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These 13 States Would Immediately Ban Abortions if Roe v. Wade is Overturned

Donald Trump’s vow to nominate “pro-life” justices to the U.S. Supreme Court has abortion advocacy groups scared. Trump promised several times to nominate “pro-life” justices to the high court, while Vice President-elect Mike Pence said those justices could pave the way to consign Roe to “the ash heap of history where it belongs.” But overturning […]

Inauguration protests lead to violence, arrests, damage, police injuries in DC

Demonstrations began Thursday and continued Friday with pepper spray reportedly needed to control crowds.

Hey “Women’s March” Feminists: Low Commitment Sex Doesn’t Promote Women’s Dignity

The abortion industry wins every time women’s rights are treated as synonymous with abortion. Lumping the two together is a clever marketing ploy by the abortion industry to paint itself in a better light; but it’s deceptive and deeply insulting. Women are demeaned by the constant focus on their reproductive organs, as if the only […]

Woman Rejects Abortion After Seeing Her Baby’s Heart Beat on an Ultrasound

The following story comes from The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford in Rockford, IL. “How did I get here?” I asked myself. I was standing in the bathroom of a gas station with a pregnancy test sitting on the lid of the trash receptacle next to me. I watched as the symbols slowly appeared on […]

WATCH: Protestor Becomes Completely Unglued As Donald Trump is Sworn In

The inauguration of Donald Trump was marked by an unprecedented amount of protests, some of which resulted in a whole lot of broken windows. Thankfully, not all of the protestors were violent, and some of them were more hilarious than anything else. Exhibit A: This protestor who let out an impressive, movie-worthy scream right as […]

Nancy Pelosi Trashes Pro-Life People: “They Pray on Sunday and Prey on People the Rest of the Week”

The Democratic Party has problems. Ever since Democrats suffered major, unexpected losses in the November election, political commentators have been speculating about why. One of the biggest reasons pointed to is the party’s disconnect with rural, religious and pro-life voters. Show More Summary

Southwest Airlines Flight Turns on Pink Cabin Lights to Promote Planned Parenthood’s Pro-Abortion March

Southwest Airlines is delving into abortion politics again. Mashable reports one or possibly more Southwest flights turned their cabin lights pink on Thursday to show support for the upcoming Women’s March on Washington. The event recently emerged as an abortion advocacy event and kicked out several pro-life groups after initially welcoming them as partners. “Southwest […]

President Trump: ‘We will be protected by God’

Friday's inauguration speech included references to the Bible and the Almighty Creator.

Congressman Chris Smith: Stopping Abortion is the Most Important Human Rights Cause on Earth

Protecting unborn children and their mothers is the most important human rights cause on earth. Now as ever before we must work, pray, and fast for that day when every life is cherished as a gift; every life loved despite one’s disability, race, sex, color, religion or condition of dependency; every life welcomed no matter […]

Malta pro-lifers want ‘morning-after pill’ owlawed because it violates ban on abortion

Two doctors from the Life Network Foundation filed a judicial protest over the government-approved abortifacient drug EllaOne.

Campaigner to continue to fight ‘gender-abortion’ despite punitive costs

The costs awarded against me are unjust, but I hope to raise the funds and continue to stand up for preborn girls.

New 124-page dossier details Georgetown U’s betrayal of Catholic faith

The report identifies Georgetown faculty members who have advocated for abortion and same-sex marriage and even held positions in Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion organizations.

WATCH: Pro-life advocate defends life from conception on BBC

Dr McCarthy criticized the 'mass production' and 'quality control' approach to embryo research, saying that human beings are 'created through a production process and they are treated as products'.

Video: LGBT activists protest with ‘dance’ in VP Mike Pence’s neighbourhood

'We are here tonight to send a clear message to Daddy Pence that we will not tolerate bigotry and hate in our country.'

President Donald Trump is the First Pro-Life President in Eight Years

When I left the NRLC office in Washington, DC this morning to grab a cup of coffee, I glanced at my watch. It read exactly 8:05. I felt a single drop of rain fall on my sleeve. Since rain was in the forecast, I feared the inauguration might be bathed in showers. But as far […]

Doctors Told Fiona’s Parents to Abort Her Because She’d Only Live an Hour, Now She’s Two Weeks Old

Autumn and David Dunn were excited last spring when they learned that their fourth child was on the way. A few months later, the Bettendorf, Iowa received some heartbreaking news: Their unborn daughter had several potentially fatal organ problems and probably would not live long, Fox 17 in Iowa reports. “They said that she would […]

Texas Pro-Life Law Cut Abortions 50% Before the Supreme Court Overturned It

Texas House Bill 2 (HB2) was not in effect for long before the U.S. Supreme Court struck it down as unconstitutional, but it did help save babies from abortion while it was in place. The 2013 law had a seemingly simply objective, holding abortion facilities to the same standards that many hospitals must adhere to, […]

President Trump takes office: Here are six key promises he made on abortion, marriage, and liberty

Here is a list of the top life-and-family promises Trump made while on the campaign trail that reveals his 'new vision' for America.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe: State Will Lose Business if Babies are Protected From Late-Term Abortions

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe pushed back Thursday against two pro-life measures in his state, claiming they will hurt business in the state. McAuliffe has been a faithful ally of the abortion industry in Virginia. While campaigning for governor in 2013, McAuliffe promised to be a “brick wall” against any limits on abortion. The abortion industry […]

One-Third of Colorado Hospitals Refuse to Allow Doctors to Kill Patients in Assisted Suicide

Hospitals and clinics throughout Colorado are refusing to comply with Proposition 106, Colorado’s newly passed legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide, StatNews reported. Medical, disability rights, pro-life and religious groups all campaigned against the deadly measure. Show More Summary

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