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Doctors Said He Would Live for Minutes and Should be Aborted, Now He’s Two-Year-Old

Two years ago, little Alfie Hillman defied the odds. Told he had a condition known as Trisomy 18, Alfie’s parents were told by doctors that he would only live for a few minutes after birth and they suggested abortion. Thankfully, they refused. Now the little guy is about to celebrate his second birthday – on […]

Pro-life blog buzz 4-21-15

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli Down on the Pharm dissects an article in Ebony, written by Deacon Emma Akpan, who “bemoans the lack of church preaching to promote birth control and abortion” and believes abortion is a good thing for the Black community – despite the fact that, […] The post Pro-life blog buzz 4-21-15 appeared first on Jill Stanek.

Population Controllers Wage War on Maternity in the Name of Mother Earth

I often come across persons who attempt to justify forced abortion, sterilization, and contraception because “We (that is, human beings) are destroying the planet”. They view people as pollution, and argue that it is necessary to violate reproductive rights to protect the planet from the beings who are despoiling it. Yet that logic is intrinsically […]

Catholic leaders join national campaign to boot anti-religious bigot Dan Savage from new prime time show

'The fact that ABC would voluntarily work with such an extreme person to promote his immoral, hateful agenda is problematic in the extreme,' says LifeSiteNews' John-Henry Westen.

Loretta Lynch Defended Partial-Birth Abortion Saying The Phrase “Living Fetus”‘ is “Hopelessly Vague”

The Senate will vote this week or early next week on President Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General. When it does, senators will be voting on a nominee in Loretta Lynch who once defended partial-birth abortions. Lynch is the nominee to replace pro-abortion Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder, who is pro-abortion and who used his […]

Kill or Get Out of Medicine: What Canada And Australia Tell Pro-Life Doctors

Medical martyrdom is coming, a term I coined to describe doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other such professionals being forced (soon) to choose between their callings and participating in the intentional taking of human life. That is already the law of Victoria, Australia, where doctors must perform abortions when asked or refer to a colleague they […]

The 8 threats to marriage and what we can do about it

The strongest possible antidote to these menacing threats against traditional, sacramental marriage is solid marriage preparation.

VIDEO: Teacher reveals how he convinced his Catholic school board to go pro-LGBTQ

Leaving out Church teaching against homosexual acts allows for a 'much richer dialogue' about people attracted to the same sex, says York Catholic teacher Michael Way Skinner.

Distraught husband calls 911 for wife when the abortion clinic wouldn’t. What clinic staff did next was inexcusable.

When he attempted to enter the clinic where his wife was experiencing a medical emergency, Erik found the door locked. The clinic workers refused to let him back in even though he explained he was on the line with 911.

Vatican envoy slams population control push at UN

Archbishop Bernardito Auza decried the promotion of abortion as 'treatment' for war-time victims of sexual assault.

Illinois bill to crack down on conscience, compel abortion referrals

'Amendment 3 undermines the freedom of conscience and invites intimidation and legal action against pro-life healthcare providers,' said Americans United for Life in a statement on Monday.

God Inspires Three Pro-Life Groups to Plan National Prayer Event at the Same Time

Ten years ago, a burning desire to be a voice for the unborn was ignited in three leaders – in Texas, Virginia and Colorado. Having known each other for years, they rarely see one another aside from national pro-life gatherings. What would happen if we started a dialogue together? For the first time, David Bereit […]

Shocked Mom Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Boy in Her Bathroom, Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

In the United Kingdom, a 24-year-old woman had the surprise of her life when she gave birth to a baby she didn’t even know she was pregnant with. According to the Daily Echo, Nikki Kelly and fiancée Aaron Swallow said that throughout the pregnancy Kelly showed no symptoms, such as morning sickness or cravings and […]

Tennessee House Passes Pro-Life Bill for 48-Hour Waiting Period, Abortion Alternatives

The Tennessee state House this morning approved a pro-life bill that requires a 48-hour waiting period before an abortion so women considering an abortion can consider information on the development of their baby and alternatives to abortion. When passed in other states, such bills have successfully cut the number of abortions by helping pregnant women […]

St. John Paul II’s luminous teaching on the family has been left out of the Synod. It shouldn’t be.

John Paul II’s caution about relying excessively upon romantic love should be communicated in Catholic families and schools, precana and marital enrichment programs.

Majority in San Francisco supporting Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts, according to online poll

There is a significant measure of support for the archbishop, despite last week’s full-page ad from 100 'prominent Catholics' calling for Pope Francis to replace Archbishop Cordileone.

Chile approves gay unions: president pushes for gay ‘marriage’

The new law grants same-sex couples almost all of the rights of marriage, but the president is pushing for more.

The story of how God inspired three national pro-life prayer apostolates simultaneously

With each focused on prayer and advocacy for the ending of abortion, these three groups reach a diverse spectrum of people: from youth on the fringes, to a broad scope of evangelical and Catholic believers.

This Doctor Saves Unborn Babies From Abortion After It’s Started, Wait Til You See How

Do you think that it’s impossible to reverse an abortion? Well, praise God, think again! A young woman ten weeks pregnant walks into her local Planned Parenthood office, grieving the death of her father. She thinks she just can’t cope with a pregnancy right now. Planned Parenthood gives her the abortion pill RU-486. She takes […]

Campaign Life’s detailed analysis of Wynne’s radical sex-ed now in 6 languages, more to come

CLC's comprehensive examination of the history and harmful nature of the controversial curriculum is now available in Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, and Spanish.

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