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Will FOX ask Trump and Hillary about abortion in their final debate?

Trump has a unique opportunity to highlight America's radical abortion regime, but will he take it?

Abortion industry fights at Ninth Circuit to block release of baby body parts footage

Judges listened to arguments in the case involving an injunction suppressing the undercover videos revealing the sale of aborted baby parts.

Archbishop Chaput: “We Can’t Aim for Anything Less Than Ending Abortion”

Previously we ran a helpful but brief overview of the powerful speech Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia delivered at the Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation Celebrate Life Banquet late last month. I’d like to offer some very extensive excerpts from the entire speech which the Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation helpfully posted. Read them carefully. These truly are […]

UK lawmaker with a disability proposes bill banning abortions on babies with disabilities

If passed, Lord Shinkwin’s bill could be the most significant pro-life legislation since abortion was legalized in the UK.

Pro-life movie ‘Voiceless’ shown in front of new D.C. abortion facility

'If Planned Parenthood was foolish enough to plant an abortion clinic right here, on public property, we need to take advantage of it,' said Rev. Patrick Mahoney.

Celebrity Big Brother Winner Scotty T Admits He Paid to Abort a Woman’s Baby After One-Night Stand

British reality show star Scotty T touted his horribly irresponsible sexual lifestyle this week in an interview promoting his upcoming book. Not even 30 years old, the “Celebrity Big Brother” winner said he has had almost 1,000 sexual partners and he once paid a woman to abort their child after a one-night stand, according to […]

Mentally Ill Patients Ordered Hospitalized in California Can Now be Killed in Assisted Suicides

California has promulgated a regulation to assure that the mentally ill who have been ordered hospitalized in California have access to assisted suicide if they are dying and deemed able to make medical decisions. From 9 California Code of Regulations § 4601 (my emphases): (a) A terminally ill patient, as defined by the End of […]

Cecile Richards Admits Videos of Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts “Hurt” Its Reputation

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is celebrating her organization’s 100th birthday this month. But, the party probably is not as big as she would have hoped, considering last summer’s undercover investigation did severe damage to Planned Parenthood’s image. Show More Summary

James Dobson: Pregnancy Centers Should Refuse to Follow Pro-Abortion Law, “Make Them Put You in Jail”

Dr. James Dobson, a Christian leader who founded Focus on the Family, says pregnancy centers based in California should refuse to follow a new law forcing them to promote abortions. He says pregnancy centers should force State officials to put them in prison instead of violating their Christian beliefs and consciences to promote killing unborn […]

Abortion supporters trash memorial for the unborn at Marquette University

The feminist community took responsibility for defacing the pro-life display and the College Democrats applauded their actions.

Nashville Mayor Signs Proclamation Honoring Planned Parenthood and Its 7 Million Abortions

Anyone who drove by the Nashville city courthouse on Monday night probably noticed the pink lights that lit up the building to honor Planned Parenthood. The abortion chain, which celebrated its 100th anniversary on Sunday, managed to convince several cities to flood their courthouses with pink lights — Planned Parenthood’s signature color — and read […]

Woman Says Aborting Her Disabled Baby Girl “Was My Last Act of Love as Her Mother”

Abby Flanagan and her husband wanted to start a family right away when they got married. And they were so happy when, five months into their marriage, a pregnancy test showed positive. The Massachusetts couple’s joy turned to pain during their 17-week ultrasound when their doctors said their unborn baby girl was “incompatible with life.” […]

Watch: These Pro-Hillary Clinton College Students Can’t Name a Single Accomplishment

Hillary Clinton has a long list of accomplishments. Whether it’s promoting unlimited abortions, running a problematic email server, or breaking the law or misleading Congress, Clinton has a laundry list of things her supporters out to be proud of. But, as this new video shows from the conservative group Campus Reform, students at the prestigious […]

Cardinal Dolan sure has a way with words

'Am I wrong to wonder especially about the toxic effect that the unlimited abortion license has had on the Republic?'

Court: Bureaucrats have no business deciding whether Iowa church activities are religious

'Neither the commission nor any state law has the constitutional authority to dictate how any church uses its facility or what public statements a church can make concerning sexuality.'

InterVarsity upholds Christian teaching, and many don’t like it

It shouldn't be news when a Christian organization says it will uphold traditional Christian beliefs. But these days, it is.

Six cultural trends that challenge the modern evangelizer

If we are more clear on the presuppositions that people bring to the table, we can better direct our message to them.

Iowa State requiring students to give up free speech to graduate

'No university policy can trump the First Amendment...These are anti-speech policies masquerading as ‘harassment’ policies.'

Police correct to protect New Zealanders from Dr. Death: pro-family group

'Nitschke promotes suicide, has left a trail of destruction, and is evidence of just how far some euthanasia advocates will take an assisted suicide law if it was ever introduced.'

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