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Mexico hit by second huge quake caused by same tectonic strain

The country has been struck by its second big earthquake in less than two weeks, causing dozens of buildings to collapse

#AM_Equality Tipsheet: September 20, 2017

BIRMINGHAM, ALA., FAST-TRACKS PRO-LGBTQ CITY ORDINANCES: The City Council recently passed a resolution setting a public hearing for Tuesday, September 26, on two pro-LGBTQ ordinances -- a city contractor non-discrimination ordinance, and an ordinance protecting citizens from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation. Show More Summary

Uncle Arrested for Raping and Impregnating 10-Year-Old Girl, Whose 32-Week-Old Baby Was Aborted

Police in India arrested another relative of a 10-year-old girl this week after new evidence indicates he allegedly raped and impregnated the girl. The young girl from Chandigarh, Punjab allegedly was raped by her uncle and became pregnant earlier this year. When her parents discovered that she was pregnant about six months into her pregnancy, […]

Imagining a world without species

(Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) Categorizing species can get hazy at small, microbial scales. After all, the classical definition of species as interbreeding individuals with sexually viable offspring doesn't apply to asexual organisms. Show More Summary

Gravity waves influence weather and climate

(Goethe University Frankfurt) Gravity waves form in the atmosphere as a result of destabilizing processes. The effects of gravity waves can only be taken into consideration by including additional special components in the models. The...Show More Summary

Denmark launches global alliance for action on climate change

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A U.S.-based global alliance to speed up efforts to tackle climate change, whose participants inaugural host country Denmark said represented more than a quarter of the world economy, will be launched on Wednesday.

It's a boy! Belgian zoo delighted at Asian elephant's birth

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A healthy male Asian elephant was born at a Belgian zoo on Tuesday in what keepers say is welcome news for their breeding program after the death of a calf last year.

Dogs Cut Open—Your Gift DOUBLES to Help Them

No animal should suffer this way, but it’s happening in laboratories right now. Make a gift today and help expose and stop this cruelty. The post Dogs Cut Open—Your Gift DOUBLES to Help Them appeared first on PETA.

Image: Proba-V images Salar de Uyuni

Proba-V captures Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt plain – its 10 500 sq km make it larger than some countries.

Senate GOP Wants Healthcare Vote in One Week

Caitlin Owens at Axios reports that "Senate leadership is aiming to start voting on the Cassidy-Graham health care plan next Wednesday.""I think so. I think that's the likely thing," Sen. Roy Blunt, a member of leadership, told me.Leadership...Show More Summary

The Government Made It Easier for Companies to Pay Women Unfairly—But These Google Employees Are Pushing Back

What the Google lawsuit highlights is that equal pay isn't as easy as just comparing male employees in the same job to female employees with the exact same experience in the exact same job. The post The Government Made It Easier for Companies to Pay Women Unfairly—But These Google Employees Are Pushing Back appeared first on Rewire.

Safe CO2 storage test aids top research project

A new method that inexpensively monitors the safe storage of industrial greenhouse gas emissions is to be used by a leading research project.

Climate change lessons from Arabian Gulf coral reefs

Somewhere on Lake Erie, leaning over the rail of a research vessel in a November snowstorm and trying not to be sick, John Burt decided he'd rather work in warmer waters.

Energy analyst proposes injecting carbon dioxide into deep sea ravines for permanent storage

(—New Zealand energy analyst Steve Goldthorpe has published a paper in the journal Energy Procedia suggesting that carbon dioxide pulled from the atmosphere (or scrubbed from coal plant smoke stacks) could be stored permanently in deep ocean trenches. Show More Summary

‘Because of Grácia star shares powerful pro-life message with his fans

At the young age of 25, “Because of Grácia” star Christopher Massoglia knows that life is precious and that choosing life is the only option. In a video entitled “My Pro-Life Heart,” Massoglia takes a few minutes to share his view on the value of life. Show More Summary

Utilities: Solar Trade Protections Do More Harm Than Good

Over the past several years, utilities and public power producers have increasingly diversified their portfolios for a variety of strategic reasons in a dynamic that echoes the U.S. government’s own “All of the Above” energy strategy. Show More Summary

Cell phone data coupled with sewage testing show drug use patterns

The drugs people inhale, inject or ingest ultimately end up in some form down the toilet. So scientists have started monitoring drug use through sewage-based epidemiology. But this approach hasn't taken into account the variation in number of people who add to wastewater in a given area at a given time. Show More Summary

Researchers take on atmospheric effects of Arctic snowmelt

Researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Geophysical Institute are exploring the changing chemistry of the Arctic's atmosphere to help answer the question of what happens as snow and ice begin to melt.

Gravity waves influence weather and climate

Gravity waves form in the atmosphere as a result of destabilizing processes, for example at weather fronts, during storms or when air masses stroke over mountain ranges. They can occasionally be seen in the sky as bands of cloud. For weather forecast and climate models, however, they are mostly "invisible" due to their short wavelength. Show More Summary

Video: Preserving life on a sand bar

Fighting coastal erosion is one of many sustainability efforts conducted by University of Virginia researchers with the Virginia Coast Reserve Long Term Ecological Research program on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

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