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Have our shepherds been blown to the ground?

There are some bishops and priests reminding Catholics to consider the abortion issue in casting their ballots, but the number is small, resulting in virtual silence from the Church.

New hard-hitting Catholic magazine celebrates one-year anniversary with stunning redesign

Faithful Insight celebrates its one-year anniversary of providing unvarnished Catholic coverage in a glossy publication.

Obama Admin Wants to Allow Scientists to Make Human-Animal Hybrids

In his late 19th century novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau, H.G. Wells tells a chilling, futuristic story about a doctor on a Pacific island who is performing horrific experiments to craft animals into human beings. While Dr. Moreau’s world might be far-fetched for now, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a federally-funded medical research […]

Abortions on babies with cleft palates have tripled in England

Ultrasound testing and liberal abortion laws appear to contribute to children with the condition being killed in the womb.

Abortionist Says Killing Babies in Abortion is Just “Health Care”

Utah Dr. Leah Torres spends most of her time working as a hospital OB-GYN, performing mammograms, prescribing birth control and examining women with high-risk pregnancies. But on one Saturday each month, she heads to one of the two abortion facilities left in Utah and “help[s] people end their pregnancies.” She is an abortionist. In an […]

It’s time for sanctuary cities for Christians

There is a difference between trying to escape reality, and a strategic retreat to a place of strong footing, from which a community can build a real culture again.

National Pro-Life Group Supports Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton a Pro-Abortion Extremist

The National Right to Life Committee PAC today issued it support for Donald Trump for president, saying he has promised to appoint the kind of judges who would be more likely to overturn Roe v. Wade and protect unborn children under law. In contrast, a representative of one of its state affiiliates pointed out that […]

Cardinal Burke: ‘Highly questionable’ to say Islam worships Christian God and is therefore peaceful

'I don’t believe it’s true that we’re all worshiping the same God. To say that we all believe in love is simply not correct.'

Christian university offers college credit for internship with Planned Parenthood

'It is a disgrace for a large Christian university to offer credit for an internship at the largest abortion provider in the nation,' said Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life.

India proposes ban on gays, unmarried singles from hiring surrogate mothers in country

If passed, a new law would allow only heterosexual couples married for five years and are considered infertile to use an Indian woman to carry child in an attempt to crack down on commercial surrogacy.

First addicted to porn at 12, 15-year-old now hooked on Viagra

A British youth, now age 15, confesses that he became hooked on the male enhancement drug while watching porn.

Texas Christian University Offers School Credit for Internship at Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

A Lifeway Research study published late last year revealed close to 70% of women who have had abortion claimed to be of the Christian faith. Gallup polling showed the number to be just over half. Where is the Christian community going so wrong that a substantial majority of their own are feeling they have to […]

Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece Mourns Death of Black Woman From Botched Legal Abortion

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King recently postponed the launch of a new pro-life outreach to mourn the loss of a black mother and baby who died after an abortion. In connection with the 53rd anniversary of her uncle’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Alveda King planned to announce the launching of a […]

Environmentalists Think the “Greatest Service to Mankind and Mother Earth is to Not Have Babies”

A disturbing new NPR report is pushing the old population control myths, this time in the name of protecting the environment from “climate change.” The report follows a Johns Hopkins University philosopher and a fringe group called “Conceivable Future,” which are pushing anti-child policies by blaming large families for environmental problems. Show More Summary

Cardinal Burke stands firmly behind Cardinal Sarah’s call for ‘ad orientem’ worship

The American prelate says the Vatican's chief liturgist is right to recommend that the focus be on the Lord.

430 Groups Want United Nations to Create a Special Day to Promote Abortions

To pro-lifers, the idea of a “Safe Abortion Day” celebration may seem like a sickly ironic joke, but the idea is exactly what hundreds of pro-abortion groups are trying to push the United Nations to adopt. CNS News reports a coalition of 430 international pro-abortion groups sent a letter to the UN asking that Sept. […]

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