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Resources to Engage In Anti-Racism Education

As a human rights educator for a decade, I strive to include resources that are accessible on multiple levels. Working with high school and university students, as well as people of all ages educated outside of these institutions means that it is important to mirror that diversity in content. Education and learning come in multiples forms, and anti-racism work is […]

Today in What Fat People Have Been Telling You

[Content Note: Fat bias.]So, here is something I, and lots of other fat activists, have been saying in multiple ways for a very long time: Fat is not a reliable indicator of health. And to treat fat as a reliable indicator of healthShow More Summary

Democratic Debate Wrap-Up

[Content Note: Misogyny.]So, I had totally forgotten that there was another Democratic debate last night, until my phone lit up. And here is why: Bernie Sanders: Secretary Clinton does represent the establishment. I represent, I hope, ordinary Americans—and by the way who are not all that enamoured with the establishment. Show More Summary

These House Representatives Just Did Something Amazing On Climate

Are we entering a warming period for Congress? The post These House Representatives Just Did Something Amazing On Climate appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Belgians speak out: Our sister shopped for a doctor to label her ‘autistic’ so she could be euthanized

Two sisters are outraged by their sister's 'perverse' euthanasia by a doctor who seemed overly-eager to take her life.

“Nothing Justifies Abortion,” Catholic Church Says Killing Babies Not Acceptable During Zika Crisis

Babies with the brain disorder microcephaly deserve the same right to life as everyone else, Catholic authorities told South American countries this week as they work to curb the spread of the Zika virus. The mosquito-borne virus, a growing concern in South America, is potentially causing brain disorders such as microcephaly in unborn babies whose […]

Woman Says Boyfriend Forced Her to Have Abortion, Wouldn’t Marry Her Without Killing Their Baby

A British hockey player is accusing an Indian hockey captain of coercing her into getting an abortion. According to the Daily Mail, Ashpal Bhogal claims to have been engaged to hockey captain Sardar Singh after meeting at the 2012 Olympics. She said Singh refused to marry her after ordering her to get an abortion against […]

How Will Your Favorite Presidential Candidate Accomplish Their Goals?

One thing we've observed is that folks are very excited about the proposed policies of each candidate. This is a great thing: it adds some substance o a debate that can often be dominated by more superficial stuff. But there's an opportunity to consider the candidates at a higher level of sophistication: how will they accomplish their goals?

Bayer rejects EPA request to pull insecticide from U.S. market

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The agricultural unit of German chemicals company Bayer AG said on Friday it will fight a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) request to pull one of its insecticides from the marketplace amid concerns that it could harm organisms in streams and ponds.

Judge is censured for failing to share military benefits with his ex-wife

Even a judge can’t get away with keeping community property from an ex-wife. San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge John A. Trice received a public censure Thursday for failing to share his military benefits with his former wife as stipulated in their 1990 divorce agreement, the California Commission...

U.S. economy adds just 151,000 jobs in January

Job growth in the U.S. slowed sharply last month, the latest in recent signs of economic weakening amid turbulent global financial markets, lower corporate profits and a contracting manufacturing sector at home. The government said Friday that employers added 151,000 jobs in January, down from...

American Cinematheque celebrates Oscars real and imagined

The American Cinematheque's "A Tribute to the Oscars" this month at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica isn't a commemoration of the Academy Awards but a celebration of famous characters — real and fictional — named Oscar. On Thursday, the Aero pays homage to writer Oscar Wilde with MGM's 1945 adaptation...

Despite concerns, Fountain Valley agrees to host the OC Tet Festival

Fountain Valley will host the OC Tet Festival, a cultural fixture that has been held in Little Saigon for about three decades, the city announced this week. Officials had been concerned about an initial estimate that up to 100,000 people were expected to attend the festival Feb. 12 to 14 at Mile...

WARNING: Having your home team in the Super Bowl may be hazardous to your health

Sorry, football fans, but having your hometown team make it to the Super Bowl might not be such a good thing after all. In fact, it might make you sick. A new study in the American Journal of Health Economics finds that the number of people older than 65 who die from influenza (also known as the...

Super Bowl 2016 commercial challenge: Amy Schumer vs. Helen Mirren, Doritos vs. Mountain Dew

For all the Internet's flaws, it's still an invaluable resource for people who just can't wait to watch the newest Super Bowl ads. In less sophisticated times, individuals would have to wait, like animals, until commercials aired on live television before experiencing the wonder that is multimillion-dollar...

Apocalyptic N.H. campaign rhetoric aimed at the angry and the aggrieved

The villages and towns of New Hampshire are as scenic as ever, the people as friendly as can be. The unemployment rate is 3.1%, about a third lower than the national rate. It seems an unlikely place for the apocalypse. Yet that – or something close to it -- is the threat that pours forth from Republican...

El Niño seems to have smashed 1997 record in past three months

A key index used to rank anomalies in sea surface temperatures suggests the El Niño we are now experiencing is truly a record-breaker

Today: Battle of New Hampshire. Super Ads.

I'm Davan Maharaj, editor of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today. TOP STORIES Tough Immigration Talk in … New Hampshire? New Hampshire shares a border with Canada stretching about 58 miles, but it's the border a couple of thousand miles away that is consuming...

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders sparred in New Hampshire debate

More from Trail Guide Feb. 4 Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders sparred in New Hampshire debate Feb. 3 Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton participate in New Hampshire town hall Feb. 2 With the Iowa caucus results in, Hillary Clinton is belatedly declared the winner Feb. 1 Iowa caucus results: Clinton...

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