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Soon You Might Actually Be Able to Tell How Much Added Sugar Is in Your Food

When the popular news quiz show Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! hosted the country's Surgeon General, Vicek Murthy, last weekend, he was confronted with the question: What's your one weakness? "Sweets," he answered, "I like bread puddingShow More Summary

Same-sex ‘marriage’ and interracial marriage: not the same thing at all

Racists and segregationists of the past did not—unlike today’s opponents of same-sex marriage—present themselves as defenders of the integrity of marriage itself.

The dark relationship between gay ‘marriage’ and surrogacy: even gay activists are worried

Many supporters of same-sex marriage are still wary of surrogacy. It’s one thing to allow for these couples to marry. It’s another thing to create a market for children.

This is the device Planned Parenthood uses to harvest aborted baby organs

Planned Parenthood's senior executive, Dr. Mary Gatter, admits the use of manual vacuum aspirators in order to increase the odds of getting 'intact specimen'.

Macy Gray Has Written the Ultimate Song About Vibrators

Macy Gray is most well-known for her late-'90s hit “I Try,” but if there’s any justice in the world, she will go down in history first and foremost as the author of the definitive song about vibrators. “B.O.B,” which stands for “battery-operated better,” is an ode to the piece of machinery that “fits like a glove” and is “always up for love, steady as a caterpillar.”

States That Sell Anti-Abortion “Choose Life” License Plates, Mapped

Across the country, motorists can purchase specialty license plates to show their support for state-approved groups or institutions, such as public universities, firefighters, veterans, and… anti-abortion activists? Twenty-nine states offer anti-abortion “Choose Life” license plates. Show More Summary

The American Public Is Wising Up About Rape

Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen shared some very interesting opinions about marital rape this week. “You cannot rape your spouse,” he told Daily Beast reporters. “There’s very clear case law.”

NATO pledges 'strong solidarity' in Turkey's fight against terrorism

In a rare emergency meeting called by Turkey, NATO ambassadors proclaimed "strong solidarity" with Ankara in its strikes against Islamic State militants waging attacks from across the Syrian border.

Clinton won't take sides on Keystone but says it shouldn't be a litmus test

The controversial Keystone XL pipeline should not be the sole litmus test by which environmental advocates judge presidential candidates, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday.

Some meals worth stopping for in Italy on a summer road trip, Part 2

While we were in Modena, my wife maintained, we should try to visit Arnaldo Clinica Gastronomica, a restaurant in the nearby town of Rubiera we had enjoyed on our first trip to Italy 25 years ago.

Rewards to catch drone operators who flew above fires may be offered

San Bernardino County supervisors could approve $75,000 in rewards Tuesday for information leading to the arrests of drone operators who interfered with firefighting during three major blazes this summer.

What would a potential Olympic bid mean for L.A.?

Now that Boston has pulled the plug on its struggling campaign to play host to the 2024 Olympics, Los Angeles becomes the consensus favorite to step in as a last-minute replacement. A two-time host of the Games, this city has the experience and the top-flight sports venues to handle the world's...

Alec Baldwin, Ireland Baldwin mock 'rude, thoughtless little pig' voice mail

What a difference eight years makes! Alec Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin had some fun on Instagram on Monday mocking the infamous angry voicemail from him to her that surfaced in early 2007 during the "30 Rock" actor's custody dispute with Kim Basinger. As the father and his 19-year-old child cozy...

Iron-age arsonists’ leftovers hint at how Earth’s poles may flip

Magnetic deposits in char from ancient African villages reveal that Earth's magnetic field had weakened before without flipping

Pyrite power: Can we reinvent ‘fool’s gold’?

From solar power to mapping volcanic activity, a new account of pyrite argues we need to reinvent the mineral whose seductive glitter had us in thrall

If You’re a GEICO Ad, You Exploit Animals. It’s What You Do.

Animals are exploited in countless ways - intentionally and unintentionally. GEICO may not mean to exploit animals with their "cute" ads for car insurance, but they do. The post If You’re a GEICO Ad, You Exploit Animals. It’s What You Do. appeared first on Your Daily Vegan.

How Intense did the Battle Between Bob Ward and ExxonMobil's Army of Climate Deniers Get?

In this DeSmog UK epic history post, the battle continues between Bob Ward – working at the Royal Society at the time – and ExxonMobil’s army of climate deniers. Bob Ward, the then head of media at the Royal Society, was shocked when...Show More Summary

New Report Reveals Corporate-Funded Hydra Head Blocking U.S. Renewable Energy

A new report from the Energy and Policy Institute reveals the fossil fuel- and utility sector-funded network working to curb the proliferation of renewable energy in the United States. Co-authored by Gabe Elsner and Matt Kasper and titled,...Show More Summary

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