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Las Vegas High School Finally Allows Student’s New Pro-Life Club After Settling Lawsuit

Angelique Clark is finally allowed to start a pro-life club at her Las Vegas high school. The Clark County School District reached a final agreement with the pro-life student this week that will protect her freedom of speech, according to a press release from the Thomas More Society, which represented her. The decision comes almost […]

Judge Allows Daughter to Starve Her “Minimally Conscious” Disabled Mother to Death

A judge in England decided a landmark case Wednesday, ruling that doctors may stop providing food and water to a mother suffering from multiple sclerosis. The 68-year-old woman’s daughter said her mother was “minimally conscious” and “completely incapacitated,” according to The Daily Mail. The daughter petitioned the Court of Protection in London to have her […]

NFL star hired hitman to kill the woman carrying his baby. Now his son is 16.

'Chancellor is not just surviving,' his grandmother Saundra Adams said. 'He is thriving.'

Pope’s advice to Lutheran woman: A clue to how he’ll rule on Communion for the ‘remarried’?

The pope's comment to the Lutheran woman was a 'crossing the Rubicon moment' that was 'mocking doctrine,' according to one Vatican source.

Georgia Abortion Clinics Caught Using Unsterilized Equipment and Expired Drugs

A local news investigation reveals that abortion clinics in Georgia are not being regularly inspected, though state documents show numerous health and safety violations at the clinics over the past five years. The state’s five licensed abortion clinics failed to sterilize equipment, stored clean and dirty materials together and used duct tape to hold together […]

Nevada State Commission Approves Pro-Life License Plates Saying “Nevada Values Life”

A Nevada state government committee recently approved pro-life license plates that will spread the message of life and help support pregnant moms and babies. The state Commission on Special License Plates voted 3-1 to approve the plates last week, according to a report by Nevada NPR. A preliminary design of the plates show the photo […]

Planned Parenthood Docs Caught Selling Aborted Baby Parts Headline Secret Conference

They were caught on tape selling aborted babies’ body parts. Planned Parenthood apologized for one doctor’s “tone and statements.” Its president, Cecile Richards, even called her comments unacceptable in a public announcement video. But at least two of those doctors, Dr. Deborah Nucatola and Dr. Deborah VanDerhei, are still playing a key role in the […]

Amnesty International Pushes Legalizing Abortion in Ireland, Ignores Irish Record Helping Women

Ireland’s doctors will be feeling left out in the cold after reading today’s open letter published by Amnesty International. The letter, which calls for further liberalization of Ireland’s abortion laws, makes no mention of the fact that Ireland continues to be a world leader in the area of maternal health.  Instead, by claiming that the […]

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Tells Pro-Life Poland to Legalize Abortions

A new United Nations document is demanding that conservative Poland makes abortion easily available to young girls. The document, issued in October by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, pushes the pro-life Catholic country to “make the conditions for abortion less restrictive and, in relation to adolescent girls, to reflect the right […]

Planned Parenthood Charged Me $25 for a $2 Pregnancy Test and Knew of No Free Alternatives

Sade Patterson, a college student at the University of New Mexico, decided to call a local Planned Parenthood just to see how its staff would counsel a young woman about getting a pregnancy test. Patterson, the president of UNM Students for Life, said she wanted to find out how much Planned Parenthood would charge for […]

Doctors Said Reid Would “Probably Die Within a Year.” But He Defied the Odds and Just Turned 8

Expecting their third son to be as healthy as his two older brothers, David and Marie learned that their newborn son, Reid, had a condition called Myotubular Myopathy (MTM), a rare condition that compromises most of his muscles and makes him unable to breathe without ventilator support. Despite being told Reid would “probably die within […]

She Had an Abortion, But What God Has Done in Her Life Made Pro-Lifers Give Her a Standing Ovation

Marilee Morris lost sight of herself in high school. She dropped out of band and sports and began partying and doing drugs. Popularity was all that mattered to her at the time, she said. “I did not know who I was anymore. I was just a shell of myself,” Morris said in a video by […]

City of Toronto agrees to hear appeal from group banned from city square for singing about Jesus

Meanwhile, Voices of the Nations is urging supporters to turn out for their rally on Saturday.

Gates Foundation Suspected of Forcing Dangerous Contraceptive on African Nations

New York, NY (CFAM/LifeNews) — HIV/AIDS and women’s health advocates are criticizing a recent report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the safety of a controversial contraceptive favored by the Gates Foundation. Depo-Provera is a long-acting contraceptive distributed to poor women in the U.S. Show More Summary

Oklahoma Governor Calls for De-Funding Planned Parenthood After It’s Caught Engaging in Fraud

Oklahoma pro-life Gov. Mary Fallin is moving to stop taxpayer dollars from funding Planned Parenthood this week after a state review discovered that the abortion giant’s state affiliates may be overbilling Medicaid. Fallin requested Wednesday that the Oklahoma Health Care Authority end its contracts with the abortion business’s affiliates that operate in the state, Fox […]

Tennessee Gov Bill Haslam Pushes Pro-Life Reforms to Hold Unlawful Abortion Clinics Accountable

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is calling for more oversight and regulations of the state’s licensed abortion facilities this week even as the state faces a lawsuit blocking a new pro-life state law. The pro-life governor recently announced...Show More Summary

Judge Rules Divorced Couple’s Five Frozen Human Embryos Must be Thawed and Killed

When Mimi Lee (pictured) and Stephen Findley froze five embryos, the couple signed a contract agreeing to destroy them if they ever divorced. The couple did divorce in 2013, and now a judge is holding them to the contract requiring them to “thaw and destroy” the embryos, according to USA Today. California Superior Court Judge […]

Massachusetts Democrats delay transgender bathroom bill

'... there really wasn't any energy for this to get passed at the moment.'

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