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The Worst Phone Call of My Career: I’m Sorry Clinics, You Have to Close

I had to make a phone call today that I have been dreading my entire career. I had to call amazing abortion clinics to tell them that they must to close their doors after serving Texas women for more than 30 years. An appeals court just...Show More Summary

Obama Tells Arizona: Let Dreamers Drive

This week, the United States sent a clear message to the state of Arizona: Let the Dreamers drive. In a friend-of-the-court brief filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the United States urged the Court to affirm its...Show More Summary

Victory Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Jails, Where Too Many Have Suffered, Died, from Neglect

It took a nurse observing a man “eating chunks [taken out of his cell wall]” before he was moved out of solitary confinement. This happened in Maricopa County Jail, run by the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Such incidents are not rare. The...Show More Summary

Why President Obama Can't Get Any Love From the Public On the Economy

One common axiom about presidential popularity is that presidents get more credit than they deserve for the good times and more blame than they deserve for the bad times. But Barack Obama is probably wondering why he can't get any credit at all. Show More Summary

Facebook Apologizes for Real Name Policy’s Impact, But No Real Changes Yet

Wednesday the ACLU, along with a coalition of partner organizations, went to Facebook to urge it to fix a flawed policy that requires users to speak in a voice other than the one they prefer. Facebook’s current “real name” policy requires...Show More Summary

Incoherent, incomplete and disrespectful: The Conservative plans for human rights – Angela Patrick

“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. … Without concerned citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world.” Eleanor Roosevelt […]

Lives of Texas Women Endangered By Blood Sport Played For Political Power

I n Texas politics, abortion is front and center once again—and so is the role of so-called “free enterprise” groups in the quest for government control of women’s lives. Yesterday, there were 21 abortion clinics available to the women of Texas, the second-largest state in the nation. Show More Summary


A weekly roundup of UNICEF issues in the news. (October 3, 2014)

Apocalypse soon: The Conservatives reveal their real plans for human rights

It turns out that the Prime Minister missed out the really important bits about the Tory plans for human rights reform from his Conference speech. My cautious optimism in my post was entirely misplaced too.  We will be covering the announcements in detail in the coming days, but in the meantime, the full proposals, named, with major chutzpah, Protecting Human […]

Will devolution scupper Conservative plans for a British Bill of Rights?”

In his speech yesterday at the Conservative Party conference, the Prime Minister confirmed that the party’s 2015 election manifesto will include a commitment to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA) and replace it with a “British Bill of Rights”. Last night, however, The Scotsman newspaper quoted a Scotland Office spokesman as saying that the change […]

The Broken No-Fly List Process Needs Fixing

The procedure for challenging bans on air travel was deemed unconstitutional three months ago by a federal judge – but it's still in place. Although the government has committed, in a lawsuit brought by the ACLU, to revamping the process for challenging inclusion on the No-Fly List, critical questions remain unanswered. Show More Summary

As Former Commander Leaves Prison, Justice Still Eludes Those Tortured by Chicago Police

Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge is scheduled to be released from prison today after his 2010 conviction for lying about the torture of suspects in police custody. He will be released to a halfway house to serve the rest of his … Please continue reading.

Council’s decision to close elderly care home not unlawful

Karia, R (on the application of) v Leicester City Council (Sir Stephen Silber, acting as High Court Judge)  [2014] EWHC 3105 (Admin) (30 September 2014)- read judgment In a robust judgment Sir Stephen Silber has asserted that neither the ordinary laws of judicial review, nor the Equality Act nor the Human Rights Act require the […]

New Alabama Law Puts Teens Who Need Abortions on Trial. That's Dangerous and Cruel.

Picture this: You are 17 years old, in your senior year of high school, and you've just learned you're pregnant. You'd like to be able to turn to your parents for support but you know you can't. After all, they kicked your older sister out of the house when she got pregnant. Show More Summary

Oklahoma's Response to Botched Execution: Hide the Next One from the Public

It's a dark day for Oklahoma. That metaphor is particularly apt this week, as the Sooner State just redoubled its commitment to keeping capital punishment in the shadows by hiding its lethal injection process from public view and oversight. Five...Show More Summary

Road Hazard: Millions of Autos On U.S. Highways Recalled But Not Repaired

This article appears in the Fall 2014 issue of The American Prospect magazine. O n May 30, Angela Davidson, her husband Clarence, and their twelve-year-old daughter Kira drove a 2010 Dodge Ram down Highway 15 in California, when they heard a loud knock, followed by a popping sound. Show More Summary

Listen Up, Ladies: Republicans Understand You

Political ads, as a rule, are terrible in every way. Lacking in anything approaching subtlety, creativity or production values, they usually achieve their impact through numbing repetition—you may be skeptical upon hearing that "Candidate Smith doesn't share our values," but once you've heard it 50 or 60 times, the theory goes, it should sink in. Show More Summary

Securing Our Data Should Come First

This post was first published as part of the New York Times Room for Debate feature "Apple vs. the Law," which asked: How much should tech companies cooperate with the government on data access? Apple's new encryption policy is a victory for privacy, security and free speech. Show More Summary

Up to 20% of Border Patrol Drone Flights Are Inside the United States

The GAO released a report Tuesday on Customs and Border Patrol’s use of Predator drones in which it revealed that up to 20 percent of the CBP’s drone flight hours were spent in airspace inside “border and coastal areas." Drone technology is new and the subject of an ongoing nationwide debate over its appropriate uses and privacy implications. Show More Summary

Scholars Evaluate the Cost of Locking Up Immigrants For Months and Years on End. The Results Are as Bad as You'd Expect.

In 2012, the government put a record-breaking 478,000 people behind bars while seeking to deport them from the United States. Many of them are seeking refuge from persecution; others are long-time lawful permanent residents with U.S....Show More Summary

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