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Liberal politician’s weird exchange with Christian dad: ‘What gender do you identify as?’

Ontario parents are speaking out against a Liberal bill that threatens their rights with their children.

Christian speaks out against transgender candidate in Vancouver

Bill Whatcott is handing out flyers to 'share my concern about the promotion and growth of homosexuality and transvestitism in British Columbia.'

Man Texted Pregnant Girlfriend: “If You Don’t Have an Abortion I Will Punch Your F—— Head In”

Abortion, coercion and abuse are connected much more often than people probably realize. LifeNews frequently reports about these cases, and this week, UK news outlets reported another one. Billy Joseph Ballinger, 22, of Williton, England, is behind bars after he allegedly threatened to punch his pregnant girlfriend in the head unless she aborted their unborn […]

Ohio Pro-Life Bill Would Stop Sales of Aborted Baby Parts

Today, hearings began on the Abortion Trafficking Prevention Act (H.B. 149), legislation that aims to close a loophole in Ohio law that allows compensation for the remains of aborted children. Pro-life Representatives Margy Conditt (R-Liberty...Show More Summary

Freedom Caucus and Pro-Life Groups back Republican Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood, Repeal Obamacare

A large group of conservative Republicans and a leading pro-life group have announced their support for the legislation that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business and repeal Obamacare. House Freedom caucus and the Family Research Council are now supportive of the new legislation. The Washington Examiner has more about the move today by the […]

Planned Parenthood CEO Complains Ivanka Trump is Not Pushing Its Abortion Agenda: “Women are Waiting”

The CEO of the Planned Parenthood abortion business is growing impatient with Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, and is grousing that Ivanka is not pushing her father to promote abortion. Recently word leaked that Cecile Richards had a secret meeting with Ivanka Trump prior to Trump’s inauguration to push Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda. […]

Two candidates remain in French presidential election, and both support abortion laws

Emmanuel Macron, the top vote-getter in the first round, supports abortion and same-sex "marriage."

Bill Nye Trashes People With Large Families, Wants Them Penalized for Having “Extra Kids”

Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” famous for hosting a children’s educational TV show, is not as kid-friendly as he initially may appear. An abortion advocate, Nye recently hosted a new Netflix show that The Federalist describes as bordering on eugenics. The episode “Earth’s People Problem” is part of the Netflix series “Bill Nye Saves the […]

Christians and Abortion: How Can You Be a “Born Again” Christian if You Won’t Allow Babies to be Born?

Can you claim to be “born-again” when you won’t allow others to be born in the first place? Here’s how abortion strikes at the heart of the Christian faith. Catholics and evangelicals are often told how obsessed we are with so-called “culture war” issues like marriage, religious freedom, and abortion. If we’d only stop being […]

Democrats for Life Leader Slams Democrat Chair for Saying Pro-Life Democrats Aren’t Welcome

Pro-life Democrats are speaking out this week after Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez told them that they are not welcome. Last week, Perez described abortion as a “fundamental value” to the party after abortion activists attacked DNC leaders for supporting a candidate with a pro-life voting record. “Every Democrat, like every American, should support a […]

University puts abortion pills in vending machine

UC-Davis students are able to buy the Plan B drug just as they would a soda or candy bar.

Disgraced Abortionist Forced to Close His Abortion Clinic After Failing to Pay Rent

It took only 15 minutes for the fate of Premier Ob-Gyn to be decided: CLOSED. The abortion clinic in Wilmington, Delaware, is leased by disgraced abortionist and scofflaw, Stephen Brigham, who was on record as the “manager,” renting the property under the auspices of Integrity Family Health. At the short hearing in the Court of […]

Norcia monks will not rebuild St. Benedict’s Basilica. Archbishop plans ‘modern style’ church

The faithful order of Benedictine monks will no longer oversee the site of the birthplace of their founder, St. Benedict.

Notre Dame students in meltdown over pro-life VP Mike Pence’s Commencement invite

Now it is protests by Notre Dame students against Vice President Pence as commencement speaker rather than against President Trump that have drawn national attention.

‘Pro-life’ Democratic senator caught supporting Planned Parenthood

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has professed in the past to be pro-life but is now following the party line on abortion.

Minnesota governor prepared to protect abortion, veto pro-life bills

State legislation to defund abortion and regulate providers has passed in the House and awaits Senate approval.

Planned Parenthood exec caught on tape: I think selling baby parts is ‘a great idea’

A new undercover video reveals a Planned Parenthood executive plans to get rich enough to buy a Lamborghini.

Planned Parenthood Doc Who Wanted Lamborghini for Selling Aborted Babies Caught Selling Baby Parts Again

Mary Gatter, the Planned Parenthood senior executive who infamously was caught on tape saying “I want a Lamborghini” while discussing and arranging the sale of body parts of aborted babies has been caught again. As LifeNews reported in 2015, Mary Gatter, the Medical director at Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley in California, was […]

95% of Babies Diagnosed With Down Syndrome are Aborted. How Do We Stop It?

(LiveActionNews) — It’s no secret that many women who receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are put under immense pressure to have an abortion. But why does this happen? And what can be done to stop it? Australian mom Danielle Bolt found out that her daughter had Down syndrome after having Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) […]

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