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The Truth: Women in China are Pressured to Abort or Abandon Their Babies

An article came out in the Washington Post yesterday entitled, “Researchers may have ‘found’ many of China’s 30 million missing girls.”  The researchers – John Kennedy of the University of Kansas and Shi Yaojiang of Shaanxi Normal University – argue that many of these girls “might not have been killed after all... […]

Disability, pro-life advocate’s message continues to resonate after her suffering and death

Alison Davis' caregiver, Colin Harte, wants the world to realize through her example that pain and suffering have meaning.

Judge Lets Woman Get Away With Murder: She Won’t Face Prison After Drowning Her Newborn in a Sink

A Canadian woman who has admitted to killing her newborn baby won’t spend any time behind bars after her lawyers requested the judge hand down a suspended sentence. Courtney Saul, born in 1992, pleaded guilty to one charge of infanticide, after drowning her hours-old baby, George Saul, in her bathroom sink. But Saul will only […]

Anglican pastor arrested and charged for praying at Planned Parenthood

Father Linton was standing on a public easement offering incoming mothers and fathers alternatives to abortion and praying for them to change their minds.

Sidewalk counselors challenge Harrisburg ban on free speech outside abortion centers

'This city's blatant discrimination against these sidewalk counselors is unconstitutional.'

Like Other Pregnant Students Lauren Could Have Aborted Her Twin Boys, She’s Glad She Didn’t

Four years ago, Lauren came home from college for the weekend with an excruciating announcement to tell her parents. By the time she was packing up to head back to her dorm room, though, the right moment still hadn’t presented itself. Time was running out, and Lauren wasn’t going to be able to hide the […]

CNN Producer and Reporter Caught on Hot Mic Joking About Donald Trump’s Plane Crashing

In a terrible exchange that exposes the true feelings the news network has for the president-elect, a CNN producer and reporter were caught on hot mic joking about Donald Trump’s plane crashing. The incident points to the extreme media bias most pro-life voters believe the liberal media outlets have. The remark was made before a […]

Beastie Boys Member Leads Planned Parenthood Donation Campaign: Fight for Your Right to Abort Your Baby

Liberals often have a difficult time understanding the concept of irony, as clearly demonstrated by Adam Horovitz, who is called “Ad-Rock” or “King Ad-Rock” when performing with the Beastie Boys “hip-hop” band. While supporting the humane treatment of animals, Horovitz strongly believes in “a woman’s right to choose” the inhumane abortion of unborn children. Yes, […]

Germany offers class to refugees on how to pick up women

With sexual assaults a growing concern, the government employed 'flirting coach' Horst Wenzel to help migrants adapt to the culture.

Irish gvmt’s appeal against right-to-life ruling is truly deplorable

Why should any government seek to restrict or inhibit the human rights of its citizen’s, especially when it comes to our most fundamental rights, such as the right to life.

Paul Tully: a giant in British and Irish pro-life history

Paul leaves a permanent legacy to Britain in the form of historic life-saving achievements in which he played a critical role.

Chip and Joanna Gaines: a winner’s circle love story

Their show, their life story has no agenda. Chip and Joanna are simply two people with a family who have made a successful business for themselves.

Do you want to have a good Christmas? Then listen carefully to this Advent message: ‘You need a Savior!’

Permanent joy and salvation await us if we persevere in running the race of faith. Paradoxically, it comes from being deeply aware of our sinful condition.

Ohio Pastor Protection Act passes Ohio house committee

The bill aims to protect Ohio’s pastors and church organizations from being forced to violate their conscience.

Slovak bishops: Church, gvmt should reject international accord on women because it includes gender ideology

Bratislavia Archbishop Stanislav Zvolensky warns that rejecting the treatise likely will lead to persecution.

Abortion Survivor: I Feel a Burden to Be a Voice for Those Who Don’t Have One

(  — In 2014, a group of young pro-life advocates produced a stunning video called “Listen to the Beat.” The video demonstrates the impact of abortion on the United States by playing the same number of drumbeats as abortions that occur each day in our nation. As the drums beat, a young man talks about […]

Wendy Davis Slams New Texas Law Making Abortion Clinics Bury Aborted Babies Instead of Selling Them

Wendy Davis loves abortion. In fact she must love abortion so much that she is slamming a new Texas law making abortion clinics provide proper burials for aborted babies instead of selling their body parts for profit. New Texas rules requiring a dignified burial of aborted babies’ bodies will go into effect on Dec. 19, […]

France Bans Video of Kids With Down Syndrome: It Would “Disturb” Women Who Aborted Such Babies

Conscience is a good thing. It is the path to repentance, forgiveness, and healing. Take Project Rachel, the compassionate pro-life project that aids women overcome the grief and guilt some experience from having had an abortion. But France doesn’t want women to feel badly for having aborted a Down syndrome baby. Accordingly, it censored an […]

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