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The 6 beers you should be drinking this fall

Ready or not, a wave of next season’s beer is already hitting shelves. But fall doesn’t just mean a selection of spice-fueled pumpkin brews.  You’ll also find clean and balanced classic German-inspired Oktoberfest beers at stores now.  Here are a few suggestions for each family of autumnal beer:...

Less haze this year, Indonesia promises

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Indonesia's Disaster Agency said it is confident the country's forest fires and haze of toxic smoke they send over Southeast Asia are unlikely to reach levels seen in 2015 because of favorable weather conditions and a quicker emergency response.

An Interview With Agunda Okeyo

Credit: Caroline’s Agunda Okeyo is, above all, an activist. While her work spans from the writing desk to the director’s chair, all of her projects have a unifying focus: raising awareness...Show More Summary

Breaking news: HSUS investigation connects New Jersey pet stores to notorious Midwest puppy mills

A puppy in a small, rusty cage at D & G’s Petite Pups in Paterson, New Jersey, looked disheveled and depressed. Photo by The HSUS An HSUS undercover investigation covering every known pet store in New Jersey that sells puppies has revealed that many of these businesses sourced animals from puppy mills with Animal Welfare Act violations. Show More Summary

Twitter is skeptical of Donald Trump's claims he will stop crime

Campaign 2016 updates: Trump's immigration plan starts to look status quo Aug. 29, 2016, 8:27 a.m. Donald Trump tried to again double down on his hard line immigration plan over the weekend, but the details of the deportation plan remain fuzzy.Donald Trump continues to toggle on immigration positionsTrump...

3.2 million years after her death, autopsy reveals Lucy probably died after falling from a tree

It’s the coldest case in science, and it may have just been cracked. Forty years after researchers discovered Lucy, an early human ancestor who lived 3.2 million years ago, scientists think they now know how she died. After examining high-resolution CT scans of broken bones in Lucy’s right shoulder, as...

NHC: Tropical Depression Nine could strengthen into cyclone

(Reuters) - Tropical Depression Nine, located about 125 miles (200 kilometers) west-northwest of Havana, Cuba, is expected to become a tropical storm later on Monday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said.

WeHo ad tech company begins $100-million buying spree to launch an online publishing arm

West Hollywood firm Engage:BDR Inc. uses its technology to place ads in front of half a billion people each month. But none of those ads appear on websites it owns. Though that's common for ad technology companies, Engage Chief Executive Ted Dhanik no longer sees that as a viable strategy. On Monday,...

Gaston to remain a powerful hurricane for several days: NHC

(Reuters) - Gaston, the first major Atlantic hurricane of the season, is forecast to remain a powerful system for the next several days, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said on Monday.

Why I Am a Pro-Life Feminist: Women’s Rights and Abortion “Rights” Don’t Mix

In a recent article published by, Marilyn Kopp described why she identifies both as pro-life and a feminist. The president of the Ohio chapter of Feminist for Life eloquently explained that defending women’s rights also means defending the unborn from abortion. Kopp began by explained that the early feminists were staunchly pro-life. She quoted […]

Amazing: Scientists Use Ultrasound to Jumpstart a Man’s Brain After a Coma

California medical researchers are cautiously optimistic about a new ultrasound procedure that could help people suffering from brain injuries. Science Daily reports researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles successfully used a new ultrasound treatment to jump-start a 25-year-old coma victim’s brain. Show More Summary


As a wildfire burns in Vernon, PETA is offering important advice for ensuring the safety of animal companions should further residences be threatened and more evacuations be ordered. The... The post PETA OFFERS THE OKANAGAN REGION RESIDENTS URGENT INFORMATION FOR SAFEGUARDING ANIMALS DURING WILDFIRE appeared first on PETA.

Anadarko evacuates eastern Gulf of Mexico platforms ahead of storm

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Anadarko Petroleum has evacuated all non-essential personnel from its production platforms in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, a company spokesman said on Monday by email, ahead of a storm threat from Tropical Depression Nine.

7 Question with Montel Williams on His Support for Hillary Clinton

1. What inspired you to speak out about your support for Hillary Clinton? My primary motivation was that I think Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the Republic and cannot be trusted as Commander in Chief. That said, I also had to look at the host of social issues upon which Secretary Clinton and I agree -- one of which is LGBTQ equality. Show More Summary

Scientists Say a New Geological Epoch Called the Anthropocene Is Here

Nuclear tests and plastic pollution define a new epoch influenced by humans, scientists say

Bamboo – The ABCs of Green Building Materials

Originally published on Bamboo is a truly remarkable green building material. It’s twice as strong as concrete and slightly stronger than steel. It’s also a renewable resource that needs little energy to grow,...Show More Summary

Cecile Richards: Pro-Lifers Think Women Are Too Hormonal To Make Decisions

It is unfathomable to think pro-lifers somehow blame hormones and the resulting choice to have an abortion on why the country is divided on this issue. If there is one thing that will anger a woman in a heartbeat, it’s the accusation that we are just being hormonal. That’s just asking, rightly, to be slapped […]

Mother Teresa Called Abortion “The Greatest Destroyer of Peace Today.” Are We Acting Like It?

Mother Teresa is known in both religious and secular realms as a woman dedicated to serving others, particularly the most helpless and vulnerable. Throughout her lifetime, Mother Teresa consistently spoke in defense of life, and reminded the United States of the necessity of protecting unborn lives. A recent article in the Crux asked readers to […]

Fraunhofer Tests a New Underwater Storage Concept

The Fraunhofer Institute is planning to test a new storage concept in a German lake before the end of this year. The storage idea, which involves placing hollow concrete globes on sea or lake beds, resembles an underwater balloon technology already developed by Ontario, Canada-based Hydrostor. Show More Summary

Iceland's Katla volcano hit by unusually large earthquakes

(Reuters) - Two unusually large earthquakes hit one of Iceland's biggest volcanoes early on Monday, raising concerns of a possible eruption, the Icelandic Met Office said.

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