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Pro-Life Former Governor Jeb Bush Looking at Republican Presidential Bid in 2016

Jeb Bush, the pr-life former governor of Florida, announced today that he is forming an exploratory committee to examine a potential Republican presidential bid in 2016. Bush is known for signing pro-life legislation and a bill to try to save the life of Terri Schiavo. Bush, the older brother of pro-life President George W. Bush, […]

She Ran a Filthy Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Like Kermit Gosnell’s But Won’t Face Charges

Do you remember when Planned Parenthood called Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility a “criminal enterprise? ” Well, apparently the abortion giant has many abortion facilities of their own that are very similar to Gosnell’s. In 2013, Timothy Liveright, who worked at two Planned Parenthood facilities in Delaware, was charged with multiple counts of incompetence and negligence […]

Boyfriend Was Happy His Girlfriend Aborted a Girl, “If It Was a Boy I’d Wring Her Neck”

When legislation came before Congress that would’ve banned abortions done because the baby is the “wrong” gender, pro-choicers fell over themselves to say that this never happens. However, a number of abortionists and clinic workers have documented incidents where it has. Sallie Tisdale, a pro-choice clinic worker, said the following in her article in Harpers […]

New Prenatal Screening Tests are Leading to Abortions of Healthy Babies

An excellent piece by Beth Daley from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting called “Overused and Misunderstood” is a must read. It is about the new non-invasive prenatal screening tests offered by companies that claim they are 99% accurate.  These screens are done early in pregnancy using only a maternal blood sample giving couples […]

“Coming out”: Pro-choicers want women to talk about abortions

by Kelli “People influence others with regard to all manner of things. In this situation, people who are supportive [of legal abortion] are hearing one thing, and people who are opposed to abortion are less likely to hear those stories,”...Show More Summary

Top Campaigner Against Sex-Selection Abortion in China Takes In Two Young Girls

Reggie Little John may not be a household name but she is well-known in the international political community as the top campaigner against gendercide — the brutal killing of “unwanted” girl babies in sex-selection abortions and infanticides. She has taken her fast-growing campaign to the United Nations and to the governments of every county willing […]

Woman Wakes Up After Seizure to Discover She’s Given Birth

23-year-old Gemma Jamieson had the surprise of her life when she woke up from a life-threatening seizure to discover that she had already give birth to her one-pound son. After her seizure, Gemma had to have an emergency Caesarean section in order to save her life and deliver her baby at 24-weeks fetal age. The […]

Should a Father Have Custody if He Pressured His Partner to Have an Abortion?

In Missouri, a new pro-life measure (HB 182) would allow a court to deny a father custody of his child if he attempted to coerce the mother into getting an abortion. In 2009, the Elliot Institute, an Illinois-based organization that researches abortion’s impact on women, found that as many as 64 percent of women say […]

If a Fetus is Just a “Clump of Cells” Explain These Unborn Babies Getting Surgery in the Womb

The Daily Signal has an in-depth article today on doctors’ controversial efforts to perform successful surgeries on babies.  Of course, no one would ever find such a story controversial if it didn’t center on babies who have not been born yet. The Signal piece profiles Drs. Michael Harrison and Scott Adzick, two pioneers in the […]

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Gives Away Glittery Penis Ornament at Christmas Party

Planned Parenthood often goes beyond the pale, but this one may take the cake. During a Christmas party earlier this month, the Maryland affiliate of the Planned Parenthood abortion business gave away a glittery penis-shaped ornament as a prize. The abortion giant suggests that it would make a great decoration to go along with the […]

Doctor Stops Just Short of Saying Euthanize Patients for Their Organs

For the past few years doctors in Belgium have linked organ donation to euthanasia. Recently the Dutch Minister of Public Health, Edith Schippers proposed guidelines for euthanasia/organ donation. Yesterday, published an interview with ethicist, David Shaw, concerning organ donation / assisted suicide. Show More Summary

Woman With Same Cancer as Brittany Maynard Refuses Treatment to Have Her Baby

A 32-year-old mother found out she had stage IV glioblastoma when she was eight weeks pregnant with her second child. After the diagnosis, Julie and Luke Prater decided not to treat the cancer because of the health risks it could impose on their unborn baby. Stage IV glioblastoma is one of the most deadly forms […]

Minnesota Taxpayers Forced to Fund 65,000 Abortions Since 1995

More than 65,000 unborn babies have been killed in Minnesota with taxpayer funds since a Dec. 15, 1995, Minnesota Supreme Court ruling required taxpayers to fund abortions, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MDHS).  The Doe v. Gomez ruling established the most extreme abortion-on-demand state policy in the nation. “The Doe v. Gomez […]

They Got Abortions When the Test Said Their Baby Would be Disabled, But The Tests Were Wrong

The pro-life movement has been raising the ugly specter of abortions on babies with disabilities for years and now a new article in the Boston Globe confirms that the tests supposedly showing a baby having a mild or sever disability may be wrong. Calling unborn babies defective if they are prenatally diagnosed with genetic conditions […]

What Do You Do With That Depressed Elderly Person? Assisted Suicide Backers Say Euthanize Him!

I get such whiplash. On one hand, we are oft told in the media that assisted suicide/euthanasia are “dignity” and “choice”–that ending one’s own life at the time and in the manner of one’s choosing the “ultimate civil right.” On the other, some of the same boosters of the culture of death worry justifiably about poor quality […]

Canadian Province Forces All Doctors to Do Abortions or Refer for Them

Fifty years ago doctors were prohibited by the Hippocratic Oath–and most laws–from assisted suicide and abortion. Now, we see the opening stanzas of forcing doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals to be complicit in such killing actions or be driven out of their professions. The Canadian province of Ontario is the latest example. Today, […]

“18 Kids and Not Counting:” Britain’s Largest Family Says 18th Baby Will be Their Last

Noel and Sue Radford have seventeen children and are known as Britain’s largest family. Now the couple’s announced they’re expecting their eighteenth child; however, they say this will be their last. In July, Sue delivered a stillborn baby at 21-weeks. She said, “I think losing a child changes you as a person, I’m not the […]

Abortionist Faces Charges After Conspiring to Perform Illegal Sex-Selection Abortions

Many countries around the world ban sex-selection abortion, which is the practice of killing an unborn baby through abortion because of the babies’ gender. However, as many of us know the abortion industry doesn’t always care about following the law and sometimes participate in illegal practices. As LifeNews previously reported, sex-selection abortion is an epidemic […]

“Keep Praying for Our Boys!” Parents Welcome Conjoined Twins, Doctors Will Try to Separate Them

Parents in Florida are welcoming the birth of conjoined twins and, because they do not share organs, doctors believe they can safely separate them in surgery. Michelle Brantley and fiance Bryan Mirabal had their first son Gage in January and less than a year later they are now proud parents of conjoined twins. Carter and […]

Pro-life vid of day: UK pro-lifers respond to idea of buffer zones

by Kelli Pro-lifers in the United Kingdom have recently come under fire for doing something very “American” in nature: protesting abortion and offering help outside abortion facilities. In response to this new trend, UK shadow home secretary shadow Yvette Cooper has suggested that the government enact “buffer zones” around abortion facilities. Show More Summary

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