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New ‘solution’ for remarried Catholics is, quite simply, a license to sin

Holy Communion for divorced-and-remarried Catholics cannot legitimately be approved unless marriage is not what Jesus plainly said it was.

‘Alarming’: Planned Parenthood overbilled taxpayers 1 in 7 times, report finds

'[W]hether willful or simply negligent, the consistent submission of improper billings should disqualify these Planned Parenthood providers from participation in the Oklahoma Medicaid program,' stated Oklahoma Gov. Fallin.

Planned Parenthood Kills 897 Babies in Abortions Every Single Day

Desperation breeds the kind of logic that warrants double takes – did they really just say that? Planned Parenthood, under extreme scrutiny for appearing to chop up and sell the body parts of aborted babies in undercover videos, has been on a mission to save their image, which has led to lots of questionable tactics […]

Abortionist Talks About Her Job Killing Babies for a Living: “I Have No Regrets, It’s Rewarding”

Chicago abortion practitioner Cheryl Chastine believes women need abortions, and that’s why the young doctor decided to begin doing them after medical school. The student group Medical Students for Choice told Chastine that one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime (a statistic that has been soundly refuted), but more women are […]

Planned Parenthood and Abortion Clinics Want to Force Maine to Pay for Abortions

Abortion advocates and the ACLU are suing the state of Maine this week in an attempt to force taxpayer funding of abortion. The groups, including Planned Parenthood and two other state abortion businesses, filed the lawsuit Tuesday demanding that women on the state Medicaid program, MaineCare, have their abortions paid for, according to WGME CBS […]

Newborn Baby With Umbilical Cord Attached Abandoned in Manger of Church’s Nativity Scene

The manger of a church’s nativity scene is normally found with a life-like baby resembling the baby Jesus. But a church in New York City temporarily had a live baby in its manager when someone abandoned a newborn baby with his umbilical cord still attached and placed him int he manger of the nativity. Now, […]

Grant Was Literally Born With No Voice and a 3% Chance to Live, But He’s Defying the Odds

After doctors looked at Grant on his 18-week ultrasound, they told his parents that he probably would not survive birth. Cartilage blocked his upper airways, and his lungs were swelling. Later, doctors discovered that he had no vocal cords and probably would never talk. “It was very earth-shattering for us,” his mother, Andrea Hasse, said. […]

VIDEO: Expert says China will continue forced abortions, sterilizations

'A two-child policy carries all of the [same] terrible and appalling methods of abortion as the one child policy.'

Irish children’s minister joins call for nation to abandon pro-life constitution

Dr. James Reilly joins Amnesty International and feminist groups in demanding that the government hold a referendum on changing Ireland's constitution.

Abortion supporters slam new budget by Rhode Island’s Democrat governor

The bill gives 9,000 people insurance coverage that doesn't cover elective abortions.

Woman Aborts Her Baby Because She and Her Partner Argue About Who Should Walk the Dog

Sarah Terzo of does an amazing job of chronicling some of the most shocking comments from abortion advocates and people in the abortion industry.  here’s are a selection of some recent ones she found, including one from a woman who says she aborted her baby because she and her partner don’t really have the […]

Court strikes down Wisconsin law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges

'Now, we must look to the Supreme Court for the protection of women's health and safety after an abortion complication,' Wisconsin Right to Life said.

Auto Dealership Stops Supporting United Way Because It Funds Planned Parenthood

“We don’t normally get involved in politics. We don’t try to throw our weight around with legislative issues. It was a bit of departure for us.” Those are the words of Bill Marsh Jr., partner in his long-standing family business, Bill Marsh Auto Group, in Traverse City, Mich. Bill Jr. and his brothers have taken […]

Fertility Doc Implanted Wrong Embryos Into Woman, Then Did an Abortion Without Her Consent

A California couple’s hopes to have another child turned into a nightmare for more than just themselves after they say their fertility doctor implanted the wrong embryos and then aborted them without their knowledge or consent. “We went there to have a baby, not to kill a baby,” Melissa Pineda told KTLA 5 News in […]

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger’s Grandson Also Strongly Supports Abortion

Margaret Sanger’s grandson is following in the Planned Parenthood founder’s footsteps. Alexander Sanger advocates for abortion as the chair of the International Planned Parenthood Council and previously as an ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund, according to his biography. Show More Summary

Notre Dame forces priest-professor to back off project promoting authentic Catholic education 'was born of intense concern over the loss by Notre Dame of its historic claim to a robust Catholic identity.'

Woman Who Cut Unborn Baby From Friend’s Stomach Did It to “Save the Baby”

In New York, a woman nearly 9-months pregnant died after a childhood friend cut her unborn baby from her womb in an attempt to pass the infant off as her own. Angelikque Sutton, 22, had been stabbed multiple times across her body Friday. Sutton visited 22-year-old Ashleigh Wade (pictured above) at her apartment, where police […]

The ‘sex-ideological tyranny’ of sex-change surgery and its political sycophants

Obsession with the idea of changing one's sex is a 'mental sickness that cannot and will not be cured by surgical and physiological tinkering.'

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