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Abortion Activists Fear Supreme Court Upholding Ban on Dismemberment Abortions

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, all fourteen judges of Kansas’ state Court of Appeals will begin analyzing all legal briefs, pro and con, for an expedited hearing on the grisly topic of dismemberment abortions. That includes a “friend of the court” brief submitting by Kansans for Life in support of Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt. Schmidt […]

Sex-Selection Abortions Targeting Girls in Vietnam are Causing a Massive Gender Ratio Imbalance

Sex-selection abortions are illegal in Vietnam, but the cultural preference for boys is leading families to find new ways around the law. Abortion rates are rising drastically in the Asian nation and, with them, the discriminatory practice of aborting unborn girls, according to the Bangkok Post. Vietnamese women face societal pressure to abort their unborn […]

Ben Carson: They Say Abortion is About Women’s Rights, “But What About the Baby?”

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson continued to vocally defend unborn babies’ rights on the campaign trail this week. Carson blamed “peer pressure” for American’s acceptance of abortion as a “woman’s right,” during a speech at the First Choice Pregnancy Center banquet in Las Vegas, according to Raw Story. “Someone has tried to make this […]

Abortions Decline to Historic Low: CDC Report Shows 31,000 Babies Saved From Abortions

The Centers for Disease Control released its national abortion report on Wednesday and the new figures how the number of abortions in the United States has declined to a historic low. Although approximately 699,000 babies lost their lives in abortions in 2012, the latest year CDC has produced figures for, that represents a decline of about […]

Birth Father Demands Surrogate Have Abortion After Learning She’s Pregnant With Triplets

A Georgia man never bargained for triplets when he hired a surrogate to have his child by in vitro fertilization. Now, he is demanding that she abort one of the babies. Surrogate mother Melissa Cook told The Sun that she is facing immense pressure to abort one of the triplets. The California woman is 17-weeks […]

A pro-life conversation guide for the holidays

Pro-lifers must be kind, respectful, fair-minded and willing to listen and respond thoughtfully to those who disagree.

Father Rosica on Islam: 180º from reality

Some people—like Father Rosica, like President Obama—seem determined to believe (or to pretend) that there is no link between Islam and terror. They couldn't be more wrong.

Romania holding the line against anti-family sex education

'If mandatory sex education is stopped at the Romanian border it will deal a much needed blow to the global campaign to sexualise and defile the innocent hearts and minds of the world’s children.'

Auto dealer stops donating to United Way over its Planned Parenthood support

'As long as you continue to support Planned Parenthood, we're not going to give you access to our employees,' Marsh told the representative from United Way.

Abortion Activist Threatens Student’s Life After Writing Pro-Life Column, Ohio State Ignores It

Ohio State University is coming under heavy criticism today for ignoring a threat an abortion activist made against a pro-life student after she published an article exposing the high percentage of abortions on black babies. Madison Gesiotto wrote an article that appeared in The Washington Times, titled “The number one killer of black Americans.” “You […]

Missouri Down to One Abortion Clinic After Planned Parenthood Stops Abortions in Columbia

A Missouri Planned Parenthood stopped doing abortions Monday, leaving just one abortion clinic left in the whole state. The move came after Dr. Colleen McNicholas, who did abortions at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia, lost her “refer and follow” hospital admitting privileges at the University of Missouri Health Care, according to the Columbia Tribune. […]

Jennifer Lawrence slams Christians: Kim Davis supporters use crucifixes like ‘pitchforks’

Apparently Lawrence has chosen to wield her fame, shall we say, as a pitchfork against Christian moral truths.

New ‘solution’ for remarried Catholics is, quite simply, a license to sin

Holy Communion for divorced-and-remarried Catholics cannot legitimately be approved unless marriage is not what Jesus plainly said it was.

‘Alarming’: Planned Parenthood overbilled taxpayers 1 in 7 times, report finds

'[W]hether willful or simply negligent, the consistent submission of improper billings should disqualify these Planned Parenthood providers from participation in the Oklahoma Medicaid program,' stated Oklahoma Gov. Fallin.

Planned Parenthood Kills 897 Babies in Abortions Every Single Day

Desperation breeds the kind of logic that warrants double takes – did they really just say that? Planned Parenthood, under extreme scrutiny for appearing to chop up and sell the body parts of aborted babies in undercover videos, has been on a mission to save their image, which has led to lots of questionable tactics […]

Abortionist Talks About Her Job Killing Babies for a Living: “I Have No Regrets, It’s Rewarding”

Chicago abortion practitioner Cheryl Chastine believes women need abortions, and that’s why the young doctor decided to begin doing them after medical school. The student group Medical Students for Choice told Chastine that one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime (a statistic that has been soundly refuted), but more women are […]

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