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Look what happened to this former abortion facility!

On May 18, a demolition crew arrived on the scene of this abortion clinic and began to bulldoze the facility to the ground.

“My Unborn Baby Saved My Life:” Pregnancy Helps Mom Discover Breast Cancer

In the United Kingdom, 33-year-old Seema Tailor-Bulsara was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was five months pregnant with her son, Jai. Initially, Seema thought the lump on her left breast was a blocked milk duck but went to have it examined anyway. Unfortunately, doctors discovered that it was indeed cancer and she would need […]

What the Designer of the Infamous “Hope” Poster Says About Obama’s Presidency Will Shock You

The man who designed the infamous “Hope” poster the campaign of President Barack Obama employed during the 2008 and 2012 elections to propel the abortion activist to the White House has some not-so-flattering comments about whether Obama’s presidency has been a success. Has Obama’s two terms as president lived up to his expectations? Here’s what […]

Abortion Tutorial Teaches Women to Throw Themselves In Front of a Car to Kill Their Baby

In Chile, abortion is illegal but some pro-abortion activists are taking extreme measures to try and persuade their government to change abortion laws. As LifeNews previously reported, a group called Miles published “abortion tutorials” on YouTube that show women how to have dangerous “accidental abortions” in order to get around the pro-life nation’s abortion ban. […]

Man Locked Up His Wife for Three Years After She Refused Abortion

In India, a man locked up his wife and daughter inside a bathroom because he wanted to have a son. Tragically, the mother was raped repeatedly and kept away for three years before she and her 10-year-old daughter were rescued. During their time in captivity, they were given only rice and water and were never […]

California School District Finally Approves Pro-Life Clubs After Calling Them Too Controversial

While this semester has seen three different schools and districts receive legal demand letters for refusing to acknowledge the free speech rights of high school students, sometimes problems can be overcome without resorting to demand letters. This was the case in Madera, California, where, after initial reservations over two Students for Life clubs, due to […]

This HIV-positive man would rather die than fund abortion. Now he’s won his court case against ObamaCare

'He has HIV, but he is someone who has devoted his life and his resources to opposing abortion, and works against it on a weekly basis,' his lawyer attested.

Obama encourages 5-year-old girl’s support for gay ‘marriage’

'Please give a speech to tell everyone that can marry who they want,' the girl wrote.

Fraudulent study on same sex ‘marriage’ a caution for UN

Charges of fraud against a 'study' on winning converts to same-sex marriage is shedding light on how susceptible elite institutions are to ideological manipulation.

Why moms and dads both matter in marriage

Mothers and fathers both add distinct benefits to the development of children. Courts and legislatures cannot alter biology or psychology.

Why young Christians can’t grasp our arguments against gay ‘marriage’

The rising generation of young Christians seem to have gotten the idea that marriage 'has only an arbitrary relationship to reproduction.'

Ireland ‘defied God’ by voting for gay ‘marriage’: Cardinal Burke

'Pagans may have tolerated homosexual behaviours, they never dared to say this was marriage.'

Aussie politician hopes to ride Irish gay ‘marriage’ bump with new bill

The Irish referendum has 'reignited momentum for the marriage equality debate on the other side of the world in Australia,' says Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

To my best friend with the unplanned pregnancy: you can choose love

It seems that you’ve made up your mind to 'terminate' your pregnancy. Before you do, please listen to these words.

Group Calls Pro-Life Billboards Against Abortions of Black Babies “Racist,” Wants Them Taken Down

In Tennessee, abortion supporters are outraged over a few controversial billboards in two Memphis neighborhoods that encourage African American men to choose life for their children. One billboard says “Dad’s Little Princess,” which some interpret as a message telling men to control women’s bodies when it comes to abortion. The billboards were placed by Pro-Life […]

Latest British Columbia abortion stats show steady decline

Pro-life advocates still lament the lack of usable data on abortion.

Pro-life video of the day: Subtle pro-life song

by Hans Johnson While some songs leave the public arguing as to their meaning for many decades (case in point: American Pie), some seem obvious but have a hidden message unrealized by most. Dan Wilson, the lead singer of the rock group...Show More Summary

Man Facing Terminal Illness Rejects Euthanasia: “Quit Figuring Out Reasons to Justify Killing People”

As state legislators across America grapple with proposed laws on euthanasia, South Dakota State Rep. Steve Hickey (R-Sioux Falls) – facing a terminal illness himself – has no qualms sharing exactly where he stands on the issue. Yesterday, Rep. Hickey sent a letter in reply to a constituent’s question on “death with dignity” and felt strongly […]

Pope Francis: Marriage and family facing ‘serious cultural crisis’

'Let us continue to present the beauty of Christian marriage,' the pope urged.

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