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Pro-Lifers in England, Honduras, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands and Slovakia Protest Planned Parenthood

New York, NY (CFAM/LIFENEWS) — Secretly filmed videos of Planned Parenthood staff in the U.S. harvesting and selling the organs of aborted babies ignited protests in seven countries last weekend – and triggered questions of how widespread the practices may be. “Considering that Marie Stopes International also performs late term abortions, it is therefore justified […]

Hillary Clinton compares pro-lifers to ‘terrorist groups’ (Video)

'Now, extreme views about women - we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world.'

Videos: US psychiatrist tells parents “stand firm” against dangerous sex-ed

Large audience responded to Grossman’s fact-packed talk with frequent applause and a standing ovation. Included are videos of 1) the complete 1 hour main talk by Dr. Grossman and 2) the complete 20-min. Question and Answer session.

Mother Gives Birth to Conjoined Twins, Refused Pressure From Father to Have Abortion

A Colorado woman has given birth to conjoined twins, but only one of the babies is expected to survive and is asking for prayer. Amber McCullough delivered the twin girls by cesarean section on Wednesday and indicated that one of the babies, named Hannah, is alive but currently in critical condition. The other baby, named […]

Topless Feminists Protest Outside Judicial Building to Demand Legalized Abortion in Peru

In Peru, abortion proponents protested outside the Palace of Justice in Lima and urged Congress to approve a law that would decriminalize abortion in case of rape. However, these protestors decided to undress to get their message across and walked around half-naked with flowers painted on their chests. Classy, right? The theme of their event […]

Canadian Medical Association adopts policy allowing doctors to avoid assisted suicide referrals

The Christian Medical and Dental Society called the new policy 'tremendous' for allowing doctors to maintain conscience rights.

The media is pro-abortion. Here’s how to make them spread the pro-life message.

The media won’t do our job for us. It isn’t an easy job. But with creativity, strategy, and determination, it is a job that can be done.

‘Dramatic showdown’ in Missouri Senate over Planned Parenthood illegalities

It appears that the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and Missouri University colluded to help Planned Parenthood break the law.

From suicide to euthanasia Europe’s sinister slide…and ours?

What happened in forty-eight of the cases was chilling: “The doctors, satisfied that [these] patients were in earnest, and that their conditions were ‘untreatable’ and ‘unbearable,’ offered them lethal injection; 35 went through with it.”

Ashley Madison and the death of monogamy

Everything changed with the hacking of the Ashley Madison website and the release of over 37 million names, along with account information. Now, millions around the world who had paid no attention to Ashley Madison or the “Dark Web” found themselves staggered by the sheer scale of the adultery enterprise. Show More Summary

Janitor at Planned Parenthood Clinic Caught Selling Aborted Babies Makes Six Figure Salary

The janitor working at a California-based Planned Parenthood clinic caught selling aborted babies to StemExpress does very well financially. As LifeNews reported, some of the expose’ videos have featured Holly O’Donnell, a licensed phlebotomist...Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Caught Not Reporting Rape of 14-Year-Old Failed to Report Another Rape

An inspection report released on August 13, 2015, has revealed that a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Mobile, Alabama, twice failed to report suspected child sex abuse as required by law involving a 14-year old girl who received two abortions within a four-month span of time. But what is disturbing is that the report was […]

Nigerian archbishop makes strong defense of natural family ahead of Synod

The country’s bishops ‘are absolutely of one mind’ on these issues, says Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama.

Colorado Euthanasia Group Pushes Initiative to Legalize Assisted Suicide, Euthanize Children

In Colorado, assisted suicide proponents have submitted an initiative to amend the state’s constitution that would legalize assisted suicide. The ballot initiative is called Liberty at Life’s End (or Medical Sovereignty) and argues that...Show More Summary

300+ rallies protesting Planned Parenthood nationwide drew over 70,000 people

'This weekend was huge, but it was not the end,' says co-organizer Mark Harrington.

Hillary Clinton Compares Pro-Lifers Wanting to De-Fund Planned Parenthood to Terrorist Groups

Attention pro-life Americans. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton thinks you have something in common with terrorist groups like ISIS if you favor de-funding the Planned Parenthood abortion business after it was recently caught selling aborted babies and their body parts. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood’s Own Experts Find “No Evidence of Audio Manipulation” in Eight Shocking Videos

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is absolving itself of any responsibility for its part in the sales of aborted babies and their body parts and it has released a new report calming the eight videos released exposing it were “altered.” The abortion giant says the videos were manipulated and therefore not eligible for serious inquiry […]

“The Planned Parenthood Song” Exposes the Aborted Baby Body Parts Scandal in an Amazing Way

The scandal of Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies and the body parts of aborted babies is a series matter that has already involved Congressional and state investigations and calls for prosecuting the abortion practitioners and Planned Parenthood staffers responsible for potentially breaking the law. Show More Summary

Canadian Medical Association Votes: Doctors Must Refer Patients for Euthanasia

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) voted to rejected a motion that would protect the conscience rights of physicians who refuse to refer patients to die by euthanasia at their annual General Council meeting today in Halifax. A media release from the CMA today stated: Conscientious objection was a contentious issue, with 79% of delegates voting against […]

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