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CDC report: ‘Stigma’ contributes to high transgender HIV infection rate

At least one expert questioned the CDC's focus on "stigma," and the way the report appeared to downplay the actual physical causes of HIV infection.

Shortage of antibiotics to treat syphilis hits as infection rate soars among homosexual men

However, most at risk are pregnant women, since syphilis can injure or even kill their unborn babies.

Sex Trafficking Victims Often Forced by Their Abusers to Have Multiple Abortions, One Had 17

The abuse of human trafficking victims comes in many forms, not the least of which is forced abortions. One woman who managed to escape from her abusers reported having 17 abortions while she was being trafficked, The Shreveport Times reports. Her experience is just one of many in the United States and abroad. Human trafficking, […]

Baby Saved From Kaiser Hospital That Refused Medical Care, Heads to New Hospital

Last week brought good news for 2-year-old Israel Stinson whose family has been in a battle to save his life. After several agonizing weeks of battling a hospital’s plans to take the toddler off life support, his family found a new hospital willing to care for him, according to Life Legal Defense Foundation. Israel was […]

Virginia school board unanimously rejects Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate

The superintendent told LifeSiteNews that the community has been overwhelmingly supportive.

23-year-old mom allegedly murdered for refusing abortion: boyfriend charged

Candace Pickens and her 3-year-old son were shot in the face at point-blank range.

Pro-Abortion Writer: 1.2 Million Abortions a year “is Too Low.” We Need More Abortions

How many times have you heard a pro-abortion person say that abortion should be rare? The oft-repeated words, notably spoken by pro-abortion president Bill Clinton [way back in the 90s] are “safe, legal, and rare.” Pro-abortion advocates often say this because it makes them look like moderates. But they are also acknowledging that they, like […]

Judge Blocks Ohio Form Defunding Planned Parenthood After it Sells Aborted Baby Parts

Ohio was one of the states to pass legislation defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion business but a federal judge today ruled the Buckeye State can’t revoke taxpayer funds from the abortion company while its lawsuit against the state proceeds. The Planned Parenthood abortion business is not happy the state of Ohio approved legislation to permanently […]

Canadian pro-life flag under pro-abort assault: mayor to consult Human Rights Commission

Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada send a 7-page letter hinting at legal action if the flag isn't removed.

Victory: Obama-appointed judge strikes down ordinance used to silence pro-life advocates

The city is looking for 'ways to silence peaceful pro-life preachers, because they don't like their message,' the pro-life advocates' attorney told LifeSiteNews.

Judge: Police Can’t Stop Pro-Life Pastor Who Yelled So Loudly He Disrupted Abortions

A federal judge in Maine sided with a pro-life protester on Monday after police targeted him outside of a Planned Parenthood in Portland last year, the Portland Press Herald reports. Andrew March, pastor of Cell 53 Church, regularly protests outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic with other pro-lifers from his church. He said police […]

Obama appoints transgender activist to faith advisory council

82-year-old Barbara Satin was born “David” and has been involved in LGBT activism since the 1990s.

You Won’t Believe What “Unknown Substance” Sent 7 Planned Parenthood Staffers to the Hospital

Officials at a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Sarasota, Florida called police on Monday after an “unknown substance” was found in the building. Emergency personnel eventually sent 7 people to the hospital from the abortion facility. Police later determined the dangerous substance was none other than baby food. Here’s more: Seven people were taken to […]

Catholic Church Prohibits Pro-Abortion Politician From Reading Scripture During Mass

A local Catholic Church in Ireland has prohibited a pro-abortion politician from reading Scripture during Mass. St Colman’s Cathedral in Cork won’t let Ken Curtin read from the Bible during the service because he is a member of the Social Democrats, a party that supports abortion and repealing the 8th Amendment that provides legal protection […]

BREAKING: Chilling 911 call released: ‘The fetus is breathing!’ says abortion clinic staff

'Oh my God, this fetus is moving!' said a nurse who put the baby on a scale to weigh the 'remains.'

She is Opening a New Late-Term Abortion Clinic: “We’re Going to Go Further”

At the same time when Oklahoma lawmakers are trying to stop abortions altogether in their state, Julie Burkhart is working to expand them. Burkhart plans to open a new, late-term abortion business in Oklahoma City this summer, according to Rolling Stone. The businesswoman has a shady reputation, having once run an abortion clinic for late-term […]

Top Pro-Life Leaders to Meet With Donald Trump, Ben Carson Says Trump “is Pro-Life”

Since he’s become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, pro-life voters are starting to move in Donald Trump’s direction. But many pro-life voters and some pro-life leaders remain skeptical about supporting Trump against pro-abortion Hillary Clinton. Show More Summary

Woman Who Killed Her 25-Week-Old Unborn Baby and Threw Him in Dumpster Appeals Conviction

An Indiana woman convicted of feticide and neglect for aborting her viable unborn baby and then throwing him in a dumpster is appealing her conviction. In February 2015, a judge sentenced Patel to 20 years in prison for her crimes, LifeNews previously reported. Purvi Patel was arrested in 2013 after she took abortion pills to […]

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