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Michigan Senate Committee Passes Bill to Punish Anyone Who Coerces a Woman to Have an Abortion

Michigan Senate lawmakers approved two bills on Tuesday that would impose harsh penalties on anyone who coerces a woman to have an abortion. The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the bills in a party-line 3-1 vote, sending them to the full state Senate for consideration, according to Michigan Live. The state House passed the bills in […]

SHOCK: Scientists Grow Human Embryos for 14 Days So They Can Conduct Experiments on Them

A shocking new report indicates scientists have found a way for human embryos to live outside the womb for 14 days, which is a record, so they can be experimented on for a longer period of time. Leading pro-life advocates are outraged that scientists would specifically create unique human beings to purposefully experiment on and […]

Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich to Drop Out, Paving Way for Donald Trump

The last remaining republican presidential candidate John Kasich is dropping out of the race today — paving the way for businessman Donald Trump to likely become the GOP nominee and likely take on pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump emerged as the presumptive GOP nominee Tuesday night when Ted Cruz dropped out. SIGN THE PLEDGE: […]

Former Abortion Doctor Describes How the Abortion Pill Slowly Starves a Baby to Death

A former abortion practitioner who did 1,200 abortions but is now pro-life appears in a new video to describe how the mifepristone abortion drug works. The abortion pill, also known as Mifeprex or RU 486, slowly deprives a developing unborn baby of the nutrition she needs to survive. Today, pro-life organization Live Action launched its […]

UN Human Rights Council Plans to Target Ireland for Protecting Unborn Children From Abortion

Pro-life supporters in Ireland are not surprised at reports that the United Nations plans to facilitate further attacks on the country’s constitutional pro-life laws when the Human Rights Council meets in Geneva next week as part of its Universal Periodic Review into the human rights records of Member States. It is becoming something of a […]

WATCH: As FDA expands RU-486 abortions, former abortionist shows what they look like

'If she looks carefully, she might be able to count the fingers and toes,' Dr. Levatino says in a new video.

Women’s group urges Trudeau gvmt to fix ‘corrupt’ Court Challenges Program

REAL Women of Canada warns in a brief that the program used the courts to impose a feminist agenda on Canada.

Trudeau government moves to close debate early on euthanasia bill

It's 'ridiculous' to shorten debate on 'the most important issue Parliament has dealt with in a generation,' says a pro-life leader.

Abortion is Not Safer for Women Than Childbirth. Here’s Why

One of abortion advocates’ most seemingly compelling arguments is that abortion is safer than childbirth, and women should not be forced to put their lives in jeopardy for someone else. It’s a claim that a popular new video from the pro-abortion website Vox touts heavily, but it isn’t true. First and foremost, abortion never is […]

Hospital Calls Baby Israel “Brain Dead,” But Videos Show Him Reacting to His Mother’s Voice

There is more good news this week in the case of a 2-year-old California boy who a hospital wants to take off life support against his family’s wishes. On Monday, a federal judge ruled with the family, allowing 2-year-old Israel Stinson to stay on life support, according to the Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing […]

Ted Cruz salutes life, religious liberty as he suspends his presidential campaign

Both Cruz and Carly Fiorina mentioned the 'right to life' in their campaign-ending remarks last night.

98 Democrats Demand End to Investigation of Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Pro-abortion Democrats aren’t giving up their efforts to thwart an investigation of Planned Parenthood, despite mounting evidence that it profited from the sale of baby body parts and deceived women. Slate reports 98 Democrats in Congress signed a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan and panel chair Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Thursday, demanding that they dismantle […]

Emily’s List Spending Millions on Pro-Abortion Candidates, But Losing 25% of Its Races

The pro-abortion group Emily’s List has shoveled millions of dollars into the election already this year, but its hefty pocketbook hasn’t managed to buy many victories for pro-abortion candidates. Roll Call reports five of the six candidates endorsed by the pro-abortion PAC lost their races last Tuesday in an overwhelming defeat. The group even spent […]

Abortion Activist Makes Shocking Admission: We’re Losing and Abortion Clinics are Closing

In pro-life circles, no one has documented and explained the depletion–the shrinking number –of abortion clinics more thoughtfully and more thoroughly than NRLC’s Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, director of education and research. That is why it is appropriate that this morning Randy would forward me a story by Madeleine Schwartz, “Abortion Clinics In Blue States […]

Ted Cruz Drops Outs of Republican Presidential Race After Donald Trump Wins Indiana

Ted Cruz ended his presidential campaign on Tuesday after failing to defeat Donald Trump in the Indiana Republican primary. “From the beginning, I’ve said that I would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory,” Cruz told supporters at an election night rally in Indianapolis. “Tonight, I’m sorry to say it […]

Donald Trump Defeats Ted Cruz and John Kasich in Indiana, Nomination Appears More Likely

Donald Trump defeated Ted Cruz and John Kasich in Indiana’s winner-take-all primary election tonight and it makes it even more likely that Trump will become the Republican nominee for president. Trump’s victory puts him in a commanding position to clinch the nomination on June 7, when the last Republican contests are held. With 21% of […]

Her Parents Said She’d be an Embarrassment and Told Her to Abort, Her Response Was Priceless

Imagine a woman who came to this country in the early 90’s for a college education. At the age of 26 she got pregnant, and upon discovering her pregnancy, her boyfriend left her. The woman’s parents thought she would be an embarrassment to the family and encouraged her to have an abortion. They not only […]

Planned Parenthood Bashes Donald Trump: “Disgusting” That “He Wants Abortion Outlawed”

With Republican voters in Indiana heading to the polls today to select a GOP nominee for president, the Planned Parenthood abortion business has sent out a fundraising email to its supporters. The email goes after businessman Donald Trump, saying that he says “disgusting” things and “wants abortion outlawed.” “You opened this email, so I’m going […]

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