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People with disabilities take center stage at major pro-life rally in Dublin

Garda estimates put the number of the crowd between 25,000 - 30,000. It shows the Irish people are proud to be pro-life!

Serena Williams beats Venus, but little else is revealed at Wimbledon

When Venus and Serena Williams played on Centre Court at Wimbledon on Monday, the match fell way short of the buildup.

Hit by drought and seawater, Bangkok tap water may run out in a month

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Bangkok's tap water supply may run out in a month, as the country waits for long overdue rains to replenish sources depleted by drought and threatened by seawater creep, the chief of the capital's water authority said.

Study urges 10 climate actions to curb warming, lift GDP

OSLO (Reuters) - More efficient energy use and investments in greener cities are among 10 measures that can help the world to slow global warming while also spurring economic growth, an international report said on Tuesday.

Beer Brawl Ensues Over Threat to Shut Down Colorado Coal Mine

Bars, liquor stores and restaurants in the small northwest coal mining town of Craig, Colorado have started boycotting craft beers made by Colorado microbreweries that have donated even tiny amounts of cash or in-kind gifts to environmental and sustainability causes. Click here for reuse options! Tags: coal mining Colorado fracking

Blocking the Bomb Trains: Nationwide Protests On Lac-Megantic Anniversary

“ It’s corporate greed versus the common good, whether it’s rail safety or climate change.” Those were the words of Lowen Berman, a Portland activist involved in a blockade of oil train tracks to mark the second anniversary of the Lac-Megantic...Show More Summary

Climate change leaves trees out to dry

We’re OK with the drought killing your lawn — but, c’mon, the trees, too?

Fast-moving Idaho wildfire destroys upscale homes in resort area

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - A fast-moving wildfire in Idaho that destroyed several upscale homes and forced 200 residents to flee prompted the governor on Monday to declare a disaster emergency that would free up federal funds to help fight the blaze.

Oregon Creates First of Its Kind LGBT Veterans Liaison Position

There are an estimated 15,000 LGBT veterans in Oregon. The coordinator will be available to serve each of them, regardless of their discharge status.

Trump takes on Mexican government in latest comments on immigrants

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clarified his campaign launch speech in which he accused Mexican immigrants of being rapists, saying Monday that he blamed the Mexican government, not the "fabulous" Mexican people, for sending criminals across the border.

Rule changes for 2016 in prep baseball, softball

Beginning with the 2016 season in prep baseball, umpires will be required to issue a warning to coaches before restricting them to the dugout or ejecting them as part of a new penalty progression to promote preventative officiating.

Writer Claims Aborting Her Baby Was a Blessing: “Abortion Let Me be a Mother”

(LiveActionNews) — BuzzFeed has on occasion published some cool pro-life material, but on the whole has a rep for superficial emotionalism that’s sadly well suited to the short attention spans of the Facebook generation. And despite going into extensive detail on a horrifying personal experience, Paola Dragnic’s article, “The Abortion That Let Me Be a […]

“True Detective” wants to remind us that sometimes L.A. is just the worst

The third episode of this blighted season delves into the parts of the city that are far, far uglier than freeways and industrial pollution.

Why crushing bees into soup could actually help them

By studying the bees' DNA, scientists can better understand what's killing and saving them.

'Female Viagra' a political tightrope for FDA, advisors warn

Science and politics are making uneasy bedfellows as officials at the Food and Drug Administration weigh a proposed drug to enhance female sexual desire, a trio of experts on drug safety warned Monday.

You Can’t Save the Planet If You Don’t Save Unborn Babies From Abortion

“Everything is connected.”  This phrase echoes throughout the recent encyclical from the Holy Father, Laudato Si.  Pope Francis presents a comprehensive vision.  Our attitude toward our common home is inseparable from our attitude toward the unborn, poor, and all who are vulnerable.  The crises of our age have arisen because we refuse to receive created […]

$5,000 Reward Offered for Help in Solving Serial Animal Killings

On Saturday, more decapitated animals were reportedly found along Sacramento’s light-rail tracks—the latest in more than a dozen similar incidents so far this year. Saturday’s discovery included a goat,... The post $5,000 Reward Offered for Help in Solving Serial Animal Killings appeared first on PETA.

Can't we prevent child abuse?

To the editor: The torture and killing of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez ("D.A. seeks death penalty in torture case," July 2) at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend was as tragic and horrifying as it was preventable. It is unfathomable that this child endured unspeakable acts of abuse from...

Woman’s Heartbreaking Letter to Father of Baby She Aborted: “I’m So Very Sorry”

Women regret abortion and so do many of the men who love them but sometimes women have abortions without consulting with the child’s father. This may be because they believe they aren’t ready to be parents, are afraid the father will reject them or because they’re in an abusive relationship. The point is, regardless of […]

PETA Offers Urgent Information for Safeguarding Animals During Wildfire

As a wildfire continues to threaten your area, PETA is offering important advice for ensuring the safety of animal companions. Please use the following information, which could help save... The post PETA Offers Urgent Information for Safeguarding Animals During Wildfire appeared first on PETA.

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