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Rewards to catch drone operators who flew above fires may be offered

San Bernardino County supervisors could approve $75,000 in rewards Tuesday for information leading to the arrests of drone operators who interfered with firefighting during three major blazes this summer.

What would a potential Olympic bid mean for L.A.?

Now that Boston has pulled the plug on its struggling campaign to play host to the 2024 Olympics, Los Angeles becomes the consensus favorite to step in as a last-minute replacement. A two-time host of the Games, this city has the experience and the top-flight sports venues to handle the world's...

Alec Baldwin, Ireland Baldwin mock 'rude, thoughtless little pig' voice mail

What a difference eight years makes! Alec Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin had some fun on Instagram on Monday mocking the infamous angry voicemail from him to her that surfaced in early 2007 during the "30 Rock" actor's custody dispute with Kim Basinger. As the father and his 19-year-old child cozy...

Iron-age arsonists’ leftovers hint at how Earth’s poles may flip

Magnetic deposits in char from ancient African villages reveal that Earth's magnetic field had weakened before without flipping

Pyrite power: Can we reinvent ‘fool’s gold’?

From solar power to mapping volcanic activity, a new account of pyrite argues we need to reinvent the mineral whose seductive glitter had us in thrall

If You’re a GEICO Ad, You Exploit Animals. It’s What You Do.

Animals are exploited in countless ways - intentionally and unintentionally. GEICO may not mean to exploit animals with their "cute" ads for car insurance, but they do. The post If You’re a GEICO Ad, You Exploit Animals. It’s What You Do. appeared first on Your Daily Vegan.

How Intense did the Battle Between Bob Ward and ExxonMobil's Army of Climate Deniers Get?

In this DeSmog UK epic history post, the battle continues between Bob Ward – working at the Royal Society at the time – and ExxonMobil’s army of climate deniers. Bob Ward, the then head of media at the Royal Society, was shocked when...Show More Summary

New Report Reveals Corporate-Funded Hydra Head Blocking U.S. Renewable Energy

A new report from the Energy and Policy Institute reveals the fossil fuel- and utility sector-funded network working to curb the proliferation of renewable energy in the United States. Co-authored by Gabe Elsner and Matt Kasper and titled,...Show More Summary

Momentum Builds: Corporate Giants Announce Support for Federal LGBT Non-Discrimination Protections

Eight leading American corporations--including major Fortune 500 companies--announce support for comprehensive federal LGBT non-discrimination legislation in days following introduction of Equality Act

Stand Up. Speak Up. Rise Up: The #GirlsLead15 Girl Up Leadership Summit

Stand Up. Speak Up. Rise Up. A hush quickly fell over the crowd of girls surrounding me. While everyone was craning their necks for a better view, I had only one thought: “This is so. freaking. cool.” A second later, the group erupted into applause. Show More Summary

Corporations, Clinton Take Lead In Climate Change Fight

13 major US corporations have pledged to invest in clean energy technology to fight climate change. Hillary Clinton also revealed a clean energy plan today Corporations, Clinton Take Lead In Climate Change Fight was originally posted on: PlanetSave. Show More Summary

Advocates: Six Years With No Minimum Wage Increase Is Too Long

The federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour isn’t enough money to keep a single parent working full-time out of poverty, and it's worth less every year due to inflation. Image: Shutterstock The post Advocates: Six Years With No Minimum Wage Increase Is Too Long appeared first on RH Reality Check.

More and bigger drilling-linked earthquakes rattle Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - Several earthquakes shook Oklahoma on Monday as the state experiences a sharp increase in the frequency of tremors linked to wastewater disposal from gas and oil drilling, including from fracking, state and federal officials said.

Cold front brings rare July snow to Northern Rockies

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - A freak July cold front brought snow to the Northern Rockies on Monday in a rare weather event that set record-low daytime temperatures across Idaho and could see overnight readings at or near freezing in parts of the region, meteorologists said.

Thousands of salmon die in hotter-than-usual Northwest rivers

PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - Unseasonably hot water has killed nearly half of the sockeye salmon migrating up the Columbia River through Oregon and Washington state, a wildlife official said on Monday.

The Climate Issue & the 2016 Election

We’re beginning to have a sense of where the leading candidates stand on climate change. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton announced a goal of 33% renewables by 2030, after saying that the “reality of climate change is unforgiving no matter what the deniers say.  Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is said to have the strongest record on […]

Breaking News: Nepalese Organizers Announce an End to the World’s Bloodiest Animal Sacrifice Spectacle

Our HSI team traveled to Nepal to witness the bloody spectacle in Gadhimai last year, where animals, including buffaloes, goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens, were hacked to death, often with machetes. Photo by Kuni Takahashi/AP ImagesShow More Summary

To make meat greener, make it more efficiently

The planet isn't going vegetarian. But we could make all that meat a lot more efficiently, and less wastefully.

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