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Obama Administration Tricking Americans Into Funding Abortions

Alliance Defending Freedom, the Charlotte Lozier Institute, and the Family Research Council voiced concern to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Monday over proposed rules that continue to allow the cover-up of abortion surcharges in Obamacare. Show More Summary

Family Has 34 Children, 29 of Whom Were Adopted, And It’s About to Get Bigger

Jeane and Paul Briggs have 34 children. Had they had them naturally that might set some sort of record, but 29 of the couple’s children are kids they adopted from other countries in difficult circumstances. Their children hail from such wide-ranging places as Mexico, Ghana and Ukraine and now their family is about to get […]

Pro-life blog buzz 12-23-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli ProLife365 has a humorous post on the benefits of having a large family. Saynsumthn’s Blog reports on the pro-abortion Unitarian Church’s Alternative Gift List for 2014. Topping...Show More Summary

Chicago Abortion Clinic That Killed Four Women in Abortions Injures Three Women in Two Days

When Pro-Life Action League national director Joe Scheidler arrived December 20 at the Albany Medical/Surgical Center abortion clinic with 30 pro-lifers for the last stop on the League’s “Empty Manger” Christmas Caroling Tour in Chicago, the group was greeted by an all too familiar sight: a woman being loaded into an ambulance. What’s more, on […]

Baby Whose Mom Dumped in a Trash Can Survived and Has No Brain Damage

After a woman named Alicia Englert gave birth, she abandoned her newborn baby by putting the infant in a neighbor’s trashcan. When the Utah woman’s neighbors realized they had discovered the child, they frantically called 911 with an urgent message: “There’s a baby in our garbage can!” The family told the 911 operator that the […]

Look at What Planned Parenthood Built to Stop Pro-Lifers From Helping Women

A Planned Parenthood in Dallas has erected a large concrete wall to block out pro-life protesters who speak out against them on a weekly basis. This huge abortion mega center located at 7989 West Virginia Drive has been strategically placed in the minority community. Dallas area pastor, Stephen Broden and several African American, Hispanic and […]

Abortion Activist Hates Ultrasound Photos Because They “Humanize the Fetus”

If there is anything abortion activists hate the most, it’s photos of unborn babies in the womb. They reveal the truth about the humanity of the unborn baby in a way that convinces many people abortion is the killing of an unborn child. Frequent LifeNews author Sarah Terzo highlights one quote from an abortion advocate […]

Pro-life vid of day: 5 reasons to celebrate abortionist’s arrest

by Hans Johnson Abortionist Dr. Naresh Patel, after years of serious accusations, is finally under arrest after an undercover sting found he was prescribing RU-486 to patients who were not pregnant. Pro-Life Action League’s Eric Scheidler...Show More Summary

Newborn Baby Found in Toilet Survives After Mother Abandons Him, Neighbors Heard Crying

The number of cases of baby abandonment in China is quite alarming and is partially a product of the one-child policy that has resulted in a massive number of abortions, forced abortion and has probably left many women scared to have children because of the potential negative repercussions. In this new case, police officials found […]

Sex-Selection Infanticide Dates Back to the Greeks: Girl Babies Were Killed, Thrown Into Sewers

(LiveActionNews) — A common narrative in our society is that, by opposing abortion and infanticide, Christians are conducting a “war on women.” However, in a fascinating study entitled “The Rise of Christianity,” published by Princeton University Press, sociologist Rodney Stark argues that the phenomenal growth of “the obscure, marginal Jesus movement” was due in large […]

Nurse Who Killed 100 Patients Because They Were “Annoying” May be Second Biggest Serial Killer Ever

LifeNews has twice profiled Daniela Poggiali, an Italian nurse who was arrested in October for allegedly killing up to 38 patients because she found them or their relatives annoying. Later, reports indicated she may have killed as many as 96 patients. One of her victims, Rosa Calderoni, brought her crimes to light after she died […]

Why are Abortion Activists So Upset That a Dead Woman Will Give Birth?

So a woman is declared brain dead in Ireland, but not taken off maintenance so her unborn child can gestate long enough to survive. The family wants to bury her.  But a human life can be saved! This really upsets Emer O’Toole in The Guardian. From, “A Brain Dead Irish Woman’s Body Is Being Used […]

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Quotes From Abortion Activists

(LiveActionNews) — Sometimes pro-choice activists say things that show they are completely out of touch with reality.  On my website Clinicquotes, I have a collection of quotes from pro-choicers that show a stunning lack of logic or an almost delusional  set of opinions. Here are ten  statements made by pro-choicers that might make you shake your […]

Last-Minute Christmas Gift? Church Suggests Donating to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Looking for a unique gift this year? The Unitarian Church has published their Alternative Gift List for 2014. Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church, in Pasadena California describes themselves as, “a religious community where our focus is on living meaningful lives of service, integrity, and joy.” 2014 Alternative Gift Market Shopping List. It is no secret the […]

Rabbi: Preborn are “water” until day 40, but pro-lifers ignore science

by Kelli In the case of abortion, Jewish law leans toward the modern pro-choice position, but also holds many powerful arguments for pro-life as well…. In the first forty days since conception, the fetus is considered by the sages to merely be water, and as “the thigh of its mother” (Yevamot 69b; Bava Kama 78b). Show More Summary

Abortion Clinics Offer Women “Grief and Burial Support” After Aborting Their Babies

A Washington State abortion clinic chain advertises that they offer women bereavement resources and services and grief counseling. What exactly would a woman grieve after having an abortion? Perhaps a baby? Cedar River abortions clinics have locations in Seattle, Renton, and Tacoma Washington. According to their website, Cedar River Clinics, is operated by the Feminist […]

They Sang Christmas Carols at an Abortion Clinic, You’ll be Amazed What Happened

Since 2003, the Pro-Life Action League has held an “Empty Manger” Christmas caroling day outside abortion clinics in our headquarters city of Chicago and the surrounding area, and Saturday we continued that tradition, visiting eight area facilities—five in Chicago and three in DuPage county. Over the years women have occasionally chosen life for their babies […]

The Amazing Thing This Father Did for His Unborn Daughter Before Her Birth Will Melt Your Heart

A letter to unborn has been published in a video by a father who wanted his daughter to know his love for her even before she was born. In May, proud father, Jefferson Bethke, uploaded the video message to his newborn daughter Kinsley.           Bethke said he wrote the letter before […]

It’s Still Illegal But Canadian Doctors are Preparing to Facilitate Assisted Suicides

With the Supreme Court of Canada considering whether the federal prohibition that outlaws assisted suicide is unconstitutional, the Canadian Medical Association is “quietly preparing for possible changes in federal laws governing physician-assisted death,” as the Canadian newspaper the National Post put it over the weekend. Show More Summary

Woman Upset About Her Abortion Kills Pregnant Mom, Cuts Her Baby Out of Her Womb

A woman who was feeling extreme guilt and remorse about taking her own child’s life in an abortion has killed a pregnant mom and cut her baby out of her womb. Nathaly Cartas Leon (below right) met Guadalupe Salinas Hernandez, 17, on Facebook under the pretense of going to her home to purchase items for […]

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