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What you won’t hear from the media and gay activists about same-sex ‘marriage’

Despite popular rumor, marriage can be defended through recognition of social, physical, psychological, and natural law sciences. And redefining it cannot.

Congress to vote on law that ‘takes away our right in Catholic schools’ to teach faith

'We’re being forced to diminish our Catholic identity and what we believe in favor of the government’s ideology,' lamented Tom Burnford, education secretary for the Archdiocese of Washington.

Screaming woman transported by ambulance from Illinois Planned Parenthood

'A gurney came out the side exit carrying the girl from earlier. She was crying loud enough for me to hear on the opposite side of the parking lot.'

The New Homophiles vs. St. Aelred on spiritual friendship

St. Aelred deserves to have the rubric of 'spiritual friendship' returned to him, unaltered.

Vatican endorsement of UN development goals threatens unborn children

While the draft Sustainable Development Goalss may also contain laudable goals it is completely unacceptable to sacrifice the rights of unborn children in pursuit of those goals.

How the federal government may put Christian schools out of business

The government has now signaled that Christian schools may soon be treated like racists and pariahs for refusing to give up the view of marriage shared by almost all people throughout history prior to the 1990s.

Woman 36 Weeks Pregnant Pays $25,000 to Have Abortion of Disabled Baby

Yahoo Parenting writer Rachel Bertsche asks, “‘What Kind of Mother Is 8 Months Pregnant and Wants an Abortion?’ The question is soon answered as Bertsche recounts the story of a woman named Kate, who aborted her baby, she would later name Rose at 36 weeks because of a “brain malformation.” (Baby at 36 weeks pictured […]

Nova Scotia lawyers must pay Christian law school $70,000 for legal costs

Trinity Western’s next legal test comes June 1, when it will challenge in Ontario court a decision by the Ontario law society to reject TWU law grads.

Dutch court allows family to euthanize incapacitated 80-year-old woman against doctor’s protest

Critics fear this case feels dangerously like a step towards the recognition of a sort of independent authority who would take life and death decisions for the mentally incapacitated.

Texas Legislator: Pro-Life Men are Misogynists Because They Oppose Abortion “They Don’t Do Laundry”

Once again, a male legislator is being labeled a woman-hater for daring to defend unborn babies. Texas Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) proposed an addition to House Bill 2510, legislation that would reauthorize the Department of State Health Services. Schaefer’s proposal, Amendment 18, would make it illegal to terminate a pregnancy after 20 weeks, even if the unborn […]

Miracle in Nepal as 4-Month-Old Baby Found Buried Alive in the Rubble After 22 Hours

Out of the tragedy in Nepal as a horrific earthquake has claimed the lives of thousands of people comes the uplifting news that a 4-month-old baby was found buried alive in the rubble. The rescue came 22 hours after the devastating earthquake shook the Asian nation. Sonit Awal was pulled to safety Sunday morning by […]

Pro-life vid of day: Prayer sustains pregnant woman with cancer

by Hans Johnson Stacy Roorda was stunned to get a diagnosis of Stage Four breast cancer – and then in a follow-up test came the news that she was pregnant. With the aggressive cancer feeding on the hormone essential to the baby, sheShow More Summary

If the Sexual Revolution has so fully won in Germany, its bishops should go to October’s Synod with ashes, beg forgiveness: author

Bishops from poor dioceses might well ask: 'How can it be that such a wealthy Church has spent so little money to teach the faithful the true Catholic teaching about marriage and sexuality?'

South Africa: Judge Rules Doctor Can Break Law to Euthanize Cancer Patient

I was once spoke in South Africa at a biomedical conference in Cape Town against euthanasia. I was the opening keynote and I mentioned that it would be both a tragedy and a travesty if a country in which large swaths of formerly oppressed people–with limited access to quality medical care–legalized euthanasia. More, I argued […]

Catholic College Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Pro-Abortion Feminist Gloria Steinem

Earlier this month, abortion activist Gloria Steinem gave a speech at St. Norbert College, which is a Catholic liberal arts school located in Wisconsin. In a press release announcing her visit, the college said Steinem was “known internationally as a key historical figure and founder of the women’s movement who was awarded the Presidential Medal […]

Montana Governor Steve Bullock Vetoes Pro-Life Bill to Ban Telemed Abortions

Montana Governor Steve Bullock, a Democrat, has vetoed a pro-life bill that would ban telemed abortions. The webcam, or telemed abortion, process has women going to Planned Parenthood for an RU 486 drug-induced abortion getting the drug from a nurse or other employee. The patient is denied an in-person consultation with a licensed physician the […]

Ambulance Transports Woman Screaming in Agony From Planned Parenthood to Hospital

This morning, I was sidewalk counseling at our local Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois when I saw a woman arrive with a male companion. One look was enough to see that something was wrong. She was slumped in her seat in her car and stumbling as she exited the vehicle. As she approached Planned Parenthood’s […]

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