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Ireland’s gay prime minister will march in Montreal Gay Pride Parade with Trudeau

Canada's abortion supporters are pushing for its prime minister to press the Irish leader on legalizing abortion.

Spanish cardinal: Church faces unprecedented ‘severe test’ in today’s culture

Never in history has the Church 'been harassed as in this period,' Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera said.

Trump set to end Obama’s rule requiring employers to pay for abortion: report

The President will issue an executive order to reverse the Obamacare rules for contraception coverage, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Catholics ‘wishy-washy’ in professing their faith: Scottish archbishop

Glasgow Archbishop Philip Tartaglia says there's a fear of conflict today that leads to compromise.

Teen Dies Whose School Said it Couldn’t Just Let Him Die if His Heart Stopped Beating

A severely ill Alabama teen died Monday in the middle of a public controversy between his parents and school regarding his do-not-resuscitate order. Alex Hoover, 16, of Athens, Alabama was born with aortic and mitral valve stenosis. He also had autism. Two years ago, when he and his mother, Rene, learned that his prognosis was […]

PRO-LIFE VICTORY: After two-year legal fight, another state defunds Planned Parenthood

'There was evidence that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates were acting in an unethical manner... '

Neighbor Claims Robbers May Have Killed Laci Peterson and Her Unborn Son, Not Scott Peterson

A new series on A&E is calling into question a double-murder case that prompted a number of states to pass laws protecting unborn babies from violence. California mom Laci Peterson, 27, was 8-months pregnant with her unborn son, Conner, when she went missing on Christmas Eve in 2002. Her mangled body and her baby boy’s […]

Pro-Life HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s Home Vandalized With Anti-Trump Graffiti

HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson weighed in on the controversy regarding the recent violent rallies in Charlottesville, VA, and urged people to get to know their neighbors and be kind to one another. Writing on his Facebook page, Carson retold a story of how several years ago, he and his wife were greeted at their […]

Pro-Life Investment Plan Hits $1 Billion in Assets By Rejecting Pro-Abortion Companies

Many Christians choose movies, music and even retailers based on how they impact their faith. Why, asks financial expert and nationally syndicated host Dan Celia, should investing be any different? Celia leads Financial Issues Stewardship...Show More Summary

Amazing Ultrasound Photo Shows Baby Giving His Parents a High Five

Watching a couple celebrate their unborn baby is a beautiful experience. And Libby and Mathew Vlasic, of New York, have some very special reasons to celebrate. The couple said they struggled for years to conceive their unborn daughter. Then, during their 20-week ultrasound, the Vlasics’ baby girl appeared to give them a high five from […]

NFL star Benjamin Watson: Abortion is ‘the ultimate form of racism’

(LifeSiteNews) – A professional football star is exposing Planned Parenthood’s origins in the racist views of founder Margaret Sanger. “I do know that blacks kind of represent a large portion of the abortions, and I do know that honestly...Show More Summary

Mike Huckabee: If They Tear Down Memorials They Find Offensive Can We Tear Down Abortion Clinics?

Reacting to growing racial tension culminating in the tearing down of United States monuments, pro-life former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee asked people to think about society’s reaction if he began tearing down things that offend him – like abortion clinics. The former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate appeared Wednesday on Fox News to discuss the […]

Cardinal: No Communion, funeral for Catholic politicians who support abortion

Retired Cardinal Jorge Medina Estevez reinforced the Church's teaching after the country's recent passage of laws decriminalizing abortion.

Pro-Abortion Groups Say Christian Medical Professionals Should be Forced to Participate in Abortions

In early August, an international group of abortion advocates met in Uruguay to discuss the potential removal of conscience protections for healthcare providers with regard to abortion. Religious freedom is an obstacle to women’s health, according to conference organizer International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC). Show More Summary

Billionaire leftist George Soros pouring more money into lobbying efforts

His Open Society Policy Center seeks greater influence on Congress to push a radical liberal agenda worldwide.

Abortion Activists Falsely Claim Pro-Life Groups are Linked to White Supremacists

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), the oldest abortion advocacy group in the U.S., tweeted claims Wednesday that pro-life organizations have “close ties” to the white supremacists behind the violence in Charlottesville. Show More Summary

White supremacy must be dismantled, and abortion with it

To be pro-life is to recognize the inherent value of all human individuals, to acknowledge the worth of each unique human life. Racism is directly contrary to the very foundation of the pro-life movement. And racism — in any form — must be opposed. Show More Summary

Convicted pro-lifer requests letters supporting unborn for September hearing

Mary Wagner, facing an 18-month jail term in Ontario, is asking for help before her sentencing hearing next month.

Chinese Authorities Shut Down Nursery Run by Monk Who Saves Babies From Abortion

The Chinese news outlet Global Times is reporting that a monk who saves babies from abortion and then brings them up has come into conflict with authorities. Master Daolu, a former businessman turned monk, believes, like many Buddhists, that the baby has a soul fm conception, and that abortion is murder. However, he doesn’t just persuade […]

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