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Abortion Activist Grabs Older Pro-Life Man’s Walker and Sign, Shouts: “Get the F— Out of Here”

Reports of violence and hatred toward pro-lifers have been occurring more frequently in the past few months. Last week, an arsonist set fire to a pregnancy center in New Mexico in a possible “hate crime,” and now a Colorado pro-lifer is accusing an abortion activist of harassing him and taking his walker. The Colorado Springs […]

Transition adviser oversells Trump’s ‘gay rights’ record, errs in saying Elton John to perform at inaugural

Anthony Scaramucci's claim that the President-elect will be the first homosexual rights advocate in the White House simply is not true.

Abortions Increase in Utah as 200 More Babies Die, 23 % of Women Aborted at Least One Baby Already

The Utah Department of Health is reporting that for 2015 the state’s already very low abortion rate continues to be just over a third of the national average, more evidence the state is strongly pro-life. The abortion rate is the number of abortions per 1,000 women of child-bearing ages defined as 15-44. The national average, […]

France bans video with Down syndrome kids to avoid ‘disturbing the conscience’ of abortive moms

'Dear Future Mom' was deemed 'inappropriate' by the French State Council because the children in the video were smiling.

Woman Spends 14 Years in Depression, Drug Abuse After Aborting Her Baby: “I Pray Others Choose Life”

A woman on Pro-Woman Pro-Life gives her abortion testimony: Regretting the abortion didn’t happen right away. I spent over fourteen years thinking nothing of it really. There comes a point when you cease to see it as “I was never supposed to get pregnant in the first place” to knowing “I was never supposed to […]

Jesuits’ new general superior supports Pope’s silent treatment of four Cardinals

Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal suggests the Holy Father is not answering the questions because the majority opinion rules.

Planned Parenthood Opposes Rep. Tom Price for HHS Secretary: He Will Defund Us

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is wasting no time at all opposing the nomination of pro-life Congressman Tom Price as HHS secretary. President-elect Donald Trump nominated the pro-life Congressman as the head of the Department of Health and Human Services. The nation’s leading abortion business sent an urgent email to its pro-abortion supporters today asking […]

Papal confidante rips four Cardinals on CNN for creating ‘difficulty and division’

Father Antonio Spadaro, SJ, criticized the four Cardinals who are seeking clarification on Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics.

British abortion consortium calls for morning-after pill to be sold beside aspirin

'With no questions asked about previous medical history or previous use of the drug, there is a very real danger that it could be misused or overused.'

Pro-lifers present ‘biggest ever’ petition to Northern Irish Parliament

The petition had 300,000 signatures, all from people people who had postal addresses in Northern Ireland.

Brazilian cardinal blasts Amoris critics: ‘We are 200, they are only four’

Cardinal Claudio Hummes suggested that questioning the Pope is creating 'divisions (that) are the real evil.'

Freedom of conscience on Hacksaw Ridge: A story for our times

At the height of World War II, there was room in America for conscientious objectors. Where are we now?

Goodbye, Fidel Castro: Why utopianism always fails

All utopian visions attempt to reinvent man and refashion him along ideologically-inspired lines by force of state-level coercion. And that never works.

Run to Jesus! An Advent reflection

Advent involves looking and waiting, but it also means running to meet the Lord, who is coming to us.

This State Now Requires Abortion Clinics to Bury Aborted Babies Instead of Selling Their Parts

New Texas rules requiring a dignified burial of aborted babies’ bodies will go into effect on Dec. 19, state health officials said this week. The new rules, introduced in July by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, require that abortion facilities, hospitals and other medical centers either cremate or bury the remains of aborted […]

Patrick Brown pressured MPPs to vote for radical pro-LGBTQ bill or stay away: Campaign Life

'The PC Party under Brown has no tolerance for different views and is not nearly as inclusive as he claims it is.'

CDC Study Says Teen Virgins Are Healthier Than Their Sexually Active Peers

Teens’ sexual behaviors have a big connection to their overall health, a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control found. The CDC study, which examined students in grades 9 to 12 based on their sexual behavior, found that students who did not have sex exhibited more healthy behaviors than those who had sex. In […]

Late-Term Abortionist Warren Hearn: Pro-Life People are “A Violent Terrorist Movement”

Late-term abortionist Warren Hern took out a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of the Denver Post to rant against a subpoena issued to him by the Congressional Select Panel on Infant Lives, which is investigating the illegal sale of aborted baby remains and other offenses. Hern described the investigation as “persecution” even though the […]

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