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Barclays bros duck out – leaving Supreme Court to sort out the constitutional problem

R (ota) Sir David Barclay and Sir Frederick Barclay v Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, The Committee for the Affairs of Jersey and Guernsey and Her Majesty’s Privy Council [2014] UKSC 54 - read judgment  The Supreme Court has just ruled on a case which appeared before the Administrative Court on the judicial […]

When Smart Gets Scary: Invasion of the Data Snatchers

Smartphones and smart refrigerators and smartwatches, oh my. I know, I know, it doesn't sound scary, but more and more, the things we own are being hooked up to the Internet and quietly collecting data on us, which is then packaged and...Show More Summary

Stop. Tweet. #StopTorture and Demand Reparations in Chicago.

October 24th is United Nations Day –meant to commemorate the passage of the Charter of the United Nations.  One of the principles of the UN Charter, enshrined in the preamble, is: “to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the … Please continue reading.

Will Elizabeth Warren Run? Her New Challenge to Hillary Clinton

This article is an updated version of "What Clinton Could Learn From Warren," in the Fall 2014 issue of The American Prospect magazine. S enator Elizabeth Warren stunned the political world this week with her comment in an interview with People magazine, which seemed to leave the door open for a presidential run in 2016. Show More Summary

From Ferguson to Hong Kong: Youth on the front lines

By Rafi Hoq, Amnesty International USA Student Activist Coordinator for Georgia This week, I’ve been reading the latest updates from student-led “umbrella movement” in Hong Kong with a deepened diligence, and continuing to follow the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Missouri with newfound … Please continue reading.

14 Facts about Torture in Mexico

For years Amnesty International has been investigating and recording evidence of torture in Mexico. The latest report, Out of Control: Torture and other ill-treatment in Mexico, is full of shocking facts about just how widespread and toxic the problem is. … Please continue reading.

Israel/Palestine Conflict: Why now is the time to change to a human rights approach

The same day Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, visited the Gaza Strip saying, “a restrictive occupation that has lasted almost half a century, the continued denial of Palestinian rights and the lack of tangible progress in peace negotiations” was the … Please continue reading.

Not a Laughing Matter: Famed Comedian Supports Call for Release of Iranian Physicist

Maz Jobrani, the popular Iranian-American comedian, usually makes people laugh. But now he has set mirth aside to send a serious message to the Iranian authorities: they should release noted physicist and prisoner of conscience Omid Kokabee, who is serving … Please continue reading.

End Saudi Arabia’s relentless crackdown on civil and political rights activists

By Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi, Amnesty International Saudi Arabia Country Specialist It didn’t have to happen this way in Saudi Arabia. Earlier this decade, Saudi human rights activists saw promise for change, saw their efforts paying off. Now they’re facing long prison … Please continue reading.

A Minister and a Rabbi Walk Into a Vegas Wedding Chapel...

There are currently 32 states and counting that have marriage equality. This is up from 12 states before we helped Edie Windsor strike down the Defense of Marriage Act in the Supreme Court last June. In the states where gay couples have...Show More Summary

WTF Friday, 10/24/2014

The following things happened this week: First lady Grace Mugabe indicated that she would like to succeed her husband Robert Mugabe, currently 3,713 years old and in his 846th year in office, as president. I feel like the Mugabes might’ve … Continue reading ?

#LetsTalk About Abortion

Research shows that nearly one in three women will have an abortion by the time she turns 45. Yet, far too often, we still think of abortion as a dirty word, not fit for polite company. It's long past time for that to change. And thankfully,...Show More Summary

Gaga and Bennett: Making a Great American Art Form Hip Again

  T ony Bennett has long been as much a jazz singer as a pop singer, though I readily acknowledge that the distinction between the two has always been fuzzy. This has been particularly true throughout the second coming of his career—his rise again to popular and critical acclaim over the past two decades. Show More Summary

We know College Feminists Care About Sexual Assault. But What About Abortion?

I n the past three years, more abortion restrictions have been enacted in the United States than in the entire previous decade. At the same time, 85 colleges and universities are now under federal investigation for their handling of sexual violence. Show More Summary

Edward Snowden: One-on-One in Moscow

This originally appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of STAND, the ACLU magazine. Edward Snowden stirs passions among many across the world. After all, in June of last year he provided classified materials to journalists working with The Guardian and The Washington Post detailing the extent of the U.S. Show More Summary

World Polio Day: Celebrating Big Achievements

Thanks to a 26-year effort to eradicate polio, at least 10 million children have been saved from disabilities.

Edward Snowden - Wired

Edward Snowden stirs passions among many across the world. After all, in June of last year he provided classified materials to journalists working with The Guardian and The Washington Post detailing the extent of the U.S. government's mass surveillance practices. As a result, he is now being pursued by the most powerful government in the world. Show More Summary

How to Talk to Your Kids About Ebola

Five suggestions for parents and educators to keep in mind when explaining Ebola to children.

Odds Are, You Are Suspicious

When you get off a train, do you get off ahead of passengers? Or do you get off behind passengers? When you're going on a trip, do you come off as nervous? Or are you an unusually calm traveler? How about if you make a phone call atShow More Summary

Why is the U.S. Deporting Families it Should be Protecting

This year, when a large number of families and children arrived in the United States seeking protection, the U.S. government's primary response has been to expand family detention and accelerate deportations. This Monday, the ACLU and...Show More Summary

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