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Miley Cyrus Tells Jimmy Fallon: I’m a “Good Face” For Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Miley Cyrus couldn’t be prouder to represent Planned Parenthood and abortion, according to the singer herself. On Tuesday, late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon invited the 23-year-old celebrity on the Tonight Show as a guest. To introduce Cyrus, Fallon asked the audience to “please welcome one of the coolest, hardest working people we know.” In the middle […]

New York City imposes fines up to $250,000 for refusing to call trans person ‘ze’ or ‘hir’

The guidelines are so absurd, observes one legal analyst, that someone could force you to call them whatever they want.

Prime Minister Trudeau votes against conscience rights as he pushes through euthanasia bill

The Liberals and New Democrats teamed up to overwhelmingly defeat a Conservative motion supporting doctors and nurses.

Conceived through rape, Arizona woman reaching moms in crisis

As Evans has navigated the early stages of starting and running a pro-life ministry, she’s learning to use her own story as a testimony to the good that can come from hard situations.

Pro-Abortion Democrat Chair Takes Donation From Son of Billionaire Who Assaulted His Wife

Remember when Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker of giving women “the back of his hand” with his conservative policies? Her insensitive comments, which ignored the struggles of real victims of domestic abuse, make her list of financial contributions a tad bit awkward. In what can only be classified as a […]

Democrats Vote Against Funding to Combat Zika Virus Because Bill Didn’t Promote Abortion

A group of U.S. Congressional Democrats voted against life-saving aid for people with the Zika virus on Wednesday simply because the funding bill did not promote abortions. The Hill reports the bill provides $622 million in funding to combat the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which has been spreading throughout South America and into North America and […]

Shocking New Polls Show Donald Trump Leading Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump has been trailing pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in every presidential matchup poll for months. Until now. In the Fox New April poll, Clinton led Trump 48-41. In March she led 49-38. Now, Trump leads the abortion activist by a 45-42 margin. Though within the margin of error, it’s Trump’s first and only lead against  […]

Grandmas for Abortion: New Group of Grannies Encourages Women to Abort Their Babies

In an often cited 2012 interview, the former president of the radical pro-abortion group NARAL lamented that the pro-life movement was attracting so many young people, while the pro-abortion movement was growing old and gray. A new pro-abortion group in Maine is recruiting the old, graying crowd that former NARAL president Nancy Keenan was worried […]

South Carolina to become 17th state to ban abortion for babies who can feel pain

Rev. Franklin Graham called the bill's passage 'good news,' but said eliminating all abortion 'should be our prayer and our goal.'

Longtime Prayer Leader Recounts Never-Before-Revealed Details About Terri Schiavo

From its founding in the fall of 2004, Bound4LIFE was a stand for all life—from conception until natural death. While the vision was primarily focused on praying for the ending of abortion, we quickly realized that to be pro-life is to contend for life in all stages. In the spring of 2005, the eyes of […]

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Signs Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Last week, pro-life Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey approved a state budget that is sure to displease the nation’s biggest abortion business. As Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod explains to it will cut Planned Parenthood funding $200,000. Now, Ducey signed legislation Tuesday that s designed to make it easier to cut off abortion companies […]

Couple’s Insurance Company Refuses to Pay for Lifesaving Surgery for Baby Born With Trisomy 18

Before he was born, the Michigan baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, an often fatal genetic disorder that causes babies to have an extra chromosome. Jonah survived the womb and was born prematurely on April 26, but he and his family continue to fight to give him the best chance at life. Wood TV reports […]

She Went to One of the Most Pro-Abortion Universities But Became Pro-Life, Here’s How

Lauren Galvan decided to keep an open mind about the abortion issue when she started her freshman year at Brown University in 2012. Galvan, a senior, recently wrote an op-ed for the Brown Daily Herald about how she began exploring the abortion issue as a young college student. She said she did not think much […]

BREAKING: Louisiana’s AG tells schools to ignore Obama’s transgender policy

The president's order 'irresponsibly creates an environment in which children may be more easily exposed to sexual predators,' he wrote.

Liberal academics call on US gvmt to clamp down on pro-life and pro-family charities

The government is promoting discrimination by funding and protecting these charities, they allege.

While the World Sleeps, Scientists are Moving at Full Speed Towards Human Cloning

As the world sleeps, scientists are moving forward full speed ahead to perfect human cloning. Really, Wesley, why that’s…Look, Kim Kardashian’s butt! Back to my point: Various bioethicists discuss this potential in a story published by The Express Laurie Zoloth, a bioethicist at Northwestern University, and Drew Endy, a bioengineer at Stanford University, said: “Would […]

Obama tells hospitals: Do abortions and ‘sex changes’ or you’ll lose federal funding

The new HHS rule 'concocts out of thin air a redefinition of sex discrimination,' say critics.

Pope to set up commission to study question of women deacons

'I think it will do the Church good to clarify this point,' says the pope.

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