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Why Would Christian Parents Ever Take Their Teen Daughter to Planned Parenthood?

“Sally (not her real name) was a church-going Christian. She was also unmarried but had reason to think she was pregnant.  While she was over 18, she rightly turned to her parents for help and advice. Her parents, also Christians and solid church members, wanting to help her, took her not to one of Wisconsin’s […]

Calling Pro-Abortion People Names Won’t Change Their Minds

Abortion is an injustice. Pro-life people are passionate about ending it. Those are good things. But they are no excuse for name-calling. Unfortunately, some pro-lifers make really mean and nasty comments toward pro-choice people. This needs to stop and I intend to show you why. Consider a recent talk by atheist writer Phil Plait, colorfully titled […]

Is abortion “a right like any other”?

by Kelli Still, judges’ willingness to step outside the abortion frame and to weigh, from that broad perspective, whether the abortion right has become unduly burdened is something new and potentially of great value in the struggle to preserve women’s reproductive freedom. Show More Summary

Security Guard Wears Cross While Guarding Local Abortion Clinic

Local Dallas, Texas pro-life advocate Todd Bullis recently confronted a security guard at an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas. The security guard has a cross hanging from his car while, at the same time, he defends a local abortion business. Bullis confronts the man about his hypocrisy — claiming to be a Christian while ensuring […]

California May Force Catholic Universities to Pay for Abortions

Two California Catholic universities–Santa Clara and Loyola–want not to cover “elective” abortion in their health insurance policies. That won’t do! After first giving its OK, California may now try to force them. From the San Francisco Chronicle story. The state Department of Managed Health Care is conducting “an in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding coverage […]

Man Beats 1-Year-Old Baby to Death With Belt Because He Peed on Him During a Diaper Change

Sometimes in the course of changing a diaper, stuff happens. It’s just how it goes when changing a baby boy’s diaper — eventually, no matter how hard you try to stop it, you just might be peed on. For most dad’s, it’s a humorous and humbling moment. Most fathers just take it in stride and […]

Abortion Activist Compares Pregnancy to Rape to Justify Abortion

Pro-life activists Sarah Terzo runs a web site that exposes some of the craziest and most bizarre quotes from abortion practitioners and abortion advocates. She recently posted one quote that is eyebrow-raising. Prochoicer Eileen McDonagh: “Some might suggest that the solution to coercive pregnancy is simply for the woman to wait until the fetus is […]

European Court: No Human Right to Kill a Baby With Down Syndrome in Abortion

In 2012, the European Court of Human Rights heard a case concerning a woman who filed a suit against a doctor for breaching his obligation to prescribe a screening test for Down syndrome. The woman, Anita KR?ZMANE, gave birth to a baby with Down syndrome and claimed that her right’s had been violated in respect […]

Judge Stops Ohio From Closing Toledo Abortion Clinic That Can’t Obey the Law

This morning, Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Myron Duhart blocked an order issued by the Ohio Department of Health to close the Capital Care Network, an abortion facility in Toledo, Ohio. Duhart’s decision will allow the abortion business to stay open while it appeals the Ohio Department of Health action. Lance Himes, ODH’s Interim Director, […]

Abortionist Almost Killed by Mob After Killing 12-Year-Old in Botched Abortion

According to Standard Media, quick action by police officers in Bungoma town in Kenya averted an ugly scene after angry residents attempted to burn down a clinic following the death of a Standard Seven pupil suspected to have procured abortion at the facility. Wananchi surrounded the facility immediately word went round that a pupil from […]

Couple Defends Wanting Surrogate to Abort Gammy Because He Had Down Syndrome

The mother and father of the twin baby Gammy, who wanted a surrogate to abort because he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, are defending their decision to ask the surrogate mother from Thailand to have an abortion. But now they claim they never asked her to do so. The horrific story highlights the problems associated […]

Infighting: Edgy abortion group flusters other abortion groups

It’s too early to tell whether pro-abortion world is imploding, but there sure have been plenty of fireworks lately. I’ve written two posts in recent days on a new phenomenon – abortion groups publicly challenging the big kahuna, Planned Parenthood, something heretofore unheard of. Show More Summary

The Soul of the Pro-Life Movement: Saving Every Baby Possible From Abortion

More pro-life legislation has been enacted on the state level in recent years than at any time since Roe vs. Wade, and even at the federal level, legislation has been introduced that would put the abortion limit in the United States at 20 weeks rather than at birth. Yet there are those who will insist […]

Media: Dying of Thirst is Excruciating Agony, Except if It’s Someone Like Terri Schiavo

Health writer Larry Bernstein of the Washington Post has written an excruciating column about how awful and painful it is to die by thirst. The article laments–as any civilized person would–the potential mass deaths by dehydration of the Yazidi at the hand of the butchers of ISIS in Iraq. Dying of dehydration is an awful […]

Pope Francis to Visit Cemetery for Aborted Babies in South Korea

On Saturday, September 13, thousands of pro-lifers in the Untied States will gather at over 100 gravesites of aborted babies and other memorials to the unborn located nationwide to observe the second annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. But first, Pope Francis, this month, will visit a memorial in South Korea dedicated to […]

Doctors Said This Incredibly Premature Baby Would Not Survive, But No One Told Him That

15 weeks. Almost four months. An innocuous length of time to the average American. But to 18-year-old Kristin Byers and 21-year-old Kyle Niezgoda, four months spelled an almost certain death sentence. Their son, Isaiah Bentley Niezgoda, was born 15 weeks early on July 15. A micro-preemie, he weighed just one pound, 13 ounces at birth, and […]

Pro-life vid of day: Girl with Down syndrome is billboard star

by Kelli At Today’s Parent, mom of two Tara McCallan describes becoming a mom to her baby girl, Reid Layne McCallan, nicknamed “Pip” (short for Pipsqueak), and finding out three days later that her daughter had Down syndrome. But her devastation gave way to joy and gratitude for the beauty that she sees in Pip. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Ignored Rape of Teen Girl, Allowing Rapist to Rape Others

A pro-life legal group is calling for a state investigation of an Arizona Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that allowed teen girls to be victimized by statutory rape because it failed to properly report a rapist. Planned Parenthood abortion clinics have come under fire countless times over the years for not reporting cases of statutory rape […]

Pregnant After Rape, What This Teen Did May Shock You

Iva, now 16, didn’t want anyone to know what happened. Fear was ever present. She is sharing her story publicly for the first time. This innocent 15 year old simply wanted to sit in the park sketching trees on a beautiful sunny day at the end of June 2013. Normally she wouldn’t have gone alone […]

Wendy Davis Attacks Greg Abbott on Rape, While Taking Money From Group Covering Up Child Rape

This week, Texas Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis released a video attacking her opponent Greg Abbott. According to the Daily Caller, the ad criticizes Republican candidate Greg Abbott’s time as a justice on the Texas Supreme Court. Specifically, the ad brings up a 1998 case about whether a vacuum company should have to pay damages […]

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