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Even Fake Law Enforcement Agencies Can Get Weapons of War for ‘Policing’

The GAO was able to acquire $1.2 million in weapons from the Pentagon posing as a fake law enforcement agency. It appears all law enforcement — even a “ fictitious federal agency ” — can get federally supplied weapons of war, with quite...Show More Summary

The Need to Protect and Expand LGBTQ Health Services

A new study published this month that looks at the origins, evolution and landscape of LGBTQ community health centers finds that while these health centers have historically been a major provider of various health services to LGBTQ people, there are significant gaps in the types of services offered and the geographical reach of these centers. Show More Summary

President Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Is an Affront to the Core Tenets of the US Military

I’m a former Army captain, and the only thing I care about in a war zone is the competence of the person next to me. This morning, on the 69th anniversary of President Harry Truman desegregating the military, President Donald Trump announced...Show More Summary

HRC on the Ground in Austin to Hold Texas Senators Accountable

Submitted by HRC Texas Field Organizer Erika Galindo Tuesday’s vote by the Texas Senate to advance anti-LGBTQ SB3 was no surprise to me. It aligned with the pattern we’ve seen this past legislative session as extreme legislators advance anti-transgender legislation without listening to the voices of Texans. Show More Summary

Jeff Sessions Thinks It Should Be Legal to Fire You for Being LGBT

If you thought Attorney General Sessions couldn’t be anymore anti-LGBT, last night he doubled down. In the latest and most significant anti-LGBT action yet from the Trump administration, the Justice Department last night filed a brief with the U.S. Show More Summary

#AM_Equality Tipsheet: July 27, 2017

TRUMP LAUNCHES ALL OUT ASSAULT ON SERVICE MEMBERS; HRC AND ADVOCATES FIGHT BACK -- #ProtectTransTroops: President Donald Trump has made the dangeorus and unpatriotic move to reinstate a ban on qualified transgender people serving in the military. Show More Summary

HRC to Host LGBTQ Competency Webinar for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Post submitted by Darryn Green, child welfare consultant and expert training for HRC’s All Children - All Families program HRC’s All Children - All Families (ACAF) project recently launched a new webinar series for the adoption and foster...Show More Summary

BREAKING: Trump-Pence Administration Asserts Civil Rights Laws Won’t Apply to LGBTQ People

Today, HRC issued the following statement in response to an amicus brief filed by the Department of Justice arguing that Title VII does not protect lesbian, gay, or bisexual people on the basis of sex: “Attacks against the LGBTQ community...Show More Summary

Safety, not Surveillance

Safety, not Surveillance Norma | July 25, 2017 As a kid, I learned in school that the police existed to keep people and communities safe from harm and “bad people.” The term “bad people” was always connected to the choices and actions people in our community made. Therefore I grew up with the impression that if I behaved... Read more

How the Israel Anti-Boycott Act Threatens First Amendment Rights

There’s a lot of confusion about a new bill targeting Israel boycotts. Here’s what it actually does. Last week, the ACLU came out against a bill that would criminalize constitutionally protected boycotts and certain speech targeting Israel. Show More Summary

Tremendous Bipartisan Outrage Over Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

President Trump's move to reinstate a ban on qualified transgender people serving in the military is dangerous and unpatriotic. Members of Congress across party lines are taking a stand to remind Trump of this -- and pledging to fight back in all the ways they can. [View the story "Tremendous Bipartisan Outrage Over Trump’s Transgender Military Ban" on Storify]

Eric Fanning #HRCTwitterTakeover on Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

[View the story "Eric Fanning's #HRCTwitterTakeover on Trump Military Policy" on Storify]

Kris Kobach, the Man Charged With Enhancing Americans’ Confidence in Elections, Says That We May Never Know Who Won The Election

Kobach's strategy of stoking fears of voter fraud, without evidence, is nothing new for this vote suppressor. Roughly half of voters who said they voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election believe that he won the popular vote, according to a new poll from POLITICO/Morning Consult. Show More Summary

#AM_Equality Tipsheet: July 26, 2017

BREAKING -- TRUMP LAUNCHES ALL OUT ASSAULT ON SERVICE MEMBERS: Today, HRC blasted President Donald Trump’s dangerous and unpatriotic move to reinstate a ban on qualified transgender people serving in the military. His reprehensible action...Show More Summary

ALERT: Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Today, the Trump-Pence Administration launched an all-out public assault on our community -- announcing that the United States will no longer allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the military. We must stand up, mobilize and fight back immediately. Show More Summary

With Three Tweets President Trump Cruelly Threatens Trans Service Members With Rank Discrimination

Contrary to Trump’s assertions, the military has said that transgender troops promote readiness at no cost or disruption. In a series of tweets this morning, President Donald Trump unexpectedly announced a cruel and dangerous reversal in policy on transgender individuals serving in the military. Show More Summary

BREAKING: Trump Launches All Out Assault on Service Members

Today, HRC blasted President Donald Trump’s dangerous and unpatriotic move to reinstate a ban on qualified transgender people serving in the military. His reprehensible action could result in the discharge of more than 15,000 transgender...Show More Summary

Wyoming’s Boot Camp Program for Young, First-Time Offenders Openly Discriminates Against Women in Favor of Men

A judge recommended Taylor Blanchard for a 6-month boot camp. But since the program is for men only, she must go to prison. Last week, the ACLU filed a lawsuit in federal court in Wyoming on behalf of 23-year-old Taylor Blanchard. Ms. Show More Summary

BREAKING: Texas Senate Advances Anti-LGBTQ SB3

Today, HRC strongly condemned some radical members of the Texas Senate for advancing the patently anti-LGBTQ SB3, introduced by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst with support from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. This egregious measure is part of a discriminatory agenda being pushed by Patrick and Gov. Show More Summary

Tomorrow Ohio Plans to Restart Executions with Drugs Known to Torture

Ohio’s death penalty has failed on all accounts. We must not bring it back. After a three-and-a-half year moratorium, Ohio is poised to start executions again with the killing of Ronald Phillips by lethal injection on July 26. It will...Show More Summary

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