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ACLU Files Lawsuit to Overturn New Indiana Law Banning Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

The ACLU and Planned Parenthood are trying to stop a new Indiana law that protects unborn babies from discrimination from ever going into effect. The new law, signed by Gov. Mike Pence in March, bans abortion doctors from knowingly aborting an unborn baby solely because of a genetic disability such as Down syndrome, the unborn […]

Ted Cruz: Like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump “Thinks Planned Parenthood is Wonderful”

In a weekend interview, pro-life Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz went after Donald Trump saying that the businessman and GOO hopeful is just like Hillary Clinton because he has praised the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Here’s what Cruz said: And Donald and Hillary are really flip sides of the same coin. Hillary has made millions […]

Please, enough with the cult of pop stars. Our kids need real heroes.

If parents are glorifying Lady Gaga's predecessor instead of heroes like William Wilberforce, they can't be surprised if their kids choose to emulate the former rather than the latter.

Pro-abortion VP Joe Biden speaks at Vatican event on adult stem cells

Biden’s invitation has sparked criticism because of his strident opposition to Church teachings.

WATCH: Congressman demands investigation into abortion at federally funded community health centers

The federal grant recipient 'has egregiously violated our trust,' he said in a powerful speech on Friday.

Target boycott climbs to over 1 million

'Corporate America must stop bullying people who disagree with the radical left agenda,' says the American Family Association.

Medical experts rip Alberta’s ‘reckless’ and ‘dangerous’ transgender mandate

Two University of Alberta professors have stuck their neck out for families in a devastating critique of the policy.

Amazing new video captures the flash of light the moment life begins

Researchers say the process is 'breathtaking,' 'beautiful,' and 'orchestrated much like a symphony.'

‘Sister Wives’ star appeals court decision upholding polygamy ban

Kody Brown's case for polygamy is based on the U.S. Supreme Court's gay 'marriage' decision.

Woman Brags About Killing Her Baby: “Why I’m Done Shutting Up About My Abortion”

Emily Krempholtz’s abortion story is more of an angry, bitter rant against pro-lifers than it is about her pregnancy and abortion experience. Krempholtz wrote a column for Bustle this week with the headline, “Why I’m Done Shutting Up about My Abortion.” She said she had an abortion last summer not long before the first Center […]

Judge Says Abortion Clinic Shouldn’t be Fined for Breaking Law and Killing Babies in 2nd Trimester

A Florida abortion clinic may have escaped punishment this week after state investigators accused it of performing second trimester abortions in violation of its state license. A judged ruled on Thursday that the state did not present enough evidence to prove that the Bread & Roses abortion clinic in Gainesville violated the law, according to […]

Miscarried at 7 and 8 Weeks, These Babies are Changing the Abortion Debate

Last year when Mindy Danison shared photos of her miscarried babies on Facebook, she did not realize how many lives her tiny children would touch. Danison tragically miscarried three unborn babies, but she and her husband found some solace in their grief when they were able to see two of their three babies after they […]

Heartbroken Mom Pleads With Judge to Not Deny Treatment for Disabled 2-Year-Old Son

A British family is fighting for the life of their 2-year-old disabled son after the National Health System decided to deny him treatment, claiming the toddler’s quality of life is poor, The Daily Mail reports. Details about the toddler’s condition are not known, but he has spent the majority of his life in the hospital, […]

Woman Who Cut 7-Month Baby Out of Woman’s Womb Sentenced, No Charge for Killing Baby

Dynel Catrece Lane (above) was arrested after she attacked a pregnant woman and cut her seven-month-old unborn baby out of her womb. In this unbelievable act of violence, the baby died but the mother, Michelle Wilkins (pictured below), survived. Today, Lane was sentenced to 100 years in prison for attacking Wilkins but was not charged […]

Abortion Clinic Injures Another Woman in Botched Abortion, Forced to Send Her to Hospital

The emergency transport of an abortion patient in “urgent” condition to a local hospital was needlessly delayed by an intentionally vague abortion clinic worker and a distracted 911 dispatcher. This incident took place at South Wind Women’s Center abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, on April 15, 2016. Operation Rescue obtained 911 records that indicate a […]

Pro-Lifers Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Reject Plea Deal, “They Haven’t Done Anything Wrong”

Attorneys for the two pro-life advocates behind the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts have rejected plea deals in association with the bogus charged a biased district attorney filed against them. Accepting the deals would have David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt admitting they broke the law in conjunction with filming the videos. […]

Psychologists: Robert Lewis Dear, Who Shot Up Planned Parenthood Clinic, is Mentally Incompetent

Two psychologists believe the man who allegedly killed three people and injured nine others last fall outside a Colorado abortion facility is mentally incompetent to stand trial, according to new testimony in the case. The accused Robert Lewis Dear told authorities that the FBI cut holes in his clothing, dropped feathers inside his home, and […]

They Labeled Maggie a “Vegetable” and Tried to Harvest Her Organs, But She Was Still Alive

As the tragedy of Terri Schindler Schiavo’s death by starvation illustrates, euthanasia advocates have long been quick to dismiss as worthless the lives of those people with intellectual and physical disabilities they label with theShow More Summary

“No, My Life Didn’t End When I Got Pregnant at 19, That’s When It Started”

A college campus can be a very unwelcoming environment for young pregnant women, and Heather Scott felt it. Pregnant at 19 during her sophomore year in college, Scott felt her classmates’ condescending looks and feared that she would not find any support. Writing for Verily Magazine, Scott described the stigma she felt as a pregnant […]

Pro-Life Governor Mike Pence to Endorse Ted Cruz Ahead of Indiana Primary

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, a pro-life governor hailed by pro-life groups for recently signing a bill to ban abortions targeting babies with Down syndrome, is expected to endorse pro-life Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz this afternoon. The endorsement could go a long waytowards helping the pro-life senator in his battle for the nomination against businessman […]

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