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Woman Found Storing Dead Babies in a Storage Locker Had 9 Abortions

A grisly trial involving a Canadian woman who is accused of keeping dead babies’ bodies in a storage unit is continuing this week. Police brought charges against Andrea Giesbrecht in 2014 after local officials in Winnipeg said they found the bodies of six dead infant babies in her storage locker. Workers at a U-Haul facility […]

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Bashes “Controversial,””Staunch Social Conservative” Mike Pence

Ahead of Mike Pence accepting the vice presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, NBC’s Today made sure to warn viewers about the “conservative” and “controversial” Indiana governor. CorrespondentShow More Summary

New Play “Remarkably Normal” Celebrates Abortion as a “Positive Experience”

A new play by the “1 in 3 Campaign” seeks to end the stigma associated with abortion by dramatizing the real life stories of post-abortive women. Entitled “Remarkably Normal,” the production stars a pro-choice minister, an abortion doctor, a Planned Parenthood sex educator, a Southern teen and a woman with a high-risk pregnancy. This is […]

Former abortion workers reveal what really happens inside an abortion clinic in gripping new book

Former abortion workers tell gripping stories in this new book about what really happens on the inside of abortion clinics.

Heard the latest ‘story’ about Pence on rape victims? Fact checker shows it’s fiction

A website's report of comments attributed to Indiana pro-life Gov. Mike Pence about rape victims and abortion was determined to be fabricated by a fact-checking website.

Baby Edwin Was Saved From an Abortion When His Mother Saw Something Amazing

A few weeks ago, I had an unshakable urge to reach out to a former classmate of mine from high school: Sarah. We had never been good friends, but I had recently noticed a Facebook post that Sarah gave birth to a son. I sent Sarah a short message, asking her if she’d like a […]

More details surface about 45 theologians’ appeal to correct Amoris Laetitia’s errors

Britain's Catholic Herald has obtained a copy and reported more details about the effort.

Adopted son finds birth parents after six-year search, thanks them for choosing life

Canadian Francis Menard spent six years trying to find his birth parents, and when he did, he thanked them for choosing adoption over abortion.

2016 Republican Party platform hailed as most pro-life, pro-family ever

The platform calls for defunding Planned Parenthood, banning dismemberment abortion, ending fetal harvesting, and stopping the spread of euthanasia.

London touts support for gay movement with gender-bending traffic lights

London apparently violated an international treaty when the city replaced traditional traffic signals with transgender signals in Trafalgar Square.

Canadian Anglican bishops condemn decision to back gay ‘marriage’

A group of Anglican bishops in Canada plan to remain faithful to the church despite a disagreement over the endorsement of gay 'marriage' last week.

Abortionist accused of raping his own employee

An abortionist in the Bahamas faces rape and indecent assault charges after alleged incidents with a 20-year-old female employee.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closing Six Clinics That Aren’t Getting Enough Customers has been reporting on the decision by the Planned Parenthood abortion business in Indiana to close a couple of abortion referral clinics in the state. Now, confirmation has come in that the number of closures is higher, as six facilities will be shuttered. On Thursday, June 30 Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky announced […]

Research With Aborted Baby Parts Has Not Produced One Single Cure

Congressional Republicans are pushing back against claims that aborted babies’ body parts are essential to scientific and medical advancements and presenting evidence to the contrary. In a report released last week, the Congressional Select Panel on Infant Lives said its research has not found any medical cures directly linked to fetal tissue research in the […]

Doctors Sue Vermont for Forcing Them to Promote Killing Their Patients in Assisted Suicides

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed suit in federal court Tuesday against officials in the Vermont Board of Medical Practice and the Office of Professional Regulation on behalf of health care professionals who wish to abide by their oath to “do no harm.” The state agencies are construing Vermont’s assisted suicide law as requiring them, regardless […]

Jewish Writer: “Compassion Demands That We Support” Killing Babies in Abortions

In a new column for the Huffington Post this week, two pro-abortion religious leaders called on people of faith to push support for abortion on demand in their congregations and communities. Authors Nancy K. Kaufman, CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, and Marie Alford-Harkey, CEO of the Religious Institution, began their column by […]

Abortion Activists Are Pushing Dangerous, Do-It-Yourself Abortions in U.S. and Abroad

One of abortion activists’ most repeated arguments is that women will resort to dangerous back alley and self-induced abortion attempts if abortion becomes illegal. But now, abortion activists are pushing these abortions themselves. They claim that they are doing it in the name of women’s rights, but they give little heed to the life-threatening risks […]

Abortion is Not “Reproductive Freedom,” It’s Slavery for Women

This year marks a significant milestone for Planned Parenthood as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. Within its centennial year, the organization is reinventing itself with new branding and using rhetoric that sounds eerily similar to words used in the pro-life movement. Show More Summary

161 Babies Saved From Abortion as Abortions in Indiana Drop 7 Years in a Row

161. That’s the number of babies saved in Indiana last year from abortion compared to the number of unborn children who lost their lives due to abortion the year before. Indiana Right to Life today shared the good news with — coming from a report by the Indiana State Department of Health, which also […]

Group That Supports Abortion on Baby Girls Up to Birth Calls Donald Trump “Anti-Woman”

Next up in the line of pro-abortion groups who are taking a swing at Donald Trump is Emily’s List. The pro-abortion political group just launched a new website called Women Can Stop Trump, which attacks the Republican presidential candidate and labels him “anti-woman,” TIME reports. Emily’s List also has been partnering with Planned Parenthood to […]

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