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Chelsea Handler Defends Her Abortions: “I Never Think ‘God I Wish I Had That Baby’”

Pro-abortion comedian Chelsea Handler is facing criticism this week after she wrote a column defending the two abortions she had when she was just 16. Handler, a vocal abortion activist, recently revealed for the first time that she had two abortions in one year while she was a teenager, according to People. She described that […]

Black Pastor: 69 Times More Black People Die From Abortion Than Homicide

Black pastor Walter B. Hoye II wants to get on board with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, but it troubles him how the movement ignores the leading cause of death among Black Americans – abortion. Hoye, president of the Issues4LifeFoundation, said abortions on Black Americans outnumber the homicides of Black Americans by 69 to 1. Yet, little […]

Canadian Woman Sues for the Right to Assisted Suicide Even Though She Isn’t Dying

That didn’t take long. When Parliament legalized euthanasia for people with medical conditions leading to “foreseeable” death, many in the media and among the “experts” yelled that it was too restrictive. And unconstitutional. Based on the Supreme Court’s forcing of Belgium-style euthanasia into the country, they are probably right. Let the lawsuits begin. From the […]

Woman Put Her Newborn Baby Girl in a Plastic Bag and Suffocated Her

Last week a Zanesville, Ohio, jury convicted Emile Weaver of “aggravated murder, gross abuse of a corpse, and two counts of tampering with evidence for placing her newborn baby girl in a plastic trash bag on April 22, 2015, suffocating her,” according to the Columbia Dispatch’s Jennifer Smola. The jury took less than an hour […]

Excerpts from Cardinal Robert Sarah’s “God or Nothing” present greatly needed clarity and wisdom on current issues

This is a good news report in that it presents some clear, wise, and extremely well-informed teaching excerpts from a book interview with a holy Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

Abortionist Sentenced to Prison for 18 Months for Doing Illegal Late-Term Abortions

After legal proceedings that stretched out five years, the man who ran a Spanish clinic that performed hundreds of late abortions on pregnant British women will be going to jail. A Spanish judge sentenced Carlos Morín to 18 months for performing illegal late-term abortions. Morín’s operation was first brought to the public’s attention by the […]

Supreme Court Blocks Mississippi Pro-Life Law That Could Have Closed Its Last Abortion Clinic

The U.S. Supreme Court’s liberal justices have been handing down one devastating decision after another this week. On Monday, in a historic but wrongly decided opinion, the justices struck down a Texas law that protected women’s safety and saved tens of thousands of unborn babies’ lives by requiring abortion facilities to meet the same health […]

Candidates steer clear of abortion before Australian election

Australia's national election is less than a week away and candidates are shying away from expressing their views on abortion.

Amnesty International calls on Poland to reject abortion ban

One pro-life leader suggests the agency should change its name to 'Abortion International.'

Brussels archbishop deals potentially fatal blow to rising vocation numbers

Archbishop De Kesel has said he dreams of a Church 'that accepts that she is getting smaller.' He himself seems to contribute his part.

Creeping toward the Obvious

We live in a nation where a man-made right to kill supersedes the God-given right to life!

Repeal anti-Gosnell law after Supreme Court ruling: Pennsylvania Democrat

Pennsylvania’s pro-life 'laws are forcing women and their families into desperate, life-threatening situations', he warned.

South Carolina school district bows to Obama policy, lets boy use girls bathroom

Despite the Obama administration's pressure, they district says they are adopting the transgender policy quite willingly.

Independent Britain has to fix its broken family culture

If the new, independent Britain wants to show Europe how well it can go it alone, here is what it needs to do...

A license to discriminate: California’s assault on Christian colleges

Apparently these vaunted defenders of free speech have forgotten the importance of freedom of religion—which is also part of the First Amendment!

Pro-Life Group Backs Donald Trump: “We Applaud His List of Pro-Life Candidates for Supreme Court”

Just one day after a deeply disappointing decision from the Supreme Court regarding a pro-life law in Texas that saved thousands of babies from abortions, a state pro-life group has announced its support for Donald Trump for president. The pro-life organization cited Trump’s list of possible Supreme Court nominees as a reason for urging pro-life […]

Mom Lost Her Unborn Baby But Discovered a Secret Twin Still Alive in Her Womb

After losing her eight-week-old unborn baby due to a tragic ectopic pregnancy, Sadie Brittle was amazed to discover she was still pregnant – with the baby’s twin. Equally astounded, doctors confirmed Sadie had what’s known as a heterotopic pregnancy – a multiple pregnancy with one embryo viably implanted in the uterus and the other implanted […]

20 Craziest Pro-Abortion Signs At SCOTUS the Media Won’t Show You

Bet the traditional media won’t show you these. In anticipation of Monday’s Supreme Court decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, activists from both sides assembled en masse around the highest court’s front steps. The abortion case out of Texas challenged HB 2, which required abortionists to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and mandated […]

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