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Archbishop Chaput: European churches that give Communion to ‘remarried’ are violating Catholic teaching

'Untruthful teaching' about the sacraments will lead the Church to 'collapse,' the archbishop warns.

Pro-family leaders attacked by arson after German play depicts them being mutilated on stage

'The battle for life and the family is moving to a new stage,' said pro-family leader Gabriele Kuby.

Attorney General won’t say if she’d enforce laws protecting babies born alive in botched abortions (video)

'I'm not talking about unborn babies - but born alive babies that have survived the abortion process,' Rep. Trent Franks said.

Boys in girls locker rooms: we can say no - and win

Students struggling with gender identity need to be respected, loved, and helped. But it must be known that no school has to allow boys in girls’ locker rooms.

China: Man executed for killing two family planning officials

The man, He Shenguo of Guangxi Province, was unable to pay the fine for his 'illegal' fourth child, so Family Planning Officials denied registration to the child.

UN diplomats fight back against LGBT ideology

Although the Obama administration has trumpeted its success in advancing LGBT rights, the growing chorus against the bullhorn diplomacy is thrusting the issue into the political domain, where it is less likely to succeed.

Supreme Court to rule on the biggest abortion case of the decade

The case will determine whether the unregulated and unaccountable abortion industry will be able to continue business as usual, ignoring the health of women in pursuit of profits.

Gates foundation suspected of forcing dangerous contraceptive on Africans

Funding for long-acting contraceptives including Depo-Provera has skyrocketed since Melinda Gates became the latest newcomer to a long list of philanthropists supporting population control programs.

Only 14 Irish doctors sign Amnesty’s pro-abortion call: reflecting political, not medical, opinion

'Amnesty is trying to use its global muscle in a campaign to push abortion on Ireland, but it’s results, much like its message, are less than impressive,' said Niamh Uí Bhriain of The Life Institute.

Catholic college students need better education on Church teaching against contraception: experts

'It’s not just a matter of having a checklist of certain doctrines that Catholic colleges say the Church holds,' says Dr. Richard White. 'The teachings have to reach the hearts of students.'

Pro-abortion presidential candidate O’Malley defends Planned Parenthood at Catholic College

'In or out of the presidential campaign season, there is no good outcome to a Catholic institution providing a coveted campaign platform to a dissident Catholic who wants nothing more than to win an election.'

Judge forces mom to give her baby to homosexual couple: the latest case of surrogacy’s folly

A convoluted custody dispute over an artificially conceived child has left the mother bereft and homosexual and Christian activists at loggerheads.

Las Vegas High School Finally Allows Student’s New Pro-Life Club After Settling Lawsuit

Angelique Clark is finally allowed to start a pro-life club at her Las Vegas high school. The Clark County School District reached a final agreement with the pro-life student this week that will protect her freedom of speech, according to a press release from the Thomas More Society, which represented her. The decision comes almost […]

Judge Allows Daughter to Starve Her “Minimally Conscious” Disabled Mother to Death

A judge in England decided a landmark case Wednesday, ruling that doctors may stop providing food and water to a mother suffering from multiple sclerosis. The 68-year-old woman’s daughter said her mother was “minimally conscious” and “completely incapacitated,” according to The Daily Mail. The daughter petitioned the Court of Protection in London to have her […]

NFL star hired hitman to kill the woman carrying his baby. Now his son is 16.

'Chancellor is not just surviving,' his grandmother Saundra Adams said. 'He is thriving.'

Pope’s advice to Lutheran woman: A clue to how he’ll rule on Communion for the ‘remarried’?

The pope's comment to the Lutheran woman was a 'crossing the Rubicon moment' that was 'mocking doctrine,' according to one Vatican source.

Georgia Abortion Clinics Caught Using Unsterilized Equipment and Expired Drugs

A local news investigation reveals that abortion clinics in Georgia are not being regularly inspected, though state documents show numerous health and safety violations at the clinics over the past five years. The state’s five licensed abortion clinics failed to sterilize equipment, stored clean and dirty materials together and used duct tape to hold together […]

Nevada State Commission Approves Pro-Life License Plates Saying “Nevada Values Life”

A Nevada state government committee recently approved pro-life license plates that will spread the message of life and help support pregnant moms and babies. The state Commission on Special License Plates voted 3-1 to approve the plates last week, according to a report by Nevada NPR. A preliminary design of the plates show the photo […]

Planned Parenthood Docs Caught Selling Aborted Baby Parts Headline Secret Conference

They were caught on tape selling aborted babies’ body parts. Planned Parenthood apologized for one doctor’s “tone and statements.” Its president, Cecile Richards, even called her comments unacceptable in a public announcement video. But at least two of those doctors, Dr. Deborah Nucatola and Dr. Deborah VanDerhei, are still playing a key role in the […]

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