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Alaska Medicaid Expansion Would Significantly Increase Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the education and research arm of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, published a new paper examining how expansion of the Medicaid program in Alaska will significantly increase the number of abortions in the state. The analysis comes as the Alaska legislature considers a law that would expand […]

On Josh Duggar

[Content Note: Sexual assault; rape culture; video may autoplay at first link.]Josh Duggar, the oldest child of the Duggar clan, made famous by their TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, has confirmed reports that he was accused of sexually...Show More Summary

Gallup Poll Shows Majority of Americans Are Concerned About Animal Rights

Here's proof positive that animal advocates are continuing to change minds and garner more support for animal rights nationwide. The post Gallup Poll Shows Majority of Americans Are Concerned About Animal Rights appeared first on PE...

Incredible Display With the Bodies of Miscarried Babies Reveals the Humanity of Unborn Children

Trigger warning: This post details our experience of going to a museum exhibit that featured preserved bodies of actual miscarried unborn children. None of them were aborted. Their bodies are whole and carefully preserved. Depending on your sensibilities/past experiences, the descriptions and/or pictures of the exhibit that I’ve included may be a trigger for you. […]

Pathological, noticeable: another note on trigger warnings

First, an acknowledgment: everyone other than Judith Shulevitz is sick of talking about trigger warnings by now. It seems like every blogger in the U.S., including me, wrote a piece on trigger warnings sometime in the last year or two, and by now the argument has mostly lost steam. The kids are self-infantilizing! The schools […]

These Babies Could Have Been Aborted After 20 Weeks, But Their Parents Chose Life

(LiveActionNews) — In the wake of the U.S. House’s passage of the 20-week abortion ban, abortion advocates are calling something “cruel” and “disgusting.” You’d think the cruel and disgusting things to discuss would be dismemberment abortion (which, yes, literally does rip babies apart, piece by piece), the thousands of these kind of abortions that are […]

She Wanted to Take Her Own Life in an Assisted Suicide, But Something Changed Her Mind

In a recent article in The Daily Signal, author Kelsey Harkness shares the story of Jeanette Hall, an Oregon resident who was terminally ill and wanted to take advantage of the state’s assisted suicide law. When Oregon’s assisted suicide law was on the ballot in 1994, Jeanette supported the measure because she didn’t want people […]

Did You Know It’s Possible to Reverse the Dangerous RU 486 Abortion Pill?

The abortion lobby is once again proving that its main concern is not women and it’s not “choice” – it’s procuring as many abortions as possible. The recent publicity surrounding the chemical abortion reversal process graphically illustrates that abortion backers not only do not want women to consider their alternatives, but they also turn their […]

Infographic: Bridging the Chasm on Abortion

The conventional wisdom on abortion is that the United States is hopelessly split down the middle, locked in a seemingly never-ending battle of morality. We know that the abortion debate is highly emotional. When we ask people aboutShow More Summary

HRC Applauds Girl Scouts for Transgender Inclusion

While the Girls Scouts’ policy of including transgender girls isn’t anything new, recent criticism from anti-LGBT groups, have brought the Girl Scouts’ policy back into the limelight.

Six Officers Indicted in Freddie Gray's Death

[Content Note: Police brutality; racism.]Yesterday, a grand jury in Baltimore indicted all six police officers who had been charged in the death of Freddie Gray.Baltimore state's attorney Marilyn Mosby announced on Thursday that some...Show More Summary

Je suis James: Pianist finally allowed to tell his story of sexual abuse

James Rhodes v OPO (by his Litigation Friend BHM) and another, [2015] UKSC 32 The Supreme Court has handed down its judgment in an appeal by the celebrated concert pianist, James Rhodes. You can read the judgment here and watch Lord Toulson’s summary here. The case considered whether Mr Rhodes could be prevented from publishing his […]

Today is the Day: Ireland Heads to the Polls to Vote on Marriage Equality

Today, voters in Ireland will go to the polls to cast their ballot for marriage equality.

Non-violent extremism: some questions about laws and limits – Robert Gleave and Lawrence McNamara

Sajid Javid’s reported objections to the Government’s pre-election proposals on countering extremist ideas uncover just how controversial the new laws will be. He had objected, it seems, to a mooted expansion of Ofcom’s powers to take...Show More Summary

California Oil Spill Five Times Worse Than Estimated

Dead birds. Closed beaches. No fishing: Gov. Brown declares a state of emergency. The post California Oil Spill Five Times Worse Than Estimated appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Total hosts climate talks with big oil companies

PARIS (Reuters) - French oil major Total is hosting a meeting of the world's biggest oil companies over the sector's action plan ahead of U.N. climate talks in Paris at the end of the year.

Large French supermarkets barred from throwing away food

PARIS (Reuters) - France is cracking down on food waste with a new law banning big supermarkets from destroying unsold food or face fines and even jail sentences.

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