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Pro-life vid of day: Do pro-lifers care about kids after birth?

by Kelli On a recent radio program, Stand to Reason’s Greg Koukl (pictured) answered an apparently pro-choice school teacher, Anne, who snarkily asked what he, as a pro-lifer, is doing to take care of children “once they’re here.” After telling her that he has adopted two children from crisis pregnancies, she still seemed dissatisfied. Show More Summary

ANNOUNCING: Pro-lifers to hijack late-term abortionist Twitter love fest TODAY

You’ve likely heard by now that PBS, a taxpayer-funded public television station, is airing the late-term abortionist propaganda piece After Tiller throughout the month of September. I’ll write more on that in another post. For now, stop reading me for a minute and read this incredible piece by Matt Walsh on the topic. Show More Summary

Tireless Pro-Life Advocate Cookie Harris, Wife of Pro-Life Congressman Andy Harris, Passes Away

Cookie Harris was a native of Puerto Rico and attended Notre Dame of Maryland University. Andy and Cookie Harris had been married for over 30 years and have five children and two grandchildren. She has been active in Maryland Right to Life as their outreach and education coordinator. I first met Mrs. Harris at a Students […]

Mother of Abortion Activist Who Attacked Pro-Lifers Sues Pro-Life Group for “Emotional Distress”

An abortion supporter attacks a group of pro-life advocates in Columbus, Ohio and was recently ordered to pay restitution in the case. Now, in a strange twist, the abortion backer’s mother has filed suit against the pro-life group claiming “emotional distress” from the publicity surrounding her daughter’s assault of their members. The abortion backer, Victoria […]

Do All Human Beings at All Stages of Life Have Rights, or Just Some?

Prof. David Schultz writes: “When it comes to the issue of abortion, this is not a scientific issue but instead a matter first of theology and then ethics. There is no scientific answer to when life begins. This is a matter of religious faith and I may not choose to agree with the theology that […]

Every Abortion Clinic in Ohio is Breaking a Law Protecting Women’s Health

What would you think if you were told that no abortion facility in your home state held a current facility license as required by law, yet all of them continued to do abortions that were technically illegal – with full knowledge of state authorities? That is not simply a hypothetical situation in Ohio. It is […]

Latest abortion play: “Dry Land”

Amy and Ester, the Florida high school students at the center of “Dry Land,” have a time-sensitive problem to solve: Amy’s unwanted pregnancy. Unlike the women recently played by Jenny Slate in the indie film “Obvious Child” and by Julia...Show More Summary

After Battling Leukemia, He Wrote This Beautiful Song That Gives God Glory

In 2004, Doran Robin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at age 10. ALL is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow that progresses rapidly and creates immature blood cells rather than mature ones. In the U.S there are 6,000 cases reported every year. It was during this time that Doran learned about […]

You Won’t Believe What This Little Boy Said When He Found Out His Mom is Pregnant

A mother of two decided to announce to her kids that she was expecting another baby, but her son’s response wasn’t what she anticipated. Little Andre starts by asking, “What were you thinking? Why you have to um..just get another baby? This is exasperating…because you just have two, so why do you want to get […]

National Pro-Life Group Endorses Steve Daines for Senate in Montana

The National Right to Life Committee today endorsed Rep. Steve Daines for United States Senate. Rep. Daines opposes unrestricted abortion. He voted for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – groundbreaking legislation to protect unborn children at 20 weeks, a point by which the unborn child is capable of feeling great pain when being killed […]

Woman Kills Pregnant Mom With Knife, Tries to Cut Her Baby Out of Her Womb

Several years ago a few cases cropped up in the United States of women who befriended pregnant mothers only to subject them to horrific violence resulting in their murders and the assailant attempting to cut their unborn baby out of their womb. Now, a new case has surfaced in Mexico. There, 29-year-old Maria Rodriguez (right) […]

Doctors Told My Parents Three Times to Abort My Sister Just Because She Has Trisomy 18

“How is Faith doing?” That is probably the question I have heard the most in the last five years.  Every time I get asked that question, I have the same general answer:  “She is doing okay, but the doctors still have not figured out _____.” I shock myself with how many medical terms I now […]

Adult Stem Cells Help Totally Paralyzed Patient Walk, Embryonic Stem Cells? Zilch

I predicted in 2013 that the company which bought Geron would restart its embryonic stem cell product human trial. Indeed, it is. I could also have predicted the media would hype it to the moon. And so the San Francisco Chronicle has in big headlines on the front page. From, “Stem Cell Industry’s ‘Huge Development’ in […]

Pro-life news brief 8-28-14

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat A newborn baby boy in Utah is in critical condition after his mother abandoned him in a trash can and was found by neighbors who thought they were hearing a kitten: Police say the 24-year-old...Show More Summary

Why Do We Tell Pregnant Women Not to Hurt Their Baby by Drinking But Ignore Abortion?

If you live in Ontario and enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner or a couple beers after getting the yard work finished, you will be exposed to an aggressive marketing campaign the next time you hit the local LCBO to purchase your booze. The government-owned liquor distribution branch launched an advertising blitz this week […]

Father-Son Abortionists Stop Performing Abortions at Columbus, Ohio Clinic

There is more good news out of Ohio when it comes to stopping abortions. A pro-life group has verified that the father son killing team of Mervyn and Milroy Samuel have ceased doing abortions at their Columbus, Ohio location. The pro-life group Created Equal informed LifeNews today that it called the abortion facility and the […]

Doctors Wanted to Abort Her Baby Because She Had Breast Cancer, Then This Happened

Through the grace of God, PRI has saved the life of an unborn child in Peru who was slated to be aborted for so-called “therapeutic” reasons. Doctors in a Peruvian hospital had decided to give a woman with breast cancer an abortion, claiming that the abortion was necessary to save her life. In fact, they […]

Mom Files Wrongful Life Lawsuit Because She Couldn’t Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome

Atheist writer Richard Dawkins created a firestorm of controversy last week with his comments justifying the abortion of babies with Down syndrome. Now, out of South Africa, comes a story of a woman who is suing because she was unable to abort her baby. A “wrongful birth” claim rests on the assertion by a parent […]

Respectable Barbarism: We Condemn Terrorism Outside the Womb, Ignore Violence Inside

We’ve all been shocked by the barbarism we’ve seen committed in the name of Islam. But what about the respectable barbarism we see around us every day? It’s pretty clear when a worldview is barbaric, because worldviews have feet. They reveal themselves in the real world. We saw it the other day when the Islamic […]

(Not so) pro-life vid of day: Baby can be killed until cord cut

by Hans Johnson As the summer winds down for those in Created Equal’s Justice Riders, they will be returning to school with a great deal of experience debating pro-choicers. Here is a noble effort by Director of Training Seth Drayer,...Show More Summary

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