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Euthanasia “Tourists” Flock to Belgium for Lethal Injections to Kill Themselves

When euthanasia is sold, we are promised it will be a rare procedure, oh, so carefully administered, with tremendous protections against abuse. Guidelines, schmidelines: In Belgium, people from other countries show up at ERs to be killed. From the International Business Times story: Euthanasia tourists are flocking to Brussels to get a lethal dose. Doctors at […]

These courageous ISIS rape victims chose to keep their babies

Imagine the fortitude it takes to raise children conceived by rape in a war-torn, insular theocracy.

New interview: Cardinal Burke says ‘I will never be part of a schism’

'I have never been, and I am not presently the enemy of the pope,' Burke said.

Powerful video shows victory of Panamanian people over gender ideology ‘education’

Scores of families showed up at rallies in Panama to reject a draft bill that would have imposed gender education for children.

Here’s the Important Reason Why You Must Vote for a Pro-Life Senate

The next president will nominate a successor for the late Justice Antonin Scalia. He or she will also likely have the opportunity to nominate successors to at least two more justices. As we anticipate those nominations, perhaps the greatest responsibility we in the political field have right now is to ensure we have a pro-life […]

I Was Told to Abort My Daughter Because She Has Down Syndrome: “She’s a Drain on Society”

Canadian mother Pam De Almeida often shares her “secrets” as a special needs mom on her Slice of Life Facebook page, Daily Mail reported. In a recent post, she explained several of her silent struggles, including her horror at being told that she should have aborted her daughter, Sophia. De Almeida’s 20-month-old daughter Sophia was […]

Back Alley Abortion: Clinic Calls 911 After Botched Abortion, Tells Ambulance to Go to Back Alley Door

Operation Rescue has obtained 911 records that show evidence of a severely botched abortion at Eastland Women’s Clinic in Eastpointe, Michigan, earlier this year. Records show that after two hang-up calls to 911, an employee of Eastland Women’s Clinic finally connected with a worried dispatcher, who already had police en route to the facility. Eastland […]

George Soros to launch aggressive plan to suppress pro-life laws in Catholic countries

Leaked documents show the Open Societies Foundation's strategy to eliminate right-to-life laws in Catholic strongholds and globally.

Pro-LGBT New York councilman blasts private Catholic school after student’s suicide

Councilman Daniel Dromm wants Michael Long, Holy Angels board member and New York State Conservatory Party leader, to step down.

Mother Files Wrongful Birth Lawsuit After Botched Abortion Didn’t Kill Her Son

The Australian baby boy was not supposed to be born alive. In August 2013, his 20-year-old mother from Victoria, Australia had an abortion, but it did not kill him; almost eight months later, she gave birth to him alive, Eyewitness 10 News in Australia reports. The woman, who is unnamed, recently filed a lawsuit against […]

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Closes Because It Can’t Find Anyone to Kill Babies in Abortions

A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is closing in Wisconsin. The reason? One state pro-life group says the abortion giant has had problems locating an abortion practitioner for the facility and fewer women are seeking abortions. Today Pro-Life Wisconsin told LifeNews it is celebrating the permanent closure of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Grand Chute, […]

Planned Parenthood Sought $1.5 Million From George Soros After Exposed Selling Baby Parts

New documents released today show the Planned Parenthood abortion business sought $1.5 million form liberal billionaire George Soros to help respond to the avalanche of negative publicity following the reseals of multiple videos showing the abortion company selling the body parts of aborted babies. After the Planned Parenthood abortion company was caught in multiple states […]

Nigerian bishops accuse health minister of plotting to legalize abortion

The African country's Catholic bishops issued a statement 'condemning' attempts to expand contraception and abortion.

Doctors wanted to abort, but look at her now as Ms. Wheelchair America

Eliza McIntosh's parents ignored medical advice and and has gone on to achieve a world record.

Man Slammed 5-Week-Old Girl Onto Pavement Multiple Times After Argument With Girlfriend

In a horrific case of infanticide, an Indiana man repeatedly slammed a 5-week-old little girl into the concrete ground after a heated argument with his girlfriend. 22-year-old Dalton R. Davis took little Lillian Grace and slammer her body on the ground multiple times after reportedly getting upset when he discovered his live-in girlfriend,and the child’s […]

Head of Abortion Biz Called to Resign After Its Clinics Were So Bad It Had to Stop Abortions

The head of one of the world’s largest abortion chains is facing calls to resign after British government officials discovered serious safety concerns at its facilities in the UK. On Friday, The Guardian reported the abortion chain Marie Stopes International suspended certain abortion procedures as a result of the British Care Quality Commission’s findings. The […]

Woman Live Tweets Her “Inspiring” Trip to an Abortion Clinic to Abort Her Baby

Thousands of people followed an Irish woman and her friend on Twitter this weekend as they traveled outside the country to abort the woman’s unborn child. The two friends sent live messages on social media in an effort to push Ireland to legalize abortion. The unnamed friends used the Twitter account Two Women Travel to […]

Woman Still Haunted by Her Decision to Abort Her Baby, “He Would Have Been 12 on Wednesday”

A New Zealand nurse who aborted her unborn son because of a genetic disorder admitted that she still struggles with regret more than 12 years later. In a new column for Stuff Nation, Kylie Gunn explained that her unborn son was missing the 22nd chromosome, had major heart defects and was given less than two […]

Pregnancy center sues city for blocking move next to abortion facility

An abortion facility sits next door to Hand of Hope, but the Raleigh City Council refuses to budge because of zoning restrictions.

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