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Another Day, Another Victory: Courts Are Weighing Religious Claims to Discriminate and Finding Them Wanting

Two courts in two days have reaffirmed that religious beliefs can’t justify LGBT discrimination. In just the past 24 hours, two courts reaffirmed that religious beliefs can’t justify discrimination against lesbians and gay men. In the...Show More Summary

The European Court of Human Rights Uncovered

I am are delighted to announce the launch of RightsInfo’s new infographic project:  The European Court of Human Rights Uncovered: What it does, who it protects, why it matters If you care about spreading accurate information on human rights, then please share the infographic and individual cards as widely as possible. Show More Summary

Chris Christie to Transgender Community: You’re “Beyond the Pale”

HRC released a statement after media reports that Chris Christie “laughed on Thursday about his recent veto of legislation that would have streamlined the process in his state for transgender people to change the gender marker on their birth certificates.”

Pro-Transgender Laws Enacted in Puerto Rico

Governor Alejandro García Padilla signed two pro-LGBT executive orders in Puerto Rico on Monday.

Take Action: It’s Time to Overturn Mississippi’s Ban on Same-Sex Couples

HRC is calling on Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood to refuse to defend the discriminatory law by reminding him that no other state in the country currently enforces a ban that expressly bars same-sex couples from adopting.

Four Ways To Make a Classroom Gender-Inclusive

HRC’s Welcoming Schools has compiled a list of tips to help start the school year. It’s easy to create a classroom where students aren’t limited based on gender stereotypes and where all students can reach their full potential.

How can you achieve an attractive figure?

Every girl strongly desires to have a sexy and attractive figure that lasts for life, or at least the younger years. A fat figure can truly be a frustrating issue that can be faced by many young ladies. One may not be able to join in with their companions freely. Another issue that comes up

Protecting Democracy in an Era of Voter Suppression

Lessons from an ACLU lawyer fighting North Carolina’s attacks on voting. This piece was originally posted on ACSblog. Just days before the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, we completed a three-week trial challenging North Carolina’s sweeping anti-voter law.  In 2013, soon after the U.S. Show More Summary

The Government's 'Predictive Judgments' Land Innocent Travelers on the No Fly List Without Meaningful Redress

The U.S. government is using Minority-Report-like methods to ground flyers who have never been charged with a crime. This piece originally appeared at Slate. In the movie Minority Report, Hollywood depicts a future Washington, D.C.,Show More Summary

Anti-Equality Group to Rally in Houston Against HERO

An anti-LGBT group is holding a rally against LGBT equality tonight in Houston.

Why is Russia destroying food and what is being proposed to stop the practice?

Russia has sanctions in place against the United States and the European Union. But that’s supposed to hurt the EU nations and the U.S. Not Russia. But, unfortunately for the Kremlin, it’s not only hurting Russia’s poor – but – worse yet – the word has gotten out and the people know about it. Show More Summary

No Thanks, Obama and McCain. Continuing Indefinite Detention Isn’t Closing Guantánamo.

If the government can't put together a case against a person detained for 13 years, that person no longer belongs in prison. A bad idea doesn’t somehow become a good idea just because five years have gone by.  But the Obama White House and Sen. Show More Summary

Judge Says New Hampshire’s Ban on ‘Ballot Selfies’ Violates the First Amendment and ‘Common Sense’

The state banned photos of how someone voted. A federal court ruled the law unconstitutional. Andrew Langlois lives in Berlin, a small city in northern New Hampshire with a population of 10,000. During the September 2014 primary election, Andrew, who was frustrated with the Republican candidates for U.S. Show More Summary

Supreme Court of Mexico Rules State’s Ban on Same-Sex Adoption Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled on Tuesday that a 2013 law passed in the state of Campeche that forbids same-sex couples in civil unions from adopting is unconstitutional.

Mississippi Adoption Ban Challenged in Court

While Mississippi issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples, it still bans same-sex couples from adopting.

Shade Schuler is the 13th Transgender Woman Killed in 2015

Transgender women of color are facing an epidemic of violence. Just days after we learned of the killing of Amber Monroe in Detroit, another transgender woman of color was shot yesterday in the same city.

President Obama to Congress: Restore the Voting Rights Act

The historic civil rights law has helped ensure that minority voters across the country are able to participate equally in the electoral process by prohibiting discriminatory voting practices and removing barriers to voting.

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