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LIVE-STREAM: March for Marriage in Washington D.C.

Watch the whole March for Marriage LIVE right here! Starting at 12:00 EST on Saturday, April 24.

Mother Mourns Her Stillborn Son: “I Find Comfort Knowing the First Face He Saw Was God’s”

On Easter weekend, Emma and Aaron were waiting for the arrival of their first-born son, Reid. However, on April 3rd, Good Friday, everything went terribly wrong. Emma opened up about the experience on her blog, Sincerely, Skin. She wrote, “I woke up at 9:30am on Good Friday, April 3rd, feeling like I usually did in […]

Father Killed in Horrific Car Crash on the Way to the Hospital to Deliver His Eighth Baby

In Wisconsin, Michael Rogan was killed while driving his pregnant wife, Niki, and their children to the hospital for the birth of the couple’s eighth child. According to WSAW News, Michael died when the car ahead of them hit a deer and crashed into the windshield where he was sitting. In this tragic incident, Michael […]

The body is a gift, not a container or machine. We shouldn’t abuse it.

The body cannot be owned, manipulated, used, bought, sold or violated without something drastic and negative happening to one’s well-being.

Pro-abortion politician called out for contradictory statements on value of life

Only two hours apart, last week, the minister of youth and culture contradicted herself and rendered her empathy empty, hollow and superficial. She chastised the killing of the three teenage boys in Clarendon, stating the act shows that...Show More Summary

Pressure mounts as Catholic Relief Services fails to act on VP in gay ‘marriage’

'How long should it take to call an employee into your office, tell him that his behavior is incompatible with the mission of the organization, and ask for his resignation?'

Abp. Cordileone will not attend this weekend’s March for Marriage

Staying in San Franciso "will allow Archbishop Cordileone to remain home and attend to the pastoral needs of the Church here at this time," the archdiocese said in a statement.

Watch the March for Marriage online—only at LifeSiteNews

As the sole media sponsor of the March, LifeSiteNews is proud to exclusively livestream the event tomorrow.

Dear Abby Promotes Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz for the Second Time this Month

On April 22nd, a “Dear Abby” column promoted Planned Parenthood for the second time this month. A 17-year-old girl writes Abby looking for advice concerning sex. She says, “Dear Abby: I’m a 17-year-old girl. Last weekend I lost my virginity in the back seat of a stranger’s car. I feel guilty about it and I […]

What Chicago Police Did to This Pro-Life Advocate at a Planned Parenthood Rally is Inexcusable

In my travels around the country, I’m often asked by fellow pro-life activists how many times I’ve been arrested. They know about the many times my father has been arrested—thirteen in all—and how he was dragged through the federal courts for over 20 years in the infamous NOW v. Scheidler case. They assume that I […]

World’s Oldest Woman Says “Every Day is a Gift From Above”

On April 24, the oldest person in the world gave credit to God for her record-breaking lifespan. Jeralean Tailey, who will be 116 in May, said, “Every day is a gift from above. There is nothing we can do without God. He made us, and He knew when He wanted to take us.” She added, […]

American College of Pediatricians Confirms Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: “Not Merely Correlational”

Breast cancer. Two of the scariest words a woman can hear. You’d think people who claim to advocate for women would do everything possible to educate them about their risks. You’d think they’d offer all the information and all the research. But the abortion industry has a vested interest in making sure women don’t hear […]

Michigan judge denies recognition of same-sex union as marriage, cites court precedent

The couple, one of whom suffers from brain cancer, had hoped that an appeal to pity would convince the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to force the state's hand.

Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious beliefs’ against abortion ‘have to be changed’

Pro-abortion 'laws have to be backed up with resources, and political will,' she said.

These Parents Held a Party to Reveal the Gender of Their Baby, But That Wasn’t the Biggest Surprise

According to the National Infertility Association, 12% of married couples struggle with infertility in America. Unfortunately, Desiree Fortin and her husband were one of these couples but recently found out wonderful news: they are expecting triplets! Desiree explained, “After years of heartache and lots of tears we finally fell pregnant through IVF and received the […]

Priest: I’ll never ‘profane’ the sacraments by following Kasper’s proposal, no matter who tells me to do it

'May God, through the mighty protection and intercession of Saint Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, preserve his Church from endorsing Cardinal Kasper’s iniquitous revisionist proposal.'

Florida House Passes Pro-Life Bill for 24-Hour Waiting Period on Abortion

During debate yesterday in Florida over a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion Rep. Jimmie Smith made what might seem like a simple statement on the surface but underneath was packed with meaning. “This is not a procedure — it is a life,” he said. Smith added, referring to the author of HB […]

‘Conservative’ judicial activism for gay marriage: With amici like these, who needs enemies?

This is more than a departure from responsible jurisprudence and originalism; it is a betrayal of any semblance of limited government grounded in the consent of the people.

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