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High School Principal Caught on Video Stealing Student’s Pro-Life Sign, Blocking Pro-Life Display

The Fort Wayne Public School Board has received a letter from the Thomas More Society demanding an apology for the alleged disturbing misconduct of South Side High School Principal Carlton Mable. On November 18, 2016, Mable, in front of students, tried to block pro-life advocates from displaying abortion-condemning signs on the public right of way […]

After nearly 10 years and 12,668 babies saved, 40 Days for Life CEO moves on

The founder of the grassroots organization is planning a new, yet-to-be-announced undertaking.

Educators Report Rise in Bullying Behavior Post-Election

Pictured above: An educator uses a Welcoming Schools lesson plan addressing bias-based bullying in her classroom. Post submitted by Michele Hatchell, Welcoming Schools Expert Trainer A new Teaching Tolerance report, After Election Day,...Show More Summary

BREAKING: ‘Nuisance’? Planned Parenthood sues pro-life medical center for using its own property

Planned Parenthood is suing a pro-life women's medical center for parking its mobile unit on its own property.

HRC Congratulates Congressman David Cicilline on Election to House Leadership

HRC congratulates Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) on his successful election on Monday to serve as one of three co-chairs for the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. Cicilline is the first openly LGBTQ Representative to be elected...Show More Summary

Vatican expert: Is Amoris Laetitia really a ‘work of the Holy Spirit’?

Vatican officials are claiming the pope's exhortation is from God because of the Synod, ignoring clear evidence of manipulation.

A plea against an unprincipled papalism

The love for the pope does not at all demand an unconditional submission.

Planned Parenthood: The master of disguise and deception

When a community stands up, stands together, and stands strong, Planned Parenthood will leave.

Connecticut threatens to ban employee donations to American Family Association for alleged LGBT ‘discrimination’

State comptroller Kevin Lembo wants the American Family Association to prove it doesn't discriminate against LGBTQ communities.

An open advocate of the LGBT cause co-wrote the Ontario bishops’ new religion program, and it shows

A religious program written by Catholics not convinced about the truths of the faith will only produce Catholics who will not be convinced about the truths of the faith.

If Pope Francis is right on adultery, the Catholic Church would collapse

Doesn’t the pope’s blessing of adultery in certain circumstances imply the collapse of almost the entire structure of Catholic sexual morality?

Ocean Acidification May Cause Cascading Loss Of Biodiversity In Some Marine Habitats, Research Finds

The ocean acidification that’s now occurring, as a result of increasing anthropogenic levels of carbon dioxide emissions, will led to cascading losses of biodiversity in many marine habitats and ecosystems, according to new research from the University of British Columbia and its partners. Show More Summary

And the EPA Pick Is…

According to reports this morning, the EPA pick will be Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt. We’ll hear more about him in the coming days.  For me, the story that sticks out most about him is this one – revealing his history of copying and pasting letters written by fossil fuel lobbyists and sending them under […]

The case for imperfect veganism

You can catch more vegan-curious with honey than with vinegar.

East Greenland ice sheet has responded to climate change over the last 7.5 million

(DOE/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Using marine sediment cores containing isotopes of aluminum and beryllium, a group of international researchers has discovered that East Greenland experienced deep, ongoing glacial erosion over the past 7.5 million years.

This man tried to sue the pants off the EPA, and now he’ll be running it.

Trump picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as his EPA chief, and that has Democrats and environmentalists fearing global calamity.

Critical zone, critical research

(American Society of Agronomy) The critical zone extends from the top of the tallest tree down through the soil and into the water and rock beneath it. It stops at what's called the weathering zone -- or where soils first begin to develop. Show More Summary

Just what we need: A science denier in charge of the NASA transition.

Chris Shank's resume might make him sound qualified for the position -- but don't be misled.

Greenland on thin ice?

(University of Vermont) First-of-their-kind studies provide new insight into the deep history of the Greenland Ice Sheet, looking back millions of years farther than previous techniques allowed. However, the two studies present some strongly contrasting evidence about how Greenland's ice sheet may have responded to past climate change.

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