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Zombie charities push population control

Groups like CARE, Population Services International (PSI), and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) are still thought of as charities, but have less and less in common with America’s vibrant voluntary tradition.

Dismemberment Abortions Slice and Crush Unborn Babies And They’re Totally Legal

Faith in humanity is on the fritz at the moment. For those in the pro-life movement, we’ve become accustomed to horrifying rulings from court benches. We march on Washington every year to remember the one that started it all- Roe v. Wade. So perhaps this particular ruling was just the latest in a string of […]

GMO Wheat Intended To Repel Aphids Fails Completely In Field-Scale Tests

In another show of just how much genetically modified agricultural crops (GMO crops) consistently fail to live up to the hype placed on them, recent field-scale tests of a GMO wheat variety “designed” to repel aphids have shown the new GMO crop to be nearly completely ineffective. Show More Summary

Will the Supreme Court Take up Another Contraception Challenge?

An order issued Monday suggests the Roberts Court could jump back into the fight over contraception coverage next term. Image: Shutterstock The post Will the Supreme Court Take up Another Contraception Challenge? appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Girl Scouts group returns $100K after donor demands they exclude trans girls

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington recently received a generous gift of $100,000 with a shitty stipulation from the donor: “Please guarantee that our gift will not be used to support transgender girls.” If you can’t, please return the money.”  ‘Cause nothing says altruism like using your wealth to try to coerce others into discriminating against children. The […]

Trucks kill bicyclists all the time. This tool could change that

Trucks are singularly lethal vehicles when it comes to accidents with pedestrians and cyclists. But there's a way to make them less deadly.

Gov. Jerry Brown signs tough new vaccination law

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed one of the nation's toughest mandatory childhood vaccination bills, moving to end exemptions from state immunization laws based on religious or other personal beliefs.

Lobster rolls, oysters and cocktails with a kick at Catch and Release

Name: Catch and Release. An ocean-to-table seafood restaurant in Marina del Rey by Jason Neroni (formerly of Superba Snack Bar, Spago and Osteria La Buca), that's meant to channel the chef's childhood memories of summers in Maine.

SoCal dancers Misty Copeland, Stella Abrera elevated to principal in N.Y. ballet

Two dancers raised and trained in Southern California have vaulted to the top rank of New York's prestigious American Ballet Theatre.

In the News

Here is some stuff in the news today...[Content Note: Plane crash; death] Terrible news: "More than 100 people were feared dead after a military transport plane ploughed into a residential area shortly after take-off in northern Indonesia on Tuesday, in what may be the deadliest accident yet for an air force with a long history of crashes. Show More Summary

PETA Statement on Pirates of the Caribbean Monkey Biting a Woman on Set

PETA is not surprised that a capuchin monkey reportedly lashed out and bit someone at the Australian studio where the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie is being filmed.... The post PETA Statement on Pirates of the Caribbean Monkey Biting a Woman on Set appeared first on PETA.

Top Unions Send Hundreds of Thousands in Donations to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Unions are donating money to Planned Parenthood, and members who object are often unable to hold their unions accountable. According to a search of union records on the Department of Labor’s website, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union and United Food and Commercial Workers gave a combined […]

Parents, don’t be fooled: The sex-ed agenda is more sinister than you know

Tens of thousands of parents are rising up in revolt against a new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. Was it the straw that broke the camel's back?

One man's idea to bail out Greece: crowdfunding

Months of negotiations over the Greek financial crisis might have failed, but one Londoner says all the country needs is a successful crowdfunding campaign.

U.S., Brazil pledge to raise renewable energy in power output

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States and Brazil pledged on Tuesday to increase their share of renewable energy in electricity generation from sources other than hydro-power to 20 percent by 2030 in an effort to show commitment to fighting climate change.

Facebook’s conformity campaign

The rainbow flag profile is a demonstration of the power of social conformity in action, and it does not bode well for a true democracy.

Turn That Juice Pouch Box Into A DIY Picture Frame [Tutorial]

Once that juice pouch box empties out, turn it into a DIY picture frame. Here are the instructions The post Turn That Juice Pouch Box Into A DIY Picture Frame [Tutorial] appeared first on Sustainablog.

Maritime and Cyber Security Lessons From Before World War I

Is the U.S. accidentally preparing for World War I again? In this two-part series, leading thinkers from a prior era of globalization instruct us on maritime and cyber security today.

The potential of upgrading India’s cities

On June 25, 2015, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a plan to modernize the infrastructure of 100 cities. The Indian government is devoting $7.5 billion to the initiative, with a goal of completing the upgrades by 2022.

Fast & Furious attraction revs up backlot tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

The impressive new Fast & Furious: Supercharged 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood provides a stunning finale to the backlot tram tour, even if riders are ultimately left with the overwhelming feeling they've seen this all before.

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