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Legal battle isn’t over for priest who refuses to break confessional seal

The Diocese of Baton Rouge is also named in a lawsuit that a judge refused to dismiss on Monday.

Christian ministry sues for defamation over ‘hate group’ designation

D. James Kennedy Ministries' lawsuit includes the Southern Poverty Law Center and

MTV promotes voter registration for same-sex ‘marriage’ initiative in Australia

Various media stopped programming to encourage young voters to sign up before the deadline

‘Nonexistent’ commission to revise Humanae Vitae given exclusive access to Vatican secret archives

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia denies that the encyclical is being reinterpreted, but suspicions have been raised.

Amoris Laetitia is a ticking ‘atomic bomb’ set to obliterate all Catholic morality: philosopher

If the Pope teaches that God sometimes wills people to commit adultery, then Catholic morality is finished.

Nancy Pelosi’s Father Once Dedicated a Statue to Robert E. Lee

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi woke up from her 30-year slumber last week and suddenly decided to be outraged by the Confederate statues standing in the halls of Congress. She finds them “reprehensible” and is demanding House Speaker Paul Ryan have them removed. Her family tree history makes her outrage a bit awkward. Red Alert […]

Woman dies during late-term abortion, but autopsy lays blame on pregnancy complications

A woman undergoing a late-term abortion in New Mexico has died, and it appears that authorities may be blaming her pregnancy for the death, rather than complications from the abortion. Operation Rescue issued a press release today, stating...Show More Summary

Abortion Activists are Anti-Women, Anti-Science and Anti-Choice. Here’s How

For all the bluster about “choice,” “access,” and “reproductive health,” the abortion industry and its assorted fans in Hollywood, politics and the media have a remarkable tendency to swing for the fences and come up empty. And that fact is becoming clearer to see every day. Take, for instance, the recently failed “Expose Fake Clinics” […]

Ohio Senate may ban discriminatory abortions against babies with Down syndrome

Abortionists could lose their medical licenses if they abort babies because they have a disability.

When Abortion Activists Protest Giving Women Pregnancy Options You Know Pro-Lifers are Wining

Recently, protesters gathered in Atlanta to protest the Human Coalition pro-life Women’s Care Clinic in the heart of the city. We weren’t the first pro-life organization targeted, nor will we be the last. And we gleaned a few encouraging takeaways from the experience. The protest took place on Saturday, August 12, and was an official […]

Outcry From Parents Forces School to Scrap Sex-Ed Plans and Keep Abstinence Program

Planned Parenthood’s basic operating plan is very straightforward. 1. It installs sex education programs in schools. 2. These sex ed programs then create a demand for birth control among teens. 3. The birth control fails, which then leads to abortions. Planned Parenthood makes money at each step in this process. Planned Parenthood and its cohorts […]

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Has Closed 238 Clinics in Two Years. Here’s Its Desperate Next Move

This past week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund revealed a desperate effort to save their joint corporate existence. The move was prompted by the fact that Planned Parenthood has been losing—at the ballot box, in local communities, and in the halls of Congress. Cecile Richards, president of both the […]

Amazing Pro-Life Song “Unborn Grace” is Heartbreaking But Will Truly Bless You

I don’t recall exactly when (or how) I was made aware of the song, “Unborn Grace.” I’m guessing it appeared on an NRLC affiliate’s webpage where right to lifers will often find gems. “Unborn Grace” is taken from the album “Deeper Still.” I knew nothing about Faye Smith except that she has an absolutely beautiful, […]

Actress Lynn Fergusson Refuses to Genetically Screen and Abort Her Baby if Disabled

All too often, parents are pressured by doctors to undergo genetic screening, and even to abort their babies if it is thought they have a disability. Now a video where an actress hilariously relates how she resisted this pressure is going viral. Scroll down to watch the video! When actress Lynn Fergusson (most famous for […]

Told to abort all three of her children, Heather gave them life instead

(Secular Pro-Life) I grew up in an abusive household, and as a teenager, I vowed never to bring children into such a horrendous world – a perspective shaped by my upbringing. The callousness of the world was proven once more when I was violently raped by my abusive boyfriend. Show More Summary

Professor: Early Unborn Baby “Doesn’t Have a Future as a Person and Has No Moral Status”

LifeNews Note: The following is an open letter to Princeton University professor Liz Harmon from Lia Mills. Mills is a student pro-life activist who is the founder and director of True Choice. Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Lia, and I am a young Canadian feminist. I was one of the hundreds of […]

99% of People With Down Syndrome Happy With Their Lives, But Most are Aborted

While the nation was cringing last week and every media outlet buzzing about the neo-Nazi imagery from Charlottesville, another story reminiscent of the Third Reich emerged from, of all places, Iceland. CBS tweeted out the story with the tagline: “Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion.” “With the rise of prenatal […]

New Book “Defenders of the Unborn” Chronicles Pro-Lifers Who Fought Abortion Before Roe v. Wade

I try not to go overboard, making comments that require more than a review or two of a new book, but Defenders of the Unborn: The Pro-life Movement before Roe v. Wade by Daniel K. Williams appears to offer a lot both to “novice” pro-lifers and those of us who have been around literally for […]

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