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Annual review of new UN goals underwhelms, avoids controversy

While the UN Statistical Commission agreed to highly controversial indictors earlier this year, it could not adopt them—a task reserved for the two higher UN Charter bodies.

Mexican State Votes to Ban Abortions and “Protect Life From Conception”

The Mexican state of Veracruz approved a constitutional amendment on Thursday that effectively bans abortions by recognizing that unborn babies deserve protection. The Guardian reports outgoing Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte was one ofShow More Summary

Mike Pence Says Donald Trump Will Nominate Supreme Court Judges Who Would Overturn Roe

For pro-life voters there is no more important issue than the Supreme Court and the desperate need to change the makeup of a high court that is poised to continue virtually unlimited abortions another four decades. But pro-life vice-presidential running mate Mike Pence says pro-life voters can be confident that Donald Trump will select good […]

Democrat Delegates Change “Hillary” Convention Signs To “Liar”

The Democratic Party is still far from unified after a long and drawn-out primary season. Plenty of Bernie Sanders supporters are not about to jump on the Hillary Clinton train, and these California delegates figured out a way to show their displeasure at their party’s choice of nominee. They covered up part of the “HILLARY” […]

Liberal Jesuit magazine editor discusses his close ties to Pope Francis

Fr. Antonio Spadaro is so close to the pope that pundits describe him as Francis’ ‘mouthpiece.’

Atheist wants military chaplains punished for wearing uniforms to a chaplains’ event

The founder of an atheist group filed a complaint against three chaplains, claiming they endorsed a 'non-federal entity' by attending a gathering.

100,000 Panamanians march against UN-style sex ed

Panamanians object to the way the programs promote children’s sexualization, endorse their sexual activity, and invite children to experiment with homosexual relationships.

Actress Ashley Judd Glad She Was Able to Abort Her Baby Instead of Having to “Deliver a Child”

Actress Ashley Judd spoke during the Democratic National Convention this week about protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors like herself. Unfortunately, Judd also gave a passionate plea for legalized abortion on demand. The actress spoke during an event hosted by NARAL, a radical pro-abortion group that supports abortion, not just in the rare cases, […]

Here’s Another Reason Why Parents of Babies With Trisomy 13 or 18 Should Refuse Abortion

A new study is bringing encouraging news to families whose unborn babies have been diagnosed with rare genetic disorders. The Associated Press reports a new Canadian study about children with trisomy 13 and trisomy 18 found that the chromosomal disorders may not be as fatal as doctors often say they are. The news of a […]

Hillary Clinton Promotes Free Abortions: “Let’s Go Out There and Make It Happen”

During her keynote address to the Democratic convention on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton wasted no opportunity promoting abortion. She began her speech promoting the Democratic Party platform that calls for forcing Americans to pay for abortions. “We wrote it together – now let’s go out there and make it happen together,” Clinton said. The proposed […]

Pope speaks of sanctity of life after World Youth Day arrival

The Holy Father reaffirmed the importance protecting and welcoming life from 'conception to natural death.'

After They Applauded Woman Bragging About Her Abortion How Can Any Christian Vote Democrat?

This week, popular conservative blogger Matt Walsh tackled the question of whether Christians can vote Democrat because of the party’s increasing devotion to the abortion industry. Writing for The Blaze, Walsh penned an open letter to a reader who said she is a Christian and a Democrat. He responded to her by pointing out how […]

Watch Obama Refer to Himself 119 Times During His Speech to Nominate Hillary Clinton

It’s often been said that President Barack Obama has been the most narcissistic president ever — with so many speeches filled with “I” and “me.” His speech to nominate Hillary Clinton appear sot be no exception. Here’s more: Addressing the Democratic National Convention on its penultimate night to lay out the case for Hillary Clinton’s […]

Hillary Clinton: “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” Over the Broken Bodies of Unborn Babies

As a husband, the father of three adult daughters, a father-in-law to my son’s wife, and the grandfather of Emma, I celebrate that a major political party could endorse a woman for President of the United States. But what I celebrate in principle is what countless millions like me lament in practice: the choice. Once […]

Adorable Video Shows Deaf 3-Month-Old Baby Hearing Mommy’s Voice for the First Time

The special moment when a deaf baby girl first heard her mother’s voice was captured in a touching new video last week. Idaho baby Annabelle Lawrence was born deaf, but after getting hearing aids on Wednesday she was finally able to hear her family’s voices for the first time, the Daily Mail reported. The video […]

36% of Democrats Think Abortion Should be Illegal but Hillary’s Party Wants Unlimited Abortions

This summer, the Knights of Columbus commissioned a poll by Marist University on abortion attitudes in the United States. The results were released earlier this week, right as the Democratic National Convention was getting started. The timing could not have been better. The results of the Marist poll clearly show that the abortion plank in […]

Amazing Fetal Surgery Shows Unborn Babies are People Too

We hear sometimes from pro abortion types that fetuses are nothing of moral note until they are born—and sometimes not even then, e.g. personhood theory.  We are sometimes told that during prenatal care, only the mothers are patients.  Yet, a story just came out about life saving prenatal surgery.  From the CBS Miami story, “World’s First […]

Even This Former Obama Staffer Thinks the Democrat Platform Pushing Free Abortions is Extreme

A growing number of Democratic leaders are publicly condemning their party’s new pro-abortion platform that calls for taxpayer-funded abortions. Michael Wear, who was the director of faith outreach for Obama during his 2012 presidential campaign, is the latest to make a public statement opposing the new platform language. Show More Summary

Cosmopolitan Magazine Says Bill and Hillary Clinton are “Good Marriage Role Models”

Only the sex-obsessed writers at Cosmopolitan could try that line out. There are a lot of ways to try to defend the Clintons, but that’s not one. In the article The Clintons and the Reality of a Long Marriage, the women’s magazine attempts to make the case that the Clinton marriage is actually one that […]

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