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Tim Gill and Scott Miller: Philanthropic Powerhouses Plan New Equality Effort

Bloomberg Businessweek features Tim and his husband and philanthropic partner, Scott Miller, in a piece centered on Gill and Miller’s legacy of philanthropy on behalf of the LGBT community.

HRC Launches Paid Media Campaign Telling 12 States: “Don’t Repeat the Mistakes of Indiana”

The ad campaign urges governors in 12 states to reject bills that would put LGBT people at risk for discrimination like the religious refusal bill passed earlier this year in Indiana.

Op-Ed: We Must Stop the Legislative War on Transgender People

In an op-ed published this morning in The Advocate, HRC President Chad Griffin and Founding Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality Mara Keisling spoke out against the recent increase in anti-transgender legislation.

Social Security and Medicare Parity Act Reintroduced

The Social Security and Medicare Parity Act would require the Social Security Administration to treat all married same-sex couples fairly.

Family of American killed in drone attack launches attack of its own

They are disappointed. And they find the U.S. policy inconsistent. That’s what the family of Warren Weinstein says about the United States’ inability to get him out of the hands of al Qaeda rebels and the subsequent killing of him by a U.S. drone attack designed to wipe out terrorists.

Who acknowledges the Armenian genocide and who doesn’t

There’s been a lot of talk this week, leading up to today’s commemoration of the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians at the hand of the Turks 100 years ago, over who will acknowledge it as a genocide (resulting in howls of protests and threats of poor relations from Ankara) and who refuse.  Here’s a breakdown. 

Sorties continue as Yemen death toll tops 1,000

The Saudis said they were through flying missions against rebels in Yemen but they continue targeted bombing attacks and now, we are told, more than 1,000 people have died in the conflict.

Speculation and Support: A Note on Transitioning

While visibility for transgender people seems to be at all an all-time high, so too does speculation about who is or isn’t transitioning.

HRC Takes a Red Pen to Gov. Jindal’s Discriminatory Op-Ed

Yesterday, HRC decided to take out our red pen and make some minor edits to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s op-ed in The New York Times about his avid stance against marriage equality and support for discriminatory religious freedom laws.

HRC Imagines: What Gift Would Marco Rubio Bring to a Same-Sex Wedding?

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio recently said that despite his long history opposing marriage equality, he would consider attending a same-sex wedding.

Infographic: Vaccines Work

Vaccines are one of the cheapest ways to save lives—so why aren't more children getting immunized?

Advocates Worry Malawi Law Could Open Door to LGBT Discrimination

Advocates are concerned aspects of Malawi’s Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Law that will allow for discrimination against LGBTI individuals.

Anti-LGBT Bill in North Carolina Pronounced “Dead” for Session

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R) announced today that the discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act (H.B. 348) would not pass the House this session.

Op-Ed: It’s Time for All LGBT People to Care About Police Brutality

In an op-ed today in The Advocate, HRC Youth and Campus Engagement Manager Samantha Master addressed the intersectionality of racial justice and LGBT equality.

Madam Secretary Features HRC Global

This Sunday, HRC Global will be featured on the hit CBS series “Madam Secretary.”

Texas Lawmakers Ignore Warnings, Push Forward With Dangerous & Extreme Anti-LGBT Legislation

Major corporations, technology leaders, and child advocacy organizations urge Texas lawmakers to stop the attacks with dangerous consequences on LGBT Texans and their families

Loretta Lynch Confirmed by U.S. Senate as Attorney General

Historic confirmation makes the Brooklyn federal prosecutor the first black woman to serve as Attorney General of the United States

Another Loss for NOM: Marriage Equality is Still the Law of the Land in Oregon

On Monday, the Supreme Court denied the latest legal attempt by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to overturn a federal judge’s ruling allowing marriage equality in Oregon.

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