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Blind, Autistic Boy Leaves Viewers in Tears as He Sings “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord”

In May 2001, Christopher Duffley was born at 26 weeks, weighing only one pound and 12 ounces with cocaine in his system. He was blind, autistic, and suffered from a host of other medical ailments. However, Christopher survived and was placed in foster care. His aunt and uncle, Christine and Steve Duffley, adopted him when […]

U.S. May Follow Britain’s Lead in Allowing Three-Parent Human Embryos, Speak Up Now

It is very possible that the United States may follow the United Kingdom’s lead and sanction the genetic engineering of future generations using technologies that create human embryos with the genetic material of three people. If Americans do not express our concern over these “mitochondrial replacement” (MR) procedures, which are very similar to the cloning […]

Pro-life blog buzz 3-27-15

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli Secular Pro-Life says using signs for sidewalk counseling in front of abortion facilities can be good… or it can be very bad, depending on the kind of signs being displayed....Show More Summary

Watch How This Couple Saved Two Babies From Death Before They Were Even Born

The inherent commoditization of human beings is the glaring moral conundrum of in vitro fertilization. In the IVF process, a large number of eggs are typically siphoned from a woman in hopes of two things: that more perfect babies can be chosen from among the number of embryos created, and that there will be “backup” […]

How to talk to your kids about sexting…before they get hurt, or ruin their lives

When I travel and speak at high schools on porn, I’m always told, 'we’ve had incidents of sexting.' And yes, these are Catholic schools.

Jack Kevorkian’s true goal was to experiment on human corpses

Kevorkian was never about the 'patients.' He was always and exclusively aimed at gaining access to carrying out his twisted pathologies.

The truly disturbing reason vasectomies jump up to 50% before March Madness

As long as our society continually portrays babies as burdens and advertises ways to be 'free' of them, we have a long road ahead of us.

Ambulance transports patient from Wichita abortion clinic in former Tiller building

'We will continue to look into this incident and file whatever complaints are appropriate to protect other women from being injured by South Wind’s shoddy abortion staff,' said Operation Rescue.

Canon lawyer criticizes UK cardinal for trying to silence priests defending Church teaching

Priests, and all the faithful, have a 'canonical right' to publicly express their opinion on matters of importance to the Church, says Dr. Edward Peters.

Indiana protects religious liberty. Why that’s good policy.

A robust conception of religious liberty provides every person the freedom to seek the truth, form beliefs, and live according to the dictates of his or her conscience—whether at home, in worship or at work.

Prosecutor Who Won’t Charge Woman for Killing Unborn Baby Had Planned Parenthood Backing

As LifeNews has reported, the Colorado woman who cut out a 7-month-old unborn baby from a mother’s abdomen, resulting in the death of the infant, will not be charged with murder. That’s because the state lacks an unborn victims law to hold criminals accountable when they kill or injure unborn children in such criminal attacks. […]

Nurse Recalls Infanticides: Doctor Would Signal if Baby Should Live or Die

An unnamed nurse gives a chilling description of infanticides that took place at the hospital where she worked.  The nurse told a reporter from the Catholic Twin Circle that a doctor she worked with had a habit of euthanizing babies born with Down syndrome. The chilling description below was published a long time ago, in 1983. […]

Chloe’s Mom Was Pressured to Abort Her Because She is Severely Disabled, But She Said No

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or brittle bone disease is an extremely rare genetic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to make strong bones. The disorder can be passed on by a parent or occur through a spontaneous mutation. The severity of the condition varies. In fact, some people are born with OI but don’t know they […]

Red Alert!

I don’t like having to do this, but we have always found it best to be totally upfront with our readers...

Doctors Failed to Report Half of All Euthanasia Deaths in Belgium

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published  a new study concerning the Belgium euthanasia experience titled: Recent Trends in Euthanasia and Other End-of-Life Practices in Belgium. Similar to previous studies, researchers sent a four page questionnaire to 6188 physicians who had certified death certificates in the first half of 2013 in Flanders Belgium. The […]

BREAKING: No murder charges for woman who cut baby out of mother’s womb

The case has brought the personhood debate to the forefront as Colorado law does not recognize the murder of an unborn as the same as a child outside the womb.

Premier Wynne shouted down after surprising parents at sex-ed protest: ‘Resign! No more Liberals! We say no!’

'You have permission to withdraw your child from class, you have that permission, that is your right,' Wynne told the crowd of roughly 250 citizens.

Abortion Clinic in Kansas Botches Abortion, Tries to Hide Victim With No Lights or Sirens

An ambulance was called to South Wind Women’s Center abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, for a woman experiencing a medical emergency on March 26, 2015. Operation Rescue was notified of the incident by the Kansas Coalition for Life, which maintains a continuous pro-life presence outside South Wind Women’s Center during business hours. The ambulance arrived […]

Michigan Planned Parenthood Unveils Newly-Renovated $2 Million Abortion Center

In Michigan, Planned Parenthood has announced the completion of a $2 million renovation project at its headquarters and the Irwin/Martin Center. Michigan Live reports that the project includes a new design for the building at 425 Cherry St. SE and an added courtyard. Additionally, the main entrance was relocated to the back of the building. […]

Pro-Abortion Senator Democrat Leader Harry Reid Retiring, Flip-Flopped on Abortion

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, an ardent abortion advocate, announced today that he is retiring from the Senate and will not seek re-election in 2016. His retirement paves the way for pro-life advocates to elect a pro-life replacement in Nevada, where his seat would be a competitive race. Harry Reid started his career in Congress […]

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