of vulnerable prisoners violates international human rights norms. Show More Summary

"Hands Off Our DNA" Lawsuit Gets Another Day in Court

Originally posted by the ACLU of Northern California. Last week the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said it would rehear the ACLU of Northern California's lawsuit challenging a California law that mandates that DNA is collected from anyone arrested on suspicion of a felony. Show More Summary

Team Wronging Rights, Beyond the Internet

Kate and I have both appeared in non-blog media over the last few days, discussing why we are Kony 2012 skeptics.  In case you’re interested: On March 8, Amanda appeared on Monocle Radio’s The Daily (Link here, and the interview … Continue reading ?

State of Disunion

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Romney the Populist?

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Leveson goes live

Today marks a minor landmark for open justice. For the first time, a public inquiry is being  shown live over the internet. The Leveson Inquiry into Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press has taken over Court 73 in the Royal Courts of Justice, so when Counsel to the Inquiry Robert Jay QC begins his [...]

ACLU Studio: Former FBI Special Agent Disagrees with Cheney’s Tortured Logic

For nearly 10 years, Ali Soufan helped fight the United States’ secret war on terror, gathering intelligence and interrogating prisoners as an FBI Special Agent. Soufan claims that former Vice President Dick Cheney’s insistence thatShow More Summary

ACLU Studio: Porter Goss, Beer Nuts and Waterboarding

Apparently, former CIA Director Porter Goss' favorite party trick is to use beer nuts to show how waterboarding is really no big deal. You'll learn this and other fun facts in our inaugural ACLU Studio Podcast. ACLU Studio is for those who can't get enough of the ACLU. Show More Summary

UN Confirms Crimes in South Kordofan

The United Nations report on South Kordofan released this week is an official confirmation of reports of ethnic targeting, house to house searches, extrajudicial killings, bombing of civilians, attacks on churches, and displacement of large amounts of people, which have been coming out of the Nuba Mountains since early June. As I told Radio France [...]

#WithoutPrejudice: Riots, Human Rights Act and hacking

I had the honour of appearing on this week’s #WithoutPrejudice. The podcast also featured regulars CharonQC, David Allen Green and Carl Gardner, alongside guests former Lib-Dem MP Dr Evan Harris, David Wales, a criminal lawyer and blogger. Show More Summary

Analysis – Daily Mirror and The Sun in contempt over Jo Yeates murder case

Her Majesty’s Attorney-General Claimant – and – (1) MGN Limited Defendants (2) News Group Newspapers Limited - Read judgment The High Court has found that the Daily Mirror and The Sun were in breach of the  Contempt of Court Act 1981 (1981 Act) in relation to their reporting of the Jo Yeates murder case. The proceedings were in [...]

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