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Lawyers for StemExpress, Which Sold Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Parts, Want to Quit

How bad must it be to serve as the attorneys for the biotech firm that sold aborted baby parts for Planned Parenthood? Apparently bad enough that the lawyers for StemExpress want to quit. As the pro-life legal group Life Legal Defense Foundation, which has represented undercover investigator David Daliden, tells “Life Legal recently received […]

Abortion Activists Lie About Maternal Mortality to Claim Defunding Planned Parenthood Hurts Women

Pro-abortion activists, hiding behind the (often undeserved) cloak of credibility provided by a peer-reviewed journal, made a concerted effort this week to mess with Texas. A recent study on increasing maternal mortality rates (MMR)Show More Summary

Cardinal Newman Society: Vatican’s sex-ed program ‘compromises the innocence’ of children

"The Meeting Point' released by the Pontifical Council for the Family 'compromises the innocence and integrity of young people.'

Nobody told me having (a lot of) kids would be this much fun

We just had our fifth child in 7 1/2 years. By all accounts, we should be nervous wrecks. So why are we having so much fun?

Alberta NDP gvmt on homeschooling: ‘We will be assessing how to move forward’

A remark by Education Minister David Eggen left some groups wondering about the NDP's intentions.

Richmond diocese fired employee after learning of his gay ‘marriage.’ Now he’s suing

John Murphy was terminated from his position at a Catholic assisted-living center shortly after his relationship was discovered.

Abortion Doc Who Was So Bad Other States Banned Him is Illegally Running Clinics in New Jersey

One of the East Coast’s most notorious abortionists is being accused this week of illegally running abortion clinics in New Jersey. Abortionist Steven Chase Brigham has an extensive history of disciplinary measures for skirting state laws, botching abortions, injuring women and killing late-term unborn babies in states along the East Coast. A handful of states […]

George Soros Gave Planned Parenthood $1.5 Million to Cover Up Sales of Aborted Baby Parts

It’s no secret that liberal billionaire George Soros is one of Planned Parenthood’s biggest donors. Now leaked documents show that the horrific videos uncovering the abortion mill’s baby parts trade only encouraged his foundation to give more. And the broadcast networks are unlikely to report it. A leaked document recently revealed that George Soros’ Open […]

VOICELESS: A powerful pro-life film for our time

The movie debuts in October and brings into focus the impact that individuals can make in saving lives.

Pro-life, liberty and family attorney seeks election to Mississippi Supreme Court

Steve Crampton is noted for his work in defending traditional marriage, the rights of the unborn, and religious liberty.

Baby Saved After Abortion Pill Was Reversed is Starting Kindergarten, This State Wants to Save More

A Planned Parenthood lawsuit challenging an Arizona law to inform women of the possibility that abortion drugs can be reversed was settled this week. Planned Parenthood filed the lawsuit challenging the 2015 law last year; and this week, both sides in the lawsuit came to an agreement, ending the case, AZ Central reports. In 2015, […]

Kayella Was Once an Orphan With Down Syndrome, Now She’s a Successful Model

An adopted child with Down syndrome now is a familiar face for Target shoppers. Kayella Aschoff, a 4-year-old from Minnesota, was chosen as the model for the company’s Up and Up Training pants packaging, The Mighty reports. Her parents, Ted and Jodi Aschoff, hope that their daughter’s image and her story will make a positive impact […]

Students for Life of America Announces New Pro-Life Outreach to Middle School Students

After seeing a lack of pro-life resources available to counter the infiltration of the abortion industry, led by Planned Parenthood, in middle schools, Students for Life of America (SFLA) is introducing their brand new Middle School Initiative. The initiative was developed by partnering with education professionals who helped to determine the best way to talk […]

I Once Voted for a Pro-Abortion President, Here’s Why I’ll Never Do It Again

I have often wondered what it felt like for pro-life activists the day the men of the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. To see abortion-on-demand legalized throughout the country must have been a profoundly painful feeling. But even those with much foresight could not have envisioned […]

Black Pastor: How Can Black Lives Matter When 20 Million Black Babies Have Been Aborted?

The African American community was once viewed as the conscience of the nation but has now paid the Piper – wolves in sheep’s clothing – to facilitate the theft of our heritage and historic legacy. Never before in the African American experience has there been a time where the machinations of manipulative “House Negroes” and […]

Hillary Clinton: You Must Pay For Abortions Or Else

Ever since the Democratic National Convention concluded, and especially since Hillary Clinton chose Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine for vice president, the federal abortion funding limit called the Hyde Amendment has been much in the news. That is because the amendment, which restricts federal funding for abortion to instances of rape and incest or where the […]

Scientists Creating a Special 3-D Printed Valve to Treat Microcephaly in Unborn Babies

While abortion activists are pushing to abort unborn babies with birth defects linked to the Zika virus, some scientists are discovering new and creative ways to save them. The tech website, which follows 3D printing news, reports a team of scientists in Mexico is working on a 3D printed microvalve to treat unborn babies […]

Woman Felt Violated After Abortion Clinic Nurse Made Her Strip Naked Before the Abortion

As the British abortion group Marie Stopes International faces government scrutiny for unsafe practices, a separate case this week revealed how several of its patients received sub-standard care. A former Marie Stopes patient filed a complaint against one of its nurses in 2014, saying she felt “violated” and “unsupported” at her abortion appointment, the Croydon […]

Hillary Clinton Has Said Abortion “Rights” are “Human Rights.” Do We Really Want Her as President?

Throughout the August digital edition of National Right to Life News you’ll find story after story laying out in chapter and verse what is at stake Tuesday, November 8. And because so much depends on our willingness to fight through every obstacle, I’m depending on you to read the edition cover to cover and forward […]

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