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Today: With a Friend Like President Trump …

President Trump amps up his fight with the Justice Department. I'm Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today. TOP STORIES With a Friend Like President Trump … The Republican Party. The media. The U.S. intelligence community....

California bill would boost electric car rebates by $3 billion, but where will the money come from?

Over seven years, California has spent $430 million on low-emission vehicle subsidies to help lower the cost for car buyers. Now the state Legislature is looking to extend that by another seven years, but with a price tag of $3 billion. Assembly Bill 1184 is being slammed for leaving basic questions...

The upside of visible homelessness in Orange County: We can't pretend we're better than everyone

Whenever I see homeless people somewhere in Orange County where I’ve never noticed them before — say, inside a tent at the Tustin Civic Center, begging for money off the 5 Freeway in Mission Viejo or washing themselves in a bathroom sink at the Westminster Mall — I applaud. Don’t get me wrong:...

Philippines' Duterte says government plans new mining law

MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Friday the government will draft a new law for the country's mining industry, which he said pays too little in tax and not enough in compensation for any environmental damage.

Researchers work to improve recovery from tight shale reservoirs

A significant amount of U.S. domestic oil production comes from shale. Extracting oil and gas from these unconventional reservoirs normally requires drilling horizontal wells and using hydraulic fracturing techniques. Yet predicting the full effect of these techniques is still uncertain because the understanding of how fluid flows through shale is still evolving.

Climate change affects mental and social health as well as physical well-being

Rising global temperatures are impacting not just peoples' physiological health but also society's health, according to "Heat Advisory: Protecting Health on a Warming Planet," a book by a University at Buffalo professor.

Researchers develop new way to measure fluid-rock interaction in oil reservoir

University of Calgary geoscientists have developed new technology that measures, at an extremely fine scale, the interaction between water and other fluids and rock from an unconventional oil reservoir.

AB InBev Says It Can Go 100% Renewable In 7 Years or Less

The number of large corporations seeking out renewables continues to grow in 2017. In the wake of America's exit from the Paris climate agreement, companies are signing up to the “We Are Still In” campaign in droves. Some, like Lego,...Show More Summary

Link identified between continental breakup, volcanic carbon emissions and evolution

Researchers have found that the formation and breakup of supercontinents over hundreds of millions of years controls volcanic carbon emissions. The results, reported in the journal Science, could lead to a reinterpretation of how the carbon cycle has evolved over Earth's history, and how this has impacted the evolution of Earth's habitability.

How 'nudge theory' can help shops avoid a backlash over plastic bag bans

On your way home tonight, you might stop at the supermarket to grab some ingredients for the evening meal. If you're like many shoppers, you'll pass through the self-service checkout, scan your items, and hurriedly place them in the conveniently waiting thin, grey plastic bag before finalising the purchase.

Image: Northeastern Europe

The Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellite takes us over the Baltic Sea and surrounding countries.

Silicon Valley's push for universal basic income is — surprise! — totally self-serving

Just a year ago, proposing a concept like universal basic income could practically get me laughed off the stage at a tech industry conference. The idea that everyone should be guaranteed a minimum subsidy from the government seemed to go against every fundamental tenet of creative destruction:...

Has Google paid off an army of academic researchers?

The Google Transparency Project, an arm of an organization called the Campaign for Accountability, released a study last week claiming that Google funneled money to hundreds of academic research projects related to antitrust, intellectual property and other legal policy issues important to the...

New York Grapples With the Best Way to Promote Storage: Mandates or Market Reforms?

New York State is in the midst of a philosophical debate over how best to promote storage. The state's efforts to reform the electricity market have focused heavily on renewables, and the storage industry has been waiting for a big development...Show More Summary

Senate Republicans race toward vote to roll back Obamacare with key details still missing

As the Senate hurtles toward a potential vote next week to roll back the Affordable Care Act, Republican lawmakers still don’t know what legislation they will consider or what impact it could have on health coverage for tens of millions of Americans. Senate GOP leaders have said senators may be...

Dear media: When you cover death by suicide, do it thoughtfully

When a family member died by suicide, my parents chose not to tell me his method. They wanted me to remember him as he lived, for both of our sakes. While I didn’t understand their decision at the time, I now see it as one borne out of deep care. I was especially thankful for my parents’ thoughtfulness...

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