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Democrat defends anti-Catholic questions to Trump nominee

Complaining about 'dogma' living 'loudly' inside a judicial nominee apparently isn't a 'religious litmus test' from Democrats.

Pope blessed our union, claims wife of divorced and remarried Colombian president

But the video posted by the Colombian first lady of the supposed blessing appears inconclusive.

Defacing Catholic statues, removing icons — Where does it stop?

Liberals appear to be on a mission to wipe out history and Christian values.

Man Who Allegedly Attacked His Pregnant Girlfriend and Killed Her Unborn Baby Won’t Go to Prison

A male student in Colorado Springs who is accused of using a skewer to force his girlfriend to abort their unborn baby will not face trial this fall after the alleged victim disappeared. Police arrested Ahmed Sameer Mohamed Almesbahi, 23, on Sept. 26 in connection to the horrific allegations, ABC 7 in Denver reports. He […]

When His Girlfriend Refused an Abortion He Threatened to Cut Her Baby Out of Her Womb and Strangled Her

An Australian teenager allegedly threatened to cut his girlfriend’s unborn baby out of her womb and strangle her after she refused to have an abortion this spring. Border Mail reports Riley Layton Matthews, 18, of West Albury in New South Wales, Australia recently was convicted of assault, damaging property, stalking/intimidation and being armed with the […]

Pop star rips Planned Parenthood, Hollywood elites for pushing abortion

Former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Kaya Jones says 'Hollywood elites push eating disorders, sex, drugs, & abortion on young women in the entertainment industry.'

Top Pro-Life Groups Endorse Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill That Defunds Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Two top pro-life groups are backing the Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. As LifeNews reported, members of the US Senate yesterday introduced new legislation that would repeal Obamacare and it also defunds the Planned Parenthood abortion business. Show More Summary

Senator Roy Blunt bargains with babies’ lives to get votes for a budget bill

Despite his assertion that he is pro-life, Republican Senator Roy Blunt, chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee, who also serves as the chair of the conservative Senate Values Action Team (VAT), made a deal that supports abortion policies, all in order to gain votes from Democrats. Show More Summary

Man Got His Mentally Disabled Daughter Pregnant and Tried to Use Abortion to Hide His Crime

More frequently than many might expect, an abortion is forced upon two victims – the mother and her unborn child. In cases of sexual assault, women and girls often are forced or coerced with threats and violence to abort their unborn babies. Such was the case with a young New Zealand woman whose father sexually […]

Pro-Lifer Arrested for Helping Women at Abortion Clinic Find Alternatives Sentenced to Probation

A Canadian woman who frequently has risked arrest to help unborn babies and moms inside abortion facilities was given probation rather than jail time Tuesday after thousands of people sent messages supporting her to the court. Christian News Net reports Mary Wagner, 43, a pro-life advocate and Roman Catholic, was arrested in December for refusing […]

October 1 is 30th annual Life Chain: Come ‘change hearts, save lives’

The pro-life witness has expanded to include 25,000 Life Chains in 1,600 U.S. and Canadian cities.

One last chance to defund Planned Parenthood may lie in the Senate’s hands

It’s the 11th hour for Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Dean Heller (R-NV), and Ron Johnson (R-WI), who have introduced the last known chance for an Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal in this budget year. The plan would...Show More Summary

Catholic seminary invites gay-friendly Vatican consultant to speak

Father James Martin will present 'Encountering Jesus' next month at the Theological College in Washington.

NARAL condemns the racist actions of J. Marion Sims, but not those of Margaret Sanger

NARAL Pro-Choice America is condemning the racist actions of James Marion Sims, the so-called “father of modern gynecology”, who experimented on slaves. For years, Sims was hailed a hero despite the fact that he performed medical experiments on Black slaves without anesthesia or their consent. Show More Summary

WATCH: Teen with Down syndrome challenges, stuns German Chancellor Angela Merkel on abortion

(Faithwire) — Iceland is on a mission to “eradicate” Down syndrome by aborting virtually all who are diagnosed in utero with the genetic disorder, but it’s not the only nation where such a diagnosis usually has an associated death sentence. Show More Summary

These 4 ‘micro-preemies’ show that every life deserves a chance

A baby is considered premature if he or she is born before 37 weeks gestation. But a baby is considered a “micro-preemie” if born before 26 weeks gestation or weighing less than one pound, 12 ounces. As the weeks go on, the chance for survival increases. Show More Summary

House Votes to Strike Down D.C. Law Legalizing Assisted Suicide

Today the House of Representatives voted to strike down a new law in Washington DC that would legalize assisted suicide. On December 19, 2016, Mayor Muriel Bowser signed “The Death with Dignity Act of 2015” (Act 21-577), which would legalize assisted suicide in the nation’s capital. The bill allows an adult patient to request and […]

Abortion Activist Brags About Her Multiple Abortions: “There’s Nothing to Be Ashamed About”

Defending multiple abortions is tricky even for militant pro-abortion sites such as and for Guttmacher, the abortion industry’s in-house think-tank. But Steph Herold, about whose ramblings we have written multiple times, is up to the task. Herold’s strategy is to throw every excuse she can come up with for why women have multiple abortions […]

Population Control: Indian State Approves Proposal for Two-Child Policy Like China’s

A state in north-eastern India has moved one step closer to implementing a population control policy which would enact stiff penalties for government employees who have more than two children. The Indian state of Assam is considering a proposal to introduce a two-child policy for government employees. If adopted, the measure would make Assam the […]

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