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Possible next head of Democrats just gave the most over-the-top pro-abortion speech of the DNC

'Dangerous,' 'desperate' pro-lifers just 'want to control women' and see them fired for taking birth control.

Full text of 45 theologians’ appeal to correct Amoris Laetitia’s errors revealed

Catholic scholars have appealed for Pope Francis to condemn the errors in his apostolic exhortation.

Here’s the Incredible Moment a Baby “Walks” From His Mother’s Womb in a “Natural Caesarian”

A baby boy’s unique birth experience is capturing the eyes of millions of viewers in a new viral video. The video, posted on Facebook by British childbirth educator Sophie Messager, shows a new type of birthing procedure that is becoming popular in England, according to The Daily Mail. It’s called a “natural cesarean,” and it […]

Differences Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Abortion are Actually Huge

Every presidential election year, National Right to Life publishes a downloadable comparison flyer about the presidential candidates. This year’s flyer is entitled “Where Do the Candidates Stand on Abortion?” The downloadable version...Show More Summary

Russia expels US clergyman over plans to officiate gay wedding

Former Catholic priest Jim Mulcahy was arrested and deported under a Russian law that prohibits promoting a homosexual lifestyle.

Aussie fined for violating ‘bubble zone’ at Tasmania abortion facility

Graham Preston plans to appeal a fine for protesting near a Tasmanian abortion center.

LBGT group prematurely claims victory against Polish print shop

A Polish print shop was fined because it would not 'participate in promoting LBGT with our work.'

Planned Parenthood Upsets Mormons by Using LDS Saying on Packages of Condoms

A Planned Parenthood affiliate in Utah is facing public backlash after it integrated a Mormon trademark phrase on its new condom packages. KLS News in Utah reports the condom packages showed the letters “CTR” against a pink shield, a reference to a popular Mormon hymn and symbol used in youth religious education programs. On Monday, […]

Hey Democrats, Quit Saying Women Should Support Hillary Clinton Just Because We’re Women

If you’re a woman, how can you not support Hillary Clinton for president? That was the message repeated over and over again at the Democratic National Convention this week. It’s an insulting message, one that not only stereotypes female voters but also reduces women’s value to their sex alone. In a new column for The […]

Tim Kaine Flip-Flops Again: He Won’t Stop Hillary Clinton From Pushing for Free Abortions

Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate keeps going back and forth on his position on taxpayer-funded abortions. Just one day after reports surfaced that Tim Kaine now supports repealing the Hyde Amendment and forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions, he backtracked again. Show More Summary

Democrats are Outraged That Chick-Fil-A is Served at the Democrat National Convention

Democrats in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention at apparently outraged that the Christian-owned and operated Chick-Fil-A has food available for purchase both inside and outside the convention arena. “Conference attendees...Show More Summary

Athlete who left wife for gay lifestyle ‘epitomizes’ our hopes for students: Catholic university

Former Loyola Marymount and major league player Billy Bean was once married to a woman before coming out.

Abortion Activist at Democrat Convention Slams Pro-Lifers: “They Just Want to Control Women”

A leading abortion activist at the Democratic national convention last night slammed pro-life Republicans, saying they “just want to control women.” Stephanie Schriock, the head of Emily’s List, the radical pro-abortion group that pushes...Show More Summary

Gospel Singer Lady Bee Thought About Aborting Her Baby But Thanks God She Chose Life

A popular singer in Africa recently opened up about her troubled early life and the temptations that she faced to abort her daughter. Lady Bee, a Kenyan gospel singer (not to be confused with American hip hop artist Lady B), said she got pregnant while she was still in high school, the news outlet Tuko […]

Catholics pray for their enemies, but sometimes we also have a duty to fight them

Catholics must pray for their enemies, but they also have to be aware that they have them, and they mustn’t limit themselves to praying for them, but have the duty to fight them.

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