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Parents Furious as Docs Suggest Considering “Cost Factor” of Raising Baby With Down Syndrome

Senior doctors caused outrage yesterday by suggesting that the costs of caring for children and adults with Down’s syndrome should be a factor in deciding whether to offer pre-natal screening, the Daily Mail reports. Parents of children with the condition have condemned the comments by The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) as “putting […]

Major Canadian universities push anti-Christian hiring policies on small faith-based schools

Proposed policies could prevent Christian colleges from hiring faculty and staff based on adherence to their faith and values.

Irish priest on standing O for lesbians: ‘Mass was hijacked to support…same-sex ‘marriage’’

Fr. Brendan Kealy clarified that he had nothing to do with the parish music ministers' same-sex union being recognized at Mass.

Jesuit school bans alumnus from Facebook page for pointing out Tim Kaine’s abortion support

Eric Halvorson was blocked from Brophy College Preparatory's page after posting Tim Kaine 'is not a man for the unborn.'

Women’s shelters must admit ‘transgender’ men: Obama admin rule

Shelters can no longer deny biological males access to the women’s facilities in cases that endanger women’s 'health and safety.'

Hundreds rally against Wynne’s radical sex ed at Queen’s Park, blast Patrick Brown’s flip-flop

A crowd of close to 500 people turned out to protest Ontario's sex-ed curriculum and demand parental rights.

Planned Parenthood Asks Judge to Overturn Pro-Life Mississippi Law Defunding It

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is suing the state of Mississippi to overturn a pro-life law the governor signed earlier t his year to defund it. In May, Mississippi was the latest state to revoke taxpayer funds from the planned Parenthood abortion business since it was caught selling the body parts of aborted babies.  Mississippi […]

Bioethicists Say Doctors Should be Forced to Do Abortions and If They Quit, “So Be It”

Abortion and euthanasia should not be matters of choice for doctors, two leading Canadian and British bioethicists argued in a new article in the journal “Bioethics.” Professors Udo Schuklenk and Julian Savulescu believe that their governments should stop protecting doctors’ conscious rights and force them to perform or at least refer patients for abortions, euthanasia […]

Hillary Clinton’s Irony: “We Need To Give Our Kids the Chance To Grow up Safe and Healthy”

Hillary Clinton is an abortion champion who has repeatedly said unborn children should have no constitutional right to be safe from an abortion procedure that would terminate their little lives. Amazingly, children somehow magically capture her attention after birth if they are lucky enough to experience life after pregnancy. In new comments in response to […]

Donald Trump Names Rick Santorum and Other Top Pro-Life Catholics as Key Advisers

Fresh from announcing a list of pro-life leaders who are advising him on issues that matter to pro-life voters, Donald Trump has named a group of pro-life Catholic leaders as additional key advisers, including pro-life former presidential candidate Rick Santorum. The list of 33 advisers includes former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, who ran for president […]

Dutch Doctors are Euthanizing Mentally Ill Patients and People With Depression

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Global Outreach (MCCL GO), an international non-governmental organization working to secure human rights for all human beings, has submitted a written contribution to the Human Rights Council’s upcoming review of the Netherlands. Show More Summary

China is Kidnapping People and Harvesting Their Organs While They are Still Alive

Human rights abuses are rampant under China’s Communist Party. Women in their seventh, eight or even ninth month of pregnancy are being forcibly taken from their homes and strapped to tables where doctors abort their unborn children. Religious minorities and political dissidents are being imprisoned in labor camps and detention centers, sometimes without reason. Many […]

Liberal Billionaire George Soros Pours Another $2.5 Million Into Electing Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton

Abortion activists want to see Hillary Clinton become president, and billionaire George Soros is one of them. Soros is not only pouring his fortune into abortion groups like Planned Parenthood that are backing Clinton, but he also is giving millions to the pro-abortion candidate through other, more direct sources. The Free Beacon reports Soros donated […]

No Surprise Cecile Richards Opposes Paid Maternity Leave as Planned Parenthood Prevents Maternity

Planned Parenthood specializes in preventing maternity — not promoting it. So it was more than a little surprising when the group’s president, Cecile Richards, weighed in on Donald Trump’s pro-family child care plan. In an ironic twist, the abortion mogul specifically attacked the GOP nominee’s push to give parents six weeks of paid maternity leave […]

Pregnant Woman Shot Dead Outside Her Mother’s Home, Miraculously Her Baby Survives

Chicago is a city so wracked with deadly violence–it is in on a record-breaking pace for murders and shootings–that “Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is expected to announce his department will be adding 970 hires to the force,” according to CNN. One of the more than 500 homicides so far this year was Parasha M. Beard, […]

In Bizarre Twist of Language, News Story Calls “Failed Abortion” a “Forced Birth”

The headline in The Local read, “Woman forced to give birth after failed abortion.” (The Local is Swedish news written in English.) I was intrigued by the headline so I read on. How was she “forced,” for example. Heads up: this is a gruesome story, dressed up as a violation of “abortion rights.” Turns out […]

Planned Parenthood Continues Pushing Margaret Sanger’s Population Control Agenda, Here’s How

Next month will mark the 100th anniversary of perhaps the most destructive force ever to be unleashed on the world. I’m speaking of the organization Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its founder, Margaret Sanger. In 1935, author H. G. Wells stated, “When the history of our civilization is written, it will be a biological history […]

House Panel Votes to Hold StemExpress in Contempt for Disobeying Subpoenas About Baby Part Sales

Despite parliamentary antics on the parts of pro-Planned Parenthood Democratic members of the Select Panel on Infant Lives, followed by several minutes of castigation of the Panel’s investigation, a markup meeting took place today where the Panel voted to hold StemExpress and its CEO, Cate Dyer, in contempt for failing to comply with subpoenas. Democratic […]

Catholic Charities to Host Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton at Annual Fundraising Dinner

Pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton is a confirmed guest at an annual Catholic Charities fundraising dinner this October in New York. Clinton holds radical positions on abortion, religious liberty and other issues that go against Catholic Church teachings, and some are frowning on her invitation to the high-profile banquet. Show More Summary

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