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Black Pastor Slams Abortion: “You Can’t Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ When Black Baby Lives Don’t Matter”

In an interview with Fox News a black pastor condemned the scourge of abortion on black babies and bashed Planned Parenthood for targeting minority neighborhoods with its abortion clinics. During an August 22 Fox News discussion, Pastor...Show More Summary

Why Do Democrats Want to Fund Free Abortions Instead of Abortion Alternatives?

The Philadelphia Inquirer website ran a refreshing headline recently: “Rather than fund abortion, let’s invest in alternatives.” The column, penned by writer Marybeth Hagan, began with a description of the Democratic National Convention, which was held in July in Philadelphia: “Democrats seem dead set on being the party that celebrates abortion and bills taxpayers for […]

Did You Know That for Every Abortion Clinic There are 4 Pregnancy Centers Helping Women?

Did you know that for every abortion clinic there are at least four pregnancy help centers? Far more women live near life-affirming help than they may realize. There are countless reasons women may feel backed into a corner with their unexpected pregnancies and end up “choosing” abortion because they feel there are no other options. But […]

The Movie “Amour” is a “Dangerously Seductive Piece of Pro-Euthanasia Propaganda”

Margaret Morganroth Gullette is Resident Scholar of the Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University and author of ‘Agewise: Fighting the New Ageism in America’. She has just written a brilliant review of the award winning film ‘Amour’ for the Guardian Film blog which is well worth reading. Amour (literally, ‘Love’) is a French-language film written […]

Over 1,000 Pro-Life People Marched Around This Busy Abortion Center That Kills Babies

For the past three years, Eliana Smith has stood on the sidewalk outside of one of Charlotte, North Carolina’s busiest abortion facilities to offer women better alternatives than abortion. Smith can relate to the women walking inside. Almost 10 years ago, she walked into an abortion facility, too. However, she had a last-minute change of […]

Abortion Activists Want Head of Pro-Life Group Removed From Ohio Medical Board

Abortion activists are trying to push a pro-life leader off the State Medical Board of Ohio after the board received a recent complaint involving an alleged forced abortion at a Dayton abortion facility. Mike Gonidakis is the chairman of the medical board and president of Ohio Right to Life. Gonidakis recused himself from the case […]

Woman Brags About Her Abortion: I’m “Refusing to Stay Silent About Ending My Pregnancy”

This will not be a lengthy post because I’m not entirely sure what to say about Brittany Robinson’s essay, “Abortion can be a lonely experience — which is why I openly talk about mine,” which appeared in today’s Washington Post. Robinson describes herself as a freelance writer based in Portland. Oregon. She is posting on […]

BREAKING: Leaked e-mails show George Soros paid to influence bishops during Pope’s USA visit

The documents also reveal Soros’ hope to use a high-profile leftist cardinal as part of the agenda to influence the Pope.

Porn use doubles chance of divorce in the next 2 years, study finds

Beginning to watch porn dramatically increased the chances that a marriage will break up, especially for couples that don’t attend church regularly.

WATCH: Over 1,000 pro-lifers march around Charlotte’s busiest abortion facility

The event was part of a 40-week campaign organized by Love Life Charlotte to engage local churches in pro-life work.

WATCH: Official Admits High School Students Dissected the Brains of Aborted Babies

A new video interview has surfaced that confirms allegations made by the U.S. House Select Panel on Infant Lives, that staff from the University of New Mexico used brains of aborted babies for dissection by high school students at a summer camp. Dr. Paul Roth, chancellor of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center […]

China Forces Woman to Abort Her Baby at 6 Months, “I Saw My Daughter, She Was Dead”

Another courageous article from Shanghai online news portal Sixth Tone describes the continued desperation of re-married women in Guangdong. Six months pregnant, Anxiang and her husband were forced to choose between aborting her pregnancy or losing their government jobs, because they had violated China’s new Two-Child Policy.  They had thought that they were allowed to […]

Former MP Pierre Lemieux to run for Tory leadership on social conservative platform

The Catholic father of five had a perfect pro-life voting record during his three terms as MP in Canada.

WATCH: College official confirms that aborted baby brains were dissected by high school students

'There should be immediate criminal charges filed against UNM and Roth, who apparently took no issue with high school kids dissecting aborted baby brains.'

This Vatican shakeup sends shivers down my spine

Many disconcerting activities are going on in the Catholic Church right now that could directly affect the manner in which our children and grandchildren will be taught.

Clock ticking on ‘oppressive’ California bill forcing LGBT ideology on Christian colleges

California Senate Bill 1146 that would require schools to abandon their moral principles has until August 31 to pass in the state legislature.

Catholic Politician Defends Abortion, Says Catholic Church Doesn’t Think Unborn Babies are People

Minnesota state Rep. John Lesch is a Catholic and a politician in the conservative mid-west. He also supports abortions. Lesch, a board member of the pro-abortion group Catholics for Choice, wrote a column for The Hill this week explaining why he supports abortion and why other Catholic politicians should, too. “I came of age in […]

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