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PHOTOS: Baby given no chance of survival celebrates first birthday

The parents rejected abortion twice, despite severe risks to the mother's health.

Bishops stand straong against threats of morning-after pill, euthanasia in Malta

The Catholic prelates in the island country offered resistance to the 'throwaway culture' that devalues the vulnerable in society.

Elite runner Sarah Brown chooses life over Olympic success

Rio was the goal, but Summer Games took a back seat to being a first-time mom.

Canadian pro-life group threatened with legal action over LifeSite ‘gay zombies’ report

Along with suing Bill Whatcott for $104 million, gay activists are attempting to suppress LifeSiteNews' reporting.

Trudeau plans will allow anal sex ‘anytime, any place, with anyone’: critic

Justin Trudeau is preparing to adopt all of the 'reforms' demanded earlier this year by gay activist group Egale, reports say.

What Does It Really Mean to Be Pro-Life?

Over the past four decades, since abortion was legalized in Roe v. Wade, the term “pro-life” has been distorted and discredited.  We are told that if we are pro-life we don’t care about babies outside the womb, even as we care for men, women, and children through non-profits, ministries, and pregnancy resource centers. We are […]

This Woman Brags About Her Abortion: Aborting My Baby “Was Very Freeing”

When LifeNews first published a piece on the Abortion Diary project, creator Melissa Madera claimed that she wanted to give a voice to women who are glad they had abortions – without political influence. In February, Madera told the Washington Post that the Abortion Diary, a podcast that she created as an outlet for people […]

New Planned Parenthood Ad Features Preschool Teacher, Doesn’t Mention It Aborts Children

Planned Parenthood has been performing fewer non-abortion services in the past few years, but a new ad is trying to convince the public that it is more than just an abortion chain. The new commercial, created for the abortion group’s Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands affiliate, shows a preschool teacher, a musician, a taxi driver […]

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey Has a 100% Pro-Life Record on Abortion

Now that we are within 90 days of the November 8th general election, people are starting to pay more attention to the nation’s political campaigns. A key question on the minds of those who view sanctity of life as the most important issue is how incumbent legislators have voted on both pro-life and pro-abortion legislation. […]

Pro-Abortion Mainstream Media Gives Free Ad Space to Planned Parenthood’s CEO

The Washington Post’s Caitlin Gibson presented a glowing depiction of the leader of the nation’s leading abortion business, Cecile Richards, without providing context or accuracy. In the opinion piece “The abortion rights movement is bolder than it’s been in years. That’s Cecile Richards’ plan”, we see how easily one could mistake a news article for […]

Shocking Study Finds 238 Babies Abandoned in Wealthy New Delhi, India Neighborhood

A new study adds more evidence to the troubling trend of gender discrimination against girls across the globe. The targeting of girls for sex-selection abortions and infanticide is a serious problem, especially in countries where there are cultural preferences for boys. In many Asian countries, men now outnumber women in startlingly high ratios. The new […]

George Soros Has Spent Millions to Promote Big Abortion, But Someone Has Spent Even More

In the early days, the wealthy elite funded Planned Parenthood’s efforts to halt the “breeding” of the lower classes. Tax forms recently made available by foundations of some of the nation’s wealthiest families show that, rather than waning, that interest has grown, now helping to fund not only Planned Parenthood, but also a worldwide abortion […]

Daleiden to judge: It is ‘critical’ Planned Parenthood not hide documents in baby parts sales

Planned Parenthood and the employees of a taxpayer-funded university shouldn't be able to hide their 'involvement in the national controversy over aborted fetal body parts,' his lawyer argues.

Catholic politicians should embrace Church teaching or quit: Knights of Columbus leader

'It is time for new thinking by Catholics in public office. I would suggest two options....'

Mike Pence: ‘I’m pro-life. I don’t apologize for it’

The vice presidential candidate says the GOP ticket wants Roe v. Wade 'consigned to the ash heap of history.'

Poland embraces pro-life champion Mary Wagner at World Youth Day

Mary Wagner is esteemed in pro-life Poland, where its citizens question how her native Canada could jail her for protecting the unborn.

Pope Francis Names Staunchly Pro-Life Bishop to Lead New Vatican Office on Pro-Life Issues

A strong pro-life Catholic Bishop from America is headed to the Vatican to oversee its new office for families and life. On Wednesday, Pope Francis appointed the Dallas, Texas Catholic Bishop Kevin Farrell to the position, which will include work on pro-life issues, KDWN News reports. The newly created Vatican office is named the Dicastery for […]

Midwife: 20-24-Week-Old Babies Born Alive After Abortion are Left to Die

A midwife gives the following testimony: A midwife for almost 9 years, I can testify that babies born from late abortions (case of abortion on medical grounds) without feticide, usually between 20 and 24 weeks gestation, may be born alive. The medical team is then often uncomfortable and either puts the baby in a tray […]

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