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Born at 27 weeks: Science said he would die; faith said he would live

'...even those born in difficult circumstances are destined to be here and they are the brightness in a dark situation. Nathaniel only proved to me further that abortion is murder.'

Abortion Biz Caught Pushing “Group Purchasing Program” To Make Money Selling Aborted Baby Parts

The citizen investigators behind the series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry selling the body parts of aborted babies have released yet another video. This new undercover video exposes more of the profit motive behind the sales of the body parts. In the new footage, taken of executives with the National […]

NARAL president: I had to abort my baby so I could achieve my ‘dreams’

Feminism: the ideology that says women are so weak they have to kill their babies to be successful.

She Was Beaten When She Refused an Abortion, Her Boyfriend Told Her “I’ll Dance on Your Grave”

Shiree Afzal was a mother who cared for her daughters, but was trapped in a fatal relationship with someone she met online. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Macmillan, was loved by friends and family, but behind closed doors he abused and threatened Afzal. Then when Macmillan discovered Afzal was pregnant with their second child, he demanded she […]

Abortion Activists Trash Doritos Super Bowl Commercial Because It “Humanizes Fetuses”

The abortion activists to NARAL were demonstrably upset last night during the Super Bowl — and not because the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers in the big game seen bi billions of people across the globe. No, NARAL had a huge problem with a Super Bowl commercial from Doritos, which shows an unborn baby […]

Peyton Manning Was Born With a Cleft Lip, Tragically Some Babies With Cleft Lips are Aborted

Today parents are sometimes pressured to abort simply because their unborn child has a cleft lip, a correctable condition. Physicians categorize it as a disability. Yet a surprising number of successful individuals were born with cleft lips. Among them is Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning’s success story shows that his cleft lip did not hinder […]

Jeb Bush: Supporting Abortion in Cases of Rape is the “Sweet Spot” for Republican Candidates

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush defended his pro-life position during last night’s Republican presidential debate, but he likely turned off a considerable number of pro-life voters by defending abortions in cases of rape — calling such a position the “sweet spot” for any GOP presidential candidate. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio’s Amazing Pro-Life Debate Answer: “I’d Rather Lose an Election Than be Wrong on Life”

During last night’s Republican presidential debate, pro-life Florida Senator Marco Rubio took a strong pro-life stance, saying he would rather lose an election get it wrong on the issue of abortion. “On the issue of life, to me, the issue of life is not a political issue. It’s a human rights issue and it’s a […]

Chris Christie Faces Criticism for Saying Aborting a Baby After Rape is “Self-Defense” for Women

During last night’s Republican presidential debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended abortions on unborn children in cases of rape or incest. Although Christie opposes abortions in every other situation, he quickly came under fire from pro-life advocates after he referred to such abortions as “self-defense.” “I believe that if a woman has been raped, […]

The ‘traditional’ same-sex wedding

Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, blamed for “chilly, hard-line stand” and “raining down prohibitions on same-sex marriage, ”

Washington State Senate Committee Passes Ban on Sex-Selection Abortions

A bill banning abortions for sex-selection purposes cleared the Senate Law and Justice Committee Wednesday night and awaits action in the Senate Rules Committee. Calling the practice a true “war on women,” Law and Justice Chair Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley, said the bill offers a needed protection for women and society as a whole. The […]

Pregnancy Center Fights Back After City Censors Ad for Helping Women Find Abortion Alternatives

A pro-life pregnancy center whose ads were rejected by the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana continued its fight Tuesday against the city’s discriminatory practices. Attorneys representing Women’s Health Link filed an appeal Tuesday to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals after a lower court sided with the city in January, the Journal Gazette reports. Women’s […]

BBC Tells Reporters to Call Pro-Life People “Anti-Abortion” and to Call Pro-Abortion Activists “Pro-Choice”

The mainstream media doesn’t appear to be even trying to hide its pro-abortion bias anymore. Whether they are reiterating Planned Parenthood’s talking points or accepting gifts from the abortion industry, many mainstream journalists are showing an obvious and unprofessional favoritism toward the pro-abortion movement. Show More Summary

Maine governor stops bureaucrats from imposing transgender bathroom rules on schools

Gov. Paul LePage stopped two state agencies from forcing schools to allow people to use the showers and restrooms of the opposite biological sex.

Mom of Child With Microcephaly Slams Push for Abortion Because of Zika Virus: “She is a Gift”

When Gabrielle Frohock was pregnant with her youngest daughter, she had no idea what microcephaly was. When her doctors diagnosed her daughter Laney with the brain disorder, she was afraid and devastated. Thirteen years later, Frohock is trying to dispel growing fears about the brain disorder in South America and Texas, her home state. Several […]

“Blind Side” Mom of Michael Oher Praises Adopted Son on Making Second Super Bowl

On Super Bowl Sunday, proud adoptive mom Leigh Anne Tuohy will watch her son play football for the second time in the biggest American sports game of the year. Tuohy’s son Michael Oher is the offensive lineman for the Carolina Panthers and formerly the Baltimore Ravens, who he helped to achieve victory in the 2013 […]

U.S. Panel Allows Scientists to Create Three-Parent Embryos With Sex Selection

This week a committee of scientists and ethicists have recommended to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that they approve three-parent embryo techniques for use in IVF in the United States. The committee calls it mitochondrial replacement techniques (MRT) because the goal is too “replace” defective mitochondria in woman with mitochondrial disease so they do […]

If You Defund Planned Parenthood Lots of Welfare Babies Will be Born? Study Proves That’s False

A recent New England Journal of Medicine study has the mainstream media swooning. Ever since Texas excluded Planned Parenthood from its state health-care program in 2011, countless media outlets have been eager to find evidence of negative public-health consequences. At first glance, the NEJM study appears to serve that purpose nicely. It purportedly shows that […]

Radical Feminists Carry Huge Plastic Statute of Vagina Through City to Protest for Abortion

In a blatant attempt to mock the Catholic Church’s life-affirming teachings, a radical group of feminists marched through a Spanish city carrying rosary beads and a giant plastic vagina. The Daily Mail reports three of the women involved in the May 1, 2014 incident now face charges of crimes against “religious sentiment” in Spain. The […]

New York Times Refuses to Correct False Claim Only “Hundreds” Participated in March for Life

No one denies that fewer people attended this year’s March for Life in Washington, D.C., which began just as a massive snowstorm hit the East Cost. The storm dumped several feet of snow on the D.C. area, and some pro-life groups got stuck in the snow on their return trip from D.C. Despite the weather, […]

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