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Hillary Clinton Repeatedly Misled Americans on Abortion During the Debate, Here’s the Truth

Misleading statements about abortion characterized Hillary Clinton’s discussion of the topic during the third presidential debate. “In displaying her undying loyalty to the Abortion Cartel, Clinton displayed ignorance, deception, or both,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. Show More Summary

FALSE: Hillary Clinton Falsely Claims Partial-Birth Abortions are Needed to Protect a Woman’s Health

Pro-abortion Democrat Hillary Clinton made a false appeal to compassion during Tuesday night’s presidential debate when she said she supports late-term abortions in cases that protect a woman’s life or health. On its surface, the position may seem reasonable to some Americans, but a closer look reveals that Clinton’s position on late-term abortions is actually […]

Canada Defeats Bill Saying Unborn Baby is a Human Being When a Pregnant Woman is Killed

Members of Parliament Wednesday voted 209 – 76 against Bill C-225, also known as “Cassie and Molly’s Law.” This bill would have made it a crime to injure or kill a woman’s pre-born child during the commission of a crime against the mother. Currently, a pregnant woman victimized by violent crime has no recourse if […]

Planned Parenthood: Husbands Should Have No Say if Their Baby is Aborted

Planned Parenthood officials blasted the South Carolina health department this week after the agency proposed a rule requiring that husbands have a say in their wives’ decision to abort their unborn child. Last month, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control released a series of proposed changes to the state abortion facility regulations […]

Pro-Abortion Actress Scarlett Johansson Calls Abortion a “Human Rights Issue”

Actress Scarlett Johansson couldn’t be more right that abortion is a “human rights issue,” but her position has a giant, fatal flaw. In her opinion, abortion should be accepted as a “human right” for women; and unborn babies – though scientific research has long confirmed that they are indeed unique, living human beings from the […]

Debate Proves Hillary Clinton Really Does Support Abortion All the Way Up to Birth

As you would expect from a first-rate journalist, Fox News’ Chris Wallace held the candidates’ feet to the fire in last night’s third and final presidential debate. From the pro-life perspective, it was particularly useful that Wallace said he would “drill down” on the question of the Supreme Court “because the next president will almost […]

Doctor told mom she’d die unless she aborted. 14 years later, she’s a mom with no regrets

An encounter with pro-life prayer warriors outside the abortion clinic changed the family’s life. Not only did the encounter save them from abortion, but it took them on a pathway of faith.

A deceitful argument to crush religious freedom at hospitals

Government does not have a right to force faith-based healthcare institutions to provide assisted suicide.

Feminists admit at UN: ‘Post-abortion care’ was always just code for abortion advocacy

One advocate said that sustaining post-abortion care was never the goal. 'Post-abortion care' was meant to be an 'entry point.'

Marie Stopes ‘pressures young mothers into having abortions’: post-abortive mom

Two of the mothers told the Daily Mail that their babies survived taking the first of the two pills used in a medical abortion.

The Ontario Liberal gvmt’s new bill strips kids of their natural birthright - a mom and dad

Any political legislation worthy of support ought to seek to strengthen that natural good for the benefit of the child and society as a whole, not to weaken it.

Dismemberment Abortions Tear Babies Limb From Limb, Hillary Clinton Calls That “a Scare Tactic”

Dream last night’s presidential debate, pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denied the brutality of abortion. She called Donald Trump’s statement that she favors ripping unborn babies from the womb a scare tactic. “I think it’s terrible if you go with what Hillary is saying in the ninth month you can take the baby and rip […]

Hillary’s abortion answers raise questions

If abortion doesn’t kill a baby, then why did Hillary Clinton last night say pregnancy involves 'mothers'?

Clinton got it WRONG on forced abortion in China

She was Secretary of State. How could she bungle this so badly?

Planned Parenthood Partner Shows Donald Trump Was Right: Babies “Ripped Out of the Womb” in Abortions

Last night during the presidential debate Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton supports abortions up to the ninth month and that end in abortion “you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother.” Does that really happen? It turns out that that is actually true. In an abortion […]

Catholic Cardinal Blasts Abortion: “The Baby the Womb Can be Sucked Out an Left Dead”

A civilization cannot stand when it abandons the values of human life and dignity, Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan said in his message for Respect Life Month in October. Dolan, a well-known Catholic Church leader in the U.S., said abortion on demand has had a “toxic effect” on the U.S., leading its citizens to abandon what […]

Bishop Conley: Supporting gender change a ‘disservice,’ ‘false compasion’

Society should help the person 'who's struggling' understand the truth of what 'God intends us to be' physically and biologically.

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