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The US Must Follow Through on Its Promises to Protect the Victims of Modern-Day Slavery

The State Department claims to be in full compliance with its anti-trafficking commitments. The reality is starkly different. Modern-day slavery exists within our borders, and victims come from some of the most marginalized communities in the United States and abroad. Show More Summary

North Carolina’s Step Backward for Democracy

As we wrap up trial, a look at the evidence of North Carolina’s voter suppression. Tomorrow we will present closing arguments in our three-week trial challenging North Carolina’s repressive voting laws. Over the past weeks, we heardShow More Summary

Islamic State Continues Barbarous Violence Against LGBT Community

While the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has become a violent and dangerous force in the Middle East, a new interview shared the personal toll ISIS is having on the LGBT community in occupied territories.

HRC Stands with Planned Parenthood

PPFA is the target of an intense, politically-motivated smear campaign--fueled by misinformation and potentially illegal tactics--and it’s being driven by an extremist group that seeks to not only attack our fundamental right to access quality health care, but undermines our basic dignity as Americans.

Warning: Another video of Planned Parenthood that’s may be too graphic to watch

Planned Parenthood employees dissect fetuses in a Colorado clinic in the latest undercover footage released by a medical ethics group opposed to abortion. “And another boy!” one tech says in the video after dissecting a tiny fetus in front of undercover actors posing as fetal tissue buyers for a fake biotech company. Show More Summary

Say Her Name

Let us remember that no woman is more likely to be murdered in America today than a Black woman. No woman is more likely to be raped than a Black woman. No woman is more likely to be beaten either by a stranger or by someone she loves...Show More Summary

President Obama Needs to Stop Repeating FDR’s Worst Mistake and End Family Detention Now

A federal judge blasts the administration’s inhumane family detention policy The Obama administration has repeatedly characterized its newly constructed family detention camps as “an effective and humane” way to keep families together,...Show More Summary

Nationwide Bar Exam Policies Force Breastfeeding Moms to Put Legal Careers on Hold. What Decade Are We Living In?

New “Report Card” Grades Each State Based On Policies for Accommodating Nursing Moms Taking the Bar Exam I was six months pregnant when I moved from California to Illinois last fall. I was already a licensed attorney in California, but I needed to take the Illinois bar exam in order to continue practicing law. Show More Summary

President Obama Takes Stand for LGBT Equality While in Africa

Last week, while on a trip to Africa, President Obama spoke about the importance of LGBT equality and rights worldwide.

Obama Administration Releases Revised National HIV and AIDS Strategy

HRC urges Congress to direct full resources towards the national strategy to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

We won’t see any more Planned Parenthood gotcha videos for a while

A temporary restraining order has been issued preventing an anti-abortion group from releasing any video of leaders of a California company that provides fetal tissue to researchers. The group is the same one that previously released three covertly shot videos of a Planned Parenthood leader discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research. Show More Summary

Symantec Joins Call for Federal LGBT Non-Discrimination Legislation

Today, Symantec Corporation announced its support for The Equality Act, comprehensive federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation.

Burundi’s Electoral Quagmire

Some see the recent political upheaval and violence in Burundi as just another sad reminder of the plight of Africa’s struggling democracies. The travails of this tiny country, however, pose a threat to U.S. legitimacy on the African continent.

Microsoft Supports The Equality Act

This morning, Microsoft announced its support for The Equality Act, a comprehensive federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation.

Alabama Welcomes the HRC Board to Birmingham

Last weekend, HRC's board members and staff from all over the county converged on Birmingham, Alabama for their summer board meeting.

Nigerian President’s Harmful Misunderstanding of U.S. Human Rights Restrictions

By Nate Smith Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari visited Washington, DC recently, soliciting U.S. support for his country’s struggle against the armed group known as Boko Haram. The struggle is a mighty one. As Amnesty International reported in April 2015, the armed Islamist movement in … Please continue reading.

Transgender Women Are in a Fight for Their Lives. We Must Join Them.

Nearly eight months into the year, at least 11 transgender women have been murdered. This has to stop. In February, we blogged about how seven transgender women had been murdered in the United States. Now, five months later, that number is up to 11. Show More Summary

White House to Release Updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The National HIV/AIDS Strategy was initially released in 2010 with the goals of reducing HIV incidence, increasing access to care, optimizing health outcomes and reducing HIV-related health disparities in the United States.

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