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Salesforce Could Reduce Investment in Indiana Due to Anti-LGBT Religious Discrimination Bill

As lawmakers in Arkansas and Georgia consider religious refusal bills, major company announces plans to decrease investment in Indiana based on passage of law there.

Kansas Bill Undermining “All-Comers” Policy Advances to House

A bill in Kansas that would require public colleges to provide public funding to student groups that practice discrimination has advanced to the House.

Supreme Court Delivers Fairness to Pregnant Workers in UPS Case

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued an important ruling for pregnant workers in the case of Peggy Young, a UPS delivery driver who was forced on to unpaid leave after she became pregnant and was advised by her doctor not to lift more...Show More Summary

HRC Hails Attorney General Harris’ Efforts to Stop ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’ from Advancing

Harris announced that she was seeking judicial authorization to not issue a title and summary for the so-called "Sodomite Suppression Act."

Maryland Birth Certificate Legislation Removes Roadblocks for Transgender People

HRC praised the passage of important legislation in Maryland yesterday - SB 743/HB 862 - removing roadblocks for transgender people.

Five Ways to Keep Your Data Safe Right Now

This post was first published on There seems to be a new data breach in the news every week – a major company hacked, millions of usernames, passwords or credit card numbers stolen. There isn’t much that you, as an individual, can do to stop hackers from stealing the data you entrust to companies. Show More Summary

LGBT U.S. Ambassadors Hold Event at the Newseum

It was an emotional night at the Newseum on March 24, when HRC, GLIFAA and the Harvey Milk Foundation (HMF) brought together the six currently serving, openly LGBT U.S. ambassadors.

Hate Group Tries to Persuade Supreme Court in New Ad

In another desperate attempt in their fight against marriage equality, the anti-LGBT American Family Association published an ad in yesterday’s Washington Post with a direct message to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Veterans Spouses Equal Treatment Act Reintroduced in Congress

The benefits legally married LGBT veterans receive should be the same no matter which state they live in.

Georgia Legislators to Take Up Anti-LGBT Bill Again Today

Yesterday Georgia’s House Judiciary Subcommittee held a hearing on SB 129, an anti-LGBT bill that would empower people to use their religion to pick and choose which laws they want to follow.

Jacksonville Election Day Results

Jacksonville is Florida's largest city that does not have a human rights ordinance (HRO) inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity and HRC is working hard to change that.

Arkansas on the Brink: Senate Poised to Pass Broad and Dangerous RFRA

As LGBT, minority, and business communities watch in horror, legislature advances second anti-competitive, anti-LGBT, anti-Arkansas bill this session.

How to sue in respect of abusive comments on the Internet

The Bussey Law Firm PC & Anor v Page [2015] EWHC 563 (QB) – read judgment The facts of this case are simple. A defamatory comment was posted on the claimant’s Google maps directional page, implying that he was a “loser” as a lawyer and that his firm lost “80%” of cases brought to them. […]

Watch: “Love Has No Labels” Releases New Video Following Viral Hit

The “Love Has No Labels” campaign, which works to celebrate diversity, inclusion and acceptance, released a new video today.

HRC Arkansas Engages with Local Transgender Community

As part of HRC Arkansas, Andrea Zekis is proud to not only to be a part of the transgender community, but to get to know and work with her peers to help push for trans equality in her home state.

Arkansas Committee Advances Sweeping Anti-LGBT Legislation

HB 1228 would allow individuals to sue government actors—including teachers, firefighters and police officers—if that individual believed that their personal religious beliefs were being violated.

Jacksonville City Council Elections - Polls Closed

After a week on-the-ground mobilizing the LGBT vote and HRC members to vote in City Council elections, it's 7:00pm and the polls have just closed.

Senator Inhofe Throws Red Meat At Anti-LGBT Base Attacking Marriage Equality

Today HRC condemned an amendment introduced in the Senate as a last ditch effort to undermine marriage equality.

Vote Affirms Rights of All United Nations Employees

An attempt by Russia to deny benefits to same-sex partners of United Nations (UN) staff has been pushed back in an overwhelming vote affirming the right of the UN to set its own internal policies.

Anti-LGBT Bills Introduced in 28 States

The wave of anti-LGBT bills filed across the country continues to swell. As of today, lawmakers have introduced more than 85 anti-LGBT bills in 28 state legislatures.

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