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Rick Santorum Endorses Donald Trump Because “The Most Important Issue is the Supreme Court”

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has endorsed presumptive nominee Donald Trump, saying the Supreme Court is the number one issue in the election and the nation can’t afford to have Hillary Clinton shaping it for decades. “I’m 100 percent. That’s endorse,” Santorum said in an interview with Fox News host Greta Van Susteren Tuesday […]

Congressional Committee Investigates Americorps Staffers Breaking Law to Work at Abortion Clinics

The service program AmeriCorps was under the spotlight of a U.S. Congressional committee this week after a government watchdog found it was using tax dollars to promote abortions. The U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce held a hearing on Tuesday to question AmeriCorps about the violations and consider what action to take, LiveAction […]

Does Every Human Life Have Equal Moral Value Simply Because It is Human?

We live in an increasingly secular society. One consequence (among many) of this cultural shift has been an increasing rejection of the once uncontroversial belief that humans reside uniquely at the pinnacle of moral worth. Activist academics, purveyors of popular culture, and issue ideologues across a wide swath of movements—from bioethics, to animal rights, to […]

Abortion Activists Rally to Support Late-Term Abortions, Want Nikki Haley to Veto 20-Week Ban

Abortion activists gathered outside of the South Carolina Statehouse on Tuesday to pressure Gov. Nikki Haley to veto a bill protecting babies from abortion starting at 20 weeks. LifeNews reported the bill passed the state House last week, and the state Senate approved it in March. Haley said she almost certainly will sign it when […]

3 million Romanians sign petition to enshrine natural marriage in Constitution

Getting an amendment through is 'extremely difficult,' say organizers, but they have good reason for hope.

Mexican bishops denounce president’s gay ‘marriage’ proposal

But the bishops are silent on the Church’s teaching against homosexuality, and some even suggest same-sex civil unions as an alternative.

Liberal censorship: breaking out of the echo chamber

'We progressives believe in diversity, and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays and Muslims at the table, so long as they aren’t conservatives.'

China’s population control police should be abolished

Perhaps if China’s family planning police were abolished, human capital could be re-invested in helping families rather than forcing women to abort their children.

How entrepreneurial activity can help the pro-life movement to flourish

When the grassroots of our movement is thriving, we will be able to inform culture, one person at a time, save lives from abortion and turn the tide.

God’s mercy is clear at New Zealand vigils

'The extent of the good that God chooses to draw out of our efforts may never be seen, but promises to be superabundant.'

Officials Reveal 58 Medical Emergencies From Botched Abortions at One Planned Parenthood Clinic

The St. Louis Fire Department has settled a lawsuit brought by Operation Rescue in 2013, which sought to obtain public information related to documented medical emergencies at the Planned Parenthood of Greater St. Louis abortion facility. Instead of the 31 expected emergencies that required ambulance transport, the St. Louis Fire Department provided Operation Rescue with […]

Ohio Committee Passes Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood Dumping Aborted Babies in Landfills

Today the Ohio Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee approved  legislation that would require abortion businesses to treat the bodies of aborted babies humanely after the abortion. The bill came about after Planned Parenthood abortion clinics were caught dumping aborted babies in landfills. Show More Summary

Abortion Activists More Concerned With Killing People Like Ana Than Killing Mosquitoes Causing Zika

Ana Carolina Caceres is a journalist in Brazil.  In a photograph in a recent story about her, she wears a garland of flowers, a simple necklace and a pleasant if somewhat nonplussed expression on her face.  Caceres’ writing is clear and straightforward, as befits the blogger she is, but the story is not about her […]

Liberal Protesters Assault Disabled Donald Trump Supporter Attending Rally in a Wheelchair

Liberal activists have created a tense and violent-prone environment outside rallies for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for weeks. That potential for violence came to a head in New Mexico yesterday when a disabled Trump supporter attending a rally in a wheelchair became the subject of a violent assault. As the Associated Press reports, […]

Planned Parenthood Worker Quit When She Was Told to Lie to Sell More Abortions

There is a growing exodus of abortion clinic workers across the nation, and with them are coming harrowing stories of the rampant corruption inside the abortion industry. One of the latest accounts is from a former Texas Planned Parenthood employee named Angie. She quit her job with the help of And Then There Were None, […]

Pro-Life Lawmaker’s Wife Shares Her Regret About Having an Abortion: “There’s Forgiveness in Christ”

Like many young girls who get pregnant in high school, Stephanie Chatfield was swayed by the idea that an abortion would be a quick solution to her unplanned pregnancy. The abortion industry convinced her that it would be an easy way out of a difficult situation. They didn’t tell her that years of what she […]

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