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Climax Denied As Climate Denial Group Hits Repeat At UN Climate Talks in Lima

You know that weird sensation when you experience something and you immediately get the feeling you’ve seen that very same thing before? No, I’m not talking about déjà vu. I’m talking about watching a press conference from climate science...Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: 5 reasons to celebrate abortionist’s arrest

by Hans Johnson Abortionist Dr. Naresh Patel, after years of serious accusations, is finally under arrest after an undercover sting found he was prescribing RU-486 to patients who were not pregnant. Pro-Life Action League’s Eric Scheidler...Show More Summary

Report: Racial Wealth Inequality Gap Widened After Great Recession

While American families have rebuilt their household wealth during the economic recovery in the wake of the Great Recession, not all households have benefited equally from the economic recovery. Image: Shutterstock The post Report: Racial Wealth Inequality Gap Widened After Great Recession appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Newborn Baby Found in Toilet Survives After Mother Abandons Him, Neighbors Heard Crying

The number of cases of baby abandonment in China is quite alarming and is partially a product of the one-child policy that has resulted in a massive number of abortions, forced abortion and has probably left many women scared to have children because of the potential negative repercussions. In this new case, police officials found […]

Sex-Selection Infanticide Dates Back to the Greeks: Girl Babies Were Killed, Thrown Into Sewers

(LiveActionNews) — A common narrative in our society is that, by opposing abortion and infanticide, Christians are conducting a “war on women.” However, in a fascinating study entitled “The Rise of Christianity,” published by Princeton University Press, sociologist Rodney Stark argues that the phenomenal growth of “the obscure, marginal Jesus movement” was due in large […]

Tylenol’s holiday campaign puts a blended same-sex Jewish family front and center

Yes, it’s designed to make you feel good about Tylenol so that you’re more likely to buy Tylenol. But it’s also transgressive, and touching as hell, and there is power in visibility like this. And we’ll know just how much power if conservative “pro-family” groups call for a boycott of Tylenol in response to this commercial […]

Nurse Who Killed 100 Patients Because They Were “Annoying” May be Second Biggest Serial Killer Ever

LifeNews has twice profiled Daniela Poggiali, an Italian nurse who was arrested in October for allegedly killing up to 38 patients because she found them or their relatives annoying. Later, reports indicated she may have killed as many as 96 patients. One of her victims, Rosa Calderoni, brought her crimes to light after she died […]

Consumer spending jumps in November as incomes rise

Consumer spending jumped last month as Americans' incomes continued to rise, the Commerce Department said Tuesday.

New Jersey Supreme Court: Methadone Treatment While Pregnant Not Child Abuse

The unanimous decision overturns a lower court finding that a mother may be charged with civil child abuse and neglect because her newborn exhibited transitory and treatable side effects of methadone treatment that the woman received...Show More Summary

Intrigue: Doth Chuck Schumer Protest Too Much When Called 'Enabler' of Bad Budget Deal?

This article originally appeared at The Huffington Post. L ast week, I wrote a piece in this space lamenting the fact that so many Democratshad voted for a budget package that gutted a key provision of the Dodd-Frank Act. The so called...Show More Summary

The 10 Most Important Econ Charts of 2014 Show Ongoing Looting By the Top 1 Percent

This article was originally published by the Economic Policy Institute at their website,, under the title "The Top 10 Charts of 2014."   T his last year saw the pace of job growth pick up, a welcome development. Yet the economy remains far from healthy. Show More Summary

Why are Abortion Activists So Upset That a Dead Woman Will Give Birth?

So a woman is declared brain dead in Ireland, but not taken off maintenance so her unborn child can gestate long enough to survive. The family wants to bury her.  But a human life can be saved! This really upsets Emer O’Toole in The Guardian. From, “A Brain Dead Irish Woman’s Body Is Being Used […]

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Quotes From Abortion Activists

(LiveActionNews) — Sometimes pro-choice activists say things that show they are completely out of touch with reality.  On my website Clinicquotes, I have a collection of quotes from pro-choicers that show a stunning lack of logic or an almost delusional  set of opinions. Here are ten  statements made by pro-choicers that might make you shake your […]

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Feministing Jamz video of the week: The Body Electric by Hurray for the Riff Raff

In another case of a video which should have made the best of 2014 list but came out shortly after the list was published, we have “The Body Electric” by Hurray For The Riff Raff. The video and song, which tackle racist, gendered, and transmisogynist violence — while managing to be gorgeous at the same […]

FBI looking for suspect in 6 bank robbery cases in L.A. County

The FBI is searching for a suspect they say robbed or tried to rob six Los Angeles County banks in 10 days.

Starbucks: That’s a Latte Progress for Animals

As we approach the January 1st implementation date for California’s Proposition 2 and A.B. 1437– two historic animal welfare laws that ban the production and sale of eggs from hens kept in extreme confinement – I’m elated to share the...       ...Show More Summary

Last-Minute Christmas Gift? Church Suggests Donating to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Looking for a unique gift this year? The Unitarian Church has published their Alternative Gift List for 2014. Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church, in Pasadena California describes themselves as, “a religious community where our focus is on living meaningful lives of service, integrity, and joy.” 2014 Alternative Gift Market Shopping List. It is no secret the […]

Justice Department: Transgender Rights Are Protected Under Federal Law

Attorney General Eric Holder announced last week that it is the position of the U.S. Department of Justice that discrimination against transgender people is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, representing a reversalShow More Summary

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