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Anti-Choice Bills Fail to Gain Support in GOP-Dominated South Dakota

South Dakota lawmaker Rep. Isaac Latterell (R-Tea) was unable to revive a bill that would have banned a medical procedure that is commonly used for abortion care. Image: South Dakota Public Broadcasting via YouTube The post Anti-Choice Bills Fail to Gain Support in GOP-Dominated South Dakota appeared first on RH Reality Check.

South Dakota Lawmaker Targets Clinic With Quixotic Bill, Calls Planned Parenthood ‘Worse Than ISIS’

A bill introduced by a South Dakota lawmaker would ban a medical procedure that is commonly used for abortion care, but which is not offered at the state's one abortion clinic. The bill’s vague language and the lawmaker’s heated anti-choice...Show More Summary

South Dakota Republican Introduces ‘Medically Inaccurate,’ ‘Inflammatory’ Anti-Abortion Bill

The bill targets dilation and evacuation (D and E) procedures, which may be used in a second-trimester abortion. The D and E procedure is often used when it is the safest means of preserving the life, health, and perhaps the fertility...Show More Summary

Wyoming Senate Creates Religious Exemption in LGBT Protections

Wyoming lawmakers in the state senate passed a bill Wednesday that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's non-discrimination employment laws, although religious companies and organizations will still be legally...Show More Summary

A Colorado Catholic Speaks Out Against Amendment 67

Amendment 67 flies in the face of all my Catholic values. By banning birth control, abortion, and in vitro fertilization, this dangerous measure would prevent women from following their consciences when making critical moral decisions. Image: Shutterstock The post A Colorado Catholic Speaks Out Against Amendment 67 appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Conservatives Not Amused by NARAL Colorado Condom Shortage Ad

Conservative commentators are teeing off at an ad campaign depicting a world in which birth control is banned and condoms are in short supply. Image: Truth Revolt/Youtube The post Conservatives Not Amused by NARAL Colorado Condom Shortage Ad appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Protecting Women's Personal Decisions in Albuquerque

In announcing his 20-week abortion ban bill, Sen. Lindsay Graham said, "Nothing bad is going to happen." But we know at least one thing will happen! Women will be robbed of the right to make decisions for themselves. Politicians have...Show More Summary

Radio Ads Supporting Insurance Coverage of Birth Control

On Friday, President Obama received widespread praise for reaffirming his commitment to ensuring that all women can get contraceptive coverage without a copay Unfortunately, extremists in Congress don't want women to have access to insurance...Show More Summary

A Webinar on the War on Women!

Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America held a press webinar with reporters, bloggers, and key supporters to discuss the unprecedented wave of attacks on women's freedom and privacy in Congress and the states. You can listen to it online (MP3...Show More Summary

Rep. Speier Urges Pro-Choice Activists to Rally on April 7 at Pro-Choice Lobby Day

Last month, while the U.S. House of Representatives debated cutting all funding for Planned Parenthood health centers, anti-choice Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey launched into a tirade over abortion. Rep. Jackie Speier of California stood up to his anti-choice distortions by sharing her own, deeply personal story. Show More Summary

(AUDIO) Convictions to Action: Lessons from Margaret Sanger

Vision, power, timing and movement are among eight lessons of leadership from Margaret Sanger's life and work.

(AUDIO) Laurie Rubiner: Stupak Amendment a Hobson's Choice

Laurie Rubiner, Vice President of Public Policy at Planned Parenthood, spoke with WNYC's Brian Lehrer about the Stupak-Pitts amendment on Monday morning.

Uprising Radio Asks Wendy Norris: Where's the Meat of the Media Discussion on Shriver Report?

Listen to RH Reality Check's Wendy Norris on KPTK's Uprising Radio this morning as she delves into why the media has almost completely ignored women's distressing health care disparities when discussing The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Media Conference Call

RH Reality Check hosted a media conference call with experts and advocates speaking about the deception and misinformation spread by crisis pregnancy centers, a timely issue as Congress considers whether to continue federal funding. Listen to it here!

The Onus Is on Women or How the HHS Rules Keep Women In The Dark

Deborah Kotz of US News & World Report tells a radio interviewer why the latest HHS rules "leave women in the dark."

End Of The Year Wrap-Up

It's the end of year wrap-up! Ten major stories in sexual and reproductive health, and good news may actually outweigh the bad.   Subscribe to RealityCast: RealityCast iTunes subscription RealityCast RSS feed Links in this episode:

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