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myMADRE Link Roundup: Women, the Answer to Build a Better World

What we’ve written, read, listened to, remembered, watched and been inspired by this month. [View the story “myMADRE Link Roundup: Women, the Answer to Build a Better World” on Storify]

Man Uses Online Fundraising Web Site to Raise Funds to Kill Himself in an Assisted Suicide

Have we become such a degraded and life-disaffirming culture that a fundraising internet sight is hosting a request to group-fund a one-way trip to a Swiss suicide clinic? Apparently so. From the pitch at the fund raising site, which I won’t link,since I don’t want to indirectly aid this effort: I am 66 years old and now disabled, […]

California Senate candidate: “We’re all going to die”

Mike Beitiks is running on a "single board platform": He's all climate, all the time.

High School Quarterback Made an Amazing Promise to Girl With Down Syndrome, And He Kept It

Ann Marie Lapkowicz is a friend of mine. Her daughter is now an international celebrity. The story begins when Ann Marie’s daughter Mary was in 4th grade. As reports, her friend Ben Moser worked hard to make sure that Mary was included in the games the other fourth graders would play. His act of […]

Texas Lawmakers Further Restrict Access to Legal Abortion Care for Minors, Cancer Screenings

The Texas legislature approved two measures on Friday that will make it harder for some of the most marginalized Texans to access cancer treatment and legal abortion care. Image: Shutterstock The post Texas Lawmakers Further Restrict Access to Legal Abortion Care for Minors, Cancer Screenings appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Walrus cam or the Entourage movie? Either way, bunch of dudes on a beach

The boys are back in town. And by boys, we mean Vince, E, Drama, Turtle, Ari, and thousands of male walruses.

Woman Who Killed Her Six Newborn Babies Must Serve 49 Years Before First Parole Hearing

Megan Huntsman, the Utah mother charged with six counts of first-degree felony murder in the smothering/strangling deaths of six newborn babies, was sentenced to life in prison in April. Now, reports indicate she will have to serve 49 years before she is eligible for parole for the first time. Charged with six counts of first-degree […]

Losing My Lege: So Long, Farewell (We Hope)

Sine die—the official end of the regular legislative session—here in Texas is set for Monday, and if the fates are willing, we won't be facing a special legislative session. That would mean another cruel start to the summer for Texans...Show More Summary

Illinois Bill Protecting LGBT Youth from Dangerous Conversion Therapy Moves to Governor

Moments ago, the Illinois State Senate voted 34 -19 to pass House Bill 217, the Illinois Youth Mental Health Protection Act that will protect LGBTQ youth from the dangerous and discredited practices of conversion therapy.

Activist Promotes Abortion as an Anger Management Solution for Dealing With Family Drama

Here’s a news flash for you: mothers are human. Moms are champion multi-taskers. They also sometimes feel they’re running on empty—and sometimes the bank account is running on empty too. Moms can be madly in love with their children but yearn for time alone. And sometimes moms are angry. Sometimes they have a right to […]

How To Nominate A 30 Under 30 For The Class Of 2016

It’s not just hotshot personalities and luminaries like Evan Spiegel, Blake Lively, Malala Yousafzai and Sean Rad who make up the FORBES 30 Under 30 list. They are also your college roommates, colleagues, childhood friends and even people you don’t know personally but admire their work. You may be a new 30 Under 30. Starting […]

Judy Shepard Pens Op-ed on Laramie’s New Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Yesterday, Judy Shepard, the mother of Matthew Shepard, penned a powerful op-ed about Laramie’s new non-discrimination ordinance.

Scott Walker rebukes media claiming he thinks forced ultrasounds are ‘cool’

'They can’t win on the Left on an issue, [so] they exaggerate things,' he said.

Actress tells teens she’s ‘eternally grateful’ for Planned Parenthood

It’s hard to critique personal stories – but not when the media use them to teach teens that they need Planned Parenthood.

Media promotes junk science on fetal pain

Putting the media bias aside, the vast weight of scientific evidence concludes that preborn humans feel pain by around 20 weeks after fertilization or earlier.

Gay ‘marriage’: It’s not gay, and it’s not marriage

This is perhaps the most profound analysis of the problem of homosexuals: they are slaves to sex.

People say ‘at least the baby’s healthy.’ But what if she isn’t?

It is time to stop being hypocritical about 'acceptance' and instead realize that every life matters and has value.

The Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by eggrolls.Recommended Reading:Happy Blogiversary to Trudy at Gradient Lair! Woot!Jessica: [Content Note: War on agency] Federal Court Permanently Blocks Arkansas' 12-Week Abortion BanAura: [CN: Violence;...Show More Summary

TRAP Bill Fails to Gain Traction in Maine House

The Maine house's Democratic majority rejected a bill that would require clinics providing abortion services to meet onerous licensing requirements. Image: Shutterstock The post TRAP Bill Fails to Gain Traction in Maine House appeared first on RH Reality Check.

‘I, Chicken’ Reaches Tens of Thousands of College Students

As virtual chickens, they saw their chicken selves in a mirror, socialized with other birds, and took dust baths—at least until the day the truck came. The post ‘I, Chicken’ Reaches Tens of Thousands of College Students appeared first on PETA.

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