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Schools must address the financial costs of sexual violence

Sexual violence costs. And under civil rights law, colleges and universities are obligated to address it. Title IX — the 1972 law that mandates schools remove gender-based barriers to education — requires colleges and universities to address the financial barriers to educational access that violence creates. That means that if you’re a survivor of sexual violence […]

U.S. May Follow Britain’s Lead in Allowing Three-Parent Human Embryos, Speak Up Now

It is very possible that the United States may follow the United Kingdom’s lead and sanction the genetic engineering of future generations using technologies that create human embryos with the genetic material of three people. If Americans do not express our concern over these “mitochondrial replacement” (MR) procedures, which are very similar to the cloning […]

I Made a Joke About Guns and a Man Threatened to Assault Me

Good dudes of the world, please hear me out: Not actively being a sexist jerk as an individual is not enough. Image: Shutterstock The post I Made a Joke About Guns and a Man Threatened to Assault Me appeared first on RH Reality Chec...

Antarctica is basically liquefying

Another day, another terrifying account of how fast polar ice is melting.

Here’s what GOP presidential hopefuls gave up after 9/11

Ted Cruz gave up rock 'n' roll after the terrorist attacks. Fellow Republicans are now trying to outdo him.

Pro-life blog buzz 3-27-15

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli Secular Pro-Life says using signs for sidewalk counseling in front of abortion facilities can be good… or it can be very bad, depending on the kind of signs being displayed....Show More Summary

Industry-Stacked Energy Department Committee: Shale Running Dry, Let's Exploit the Arctic

A report assembled by an industry-centric US Department of Energy committee recommends the nation   start exploiting the Arctic  due to oil and gas shale basins running dry.   In the just-submitted report, first obtained by the Associated...Show More Summary

Tim Cook: “Apple is Open for Everyone”

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted his opposition to the rise of anti-LGBT laws passing through state legislatures across the country.

Urge Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to Protect Farmed Animals!

Please contact Gov. Ducey's office immediately to ensure that farmed animals in Arizona continue to be protected. The post Urge Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to Protect Farmed Animals! appeared first on PETA.

What is Life Like for Deaf People in Prison?

Talia Lewis, center, speaking to the FCC about the rights of deaf people in prison. We’ve reached a critical moment in our history. As we incarcerate more people than ever before, we can no longer put off having honest conversations about the effects of police brutality and abuse of people in prison. Show More Summary

Watch How This Couple Saved Two Babies From Death Before They Were Even Born

The inherent commoditization of human beings is the glaring moral conundrum of in vitro fertilization. In the IVF process, a large number of eggs are typically siphoned from a woman in hopes of two things: that more perfect babies can be chosen from among the number of embryos created, and that there will be “backup” […]

The Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by snow more snow omg snow.Recommended Reading:Shena: [Content Note: Misogynoir; gendered violence] Regardless of Election Outcome, Girls Are the Future in NigeriaEmily: [CN: War on agency; class warfare]...Show More Summary

Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Pink: "Try"This week's TMNS brought to you by DANCING!

Watch stick figures explain what “probably causes cancer” even means

The active ingredient in Roundup does, but so do french fries, pickled vegetables, and aloe vera. This video from Risk Bites explains how we identify cancer risks.

Body Cameras on Police in Schools

We’re starting to get questions about the use of body cameras by “school resource officers,” a.k.a. police officers stationed in schools. First of all, we don't think that police officers should be routinely present in schools at all. Show More Summary

The Tale of the Black Spider: The Supreme Court speaks

Matthew Flinn And so, the long legal saga of the Black Spider Letters finally comes to a close. I last blogged about this case back in October 2012. At that time, the Attorney General had ignited controversy by invoking a little-known power under section 53 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA). Under that provision, […]

The Waste Biz: How To Get That Last Bit Of Toothpaste Out

New company Liquiglide helps consumers gets all of the product, whether lotion, ketchup, or toothpaste, out of the bottle: this week's Waste Biz The post The Waste Biz: How To Get That Last Bit Of Toothpaste Out appeared first on Sustainablog.

How to talk to your kids about sexting…before they get hurt, or ruin their lives

When I travel and speak at high schools on porn, I’m always told, 'we’ve had incidents of sexting.' And yes, these are Catholic schools.

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