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Experts Warn Australia Not to Legalize Assisted Suicide

The practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide overseas has been a disaster, with so-called safeguards failing and doctor-assisted killing on the rise, and not just for the terminally ill, says world-renowned ethicist Professor Margaret Somerville. “It’s a mess, and a growing mess,” she says. Professor Somerville, who spent 40 years living and working in Canada, […]

Activists Call for Euthanizing Patients and Harvesting Their Organs

Well, well, that didn’t take long, did it? Euthanasia became legal in Canada in June and by December Quebec bioethicists had already published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics calling for organ donation after euthanasia. In fact, they were reflecting the positive opinions of the both the Quebec government and of Transplant Quebec, […]

Surprisingly Accurate SNL Skit Features Susan B. Anthony Saying “Abortion is Murder”

Whether they meant to or not, Saturday Night Live writers confirmed on this week’s show something that abortion activists would rather the public forget: The early feminists were pro-life. One of this week’s skits followed a group of women as they visit Susan B. Anthony’s house in Rochester, New York. After touring the house, the […]

Teenage Girl Posts Shocking 40-Minute Live-Stream Video of Her Own Suicide

For the generation that has grown up glued to social media, anything goes. Photos and videos of pets, family vacations, friends, selfies, food – and in the case of one Georgia girl, a tragic video documenting her own suicide, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Citing sexual abuse by a family member, 12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis hanged […]

Where Are They Now? These 23 Celebrities Said They’d Move If Trump Won

Back in September, my colleague Catherine Dunn published this nice compilation of 23 celebrities who said they would be leaving the country if Donald Trump were elected president. Given that Trump was indeed elected president and will be inaugurated on Friday, I thought it would be prudent to check in and see if any of […]

Billionaire Trump adviser Peter Thiel: President-elect ‘is very good on gay rights’

Trump's 'tech pal' explains where he thinks the President-elect stands on the LGBT agenda.

Pro-abort billionaire George Soros gave nearly $90 million to feminist anti-Trump protest groups

More than a quarter of the groups listed as "partners" on the Women's March on Washington website are funded by Soros.

Abortion Activist Who Leads National Midwives Group Will Retire, She Pushed Abortion Until Birth

Prof Warwick, chief executive of the RCM, signed the country’s 30,000 midwives to a campaign to legalise abortion up to birth. Cathy Warwick, the chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), will step down from the role and retire at the end of August 2017, it has been announced. Prof Warwick is also […]

Ontario MPP promises to dig in to defend conscience rights of healthcare providers, workers

Monte McNaughton wants protections for anyone in the medical profession who objects to assisted suicide.

Teacher Who Had Abortion to Cover Up Raping 13-Year-Old Boy Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

A Texas teacher accused of having sex with a 13-year-old male student and then having an abortion to cover it up was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Friday after pleading guilty. The New York Daily News reports Alexandria M. Vera, 24, faced up to 30 years in prison based on the sexual abuse […]

Pro-lifers rip New York Times for calling March for Life the ‘Anti-Abortion March’

A story on the President-elect's special adviser Kellyanne Conway speaking at the March for Life omitted the event's proper name.

In 1973, Roe vs. Wade Was Called an “Unspeakable Tragedy.” 59 Million Abortions Later It Still Is defines “prescience” as “knowledge of things before they exist or happen; foreknowledge; foresight.” An apt visual to accompany that definition would be a video from the March for Life, for, if ever there were an entity that embodied prescience, it is the pro-life movement. On the night of January 22, 1973, CBS News anchor […]

Actor to millions of fans: Aborted babies are ‘a LOT cheaper’

'Not a recommendation to the Republicans trying to replace Obamacare, but aborted babies are A LOT cheaper than babies carried to term.'

Jessa Duggar sends baby shower gifts to pro-life pregnancy center

One of the Duggar family's daughters from reality TV is expecting her second child and helping to spread the pro-life message.

Massive Crowd of More Than 5,000 Pro-Life People Walked for Life in Omaha, Nebraska

News of an impending ice storm did not deter about 5,000 pro-lifers from marching for life on Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska. The annual Walk for Life, sponsored by Nebraska Right to Life, drew the large crowd as well as prominent state and federal lawmakers, the Omaha World-Herald reports. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts spoke, along with […]

Former Marie Stopes clinic worker describes painful illegal abortions, babies ‘flushed down the toilet’ in Uganda

A pro-life organization's video sheds light on an abortion cover-up by Marie Stopes International in Uganda

Clarence Thomas Will Swear in Pro-Life Mike Pence as Vice President

One of America’s pro-life leaders will oversee the swearing-in of another pro-life leader. During the presidential election, pro-life voters were enthused about the prospect of pro-life champion Mike Pence, Indiana’s governor, as the next vice president. Show More Summary

ASAPscience Channel on YouTube Claims Abortion Just Empties the “Contents of the Uterus”

Last Thursday, the ASAPscience channel on YouTube published a new video entitled What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion? As of this writing, it has garnered over 1.5 million views and is #38 on trending. Take a moment to watch it now, and then we’ll delve into its inaccuracies. The first section, on abortion methods, […]

Kentucky Abortion Clinic That Killed Babies Since 1989 is Closing

A Kentucky abortion facility caught masquerading as a doctor’s office will close permanently on Jan. 27, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. In the spring of 2016, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration filed a lawsuit accusing the EMW Women’s Clinic in Lexington of illegally operating an abortion clinic disguised as a doctor’s office. Show More Summary

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