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Wisconsin Planned Parenthood shuts down after failing to find an abortionist

The abortion business cited the cost of security upgrades for closing, but the issue was finding an abortionist.

Judge allows lawsuit against Catholic school by staffer fired over gay union

Kate Drumgoole was dismissed after administrators found out about her same-sex union.

Movie Character Decides Not to Have an Abortion After Learning Something Amazing About Her Baby

Over the weekend I watched a Netflix original film, “Tallulah,” starring Ellen Page, which had just been released at the end of July. The movie was recommended to me by a friend who had been steered in the film’s direction by a pro-life reviewer who noted that Page is vocally pro-abortion but takes a very […]

Woman Who Aborted Her 6-Month-Old Baby Says She Felt Her Baby Kick Beforehand

A New Zealand mom who still mourns that she aborted her unborn son 12 years ago revealed more details about the situation this week. LifeNews covered the tragic story of Kylie Gunn and her unborn son Travis after she wrote a column for Stuff Nation about remembering him on what would have been his 12th […]

‘Born that way’? New study undercuts LGBT movement’s key tenets

A study authored by two scholars found sexual orientation and gender to be static rather than changeable.

College prof: We should put a ‘carbon tax’ on babies

The best way of protecting kids in the 'age of climate change' is by 'not having them.'

Charlize Theron’s bizarre theory about how HIV is transmitted is the new normal

So, it’s OK to warn people about the dangers of drinking too much soda, but not about risky sexual behavior? Welcome to the strange world of cultural Marxism.

The NIH wants pig men

The NIH is proposing lifting a ban on taxpayer funding of experiments that splice human stem cells with animal embryos, creating human-animal chimeras.

‘Inspirational’ transgender lives: what ever happened to healthy scepticism?

Journalists, let alone doctors, parents and lawyers, should not risk a child’s happiness and possibly his or her life by supporting what may ultimately be a passing fancy.

Black Pastor Slams Abortion: “You Can’t Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ When Black Baby Lives Don’t Matter”

In an interview with Fox News a black pastor condemned the scourge of abortion on black babies and bashed Planned Parenthood for targeting minority neighborhoods with its abortion clinics. During an August 22 Fox News discussion, Pastor...Show More Summary

Abortion Biz Stops More Abortions After it Was Caught Violating Health and Safety Standards

The British-based abortion chain that was caught jeopardizing women’s safety is suspending some of its abortion practices in Ireland as well as England, the BBC reports. On Friday, The Guardian reported Marie Stopes International suspended certain abortion procedures after the British Care Quality Commission discovered serious safety concerns. Show More Summary

Pro-Life Activist: “Decapitating Children in Abortion is The Same as ISIS Brutalizing People”

A liberal news outlet bashed pro-life Liberty Council Chairman Mat Staver this week after he exposed the brutality of abortion by likening it to terrorists. Staver recently spoke during a pro-life event in April for the Pennsylvania group People Concerned for the Unborn Child, and some of his remarks were videotaped and published on YouTube. […]

Man Who Killed 6 People in Brutal Murders Charged With Killing Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby

A man allegedly responsible for a gruesome mass-murder at a home in Alabama has been charged with killing six people, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child, the AP reports. Authorities said Derrick Dearman, 27, of Leakesville, Mississippi, turned himself in on Saturday and confessed to the crimes. He is accused of attacking and […]

Vancouver bishop speaks out on conscience rights, end-of-life care

Bishop Michael Miller emphasized in a letter to Canadian health care providers that the rights of Catholics to reject euthanasia must be respected.

Marie Stopes suspends abortions in UK after gvmt safety inspection

An independent regulator raised questions at the giant abortion provider's headquarters about staff training and competence and patient consent.

Simone Biles’ Mom Battled Addiction and Could Have Aborted, But Something Wonderful Happened

American gymnast Simone Biles’ story is more than one of Olympic gold; it is one of perspective. So what follows below is not an argument, or an “I told you so” moment to the abortion community. It is simply one writer’s thoughts on perspective. The life-affirming Pregnancy Help Community lives out one perspective every day. […]

Hillary Clinton is a “Lifelong” Christian Who “Reads Scripture” “Daily” But Still Supports Abortion

Several news outlets have attempted to tackle the question of Hillary Clinton’s faith and the role it plays in her life recently. The pro-abortion Democrat says she is a Christian and a United Methodist; however, her radical positions on abortion, religious freedom and other issues have many questioning the sincerity of her religious beliefs. Last […]

Chicago Sued Over Abortion Clinic “Bubble Zone” That Limits Pro-Life Free Speech

Today, the Thomas More Society filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Chicago over its abortion clinic “bubble zone” ordinance. The law makes it illegal to approach within 8 feet of someone who is walking towards an abortion clinic once they are within 50 feet of the entrance, unless that person  consents. This confusing […]

Abortion Clinic Worker Was Shocked to See Aborted Baby With Hair

Clinic worker “Diana” was comfortable with handling late-term aborted babies until she saw one with hair: Sterile room is so fast-paced. And I’m a person who’s really into learning…. And so, okay, now I’ve got the technical down, so now I can, like, get lax in my thought processes. You know, it becomes more robotic. […]

Chinese Government Criticized for Harvesting Organs From Prisoners

Criticism of alleged forced organ harvesting in China reached fever pitch last week as the 26th International Congress of The Transplantation Society convened for the first time on Chinese soil. The Congress, which opened in Hong Kong on Wednesday, features a number of presentations from Chinese researchers, including former Vice-Minister for Health Huang Jiefu, and […]

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