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Hillary Clinton: ‘I’ve been fighting to defend religious freedom for years’

Clinton's rhetoric and actions have not always backed up her pledge to uphold religious freedom, critics say.

Appeals court overturns conviction of woman for praying Rosary outside Satanic ‘Black mass’

Joan Andrews Bell's 2014 arrest for blocking an entrance to a public building in Oklahoma City was deemed 'unlawful' by an appeals court.

Obama admin cannot force Christian funeral home to employ a transgender undertaker, judge rules

'Significantly, neither transgender status nor gender identity are protected classes under' the law, the judge ruled.

Pro-life group to sue Chicago over ‘bubble zone’ law targeting sidewalk counselors

The Pro-Life Action League believes the confusing regulations unfairly target anyone who is trying to help women outside abortion clinics.

Is ‘corruption’ the right way to describe the dysfunction of the Catholic hierarchy?

A bishop or priest is corrupt if his actions are not guided by the desire to save souls.

Father Wants 14-Year-Old Daughter to Abort Her 30-Week-Old Unborn Baby After She Was Raped

The father of a 14-year-old rape victim in India is pleading with a court to allow the teen to abort her viable, late-term unborn baby because he cannot afford to feed the child, the Deccan Chronicle reports. The young girl is about 30 weeks pregnant, past the 20-week legal abortion limit in India. At 30 […]

Photo of Mom Holding Newborn Baby Born on an Airplane at 36,000 Feet Goes Viral

After a mother gave birth on a flight to the Philippines, another airline passenger snapped a photo of her holding her newborn baby for the first time. The touching picture has recently gone viral, ABC News reported. The extent to which the passengers and crew went to help the mother and child is a beautiful […]

Los Angeles Forces Pregnancy Center to Promote Abortions or Face $2500 in Fines Every Day

A Los Angeles area pregnancy center appears to be the first to be threatened with huge fines for not complying with an onerous state law that requires pro-life groups to promote abortions. The radical, pro-abortion law took effect in December, forcing more than 150 pro-life non-profits to choose between advertising free and low-cost abortions through […]

Planned Parenthood Wants This State to Ban Taking Undercover Videos of It Selling Baby Parts

California journalists, beware. A new Planned Parenthood-backed state bill is threatening to compromise the First Amendment freedom of the press. California Assembly Bill 1671 would make it a crime to publish undercover video footage...Show More Summary

Doctor Told Interns to Suffocate to Death Any Baby Who Survived an Abortion

Live Action News reported on a European physician who provided a heartbreaking narrative of a senior gynecologist telling her interns to suffocate a baby if it happens to be born alive after an abortion. Dr. D.F. claims to have been a student at the time. She stated: At the guard in the delivery room, a […]

Illinois pastors sue to overturn state ban on reparative therapy for gay minors

Pastors Protecting Youth is challenging a prohibition on counseling anyone with same-sex attraction.

Abortion Biz Marie Stopes Stops Doing Some Abortions Because It Can’t Protect Women’s Health

A British government agency is prohibiting one of the country’s largest abortion chains from doing some abortions after discovering serious safety concerns at its facilities. The Guardian reports the abortion chain Marie Stopes International...Show More Summary

Disabled Student Whose Parents Were Told to Abort Becomes Ms. Wheelchair America

A young Utah woman whose parents were told to abort her because she would be a “vegetable” just proved that every life deserves a chance. Eliza McIntosh, a 21-year-old wheelchair-bound college student from Salt Lake City, recently was named Ms. Wheelchair America after she broke a world record in athletics, the Mirror reports. “This is […]

Must-see video: Kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart says porn ‘made my living Hell worse’

For the first time, Smart reveals how her captor’s porn addiction changed her life forever.

Scottish Catholic Church denies supporting ‘mandatory’ LGBT activist school program

The Catholic Church in Scotland denies reports that it supports curriculum in its schools developed by a pro-homosexual activist organization.

Pregnancy Center Will Open Up Next Door to New Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

In response to a newly erected Planned Parenthood building in New Orleans, a pro-life women’s health clinic is being constructed. The health clinic, which will offer life-affirming option and assistance to women, will be located directly to the left of the Planned Parenthood building, the Clarion Herald reported. New Orleans’ new Planned Parenthood facility currently […]

America’s Looming Demographic Winter: Our Birth Rate is So Low It’s a National Emergency

Is America heading for a demographic cold snap? The fertility forecast is gloomy these days. We’ve talked before on BreakPoint about the fertility crisis facing China, Japan, and much of Europe—all of which face what has been called a “demographic winter.” Until recently, the United States has been an exception to this distressing trend, but […]

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