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Vermont becomes 5th state to ban therapy for minors with unwanted gay attractions

'It’s law, team,' said Democrat Gov. Peter Shumlin on the steps of the legislature Wednesday.

Why Do They Call Them “Fetus” and “Vegetables” When Certain People are “Unwanted?”

Words matter. The terminology we employ not only reflects our values but helps to define them. Language is particularly important in bioethical debates, in which dehumanizing verbiage can distance us from our fellow human beings. When embryonic stem-cell research was in the news, we were told constantly by scientists and the media that an early […]

Is Abortion Okay When the Mother’s Life is in Danger? A New Video Has Answers

Students for Life has a new video out that examines the question of whether aborting an unborn baby is necessary to save a woman’s life. Tina Whittington, executive vice president of Students for Life, walks pro-lifers through the question in the short video. She begins by explaining that both the mother and her unborn child […]

Cecile Richards on New Planned Parenthood Clinic: “We Definitely Built This to Do Abortions”

Is Planned Parenthood about selling abortions or women’s health care? Well, the CEO of the abortion business, Cecile Richards, cleared that up yesterday aft the grand opening of a new abortion facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. “We definitely built this so we can provide abortions,” she said yesterday. Ben Clapper, the head of Louisiana Right […]

Church Speaks Up Against New Abortion Biz Opening Next Door: “Killing Babies is a Crime”

News is spreading across Oklahoma City that a notorious late-term abortion business plans to open a new office there this summer, and many residents are upset. Julie Burkhart is behind the new abortion facility. The businesswoman has a shady reputation, having once run an abortion clinic for late-term abortionist George Tiller. She currently owns and […]

Planned Parenthood Pushes Bill Making It Illegal to Record Undercover Footage Like David Daleiden Did

The Planned Parenthood abortion business s fighting David Daleiden and pro-life advocates on all fronts after his organziation released undercover footage showing top abortion business officials at multiple locations discussing how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of unborn babies for profit. Now, in California, the abortion giant is pushing a bill that would make […]

The mark of the beast now seems a probable reality

The purveyors of the new religion have achieved a level of global saturation in the developed world which seems ready to demand from every citizen adherence to their dogmas.

Every Single Planned Parenthood Affiliate Now Kills Unborn Babies in Abortions

Abortion is mandatory at Planned Parenthood. In 2011, the abortion business began requiring that all of its affiliates do abortions; and this week, the effects of that mandate continued with a new mid-west merger. The Associated Press reports two Planned Parenthood affiliates announced a merger on Wednesday that will expand its abortion business in the […]

Media is Essentially Running Free Advertising for the Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

It can be argued that Planned Parenthood does not need a communications department, because there are plenty in the news media who are willing to promote the organization, free of charge, and without charging for overtime. As if I needed another reminder, I recently ran head-first into another case of blatant media bias when it […]

Pro-Abortion “Comedian” Sarah Silverman Jokes About Abortion, Semen at Charity Event for Kids

Comedian Sarah Silverman appears to be on some sort of sick mission to convince Americans that aborting an unborn baby is funny. This week, however, her raunchy comedy routine backfired. Page Six reports Silverman told some “considerably dirty and outrageous” jokes during a recent charity event for children in New York City. Young students were […]

Vermont gov. signs bill forcing insurers to pay for contraception, including vasectomies

'Once again, Vermont is leading the way on reproductive rights,' declared Democrat Gov. Peter Shumlin.

Ontario gvmt may pressure Catholic board to pass policy expelling students for ‘homophobia’

Education Minister Liz Sandals says she'll be calling the board after trustees rejected the policy.

New Report Claiming 56 Million Abortions Worldwide Every Year Wildly Inflated the Numbers

The abortion industry has no problem deceiving women about their unborn babies, so reports of pro-abortion researchers manipulating numbers to benefit their agenda should not come as a surprise. Arina O. Grossu, director for the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council, and Thomas Jacobson, executive director of the Global Life Campaign, recently […]

Vatican Defends Unborn at UN World Summit: There is No International Right to Abortion

(C-Fam) The Vatican reminded world leaders there is no international right to abortion at a global summit in Istanbul this week. The Holy See rejected European proposals to create a new right to abortion under the Geneva Conventions, also known as international humanitarian law or the laws of war. The “Holy See emphasizes that there […]

Offensive DirecTV Ad Has Jon Bon Jovi Singing “Maybe Reconsider Having That Second Child”

A new DirecTV ad (below) has some viewers upset because it treats children as disposable rather than valuable. The commercial shows a couple sitting in front of a TV, complaining about missing a favorite show. Singer Jon Bon Jovi suddenly appears with his guitar and begins singing about having the “power” to turn various aspects […]

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