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Swiss Planned Parenthood president invited to speak at Vatican

The president the board of Switzerland’s Planned Parenthood affiliate spoke at the Vatican yesterday

Pro-life Anglican theologian asks: Is the Pope Catholic?

'Is the pope Catholic?' 'Now we must ask in seriousness whether the pope is a liberal Protestant.'

Dangerous abortion pill pulled from France still sold in Latin America?

Despite the potential life-threatening risks reported from Cytotec use, it remains available in Latin America.

Planned Parenthood Employee Caught Using Abortion Biz Credit Card for $25K in Personal Expenses

A former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic employee is facing charges for allegedly using the business’s credit card to travel and buy herself lingerie. Tulsa World reports Kelly Lee Smith, 38, of Oklahoma City, allegedly made $23,442 in unauthorized purchases on Planned Parenthood’s credit card between May and August of this year. Police said she worked […]

Undercover sting: Non-pregnant women pressured to abort at Mexico facilities

An undercover investigation conducted by a reporter for Buzzfeed News Mexico found shocking behavior in Mexican abortion facilities. Abortionists were lying to women, telling them they were pregnant, and then pressuring them to have abortions. Show More Summary

Teen refuses abortion and places baby for adoption: ‘I made this decision purely out of love’

Hannah Mongie discovered she was pregnant about two months after graduating from high school. She loved the baby’s father and had planned to continue a relationship with him, but in September of 2015, the child’s father, Kaden, suddenly passed away just days after hearing his baby’s heartbeat in the womb. Show More Summary

California’s law forcing pro-life centers to advertise abortion should be struck down. Here’s why.

(Secular Pro-Life) Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would take up the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, which is a constitutional challenge to California’s anti-pregnancy-center law. Show More Summary

Children are not our enemies or liabilities. They’re our future.

Yesterday, NBC News published an opinion piece by Travis Rieder, a Johns Hopkins bioethicist, who suggests that people must stop having children in order to be truly “moral.” Rieder has peddled this idea before on Netflix’s “Bill Nye...Show More Summary

Pro-life groups face increasing hostility on college campuses

Created Equal and Students for Life America have experienced aggressive, in-your-face attempts to silence free speech.

Catholic priests, activists to stand trial for pro-life witness inside abortion facility

Six pro-life activists will stand trial in Virginia after a 'Red Rose Rescue' in September.

Chinese cardinal: There’s growing concern that Rome will ‘sell out the faithful church’ to Communist gov’t

Cardinal Joseph Zen believes the Holy See is taking the wrong approach with dialogue and compromise, and 'now things are going down, down.'

My Son Was Conceived in Rape But His Life, Like Every Other Human Being, Began With God

During my pregnancy, I read stories of other women who had become pregnant by rape, sometimes twice daily. Those stories were a source of hope and made me feel like I wasn’t alone and reaffirmed that it was normal to love my child. I’m writing my story now in the hope that other woman will […]

Premature Baby Born at 25 Weeks and Weighing Just 395 Grams Defies Doctors’ Expectations

Doctors nicknamed a little South African baby girl “Wonder Woman” after she survived a very premature birth. Jazeel Hlope was born on July 21 after just 25 weeks in the womb. Extremely tiny, she weighed 395 grams (.87 pounds), and doctors thought she probably would not survive, the Daily Mail reports. But baby Jazeel overcame […]

Woman Who Killed Her Pregnant Friend and Cut Her Baby Out of Her Womb Sentenced to 40 Years to Life

Back in late 2015 we first reported on then 22-year-old Ashleigh Wade who had murdered Angelikque Sutton, her nearly nine-month-pregnant friend and then used a paring knife to cut her baby out of her womb in a crude caesarian-like maneuver. Miraculously her baby girl, named Jenasis, survived. Ms. Sutton had stopped by Wade’s home to […]

UK Government Will Fund Free Abortions for Minors and Take Them for Abortion Without Parental Consent

When could a child travelling overseas for an abortion without her parents knowing be in her best interests? It has emerged that the Government’s plan to offer free abortions to Northern Ireland women, and to pay for travel costs, extends to minors in the province – and that they can be carried out without parental […]

Singer Joy Villa Declares “Abortion Is Murder” on Twitter

Hollywood entertainers routinely flock to promote abortion and Planned Parenthood, but one artist is breaking with the trend. Singer and songwriter Joy Villa recently confirmed she’s with the pro-life movement. On Nov. 15, the self-described #1 Billboard recording artist tweeted out against abortion and in support of adoption. Show More Summary

Here’s what the mainstream media isn’t telling you about the Poland Independence Day March

Patriotism was on display, and the reports of white supremacists dominating the event were overblown.

House passes GOP tax bill that recognizes unborn children

A provision in the tax code allows for educational savings accounts for the preborn — a big pro-life win.'

Progressives hate everything old, including the elderly

It’s chilling to consider how far our society has strayed from the historic attitude towards the elderly.

Planned Parenthood partner gave staff bonuses for harvesting aborted baby brains, hearts: whistleblower

Former StemExpress employee Holly O'Donnell says the objective was 'maximizing profit off of aborted fetal tissue.'

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