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Population Control: Indian State Approves Proposal for Two-Child Policy Like China’s

A state in north-eastern India has moved one step closer to implementing a population control policy which would enact stiff penalties for government employees who have more than two children. The Indian state of Assam is considering a proposal to introduce a two-child policy for government employees. If adopted, the measure would make Assam the […]

An Abortion Supporter Raped Me Because I Said She Oppose Abortion in Cases of Rape

I always lived alone with my dad because my mom passed away when I was four years old and nobody in my family ever wanted to take care of me. My dad found it very difficult to take care of me and go to work, so after school I used to go to swimming lessons […]

Abortionist Says “I Believe That as an Abortion Provider I Am Doing the Lord’s Work”

Local pro-life advocates in Chicago will protest tonight at an event featuring an abortion practitioner who calls himself a Christian abortionist. Pro-life advocates will gather at 5 p.m. today west of the Chicago Loop to oppose the claims of abortionist Willie Parker. The Pro-Life Action League will be advocating for the sanctity of life and […]

British Government Refuses to Shut Down Abortion Clinics With Thousands of Health and Safety Violations

Ratings do not go far enough, but extra scrutiny is welcome. For the first time, abortion providers will be given ratings like other “health and social care” providers, the Government has announced. New laws mean that private providers will be assessed and forced to conspicuously display their rating, from “outstanding” to “inadequate”. “Lottery of poor […]

Pope to new bishops: ‘Discernment’ means avoiding ‘rigid’ answers to moral questions

The Pope cautioned bishops against being 'imprisoned by nostalgia for being able to give just one answer to apply in all cases.'

Mom tells judge: ‘My baby is alive because of Mary Wagner’

Thousands of others sent testimonials on behalf of the Canadian pro-life activist.

Ten Years After a Botched Legal Abortion Killed Her Daughter, a Mother Still Deals With Heartbreak

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of Laura Hope Smith, who died at the age of twenty-two from a botched abortion on September 13, 2007. It seems like just the other day. Laura was born into abject poverty in Honduras on May 25, 1985, and was abandoned at an orphanage. An American […]

UK doctor faces investigation for treating ‘trans’ kids as young as 12

Dr. Helen Webberley is under scrutiny for diagnosing and prescribing hormones to young people online.

Contrary to popular belief, late-term abortions aren’t always done for medical reasons

Pro-choice activists often claim that late-term abortions are done only for the direst of reasons, and that abortions late in the second trimester are only committed due to risks to the mother’s life or a fatal condition in the baby....Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Wants to Remove a “Racist” Statute. But What About Its Racist Founder?

Planned Parenthood just loves to shout about the evils of racism. Perhaps, it’s because the abortion chain’s leaders think they will be able to cover up their own racist roots if they shout loud and long enough. Recently, the abortion chain’s New York City branch joined a protest calling for the removal of a statue […]

Christian school has the right to refuse same-sex couple’s child, Ontario tribunal decides

The ruling stated that the school is not obligated to accept students whose families aren't willing to abide by its moral code.

Woman Deeply Regrets Her Two Abortions and Has Turned to God for Forgiveness

It takes a lot of courage to share personal mistakes with a group of strangers, but that’s what one Kenyan woman is doing to help students understand the consequences of premarital sex and abortion. The Kenyan website Evewoman reports Joan, not her real name, aborted two unborn babies when she was young. She said she […]

Hey Hillary, America Rejected You Because You’re a Pro-Abortion Radical

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is out with her new book, What Happened, a postmortem on her (second) failed presidential run. In behavior that is often thought of as typical for political liberals, Clinton has trouble with taking personal responsibility for her election loss, blaming numerous people and even Russia for her defeat. Every time […]

Edmonton school board votes against secrecy policy on gay-straight clubs

One trustee will continue to push for a policy that keeps parents in the dark on their children's participation in gay-straight alliances at school.

Democrat Senator: Let’s Pass “Medicare for All” and Force Americans to Fund Abortions

As the idea of universal health care, or “Medicare for All,” gains support among Democrats, a U.S. Senator promised that taxpayer funding for abortions will be included the plan. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a pro-abortion Democrat from Connecticut, is one of nearly 20 supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ universal healthcare bill. While introducing the legislation […]

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