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Parents Post Photo of Daughter Born at 23 Weeks to Stop Late-Term Abortions

Parents in England have posted a beautiful photo of their daughter, born prematurely at 23 weeks, with the hopes that it will demonstrate the humanity of unborn babies who can be legally killed in abortions in the U.K. Baby Bella born at 23 weeks now her mother wants abortion laws changed in the United Kingdom […]

Gosnell Movie Screenwriter: Kermit Gosnell Was the Biggest Serial Killer in American History

On The Flipside, a conservative comedy show, the screenwriter of Gosnell the Movie, Andrew Klavan, explains why he wanted to be apart of the creation of the film, which was released in part in 2013. Kermit Gosnell was a late-term abortionist who was convicted on three counts of first-degree murder. He ran a “House of […]

Why the abortion industry won’t push the FDA to change RU-486 protocol

The abortion cartel has reacted to a new genre of pro-life laws, which force abortion clinics to administer RU-486 per FDA protocol, in a way that makes no sense. Four states – Arizona, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma – have now passed...Show More Summary

Mother Who Tried to Kill Her Autistic Teen Daughter Sentenced to 10-22 Years in Prison

A mom who was upset that she couldn’t “fix” her teenage daughter who has autism and attempted to kill her has been sentenced to 10-22 years in prison. Kelli Rai Stapleton, 46, tried to kill her daughter and herself on Sept. 3, 2013 by igniting two charcoal grills inside an enclosed van. After the attempted […]

The Couple Headed to the Abortion Clinic But Turned Around When They Saw Their Signs

Right before the start of the campaign, we reported on a 40 Days for Life effort that has helped delay the opening of a new abortion business in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There is still no abortion center there, and efforts continue to prevent one from opening. Keep praying! We’ve also become aware of two […]

Medical Journal Pushes Killing Patients for Their Organs

To donate vital organs, a donor must be dead. Tough this is known as the “dead donor rule,” I have been warning that utilitarian bioethicists and transplant medical professionals want to shatter the DDR to permit killing living living profoundly cognitively disabled patients for their organs. Now, we see what appears to me to be a push […]

Pro-life news brief 10-8-14

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat The Abortion Gang has a guest post by Canadian Mel Waters in which she describes her experience in Colorado for an elective abortion after 24 weeks at Warren Hern’s clinic. The story is sad...Show More Summary

29-Year-Old Woman With Brain Cancer Plans to Kill Herself November 1st

Oregon is one of five states, along with New Mexico, Montana, Washington, and Vermont, that allow “Death with Dignity” for terminally ill patients. Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act passed in 1997 and has allowed for 1,173 prescriptions, with 752 deaths resulting from access of the medication. Now, a 29-year-old terminally ill patient plans to […]

My Body My Rights: Amnesty International’s Latest Push for Abortion

My Body My Rights is Amnesty International’s global campaign to promote abortion rights. Couched in verbiage that appeals to pro-choice people the so-called Human Rights except if you are an unborn child, group states that the campaign is to, “help ensure that everyone has access to their sexual and reproductive rights and to stop criminalization […]

Parents Abandon Surrogate Baby Boy Because They Already Had a Girl

After the worldwide storm over baby Gammy, a child with Down Syndrome whose parents abandoned him with the surrogate mother after he and his twin sister were born, another case of baby abandonment has cropped up. In this case, the Australian parents who contracted with a surrogate mother in India abandoned the baby boy because […]

Pregnant Six Months After My Son Was Born, I Could Have Aborted But Did This Instead

My name is Riley, and I am 19 years old. I am the birth mother of two beautiful children whom I have chosen to place for adoption. I became pregnant with my son at 17, the summer before my senior year in high school. I was blessed to be embraced and supported by my family […]

Pro-life vid of day: The cognitive dissonance of abortionists

by Hans Johnson Debating abortion can be very frustrating. Pro-choice supporters can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. It’s almost understandable for older males who haven’t been around babies for many decades, but much less so for those who have. Show More Summary

Pro-Abortion Group Compares Pro-Life People to Sexual Abusers

We’ve seen some shameful and misleading ads this election cycle, but has the pro-abortion organization NARAL crossed the line?In an ad buy that cost over five figures, the group’s new video in North Carolina criticizes the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List for endorsing Republican Thom Tillis and his anti-abortion agenda. That’s the predictable part. […]

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall Defends Unlimited Abortions at Eight Months of Pregnancy

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall voted for abortion almost 80 times during his tenure in the Senate, including voting against a bill to ban gruesome partial-birth abortions. During a debate in Denver last night, Udall defended his support for late-term abortions. A moderator Udall the following question: “We know that you support a woman’s right to […]

Michelle Obama Joins Planned Parenthood Prez to Campaign for Pro-Abortion Candidate

Michelle Obama joined a campaign rally for a pro-abortion Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the state of Maine. She did not use the word abortion but said this, “And if we don’t show up at the polls this November, if we don’t elect leaders like Mike who will put people first instead of just fighting for […]

TLC Censors Duggar Family’s Pro-Life Shirts in Latest Episode of 19 Kids and Counting

Last week I was excited to see our Stand True T-shirt “I Survived Roe vs Wade, Roe vs Wade Will Not Survive Me” on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting. I got tweets from friends and my wife called to tell me that my daughter was freaking out when she saw the shirt. Tonight […]

Pro-Life Voters in Kansas Should Support Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback

After the 2010 election, Kansas was considered a solid “Red” state since no Democrat held an elected statewide office.  However, recent polls indicate that Democrat candidates are leading the Republican incumbent in the races for U.S. Senator, Governor, and Secretary of State. Greg Orman claims he is running for U.S. Senate as an independent, but […]

Hey, Progressives! We’re supposed to like abortion!

Progressives have apologized for being right. But we don’t have to. Abortion saves lives, improves lives, and makes for a stronger society. The facts are decisively on our side. Most profoundly, Pollitt’s book is a call for us all to reclaim and speak out about the truths we know. Show More Summary

Pro-Choice Hypocrisy: Men Should Speak Up if They Support Abortion, Shut Up if Not

The abortion movement could also be called the hypocrisy movement. They call themselves feminist, yet are thoroughly anti-woman. They say women have a right to abortion, but deny the right to LIFE. They encourage men to speak up if they advocate abortion, but demand that they shut up if they are Pro-Life. “You don’t have […]

Watch as These Five People Boldly Proclaim: We’re Not Ashamed to be Pro-Life

Those who serve faithfully in the pro-life movement rarely get the opportunity to look up from day-to-day work and see the big picture. For many, the March for Life every January is their one chance to rub shoulders with like-minded advocates. One other annual event stands out for its variety of high-caliber, pro-life leaders and […]

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