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New Study Shows Importance of Updating Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance

A new study found that an updated human rights ordinance in the city of Jacksonville would have a positive impact on the city.

Churches Are Burning

Just two weeks after a white supremacist murdered nine African Americans in their church in Charleston, South Carolina, there have been six Black church burnings across the U.S. South.

Following SCOTUS Ruling, Michigan Continues Debate on Discriminatory Religious Freedom Bill

Following the Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality decision last week, the Michigan Senate will likely bring a discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to the floor.

Salami-slicing in the South China Sea

Just when the memories of anti-Chinese protests and rioting have started to fade among the Vietnamese, the Chinese are stoking the fires again with another salami-slicing maneuver.

Freedom Massachusetts Hits the Ground Running During National LGBT Pride Month

Things are heating up in the Bay State with the formal launch of Freedom Massachusetts last week.

The Supreme Court Strikes a Blow Against Partisan Gerrymandering

On Monday the United States Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision in  Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, which preserved a vital weapon against partisan gerrymandering, a practice which artificially...Show More Summary

Are Justices Breyer and Ginsberg Ready to Call It Quits on the Death Penalty?

On Monday the Supreme Court issued their decision in Glossip v. Gross, voting 5-4 to allow Oklahoma to continue to use midazolam in their lethal injection procedure. The Court ruled that the petitioners failed to provide an alternative method, and … Please continue reading.

Freedom for Our Families

Last Tuesday night, around 300 people gathered at St. Columba Community Catholic Church to hold elected officials accountable for how they are spending county public safety funds, and ensure that jobs, not jails are the priority. “Freedom...Show More Summary

Syriza’s Moment

Greece's far-left may have reached its day of reckoning far faster than anticipated.

Girls Scouts Reaffirm Commitment to Transgender Inclusion

Yesterday, the Seattle Met reported that the Girl Scouts of Western Washington returned a $100,000 donation after the donor requested that the money not be spent on transgender youth.

As US Celebrates, Riot Police Disperse Istanbul’s Pride Parade

Over the weekend, while Americans celebrated a victorious ruling at the Supreme Court, riot police disbanded a pride parade in Istanbul, Turkey.

1 Year After Hobby Lobby, 5 Ways Religion Has Been Used to Discriminate

A year ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby didn’t have to include birth control in its employees’ health insurance because of religious objections. Employees from Hobby Lobby and other corporations left without coverage...Show More Summary

myMADRE Link Roundup: Boundless Bravery

What we’ve written, read, listened to, remembered, watched and been inspired by this month. [View the story “myMADRE Link Roundup: Boundless Bravery” on Storify]

#LoveWins: Country Celebrates Marriage Equality Milestone

Following the Supreme Court’s historic ruling in support of marriage equality on Friday, celebrations broke out across the country.

Victory for Transgender Health Care in Nevada

Yesterday, Nevada’s state insurance commissioner issued a bulletin banning transgender discrimination in healthcare and insurance.

Gay? Have a Disability? Can’t Provide Evidence of Salvation? Colorado Voucher Schools Discriminated on Religious Grounds. State Supreme Court Says Not on the Government’s Dime.

So-called “school choice” advocates claim that vouchers provide needed educational options for all students. But a pilot program offered by the Douglas County School District in Colorado shows that private school vouchers not only violate...Show More Summary

From Brenda Howard to J. Christopher Neal: Bisexual Leaders and Pride

Brenda Howard, the “mother of gay pride”––who is credited for organizing the 1970 Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day Parade on the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots––was bisexual.

My First Week of Freedom After 10 Years in a Nigerian Jail

By Moses Akatugba, Nigeria When I called my mother from prison to tell her I’d been pardoned after 10 years in jail, she fainted. I was told they had to pour water on her to revive her. Later, when she … Please continue reading.

Maritime and Cyber Security Lessons From Before World War I

Is the U.S. accidentally preparing for World War I again? In this two-part series, leading thinkers from a prior era of globalization instruct us on maritime and cyber security today.

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