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Paraguay Will Keep Abortion Ban in Place Protecting Unborn Babies During Zika Crisis

Despite heavy pressure from abortion activists to legalize abortion, Paraguay will continue to protect unborn babies’ right to life, the country’s health minister said Tuesday. Abortion activists have been exploiting the Zika virus outbreak in Paraguay and other South American countries and pushing their deadly agenda because of an unconfirmed link between the virus and […]

40 Days For Life kicks off Lenten vigil outside abortion clinics in 273 cities, 21 countries

Campaigns are taking place in far-flung countries and cities like Bolivia, El Salvador, Germany, Scotland, and even Hong Kong.

BREAKING: Chris Christie exits the presidential race

The New Jersey governor is the tenth candidate to leave the exceptionally crowded 2016 Republican presidential field.

Catholic Bishop: I Became Pro-Life After Finding the Body of an Aborted Baby in a Sink

WARNING: This article contains graphic descriptions and a graphic image of an unborn baby. Catholic Archbishop Samuel Aquila was not always pro-life or religious. In a letter marking the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, Aquila recounts the horrific sights that influenced him to become a strong advocate for unborn babies. […]

Louisiana Judge Stops Pro-Life Law That Could Close Abortion Clinics Injuring Women

A Louisiana judge sided with abortion advocates Wednesday and ruled against a state law that would ensure abortion clinics are meeting basic health and safety requirements. Baton Rouge District Judge John deGravelles blocked the law from taking effect and declared it “unconstitutional” in a Tuesday ruling, ABC News reports. The pro-life law would protect women […]

Pro-lifers send flowers, ‘love letters’ to abortion workers urging them to quit

This former abortion worker is literally loving people out of the abortion industry. And, it's working!

Real doctors look down on abortionists – and abortionists know it

Nothing pains late-term abortionist Warren Hern more than the 'disdain' of fellow doctors

Barack Obama Pushes FDA to Allow Scientists to Create Three-Parent Embryos

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama made a move this week that brings to light his support for scientific research involving the destruction of human life to create three-parent embryos. Pro-life U.S. Congressman Chris Smith’s office...Show More Summary

BREAKING: Carly Fiorina leaves the presidential race

'Do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way or for a certain candidate because you're a woman. That is not feminism,' she told young women in her exit statement.

State senator’s comments cause transgender backlash

'I'm sorry if you're so twisted you don't even know who you are.'

Carly Fiorina Ends Republican Presidential Campaign: “I Will Continue to Fight for Americans”

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, a pro-life businesswoman, ended her campaign for the nomination today after two disappointing showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. “While I suspend my candidacy today, I will continue to travel this country and fight for those Americans who refuse to settle for the way things are and a status quo […]

Ohio House De-Funds Planned Parenthood After It Sells Aborted Baby Parts, Cuts $1 Million

After the Planned Parenthood abortion company was caught in multiple states selling aborted babies and their body parts, several states have taken steps to de-fund it. Ohio is the next up to the plate with new legislation to de-fund Planned Parenthood, which runs approximately one-third of the abortion centers in the Buckeye State. Today, the […]

EXCLUSIVE: Ontario Liberals paid $4 million for TV ads pushing graphic sex-ed curriculum

LifeSiteNews obtained the info, which the Liberals refused to release, through a Freedom of Information request.

Bernie Sanders wins Dem. primary, vows strong support for abortion-on-demand

'We must, against stronger and stronger opposition, protect the right of a woman to control her own body,' the Democratic Socialist said in his victory speech.

New Mexico Democrats Defeat Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

Ignoring the wide public support for a 20-week abortion ban, New Mexico Democrats killed two bills Tuesday that would have protected these late-term babies from abortion. The bills failed in a state Senate committee vote Wednesday after an hours-long debate about abortion, according to The New Mexico Political Report. The bill failed in a party-line […]

Marco Rubio: “Donald Trump Will Not be the Nominee,” He Just Says What You Want to Hear

After a disappointing fifth place finish following the New Hampshire primary election, pro-life Florida Senator Marco Rubio today is renewing and restating his campaign in an effort to bounce back in South Carolina. In a new interview, he immediately went after businessman Donald Trump, who finished first in new Hampshire and is running as a […]

Texas Abortion Clinics Launch Public Relations Campaign to Build Support to Stay Open

Abortion clinics in Texas are trying to recruit support from women in a new public relations campaign this week, even as they fight against a state law requiring basic health protections for woman. Reuters reports the Texas abortion businesses and several national pro-abortion groups are holding a week-long campaign of rallies called the “Truth Tour” […]

After Five Democratic Debates, the Media Hasn’t Asked One Single Question About Abortion

Not once in any of the five official Democratic Party debates has a question been asked about abortion. This is in sharp contrast to the Republican presidential candidates who repeatedly have been questioned by the media about their positions on abortion, sometimes aggressively so. A recent Washington Post article, despite coming from a liberal author, […]

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