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Shock: Liberal ACLU Defends Black Pro-Lifer’s Free Speech Rights From NAACP Attacks

In a surprising move, the pro-abortion ACLU has submitted a legal brief defending the free speech rights of a black pro-life advocate under attack from the NAACP. Earlier this year, a judge issued a ruling in the NAACP lawsuit against Bomberger, a black pro-life leader who exposed its pro-abortion views in an article appearing at […]

Doctors Wanted Me to Abort at 23 Weeks, But Look at My Little Girl Now

When Leanne and Chris Duffield found out they were expecting their fifth child, they couldn’t be happier. But their 20-week-scan brought some bad news. The couple was told that there was no amniotic fluid around their baby. Doctors were unable to determine what caused the lack of fluid and they were told their child could […]

Pro-life blog buzz 10-14-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli American Life League’s Judie Brown contrasts the indifference toward the slaughter of 3,000 humans daily by abortion in America to the outcry over the euthanasia of an Ebola patient’s dog in Spain. Show More Summary

Pro-Choice is Morphing Into Pro-Abortion as Writer Claims “Abortion is Great”

I have been predicting (warning?) my pro-life friends that pro-choice is morphing into pro-abortion. Some have smiled, saying in effect, “Bring it on.” Be careful what you ask for. Remember, convincing the people isn’t what matters anymore. It is convincing judges. Meanwhile, the pro-abortion campaign continues, such as this book review of a pro-abortion book […]

Mother Who Murdered Her Three Disabled Children, Including Twin Boys, Won’t Face Charges

Tania Clarence was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of murder for killing her three disabled children after allegedly having a breakdown about providing them care and treatment. Now, she won’t face murder charges. Officials found the twin three year-old boys and their four-year-old sister dead in their apartment last night. Max, Ben and Olivia […]

Sex Trafficking Victims: Doctors Who Did Abortions On Us Were Also Clients

A new report on Sex Trafficking has revealed that many women who are victims of Human Trafficking have also had several abortions at Planned Parenthood and abortion facilities. The authors interviewed several survivors of sex trafficking who stated that many of their pregnancies were forcibly aborted at abortion clinics and some of the doctors may […]

Sick Nurse Breathes on Ill Baby and Says “It Would Be Better Off Dead”

Claire Orton, a nurse from University Hospital in London, breathed onto a sick baby’s face and said it would be “better off dead.” The child, referred to as ‘Baby B’ was being treated in the neonatal ward, and at the time, Orton was being treated for a throat infection. When the allegations came to light, […]

Abortion Doc Left Woman Infertile: “He Stole My Most Important Ability and I Can’t Get it Back”

Michigan abortionist Robert Alexander, whose Muskegon abortion facility was shut down by the fire marshal after horrific conditions were discovered there,is facing the possibility of losing his medical license. One of his former abortion clients is hoping that happens. She says the abortion Alexander did on her that took her unborn baby’s life also left […]

Pro-life daily vid: Planned Parenthood “noble and just,” says heckler

by Hans Johnson A poll done for Students for Life of America showed that 59% of 18-24-olds didn’t know that Planned Parenthood performed abortions. And since 79% of their facilities are within five miles of a college campus, the pro-life group decided to launch the Planned Parenthood Project to inform this young targeted group. Show More Summary

Responding to “Aborting My Baby With Down Syndrome Was the Kindest Thing I Could Do”

Last week, LifeNews shared a story about a couple that decided to have an abortion because they found out their baby had Down syndrome. Suzanne (below right) and her husband Tim told the Daily Mail they decided to “terminate” their baby at 15 weeks and three days. Suzanne said, “We, his parents, chose to end […]

40% of Unborn Babies in New York City are Aborted, Planned Parenthood Wants More

That 40% of unborn babies in New York City die in abortions is not enough, so Planned Parenthood is opening another abortion clinic in Queens.Queens is the only borough without a Planned Parenthood facility, so the nation’s largest abortion business is remedying that “problem.” Here’s more on the abortion clinic that will be completed next […]

Abortion Clinic Defends Abortions With “Jesus Never Shamed Women” Sign

Men can and do make a difference — just ask former abortion workers. In particular, they’ve noticed that no-shows and cancellations go way up when a it’s a man in a Roman collar who’s joined the vigil. The staff knows right away it’s going to be a bad day for business. We are thankful for […]

Two Children Were Raped Several Times, Clinic Did Abortions But Never Reported Rapes

Two children were raped several times resulting in several pregnancies that ended in abortion. Each time the young victims were sent back into the hands of their abuser because the clinic or clinics where they were taken by their mother failed to report the possibility of abuse. The story begins in 2008, when a 16-year-old […]

Irish Times Abortion Poll is Misleading, Pro-Life Group Says

The Pro Life Campaign has said the question asked on abortion in the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll is completely misleading. The poll publishedin recent days claims that 68% of people favour a referendum that would allow abortion in the case of rape or where the baby will not be born alive. Pro Life Campaign […]

Jennifer Lawrence and the objectification of women

by Kelli By insinuating that women ought to “pay up” and provide naked photos of themselves to whatever man they’re in a relationship with at the moment, [actress Jennifer] Lawrence objectifies women. She degrades them as little more than sex objects, designed to satisfy the appetites of men. Show More Summary

My Sister Has Down Syndrome, Would Abortion be OK?

My sister Hannah is beautiful inside and out. She inspires me every day. As is typical for children with Down Syndrome these days, she is going to school and living her life, and I know she has a bright future. Richard Dawkins has never met my sister. If he had maybe he wouldn’t have said […]

Colorado Personhood Amendment Won’t Stop Abortions, Won’t Protect Pregnant Women

The supporters of the personhood amendment in Colorado are back with another attempt to get voters in the state that first legalized abortion to approve a statewide amendment they claim will stop abortions. However, the latest version of the Colorado personhood amendment will not stop abortions and will not protect pregnant women and their unborn […]

Former Abortion Clinic Worker: I Saw Tiny Arms and Hands Floating in Blood

WARNING: Some of the descriptions of abortions in this account are unsettling and may not be suitable for younger readers. Merilida Aguilar claims that she used to work inside an abortion clinic. She has since refuted her abortion connection and is sharing her story with others. “I know what an abortion does first hand to […]

Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics Spend Big to Stop Amendment 1 in Tennessee

According to The Tennessean, abortion activists have raised more money than pro-lifers for their campaign on Amendment 1.Financial reports showed that the ‘Vote No’ campaign brought in 1.5 million, while the YES on 1 campaign brought in $631,576. If enacted, Amendment 1 would overturn the Tennessee Supreme Court ruling, Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee vs. […]

Media Trips Over Itself to Extol 29-Year-Old Woman Who Plans to Kill Herself

We are in the midst of a “suicide epidemic.” Yet, rather than look at causes, many commenters go shallow to focus on methods. For example, most suicides are by gun. Thus, at Real Clear Science, Alex B. Berezow advocates gun control. From, “To End Suicide Epidemic, Make Guns Harder to Get:” A sensible policy to lower […]

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