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NFL star Ben Watson to speak at 2017 March for Life

The NFL player thinks fathers play an important part in ending abortion.

March for Life Director Jeanne Mancini Wants to End Abortion: Let’s Make Abortion “Unthinkable”

Jeannie Monahan Mancini, President and National Director of the March for Life, has extensively focused her career on women’s health and pro-life issues, fighting for both the unborn and those facing end-of-life decisions. This time of year is especially busy for Mancini as she prepares for the national pro-life march, which typically brings hundreds of […]

Hollywood stars praise Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger in Lena Dunham’s viral video

There is a surprising admission in the propaganda video that the abortion supporters' hero 'aligned herself with eugenics.'

Abortionist: I Provide a “Safe Space”and a “Warm, Supportive Environment” to Kill Babies in Abortions

When abortion practitioners use warm and fuzzy terms to describe their work, they leave out one important detail about what exactly their job entails. In cleverly crafted language, Phoenix, Arizona abortion practitioner DeShawn Taylor recently described her office as a “safe space” where she helps to “relieve” women of their “problem[s].” No mention of that […]

Planned Parenthood’s “Women’s March” Rejects Former Abortion Clinic Director Abby Johnson

The pro-abortion Women’s March on Washington deleted another pro-life group from its partner list this week, contradicting its self-described mission of inclusiveness. The Blaze reports this time, the march organizers kicked out Abby...Show More Summary

Abortion Clinic Puts Up Controversial Billboard Saying, “I’m Grateful for My Abortion”

A pro-abortion billboard brandishing the phrase “I’m Grateful for My Abortion” is upsetting women across Cleveland, Ohio this week. ABC News 5 in Cleveland reports the billboards are a project of Preterm, a Cleveland abortion clinic. The group recently had five billboards with the bold pro-abortion message installed in and around Cleveland. The billboards advertise […]

Doctors Told Reality Star Jennifer Snowden to Abort Because Her Baby Might be Brain Dead, She Chose Life

When reality show star Jennifer Snowden learned that her unborn son had a rare brain disorder, almost everyone around her encouraged her to abort him: her partner, her family, her doctors. But just before going through with the abortion, the Bravo TV “Southern Charm” star said two people changed her mind by offering a glimmer […]

Terminally Ill Woman: The Debate Over Legalizing Assisted Suicide Scares Me

Julie Morgan received grave news that no one at any age, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 wants to hear. “The doctors have told me I have a few months to live,” the mid-50s woman wrote to the Sydney Morning Herald. During the past four years, cancerous growth originally isolated in Morgan’s breast metastasized to […]

Planned Parenthood Abortionist is Now Out of a Job. You’ll Love the Reason Why

One Planned Parenthood abortionist is out of a job as a consequence of November’s election. Planned Parenthood’s Nicola Moore, a traveling abortionist (some say “fly-by-night”) was employed by the Clinton Global Initiative, which is now shutting down, according to documents obtained by Operation Rescue. Show More Summary

100,000 People Are Alive Today Because Northern Ireland Didn’t Legalize Abortion

A new report has estimated that the lives of 100,000 people have been saved because of Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws. The report was produced by Both Lives Matter, a new collaborative movement of individuals and organisations seeking to reframe the abortion debate in Northern Ireland. The figure was calculated using termination rates across the rest […]

Dubia Cardinal: It would be ‘suicidal’ if pope taught that conscience trumps Revelation

It would be a 'suicidal act' for a pope to put conscience above Catholic teaching and divine revelation: Cardinal Caffarra

Vatican doubles down on commission members as Order of Malta controversy continues

The conflict remains unresolved stemming from a scandal linking Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager to condom distribution in Africa.

US abortion rates lower than they’ve ever been since Roe v. Wade: new study

Pro-life leaders say pro-life laws and culture shifts, not contraception, are the cause.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Asks Judge to Force Texas to Fund It

Planned Parenthood is fighting the will of the public again this week by urging a judge to force Texas to continue giving it tax dollars. The San Antonio Express-News reports employees for the abortion chain and state lawyers argued their cases in front of U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks on Tuesday. The Planned Parenthood representatives […]

784 Patients Have Been Euthanized in Canada in Just Six Months

The Globe and Mail published an article by Kelly Grant featuring a BC couple who wanted to die by euthanasia together, but ended up dying by euthanasia four days apart. I had hoped that the pro-euthanasia propaganda media articles would lessen now that euthanasia is legal in Canada, but in fact the media continues to ramp […]

WATCH: Fr. Pavone lays out three pro-life victories to expect under Trump

Father Pavone outlines three things pro-lifers can look forward to during the Trump administration.

So-cons will stay in Canadian Tory leadership race to win it, announce more pro-life policies

We must seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to elect an individual who could become the first pro-life Prime Minister in many decades.

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