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EPA to give two more years for CPP compliance?

The rumors circulating around the web appear to indicate that the EPA will release the final version of its Clean Power Plan by August 3rd, 2015. Further information leaked by the New York Times and EnergyWire indicates the updated plan … Continue reading ?

Warning: Another video of Planned Parenthood that’s may be too graphic to watch

Planned Parenthood employees dissect fetuses in a Colorado clinic in the latest undercover footage released by a medical ethics group opposed to abortion. “And another boy!” one tech says in the video after dissecting a tiny fetus in front of undercover actors posing as fetal tissue buyers for a fake biotech company. Show More Summary

Northern California wildfire forces hundreds to flee

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Flames raged unchecked for a second day through tinder-dry brush and scrub oak in Northern California's ranch country on Thursday after destroying three homes and forcing hundreds of residents to flee, as firefighters sought to benefit from subsiding winds, officials said.

When is a jackal not a jackal? When it's really a 'golden wolf'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - They look alike, act alike and long have been considered to be the same species. But, in the case of the golden jackals found across parts of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, it turns out that appearances can be deceiving.

Californians exceeded mandatory water conservation target in June

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Californians reduced their water use by more than 27 percent in June, exceeding the amount ordered by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown in the state's first-ever mandatory conservation rules amid an ongoing catastrophic drought, authorities said.

White House says will review 'Cecil the Lion' petition

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said on Thursday that it will review the public petition to extradite the American dentist who allegedly killed "Cecil," a Zimbabwean lion.

U.N. tackles illicit wildlife poaching amid Cecil the lion uproar

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday called on all countries to step up their efforts to tackle illicit poaching and trafficking in wildlife amid global uproar over the unlawful killing of "Cecil" the lion in Zimbabwe.

Drought-hit forests store less carbon dioxide than thought: researchers

ROME (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The world's forests are taking longer than expected to recover from increasingly frequent droughts, meaning their ability to store climate-changing carbon dioxide is smaller than previously thought, Utah University researchers said on Thursday.

Say Her Name

Let us remember that no woman is more likely to be murdered in America today than a Black woman. No woman is more likely to be raped than a Black woman. No woman is more likely to be beaten either by a stranger or by someone she loves...Show More Summary

Rio Olympics already tainted with poo

An AP investigation reveals there's something in the water in Rio, and it's shit.

Don’t look now, but there’s an orgy in your garden

A recent study proposes that the Anthropocene epoch has actually brought about a kind of sexual revolution among plants.

Poll: Californians are more worried about climate change because drought

As the state's water shortage deepens, its residents get more serious about responding to climate change.

Terrifying map shows depths of hell that is western U.S.

A tool from Climate Central lets you see whether your backyard is currently engulfed in flames.

Portland activists force Shell to turn around

Protesters hanging from the St. Johns Bridge stall plans for Arctic drilling.

Avian flu is hammering hens — should poultry farmers get a bailout?

Egg farmers are asking for help to recover from a disease outbreak. Would a bailout fix the problem or make it worse?

A Social Media Gut-Check Challenge

Often when we hear great advice about changing behavior for the better, our brains respond in a funny way. A voice in our head says, “that’s a great point. I can think of all sorts of other people that should change in this way!” It’s often hard to look at ourselves and see the ways we can change.

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker Amarie: "What is your favorite music/background noise to work to? And it can be any kind of work you do: writing, exercising, painting..."I hardly ever listen to music while I work, because I prefer to write in silence. Show More Summary

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! THE CUTE!

Below: A video of a baby elephant playing with birds. I repeat: A BABY ELEPHANT PLAYING WITH BIRDS. Video Description: A baby elephant stands in the middle of a paved road, with wild grass and trees on either side. A bunch of small birds (possibly sparrows?) fly around the elephant, teasing her. Show More Summary

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