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Vatican’s doctrine chief: ‘Absolutely anti-Catholic’ to let bishops conferences decide doctrine

'The president of an Episcopal Conference is nothing more than a technical moderator, and as such has no special teaching authority,' says Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

He Tried to Convince His Girlfriend to Abort. When She Didn’t, He Threw Her Daughter Off a Cliff

Prosecutors are trying for a third time to convince a jury that Cameron John Brown threw his 4-year-old daughter off a 120-foot cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes nearly 15 years ago. Brown’s attorney said Lauren Sarene Key’s death was an accident. Brown was arrested three years after his daughter’s death. Brown has been jailed without […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Historically accurate Disney princesses. Hannah Gioris has an excellent piece about why women of color don’t report their sexual assaults to a racist criminal justice system — and shouldn’t have to. Aisha Moodie-Mills is becoming the first woman and first person of color to lead the major LGBT organization The Victory Fund. Why aren’t we all […]

When visibility doesn’t translate into support for trans teens

The death of Blake Brockington raises this question for me: how do we turn visibility into support?  Brockington died on Monday. The 18-year-old committed suicide. A year ago, he became the first trans person to be named homecoming king of his North Carolina high school. He drew lots of media attention and was celebrated widely, […]

A New U.N. Champion for Privacy

The U.N. Human Rights Council voted today to appoint a watchdog to monitor the state of privacy rights worldwide. That watchdog, called a special rapporteur, was appointed by a consensus vote of all members of the council. That’s very good news, and it’s been a long time coming. Show More Summary

Big Ag’s Power Grab in the Grand Canyon State

Their latest gambit of factory farming deception is unfolding in Arizona, where the legislature has passed House Bill 2150, which contains some red herring provisions to give it the illusion of being pro-animal welfare.       Related Stories Highlights for Animals From the 113th Congress The 113th Congress in Review for Animals Did Your Members of Congress Make the Grade?  

Tech Entrepreneur Max Levchin Speaks Out Against Indiana’s Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law

A cadre of celebrities, athletes, corporations and organizations has taken to social media this afternoon to decry Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s decision to sign a dangerous anti-LGBT legislation into law.

Another ‘Ag-Gag’ Bill Is Dead, Thanks to PETA Supporters

After hearing from hundreds of PETA supporters, New Mexico's lawmakers let the state's "ag-gag" bill die without even holding a committee hearing on it. The post Another ‘Ag-Gag’ Bill Is Dead, Thanks to PETA Supporters appeared first on PETA.

Vatican cardinal tells German bishops: We can’t adapt the faith to the times like Christians did under the Nazis!

The realities of life 'cannot be a third reality of the revelation next to Holy Scripture and the Magisterium,' he says.

‘Groundbreaking’: Kansas may become first state to ban dismemberment abortions

'Because of the Kansas legislature's strong pro-life convictions, unborn children in the state will be protected from brutal dismemberment abortions,' said Carol Tobias of National Right to Life.

Assisted Suicide Sends Message Some People Are Better Off Dead. That’s a Lie

Last night, Dr. Ryan T. Anderson, the William E. Simon fellow at The Heritage Foundation, was on “EWTN News Nightly” to discuss his new report, “Always Care, Never Kill: How Physician-Assisted Suicide Endangers the Weak, Corrupts Medicine, Compromises the Family, and Violates Human Dignity and Equality.” During the interview, Anderson explained the many policy problems […]


[Content Note: Fat hatred; diet and surgery advertisements.]A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about writing a post on the ubiquity of weight loss and/or body shaming advertisements. They are everywhere in my every day: I see them...Show More Summary

“Climate change” vs. “global warming”? It really doesn’t matter

Quit with the linguistic navel-gazing. What actually counts is power. (As explained in a dozen tweets.)

The ‘Reach’ of Anti-Choice Hyde Amendment May Get Wider

Reproductive health and justice advocates are objecting that the popular bill still includes Hyde Amendment language to prohibit community health centers from performing abortions except in very limited circumstances. Image: Shutterstock The post The ‘Reach’ of Anti-Choice Hyde Amendment May Get Wider appeared first on RH Reality Check.

College Pregnancy Prevention Programs Need to Go Beyond Abstinence

A new Arkansas bill mentions abstinence explicitly while avoiding any direct mention of contraception—suggesting that state lawmakers are kidding themselves about the behavior of college students. Image: Shutterstock The post College Pregnancy Prevention Programs Need to Go Beyond Abstinence appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Jazz Jennings: Raising the Bar on Transgender Visibility

It has been an extremely busy year for HRC Foundation Youth Ambassador Jazz Jennings.

Canadian MP gives heart-rending testimony on choosing life for child with Trisomy 18: ‘Elijah deserved a chance at life’

‘As hard as it was, I think if we had had an abortion it would have been far worse,’ Conservative MP Kyle Seeback says in a new promo video for the National March for Life.

12 Vegan Mascaras to the Rescue

Open your eyes to the possibilities of compassionate beauty with this list of vegan mascaras! The post 12 Vegan Mascaras to the Rescue appeared first on PETA.

Massive March for Life in Lima was ‘the greatest civic gathering in the history of Peru’ (INTERVIEW)

Carlos Polo, a member of the organizing committee, discusses the massive March for Life in Lima that now rivals the Washington, D.C. event in size.

Faith leaders decry ‘persecution’ of Canadian Christians at Parliament Hill event

'It is not so bad now compared to other parts of the world. But over the next 10 or 20 years, it will affect us all... unless we do something.”

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