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Pathologist: Dissecting babies killed in abortion ‘nothing med school prepares you for’

In 2013, LifeNews ran an article with quotes from pathologists who examined the bodies of babies killed in abortion. The quotes in the article came from a forum sponsored by the Student – Doctor Network (SDN), a nonprofit organization...Show More Summary

Did parents protesting against Planned Parenthood sex ed really win?

Every time Americans turn a page in a newspaper these days, it seems a headline screams “Planned Parenthood is coming to your school.” That was the case in Grandview, Washington, where Planned Parenthood’s “Get Real!” curriculum wasShow More Summary

Former abortion worker: We enabled the sexual abuse of minors

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson from the pro-life group And Then There Were None held a webcast with several other former abortion workers. These workers revealed how their facilities violated pro-life laws. Shelley Guillory worked at Delta Women’s Clinic, an abortion facility in Louisiana. Show More Summary

Birth control shot increases risk of HIV in women by 40%

The common hormonal birth control shot depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate, known more commonly as DMPA and sold as Depo-Provera, has been linked to an increased risk of HIV infection in women. A study published in February 2018 in Endocrine...Show More Summary

Sen. Dick Durbin barred from receiving Holy Communion for abortion support

There are many notable Catholic politicians who support abortion: Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, and Dick Durbin, to name a few. The right to life is sacred in the Catholic Church, the “first and most fundamental of human rights” for Catholics, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Show More Summary

Mom breaks down describing effects of kindergarten transgender lesson on her 5-year-old

Rocklin Academy has refused to answer questions about the controversy that led to 90 parents removing their children from the California school.

Pro-Life Advocate Carol Tobias Talks About the #1 Pro-Life Goal in 2018 and How to Stop Abortion

From North Dakota to Washington D.C., Carol Tobias has been defending life since her childhood. Now the president of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), Tobias is a leading advocate for laws in both state and federal legislatures that defend the unborn. NRLC is one of the oldest and largest pro-life organizations in the […]

Presbyterian Minister Writes New Book to Make the “Christian Argument for Abortion”

There seems to be a concerted effort among abortion activists to pervert Christian teachings by using religious arguments to justify killing unborn babies. A new book by Presbyterian minister Rebecca Todd Peters pushes the notion that killing an unborn baby is not wrong. In “Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice” from Beacon […]

Penn State Bans Pro-Life Students From Event With Cecile Richards to Challenge Her on Abortion

A peaceful group of students was kicked out of a publicly-advertised event with Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards on Thursday at Penn State University. Richards was part of a panel discussion called “Beyond Choice: Barriers to Healthcare in Our Communities” on Feb. 22 hosted by the abortion chain and its student club at the central […]

Pope’s request for $25 million to corruption-plagued hospital makes major media

Catholic and mainstream media are covering the Pope's questionable request to a charitable foundation.

Irish bishops feature lesbian, LGBT activist in World Meeting of Families video

The video contains an interview with an LGBT activist who said she’s 'upset' with Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

Appeals court blocks Kansas from defunding Planned Parenthood

This ruling upheld an earlier ruling in favor of the abortion company.

This is One Virtue a Pro-Life Person Can’t Do Without

My two young grandchildren and I had been enjoying time at the nearby park. As we headed out, I hoisted Aviella to my hip while her brother Reuel walked along a few feet away from us. Another family showed up on the scene with strollers and little children in tow. Accompanying them were two dogs, […]

Court Will Decide March 1 if Hospital Can Take Alfie Evans Off Life Support Without His Parents’ Consent

On March 1, Court of Appeal judges will hear a challenge by the parents of seriously ill Alfie Evans to Mr. Justice Hayden’s decision rendered Tuesday that doctors may remove the ventilator the 21-month-old boy has been on since December 2016. The ventilator could have been removed as early as today. The judge accepted testimony […]

Did You Know There is a Pro-Abortion Adoption Agency?

In pro-lifers’ minds, adoption is a loving alternative to abortion for the mother and her unborn child. But in the minds of many abortion activists, it’s just another choice for a pregnant woman. And that’s how the Choice Network, a pro-abortion adoption agency, treats it – as a matter that’s only about the pregnant woman. […]

Washington State Bill Would Force Christian Businesses to Pay for Health Care Plans That Cover Abortion

Alliance Defending Freedom warned state legislators Thursday that a bill to mandate employer coverage of so-called “emergency contraception” and other life-ending drugs and devices is unconstitutional, unjust, and unnecessary. The legislation...Show More Summary

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