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Hillary Clinton Exploits Colorado Springs Shooting: “Today We Stand With Planned Parenthood”

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was quick to exploit a shooting in Colorado Springs even before police have apprehend the gunman responsible for shooting multiple police officers and civilians. Although the gunman reportedly ducked...Show More Summary

BREAKING: Police exchanging gunfire with gunman inside Colorado Planned Parenthood

Pro-life groups have issued statements urging caution in drawing conclusions about the motive of the shooter, and condemning violence.

What Katie Couric didn’t show you: Babies stored in freezers

Health code violations and aborted babies in freezers are a part of Planned Parenthood’s story. It’s just unfortunate that a so-called journalist like Katie Couric is too biased to report the whole truth.

Gays fail once more at UN, abortion language also rolled back

Countries promoting LGBT rights have failed to include a reference to 'sexual orientation and gender identity' in any new resolutions.

Christians have abortions, too

Pro-life work is not something that just needs to be done in society at large. It is something we should be raising awareness about in our own communities, as well.

Pro-Life Groups Condemn Shooting at Colorado Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

Leading pro-life advocates are today responding to a tragic shooting in Colorado Springs near and at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that has reportedly injured multiple police officers and civilians. While Planned Parenthood does not appear to be the target, the gunman involved reportedly hid inside the abortion facility to escape police and has been […]

BREAKING: ‘No connection’ between Colorado shooting and Planned Parenthood: police

The story quickly became national news due to the alleged Planned Parenthood connection.

Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: “Resist Practices That Threaten the Innocent Unborn”

Pope Francis encouraged Catholics in Africa to reject abortion and treat children as a blessing on Thursday in Kenya. “We are also called to resist practices which foster arrogance in men, hurt or demean women, and threaten the life of the innocent unborn,” the pontiff said during a Mass at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, […]

BREAKING: ‘Active shooter’ reported at or ‘near’ Colorado Planned Parenthood

Police are responding to reports of an 'active shooter' at a Colorado Planned Parenthood.

Toronto cardinal: Claim that I told Tories to ‘back off’ sex ed fight is ‘grossly inaccurate’

Yet the claim did seem believable in light of the Ontario Catholic leadership's refusal to fight the program.

Active Shooter Hits Three Police Officers Near Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

An active shooter has shot at least three police officers and holed himself up inside a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There’s no indication that the abortion company was the target of the shooting or any information as to why the gunman is involved in a shootout with local police in this […]

Watts Love Got to Do With It: Parents Adopt 13 Children But Humbly Say, “We’re No Saints”

Thanksgiving is an outward act of inner gratitude. This holiday is more than pumpkins, turkeys and commercially hyped Black Fridays. Thanking God for our blessings, giving selflessly and generously, and loving one another is at the heart of this day, which should be a daily occurrence. Being thankful is not always a natural response. People […]

Taxpayer-Funded Play Celebrates Abortion for Poor People: “That Baby Deserves Better”

“That baby deserves better,” the pregnant actor says. She and her partner decide it would be better to abort their unborn baby than to bring up him/her in a life of poverty. A teen actor chooses abortion over adoption, saying, “I can’t give it up for adoption. I’d always wonder where it is.” These scenes […]

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny Pushes Vote to Repeal 8th Amendment Protecting Unborn Babies

The Irish Prime Minister, Enda Kenny has said that politicians in the Fine Gael Party will be allowed to have a free vote on abortion if the matter is raised in the Irish Parliament. Reacting to the comments, the Pro Life Campaign has said that this announcement will do little to reassure those who want […]

Court orders celeb to pay child support for surrogate son she abandoned

Shepherd's treatment of her son is a clear case of how surrogacy 'commodifies' the unborn, says one pro-life blogger.

Pro-aborts think that ‘Scandal’ abortion episode makes them look good. It doesn’t.

This is another golden example of the abortion movement’s cultural wing inadvertently revealing that its principles are far more radical and less noble than its political wing wants America to believe.

Abortion Supporters Justify Abortions Because Younger Unborn Babies “Don’t Look Like Babies”

A while back Slate managing editor Rachael Larimore, no dyed-in-the-wool pro-lifer, wrote a column titled, “What if I hadn’t been born” which touched off a flurry of comments. And because she is not one of us, it made her observations all the more telling. Let me offer a couple of summary points about those who […]

Woman Fell to the Floor Hyperventilating and Died After Having a Legal Abortion

In January, 2012, 32-year-old Aisha Chithira was living in Dublin, Ireland and traveled to London England for an abortion because Ireland protects unborn children from abortions. She was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and had an abortion that eventually claimed her life. The London Daily Mail newspaper previously reported the circumstances of her abortion […]

Starbucks Shareholders Booed Pro-Lifer Asking Company to Stop Supporting Planned Parenthood

Some of America’s top corporations have announced publicly that they do not support Planned Parenthood in light of revelations about their organ harvesting business. In July, Coca Cola, Ford Motor Company, the American Cancer Society, American Express and Xerox assured customers that even though they were listed as partners on Planned Parenthood’s website, they do […]

Another Birth Parent Pressures Surrogate Mom of Triplets to Have Abortion

Empowered by the story of Melissa Cook, a surrogate mother facing pressure to abort one of her triplets, another surrogate mother is seeking help for very similar circumstances. The anonymous Southern California woman is a surrogate who is pregnant with triplets, according to the New York Post. She told the news outlet that a parent […]

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