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Fordham changes restroom signs as part of ‘gender inclusive’ campaign

The changes to signs were pushed by The Positive, a student activist group led by a student identifying as a transgender male.

A bureaucracy of medical deception: Quebec physicians told to falsify euthanasia death certificates

The Practice Guide rationalizes falsifying death certificates by saying that doing so makes it possible to respect the wishes of patients who don't want their families to know how they died.

Helping Syrian Christians: the U.S. must act

At the very least, the U.S. should reach out to those groups who are caring for Christian refugees and end its over-reliance on the UN program.

Canada: Liberal Party Health Minister Jane Philpott Pushes for More Abortion Clinics

For those concerned about the health and safety of all Canadians, no matter their location, it was with nervous excitement that we received the news of Dr. Jane Philpott’s appointment as Minister of Health. Dr. Philpott, an active member in her Community Mennonite Church, and according to the Liberal Party website, a “song leader for […]

Attorney General Won’t Say if Obama Will Enforce Law Protecting Babies Who Survive Abortions

If an unborn baby survives a botched abortion and the abortionist just lets the baby die without providing him or her with proper medical care after the accidental birth, should the abortion doctor be held accountable? Apparently, if such a law were in place, Attorney general Loretta Lynch would not commit the Obama administration to […]

Planned Parenthood Abortionist Prays Next to Pro-Life Sign and Thanks God She Can Kill Babies

The Pro-Life Action League caught a disturbing moment on video (watch below) last Monday in Chicago outside a Planned Parenthood conference when an abortionist knelt down beside the photo of an aborted baby to thank God for her work. As LifeNews previously reported, the conference highlighted two Planned Parenthood doctors caught on tape selling aborted […]

Woman Nearly 9-Months Pregnant Dies After Friend Cuts Baby From Her Womb

In the second such case in two years in the United States, a woman nearly 9-months pregnant died after a childhood friend cut her unborn baby from her womb in an attempt to pass the infant off as her own. According to an AP report, mother Angelikque Sutton (pictured above), 22, had been stabbed multiple […]

Woman Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, Now Judge Won’t Terminate Rapist’s Parental Rights

In Minnesota last week a judge refused to allow a rapist to terminate his parental rights. Let’s start from the beginning. Mary was seeing a man for a couple of months and she had stated she did not want to have sex in her relationship with him. But he didn’t keep his promise and drugged […]

A Single Mom of 5 Kids Almost Aborted This Beautiful Baby. But She Found Help

The brutal reality of abortion is something our society tries so hard to avoid and ignore. It’s uncomfortable and unnerving to hear the facts about babies in the womb being torn limb from limb or crushed or burned to death. Abortion is horrific. It tugs at our consciences. It’s why abortion advocates try so hard […]

Planned Parenthood Praises ABC for Having Character Abort Her Baby as “Silent Night” Plays

Planned Parenthood sang the praises of the ABC show “Scandal” on Friday after the TV show glorified a main character’s abortion to the tune of “Silent Night” and the defeat of a bill to de-fund the abortion giant. “We just hope those in Congress — and throughout the nation — who are steadfast on rolling […]

CDC reports massive increase in STDs

Chlamydia hit a record high. Gonorrhea is up 5.1 percent. Syphilis is up over 15 percent.

Oklahoma governor urges state health department to end contracts with Planned Parenthood

Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin is calling for her state to cancel its contracts with Planned Parenthood affiliates over 'their high rate of billing errors.'

Government: STD rates among homosexuals ‘alarming,’ ‘troubling’

The recent report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows an 'alarming' rate of STDs among homosexuals.

Pro-life state senator closes office, cancels meetings over death threat

A state senator who heads a committee investigating Planned Parenthood has closed his office after receiving a death threat he attributed to coverage of his pro-life leadership.

Mississippi’s last abortion facility to become Medicaid-eligible

The Jackon Women's Health Organization is expanding into tax-funded 'services' – namely, contraception.

Pro-family leaders attacked by arson after German play depicts them being mutilated on stage

'The battle for life and the family is moving to a new stage,' said pro-family leader Gabriele Kuby.

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