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South Dakota Legislator Wants to Jail Anyone Who Sells Body Parts of Aborted Babies

In South Dakota, Rep. Fred Deutsch (R-Florence) wants to implement a stronger ban on the sale of fetal body parts. Currently, the pro-life state prohibits using aborted babies’ body parts for research; however, in the wake of the Planned Parenthood scandal, Rep. Deutsch believes the legislation needs to be updated during the 2016 session. As […]

135 Congressmen Demand Attorney General Investigate Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies

Some 135 members of the House of Representatives today sent a formal request to United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding the Department of Justice (DOJ) immediately investigate the practices of Planned Parenthood regarding the sale of aborted baby body parts following the release of two graphic videos. Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) was joined by […]

This is the Device Planned Parenthood is Using to Get Body Parts From Aborted Babies to Sell

A second video alleging Planned Parenthood’s gruesome selling of fetal body parts surfaced last week. And once again we find a senior executive of the organization, Dr. Mary Gatter, willing to put women’s lives at risk in order to make more money for the organization and for themselves. As Gatter explains, “I wouldn’t object to […]

Rand Paul Confident Senate Will Vote on De-Funding Planned Parenthood Soon

In new comments on Monday, Senator Rand Paul said he is confident the Senate will vote soon on legislation that would de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. In the wake of two shocking videos showing top Planned Parenthood doctors arranging the sale of body parts form aborted babies, there have been competing measures to de-fund […]

They Were Seconds Away From Having an Abortion When Something Changed Their Minds

On July 20, a father shared on social media that he and his girlfriend were moments away from having an abortion when they decided to walk out of the abortion clinic. The post reads, “I was 16 when my girlfriend got pregnant. We went to the abortion clinic on 59th Street. We filled out the […]

Social conservative leaders discuss policy in hostile culture in D.C. panel

The noon panel, hosted by IRD and organized by leading news organization LifeSiteNews, included LifeSiteNews public relations officer and D.C. Correspondent Dustin Siggins.

France’s Terri Schiavo saved from death by starvation in dramatic 11th hour development

Videos viewed by hundreds of thousands of people who Vincent reacting to his parents and eating food with evident pleasure.

Texas Supreme Court to lesbian mayor: repeal transgender ordinance, or put it to vote

The major blow to the ordinance is the latest episode in a fierce battle that infamously saw Annise Parker subpoena the sermons of Christian pastors.

Planned Parenthood president responds: Pro-lifers are lying, support murdering doctors

Planned Parenthood 'has been caught with their bloody hand in the cookie jar' said one of the pro-life leaders behind the undercover videos.

New York: Kindergarten teachers should call ‘transgender’ children by preferred gender

The guidance also makes clear that teen boys who say they are girls must be able to use opposite-sex

VIDEO: Obama goes out of his way to thank Planned Parenthood during height of baby parts scandal

President Obama has a long-standing, super close relationship with Planned Parenthood, most clearly exemplified by his willingness in 2011 to shut down the federal government rather than allow the abortion giant to be defunded. Obama hasn’t stopped with his own turf. Show More Summary

Woman Who Cut Mother’s 7-Month-Old Unborn Baby Out of Her Womb Pleads Not Guilty

A  two-week trial date has been scheduled for early 2016 in the case of Dynel Lane, accused of savaging stabbing Michelle Wilkins last March and cutting out her 7-month-old unborn child. Wilkins miraculously survived but her baby, already named Aurora, died. Lane showed little emotion Thursday as she pled not guilty. She is charged with […]

President Obama Thanks Planned Parenthood After It Sells Aborted Baby Body Parts

Planned Parenthood is facing intense criticism after its top doctors were caught arranging for the sale of body parts from aborted babies.  But that hasn’t stopped pro-abortion President Barack Obama from thanking the abortion business. Late Friday, Obama released a video thanking organizations and activists who helped put Obamacare in place and he made sure […]

Pro-Abortion Group Trying to Pressure Malta Into Legalizing Abortion

In Malta, abortion activists are requesting that lawmakers reconsider their country’s abortion ban and its “impact on women, their health and mental safety.” The Times of Malta reports that the group, Pro-Choice Malta, says their current laws are outdated and women should be able to have abortions, especially when a woman’s life is in danger. […]

Carly Fiorina Slams Planned Parenthood Defending Sale of Aborted Babies: “It’s Unbelievable”

On “Fox News Sunday,” presidential candidate Carly Florina expressed her outrage over Planned Parenthood videos that show their top executives negotiating the sale of body parts from aborted babies. The comments come on the heels of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards defending selling aborted babies. She said, “Once again, I’m pro-life as you know but […]

Mom’s Premature Baby Dies After Doctors Mistook Signs of Labor for Kidney Stones

In the United Kingdom, 34-year-old Davina Nelid lost her baby after doctors mistook signs of labor as kidney stones. According to the Daily Mail, Nelid was five months pregnant with her fifth child when she visited Whiston Hosital for stomach pain. However, doctors said that she was not in labor and sent her home. Then […]

Anonymous Hackers Break Into Planned Parenthood’s Computer System, Plan to Release Emails

Anonymous hackers have reportedly broken into Planned Parenthood’s computer system and they say the plan to release emails and other files that will further expose the abortion business in the wake of two expose’ videos catching Planned Parenthood doctors arranging for the sale of body parts from aborted babies. Though the identifies of the hackers […]

United Way Defends Funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz: It’s Just a Small Amount

Officials with United Way are defending the nonprofit agencies funding of the Planned Parenthood abortion business in the wake of a scandal involving the abortion giant selling the body parts of aborted babies. A United Way spokesman says the funding really isn’t a big deal because such a small percentage of United Way affiliates send […]

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