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Abortion Clinic Closes Where Abortionist Would Twist the Heads Off Babies to Kill Them

Earlier this week, we reported about the impending closure of the infamous Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center abortion business in Houston, Texas. This closure is a significant one. That facility is owned and operated by Douglas Karpen, who was accused of his own employees publicly of twisting the heads off or cutting the necks of late-term […]

WATCH: GOP Senator Wavering on Planned Parenthood Defunding Bill Uncomfortable as Trump Singles Him Out

The press stormed Republican senators as they were filing out of their lunch with President Trump Wednesday, which he had scheduled abruptly to talk health care. In his opening remarks at the meeting, President Trump told the senators that they need to forget about vacation until they have a serious health care plan in place. […]

Court Under Fire for Letting 12-Year-Old Get Abortion Without Her Parents Consent

Two pro-life leaders in Alabama spoke up for a 12-year-old rape victim and her unborn child this week after a court deemed the girl mature enough to have an abortion. Lorie Mullins, executive director of COPE Pregnancy Center and a post-abortion counselor, and lawyer Win Johnson said the girl and her unborn baby deserve better […]

LifeSite is back on Tuesday

The whole LifeSite team is away the next few days.

The Courageous Pro-Life Women Who Fight for Real Equality

What is feminism? If you asked people on the street, the most common response is “equality”. Yet at the darkened heart of today’s faux feminism, there is no equality because it is violently hostile to Life. You can dress it up in all the pink banners, euphemisms, “women’s empowerment” and #ShoutYourAbortion tweetfests that you’d like, […]

Pro-Life Group Slams Republican Opposing Senate Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Senator Shelly Moore Capito is one of three Republicans in the Senate who opposes the Senate bill to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal Obamacare. She has flip-flopped from suporting the bill to opposing it — but her political calculations are not playing well at home. The junior senator from West Virginia previously voted to repeal […]

Congresswoman Whose Baby Miraculously Survived Was Behind Granting Charlie Gard U.S. Residency

U.S. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler knows better than most people what Charlie Gard’s parents are going through. The pro-life Republican from Washington state has a daughter who was diagnosed with Potter’s syndrome, a typically fatal condition, while she was in the womb. Abigail Beutler now is 3 years old and able to walk the halls […]

The Golden Rule Ought to Help Us Recognize the Dignity of Unborn Children

Why should we care about the fate of unborn children who are at risk of death through abortion? Why do they matter? Many people don’t care. After all, unborn children are small and largely hidden from view. They look (at their earliest stages) different from us. They don’t have the sophisticated cognitive functions that we […]

Florida Defends Modest Proposal to Wait 24 Hours Before Aborting a Baby

When last we wrote about HB 633, signed into law by pro-life Florida Gov. Rick Scott on June 10, 2015, a split state Supreme Court had just blocked the law which requires that a pregnant woman meet with an abortionist and wait 24-hours before she can have an abortion. The vote on that February 16 […]

Teen Vogue editor flips off critics of anal sex article, blames backlash on ‘homophobia’

The highly controversial how-to story failed to mention the risks involved in the lewd act.

Medical Miracle; 12-Ounce Baby Born 4 Months Premature Gets to Go Home

Emily Rose Hollins arrived home from the hospital on Friday for the first time since her premature birth five months ago. Emily is one of the smallest babies to survive outside the womb. She was born four months prematurely, weighing just 12 ounces, KOCO News 5 reports. She is the tiniest baby ever to survive […]

Rosie O’Donnell Tweet Endorses Pushing President Trump Off a Cliff

President Donald Trump and talk show host Rosie O’Donnell do not have what one would call a “good” relationship. The two have been feuding for years, and Trump has gone out of his way to mock O’Donnell both on Twitter and during one of the early primary debates. In response, O’Donnell has been vocally opposed […]

Chile Senate Passes Bill Taking First Step in Legalizing Abortion

Many South American countries are facing strong pressure from abortion activists because of their pro-life laws. On Wednesday, Chilean Senate lawmakers caved into pro-abortion lobbyists’ pressure and passed a bill to allow abortions in certain circumstances, according to The Guardian. The bill would allow unborn babies to be aborted in cases of rape, fatal fetal […]

Notorious abortionist lauded by Pope Francis to speak at Catholic church in Italy

Emma Bonino not only is responsible for millions of abortions but she supports contraception, same-sex 'marriage,' transgenderism, and sex education.

Charlie Gard hospital slams ‘world where only parents decide for children’

Great Ormond Street Hospital believes that mom and dad should abide by its decisions and those of the courts.

Abortion Activists: The Most Effective Way to Fight Global Warming? Don’t Have Kids

A radical solution is being proposed by those promoting the theory that man is to blame for climate change. Their solution? Have fewer children. Humankind is where the problem lie…supposedly. Writing for The Washington Times (7/13/17), Valerie Richardson notes, “Those who want to get serious about tackling climate change should forget about recycling and have […]

Woman Sues Hospital Because Abortion Failed to Kill Her Baby

An Italian woman filed a lawsuit against the San Paolo hospital in Milan recently because her child is alive. The woman, who is not named in reports, had an abortion at the hospital in April 2013, but it failed to kill her unborn baby and she later gave birth to a healthy infant, Newsline reports. […]

Adorable Baby With Down Syndrome Headlines New Yogurt Ad Campaign

A beautiful little girl with Down’s syndrome is now gracing yoghurt pots across Ireland. Abby Dillon has just been revealed as one of four faces of Glenisk’s Organic No-Added-Sugar Baby Yogurts. She was one of the 14 finalists chosen from 4,500 entries into Glenisk’s #SweetBaby search competition. Mum Anne, from County Cork, told the Irish […]

Facebook blocks conservative Catholic pages, calls it a ‘malfunction’

The 'glitch' left some page administrators questioning whether censorship is taking place.

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