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Stanek weekend Q: Reasons to celebrate arrest of abortionists?

Pro-Life Action League has posted a video, “5 reasons to celebrate” the arrest of abortionist Naresh Patel (pictured right) last week in Oklahoma City: 1. Closes another abortion clinic 2. Shines light on corruption in abortion industry 3. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood and Democrat Party “kissing cousins”

“Imagine how poverty-stricken the state has to be, when in order for women to get health care they have to reach out to an organization that kills babies for a living?” Groen said. “How poverty-stricken do you have to be? That’s scraping...Show More Summary

Bodies of Two Unborn Babies or Infants Found in Storage Unit, Left to Decompose

Our acceptance of abortion has led to other deadly evils, like assisted suicide, euthanasia and infanticide. In a country that accepts the killing of unborn children as a social norm, we cannot pretend that the slaying of over 55 million human lives through abortion will not change the way the world works. In 1973, when […]

Baby Boy Born After Brain-Dead Mother Kept Alive Two Months

A baby has been born in Hungary after a very rare circumstance in which his brain-dead mother was kept alive for three months so he could be born.As LifeNews has previously reported, in a case out of the United States from 2005, this kind of situation has occurred previously but is far from common. In […]

The Reason Why This Diaper Bag Company Gives Away $300 Bags is Priceless

When Landon and Meggan Wood started Lily Jade, a diaper bag company, in 2013, they had no idea that their bags would travel to places like South America and Ethiopia on the shoulders of adoptive mommies. But thanks to the couple’s generosity and pro-life spirit, their Adoptive Mom Giveaway hosted the first Monday of every month is one […]

Woman Decapitates Her 7-Year-Old Daughter With Cerebral Palsy, Says Demons Told Her to Do It

A 33-year-old mother, Nadejda Voronova, was arrested in Russia after she cut off her disabled daughter’s head because she allegedly heard the voices of demons who told her to do it. The woman’s daughter, Yana (below right), was seven years old and had cerebral palsy. Vornova divorced her husband in 2010 and was raising her […]

Sacramento, California City Council Secretly Funds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Apparently there isn’t one person on the Sacramento City Council who opposes Planned Parenthood. A recent KCRA report revealed that funds are being donated by the California council members to the abortion business; however, the money is supposed to be ear-marked for teenage mothers through a Planned Parenthood scholarship and program. The organization claims that […]

Courageous Teen Lauren Hill Will Help Fight Cancer As An Honorary Basketball Coach

Earlier this month, LifeNews reported that Lauren Hill, the freshman at Mt. Joseph College with terminal cancer, entered hospice care. Hill became a world-wide superstar after she participated in a college basketball game despite her deteriorating health. Hill has a very deadly form of brain cancer– Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), which is a pediatric […]

Multi-Millionaire Faces Trial After Attempting to Force His Partner to Get an Abortion

The trial of an Edinburgh man accused of attempting to coerce a woman into having an abortion was delayed because the attorney for multi-millionaire Mark Emlick said his client was “suffering from a medical condition that made him sweat profusely.” Over objections from the prosecution, Sheriff Michael Fletcher agreed to put the trial off from […]

Pro-life blog buzz 12-19-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli Bound4Life is praying for a pro-life start to 2015, and asks others to do the same as two important cases will come before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals: Both Arkansas...Show More Summary

Man Punched His Girlfriend in the Stomach So Hard He Killed Her Unborn Baby

An irate man got so angry with his pregnant girlfriend that he punched her in the stomach. And Brian Kerr, 21, hit 18-year-old Danielle Keenan so hard that he killed her 11-week-old unborn child. Now, Kerr faces prison time for his assault. Kerr apparently flew into a rage after she moved out of their shared […]

Activists Attack Legislator Who Thinks Fathers Should Have a Say in Abortion

On December 3, a new pro-life bill was filed in the Missouri legislature by pro-life Representative Rick Brattin. The bill states, “’No abortion shall be performed or induced unless and until the father of the unborn child provides written, notarized consent to the abortion, except in cases in which the woman upon whom the abortion […]

Woman Seven Months Pregnant Killed, But Canada Says Her Unborn Baby Molly Isn’t a Human Being

Cassandra Kaake was found bludgeoned to death in a burned out Windsor, Ontario residence last week Thursday. Police revealed the next day that Ms. Kaake was seven months pregnant at the time of her death. Her murder is a tragedy, but she wasn’t the only one who lost a life that night. Her pre-born baby […]

Sydney Siege: Pregnant Woman Pays Tribute to Friend Who Died Protecting Her and Her Baby

Earlier this month, Australia was rocked by a rare episode of terrorism when a hostage siege in Sydney came to an end after police rescued hostages from a local cafe. Tori Johnson, 34, and Katrina Dawson, 38, were killed during the terrorist siege at Sydney’s Lindt cafe. Julie Taylor, 38, was getting coffee with Katrina Dawson […]

Pro-life vid of day: Most grateful kids get worst Christmas gifts

by Kelli Video of a father giving his two sweet children some early Christmas “gifts” in 2011 has gone viral recently, and it’s not hard to see why. A little background from The Huffington Post: Tim Cocker’s young son and daughter knew...Show More Summary

Tanzania’s Proposed Constitution Promotes Population Control, Abortion

The Tanzania government’s new proposed constitution has been heavily influenced by NGOs that promote contraceptives and abortion rights, says Emil Hagamu, director of English-speaking Africa for Human Life International. He and other...Show More Summary

Abortionist Who Sold Abortion Pills to Women Who Weren’t Pregnant Faces New Charges

The Oklahoma-based abortion practitioner who lied to women and told them they were pregnant so he could sell them abortion pills is now facing additional charges. Oklahoma abortionist Nareshkumar Gandalal “Naresh” Patel, who once faced charges of raping and sodomizing his abortion patients, was arrested earlier this month. Police raided the Outpatient Services for Women […]

British Government Will Keep Third Parent in Three-Parent-Embryo IVF a Secret

The British government is considering using a new technique to eradicate serious illness stemming from one parent. However, there’s a catch— the child will have two mothers and one father. As LifeNews previously reported, the technique involves the removal of the egg cell’s nucleus and replaced with the nucleus of a woman with mitochondrial disease. Then the […]

After Having Four Miscarriages, Mother Becomes Pregnant With Quadruplets

Grace and James Slattery suffered four miscarriages and believed they would never be able to have children together. However, out of the blue, the couple became pregnant with quadruplets without IVF. According to doctors, their babies are little miracles, especially since the odds of having quads is one in ten-thousand. The couple was excited to […]

Suicide Rate for Women Having Abortions is Six Times Higher Than Women Giving Birth

Voluntary guidelines for post-abortion mental health evaluations during the month following an abortion have failed to significantly decrease the rate of suicide after abortion in Finland, according to a new study. Finland adopted the guidelines after a large-scale study of women’s health records, published in 1997, found that the suicide rate among women who had […]

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