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Some People Who Think They’re “Pro-Choice” on Abortion are Actually Pro-Life

While Cecile Richards and her pro-choice allies in the abortion industry may be gleefully reading over the Gallup poll released on Friday on abortion views in this country, once they dig a little deeper, it’s obvious that they should hold off on opening the champagne bottles. Headlines are screaming that Americans who hold they are […]

Bill O’Reilly Under Fire for Saying Unborn Babies are “Potential” Humans

(LiveActionNews) — Bill O’Reilly needs a reality check, stat. On several occasions over the years, the Fox News superstar has erroneously referred to embryos and fetuses as “potential” human beings/life. On Wednesday, he did so again in...Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Called 911 After a Botched Abortion and Then Made a Shocking Request

Pro-life activists in Ann Arbor, Michigan, are reporting that there have been two medical emergencies at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility there within sixty days. The video, released by Ann Arbor 40 Days for Life actually documents three medical emergencies at this Planned Parenthood facility and includes a 911 call recording from the March 12, […]

New Law Says Rapist Shouldn’t Get Custody of His Child When a Raped Woman Rejects Abortion

A new federal law, the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, will protect women who are victims of rape and decide to keep their baby. The new federal statute is the work of pro-life activist Rebecca Kiessling, who has been working to protect mothers across the country who decide against having an abortion after they were […]

South Carolina Abortions Drop 3% in 2014, Down 60 Percent Over the Last 26 Years

More unborn babies are being saved in South Carolina, as the number of abortions dropped three percent from 2013-2014. The number of abortions occurring in South Carolina dropped again in 2014, according the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, continuing the overall decline of nearly 60 percent in 26 years. As South Carolina Citizens for Life […]

Paramedic became pro-life after seeing 17-week miscarried baby

'All I remember is looking at that poor little thing, and seeing fingers, and toes, and a face.'

She Suffered a Cardiac Arrest But Recovered After Her Sleeping Baby Helped Reboot Her Heart

In England, a new mother went into cardiac arrest after contracting a rare virus called myocarditis. The woman, Holli Cheung, was treated at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital where doctors tried to revive her for 45-minutes. However, it wasn’t until her husband placed their three-month-old son, Jordan, next to her that her heart started to beat […]

California Pro-Lifers Wake Up: Your State is About to Legalize Assisted Suicide

California is one step closer to becoming the sixth state to pass the controversial Death with Dignity bill. The legislation, condemned by many pro-life advocates, allows terminally ill patients to end their lives with a doctor’s prescription. The California Medical Association, which initially opposed the bill, removed its opposition last week. Soon after, the state […]

More Than 100 Studies Show Abortion is Linked to Premature Births

Abortion has a wide range of medical complications for women and a new campaign a pro-life group is launching today is designed to inform women that abortion is linked to premature births. In fact, over 100 peer-reviewed studies have found that abortion is a risk factor for premature birth in subsequent pregnancies. Dr. Byron Calhoun, […]

Yet another catholic charity working with a pro-abortion organization

This is a very serious problem. Given how intimately connected the World Social Forum has been with the promotion of communism, abortion, and homosexuality since the very beginning, it’s impossible to see how any Catholic can participate in it, or even speak positively about it, let alone have any involvement in its governance. Show More Summary

Stanek Sunday funnies 5-31-15

Good morning, and Happy Sunday! Here were my top five favorite political cartoons this week. Be sure to vote for your fav in the poll at the bottom of this post! by Steve Kelley at…  by Bob Gorrell at…  by Chip...Show More Summary

Stanek Sunday Word: “Love your neighbor as yourself”

Jesus replied, “The most important commandment is this: ‘Listen, O Israel! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord. And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.’ TheShow More Summary

Texas deprives Planned Parenthood of $1.2 million in taxpayer funding

The Lone Star State removed the abortion provider from a state-funded cancer screening program.

Assisted suicide legislation introduced in Delaware

The bill 'will allow a competent terminally ill patient the ability to request medication to end the patient’s life.'

New contraceptives raise risk of blood clots by 50 to 80 percent: British study

The risk is higher among newer drugs, 'despite attempts to develop safer hormonal contraceptives for women.'

Three bishops pen new hard-hitting book to clear up Synod confusion

Preferential Option for the Family — 100 Questions and Answers Relating to the Synod was authored by Santa Rosa Bishop Robert Vasa, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan, and Archbishop Aldo de Cillo Pagotto of Paraiba, Brazil.

One-in-five ‘vegetative’ patients is misdiagnosed: Study

Around 20 percent of hospital patients condemned as 'brain-dead' may be conscious and recover, a study has found.

Man Uses Online Fundraising Web Site to Raise Funds to Kill Himself in an Assisted Suicide

Have we become such a degraded and life-disaffirming culture that a fundraising internet sight is hosting a request to group-fund a one-way trip to a Swiss suicide clinic? Apparently so. From the pitch at the fund raising site, which I won’t link,since I don’t want to indirectly aid this effort: I am 66 years old and now disabled, […]

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