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Pro-life students take University of Alberta to court over $17,500 fee to protect free speech

The pro-life club says the university is 'sending a message that pro-lifers are fair game.'

Tennessee AG Will Appeal Ruling Against Pro-Life Amendment 1

Just a day after a state court judge ruled in favor of the state’s process for counting and ratifying votes on proposed amendments to the state constitution, a federal judge has ordered a recount of ballots on pro-life Amendment 1 and declared that some votes in support of the amendment be thrown out. At question […]

Catholic Bishops: Pro-Life Voters Must Not Support Pro-Abortion Candidates

The Catholic Church is sending a strong message to voters all across the world this spring: Don’t vote for candidates who support abortion. On Tuesday, bishops in Northern Ireland published a document urging voters to follow church teachings when they consider who to vote for, the Belfast Telegraph reports. Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland, […]

Two Year-Old on Life Support Has Less Than Two Days Before Hospital Will End His Life

In just two days, a hospital plans to pull the plug on a 2-year-old boy’s life support against his parents’ wishes, according to the legal group representing him. Two weeks ago, a judge put a temporary stop to a hospital’s attempt to withdraw life support from 2-year-old Israel Stinson (pictured) after doctors declared him “brain […]

Planned Parenthood Trashes Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina: “They’re the Most Loathsome Pair”

Any pro-life advocate who gets trashed by the Panned Parenthood abortion business can proudly wear that criticism as a badge of courage. Today, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina have shiny new badges courtesy of some hateful remarks from Planned Parenthood after the Republican presidential candidate named the pro-life Fiorina as his running mate. “Cruz, Fiorina […]

Two Brothers Helped Each Other Overcome the Stigma Associated With Cleft Lips

Repairing a cleft lip is a relatively minor procedure in America thanks to modern medicine, but the facial deformity can be devastating for some children. Two young brothers, Prince and Mark Orphana, both were born with cleft lips and palates in the Philippines. Their father, Alben, is a coconut vendor in Manila, and he could […]

‘Loathsome’? Planned Parenthood’s definitely not happy Ted Cruz picked a pro-life woman as running mate

Planned Parenthood called Cruz-Fiorina 'the most loathsome pair of anti-abortion extremists in America.' But pro-life leaders differed.

Thousands of Poles march in support of abortion ban

Polish bishops helped organize the marches as part of their effort to promote the new proposed law.

Canadian med schools prepare to train doctors for euthanasia, but will they weed out objectors?

A prominent bioethicist fears that if euthanasia is taught as part of every doctor’s syllabus, it will be treated as the medical standard.

Rome gears up to welcome tens of thousands for 6th annual March for Life

'We cannot take life into our own hands. Nobody has the right to kill another person.'

Ted Cruz to name pro-life Carly Fiorina as his running mate this afternoon, sources confirm

Fiorina still has deep ties to the California party, which holds the largest number of delegates up-for-grabs in the remaining primaries.

Australian judge approves abortion for 12-year-old girl

Teresa Martin, director of Cherish Life Queensland, called the situation 'a tragedy.'

Catholic expert dismantles dissident theologians’ campaign against Polish abortion ban

In an incisive essay, Britain's Dr. Joseph Shaw shows clearly why Catholic teaching calls for criminalizing abortion - even in the so-called 'hard cases.'

Tennessee appeals federal judge’s order for recount of 2014 voter-backed pro-life amendment

Tennessee Right to Life said the judge's 'basis for taking such a radical step is that he shares the view of Planned Parenthood.'

54 LGBT activists arrested protesting North Carolina privacy law

Meanwhile, several thousand North Carolinians held a rally to support the bill.

Conjoined Twins Born in India Shared a Face, Tragically They Died Just Minutes After Birth

Siamese twins who lived for just a few minutes outside of the womb died on Friday in India, according to the Daily Mail. The twins shared a head but they had their own hearts, arms and legs, the report states. The babies were born via C-section on Friday at an eastern India hospital, weighing 2 […]

Ted Cruz Selects Pro-Life Carly Fiorina as His Vice-Presidential Running Mate

Seeking to shore up support from conservative voters ahead of the Republican Party convention in Cleveland as he runs against Donald Trump and John Kasich, pro-life GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz will announce this afternoon that he will name pro-life former candidate Carly Fiorina as his vice-presidential running mate. After suspending her presidential bid, Fiorina […]

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