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If You’re Pro-Life But Support Abortion in Cases of Rape, Are You Really Pro-Life?

The Dreaded Rape Exception: Over the last six years, I have met many different kinds of people. I have met the radicals, the impartials, and the unsure. I have met people who range all across the spectrum between ‘choice’ and life. A common trend I have seen, both in those who consider themselves pro-life and those who advocate for abortion, is […]

If Scientists Find a “Gay Gene” Will “Gay” Unborn Babies be Killed in Abortions?

Lately, “pro-choice” has been “evolving” into “pro-abortion”–including support for sex selection abortion. But what if we find there is a gay gene that could identify fetuses who would have a propensity to be homosexual?  That may be on the horizon. From the New Scientist story: A genetic analysis of 409 pairs of gay twins has provided […]

Brooke Shields Was Almost an Abortion Victim: My Grandfather Paid My Mother to Abort Me

I have always been fascinated with the actress, model, spokeswoman, and author Brooke Shields. She has always seemed a compelling mix of wholesomeness and glamour, forthrightness and mystery. An ‘80s icon, she defined beauty and elegance. She socialized with living legends such as pop star Michael Jackson and tennis great Andre Agassi. I even worked […]

Swiss March for Life Draws 2,500 to Protect Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortion

In spite of growing anti-life opposition, about 2,500 pro-life faithful mobilized for the March for Life in Zurich on September 20, 2014, drawing attention to the right to life of every unborn child, especially those with Down Syndrome. Such public pro-life marches require police protection in German-speaking countries. Over recent years, threats by anti-life demonstrators […]

Don’t be Fooled Louisiana, Since 2009 Mary Landrieu is 100% Pro-Abortion

The 2014 elections swept many formidable pro-abortion incumbents from the Senate. The last to remain standing is Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, who has voted against the pro-life position on every vote scored by NRLC during her current six year term in office. She faces a December 6 run-off against pro-life challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy. While […]

Gym kicks out member over “offensive” pro-life t-shirt

She told me, ‘I am very sorry. We have someone who is not happy with your shirt. Someone is offended by your shirt.’ I said, ‘You know, I wear them all the time.’ She said, ‘You’ll have to leave,’ and I left. ~ pro-life advocate Mike...Show More Summary

Feminist: Please, bro-choicers, talk about how great abortion is!

by Kelli The thing of it is, gentlemen: You do have a story to tell. You didn’t make the final decision, but we know that in the overwhelming majority of cases, you were intimately involved in the conversations that led up to it. You...Show More Summary

The Personhood split, Part I: Structure

On June 14, 2014, came the news: Georgia Right to Life President Daniel Becker today announced the formation of a new national pro-life organization, the National Personhood Alliance, a confederation of faith-based, pro-life organizations...Show More Summary

Pro-life blog buzz 11-18-14

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli At Women’s Rights without Frontiers, Reggie Littlejohn is encouraged by the UK ban on sex selection abortion: The message of sex-selection abortion is that girls do not deserve to live…. Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: Planned Parenthood emulates drug pushers?

by Hans Johnson In this Planned Parenthood video, “scoring” birth control is compared to getting “The Goods” – as in drugs. It’s creepy, offensive, and an epic fail for PP’s claim to be a family service, not just another business targeting teens and minorities: Email with your video suggestions. Show More Summary

Dear Pastor: Why decry human trafficking but ignore abortion?

by Kelli We need to ask ourselves why we are openly boasting of our efforts to end human trafficking while remaining mute on the issue of abortion. Are we attacking human trafficking because we are broadly opposed to those who wouldShow More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: “They’re just little babies”

by Kelli In a newly-released Created Equal video, two students on the campus of Columbus State Community College react to viewing actual abortion footage for the first time: Email with your video suggestions. The post Pro-life vid of day: “They’re just little babies” appeared first on Jill Stanek.

Pro-abortion “firewall” gone in the Senate?

NARAL has posted this interesting graphic: The post Pro-abortion “firewall” gone in the Senate? appeared first on Jill Stanek.

Pro-choice author: Pro-lifers “chain pregnant women to beds”

by Carder … [I]f you are pregnant and you are even suspected of possibly not wanting your baby you can be arrested and chained up to your hospital bed until you have the baby. Tennessee has just enacted legislation like that. Texas has got it. Show More Summary

Stanek Sunday funnies 11-16-14

Good morning, and Happy Sunday! Here were my top five  seven favorite political cartoons for the week. Be sure to vote for your fav in the poll at the bottom of this post! by Paul Szep at  by Mike Luckovich at The post Stanek Sunday funnies 11-16-14 appeared first on Jill Stanek.

Stanek Sunday funnies, “Stupid American voters” edition

At last count there had been six videotapes unearthed of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber blabbing that the massive healthcare bomb passed only due to "lack of transparency" on the part of the Obama administration and Democrats, in...Show More Summary

Father Shakes Two-Year-Old So Violently She’s Brain Dead, Parents Fight Over Her Organs

Last Friday, two-year-old Thaiya Spruill-Smith was declared brain dead after being shaken violently by her stepfather. Now, her parents are in a dispute concerning whether or not they should donate their daughter’s organs. Her mother, Teoka Spruill, says her organs could bless another family while her father, Terrell Smith, disagrees. Smith told the New York […]

Abortion Doctor: “I Wonder How Many Fingers and Toes We’ll Put Down the Disposal Today”

For those of us who are active in the pro-life movement, and who know what an unborn baby looks like even at the earliest stages, it is hard to believe that so many people do not know that abortions often leave behind recognizable body parts. People really are uninformed about fetal development, especially in the […]

Racist Abortion Supporter: “I Hope They Kill All the White Babies”

A video uploaded a month ago shows a black abortion supporter threatening pro-lifers outside an abortion clinic with her water gun, using expletives, racist rants, and displaying her hatred toward Christianity. Her vicious and hateful attack was not only caught on camera but was uploaded under the video title, “Best way to deal with pro-lifers.” […]

Mom Who Adopted Daughter as Frozen Embryo: “Life Begins at Conception, These are Little Humans”

It’s National Adoption Month, and in my last article I wrote about a family who adopted a baby “traditionally.” Today I want to tell you about a family who adopted their baby as a six-day old embryo. Liz and Kevin Krainman adopted their daughter through Miracles Waiting, an embryo donation site, which helps match would-be […]

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