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Hillary Clinton is Lying, Late-Term Abortions are Rampant in the United States

Hillary Clinton claimed during the presidential debate last week that late-term abortions don’t occur within the United States, and the liberal media was right there to back her up. But Operation Rescue has video evidence of notorious abortionist George R. Tiller describing a method that murders pre-born babies at nine months. Hillary and the liberal […]

Hispanic Pastor: Hillary Clinton’s Pro-Abortion Position Worse Than Donald Trump’s Border Wall

The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez urged his fellow Hispanics in America to consider Hillary Clinton’s radical pro-abortion position before voting in November. Rodriguez, a strong pro-life advocate in the Hispanic American community and the president...Show More Summary

Netherlands considers removing restrictions on assisted death

A proposal has been made to open up assisted death to those who feel they have lived a 'complete life.'

Romania has the second most abortions in the world and Hillary accused us of ‘forcing women to give birth’?

Offering Romania as an example of country which is restrictive in terms of abortion is a claim just as false as saying the US is a dictatorship.

Voters to decide legality of physician-assisted suicide in Colorado

'Assisted suicide laws lead to the marginalization of the weak and persons with disabilities, and can easily be abused.'

O’Reilly is right: We have no moral authority if we don’t protect the preborn

'In a humane country, the unborn must be protected to some extent by the government,' said O'Reilly.

Premature Baby’s Amazing Smile 5 Days After Birth Goes Viral, She’s the “Happiest Baby in the World”

The photo of a premature baby girl just five days after her birth is bringing a smile to hundreds of thousands of people on the internet. Freya Vinje is almost 2 years old now, but her 2014 birth was a traumatic experience for her parents, Lauren and David Vinje of Minnesota. Lauren recently shared her […]

Planned Parenthood Abortionist Could be Golfing, Instead He Does Abortions for $2,000 Each

Last week, the online New York Magazine posted a lengthy piece painting a rosy picture of abortion and a “heroic provider” in Kansas. The focus of the 2,435-word-long profile, written by Caitlin Moscatello, is 75-year-old abortionist, Ronald Yeomans, now employed by Planned Parenthood Great Plains (PPGP) in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kansas. The […]

Pope Emeritus Benedict reiterates call for priests to ‘face East’

The retired pope's thoughts affirm a recent suggestion by Cardinal Robert Sarah for celebrants to consider facing the altar during the liturgy.

Belgian Catholics urge Rome to discipline Antwerp bishop over gay advocacy

Bishop Johan Bonny's new book recommends a Church blessing and openness to Communion for homosexual, divorced, remarried, and cohabitating couples.

B.C. hospices say they’ve been told to offer euthanasia

The Fraser Health Authority would not confirm whether voluntary hospices have been asked to add euthanasia to their services.

Abortion supporters return to streets in Poland to protest pro-life laws

Radical groups continue to put pressure on the government in an attempt to loosen the country's laws on the protection of life.

19-year-old social conservative defeats Brown-backed PC president for nomination

The stunning upset is a 'blow to PC Leader Patrick Brown indeed, and a victory for parental rights!' says a pro-family leader.

Trying to justify abortion as an ‘act of love’ is a distortion

Some women, such as Abby Flanagan and Wendy Davis, choose to end the life of a terminally diagnosed baby in the womb.

Obama fights back after judge blocks transgender bathroom mandate

The administration challenged a district judge's injunction by taking its case to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We Must Keep Congress Pro-Life, Here are Pro-Life Senate Candidates Who Need Your Help

As National Right to Life has explained in elaborate detail, the next president will nominate a successor for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and probably have the opportunity to nominate successors to at least two more justices. The United States Senate will confirm or block these nominees. Pro-lifers across the nation must remain focused on […]

Euthanasia Group Hides Its Assisted Suicide Agenda Renaming Itself “My Death, My Decision”

Another euthanasia lobby group has rebranded itself. SOARS, The Society for Old Age Rational Suicide, a lobby group based in the United Kingdom, has renamed itself My Death, My Decision. “Suicide” is a word that nearly all campaigners avoid as it carries negative connotations. In 2009 SOARS split from another UK group, Dignity in Dying, […]

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