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Pro-choicer on CA law: Don’t make pregnancy centers refer for abortion

by Kelli To be clear, some crisis pregnancy centers can be shady. They have been known to misleadingly portray themselves as full-service women’s health clinics, or to obscure religious affiliations. They may offer discredited info on...Show More Summary

‘Every life matters’: Rick Santorum announces new bid for president

'With your help and God's grace, we can change this nation,' he said in his hometown.

Chinese County Forced Women to Have Abortions to Meet Abortion Quotas

Four officials from different villages in Lanling county in Shandong Province told Chinese media that they were under an “abortion quota” and resorted to buying the records of women who had already aborted to meet the requirements. Liu Xin, writing for the Global Times, reported that the quota was “one abortion for every 1,000 villagers, and […]

Doctors Advised Mom to Abort Her Baby Girl With Down Syndrome, She’s Now Healthy

In 2012, Michaela and Christopher were at their 20-week ultrasound patiently waiting to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. However, instead of finding out the sex of their baby they were told that their child had some very serious health problems and that they should consider abortion. Michaela explained, “As […]

Pro-Life Senator Rick Santorum Launches Republican Campaign for President

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, a pro-life stalwart, made his bid for the Republican nomination for president official today. The Catholic former elected official says he will make working families the hallmark of his presidential campaign. Last month, Santorum spoke at an event for the Women’s Help Center in Jacksonville, Florida and reiterated his pro-life […]

School’s Posters Urge Teens Not to Have Sex at Prom, Planned Parenthood’s Response is Ridiculous

In Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood is outraged that a high school decided to place flyers up on campus encouraging girls to protect their character by not having sex on prom night. On Twitter, the abortion giant said the flyers were “despicable” and apparently the school, Lincoln High School, took them down because of controversy. The flyers […]

George Pataki Calls Abortion Debate a “Distraction” as He Prepares Republican Presidential Bid

Social issues should take a back seat, says former New York Gov. George Pataki in a new ad airing in New Hampshire. Pataki, who is getting ready to announce a run for the presidency in the Granite State, has suggested that preserving traditional values is merely a ‘distraction’ from more pressing dangers. “Defeating Islamic terror, shrinking government […]

Father of Three Kills Himself in Assisted Suicide While His Family Begs Him Not to Do It

A 54-year-old British man with an inoperable brain tumor has committed suicide at a Swiss assisted suicide clinic even though his wife and three daughters pleaded with him to stay alive. The father, Jeffrey Spector, said the following before his death: “My family disagree, but I believe this is in their best interests. Friends and […]

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Trashes Scott Walker for Saying “Ultrasounds are Cool”

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker thinks ultrasound images of unborn babies are “cool” but the Planned Parenthood abortion business disagrees. Walker gave an interview, during which he talked about how amazing technology is nowadays that people are able to show the very first picture of their baby to friends and family — an ultrasound picture […]

Criticisms of Pope Francis from within the Vatican Curia made public

Journalist Guiseppe Rusconi says that without intending it, Pope Francis favored the advance of the homosexual lobby.

‘Hope in the heart of hell’: Pro-life center plans to open 10 feet from abortion clinic

With support for the woman and baby—for up to two years after birth—Seneca promises a woman a solution, not a problem.

A requiem for the Boy Scouts

The eventual requiem for the Boy Scouts will reveal a moral lesson to be sure. But it will be a lesson learned too late, and at so great a loss.

Strong winds blowing from the UN to change climate at the Vatican

The Vatican should know that environmental issues in international negotiations are not about planting trees, but killing babies, the infirm and the elderly.

California House passes bill forcing pregnancy centers to refer for abortions

The California 'Bully Bill' will force locally funded pregnancy help organizations to surrender rights protected by the First Amendment.

Scotland Parliament Rejects Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide by Large Margin

In a victory for pro-life advocates looking to protect the disabled and terminally ill, the Scottish parliament has rejected a bill to legalize assisted suicide. At Holyrood, the assisted suicide bill has been rejected by MSPs on a 82-36 vote. Green MSP, Patrick Harvie sponsored the legislation. The Bill calls for the creation of  ‘licensed […]

The pro-life art of war

When we’re talking about changing laws and protecting the innocent, we’re not just a moral movement. We’re a political pressure group. So let’s act that way.

Look at This Abortion Clinic That No Longer Kills Babies and Has Been Bulldozed to the Ground

A Kansas City abortion clinic that once fought a legal battle to prevent abortionists from being required to report child sex abuse is no more. After Central Family Medical (also known as Aid for Women) closed for good on July 26, 2014, it didn’t take long for the property to sell. But the ramshackle, outdated […], feminists, and limbless children

Many 'pro-choice' people will insist that abortion cannot possibly look like the shredded human they see on the photos.

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